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#elain x lucien
elaineasaur · 12 hours ago
Am I the only one who gets a uncomfortable when they see elriel supremacy, elucien supremacy, or gwynriel supremacy? Idk I feel like being associated with supremacism - even if it's just relationships in books or kind of a joke - is a bit toxic and overall just not a good idea?
I'm just saying, that kind of rhetoric is rarely associated with positive groups (which this fandom is supposed to be) and it honestly just seems really cringy in this situation.
I petition that we just stick with Team Gwynriel, Team Elriel, and Team Elucien like literally every other book series and leave the supremacy stuff in the trash with the actual hate groups where it belongs.
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helion-ism · a day ago
let’s talk about elucien
there are so many reasons why I love elain x lucien and why I think these two would not only be amazing together, but also why they belong together. one of those reasons is lucien‘s sassy personality, which we already got a glimpse of in acotar (and that I miss terribly btw), and which is, in my opinion, exactly what elain needs in her life. we’re talking about lucien “your eyes are like stars, and your hair like burnished gold” vanserra. we know he’s got quite a big mouth, that’s how we got to know him, but we also know that mouth is exactly what’s gotten him into trouble before. case in point: the eye incident. lucien doesn’t mince his words and yes, that is one of the reasons why elain really needs to spend some more time with him. 
she has been coddled by not only her father, nesta, feyre, but also the entire inner circle, which has allowed her to live her life passively. yes, she killed the king of hybern, and good for her, but she did it because nobody else could have done it at that point in time. ever since the war ended, elain has not actively contributed to any plot matters, wether by choice or because someone else took the choice from her. azriel said in acosf, “there is an innate darkness to the dread trove that elain should not be exposed to.” even amren pointed out that elain is capable of defending herself, but for some reason, nobody let her even though elain said she would try to find it: “then I will find it. I might require some time to … reacquaint myself with my powers, but I could start today.” and yet,  by the end of the book, elain’s been barely in it and has not contributed at all. (I know some people claim there’s certain things already happening in the background, but honestly, I’m not satisfied with that development happening off page, so I can’t wait to finally go on her journey and actually see her do stuff)
this moment is crucial:
Tumblr media
does it look like she is happy with the way the others treat her? not really. when nesta snapped at her, elain started laughing. that signals relief to me because nesta, the one who has always tried to protect elain the most (nesta baby Ilysm), is the one who suddenly lost her patience. elain needs somebody like lucien, somebody with a big mouth and sassy attitude, who can coax her out of that paralysis she’s been stuck in, a bit like nesta in this scene. additionally, the banter would be top tier. I want another “if I offer you the moon on a string, will you give me a kiss, too?” moment, please. god please. (elain blinks. “and where would you like that kiss?” — and lucien just loses his mind.)
another thing that lives in my head rent free is the fact that lucien has travelled almost everywhere and could introduce elain, who wishes to see more of the world (see: “elain had always wanted to visit the continent to study the tulips and other famed flowers”), to the different courts and the continent. I refuse to accept that we will not get to learn more about the other courts, for my sake, but also for elain’s sake. I want her to see the spring court at least once. I want her to go and see those tulips she’s dreamt of. I want her and lucien to discover the day court as a new home, which brings me to the next point. 
elain has been craving sunshine for some time now. there’s several quotes that emphasise her connection to sunshine/light, here are a few of my favourites: 
I marveled at it, actually — that those years of poverty hadn‘t stripped away that light from elain.
the suite was filled with sunlight. every curtain shoved back as far as it could go, to let in as much sun as possible. as if any bit of darkness was abhorrent.
she had been always so full of light. perhaps that was why she now kept all the curtains open. to fill the void that existed where all of that light had once been. and now nothing remained.
what can I get you, elain? — sunshine.
elain doesn‘t belong into the night court. feyre has found her family there, with rhys and the inner circle. nesta has found (or should I say accepted) cassian and found gwyn and emerie, her chosen sisters. but elain?
elain is somewhere in the background hiding with the twins and tending to gardens of the citizens of velaris. you can’t tell me that is satisfactory to you. she is currently ignoring her seer abilities, and the members of the inner circle are basically encouraging her to do so. the only time she’s been confronted lately was during that conversation with nesta and her reaction was not exactly what any of us readers would have expected, was it? that tells me there’s much more about her we don’t know yet, and I’m convinced we won’t know until she finally leaves and finds her own people, finds herself again and start dealing with everything that happened to her. elain must leave the night court, i.e. the darkness, behind in order to grow.
