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#elain x lucien
lottywood · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Haven’t drawn in a while, but I’ve been recently re-reading ACOTAR and well Cassian always brings a smile to my face!
Here he is, caught “off-guard” by one of the inner circle, with a trusty dagger and his journal/to do list by his side.
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exquisitley-obsessed · 2 days ago
Fiancé’s, Firebirds, Foxes & Fawns: 15
Author: @exquisitley-obsessed
Summary: A few weeks after Briallyn's attempt at uniting with Koschei, Lucien opens the door of Lockhart Manor to find Elain, cold from the rain and holding a note from the High Lady of the Night Court demanding her to assist Lucien in building alliances with the human councils. Forced to work together by their exhausted High Lord and Lady, Elain is able to convince anyone to do anything, while Lucien has the acquaintances to go anywhere he likes. Together, they attempt to unite the fae and mortal lands and unravel the deal made between Koschei and Vassa, while Lucien remains haunted by his own promise to Elain's father. ELUCIEN, POST-ACOSF
Pairings: Elucien, Elain x Lucien
Warnings: uncomfortableness and arguments
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter Fifteen: Spring Showers
Two full days had passed in Spring, during which Elain had seen very little progress of her master plan. Both days she’d woken at the crack of dawn to a seemingly empty house. Breakfast was always left for her, mostly consisting of dried meat and nuts and, if she were lucky, the odd fruit.
After dining alone in the desolate wasteland of Spring Manor, she’d lace up her boots, tie her pinny, and make her way into the garden.
Despite seeing nothing of her mate nor the High Lord, the garden was coming along finely. It felt nice to be where Elain was happiest, where she got to put her best skill to use.
She was no good at numbers and couldn’t read books for extended periods of time, but out here amongst the sun and plants, a world in which life quite literally blossomed, she was brilliant.
In the short time she’d been here she’d managed to cut back the majority of the overgrown bushes and had begun to draw out more in-depth plans of the beds. In her planning she had woven together a story told in botany. Streams of Lavender and Lilac would melt into pockets of Dahlia’s and then crowns by Baby’s-Breath. To some, they may simply see the flowers for pretty delicacies, but anyone with a trained eye could see the story told in the petals.
The only downside to her work was having no one to share it with. Wherever Lucien and Tamlin were, whatever they were doing, it kept them away from Spring Manor throughout the whole day.
The second day of aloneness Elain had stayed up well past sun-down, cuddled near the fire she’d started, playing with the pages of her plans while staring at the door. It was Nuala who had found her asleep on the bare wood and winnowed her into her pathetic excuse for a bed.
Strangely, it was only the presence of the bond that kept her calm. Whenever she brushed up against it she could feel Lucien, safe and alive, usually engaged in deep thought.
Another day passed. No sign. No note. Just an empty house that felt haunted to keep her company.
Elain was beginning to hit a wall with the garden. With the tools in Tamlin’s extended shed (most of them rusty in their disuse), there was only so much she could do. Now she needed new seeds and, honestly, manpower. People to build greenhouses and garden benches, bags of gravel for paths and wooden planks for walkways.
It left Elain to eventually undo her pinny and return to the house whilst the sun was still high in the sky, as she had finally done all she could.
Walking around the empty, broken rooms, she found her predicament rather funny. A few weeks ago she had been in the Nigh Court, surrounded by people and yet, totally alone. Now she was truly alone and yet, she felt better than she had in years.
If only he were here - some part of her mind hissed and Elain battered it away.
He was busy. He was important. He had better things to do than entertain her petty attempts at luring Tamlin. She should’ve known it was a stupid idea, he was probably lying on the balcony, too chivalrous to tell her that she was a fool for thinking she could pull this off. That she should remember her place and-
Elain cut off the line of thought by bursting into a previously unexplored room.
Dark, heavy curtains blocked out most of the light and all that could be made in the dark were the shadows of furniture, towering bookcases, and elegant chairs with glinting gold detailing.
Moving further into the room the air became thicker with dust and eventually, Elain was far enough that she could yank back the curtain so several streams of sunlight could shower down into the room.
In these columns of light, Elain saw dust floating like snow, and a shiver ran the length of her spine.
This was a heavy room, the air in here seemed swirling and dark. Like with the sight of Vassa’s ring something deep with Elain had perked up its head in interest.
What had brought her here? Elain knew by now that there was no such thing as coincidence. Not with her.
