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#elain book
nikethestatue · 12 hours ago
Why is Elain’s book the next book?
Because SJM wants to write it. That’s it. That’s the reason. 
She wants to write the Archeron Sister Trilogy. With each sister telling her own story and living through her own story.
She is not writing a Gwyneth Berdara story, before she writes an Elain Archeron story. 
She is not skipping Feyre’s sister for the sake of a secondary character in Nesta’s story. It will not happen.
I am going to venture a guess that Nesta has never been SJM’s favourite character to write, to delve into. Hence, the results were....scattered. She got what she wanted to give Nesta--a sense of purpose, alternative family, Cassian, a healing arc. Nevertheless, I don’t see SJM needed to write another Nesta-centric story, because of course Gwyn is associated with Nesta, and at this point, I feel that they will both remain present, but on the periphery. 
Elain, is different though. It’s the same Elain that SJM claimed would be her best friend. Elain, it seems, is someone SJM actually likes and WANTS to write. 
The same Elain whose story has been in development for years. At least 3-4 years by now, and will be 5, by the time the book rolls around. SJM is not giving up 5 years of planning, drafting, writing, just to switch it, for no reason what so ever.
Elain, who is the only one who still retains her Cauldron powers. Elain, who is a Seer. Elain, who can locate the 4th Trove. Elain, who is connected with numerous Courts--Night Court, potentially Hewn City, Spring Court, Day Court, and even the Human Lands. Elain, who is a mate to a High Lord’s son (technically, TWO High Lords), and who is the object of love and affection to one of the central characters in all the books. That character, just like Elain, is loved by the writer herself. And despite what anyone says, the bottom line is, those two characters are getting each other. Because SJM wants them to be with one another. 
Both of those characters have been intertwined throughout the narrative in various ways, and furthermore, both are still very unknown, to this day. It’s obviously done on purpose. The revelations would occur side by side. As we learn more about Azriel, or Elain, we’ll understand how they are amalgamated within the tale, and how their powers and their backstories, as well as their journeys, connect further. Because they do. Again, arguments aside, both Azriel and Elain are two sides of the same coin--light and dark, death and life, both veiled in shadows right now. 
Btw, as a side note, SJM never brings up male-to-female oral sex without that couple being endgame. Sorry, that’s just how it is. Feysand, Nessian, Elriel--they all follow the same sexual pattern. If he doesn’t want to eat you out, he is just not into you. SJM always places great emphasis on female pleasure and males being wild and hungry for that specific act. If a male is not wild and hungry for that specific act, then it’s a problem. 
Now, people LOVE to bring up Chaol. Well, look, Chaol got his own book!
Sure. But Chaol was there from the very first TOG book, even before Rowan or anyone else. Hence, Chaol, in some ways is akin to Lucien, or even Tamlin. Hence, following this pattern, Lucien will get a book first, before we move on to secondary characters. What’s more, Chaol had a specific task assigned to him, as well as his injury to cure. Chaol already had a built-in story.
Elain, of course, has a built-in story, as well as Azriel. We already know that Koschei has an unhealthy amount of interest in our beloved shadowsinger. Elain is brimming with undiscovered, unrealized powers. We already know that Rhys is primed and ready to use Elain and her power for whatever he needs. We know that she is willing and ready to delve into them, and use them for however he needs her to.
Rhysand is not sending Gwyneth on a mission. Not when she can’t even leave the Library. Not when she doesn’t report to him in any manner. Azriel is not taking Gwyneth on a mission either. These books are still Rhysand’s books--the last book will still be Night Court-centric, dealing with his last brother and his last sister-in-law, and the last (for the moment) bad guy, Koschei, and the last (for the moment) war potential.
Now, what to do if you love Gwyn Berdara?
I suspect that she will play a role in future books. Because, SJM knows that this world is a money-maker for her, and I think that she enjoys writing it. She also sees Gwyn’s popularity. I would vouch that she is setting up a new generation of characters for future books.
The Valkyrie will have to be realized and they have great potential. But, let’s face it, they are not ready. By the time the next book rolls around, Nesta is not charging forth, leading an army. Neither is Gwyn. But, they will. 