the same goes to lucien: he’s not at a place where he can just jump into a relationship or mating bond. he’s got so much stuff going on. lucien was forced to abandon his home and his abusive family, his “father” killed the fae he loved in front of his eyes, his best friend is an abusive pos who never appreciated him anyway, and neither has anyone in the night court. lucien is used because of his connections and because of the mating bond that ties him to elain, whether he wanted it or not. feyre knows he would never turn away from elain unless she explicitly wishes him to, and so she and rhys and the others use that to their advantage. it is smart, of course, but at the same time, they also keep important information about his own life from him that could change many, many things. so he’s spending his time with mortals in the human lands — a place where he as a fae really does not belong. 
lucien being the heir to the day court, well, to me, it feels like sjm is practically screaming it into our face: how could he find a home in the night court, the literal opposite to the day? darkness vs. light. and what about elain “he’d never once in the two years he’d known her found elain to be plain, but wearing black, no matter how much she claimed to be part of this court … it sucked the life from her” archeron? just looking at the symbolism, not only do the quotes from above indicate that the night court cannot possibly be her home, but also very recent quotes from the latest book. elain is a side character in the night court. and so is lucien. they both need to leave in order to become main characters — and it doesn’t even matter that both are already crucial to the further plot of the series because how can they possibly contribute to it in a place where they are both kept down? 
mor said in acofas: “stay out of it. she’s not ready, and neither is he, no matter how many presents he brings.” and “let him figure out where he wants to be. who he wants to be. the same goes with her.” mor‘s power is “truth”, whatever that means. but there you have it. they’re not ready to be with each other yet, and that’s okay. 
[elain and lucien are also connected not only because of the mating bond, but also because of the plot. lucien must know quite a lot about her and her sisters simply because of all the time he spent with their father. the father who made a bargain with koschei. koschei who put a spell on vassa. lucien is therefore tied to both papa archeron as well as koschei and vassa. elain, we know, is a seer, despite her not using her abilities (or is she, and we simply don’t know?). elain is (obviously) connected to her father, but also to koschei and vassa (remember those visions she had).]
now let’s get to the mating bond stuff, and I need to say this loud and clear: elain has always had and will always have one (1) true mate. there‘s no such thing as "false mate" or even multiple mates. there has been no indication whatsoever. lucien is the mate the cauldron had given her when she was born. and elain is the mate the cauldron had given him when he was born. even when she was still human, they already belonged together — tied together by strings of fate. absolutely nothing will change this fact. should elain reject the bond, lucien will remain a part of her life/her soul forever. should lucien reject the bond, elain will remain a part of his life/his soul forever.
when she was still human, lucien had already felt a pull between them and tried to save and protect her from hybern. when elain was already fae, when it came to protecting her, azriel clapped cassian‘s shoulder and left (is this the true mate they‘re all talking about?). it‘s unfair to lucien, elain, AND azriel and this comparison alone is enough to disprove this theory.
the thing is, lucien has been nothing but respectful, kind and caring towards elain. when he arrived in velaris in acowar, he could immediately sense what she needed and said, “she needs fresh air” (vs. the response “we’ll judge what she needs”) and “take her to the sea. take her to some garden. but get her out of this house for an hour or two.” (I’m gonna make another post about this because I have a few thoughts on this)
of course, she doesn’t owe him anything, but elain herself doesn’t wish to be treated like a child, she maybe she should start acting like an adult because although she doesn’t owe lucien an apology or explanation, but she has to have a conversation with him, like two responsible adults. there is no way feyre or anyone in the inner circle hasn’t told her that she can reject the bond and move on with her life. but just like her powers, this is another thing she chooses to ignore. I’m not blaming her because I know she has to work with her trauma first and heal, but by the end of the series, she has to acknowledge that at least.
in acosf, elain says “I am not a child to be fought over” when they discuss the dread trove. I wonder what she would say about the fact azriel threatens to challenge lucien to the blood duel because of her? based on literally everything we know about lucien, I can say with certainty that he would not physically fight over elain. if she only had a conversation with him and told him to move on and leave her alone, lucien would do just that. he would leave her alone and try to move on as best as he could (which we know is difficult for males). but he would never act as entitled to her as to demand a blood duel and fight to death. it goes against his principles. 
to finish this off, sjm summing up everything I just said:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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acciowests · 2 days ago
Lucien and Elain relaxing & reading together on a rainy day please 😁
this is my first time writing elucien so i hope i did them justice!!
His Forever
SYNOPSIS: Lucien isn't much of a reader, especially fantasy romance. Given the opportunity, he would much rather snuggle beneath the blanket with his girlfriend.
Tumblr media
Lucien had never been much of a bookworm. Sure, he read non-fictions to do with work, and then there were the classic novels and poetry he had to read for school, but that was years ago. However, he now found himself two hundred pages deep in the first book of a fantasy series his girlfriend was obsessed with. Much like her beloved, Elain didn't read often either. But when Nesta gifted her a whole series for her birthday, she decided to put the dull winter months to better use than naps, online shopping and movie marathons. Lucien could join her hobby of reading more than he could assist in her flowering and gardening during the summer.