From the looks of it, the room was a simple study. Not used much, and mostly untouched by Tamlin’s claws. It was simply unloved, empty with no sign of care.
Maybe she was showing herself this room for a reason.
The last known seer came from spring.
How long ago? In Tamlin’s age? Surely not. But there must be something, something…
Pulling a book off a shelf the cover jammed and pulled out several other copies which all went clattering to the floor in a cloud of dust.
Coughing, Elain bent and quickly began to pick up the books, feeling like a child stealing from the sweetie cupboard.
As she re-stacked the books on the shelf Elain’s eyes caught on the final copy. A book that looked as old as the grounds themselves. The cover was brown with whorls in gold embellished on the front. Across the top, someone had etched a string of symbols with a sharp object. The words read:
I prophecui na- hen, nin fawn, nin lóth tui
Looking at the lettering, Elain couldn’t help but feel as though she had seen the shape of them before. The words were familiar in the way they arched across the cover.
Beneath this inscription was a name in fine silver ink, written in the common tongue.
Daia Honey Blossom, of Spring Court.
For a reason beyond Elain, she paused as she went to put the book back on the shelf. It seemed to be calling out for her, pulling her in and demanding her attention.
Without thinking about it, Elain slipped the small hardcover into the pocket of her dress and turned back to the room.
Still empty. She was still alone, despite the omnipresent force she felt pushing down on her the second she had crossed the barrier into this room.
Lethargically, she continued to move around the room before coming across a cabinet full of fine china teetering on its side. Without thinking, Elain jammed her foot against the wooden leg and gripped onto the side, hoping to push it back upright before it teetered and smashed the jewels within.
As she began to push Elain realised that it had been wedged against a crook in the wall, a crook that was stopping it from crashing into the floor, a crook she’d just pushed it out of.
Too late she realised the cabinet was now free to fall against her, too late she wondered if she was strong enough to push against seven feet of mahogany and glass.
In a flash, Elain threw up her hands and pushed against the wood and-
And it stopped. The china clinked as the cabinet fell a few inches before halting. Unable to move her hands for fear that she was the only thing upholding it, Elain looked around desperately.
Perhaps if she began shouting, Nuala would appear. Or, if she were lucky, Lucien.
No. No was not the time to be thinking of-
Elain froze as she looked up. Around a foot above her hands was another pair of hands. Pale skin, littered with scars.
For a moment, Elain was taken back to her dream, a cold room with endless shadows, grey skin, white scars, an invasive voice in her mind-
“Calm down,” Tamlin’s voice seethed behind her. “If you don’t stop shaking I will let this thing fall.”
The High Lord’s voice hit her like a stone to the head, and in an instant, she came back into herself. Awkwardly, Tamlin began to push the cabinet back onto the upright position whilst Elain remained caged between the two objects – a shield in case anything went wrong.
No sooner had Tamlin appeared, he was already striding for the door leaving Elain by the now fixed cabinet and giving her a view of his clothes, now less ragged and seemingly quite tidy.
“Wait,” Elain said for some reason beyond her. The beast stopped in his tracks. Perhaps it was the adrenaline coursing through her or the fact she hadn’t seen anyone other than Nuala for the past few days but she suddenly wished the High Lord to stay for a few moments. She had so many questions. But, instead, she simply went with a small, “Thank you.”
The High Lord observed her, assessed her in a way that was clinical and yet, enigmatic. What was he thinking? What did he know? Elain had been ready to jump right into dealing with him but Nuala’s words had made her think twice.
Nodding at the cabinet, Tamlin said, slowly, “I know you’re trying to help. But don’t try fixing something that’s beyond you.” His eyes settled once more on her, piercing into her with their emerald glow. “That’s how you get hurt.”
Elain felt dumbstruck and…vulnerable. Where was Lucien?
“Feyre spoke very little about you,” he said, suddenly, his eyes back on her, assessing her as they had on that first day. Elain froze, not knowing what to do. “She ranted about the other one, Nesta, about her temper and insolence. But you were never mentioned.”
“There’s not much to say.”
“Oh, I think we both know that’s not true.” Elain bit her tongue, trying anything to stop his discomfort from showing. She didn’t want him to win.
“Compared to the likes of Nesta it’s not surprising I wasn’t mentioned,” Elain angled herself more towards the door. “She is simply louder and…brighter than I.”