Also, since potentially, Gwyn MAY BE related to either Tamlin and/or Lucien, she will probably solidify her role in Lucien’s book. 
Nyx is too young to be of consequence right now, so SJM can’t build any stories around him. Therefore, for future books, she needs a new new crop of characters, which are new, but not too new. Maybe more priestesses? Balthazar? Other characters that will certainly be introduced. They will have further stories to tell, but not before Elain is the main character. Just like Chaol, or Lucien, within the next two book, Gwyn will a built-in story as well. 
This is not a pro- or against- anyone post. It’s about narrative logic. 
This very long post is in response to the same question that I get frequently--why is Elain’s book next? Why isn’t Gwyn’s book next? And other versions of the same inquiry. So this is the answer, as I interpret everything we know so far.
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dimenticalitutti · 14 hours ago
I can’t stop thinking that in acowar Lucien asked Feyre to talk about her sisters and she said she loves put her hands in the gloves and gardening.
In Acofas Lucien gifted to Elain a pair of enchanted gloves.
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elainehowlin · a day ago
Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag | 2021
Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag | 2021
Hello friends, I hope you’re all doing well. It’s Mid-Year Book Freak Out time again already. Seriously, how is it mid June? I do this tag mid to late June each year but I thought I had loads of time left this year. Mid June has really snuck up on me. I won’t be tagging anyone but please feel free to do this tag if you want. This tag was created by Chami @ ReadLikeWildfire and Ely @ Earl Grey…
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dimenticalitutti · a day ago
I wake up every day and think about Lucien’s jacket
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azriiel · 2 days ago
So if Nesta notices something is up with Elain...
Nesta met the shadowsinger’s stare and he gave her a nod. Then his gaze shifted to Elain, and though it was utterly neutral, something charged went through it. Between them. Elain’s breath caught slightly. (ACOSF, Chp. 59)
and then Nesta figures out Azriel’s secret...
Shadows darkened [Azriel’s] eyes, full of enough pain that she couldn’t stop herself from touching his shoulder. Letting him see that she understood why he stood in the doorway, why he wouldn’t go near the fire.
His secret to tell, never hers. (ACOSF, Chp. 59)
Which is confirmed to be Elain...
Because her mate had been in the family room and Azriel had needed to stay by the door the whole time because he couldn't stand the sight of it, the scent of their mating bond, and needed to have the option  of leaving if it became too much. (ACOSF, Azriel Bonus Chapter)
And she notes that Emerie probably has a crush on Mor...
[Emerie] sighed, nodding toward Mor. “I always forget how beautiful she is. “She never comes to Windhaven these days.” Nesta could have sworn pink stole over Emerie’s brown cheeks. (ACOSF, Chp. 56)
My question is: wouldn’t Nesta have noticed if there was anything romantic between Gwyn and Azriel? As it stands, Nesta hasn’t noted anything remarkable between the pair. So... 
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gopeachllama · 3 days ago
listen to the Waltz of Flowers by Tchaikosky and tell me this doesn't scream elain
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“I wonder what will be left of you,” she muses, “when all the people you love have chipped away their pieces.”
— Half Sick of Shadows, Laura Sebastian
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graphicpolicy · 4 days ago
Meanwhile… #10 launches on Kickstarter!
Meanwhile… #10 launches on Kickstarter! #Comics #ComicBooks #Kickstarter
Meanwhile… #10 is a 128-page comics anthology with work by Gary Spencer Millidge, David Hine, Mark Stafford, Roger Langridge, Sarah Gordon, Ginny Skinner, Michael Doig, and India Swift, Oisin Roche (with Elaine M Will), Laurel Dundee, Chad Boudreau and Butch Mapa, Burhan Kum, Victor Martins, Andy Pearson (with Louise Fellows), Moray Rhoda and Daniel Hugo, Flo Pizzarello and Elisabeth…
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twigoftrust · 5 days ago
I'm obviously skimming ACOSF, but it's becoming more and more clear that Nesta and Elain didn't resolve a damm thing.
Elain hasn't resolved anything with either sister. It really is heart breaking whenever Nesta thinks about Elain, but they... were never close to begin with. They never had anything healthy. Neither 3 did. That's why everything has been so tough between them.
