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#elain x azriel
mrspettyferr · 14 minutes ago
A Midnight Wish
Tumblr media
Unsurprising to everyone, Rhysand had seen to it that Nesta and Cassian's mating ceremony would be a grand affair. This alone had caused the date to be pushed back a week.
Silks of dark blue and silver were draped through the small temple. Golden lanterns and rose petals lined the aisle, leading toward a raised dais, in which a beautiful arch of intricately woven flowers awaited. Rows of chairs faced the dais, ropes of garland draped along their backs.
The ceremony would be a small, intimate affair, followed by a reception in the Night Court palace, where guests from all over Prythian would come to feast and drink and congratulate the newly mated couple.
Elain had spent the last few days working on the arch and floral centerpieces, comprised of all white flowers with splashes of greenery. She had also helped Mor with the menu, a feast fit for a king and queen. Feyre was juggling motherhood with her High Lady duties, but still managed to oversee the invitations and correspondences.
Elain was sweating when she finally stepped back from the arch, taking one final appraising look. Nesta and Cassian would stand beneath it, swearing their vows and sealing their bond.
"It's perfect," came Mor's voice from behind.
"Is it?" Elain bit her lip. "Do you think--"
"I think you have dirt and baby's-breath in your hair, you still need to dress, and the ceremony will begin in an hour." Elain whipped around in alarm, but Mor touched her shoulder and laughed. "Go dress. I'll take care of the rest."
Indeed, Mor had already changed into a gown of deep crimson, her golden hair falling in long waves. She sparkled like a ruby from a dragon's trove. And Elain...she was still wearing her apron. And covered in dirt, apparently.
Wiping her hands on the front of her apron, she nodded. "I will be back as soon as I can."
Mor waved a hand. "Take your time. Feyre will be here any moment. And I--oh, not there," she sighed. With a flourish of red silk, she was off, heading toward where a group of minstrels were setting up. In the wrong place, apparently.
Knowing everything would be in order with Mor overseeing final preparations, Elain exited the temple and rushed across the river house grounds. Once inside the house, she went straight to her room, taking the stairs two at a time; Feyre had said she was commissioning a new gown for her, and it would be ready when she arrived.
Unsurprisingly, Nuala and Cerridwen were already there, each garbed in their traditional black, their dark hair bound in long, heavy braids. No matter how many times Elain insisted she could dress herself, her friends would hear none of it.
"I thought I was going to have to drag you up here myself," Cerridwen said with a sly grin, her dark eyes twinkling.
"I lost track of the time," Elain admitted breathlessly. "Is everything ready in the kitchens?"
"Nearly. General Cassian keeps nicking sweets."
Elain slapped a hand to her forehead. "I was supposed to make him lemon tarts!"
"It will be done," Cerridwen promised.
"Are you sure there's time?"
"Yes, yes. Now, sit," Nuala commanded, pointing toward the chair in front of the small vanity. "The tarts can wait. We have little time."
Elain rolled her eyes, but obeyed. The three chatted amicably as the twins worked on her hair, sweeping her golden-brown locks up into a loose, elegant knot threaded with tiny jewels. She normally wore it down, letting her curls fall in long waves, but Nuala had said keeping it up would compliment her gown.
Cerridwen applied a light touch of color to her face--rouge on her cheeks and lips, a little kohl on her eyes. "Lord Eris will be in attendance tonight." Though she spoke mildly, Elain knew her meaning.
"He does not trust me." And she was not entirely comfortable with the male. Not at all.
"He does not need to trust you." Cerridwen dusted a bit of blush across her cheeks. "He only needs to be charmed by you. And perhaps have a bit of wine," she amended, "for he is too clever for manipulation."
Elain almost laughed at the image of Heir of the Autumn Court foolishly drunk. No, she doubted the male would ever do anything to even remotely cloud his judgement or senses. But if she could glean any information on him and his father, of any recent involvement with that Death God...
Well. At least she could finally be of some use.