Now, the pair found themselves upon the couch in their apartment, cuddled in a blanket despite the roaring fire in the hearth, and bathing in the sound of crackling logs and rainfall as they read silently, content in each other's arms. Lucien was lent rather awkwardly with his back against the sofa's arm, legs stretched before him and head slightly resting on the back cushion. Meanwhile, Elain was in his lap, her back to his chest and her legs intertwined with his own beneath the blanket. One of his hands resting in her hair, fingers playing with the golden brown strands, his other was held to the side, glasses slipping down his nose as he tried to read in such an absurd position. Though, he would much rather Elain be comfortable, even if his arm was slowly dying from where it was propped in mid-air.
A gasp escaped her lips as she read, flipping the page almost aggressively to continue. Lucien could only chuckle, pressing a kiss to her hair and murmuring, "Good, love?"
"I can't wait for you to get to this part," she squealed, resting her book on her knees as she brought them up toward her chest, "Have you almost finished your chapter?"
He flipped through, finding there were only three pages left but that his eyes were begging for a break. "Yeah, I'm just gonna stop here," he sighed, bookmarking his page and resting his book on the floor beside the couch.
Slipping his glasses off and placing them atop the book, he wrapped both arms around Elain's waist, pulling her in closer against him. His lips pressed teasingly against her neck, making her squirm as he made his way down her throat and onto her shoulder. Keeping her hand propped against the spine of the book, she reached one hand up, cupping Lucien's jaw and giggling as his teeth nipped along her sensitive skin.
"Lu!" she cried, trying to escape his alluring grasp. Luckily, she managed to bookmark her page, dropping her knees and sending the novel flying as she turned onto her side, Lucien's hands disappearing up her sweater and tickling the wide planes of her back. Despite the laughter flowing from her lips, she brought her legs up, tackling her boyfriend as she landed upright in his lap, legs straddling and hands capturing his own.
"You are disturbing my reading time," she narrowed her eyes at him, even as he squeezed her palms and pressed kisses to her cheeks and nose where a constellation of freckles laid across the milky smoothness of her skin.
"You can read later," he insisted, brushing his lips against her and tugging playfully at the plumpness of her bottom one.
Her hands detached from his, only to hook around his neck as she rested his forehead against his own, "Nesta will kill me if I don't read these. And anyway, it just started getting really good."
"Plot twist?"
Her smirk was undeniable, "Plot twist."
He nodded, slightly more intrigued with a series that was far too romance-centric for his liking, but a plot twist was definitely his kind of trope. His hands were playing at Elain's behind, one cupping her arse cheek and the other massaging his thumb into the small of her back. He knew she was trying not to moan just by how her hazel eyes darkened, her teeth coming down to bite at her lip.
"Why don't we just relax and lay down for a little?" he whispered, lips brushing her temple as she tucked her head against his neck, hands kneading against his shirt.
"Lay?" she asked, lifting her head to show him her raised brows.
"Yes," he chuckled, giving her arse another squeeze and catching her off guard, a tiny squeak escaping her mouth as her face turned red, "I am a gentleman, after all."
"Pfft, you? A gentleman?" she chuckled, shifting onto her hip, "In your dreams."
Legs intertwining with his once more as she settled on her side, she rested her head against his chest as he slouched down flat. His arm came around to rest on her hip as her thigh hooked up around him. "Just for a little while," she pouted, returning to his initial question as her eyelashes fluttered, casting shadows against her cheekbones.
He pulled the blanket back up, tucking it in around their new position. The fire was slowly dying but the room was still wrapped in its flaming heat. The rain was pouring down harder than ever, and he swore he had just heard the rumble of thunder somewhere in the distance. The sweet scent of lavender and coconut was filling his nostrils as he inhaled against Elain's hair, a hand grazing up and down over her arm, currently covered by one of his sweater's. He could lay here forever with her, her body all the warmth and comfort he ever needed.
* * *
if you want to be added to my acotar taglist just send me a dm, comment or an ask!
@sjm-things @dayanna-hatter @anne-reads @sayosdreams @noorismee @anyblinding @story-scribbler
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feyre-a · 2 days ago
Lucien is back, the planning never seems to stop
So he comes back very frequently now
Not that i believe that he only comes for those meetings
A certain sister of mine has a lot to do with it
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chloepereyra · 2 days ago
everyday i fall more n more in love w the idea that jurian n vassa won’t be the most welcoming to elain when they meet her. like obviously not cruel, but just a little hesitant bc they want to protect their friend. n i also think it would be nice for elain to have to stand up for herself n prove her intentions. she’s always been too sheltered, i would love to see her work hard for her relationships- platonic or romantic
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daisybrekker · 2 days ago
What makes you ship elriel so hard?
Hello anon!
Honestly? It's how comfortable they are around eachother and their moments together melt my heart.