“Maybe,” Tamlin husked, his fingers fluttering by his side. “But that doesn’t mean you were not worth mentioning. In fact, standing here right now, I wish Feyre spoke of you more. I wish Feyre told me everything there is to know about you. Your likes, your dislikes…just who is Elain Archeron?”
“No one,” she said quickly, too quickly. “And I like being no one. I like being the third sister, so perhaps it is a good thing she didn’t mention me at all.”
“I can smell a lie you know,” Tamlin prowled forward in a way that was purely animalistic. Oh God, where was Lucien? “You Archeron sisters have the same tells, the same little quirk of your lip when you’re not telling the truth.
“I didn’t lie.”
“Lie. Again.” Tamlin was close now. Too close.
Elain didn’t have anything to say, she didn’t understand what he wanted from her, how to play this game and, more importantly, how to win.
Tamlin had gone back to assessing her, two stones of green roving over her body in a way that made Elain want to coil in on herself. Though she refused. She stood tall and still, and hoped whatever this was, it would end soon.
“You come into my home,” he began, taking a step forward. “Sleep in a poor excuse for a bed,” another step. “Re-plant my gardens,” Tamlin’s breath ghosted across Elain’s collarbones, and she shivered in response.
Danger, her mind screamed. Get out. Now.
”You rummage around my libraries,” Tamlin’s hand raised and pressed against her stomach, his eyes watching her intently the entire time. Slowly, his hand drifted across the front of her dress before dipping into her pocket. “You steal from my archives…”
The apology was already on her lips, but Tamlin didn’t let her speak.
“Know this, Archeron.” Elain felt Tamlin finger the book from within her pocket. “I was a fool once. Not anymore. I know not to trust a pretty face, even one as breath-taking as yours…”
His head dropped and he ghosted a kiss against her cheek as he retracted his hand.
“That does not mean that you don’t…intrigue me…”
Elain stared, wide-eyed into Tamlin’s piercing, cold, green eyes. Her mask had well and truly dropped, and she felt bare underneath his gaze, vulnerable in a way she hadn’t been since the war.
Then, with a sudden crack and metallic stench of magic, Tamlin winnowed into thin air.
Heaving out several breaths, Elain took the back of her sleeve and scrubbed at her cheek - the cheek he had kissed.
What had he meant by that? What was that?
Without any assessment Elain knew Tamlin was nowhere on the grounds, in fact, she would probably guess he was on the other side of Spring Court by now.
And yet the quick-tempered Lord had left her unscathed, with a kiss on her cheek, and a book in her pocket.
That night Elain dreamt of a fox and a doe running through the woods, they were chasing each other in a playful way, dipping in and out of the trees in a race against time. But the further they ran, the more desperate they got, behind them something loomed. Something big and dark, beastly in nature, no more than a large shadow. The fox and doe were no longer playing, they were running for their lives.
Elain had woken to an empty house. She skipped breakfast, ignoring the food that was left for her out of spite. She walked through the house, she stood outside Lucien’s door for several minutes, debating whether or not it was pathetic to pop her head in just to see if his sheets still smelled like him. It was pathetic. She moved on.
Elain had woken to an empty house. She skipped breakfast, ignoring the food that was left for her out of spite. She walked through the house, she stood outside Lucien’s door for several minutes, debating whether or not it was pathetic to pop her head in just to see if his sheets still smelled like him. It was pathetic. She moved on.
She walked outside, past the gardens and out into the world. She walked farther than she had gone before, father than she knew was safe.
She ignored that she was taking a risk. She told herself to just keep walking, one foot in front of another, at least until her aloneness had shrunk.
She was walking down a path that led into fields of wheat when she spotted a shadow sitting on the white picket fence, picking at the plants.
It was wasn’t him.
“He’s not back,” he spoke without looking. “He won’t be for some time.”
”Oh,” Elain hated the way she suddenly felt vulnerable. She hated Tamlin for making her feel so. She hated Lucien for leaving her, and the fact that his absence made her feel so exposed.
“I sent him away.”
Elain didn’t have anything to say to that, in fact, she didn’t know how to talk to Tamlin at all, not after what happened yesterday. So when Tamlin looked at her and told her “Let’s go out…I want to show you something…” She didn’t know what to say.
The High Lord noticed her hesitation and, if she were not mistaken, there was a flicker of hurt that crossed his face. With a lithe athleticism, the man leapt from the fence to the grassy path in front of her. He was once again looking at her like she was some great puzzle, one that was his destiny to solve.
“Do you trust me?”