Unbeknownst to her family, she had seen something. A vision--many visions, all of the same thing. It was fragmentated and not entirely lucid, but she knew what it was.
Find me.
The Dread Trove--the fourth object. Although she could never see it fully, could not even tell what it was, she knew what the vision meant. And it would require her to learn the ways of mist and shadow.
She had not dared mention the repeated vision to Feyre or Nesta. Not yet. Not until she was ready--prepared. The last time she had tried to help, she had been shot down, as she often was.
So she had gone to Nuala and Cerridwen. They had not pried or asked questions when she had asked them to show her how to move silently, how to be unseen. To her immense surprise, they had taken it a step further, giving her tips on how she could use her beauty and charm to extract information. She was no spy, but she would make herself useful, using whatever attributes she had.
If they reported their lessons to Azriel, it was unknown to Elain. Though she suspected on this rare occasion, they did not, knowing at some point Elain would indeed come forward with what she had been doing, and why.
Even so, she was not foolish enough to ruin their alliance with Eris by pushing too hard for information. She would smile, she would be charming and subtle, and hope for a slip of the tongue.
The twins finished with her hair and Elain stood, hearing Nuala open the wardrobe to retrieve her gown. Only when she turned, it was not the blush pink dress she had expected from Feyre.
Elain gasped, a hand covering her mouth.
"The High Lady chose this specifically for you," Nuala said with a smile. "It is traditional to wear black, you know."
Black was an understatement. This gown was nothing like the plain, unflattering frock Elain had worn in the Hewn City. This...this looked like something Feyre should wear.
The gown was elegant and regal, long sleeved, cinched up to her throat. While tight in the sleeves and waist, it flared slightly at the hips, cascading into a short train. As Nuala turned the gown for Elain to view it fully, she could see the open back, the dip of it teasingly low. But what truly made it special was the ombre effect of the coloring. The sleeves were the darkest of black, and the bottom of the gown a sparkling silver. It transitioned from black to silver effortlessly. The entire gown was covered in tiny gems, making it sparkle like a star that had fallen from the midnight sky.
"It's beautiful," Elain murmured. She would thank Feyre for it later--and insist on returning it.
The twins helped Elain dress. The fabric, despite being so tight, felt like a second skin--like it was part of her. She quickly slid into silver slippers and turned to see Nuala holding two black boxes, both open to reveal the contents within. Earrings.
One was a pair of shiny black pearls, and the other--sparkling white. Lucien's pearls.
Elain frowned.
"I know, I know. But both would compliment the gown," Nuala admitted. "You decide."
Elain was not stubborn enough to deny that even Lucien's gift would compliment her gown. And she could admit that the white pearls were lovely. But white was not a kind color. White was the color of Graysen's ring. White showed too much blood. White was the frozen winters they spent in poverty.
She reached for the black pearls and fastened them into her ears; she swore Nuala smirked slightly. But she said nothing, and Elain turned, taking a final look at herself in the full length mirror, twisting this way and that.
When she moved, the gems of the gown glinted. It reminded her a bit of how--of how the necklace Azriel had bought for her caught on the light.
She swallowed a bit thickly and tried not to think of it--of him, of that night, of what had almost happened.
This was a mistake.
Elain tried to forget them, but those words haunted her even in sleep.
Nuala touched her arm, looking at her through the mirror. The half-wraith said nothing at all, but somehow that silence said everything.
- -
The ceremony was fascinating.
It reminded Elain of a wedding, only far more spiritual. There was the tying of the ribbon--which Elain, Feyre, Rhys, and Azriel participated in, vows and promises, and an exchange of food and rings.
Nesta wore the darkest shade of blue that was nearly black, the gown modest and fiercely beautiful, the metal bodice making her look like a warrior queen. Cassian looked quite handsome himself, abandoning his Illyrian leathers for a more formal black jacket and pants.
