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I saw someone say something about mor x elain and my mind just went omg lucien x azriel like after they get over it i guess lol i can ship anything at this point maybe they can get over it ✨together✨😏

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Elain has walked through shadows AND basks in the light. Just because we haven’t seen the burdens she carries, it doesn’t mean we won’t. We know she enjoys her sunlight and her gardens, but that’s not all she is.

Azriel is described as shadows, but he also basks in the light with Elain.

Azriel and Elain ‘see’ each other. They may not be mates, but they understand each other in ways others do not.

Azriel and Elain challenge the other on different emotional levels. He brings out her inner badass, and please read ACOFAS and the very end of ACOWAR.

For the first time, we SEE different emotions coming from Azriel. We see pining, jealousy, joy, sadness. Azriel has shown a lot of empathy for Elain. She’s little by little making her way to his heart, and getting him to FEEL.

Azriel doesn’t only “hide” his shadows from Elain. While he does at times (because he also has a journey to go through), his shadows also: brighten in her presence when she smiles, reflect desire (they reflected embers when she wore that amethyst dress), and he has displayed them in front of her. She has not once balked in fear of them and at one point, she looked at his shadows with awe.

Azriel is a spy and a torturer, but he is not a sadist. He may enjoy sex, but that doesn’t mean he would have non-consexual sex with Elain. He does not relish in being evil. I have no idea where this even comes from. He is imperfect like everyone else, but too kinky for Elain?

Azriel is patient. Knows how to communicate and get reactions. He’s so emotionally constipated that Elain would probably have to be the one to seek him out that way. Not far fetched if you remember the cheeky little thing already kissed his cheek, and isn’t afraid to hold his hands.

How this fandom turned into what could possibly be an amazing and empowering sexual, and emotional awakening into 50 Shades of Bat (lack of consent and all) is beyond me.

Elain may shy away from violence, but she: listened to Azriel’s commanding voice, beat a hound bloody with her bare feet (while she was bound), and stabbed Hybern to the hilt with Truth-Teller.

She did it to protect those she loves. Azriel is in his profession for the same reason. Why it automatically turns him, or her into “psychos” is beyond me. What a lack of nuance one must have to not see that these are layered characters. They are not merely the light and dark. They are a blend of the two. Packed with imagery to go with it.

Elain and Azriel have a connection. Have been shown to have attraction towards the other, and challenge each other in different levels.

Lucien and Vassa also have smaller (but impactful) foreshadowing happening between them. To boot, it was Elain herself that brought them together.

I love Lucien, and this is why I’m not convinced that being with his mate is his only path.

Especially when his own heart, nor Elain’s seems to be into it. If you don’t see what I’m talking about, look at their interactions. Really look at them.

The awkwardness, and lack of spark in canon speaks volumes. This is not to say that they are evil for this. Both of them are characters always denied of a choice. Choice will be huge in their arcs. Now if they choose each other, it’ll be despite the bond. Not because of it.

But there would defintely need to be a conversation to be had about Azriel and Vassa. And Why SJM waited so long to show a romantic spark between them. You could say she waited, and that may be the case. And if that’s the case, okay. Let’s see where she goes with it. I don’t hate Elucien. I’ve always liked the idea of them and am willing to see this through.

With that being said, I believe Lucien is a lot stronger than some horny monster. He’s not stupid and he knows what he’s seeing. This is why I love him. His wit and charm have captivated me since day one.

There’s no way it wasn’t impactful for him to see how well Azriel seemed to meet Elain’s needs. How he understood her in a way he couldn’t. How Elain reacts to Azriel.

Lucien is wonderful and honorable, but he shouldn’t be tied to Elain either if he’s also not happy. Especially if he sees a happier path for the both of them if they’re not romantically attached.

I’d also like to add that Elain accepting the bond isn’t the one and only inevitable path for her. There is meaning and purpose in their bond, but SJM’s foreshadowing is showing something besides romantic. But lack of romance doesn’t make Elain and Lucien’s arc have no purpose, nor significance.

Their circumstances are incredibly different from Feysand and Nessian, but SJM’s couples always have a spark. Whether it be shown in big ways, or small ways. We’ve seen Elain and Lucien have sparks, but not with each other. It also begs the question: what happens when you have mates and BOTH fall in love with others? What if they were to tie their lives to someone else?

While Feysand and probably Nessian are great examples of true soulmates finding each other and being mates, Elucien may bring another journey to us. No less impactful than the other couples mentioned.

There’s a lot of this and that going on, but I’m basing my discussion on the canon. I recently reread the books and have dabbled in different types of discussions. All are valid, but some defintely miss the nuance of Azriel, Elain, and Lucien’s characters.

There is a story to tell here, and I’m sure no matter the outcome I’m going to enjoy it. But I’m defintely not enjoying seeing people strip Elain, Azriel, and Lucien of nuance and what’s in the canon so far.

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I saw the painting in my mind: the lovely fawn, blooming spring vibrant behind her. Standing before Death, shadows and terrors lurking over his shoulder. Light and dark, the space between their bodies a blend of the two. The only bridge of connection … that knife.