A big question, with a terribly complicated answer. Did she trust him? She didn’t know. Her body told her no, her fight or flight response screamed at her. Her hackles were raised. Her adrenaline pumping. But something deep down, some empathetic core that she could never shake, knew the real answer.
And for whatever reason, as Elain uttered that single word, she felt as though she were soothing Tamlin more than anyone.
Elain didn’t know where Tamlin was leading her, she didn’t ask, but at some point, she thought he was punishing her again. They had walked for hours, and she knew that because she had watched the sun drift through the sky, arching over midday before sinking well into the afternoon.
All Elain had to look at were the rolling hills of Spring, and the white of Tamlin’s shirt. He was barely sweating whereas she felt as though she were hyperventilating in her thick gown.
He had walked her up hills and down them again. Through the woods and across streams, past huts and through a village before once more cresting up a hill.
They were halfway up before the clouds mercifully smothered the sun. Elain felt herself climatizing, her body cooling with the thinner weather - until the rain began.
As they crested the hill the weather had quickly turned from a light shower to thunderous, impossible rain. Each droplet feeling like a dagger, spearing from the heavens and slashing apart the grass.
With each step, each droplet, Elain felt her patience wither and die. If she wanted to be tortured she'd much rather a more classic technique, being chained in Tamlin’s dungeon seemed more attractive than...this.
They reached the top of the hill, the rain soaking Elain to the bone, her hair hanging damply around her face. The High Lord led her over to a small edge of rock, a cliff face with a steep drop before rolling hills flowed into the horizon.
This is where he stopped.
“What are you doing here, Elain?”
She could only stare at him, blankly.
“Pardon?” She was practically shouting over the rain.
Tamlin simply continued to look out, and for a moment, Elain was petrified that he was going to jump.
“If you know everything, if you know who I am - then why did you come.”
Elain could only stare blankly at him. There was no true reason she had come to Spring, she was merely following the path at her feet. In fact, if Lucien wasn’t needed in Spring she knew she would’ve never stepped foot across the border.
“I don’t know what you want me to say.” It was the truth.
“You’ve come here to mock me?” He probed, turning to glare at her through the rain. In those green eyes Elain didn’t see a High Lord, she saw a sacred little boy.
”You came to dangle in my face what I once wanted, what was once mine?”
Elain could only stare. Stare and stare until that very last tether within her broke.
She was tired. She was sopping. She was cold. She was alone. Her mate had left without a word. She’d worked herself to the point of exhaustion in those gardens, and it seemed to all be for nought. She didn’t understand her sisters. She didn’t understand her powers. She didn’t know how to help Vassa. She was a fraud. She wasn’t deserving of the life she had. None of it made sense and she felt so, so alone.
“She was never yours!” She bit out, feeling every inch of her body shake in frustration. “She was a prisoner and she died for you!”
Now it was Tamlin’s turn to stare blankly.
“You sat by as my sister lost everything…you sided with the enemy – you hurt Lucien! You-you…you’re the reason I went in the God-Damned Cauldron!”
There it was.
A stillness seemed to settle on the pair despite the world turning to chaos around them.
“Why did you come here?” Tamlin bit out.
I don’t know.
“Does she know you’re here?”
I don’t know.
“Is it him?”
Don’t cry. Don’t cry, you stupid girl.
“I…” don’t know.
“I came here, Tamlin, for one very boring reason…” Elain turned to leave. Upset with him, upset with the world, and as she was walking away, all she could think was that she was no longer scared of him falling off the cliff. Not when she wanted to push him off it herself.
“…there is simply nothing else to do.”
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maryberry · 5 months ago
One of my favorite things about ya/na fantasy is probably that the maturity levels of a several hundred year old man is finally enough to match that of a 16-20 something year old woman and I honestly think that's the most realistic thing in these books.
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mercurianbisous · 3 months ago
The Inner Circle as parents... yeah don’t touch me
These are my personal headcanons + ships so if you don’t agree that’s fine 👩‍💻🤓
Rhys and Feyre
weirdly enough I think they’d stop at two kids???