Elain had never seen either so happy. Had never seen Nesta smile so broadly. It made her chest swell as she watched from where she sat next to Feyre. Mor winnowed away briefly to take as sleepy Nyx to Cerridwen and Nuala. They would watch him for the evening, concealed behind an impressive shield in one of the palace's bedchambers.
Elain had clutched Feyre's hand, and they both wiped away tears as they watched on. After the High Priestess finished the last of the vows, she declared that Nesta and Cassian were now mates--officially. The temple erupted into applause and cheers as Cassian swept Nesta into his arms and kissed her.
Per tradition, they were supposed to keep the black ribbon tied to each other until they consummated the bond. But Nesta said that was stupid because they had consummated plenty. Elain had fought the urge to blush, but smiled a bit as the ribbon was torn, and both Nesta and Cassian kept the ribbon around their wrists like a bracelet.
Rhys, Feyre and Mor winnowed them all to the palace's ballroom, where guests were already piling in and mingling with one another.
Gilded silver glinted along the long wooden tables, the cutlery freshly polished. The benches were covered in soft velvet, and golden orbs of light bobbed in midair, casting a warm, golden glow over the entire space. A longer, more elaborately decorated head table stood on a raised dais--for Nesta and Cassian, and their family.
Grinning ear to ear, Feyre called for attention. She gave a small speech, congratulating Nesta and Cassian, and welcomed everyone to drink and feast in their honor.
Elain had just taken her seat between Feyre and Amren when the food appeared on the table. Wild boar with plum glaze. Roasted squab. Steak and kidney pie. Boiled, buttery potatoes with herbs. Honey-roasted carrots, green beans with slivered almonds, and charred brussels with chunks of bacon. Piping hot loaves of bread. And for dessert, an elaborate display of pies, steamed puddings, and, thanks to the twins, Cassian's favorite lemon tarts.
After the last bit of dessert was devoured, the tables were cleared and the music began. One of the tables was converted to a gaming table for cards and dice. Servants kept wine and beer flowing, carrying trays of hard cheese, bread, and fruits. It was not to be a ball, but more like a night in a very luxurious tavern--just as Nesta and Cassian had wanted.
Elain of course recognized many of the guests. The High Lords of Day, Winter, and Summer, all with their retinues. Surprisingly, quite a few Illyrians had come, dressed in their fighting leathers. Some laughed and joked with Cassian like old war buddies, but others looked like they had been forced to attend.
Elain had known Lucien would come, but she still made a point to avoid him. To be fair, he did not seek her out, and seemed content to hang around Vassa, Jurian, and perhaps a bit surprisingly, Eris. Unfortunately, this made it fairly difficult to catch the Heir alone, as Elain had no interest in initiating conversation with that group.
There were some faces she did not know at all--nobles and generals that Cassian must have known. She sometimes forgot his rank in their court, how he oversaw Rhysand's armies. But when she saw him fight on the battlefield, she quickly remembered.
Elain smiled and made polite conversation with many of the guests, frequently checking with the servants to make sure they were plenty stocked in the kitchens, and making sure they did not need anything. After listening to a very loud, very drunk Helion tell a story that made her cheeks flush, she found Nesta talking to her two friends--Emerie and Gwyn, if she recalled correctly. This was the first time Elain would meet them, something she had greatly been looking forward to.
"There you are," Nesta said, catching sight of Elain. Turning to her friends, she said, "This is my sister, Elain Archeron. Elain, this is Emerie and Gwyn."
"I have heard so much about you both," Elain said, smiling widely. Her eyes landed on Emerie first, remembering Nesta's description of the female, and then slid to Gwyn. "I am so--"
The goblet she was holding slipped from her hands, clattering to the ground. Wine splattered at her feet, some of landing on the hem of her gown. Every thought suddenly emptied from her head. She blinked--and blinked again. Over and over, trying to process what she was seeing.
She heard Nesta's voice as if from a great distance, moving closer and closer, until she finally snapped back into herself.
"Elain. Elain." Nesta shook her by the arm, a bit roughly. Concern filled her voice. Concern, and worry.