Azriel x Elain - A Court of Thorns and Roses

For @theshadowsinger-and-thefawn

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For the employees of Terra and Cadre magazines, the Annual Prythian Printing Holiday Away was usually a weekend full of festivities. However this year, with less than twenty fours before the trip, haunted memories cause two employees’ secret affair to fall into shambles–their hearts along with it. Will a weekend in the mountains be a time of healing  or are the scars left behind too deep to overcome

Trigger warnings: non/con, abuse, ptsd from abuse

content warnings: NSFW

prompts used: 

Anon: inner circle-secret santa exchange

Anon: Feysand- friends don’t do this kind of shit

@justgiu12: Nessian- just shut up and take your pants off, best sleep I’ve had in a long time

@sjm-things:  Nessian- counting freckles while the other one sleeps (to both of you I know I’m months late on these prompts. they were written down in a notebook and I lost them. sorry! but I found it so hey! better late than never!


A/N: Y'all here we are the end of this lovely tale. Meg and I would love to issue our thanks to all of you for reading and supporting our story. We couldn’t have done with you ❤. As we mentioned previously, we will be continuing a writing journey together with more fics on the way. If you’d like to keep tabs on our future works be sure to follow @starborn-illyrian. Our next big, Archeron, will be soon and were so excited for you all to read it!

Since we’ve been hitting you guys heavy with angst these past couple parts. Enjoy the filth and fluff that is part 6.

From the bottom of our hearts,

Thank you,

@starborn-faerie-queen & @illyrianwitchling

Find out more about Archeron here:

Archeron , char list 1 , 2


A Holiday of Healing




With a well rested groan, Cassian shifted slightly, careful to not wake Nesta, removing his arm from underneath her body. He hated to move, but his own body was stiff crying out in pain. He needed some relief. That sadly the warmth of Nesta’s body couldn’t provide. Strands of her honeyed hair stuck to her face, an affectionate grin tugged at the corner of his lips. Brushing away the stray pieces with a swoop of his hand, Nesta burrowed into the pillows with a relaxed groan. 

Cassian reached out to the night stand, grabbing the bottle Rowan dropped off, taking his dosage. Tossing the pills into his mouth, he caught the shimmering reflection of crimson. Nesta’s gift. For later, she told him. Then she unleashed her past on him. He was sure some of the ache, especially in his chest, wasn’t from the accident. But her story. Nesta was one of the strongest people he knew. For her to suffer like that and keep it inside to continue on every day… Cauldron, he admired her more for it. 

Taking one long look at her sleeping form, Cassian went for it. Taking the small box quietly, he unwrapped it. Inside there was a scarlet tie and a piece of paper. He chuckled. It’s been months since he saw that tie. He remembered Nesta pulling him down on her, undoing the silken fabric, tossing it aside as it landed perfectly into her wine glass. Sure enough upon further inspection, half of the tie was darker than the rest. 

His attention dropped to the neatly folded slip of paper. Nesta was silent still, breathing heavily. He picked up the paper, unfolding it. Her elegant script covered the page along with random splotches of ink smeared across discolored parts of the paper. He realized she must have cried writing this. He held his breath and read.

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(tags: @thron3ofbooks, @df3ndyr, @courtofjurdan, @art-e-mis, @herondamnn, @the-third-me, @im-still-trying-here, @emikadreams, @paytin77, @mis-lil-red, @sleeping-and-books, @lucieisabooknerd, @amandaraey-sunshine, @easy-p-lemon, @azymondias05, @dagypsygirl, @makeshift-utopia) *bold tags don’t work ;-;

A little late today, and with some minor tumblr glitches ><, but here’s chapter 19! Enjoy loves! 


Being on strict bed rest was going to be a lot harder than I originally anticipated.

After the first couple of days, wherein Madja assured my mate and I that I was making excellent progress in my recovery, I began to grow mindlessly bored. During those first few days, Rhys continued his vigil at my side, but mercifully slept and ate when I did. He reopened his line of communication with our friends in the estate, talking with them mind-to-mind and updating them on my condition. He also relayed any messages they had for me, allowing me past his mental shields so I could hear their words directly. After hearing Mor practically beg to see me after the umpteenth time, I informed my mate that it was time to put an end to our isolation period. His male-bonded instincts made him reluctant at first, but after I reminded him of the instructions given to him by our healer—to allow our friends, our family, to take care of the both of us, he acquiesced.

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I get that the Archeron sisters are related but did they have to look so much alike.

I hope Cassians not attracted to Nesta just because she resembles the High Lady

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I hope Acosf gives Elain a personality aside from gardening 🥀

Especially if the next book is about her story, then I hope we see some character growth, some individualizism. I just want her to be more than the high lady’s gardener and sister.

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So I fucked up my textbook purchase and it was expensive, so I was a bit frantic and worried that I wouldn’t be able to get a refund. The lady on the other side was so sweet and patient and honestly it made me want to cry.

Kindness, especially unexpected and during the midst of unhappy moments in your life, is so so powerful.