I won't lie, when I first read how Elain and Lucien were revealed as mates, I was quite open to it as I wanted to see how they'd work (I really do like Lucien!) But the more I read the series, the more I realised that their mating bond is toxic for both of them, and that they're more happy with others (Azriel for Elain and Vassa for Lucien) and at the end of the day, no matter what couple I ship, I just want my favourite characters to be happy and I believe that Elain & Azriel will make eachother happy.
They're also quite different from SJM's other couples where the MC is a fierce badass and her LI is some rude guy (at first). For example, Aelin + Rowan, Celaena + Chaol, Bryce + Hunt, etc.
Not that there's anything wrong with these couples as I love them all, but it's nice to have something new!
Have a nice day anon🌹
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imsointobooks · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The first would be the style and the stone can either be a mix of her invoking stone and Az's siphons or some water aquamarine stone like in the 2nd picture that Az found for her (swoon-worthy 😍). The teardrop shape would be a nod to her nymph-heritage and the fine style which is exquisite literally screams like Az's choice. And because a 2-part ring would really suit her.
Tumblr media
That'd be Cassian's fiery red siphon in a ring that is a powerful statement in itself. Bonus points if the red accents on the side indicate flames
Tumblr media
A pearl ring, and this time Lucien can directly slide it onto her hand ;) with green accentuated leaves to add color and brightness and offset Elain's skin
Tumblr media
An amethyst which i initially searched for because of her bracelet colors but also because it will really suite her (and i found that this color is common in both bi and lesbian pride flags😁)
Tumblr media
A diamond studded ring for our Stars Eternal. Fit for a queen and a survivor with its sharp finesse and charm representative of Rhys.
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jvwhyte · 3 days ago
The Little Mermaid theory. ACOTAR 6 Gwynriel/Elucien/Elriel
Confusing as fuck so i apologise
(Side note: i am a gwynriel and vassien stan but to me there's parts of the little mermaid theory that don't add up with some ships but do with others, also keep in mind that SJM very loosely bases her books on tales so they aren't going to be the exact same anyway.)
Also: There's no exact conclusion on this so please don't hate me.
In the original The Little Mermaid story (Danish literature tale) the story follows
the journey of a young mermaid who is willing to give up her life in the sea as a mermaid to gain a human soul.
We learn that
when a mermaid turns fifteen, she is permitted to swim to the surface for the first time to catch a glimpse of the world above.
This part of the text in particular stands out to me because of the contrast with Gwyn's isolation. Who, after two years, exits the library for the first time. (I know Elriel's are gonna get mad so yes i know this could also be used with Elain's isolation during ACOW&R too. But the difference between the two is that Gwyn was in Sangravah for the previous 26 years of her life and the first time she left was after the attack from Hybern, then after that she spent the next two years in the library. Elain on the other hand, does adventure beyond her home before she is turned fae, she has that freedom and the Isolation was merely a coping mechanism + she did go on walks with Azriel at that time too.)
As each returns, the Little Mermaid listens longingly to their various descriptions of the world inhabited by human beings.
Gwyn, as we see, is very curious. Whether that's about Nesta's sex life, Azriel's shadows or the dread trove (i believe she even asks Nesta about the mortal lands once). Elain however has no interest in the fae lands, she in general stays out of things.
When the Little Mermaid's turn comes, she rises up to the surface, watches a birthday celebration being held on a ship in honor of a handsome prince, and falls in love with him from a safe distance.
Now this is where the ACOTAR 6 theories come in. This could be referencing Elain's feelings/desires towards Azriel (which we've already seen) but we also see that Elain indirectly shows Az that she likes him (which goes against the 'from a safe distance' thing) So my guess here would be that Gwyn develops feelings for Az through training.
A violent storm hits, sinking the ship, and the Little Mermaid saves the prince from drowning. She delivers him unconscious to the shore near a temple. Here, she waits until a young woman from the temple and her ladies in waiting find him. To her dismay, the prince never sees the Little Mermaid or even realizes that it was she who had originally saved his life.
Now this could be a big number of fucking things. Az could get hurt, whether that's emotionally or physically. I saw one suggestion of Azriel being hurt while flying above water, gwyn saves him yadiyadida, you get the point. I also saw another theory of Elain giving herself to Koschei (or another villain) in order to save Azriel's life. I don't know tho but i think we're definitely get some traumatic experience happen here.
The Little Mermaid, longing for the prince and an eternal soul, visits the Sea Witch who lives in a dangerous part of the ocean. The witch willingly helps her by selling her a potion that gives her legs in exchange for her tongue and beautiful voice, as the Little Mermaid has the most enchanting voice in the world.