All of that trauma unveiled that about them, and that's tough to deal with. Nesta was pretty obsessed with what Elain thought of her and her actions towards the beginning.
l wonder if it works the same way with Elain, but vice versa. It's going to be interesting taking that deep dive into Elain's mind set when the time comes. What are the demons Elain carries? How do those demons affect her powers?
We got crumbs for a later book, but most defintely not the next book. Azriel and the Valkyries got more and more prominent towards the end. It's safe to say that's where we are going next, but these connections to Elain and Lucien probably will not be for naught.
Something's brewing there too for the future.
Welcome to Prythian.
Where faeries fuck and sisters have deep psychological issues to work through.
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nikethestatue · 5 days ago
Why Elain is Not Going Anywhere
I frequently see posts where the authors mull the idea of Elain leaving the Night Court for a variety of reasons: to ‘find’ herself, to be with Lucien, to return to the human lands because she can’t stand being Fae, to put some distance between her and her sisters, etc.
So this post (and it’s fairly long) is why I think that none of this will happen. This is not about love-triangles, mating bonds, or any romantic entanglements between any characters.This is about politics.
We know that Rhys is a sly and wily politician, who’s gone to insane lengths to keep Velaris and its people hidden during Amarantha’s reign and who would continue doing the same. The problem with Rhys, as Eris wisely put it is that ‘he is blind to those he loves’. Hence, Rhys makes dumb decisions. The dumbest of those was the ‘mutually assured destruction’ pact that he made with Feyre.  
So let’s take a look at the breakdown of what power looks like in the Night Court at this time:
Rhys and Feyre--High Lord and Lady, with immense power. However, if either one dies, the other dies as well. They also have an infant, who is their priority and who’d become an orphan should either one die. Should they both die, there is a power vacuum, because obviously Nyx is too young to do anything. Power may be transferred to Amren in interim or to Mor. Regardless, the NC would be extremely weakened politically and would be up for grabs to an ambitious power.
Amren--wise and knowledgeable, but obviously with no blood connection to the NC. No longer in possession of any meaningful power. Also prone to making questionable decisions.
Mor--blood relation, with what we assume is considerable power, but we don’t know what it is.
Cassian and Azriel - military and intelligence apparatus. No blood relation, no HL-level power (though it might be debatable, but that’s another post)
Nesta--Cauldron-made, once possessed of immense power, no longer, though some remains.
Elain--Cauldron-made, probably possesses immense power, which is unexplored, but has been hinted at by Amren, Rhys and Elain herself, who knows that she has it.
In Aziel’s POV, Rhys’s main objection to Azriel/Elain relationship is all based on politics. How such a relationship may affect relations with multiple courts, as well as the human alliances. 
But it is curious that we are not aware of Rhys ever encouraging Elain to pursue a relationship with Lucien. Yes, it can be chucked off to Rhys’s promise to have her make her own decisions, and not force her into anything, but I feel that it’s also a political decision. (Because let’s face it, Rhys is a fool for a bond).
Because politically, the only thing that makes sense for Rhys is to keep Elain in the NC. Essentially, she is a weapon to wield, and therefore, he is no hurry to have her marry/mate Lucien.
Why? Because if Elain is mated, Rhys knows that he gives up the last Cauldron-made power that’s currently in service of the NC. Even if he is not actively using Elain in any way, he knows that it lies dormant inside of her, and could be unleashed if needed. Just like with Nesta, who scried, and who volunteered to take on Hybern to buy time for the armies during the last battle.He is well aware that Elain is a Seer, but what else is she?
If Elain accepts the bond and moves on with Lucien, we could assume that her allegiance would transfer to her mate. Her power goes where Elain goes. Therefore, Lucien suddenly becomes very, very powerful. Lucien is heir-presumptive to Day Court, he is the brother of Eris, who we assume will become the HL of Autumn Court. So, we suddenly have 2 brothers, who may become HLs of two Courts AND have a Cauldron-made ‘weapon’, who is also a Seer, at their disposal. That weakens the NC dramatically. Rhys, the only person, besides Feyre, who is aware that Lucien is potentially Helion’s son MUST understand the political ramifications of Lucien and Elain’s mating.