To loop it back to books, I have no doubt in my mind that Elain’s kindness and light kept the Archeron household mentally afloat. I was worried sick for about thirty minutes; I can’t imagine years on end of shivering, darkness, and starvation in a father-less/mother-less household. Thank you Elain for keeping your beautiful Archeron sisters alive.

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I flew around today, needed the air after a very hard training with cas and elain

My wings are stronger every day and i really love flying

You feel everything and see everything

And its just a whole new perspective

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So the Archeron sisters really fucked up the inner circle and how they work 🤣 Not only that but they rearrange it and Acosf is gonna show that 😘

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summary: set in the future after acofas & koa |  Prythian and Erilea have been opened to each other ever since a portal connecting the two worlds was found. Queen Aelin Galathynius has signed a secret peace treaty with the High Lady and High Lord of the Night Court, thus fortifying their friendship, and the union of their families. But when the other High Lords of Prythian discover the Night Court’s secret friends, they are intent on seeing them as foes, and Eris Vanserra is ready to take the opportunity to further destroy what little is left of Prythian’s unity.

In a world remade by peace, you can hear the faraway drums of war that can - and shall - destroy it once again.


tw: verbal, emotional and physical abuse; sexual themes; violence & gore

a/n: guys, i’m very serious when i say this is the most explicit fanfic i’ve ever posted. if you are not comfortable with the themes above, do not go any further. this chapter is particularly gory and touches a lot on physical abuse and violence overall

p.s. indeed i had to make a 3 part prologue. i am sorry. it was stronger than me. this would not be considered by anyone in the publishing world as a real prologue, since it’s like, 3 parts and 13k words at least, but… yup. we are rolling with it.

rating: explicit | | masterlist | ask box | gen 2 page


NEXT PART —–> (coming soon!)


~the worlds, books, and any recognizable characters belong to sarah j maas~


A century or so ago…

Autumn Court Woods, Prythian

The girl changes his bandages three times through the night.

He keeps bleeding.

She binds his arm, and his knee, too. She wipes at his face with a damp cloth, and finds herself memorizing his features by candlelight. Full lips, gaunt cheeks, a sharp jaw. He is young, but already built for war.

After that, Alva does not allow her eyes to linger on his face any longer than necessary.

Her father touches her shoulder when the candles begin to burn low. “You should get some sleep.”

“What do you think happened to him?” She whispers, looking up.

She looks like her father. Caramel hair, brown skin, dark eyes. Alva has earned none of her mother’s features, except, of course, her human ears.  

They buried her years ago now, but to this day, Alva wishes she could have gotten a little more to remember her mother by. She would have settled for even a single freckle, if she had known time would be cruel enough to take her mother from her so early, and leave only scraps of memories and tiny little trinkets and pangs of hurt behind.

She looks like her father. And her pain looks like his, too.

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I’m not saying that if ACSF delivers a group hug between all three sisters after they make up and they hold onto each other while crying happy tears, I will die but… I will die.

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Why are people vilifying nesta for failing to be the archetype older sister, instead of elain? Elain is feyres older sister too, shes even just a yeat behind nesta. But everyone spits on nesta for not doing things that elain could’ve done too. Why is elain elain and accepted as being the coddled and babied older sister and nesta is not? Why is nesta abusive and elain is not. Explain. And dont tell me about trauma because yall dismiss and undermine nestas trauma on a daily so don’t start with that here.

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I love Acotar as much as the next person but there are things I wish would happen in the expanded universe.

- Lucien/Azriel relationship, romantic or friendship I mean if Amren/Varien isn’t a crack ship then I don’t know what is

- Elain being single but having strong and close relationships with the inner circle

- Everyone being nicer to Lucien in general. ( My small fox shall not be hurt, please.)

- Helion finds out that he’s Lucien’s real father or vice versa.

And I’ve come to realize that most of these are about Lucien. He’s one of my favorite characters and one of the most dynamic one’s so it explains alot.

Thank you for listening to my ted talk.

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Thoughts on Azriel’s love interest…

I used to sort of ship Azriel and Elain but I have totally moved past that.

Now this is not because I think Azriel is too good for Elain or whatever. I think they are both quiet, peaceful, kind people—they are too alike. AND she is Lucien’s mate. I don’t want Azriel to have to fight and beg for his love after everything he’s been through.

I want Azriel to find his own mate and I want her to invoke something in him. I want his mate to make him react and emote in ways we have never seen before.

I want Azriel to get MAD at her, to LAUGH with her, to be HAPPY with her. I want her to make him sad, and jealous, and everything he hides from the world. I want whoever she is, to force him out of his comfort zone. I want her to show us a side of him we have never seen. I want Azriel to be confused on why he can’t be the quiet, calm, cool shadowsinger around her. I want Azriel to change and break free with someone he never could foresee loving.

And I don’t want it to be in the same way it was with Mor. With Mor, Azriel was willing. He was open to changing for her and he would do anything for her blindly. But I think Azriel has grown from that. He won’t be as open to changing his ways after I assume he finally gives up on Mor. I want him to be surprised by his growth by the time his mate is done with him.

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Actually writing some Elriel again 💕💕 feels good to get back in to something I love doing!

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