Before Elain could respond--and she was quite certain she could not--a laughing Cassian emerged from the crowd.
"Finally," he said. "I was looking for--"
His laughter died as Nesta interrupted him, speaking lowly to Elain. "Did you have--did you have--" She didn't finish, but she didn't need to.
And Elain finally dragged her gaze away from Gwyn's throat--from where a very familiar necklace now glinted against her skin.
"No," she managed to say. The word came out pained, scratchy. She cleared her throat. "I'm sorry, I just..." Her voice trailed off. She couldn't find the words. Could barely speak over the roaring in her ears.
She looked back at Gwyn. The girl looked as concerned as Nesta had sounded, her open, kind face scrunched in an endearing sort of way. She was very pretty, Elain realized suddenly. Golden and coppery and warm.
It felt as though the room was shrinking. Or Elain was growing. Why was it so hot? Why was the music so loud?
With immense effort, Elain mastered herself enough to plaster on a smile only Nesta would know was fake. "I am so sorry," she said to Emerie and Gwyn, without looking either of them in the eye directly. "I forgot I need to check on the wine."
"It is so lovely to meet you both," Elain rushed on, interrupting her sister. Before Nesta could say anything else, she turned abruptly, moving blindly through the crowd, needing to escape, to find air, to breathe--
And nearly ran straight into Azriel.
He steadied her, gripping her elbow briefly before practically yanking his hand away, as though she had burned him. Although she could feel his dark presence, as she always could, she had not allowed herself to really look at him tonight. Even when their hands had nearly touched when wrapping the ribbon around Nesta and Cassian's wrists, she had willed her eyes to stay focused on that black piece of thread. But now, coming face to face with him, she had no choice but to look.
Like Cassian and Rhy, Azriel had neglected his Illyrian leathers in exchange for a fine black ensemble that showed every hard line of muscle, his wings fanned out behind him. Though no shadows were seen, he looked every bit the part of a dark prince. He was so painfully beautiful that it hurt to look at him.
He must have seen something on her face, because his eyes darkened. "Elain, what hap--"
He froze, his eyes catching on something over his shoulder before flitting back to Elain. His normally perfectly guarded face shifted before he could stop himself--shock, guilt, regret.
"It's--it's not--" She had never heard him stumble over words as he tried, and failed, to find them.
"It's fine," she said, saving him the trouble. She looked away, trying to look at anything other than his handsome face. “It’s fine,” she said again, and made to move past him.
Azriel caught her elbow again, halting her. "You don't understand."
"I understand perfectly." This time, a bit of strength had returned to her voice, and she forced herself to look at him.
"No, you don't." For some reason, rage flashed in his eyes. Rage, and guilt, and something else. "It was a mistake."
Elain laughed bitterly. "Yes, you've said so."
Regret flashed in his eyes. "That's not what I meant."
"Then perhaps you should try saying what you mean."
"I wish I could," he said quietly.
Silence fell between them. They stood there, staring at one another, as though trying to read what the other would not say. It occurred to Elain suddenly how it must look. They were standing painfully close, leaning toward one another, Azriel's hand still gripping her elbow.
As though he also realized it, he let go of her and stepped back. Hung his head slightly, his jaw locked tight, as though he were fighting some internal battle.
Elain swept past him without another word, feeling too many questioning stares she feared she would be forced to address. Too long she and Azriel had been playing this game. Lingering glances, a brush of their fingers, his hand grazing the small of her back. But--
This was a mistake.
This time, Elain let the words wash over her, propelling her through the tent. She would not flee--that would only speculate rumors. Instead, she found a passing servant and grabbed another goblet of wine. But this only made her glance down and sigh. The bottom of her beautiful gown was splattered with dark, red wine.
She stared at it, but then, quite suddenly, it vanished. Confused, Elain looked up--and found Eris staring at her. He lowered his hand and smiled. It was not kind, but one of dark secrets and forbidden fantasies--it was a smile of knowing.
He had seen her and Azriel. Although nothing had happened, they had stood too close. Stared too long.
