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courtofjurdan · 36 minutes ago
Little Rose
Elriel month - Adoption Day 9
A/N:I have fallen in love with this duo. So please send me prompts that include Rose. I hope you enjoy!!!
Azriel was again at that dreadful Illyrian camp making his rounds with Cassian, making sure everything was still put together. Lord Devlon sometimes needs help to remember how to run the camp. Devlon still has trouble listening to Cassian about the females training daily. So now Azriel came with Cassian to make sure he didn’t kill anybody. Not that Az would really stop him……
Now that they’ve finished talking to Devlon and no one got hurt, Az decided to just walk through the camp with his stone-cold mask that the Fae fear, reminding people that he still exists. As he starts to walk through the village-part of the camp where people live, a little girl with chubby little legs wobbles over to him.
He is surprised for her to be so open to him. Most people recoil from the look at him. The shadows can make him look intimidating. But the little girl comes up to him and lifts up her little arms for him to pick her up.
He picks her up and gives her a little tilt of his lips. She just shows him a toothy grin and grabs for his shadows and laughs at them. This makes his smiles grow just a bit wider.
He says to the little girl, “Where did you come from, Little One? Where’s your Mama? She must be worried about you.”
The little girl just looks at him, and lays her head on his shoulder, a content smile on her face. It warms Azriel’s chest for her to show this affection toward him, a stranger.
He started going to the nearest people he saw, asking if they knew where she lived. Everyone he asked just told him they didn’t know where she belonged. So Azriel just started walking, hoping someone would recognize the girl in his arms so she could go back to her family.
Soon, an Illyrian woman, who had her wings clipped, came up to Azriel. “Oh thank the cauldron. Rose, I couldn’t find you anywhere. Thank you, Spymaster, for finding her.” She took Rose from Azriel’s arms.
Azriel nodded his head toward. “Call me Azriel.”
“Well Azriel, I hope she didn’t give you any trouble. I’m Amilia.”
Azriel’s lips went up a little as he looked at Rose. “None at all. She just came up to me, and wanted me to hold her. Is she your daughter?”
Amilia hesitantly said, “Oh no, she isn’t. I work at the orphanage. Her mother died giving birth, and her father got her taken away from him. So she’s been in the orphanage for about 8 months. She’s two now. She is a wild one, but as sweet as can be.”
This perked Azriel’s interest. “Can I ask why she got taken away from her father?”
“Her father would hit her. One of the ladies in the village heard crying and went to find the source of it, and they saw him hitting her, she already had bruises all over her. I’m actually very surprised she came up to you to begin with. Because of it all, she is very weary to be around males. She usually tries to avoid them at all cost, but you must be different to her.” She hugged Rose a little tighter.
Azriel’s heart broke. This sweet little girl, with light brown hair and bright hazel eyes, had to go through so much in her short life. That innocent little smile she gave him weighed on his heart.Those little giggles she gave toward him meant a lot more to him than she knew.
Azriel gave them a pitying smile, “I’m sorry. That’s awful.”
“It is, but I’m proud of her. So young to go through that but still smiles like this.” the woman got a little teary eyed.
Azriel nodded goodbye to them and they both started to walk different directions. But Azriel stopped when he heard a high pitched cry. He turned around to see Rose crying in Amilia’s arms, wanting to be let down. She lets her down on the ground, and she comes as fast as she can toward Azriel. Tears still coming down her face. She hugged his legs, not going to let go.
Amilia bent down to her level. “Rose, honey, let’s go. He has to go. Do you want to say goodbye?”
Azriel bent down on his knees and gave her a fierce hug. If his heart wasn’t broken before, it melted now. Az said softly, “Goodbye. You have to go back to Amilia now.”
Rose let out a sob, “NO!”
Az patted her head, and looked to Amilia. Amilia nodded her head, and he knew what he had to do. He had to leave the two year old, sitting on the ground, crying for him. If he didn’t go now, he didn’t think he would ever have the will to leave.
He got back to the cottage that he built for Elain as her wedding present. Elain was in the beautiful garden, that she had planted and cared for, tending to some flowers.