Now, this is where Gwyn wouldn't make sense, there's nothing (that we know of) that she wants/has to gain in which she'd give up her voice. However, we do know that eventhough Elain has adjusted to being Fae, she definitely still could want to be human/want to be with Greyson (Elriel stans: sorry to disappoint but it's never verbally expressed by either az or elain that they have romantic feelings soooo). However, the voice thing then doesn't make sense to me because from what we know Elain can't sing..But Gwyn can. (Also i want to highlight that i saw another theory that suggested Gwyn may know that she and Az are mates and she might see that Azriel has feelings for Elain so she goes to Merrill (who i believe is 'the witch' in the story, may do a whole other post on that) and exchanges her singing voice in order to Merrill to break the bond, (flaw of this, Merrill only breaks it on Gwyn's side not Azriel's) and Gwyn's voice is placed within the necklace (The one Az gave her) in which Merrill keeps to lure Azriel to Koschei.
In addition, she will obtain a soul only if she wins the love of the prince and marries him, for then a part of his soul will flow into her. Otherwise, at dawn on the first day after he marries someone else, the Little Mermaid will die
Idk what to say here cause i honestly dk what could be done here. I doubt SJM would let anyone die but idk. If what i said with Elain is correct then it could be to marry Greyson or even Lucien (has to give up immortality by marrying an immortal). But then if the Az/Gwyn theory is correct i honestly don't know what to put for this bit lmao (but tbf SJM only loosely bases her stories off of other stories sooo).
She is found by the prince, who is mesmerized by her beauty and grace, even though she is mute.
Lucien liking Elain? Azriels sexual desires for Elain? Azriel maybe having a new crush on Gwyn?
Soon, the Little Mermaid becomes the prince's favorite companion and accompanies him on many of his outings but he does not fall in love with her.
For me i feel like this could easily fit with the idea that Az and Gwyn become really good friends and he doesn't realise he loves her/she's his mate.
When the prince's parents encouraged their son to marry the neighboring princess in an arranged marriage, the prince tells the Little Mermaid he will not because he does not love the princess. He goes on to say he can only love the young woman from the temple, who he believes rescued him.
Azriel perhaps refuses to marry/be in a relationship with someone who isn't a mate. Perhaps Elain rejects him, Mor tells him why she doesn't love him and then he decides to just wait for his mate?
It turns out that the princess from the neighboring kingdom was the temple woman, as she was sent to the temple for her education. The prince declares his love for her, and the royal wedding is announced at once. The prince and princess celebrate their new marriage on a wedding ship, and the Little Mermaid's heart breaks. She thinks of all that she has sacrificed and of all the pain she has endured for the prince. She despairs, thinking of the death that awaits her, but before dawn, her sisters rise out of the water and bring her a dagger that the Sea Witch has given them in exchange for their long, beautiful hair. If the Little Mermaid kills the prince and lets his blood drip on her feet, she will become a mermaid once more, all her suffering will end, and she will live out her full life in the ocean with her family. However, the Little Mermaid cannot bring herself to kill the sleeping prince lying with his new wife, and she throws the dagger and herself off the ship into the water just as dawn breaks. Her body dissolves into foam, but instead of ceasing to exist, she feels the warm sun and discovers that she has turned into a luminous and ethereal earthbound spirit, a daughter of the air. As the Little Mermaid ascends into the atmosphere, she is greeted by other daughters, who tell her she has become like them because she strove with all her heart to obtain an immortal soul. Because of her selflessness, she is given the chance to earn her own soul by doing good deeds for mankind for 300 years, and will one day rise up into Heaven.
Honestly this whole bit confuses me anyway, and i know for a fact SJM won't make anyone kill themselves, let alone over a boy, so i'm hoping that (keep in mind i'm leaning more towards the Gwynriel theory) that Azriel realised that Gwyn is his mate. She tells him she broke the bond and he is distraught. Then Merrill, who still has Gwyn's voice, uses her voice to lead his shadows (then him) to Koschei. They kidnap him in order to lure the IC to them (with the dread troves). Rhys agrees because they aren't just going to let Azriel die. They go to Koschei, while they are there they kill them (i ain't going into specifics cause i ain't the fucking author) and yeah, Gwyn smashes the necklace, retrieving her singing and her and Az live happily ever after (or not)
So yeah that's kinda my theory. I've tried to be equal ships wise but one theory is just so much more realistic than the other lmao. But yeah, i definitely think we're getting a little mermaid retelling and i'm 1038272% sure Merrill is working with Koschei. So yeah.
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positivewitch · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Helion & Lady of the Autumn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucien Vanserra & Elain Archeron
I was gonna draw them but I was busy so I did picrew 🤓
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foxybananaaaz · 4 days ago
Happiest and Friendliest
Friendly Reminders
Remember when Lucien watched Jesminda get murdered infront of him where he couldn't do anything to save her?
Remember when Lucien very clearly thought of Jesminda in the very brief time we spent in his mind in Wings and Ruin?