Eris's eyes twinkled and he saluted her with his own goblet. Not because he intended to wield that information against her, but taunting that he could.
This time, she did seek to escape, but Rhys directed everyone to the terrace to watch an elaborate display of fireworks.
Elain was herded outside and to the railing. She gripped the cool metal with a hand and watched in awe as bright bursts of light filled the sky. Pink, green, blue, white. They scattered across the night sky like colorful stars.
She felt, more than saw, him approach. He stood so close their arms touched. But Elain did not move--did not look away from the fireworks. Considering everyone was crammed onto the terrace, their proximity was not suspicious or unusual. Unless you were looking too deeply.
Eris would. Lucien would, too. Not that Elain cared. He had no claim to her, Fae customs be damned.
Still, Elain found herself needing to speak.
"Eris saw--" She drew herself short. She had almost said Eris saw us. But there was no us. There was nothing to even see.
But Azriel just said, keeping his voice low, "I know. I'll deal with him."
She didn't want to ask what he meant. Of course he would not kill him--they needed Eris as an ally. But would he threaten him? Torture him?
Again, for what? Nothing had happened.
Elain wondered how many times those three words would repeat in her head. How could they be so true, and so wrong? How could everything and nothing change between them? Sometimes she wondered if she had imagined it all. If she imagined the times he would sit in her garden, reviewing reports, while she worked. Or when he would catch her eye at dinner, and linger just a little too long.
Had all of that been an imagination? A cultivation of her own desires?
This was a mistake.
"I can't stay long," Azriel murmured. Perplexed, Elain was about to ask him why, but he went on, "I'm sorry. For all of it. I didn't mean...My intention was not to hurt you."
But he had. Terribly so. And she had not expected it--not from him. That was what hurt her most. And worse than that, despite that hurt, she missed him. She missed his dry humor, his steady presence, his comforting companionship.
This was a mistake.
"It's fine," Elain forced herself to say.
"It's not, though. I wish..." He let the words fall, clenching his jaw. He looked so out of sorts, so unlike the cool, calm Spymaster that he was.
Elain didn't know what to think, and she knew this would not be the time or place to figure it out. Not with so many people around. And not when this night was not about her, but Nesta and Cassian.
So she said nothing, and because it was dark, because everyone's attention was on the fireworks, she moved. So, so slowly, until she was leaning against him.
Azriel went very still, and then she felt him exhale. Shift, so that she was leaning into him entirely. She fought the urge to slip under his arm, to let him pull her close, to get lost in his scent of mist and cedarwood.
He would vanish soon, and her heart with him. But for now, Elain would look upon the flashes of light, and she would wish, too.
- -
Note: Ahhh how I can't wait for the longing and tension. I might do a part 2. Writing this made me realize how difficult it's going to be to explain the necklace situation. lol Oh Az, best of luck, buddy.
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scrumptiousloveflower · 46 minutes ago
<Elriel × Elucien rant>
I've been wanting to talk about this for a while now. So we all know that Lucien and Elain are mates and that Lucien wants to give the mating bond a chance even though he doesn't really know Elain, yet Elain doesn't want to give it a chance nor get to know Lucien as her sister's friend; and I'm not saying that she's obligated to know him but at least greet him like a normal person when he enters the room not just ignore him completely then swoon over Azriel which makes no sense to me since she also doesn't know Azriel all that well but since the moment she laid eyes on him she would start flirting with him or try to get to know him and i get that she's attracted to him and she should be allowed to.
What I'm trying to say here is if she hates Lucien that much and she's already attracted to/likes Azriel then she should simply reject the mating bond because we all know that Lucien wouldn't force himself on her, if she rejected the mating bond he'd definitely back away from her and never try to get her back or anything.