They got married about 5 years ago. She rejected the bond with Lucien, after having enough of the “he is your mate” issue going on in her family. She didn’t want someone picked for her, she wanted to choose someone for herself. And she chose Azriel. She hopes Lucien will choose someone that makes him happy. Rhys then said after Elain rejects the bond, he may do whatever he wants with Elain as long as she doesn’t mind it. He thanked Rhys for giving him his choice back, But Rhys smiled at him and apologized for taking it. Then he told him to get the heck out of his office, and go be happy. They both hugged each other, and he left to go be with Elain.
Now five years later, he is married to his best friend. His seer. His happiness. He gets to wake up with her everyday, and go to bed with her every night. And he wouldn’t change a dang thing about it.
Elain sees him and a wide grin plasters her face, but then it falls, noticing Azriel’s tense posture. His saddened eyes. “Azriel, what is wrong?”
Az shook his head, and went up and kissed her temple. “Nothing, love. I was just thinking.”
Elain didn’t push. She never does. He would open up when he was ready. When he had all his thoughts in order, he would mention what was on his mind. And he was afraid of what she would think about it.
Azriel decided that he was just going to forget what he was thinking about. He pined over Mor for 500 years, he can surely wait another decade or so before he brings up such a topic to Elain.
But he couldn’t wait. Because there was a little girl that wouldn’t stay young forever. There was a little girl currently in an orphanage that had no family. Because there was a little girl that he fell in love with today that wanted him.
So he went to Elain who was laying in the bed, reading a book. “Elain.”
She looked up from the book she had been reading and closed it, putting it on the nightstand. “Is there something bothering you? You were rather quiet at dinner today.”
Azriel came to sit on the edge of the bed where Elain also sat. “I need to ask you something, and I want you to be honest.”
Elain nodded her head.
“Have you ever thought of adopting children?”
Elain knew she could never have children with Azriel, unless she wanted to repeat what happened to Feyre six years ago. She rather that not happen.
Elain’s eyes started to tear up, “Az, do you want to?”
Az began, voice thick with emotion, “There is this two year old girl in the orphanage at the Illyrian camp I was at today, and she came running up to me, wanting me to pick her up and hold her. I went around the camp trying to find her family, but then this woman came up to me and said she was in the orphanage. Then when I went to leave her, she started to have a full-blown tantrum about me leaving. But I had to go.”
Elain had tears running down her face now. “Why is she in the orphanage?”
“Her mother died during birth. And…… and her father beat her so she got taken away from him.”
Got beat just like Az did, Elain thought. This is why she means so much to him.
He continued, “They said that she is very skeptical about males because of what happened to her, but she wasn’t shy to me at all. She was comfortable, at ease.” He paused. “I just feel like she is meant to be with us. I feel like we are supposed to be her parents. But I understand..”
Elain stopped him, “Yes.”
His eyes snapped to hers.
“Yes, Azriel. I want to be a parent with you. I want to go tomorrow and pick up this little girl, and I want to change her whole world. I’m going to love her like she deserves. I’m going to hold her and tell her how beautiful she is.” She raised her hand to Azriel’s cheek, voice barely audible through her tears. “I’m going to tell her how great her daddy is. How much he loves her. So yes, Az, I do want to adopt her.”
Az smiled while tears leaked from his eyes. He engulfed Elain in his arms, kissing her face over and over again.
“We are going to be parents tomorrow.” Az said in disbelief.
Elain shook her head, excitedly. “I can’t wait to start this journey with you. There’s nobody I would rather parent with than you.”
They kissed. And kissed for a very long time.
They could barely contain their excitement the following morning. Elain has never seen Azriel show so much excitement in all the time she has known him, not that she can’t say she wasn’t feeling the same way.
They decided not to tell their family yet. Would it be weird for them to show up with a toddler one day out of the blue? Yes. But they know once their family knows, Rose will be peppered with their love so they want her to have time to settle in a bit.