Meanwhile, Rhys has a rumbling, perpetually unhappy Illyrians at his disposal, and Kier’s Darkbringers for whose use he has to beg Kier every time. Rhys can’t really participate in any direct confrontations himself, because he may kill his mate and himself, and all he has left is a virtually powerless Second.
I think that Rhys is not the only one who realises how precarious the position of his Court currently is. Therefore, encouraging Elain to accept the bond is not in his interest. Since Helion is alive (and may he be so for another 10,000 years), if Elain does mate with Lucien, then she will probably go back to the Human Lands. Which opens up a whole new can of worms. Koschei, or any other powers at play, would probably LOVE to get their hands on a Cauldron-made being, who is also immortal. So if she is, for example, kidnapped, she could be used as a very hefty bargaining chip against Rhys/NC/Lucien. So releasing her back to the Human Lands makes no strategic sense. 
Now, I also think that Elain is just as aware of all of this as well. She may also realise that there might be unpleasant consequences to her rejecting the bond, at least right this moment, when things are still very shaky. She knows that Beron is allied with Koschei. Giving any of them extra incentives to act against the NC is probably not what she wants to do. She’s already been kidnapped once, and almost used as a political pawn, so she knows what that feels like and what position she might be putting the NC in. 
I know this post is very prosaic and not at all romantic. It’s not about love or mating. But Elain has an entire arsenal of untapped power, which has been hidden up until now. I personally think that she might also be a bio-weapon, which sounds wild and I don’t want to get into it right now, but think back to the Bone Carver’s prophecy and the ‘fanged beast’ bit.
In conclusion, even if Rhys is a romantic fool, and might be swayed by the tales of bonds and love and all that, I still think that he’d want to keep Elain in the NC at all costs. I also think that Elain is not going to go anywhere, knowing that she’d leave the NC without anyone with Cauldron-gifted power. NC is the only home she has, the only family and friends that she has, and I think she genuinely loves and cares for them (and that’s her feelings for Azriel aside), and hence was ready to scry when asked. Her exact words were ‘by using me’. She knows that the 4th object of the Trove still has to be found and she is probably the only person who can do that. I, also, am not sure that she WANTS to offer her power to Lucien so he can have it at his disposal. 
So it seems to be that Lainey is staying put.
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daisybrekker · 6 days ago
I was just thinking about how Az called Elain’s gift invaluable and we thought it was because he’s going to use it. Turns out it’s invaluable because no one has ever made such a close observation of him and he keeps it on his nightstand for an entire year and it’s literally just headache power🥺🥺🥺
Imagine in the next book he either lends it to Elain or she notices it on his nightstand I- it’s going to be too good💖
Ugh, they melt my heart☹Don't worry anon, we'll get the best scenes with them ;)
Like I genuinely don't understand when Anti-Elriels say it's only lust between Azriel & Elain.
If that was true, Azriel wouldn't spend a full year looking at that powder during the nights. Does someone you only lust for keep you awake at nights like that? Nope.
I don't think it's love yet but we sure will get there soon ;)
Personally, the scene I'm looking forward to is when Elain finally gets her necklace back and they clear everything up between eachother. (Since last time we checked, Elain believes that Azriel really thinks their almost kiss was a mistake🥲)
🚨Also wanted to say that to the anons who are waiting for some of my responses, I'm slowly working through them as I've been a bit busy recently so I haven't had much time to spend on Tumblr, but don't worry! I'm not ignoring you🚨
Have a nice day🌹
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bookologist · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@elucienweek Day 6: Elucien Book Prediction
This is a crack post. I'm so sorry. I tried.
Since we all know the "leaving NC" plot is most definitely happening, here's my take on it🙃 And I know there's been talk about evil!Elain but I'm just choosing to stick to my fantasy for now.
Elain leaves of her own volition
She leaves to visit the human lands. Craves some semblance of what she used to be
Ofc the night court is looking for her but she's somehow managed to mask her scent with the help of her wraith friends.