for some reason I can’t imagine them having like a huuuuge family
maybe 3 kids max
their second child is definitely a girl
and rhys becomes even more insufferable with his overprotective mother hen behaviour because guys... rhys had a sister once and—- imma need to stop 🥺
nyx as an older brother though??? that’s just pure gold
I can totally see him teasing his sister and being a prankster like his uncle cassian but deep down he’s feysand’s son... so he’s territorial af
if someone even looks at his sister the wrong way, they’d better run
imagine having the most powerful high lord and his son as your bodyguards... yeah, nobody stands a chance
feyre is just like “whatever, she’d rip their heads off before you two even get to say hello”
rhys and feyre are so proud of their little family
their daughter can definitely kick her brother’s ass by 20
and nyx wouldn’t have it any other way
Cassian + Nesta
cassian has girl dad energy
and I won’t accept any criticism on that
so their first born is obviously a girl and cassian is... well, he’s a goddamn mess
he’s never held anyone so tiny in his arms ever
“love, she’s not that tiny. you’re just... huge”
cassian falls in love with their daughter the second he learns nesta is pregnant
he rests his hand on her swollen stomach at every chance he gets
and when the baby starts kicking he loses it, so mesmerised by it
and if you think rhys’s overprotectiveness is over the line... well
cassian is so, so much worse
nesta wants to kill him everyday for it but deep down it turns her on ngl
pregnant sex. a lot of it.
I can totally picture them having three kids in total... all girls
cassian jokes that he has an army of valkyries at home
but just imagine how powerful their daughters would be. their dad is the most skilled general in history and their mom is death herself.
no one messes with them, that’s for sure
his girls couldn’t be more deadly yet all of them are pure rays of sunshine for him
Azriel + Gwyn
az is the last one of the three brothers to become a dad, but he doesn’t mind
babysitting his nieces and nephews is tiring enough
so when gwyn breaks the news to him... he cries
azriel bawls his eyes out for days
he couldn’t be happier
but, as expected, he becomes an insufferable overprotective prick just like his brothers
gwyn goes to nesta and feyre “how did you manage to not kill your mates during pregnancy? cause it’s been two days since I told him and I’m already plotting”
all jokes aside, it makes her heart tingle that someone cares that much for her
az talks to the baby a lot while they’re in the womb
a lot of belly kisses too
he can’t physically wait to be a dad
in the end they have three boys, and just when they thought that was all... gwyn gets pregnant again
and it’s a girl
az cries harder than he’s ever done because he’s having a little girl... a little mini gwyn
his heart can’t take it
all her older brothers are super protective of their daughter, even though she’s a valkyrie herself and could take anyone down with a single kick
Elain + Lucien
I can see them taking the longest to become parents because of the whole “I have to figure out the mating bond thing” stuff
but they do eventually sort things out and Elain gives them a chance
and boy... she should’ve done it sooner
lucien treats her like a true princess
and when she gets pregnant, she’s a bit shocked at first, but overall really happy
lucien is over the moon
they first have a little girl with fiery red hair and soft features like elain
she loves running around in the garden and having her dad chase after her
lucien would pick her up easily and blow raspberries on her little neck every time, making her scream with laughter
elain feels so full of love watching her mate and their daughter play together
lucien never knew he’d have this big of a soft spot for children, but he absolutely adores being a dad
give their children the love he never received
and they can’t stop
I feel like they’d have a lot of kids
like, definitely around 7
I just think both of them are totally thrilled to become parents and they just can’t help themselves
elain definitely teaches all of them how to cook and bake and lucien is big on the training side
I can imagine them living a very peaceful and fulfilling life in a house full of (kinda chaotic) children
Amren + Varian
I can totally picture them seeing all their family’s kids and being like... no thanks
I don’t think they’d want to become parents, at least not for a long time
they’re more than happy to be the cool(est) aunt and uncle and spoiling all their nieces and nephews
also teaching them everything their parents don’t want them to know
amren is definitely set to piss off cassian and nesta the most
but just because she loves them and “your girls need to know everything” “amren I’ll fucking end you” “try me bitch”
and they don’t even like children that much so... why bother
if they do end up having a family of their own though, I think it would be very down the line and they’d stop at one kid
nonetheless they’re so damn happy they don’t have to change diapers, clean vomit stains and chase flying Illyrian babies around
yeah... they made the right choice
Mor + Emerie
coolest aunts energy
although amren disagrees because she’s the coolest aunt, duh
they definitely want to adopt a baby together, but they’re waiting for the right time
in the meantime they’re more than happy to babysit their family’s little devils
but when the time comes, they adopt the littlest Illyrian boy they’ve ever seen
he’s so small and cute and smart and ugh, they’ve wanted their own little family for so long
they’d totally adopt more babies over the years
I think they’d stop at around baby 3 or 4, two boys and two girls
can you imagine how powerful those babies would be?? how deadly??
mor is so here for it
emerie is definitely the worrying 24/7 mom, but mor’s steady presence calms her nerves every time
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houseofhurricane · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I commissioned this Elucien piece from Drawda and truly cannot stop staring. She is so talented and an absolute dream to work with.