Azriel and Elain walk hand in hand through the Illyrian camp, all the way to the front doors of the orphanage. He knocked at the front doors, and Amilia opened it with a surprised smile, “Oh hello, Spymaster, I mean Azriel. What can I do for you?”
Azriel looked to Elain, smiled and said, “I think there is a two year old girl here that needs a family, am I right?”
Amilia gave him a knowing look. “Yes, I think there is.” She looks to Elain. “And you must be Elain. Nice to meet you. I know Rose is going to love you two.”
Amilia brings them to a private room so she can go get Rose, and they can see her without prying eyes. They sit beside each other on a brown couch with their hands linked together.
Their thoughts venture to “what if she doesn’t want to come with us?”, “what if she doesn’t feel comfortable with us?”, “what if I fail her?”. But all those thoughts leave once Amilia brings Rose in and she sees Azriel. She puts a big toothy grin on and runs as fast as her legs can go to him.
Azriel, with a smile identical to hers, picks her up and sets her on his lap, facing her toward Elain. Elain already has tears in her eyes. She speaks up first, “Hi, baby.You’re so beautiful.” Elain runs her fingers down the side of Rose’s cheek. She just giggled at Elain, not knowing what to do.
Amilia sits on the chair across from them on the couch and begins to talk with Rose. “Rose, do you want to go with them?”
She gets tense and grabs one of Azriel’s arms and one of Elain’s, and says, “No go.” Amilia seems to know what she means.
“No, honey, they're not going away. You want to go with them?”
It takes a couple of minutes to register in her young brain, but once it does she nods excitingly.
Amilia smiles at Azriel and Elain. “Well Rose has made her decision. Let me go get the paperwork, and you can bring your little girl home.”
While Amilia is gone, Rose goes to sit on Elain’s lap. When she sits, she looks at Elain and points to her, then raises her arms in a “w” shape.
Elain and Azriel ask her a couple of times what she means, but the little girl doesn’t get her point across very well. Amilia walks in with a folder of paperwork, and Elain asks Amilia what Rose is trying to say.
“She wants to know your name. So I guess this might be a good time to figure out what you want her to call you both.”
Azriel and Elain smile at each other, and Azriel tells Rose, “Rose, this is mama.”
Rose repeats it, “Mama.” She then does the pointing and the “w” shape to Azriel. Elain tells her, “This is Da-Da, Rose.” Rose again repeats it to herself, “Da-Da.”
Amilia speaks up, “She doesn’t talk much. She does a lot of baby sign language and pointing. Because of her past, she doesn’t like to speak much, but I think you two might be the only people to break into her timidness.”
She gives Azriel the paperwork and he begins to fill out the adoption documents. When it’s time to put Rose’s name down, Azriel asked Amilia, “What is Rose’s middle name?”
“She was only given a first name at birth. You can give her one or leave it empty.”
Azriel looks to Elain. She smiles at him and says, “Rose Eleanor Archeron.”
“I love it.” Azriel bent over and kissed both of his girls cheeks.
Rose didn’t have any belongings rather than a stuffed rabbit and a worn out blanket she had to sleep with. So they got her stuff and said goodbye to the people who have been taking care of her.
Azriel held Rose as he tucked Elain into his side. He used his shadows to winnow in front of their cottage. Rose was very confused at the change of her surroundings. She held onto Azriel a little tighter. Azriel just rubbed her back, assuring her everything was okay.
Azriel and Elain decided to go clean out a room and then take her to the shops to allow her to pick what she wanted.
Rose couldn’t believe what she saw. Her eyes were wide, her little body trembled with the amount of people she saw. But her parents brought her to a shop with lots of toys, and she soon forgot her fears.
She had a toy in her hand, and Azriel bent down and asked, “Do you want that?”
She looked at him and then the toy and nodded. This continued for a while until Elain deemed that she had enough toys for now.
Next, they went and got her a toddler bed. But not just any toddler bed, a princess bed. She absolutely loved it, squealed so loud when she saw it.
Azriel bought everything, let the shadows bring them to the cottage and put everything in her room. She had a room that any two year old would want.