Yeah, who wants to bet there will be a similar scene with Elain in their book but Lucien actually ends up saving Elain?
Tumblr media
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elucienweek · 4 days ago
Elucien Week has come to an end!
Becca ( @vanserrasvalkyrie​ ) and I ( @ladyvanserra​ ) wanted to thank each and every one of you that created/shared something for our Elucien week! It was so much fun and wonderful to see you all spreading the Elucien love!
Tumblr media
And on that note, we also some fun stuff planned in the future to celebrate other characters we love! 
Tumblr media
You can follow these two blogs here @lucienweek and @bandofexilesweek​ in preparation! More details will come as we get closer to each event. We appreciate you all and hope you will be excited to show Lucien and the Band of Exiles some love! 
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vanserrasvalkyrie · 5 days ago
“Let’s go pearl hunting in the Summer Court!” Elain was bursting with excitement and Lucien found himself unable to refuse such a request. ☺️🥺💜
Day 7: Free Choice (also this prompt is adorable and at some point I'd love to write them actually pearl hunting. Can we imagine Lucien's face at Elain in bathing suit. He'd lose his mind)
Elain took to the stairs two at a time, clutching a book in her arms, wishing she could winnow. Winnow would get her to their rooms faster than her two legs. Not even fae speed seemed fast enough. Currently it was her only method of travel. Thought the thought of tugging on her bond to bring Lucien to her did cross her mind. It mattered not. She was almost there anyway. In fact, Elain had reached their floor. The only thing in her way now was the long hall and a door of course. Bundling her skirts in her hand and the book, A guide to the Summer Court in another, she rushed down the sunlight path with excitement in her heart.
Reaching the door, Elain shoved herself through slamming it shut. Lucien nearly fell out of his chair at her arrival. “Do you know how to swim?”
He looked at her in disbelief. He made a noise between a laugh and a huff. “Do I know how to swim? Yes?”
Her nose scrunched up tilting her head. “That doesn’t sound confident.”
“I’m over 350 yrs old Elain.” he deadpanned. “ I promise I can swim.” He placed a pen he was holding down on a desk. Folding his arms over, crossing his stretched out legs. “Why are you asking?”
"Because..." she replied in a singsong voice. A smiled so wide all her teeth showed. Sharp cheekbones rose in delight as she flipped the book in her hands towards him. “THIS!”
Lucien tucked a curled fist beneath his chin, squinting at the title on the book in hear hands. “A guide to the summer court.” their eyes met. “You want to go swimming at the summer court? There are springs and lakes throughout the Day Court love. We don’t have to travel far.”
Elain spun the book around, thumbing the pages until she found the right one. Elain crossed the distance settling in his welcomed lap. Instinctively, Lucien curled an arm around her waist, his chin settling on her shoulder as he read the words off the page the illustrations of oysters and muscles and pearls.
“Pearl Hunting!” she exclaimed. Turning to look at him with childlike joy. His heart nearly melted at how giddy she was about this. The second he felt her joy through the bond he knew whatever it was she discovered was an automatic yes. For Elain, for the woman who taught him he was more than deserving of her love and his real father’s love anything that made her this ridiculously happy would be hers. “Let’s go pearl hunting in the Summer Court!”
“Hmmm…” he plucked the book from her hands. Studying the words as if it were some text in another language. “You that you mention the Summer Court, I do have business there.”
"Really?" A spark glowed brightly in her eyes turning to face Lucien. She smiled. Warm and bright like the sun itself. His heart swelled at her elated expression. Then she watched him with suspicion. “What business?”
He shrugged. “Special mate gift.”
Her eyes turned into slits. “Uh huh. What are you hiding?”
Lucien nodded towards the book left abandoned on the desk. “Where did you find this?” then back to Elain who still watched him with a slight wariness. He could draw this out if he wanted to. Cauldron he should’ve put the book back on the shelf when he was finished and not on the table where clearly anyone that was curious would find it.
“The Library.” He shot her a look that said obviously but where. Elain rolled her eyes. “On a table in the back. There was a page marked…” she trailed off lost in thought.
The page was the pearl hunting. Lucien had a special gift in the Summer Court. Sneaky bastard. She tried to give him a flat look but her excitement won out. Elain grasped his face, her mouth crashing into his with such force, Lucien gripped the chair to steady them so they didn’t fall backwards. Once they were stable. His arms wrapped around her, hands splayed on the swell of her back. She laughed, breaking the kiss. The sound radiating from her like she were the sun and her laughter the sunrays that warmed his skin.
“I saw the book. Read it before but seeing it I remembered about the pearl hunting. Worked my oh so charming magic and secured us a private pearl hunting experience. So when do I win the best mate award?”