And yes, this does mean I have an Elucien fic in the works 😅
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Elain: Oh god, it's so dark in here...
Elain: I'm not scared or anything.
Elain: I mean, who's scared of the dark these days? Right, dude? Not me. No, sir.
Lucien: Do you want me to hold your hand, love?
Elain: Yes, please.
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jvwhyte · 3 months ago
I'd like to bring attention to my most favourite Elucien fan art.
Elain and Lucien look exactly as i imagined them.
And the LEAVES.
Also Elain looks great, i see you Mr and Mrs Archeron, i see what ur sexy times did.
Tumblr media
Credit to nicoledealart (Tumblr) / (Instagram) who created this masterpiece.
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vmiae · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
🌸 Elucien 🌸
Honestly I was listening to Paravi Das-Cloud 9 when I drew this—it’s Elains and Luciens song 🥺 Check out my tik tok for how I drew this piece! 💖This piece took me the longest to do because 1) I burned my fingers and 2) I started actually painting my pieces rather than just adding texture!
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highladyofdawn · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
elain and lucien.
She looked away—toward the windows. “I can hear your heart,” she said quietly. He wasn’t sure how to respond, so he said nothing, and drained his tea, even as it burned his mouth. “When I sleep,” she murmured, “I can hear your heart beating through the stone.” She angled her head, as if the city view held some answer. “Can you hear mine?”
I’m finally back with edits 🥰
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mercurianbisous · 3 months ago
ACOTAR men as fathers, my personal headcanons
brace yourselves 🤧
soft dad™️
forces feyre to be the “bad guy” because he lets his kids get away with literally everything
he spoils them to death too
“feyre, darling, look at their faces... how can i say no?”
feyre is 101% done even if she secretly finds it cute (and hot)
mother hen mode activated 24/7
forces helion to put shields around his kids when they’re younger
he definitely reads them to sleep
and falls asleep on the floor next to them to make sure they’re safe
cassian is 100% a girl dad
there’s no other possible option and I won’t elaborate
he has big bear energy too
gives the best comforting hugs
and he loves his girls so much
he would make sure they’re properly trained since they’re young
when his girls start flying, he freaks out for a second before tears of pride and happiness start rolling down his cheeks
because his princesses can fly
he’s definitely not ok for a few days after that
overprotective? check
isn’t shy to talk to his daughters about anything, from periods to safe sex
will beat up anyone who even looks at his girls the wrong way
the sarcastic, sass-master dad
but when he turns serious, he’s scary as hell
can’t function without morning cuddles from his little ones
he’s surprisingly the clingy parent
gets pissed off when his kids miss a day of training
and makes them sweat the following day
“uncle cass is a better teacher!!”
“ok that’d be 200 more pushups”
sings their babies to sleep
would 100% tuck them inside his wings protectively
his shadows are wrapped around his kids
very much like rhys, he lets his kids get away with anything
although he’s a bit more into discipline
proud dad mode activated 24/7
he’s definitely a soccer mom kind of dad
puts extra effort into making sure his kids are loved and never ever doubt that
because he didn’t have a great childhood himself and he doesn’t want his babies to go through the same
surprisingly good at giving advice too
all his nieces and nephews go to him when they have an issue
because he always knows what to say
if him and amren ever have kids, he’d be the softie dad
even more than rhys
he’s not that overly-protective
amren eats up that role completely
he bothers his kids with hugs and kisses when they’re around their friends
“dad!! stop!! that’s embarrassing!!”
*kisses them harder*
definitely cries at his babies’ accomplishments, no matter how big or small
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catplayinvioline · 2 months ago
omg i just remembered that lucien said to feyre in acotar that his scar was miserable to look at, and later alis said tamlin puked when lucien got his scar, he must be so insecure about it my poor boy, but what gets me is: how come NOBODY told him he looked even hotter? like what? sassy diplomatic (who can fight) stylish long haired redhead with a sexy scar on his face? he should be getting as many marriage proposals as nesta
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Elain: Sad? Buy a plant.
Elain: Happy? Buy a plant.
Lucien: Sick of people? Buy a large, carnivorous plant and place it next to your door.
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