Elain cooked dinner, and it was surreal as they watched their daughter pick at mac-and-cheese. Her big hazel eyes lighting up at the different food she had.
Soon Elain gave her a bubble bath, with which she was astonished by the bubbles. Then her and Azriel tucked her into bed. She picked out a book she got earlier for them to read. After Azriel finished the book, he leaned down and pressed a kiss to the top of her head, saying, “Goodnight, baby girl. I love you.” Elain did the same.
Just when they thought their hearts couldn’t get any bigger, Rose said to them as they left, “Goow nigh, Mama and Dada. I wuv yoo.”
Tears gathered in their eyes, as they looked at her and smiled. This was their life. Their happiness. They didn’t believe they would ever have this, but the mother had different plans. And it all started with little Rose.
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sunfleurry · 44 minutes ago
how come when azriel is quiet and keeps to himself he’s hot and mysterious but when elain is quiet and keeps to herself she’s boring with no personality
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yazthebookish · 54 minutes ago
There's always talk about how poor Elain does not have a choice in her life (except the Cauldron/Bond situation)
I'm sorry.. she does? Elain is one of the most privileged characters in the book.
Literally every single character is attending to her needs, Lucien gave her control over their bond (both are stuck in), and she is constantly coddled.
Do you know which character's choice was taken from her? The one fighting her way to have a say in the way she lives and it's a constant struggle in her everyday life? The one that lives in a sexist society and that means living everyday under the threat of males?
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ladyvanserra · an hour ago
Elucien Daily Thought ✨
Tumblr media
Lucien, who is always impeccably dressed, is constantly having to fix his hair and ruffled clothing in public because of Elain. She is consistently pulling him into dark corners, closets and behind bushes because she can’t physically stop herself from kissing him all over and feeling him up. She always leaves lipstick marks on him and Lucien wears them like a badge of honor. 
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elrielonlyfans · an hour ago
Tumblr media
azriel with elain
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acosmist97 · 2 hours ago
Still not over the fact that when acotar comes on tv, the people who haven't read the books are going to hate Rhysand and ship Feyre and Tamlin.
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twigoftrust · 2 hours ago
I need a moment in Elain's book where Lucien says something along the lines of:
"Easy there, my lady. I'm starting to think you may like me after all."
Then walk away with a wink directed at her.
Elain is left speechless and a blushing mess.
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vanilla-art-1998 · 2 hours ago
I have not seen anyone talk about the parallel of two scenes, one in acowar and one in acosf, which predicted the books of the remaining Archeron sisters and the order in which their books would be published:
First of all, I have my ACOWAR book in Spanish, so there may be a variation in the dialogue that is not exactly how it is written in English.
Scene predicting Nesta's book (ACOWAR):
- Page 671 (book in Spanish): dialogue between Feyre and Elain:
« “I know,” I murmured. “I think Nesta needs to sort through … a lot of it.”
Too much of it.
Elain faced me. “Do we help her?”
I fiddled with the end of my braid. “Yes—but not today. Not tomorrow.” I loosed a breath. “When —when she’s ready.” When we were ready, too.
Elain nodded, smiling up at me, and it was tentative joy—and life that shone in her eyes. A
promise of the future, gleaming and sweet.»
Then we have the well-known scenes from the Feysand Pov in Acosf, where the initial conversation between the two focused on Elain. and here we have a fairly studied phrase:
«I sighed, absently rubbing my still-flat stomach. "let's focus on helping one sister before we start on the other"».
the parallelism of both situation in quite similar and curious right?
As in acowar it is already indicated that the next protagonist will be Nesta (not counting ACOFAS, where Nesta although she participated very little, but was there, there were indications of the beginning of her story) and now in the bonus chapter of Feysand, they again make mention of helping to a sister, but they know that they cannot help both at the same time, Elain has not yet started her journey of healing and development and like the few, but significant appearances of Nesta in ACOFAS, Elain is the same she appeared little in ACOSF, however, his appearances generated the questions to be resolved in his book, which for me is more than clear what will be next...