The only other person who can track down where she is, is her mate.
And he does. Lucien finds her at a shop; bargaining for money and clothes
Elain refuses to speak to him but after a bit of confrontation, she lets it slip that she's travelling. Going away to see the continent.
Lucien tries to convince her that it's a bad idea, given she's fae, also that it may be dangerous to go alone
*arguments happen, Elain throws a punch, Lucien pins her to the wall in the alleyway they're having this conversation in, moment of silence, both of them slightly getting turned on, a bargain* And Lucien goes with.
They travel, get to know eachother, the banter
(And the rest of the book is just Elain realising Lucien is actually cool asf and wondering why tf she stayed away from him for so long) slow burn
After about 6 months, Elain tells Lucien that maybe they should get back to the NC or atleast let them know they're safe
Lucien tells her that her friends and family have known all along and they're okay with her travelling (this is an au where the NC actually like Lucien (。◕‿◕。))
Elain gets super pissed at this which somehow leads to other things *insert angst secc*
When they finally decide to return to Prythian, Elain tells Lucien that she's ready. Ready to accept the bond:)
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foxybananaaaz · 6 days ago
Elucien Day Six,
June 12th :: Elucien Book Prediction
@elucienweek @ladyvanserra @vanserrasvalkyrie
Tumblr media
My idea is that the Elucien Book is Book Six, after an Azriel book. Some context in my predictions for the Azriel book in lead up to the Elucien Book.
Due to his chapter, we know Azriel is fully willing to partake in the blood duel with Lucien for Elain if that's what comes to it. He was ballsy enough to be flirty, and go to kiss Elain with Lucien under the same roof, and he feels he could easily kill Lucien in this Blood Duel.
Given these little foreshadow features in Azriels chapter, I'm sure they will come into play in his book. But I'm sure they will not go his way. Lucien will have a huge power flare revealing who he truly is, and who his father is.
To try and stop a war, and whatever ties and friendship with Helion he has left, Rhys will send Azriel away, and we will finally have the Illyria plot with the Illyrians rebelling and such.
Okay, now that's done, I can actually explain the Elucien Book predictions of mine and have them make sense!
So, after the whole fight with Azriel, is Luciens limit. He will go back to his Band of Exiles, and he refuses contact with anyone from the Night Court.
Not living in the night court, he will be able to separate himself from the night court, especially now that it's publically known that he is not Berons son but Helions.
But we still need to deal with Koschie, and the obvious person to help with that is Vassa. But Vassa not only is Luciens friend, but also lives with him. So Rhys or Feyre, or even Cassian and Nesta getting any help from her will be difficult.
So, with some convincing, they will send Elain in. Because as angry as Lucien may he with Elain for her part in whatever fight he had with Azriel because of her, he can't stay mad at her.
But at first, he is angry with her. And Elain actually welcomes the anger. It shows a different side to him. It shows that something that she doesn't often see from mated males. And while it doesn't leave her feeling good, she doesn't mind it, until she does.
She starts to mind the anger very much. Because it starts to hurt, and this is when she starts to outwardly show anger back instead of the shy meekness.
So we finally have the two idiots showing emotion to each other, which is a huge step, because before, they could barely look at each other and now they are actively showing anger. Emotion. A passionate emotion.
Before long, their silent anger will explode into an argument that will rage until it calms into a conversation that has been long coming and that's when we start to see growth. This is where the relationship will start.
This is where we will start to see longing glances and hear wishful thoughts that isn't caused by a mating bond, because now they have truly talked.
They have talked, and they slowly form a friendship. Elain is making friends with Vassa and Jurian as well. And yes, everyone is aware of the threat of Koschei and war, and figuring out how to stop it, but Lucien and Elain are also taking the time to get to know each other and it's beautiful.
And just as Elain is finally, finally deciding she might accept the mating bond or not, Feyre appears, and reminds everyone of the severity of what's happened. Reminds everyone of this device still between Lucien and Elain, because as long as Elain chooses to stay linked with the Night Court, that it complicates things so much more, that Elain realizes that she has more to decide on just the mating bond. She has to decide on her future with the Night Court.