Elain reached for the buttons on his tunic. “I say now.” and her mouth was on his again.
elucienweek taglist: @ladyvanserra @helion-ism @firestarsandseneschals @thecrownlands @rarephloxes @elucienweek @nestaisgod
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vanserrasvalkyrie · 5 days ago
For the Elucien week drabbleathon, can I have Lucien finding out about his bio father and talking through his feelings with Elain?
Okay so this is kinda funny to get this. I actually have this in my docs that's a multi chapter fic. The feelings bit with Elain is spoilery for the story itself so I can't share that...yet. But what I can do is show this part. Basically in this story, Elain finds out of Lucien's parentage through a vision and this scene below is what happens after that. It's set to be a few parts. Where Lucien deals with this information and then Lucien and Elain playing matemakers lmao. The chapter after this is where we deal with Lucien and talking to Elain I can tag you in it whenever I post this story to tumblr.
TRIGGER WARNING: very, very slight mention of child abuse
The three of them settled in the sun-lit room. For an office it was worlds different than Rhys' in the river estate back in Velaris. That room was a standard four walls. This one, Helion's office in the Day Court was a rounded room. Tall ivory columns wrap around the circular area. There were no windows, it was simply an open space allowing the sunlight and the warm kiss of its rays inside to dance along the tiled floor. Elain adored the sun peering in at every angle and the soft breeze that followed. She only wished they were here for better circumstances.
Glancing between the High Lord of Day and her mate, the resemblance was uncanny. From their posture, sitting regal yet with an air of recklessness to the silken strands of hair, matching grins, and the shape of their eyes. Mother above even their nose was the same. There was no denying her vision wasn’t false. They scarcely were.
When she told Lucien of seeing Helion and his mother, he refused to believe it. He was Beron's son unfortunately. His mother would never hide this from him. Elain pointed out to him that he did in fact cleave an unbreakable spell to come to her aide that day in Hyberns. No Autumn court member, high fae or otherwise had done that. Lucien attempted to pin it on the bond. Elain dismissed it bringing up his tendency to glow when in the throes of passion. The seer had once asked her sister if this common for faes to glow while being intimate. Feyre told her it was power from the High Lord of Day. Elain never could make sense of it. Why her mate glowed like a fire bug in the summer seasons until her vision. Lucien claimed it could be from a crossed lineage years ago.
“ said you never felt like you were a Vanserra. That there was something wrong with you.”
“Maybe this is why. Because you’re not a Vanserra. We go to the Day Court and ask Helion says no then fine.”
There was panic and fear in his russet eyes when he looked at her. “What if he says yes?”
Elain crossed the threshold to her love taking his face in her hands, resting their foreheads together, her fingers lacing with his. “Then I will be there with you and together we will hear him out.”
With reluctance he agreed and now they were here, an awkward tension like a dense fog slowly filling the silent room.
Lucien leaned backed in the golden chair, hand flexing at fae speed on the arm of it, his equally golden eye whirring as it zeroed in on Helion. The High Lord's brows quirked up in amusement, a roguish smirk pulled at the corner of his lips.
"I've always wondered what that eye of yours could do. What it could see." Elain's cheeks flushed a vibrant pink, Helion's gaze fell on her offering a wink, "Petal." He purred, "Is it alright if I call you petal?"
The smile he gave her could turn someone's insides into liquid heat. No wonder he had as many lovers as there were clouds in the sky. She chuckled before answering, shifting in her seat, "Elain is fine."
"Ah, I see. We don't want to upset your mate and have him feel left out."
Helion turned to Lucien who remained silent and watching. A steely gaze on his father, Not father and his boots tapping with the same ferocity as his hand. Elain reached through the bond feeling wave after wave of anxiousness roiling through him. It was enough to make her feel nauseous like they were in a sea of turbulent waters instead of seated, far away from any ocean. His heart, she could tell, was battering so quickly Elain was surprised it didn’t fling directly out of chest. There was something else she noticed in the bond. Realization. He knew. And Lucien was not handling it well in his mind. Elain poured her affections down the bond then overlapping her hand with his. Sweeping a thumb over his knuckles. A silent statement to say, I'm here.
Elain smiled tenderly, noting the appreciation in his russet eye as Lucien glanced at her fingers. Sliding in between his own, squeezing them in reassurance. He repeated the action to her, holding tightly as if she were the only thing keeping him tethered to reality. Then his eyes met hers. The nervousness etched on his beautiful face softened. Her heart fluttered as it always did when he looked at Elain this way. Like she was his home. His comfort. His everything. Just as he was hers.
Helion coughed a bit too loudly to be real, breaking their moment, "I hate to break up this lovely storybook moment petal. If this is about the Pegasus who ate Rhys' shirt. One Rhys should come and two he left it in the stables. If you’ll excuse me, I do have a party to prepare for and guests will be arriving shortly.” Helion made to stand.