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harperbrynne · 3 hours ago
How to get the ACOSF threesome:
Nesta needs to get her hands on pen and paper so Azriel and Cassian can get their hands on her so we can get our hands on the threesome scene...
If the only issue with releasing the threesome scene is it being canon, then I don’t see why Nesta couldn’t have just written a little fanfic of her life. We know she reads a lot of romance and therefore obviously a lot of smut, so it would make perfect sense for her to be able to—and want to—write a threesome scene with Azriel and Cassian. I mean, Nesta already imagined a pretty good synopsis/teaser...
SJM can deal with the why and when Nesta decided to write this spicy fanfic of her life. But this way, we would be able to read the scene as is with Nesta having had written it herself and it not having actually happened. We could just dive into it like Nesta wrote it.
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queenringer · 6 hours ago
Elriel Month - Day 9 (Adoption)
Thank you @elrielmonth for putting this together! Here is the post if you would like to participate
Ever since ACOSF came out there has been a discussion revolving Elain, Azriel, and future children. There was this idea that Nesta may not have changed Elain’s anatomy, meaning that she wouldn’t be able to have Azriel’s kids. 
This is an extremely upsetting reason for why two people shouldn’t be together. This mindset has been fought against for years and is still something that people are fighting against. Women have been hurt and have died because of this idea. This way of thinking invalidates all the people who are LGBTQ+, who are infertile, and who do not even want kids. 
This post is a reminder that your ability to bear a child does not determine your worth. 
Oprah Winfrey once said “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.”
And it’s true. 
Many people also like to say “blood is thicker than water” which indicates that family comes first. However, they fail to realize that the full quote is actually “the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb” which means that the bonds that you've made by choice are more than the bonds you were born into. 
Sarah J. Maas, the author of the ACOTAR series and an adopted child herself, is all about found family. So why would the ability to have biological children affect a relationship of two people in love? 
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bluetrolley · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
'Cause it's a long road to wisdom
But it's a short one to being ignored
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elriel-fireheart · 9 hours ago
Headcanon: Elain knows how to play the piano.
Tumblr media
Elain is sitting in the family room playing a beautiful melody and singing what her heart yearns for her to say. The sun is shining down on her, bathing her in a golden glow. Shining like the purest star. Azriel's shadows pick up on her. They play the melody in his ear, ignoring his direct orders of refusing to spy on her, and he can't resist the pull of it. The music and her voice together creating a sirens call. He ends up in the doorway, struck by the sheer beauty before him. A forethought sends his shadows scouring across the estate looking for the rest of the inner circle, but all is silent. Empty, save for Elain and her song. Unable to resist, Azriel slowly makes his way to her. Hearing the shadowsinger's soft footsteps, she turns and gives him a shy smile. Nods to the seat beside her. The thought of sharing the bench with her, of sharing a moment alone together, breaks any lingering resolve of turning around and leaving her be. Rhysand's command snuffed out by his sheer need to be with her. So Azriel sits. Gently places his scarred hands on the keys and starts playing, adding to her melody. Elain looks at Azriel with a smile she reserves only for these stolen moments and urges him to continue. The light in her eyes warms him to the core. He looks at her and seemes to struggle for words, but he finally released a breath. And so, Azriel sings. His midnight voice, low and velvety. He looks at Elain with an openness in his eyes she rarely sees. The windows to his soul thrown wide open. The green and gold in his eyes glowing vibrant as spring. Together, they sing. Together, they fall into rhythm and let go. The shadows of the setting sun begin swaying and dancing between the golden rays. Elain and Azriel get lost in their song. Completly oblivious to an awestruck Mor hiding behind the door. Glamour and shields up to hide her scent, for fear of ruining such a virtuious moment, watching and listening to the song of Death and his lovely Fawn. Light and dark, the space between their bodies a blend of the two. The only bridge of connection...a band of golden shadows shining bright. Shadows twirling all around the room. Bewitched. Entranced. Whispering in an ancient language...mates, mates, mates. Mor saw the Truth that day. Confirmed every suspicion. She vowed to keep it secret. Protect this delicate pair, and let them find happiness in these small merciful moments with one another. The will of the swirling eddies of the cauldron be damned.