What's keeping Lucien from getting away is that Elain hasn't rejected the bond yet so he thinks that there might be at least a one percent chance of her accepting it so the problem here really isn't Lucien "forcing" himself on her or Azriel being attracted to someone who has a mate, the problem is simply Elain who kept flirting with Azriel then got mad and depressed when Grayson left her, the problem is how she knows that she could just reject the mating bond yet she doesn't so she's toying with both their feelings (maybe without realizing it) so it's not Azriel's nor Lucien's fault it's simply Elain's so stop blaming them for her actions.
Disclaimer: I'm not an Elriel nor a Elucien fan so I'm not siding with anyone here I'm just stating a fact.
Also i definitely think that Elain shouldn't end up with either of them i honestly believe that it'll be better if she ended up alone and healed from all her trauma without the need of a man.
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zeethemess · 3 hours ago
Elriel Headcanons part2
• elain noticed that azriel finds any excuse to hold her hand/ escort her places and when she tried making fun of him saying “you do realize i can walk?” he started carrying her instead for a while
• whenever elain is in one of her moods azriel calls her “little nightmare” and it makes her more angry at first but she secretly loves it (and it ends up instantly improving her mood but out of spite she tries to hide that from him)
• whenever azriel is in a bad mood elain takes him to her favorite quiet corner in one of the parks in velaris and plays with his hair until he feels comfortable enough to say what’s been bothering him
• when mor noticed that azriel started easily agreeing to go dancing when elain said she’d go, mor started to go straight to elain whenever she wants to go out as a group
• azriel has bullied other inner circle members when they try taking his spot next to elain at the dinner table. throughout dinner he likes holding her hand under the table or putting his arm over the back of her chair or tucking her hair behind her ear.
• elain has azriel taste test her pastries but doesn’t let him actually stay in the kitchen when she bakes because “he distracts her” (he’s smeared icing on her nose... and other places)
• mor jokes about how she always thought feyre and rhysand were insufferable mates but that was before elain and az got together.
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daisybrekker · 5 hours ago
Another Side to Elain
I presume many people have already seen multiple posts talking about the importance of 3s in the ACOTAR series and how that would make perfect sense for Elain to be the protagonist of the next book with Elriel as the ship (I wholeheartedly agree!)
Personally, I just wanted to add a little bit of my own opinion as to how the following quotes refer to the 3 sisters, so let's break it down, shall we?
Feyre - Purple
Nesta - Blue
Elain - Pink
Hello, sweet thing. Hello, lady of night, princess of decay. Hello, fanged beast and trembling fawn. Love me, touch me, sing me.
"Hello, sweet thing."
First quote to be said, just like Feyre's story is the first one we have read
Personally, "sweet thing" gives off the same vibes as "Feyre darling".
"Love me"
Feyre's relationship with Rhysand is full of adoration from both sides. Throughout her story, mainly before she knew she was his mate, he mostly wanted her to love him so he could fully love her in turn.
"Hello, lady of night, princess of decay."
I would like to mostly focus on the "princess of decay" part of this quote as it clearly refers to Nesta's connection with her powers of death, as it has been said multiple times.
"Touch me"
In ACOSF, we see how Nesta's relationship with Cassian develops and despite the fact that by the end they're a couple, we can't deny that their connection was mostly physical, instead of emotional, therefore I believe that this refers to that.
"Hello, fanged beast and trembling fawn."
I have two opinions about this. Firstly, this may refer to both Elain and Azriel as we have the "and" between the two descriptions, unlike Nesta's quote where there's a comma instead, making it clear that both names are meant for one person. "Fanged beast" doesn't really sound like Azriel though, therefore it leads me to my next point.
Both names could refer to Elain alone. People see her as this sweet, innocent woman who couldn't harm anyone, especially when we consider the amount of times Feyre herself even compares her to a fawn. Yet, "fanged beast" could imply that Elain isn't as innocent as she seems. (Just to be 100% clear, I do not believe in the Evil!Elain theory so I'm not referring to that!) That's what makes me truly believe that we'll see a side of Elain we haven't seen before in her book!