"Sit.” Lucien snarled. Helion’s eyes widened at the pitch and the bite of the one word. “We don't know anything about a Pegasus. We're here on our own accord." Lucien curtly stated.
The two high fae stared each down as Helion slid back into his chair. The fog thick tension is now so deep a knife could only strike it. Helion lifted a hand over his heart " Unfortunately, I don't take mated mates as lovers. I'm honored you thought of me to share your bed." He teased with a lovers grin. The fire in Lucien’s eye was a roaring flame. He was several seconds from exploding. Elain has seen him angry, furious, but nothing like this. If he wasn’t her mate, she’d be frightened at the burning rage beneath him.
"I find that odd. Being if Feyre or Nesta were here you'd take the chance." Elain challenged feeding off the energy her mate emitted.
"I-" His eye shuttered briefly before meeting Elain's again, "Sweet petal," he crooned before he could speak again Elain cut him off feeling Lucien's waring feelings churning through the bond.
"There's a reason you'd deny me. Us. I think it deals with a vision I had and Lucien." She gripped her mate tighter feeling his hand grow clammy yet white hot beneath her own.
Helion grew quiet, brows pressed together, his tanned chest rising and falling in rapid succession. Holding a stern gaze with Lucien. "Of?"
"The past."
Helion blanched, the color of his skin fully drained. All hints of the easy going High Lord faded into nothing. A mask of steel replaced it.
"What did you see?" His voice faltered, shaking and strained. He cleared his throat, aiming for a deeper tone in his voice. One that caused anyone to listen and obey. If an ominous storm with roaring thunder that streaked the sky in lighting had a voice it would’ve sounded like this. It came through gritted teeth in a low predatory growl. "What did you see?"
"You will not speak to her like that." Lucien snapped. Slamming his fists on the desks sparks of embers shot from his hands. Elain jumped back into the chair. Helion had the good sense to look startled for a moment, "Unlike you or my mother, she doesn't keep things from me." then Lucien added that and the steeled features returned.
It was Helion’s turn to stand and move for move copy his son’s actions. “Listen boy. I will rip your throat out if you insult your mother like that in my presence again are we clear?”
Lucien scoffed. Not the usual playful scoff Elain had grown accustomed to. This was laced with malice. “You don’t think I’ve heard threats like this before? My entire life? "I've been beaten for saying less.”
Elucien watched as the emotionless expression Helion wore quickly faded. Now his face crumbled. Pained with grief, the glow in his eyes gone as he stepped away from Lucien. Her eyes darted between the two. This wasn’t just protecting a secret she realized. There was love here. For the lady of the autumn court, and for his son. Her mate.
"I'm sorry." Helion let out in a defeated sigh. "Forgive me. forgive us."
For as fast as that heated anger ripped through Lucien, it seemed to to die down. Like the loud sigh for Helion somehow cooled her mate down.
"I-" Lucien turned to Elain unsure of what to do. Elain did not respond the whites of her eyes rolled up, her body falling back into the chair.
The word seared in her head, when thrust back into the past, seeing Helion and the Lady of the Autumn Court together. As if her inner eye was speaking to her, revealing a part neither Lucien nor herself were ready for. Now she felt it. The golden spark tethering two souls. Pure, protective, unbreakable love. Seconds later she came back to reality.
Lucien no longer standing at the desk but kneeling in front of her. Calloused palms on hers while he searched her features.
She didn’t look at him. Her gaze landed on Helion who took a step back.
“You’re mates."
“There are things bigger than telling you the truth. Stakes are high dealing with him and a situation like ours. This conversation cannot happen here.” Helion drew a finger to follow as he stood. “Ears are everywhere in Prythian. You should know this.” He fixed a sorrowful look on Lucien. “We will talk in my inner office.”
elucienweek taglist: @ladyvanserra @helion-ism @bookologist @firestarsandseneschals @thecrownlands @rarephloxes @elucienweek @nestaisgod
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Tumblr media
So because I'm an indecisive af Libra I can't decide what I want to do for today's free choice and then it hit me. I can just do a mini drabble-a-thon for my Elucien pals to show how much I really appreciate you guys making this week amazing with the posts, the likes, and the reblogs.
All you have to do is send in a prompt. I'll write a 100-500 word drabble for you!
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ladyspellcleaver · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Light Academia Elain Archeron
I fell in love with the idea so I had to make this moodboard. And the light academia stickers on PicsArt scream Elain ngl
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generalnesta · 5 days ago
A small sketch of our dearest firedick I did last week
Tumblr media
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positivewitch · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Elucien Week - Day 7 Free Day
Elain Archeron by me @positivewitch
On their visit to The Day Court, Elain wears Day Court clothes for the first time
Bonus Lucien (after he saw her) :
Tumblr media
@elucienweek @ladyvanserra @vanserrasvalkyrie
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