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wintersouldier57 · 11 hours ago
Can everyone please just stop fighting over Elriel and Gywnriel?
If Elriel becomes canon?
Cool. She can make him flower crowns and they already have a lot of chemistry!!! 🌺
If Gywnriel becomes canon?
Awesome. It could be very healing for both of them and they could sing together!! 🎤
Neither ship is bad lol
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juusworld5728 · 14 hours ago
Elain Archeron and Hypocrisy
I’m making this post because I haven’t seen anyone else discuss these issues when relating it to other characters.
Well, my fellow ACOTAR fandom, I’m sure the Elain hate that some of you spew makes sense in your mind for reasons that will be explained later at some point. However, some of the other characters that are your favorite portray similar characteristics. Let’s get started...
Disclaimer: I am not hating on ANY of these characters. I am simply comparing characters and their actions+how they’re interpreted by most of the fandom
Point 1:
“Elain let her family starve and didn’t plant vegetables”
-I first want to mention that it’s been debunked that she never learned HOW to plant them and it would be counterproductive in terms of seasons and money. BUT...let’s say that she didn’t because she didn’t want to. It wasn’t her job but her father’s. Not to mention that if you defend Nesta doing something like this, why would you not give Elain that benefit?*cough* hypocrisy *cough*
Lets compare this to something else with a character that is very loved by the ACOTAR fandom that in my opinion is way worse but for the sake of it...
Didn’t Lucien sit back and observe while Tamlin was being emotionally abusive to Feyre? In fact, didn’t Feyre ask and plead with Lucien to help? Well instead, he watched while Feyre destroyed herself.
(Once again, I am not hating on any character. I am just pointing out some hypocritical points. This shouldn’t even be comparable due to obvious reasons).
Point 2:
“Elain chose Feyre over Nesta”
I am actually having quite a laugh with this one.
So Elain “chose” Feyre? Or do you mean she decided to heal with the sister you guys were blaming of harming for not planting vegetables? Yeah...not to mention that Nesta pulled away from Elain in ACOFAS due to her trauma that she decided to deal with by herself (which is fine), but it is the reason Elain backed off. Instead, she decided to mend her relationship with the sister that was ready to heal with her.
Comparison time...shoutout to all the Nesta stans that hate Elain...
Soooo Elain “chose” Feyre over Nesta...but do you not blame Nesta for always obviously choosing Elain over Feyre? Not hating on any of the sisters, but when it comes to dynamics, I don’t think Elain is the only one that should be blamed.
Point 3:
“Elain is useless and all she does is garden”
First of all, why are we reducing Elain to gardening? I haven’t seen anyone reduce Feyre to her painting or Nesta to her dancing/reading. Also, not one is better than the other!!! All of these abilities are forms of art that require passion, talent, and hard work. So please stop undermining gardening (go create a beautiful huge ass garden then) and reducing her to just that.
Comparison time...
A lot of people say that gardening is all Elain does (which is not true). Do y’all remember how much painting Feyre did in ACOTAR while she was in the Spring Court? Or how much Nesta was reading?? We know Elain’s gardening associates with a bunch of her traits, therefore it will develop along with her character. The same thing happened with the other two sisters. I stan all 3 sisters and so should you.
If I find more comparison points to call out even more hypocrisy, I will reblog. Feel free to add on more points!
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clairexoxo100 · 14 hours ago
"Let me be your wings
Let me be your only love
Let me take you far beyond the stars. "
Thumbelina (1994)
Tumblr media
Why did this scene give me elain x azriel vibes so much but of course with his dark wings 😢 I can just see him singing to her and flying her around. 😩
Not officially part of elriel month but this just came to me when I watching and I had to share. Especially when it reminded me of when she asked about him flying. 😍😊❤
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elainkingslayer · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It made sense, I supposed, that Azriel alone had listened to her. The male who heard things others could not
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