And while Elain has never felt completely comfortable at the Night Court and some of their ways, her sisters live there, her nephew lives there and that complicates things on a whole new level.
And well, just. Pining. More and more pining. Don't worry, they will get their HEA though!!
I had to stop here or else I would keep going and going and going.
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twigoftrust · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
@elucienweek Day 6: Book Prediction
🦊 Elain is leaving the Night Court once she realizes there's nothing left to hold her back. Everyone except her has a role there. She's even reflected on how Rhysand's commands have no effect on her, when even Nesta struggles with defying him.
🌸 She gets herself into a situation where she has to leave, OR she will choose to leave for herself. There may be a vision involved that springs her into action.
🦊 One thing leads to the other, so she finds herself seeking out Lucien's aid. She knows it's a risk, but it's a risk worth taking.
🌸 Elain goes on a journey to end things between Koschei and Vassa. She wants to be able to help someone. Elain is tired of hearing the screams of Koschei's victims, and not doing anythting about it. Her powers are begging to be used as well. She hasn't found a limit to them yet.
🦊 Elain and Lucien find their found family together. They find belonging in people outside of the Night Court.
Those characters will love them for them, but also challenge them both to take that next step with their bond.
Throughout this time, Lucien finds out that Helion is his father. Elain is there for Lucien as he figures out what it all means to him.
Helion tries to reach out as much as he can, but things are incredibly awkward between them both. It doesn't help that neither can reach out to his mother. It takes a while for the Helion, Lucien, and LoA situation to clear up.
🌸 Romantically, we're in for the mother of all slowburns.
🦊 Lucien challenges Elain's way of thinking. She refuses to let him in at first, but little by little he worms his way into her heart. Elain has a lot of emotional growth throughout this time. She becomes more confident in who she truly is.
Elain finds it easy to be herself around Lucien. He doesn't gawk at her if she blurts out a curse word, or if she isn't playing the part of "perfect lady". Lucien gets her to laugh from the heart many times.
🌸 As Lucien gets to know more and more sides to Elain, he finds himself legitimately falling in love with her. It terrifies and saddens him, because it all feels like a betrayal to Jesminda. He eventually comes to peace with all of it, but it'll take a while.
🦊 They both take a long time to admit their feelings to the other, but once they do it'll be a highly emotional scene.
🌸 Sexually, Lucien leads the way at first, but then he empowers her to explore what she likes. He's not surprised that Graysen wouldn't know what to do with a woman.
Elain's never had anyone go down on her. Lucien's more than happy to oblige.
🦊 Once they get started, it'll be difficult for them to keep their hands off of each other. There's going to be outdoor sex, and sex where anyone could see them. They'll baptize all nearby surfaces with their love. What is even a bed? They rarely have sex on beds. Their passions demand attention wherever they're at in the moment.
🌸 Lucien and Elain both have baggage with siblings that will be dealt with. Once they're both in a better emotional state, they address their siblings and have conversations that should've been had years ago. A huge weight will be lifted from their shoulders.
🌸 Once the main bad is defeated, and they complete their mission; they decide to go home. Together.
🦊 They could choose: Spring Court, Day Court, or a life as traveling emissaries. It doesn't matter to them. As long as they're together, and experiencing all that life has to offer them
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elainkingslayer · 7 days ago
the way that a “villain arc” or “dark side” for elain could’ve been an interesting concept but ppl decided to ruin it by being weird. like how can u say elain is so boring she can’t carry a book when in reality there’s so much plot that im worried we won’t be able to cover it all??? this is a character who we haven’t gotten a lick of pov from in the past six years this series has been out. we have zero knowledge on what she’s thinking and have learned about her solely from other characters. this is a cauldron-blessed seer who has connections to the final villain, a mating bond w/a dude who is currently living in her ex-fiancé’s mansion with the victim of said villain, an unresolved romance w/a guy part of her inner circle that she doesn’t know was told to stay away from her, two sisters who constantly underestimate her, a missing fourth trove item, trauma from being dunked in the cauldron and forcibly turned fae, obvious mommy issues, a shitty dead father who she was closest to and got murdered in front of her, and that’s not even including any of the potential new plotlines???
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