"Sing me"
Many people like to think that because Gwyn asked Azriel if he sings and his shadows danced with her, they're endgame but if you have read my previous posts, you'll know that I don't believe that at all. Nonetheless, we did receive a confirmation from Azriel that he can sing. After all the evidence pointing towards Elriel endgame along with this, I believe it'll refer somehow to their story which I suspect shall be the next book. Who knows? Maybe they'll somehow bond in a way that includes his ability to sing? I'm not entirely sure but I do believe this refers to Elain!
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hellogoodbye14 · 10 hours ago
Yo I don’t much care for ship wars but saying that its wrong to expect a SA survivor to have a sex life is just plain wrong.
Ship who you want but don’t be so problematic just for the sake of trying to win an argument over fictional characters. Your words could do harm to actual people.
Be kind to one another.
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lu9807 · 11 hours ago
Forbidden love made song
If I have any errors in the translation or text, I apologize in advance. Please be kind
I grew up with this song since I was a child, my older sister loves the music of the 70's and 80's and of course I know the lyrics by heart. The singer's name is Rudy la Scala, it's called Porqué será, the song is in Spanish and it's very famous. This song became my personal anthem, every time I read or hear about Elriel.
Why it will be, that forbidden loves They are more intense than allowed, They will tell you so much, even with a little And one conforms even with the touch of the hands.
Why will it be, because it will be, That forbidden love, They make us crazy more easily, Why will it be, because it will be That the taste of kisses, They have such a different taste.
That when we make love, We eat alive Why it will be and is the truth, That one touches the sky while sinning And we don't care, if we have an owner. (This is the future of Elriel and I am 100% sure).
Why will it be, that any hiding place, It is a castle at the time of love, These loves have a charm that gives us that strength, To put up with everything in exchange for a possible nothing.
That forbidden love, They hit us hard when they finish, It will be because you have to endure Silently wound And hide in front of people.
Ese amor prohibido 💔💋💔
Why will it be?
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silver-flames · 11 hours ago
Elriel + Solstice Gifts (then vs. now)
“Az ran a hand through his dark hair. “Are we …” Unusual for him to stumble with words. “Are we supposed to get the sisters presents?”
“No,” I said, and meant it. Az seemed to loose a sigh of relief. Seemed to, since all but a breath of air passed from his lips. “I don’t think Nesta gives a shit, and I don’t think Elain expects to receive anything from us. I’d leave the sisters to exchange presents amongst themselves.” Az nodded distantly.”
“He offered her a smile back. "I wasn't sure if I should give you your present."  He left the rest unspoken.” [...]
“It was a small, flat rose fashioned of stained glass, designed so that when held to the light, the true depth of the colors would become visible. A thing of secret, lovely beauty. 
“It's beautiful," she whispered, lifting it from the box.”
"Silence again. Then Azriel tipped his head back and laughed.
I’d never heard such a sound, deep and joyous.”
“He chuckled, unable to suppress the impulse. "No wonder you didn't want me to open it in front of everyone."
“Azriel mastered himself enough to say, “Thank you.” I’d never seen his hazel eyes so bright, the hues of green amid the brown and gray like veins of emerald. “This will be invaluable.”
“But she'd gotten Azriel one last year -- a headache powder he kept on his nightstand at the House of Wind. Not to use, but just to look at. Which he'd done every night he’d slept there. Or attempted to sleep there. ”
“Elain bit her lip and then smiled sheepishly. “It’s for the headaches everyone always gives you. Since you rub your temples so often.”
“Azriel unwrapped the box, glancing at the card that merely said, You might find these useful at the House these days, and then opened the lid.  Two small, bean-shaped fabric blobs lay within. Elain murmured, "You put them in your ears, and they block any sound. With Nesta and Cassian living there with you..." 
“The shadowsinger’s brows lifted, but his scarred hand extended to take the present. Elain turned from where she’d been speaking to Nesta. “Oh, that’s from me.”
Azriel’s face didn’t so much as shift at the words. Not even a smile as he opened the present and revealed—”
“Az tried not to look at his scarred fingers as they took the gift. She hadn't bought her mate a present.”
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Bat Boys with their mate/love interest as Mr Darcy moments in Pride and Prejudice (2005).
Rhysand in ACOMAF: 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 Cassian in ACOFAS and ACOSF : 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
 Azriel with Elain in ACOSF:
Tumblr media
  Azriel with Gwyn in ACOSF:
Tumblr media
    Bonus 1. Mor when she meets Feyre:
Tumblr media
  Bonus 2. Headcanon of Az post ACOSF:
Tumblr media
Az whenever he practices asking Gwyn out with his shadows. Az is Bingley, the shadows Darcy.
 (I’m so sorry for this crack post but it needed to be done! now take my laptop away from me, I beg you)
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rhyssescups · a day ago
I’ve seen a lot of discourse surrounding Azriel and his shadows recently, so here’s a little friendly reminder (an actual one) that Azriel’s shadows watch over Elain.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(click on the photo on the left to see the full quote !)
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thelittlestpinecone · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
In the middle of working on a larger Elriel piece, I got this idea to continue what I’ve decided to call the “Velaris Roasters Series” lol.
I always loved the scene where they’re in the garden separately but together (I might want to bring that to life too). It was such a sweet picture of the kind of comfortable silence you only get when you’re in the presence of someone you trust. So I figured Elriel is the kind of couple/friends/people to just hang out at coffee shops and just BE. Plus I selfishly needed a blushing Azriel, so here we are.
IG: @theteeniestpinecone
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Cassian and Azriel being protective of their girls is my everything:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Amren being Amren, scolding the bat boys for being romantic fools
Tumblr media
Cassian and Az looking at Rhys for back up 😂😂
Tumblr media
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queenmaas · 2 days ago
Hi guys! I know I don’t talk on this blog, I just boost other people’s work... butttt I wanted to say I don’t really care about the Gywn+Az or Elain+Az or Elain+Lucien. I feel like there is too much division in this fandom. I just want all of them to be happy. So I will reblog anything I like, and don’t read too much into my choices.
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feyredarlinq · 2 days ago
ACOWAR, chapter twenty-eight:
Tumblr media
ACOWAR, chapter sixty-nine:
Tumblr media
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Parallels between Azriel and Cassian
This is on Solstice night in ACOFAS, Cassian got rid of the gift he brought for Nesta
Tumblr media
We know that Az has done the same with necklace.
Tumblr media
Cassian has stayed away from Nesta for NINE MONTHS , did his feelings for her go away? No. So the arguement that Az has not interacted with Elain for months after Solstice so it means he is over her is so weak especially if you know Az's personality, he doesn't give up easily.
Tumblr media
Cassian also was close to confess to Nesta, even called it a stupid mistake.
Tumblr media
Azriel has been trying to avoid Elain for months and maybe a year, because he has feelings for her.At Solstice though, they interact and we know how badly it ended, it took Az one interaction with her for his control to slip, if you think that because he did not interact with her after Solstice he has forgotten about her and is ready to move on then why did not he hold himself back on Solstice night? Knowing that her mate was upstairs and they could be caught easily.
Tumblr media
Az knew that he would seek Elain out and confess his feelings if he stayed in the riverside manor. Obviously he doesn't think he deserves her and he does not want to get his hopes up especially after Rhys pulled ranks on him.
● We know that both Cassian and Azriel feel worthless and we know that Nesta eventually supported Cassian. Elain who thinks Az scars and flying are beautiful(the things his self loathing stem from) will eventually help Az overcome his insecurities, she sees good in everything, she is the sun to his darkness and when he is with her that darkness disappears, Both are quiet and observant, both see each other for what they are and not what anyone assumes of them.
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dreaminginvelaris · 3 days ago
re-read azriels bonus chapter and i just- im SO fucking thankful to rhys for ordering az to stay away from elain. mans knows azriel deserves someone far more interesting and better than plant sniffer elain.
rhys doing the most out here, what a king 👑
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