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Ong, the ticci toby redesign looks so good! 馃槱
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Grinny: yep, sometimes I gotta beat the kids nightmares off with a stick.
Tim: *hallucinating and panicking. He points to where the intimidating figures are*
Grinny, protecting his boi: back, demons! Back I say!
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Jay: You lying, cheating, piece of shit!
Tim: Oh yeah? You鈥檙e the idiot who thinks you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD
Jay: I鈥檓 leaving you, and I鈥橫 TAKING JACK WITH ME
Jane, picking up the monopoly board: I think we鈥檙e gonna stop playing now.
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Sally, with a water balloon: only takes one bullet...
Toby, who has already been splashed: you ain't got the nerve...
Sally, smirking: try me...
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What things are put in place for Toby鈥檚 CIPA? (Did you know that CIPA (Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis) means you can鈥檛 sweat? This can lead to overheating, and possibly heatstroke.)
There are regular temperature checks, to ensure that Toby doesn't overheat or freeze. His outfits are also planned out depending on the weather. Layers in the winter, t shirts and shorts when it's hot.
Also, meals are scheduled and made to allow a few minutes for them to cool a little, to ensure nobody burns their mouths.
Waterbottles that must be completely emptied twice every day!
Also, as a general rule of thumb, they normally have a sort of reminder for Toby to use the toilet, just because he probably wouldn't be able to feel the aches it would cause. Save a whole lot of mess.
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The Windroe fam (adults, children) play 鈥淚鈥檓 passing the phone to someone who鈥︹ game. What鈥檚 said? Are there any sick burns? etc.
Did it as a sort of incorrect quote. This was fun to write.
Olly: I'm passing the phone to someone who brings the best presents.
Elspeth: Okay... I'm passing the phone to somebody that thought the word "moist" meant "cool" until he was thirteen.
Zephyr: mother, I-! Ugh... anyway... I'm passing the phone to the one who lights up my life like no other.
Jack G: aww, honey... I'm passing the phone to the sweetest little blind gremlin I've ever met.
Jack K, facing the wrong way: I'm passing the phone to someone whose bones go "clip-clop" at three in the morning.
Ciero: hm... oh, I know! I'm passing the phone to someone that got their hand stuck in a cookie jar at the age of nineteen, and proceeded to lie about how he got the scar it left on his wrist for the rest of his life.
Octavian: for God's sake... fine, I'm passing the phone to the mini-me in the family.
Bentley: Oh, are you sure? Uh... I'm passing the phone to... what was that? *someone whispers* I'm passing the phone to... grandma's favourite child-in-law..?
[Ciero yells "hey!" From offscreen]
Patrick: what? Me? Um... okay. I'm passing the phone to the one that slobbered all over me yesterday.
Patrick, with red cheeks: not you, Sunshine.
Buttons the dog: *barks*
[Subtitles: "I'm passing the phone to the most successful Windroe"]
Favio: *fixes his shirt* thank you, Buttons... I'm passing the phone to the little girl that bumped into a mannequin and lost a tooth *grins playfully*
Olly: that was one time! Anyway...
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any Jeff headcanons? fluff or angst is alright!
Angsty headcanons for my boy.
I am so sorry.
Jeff really feels stupid sometimes. He doesn't get school work as easily as Cody or Jack. He doesn't understand. He doesn't understand maths or poetry or science. He doesn't do art good. He isn't good at anything (no-!). He is just fed up.
He wants Liu to hang out with him so much. He just wants to play with his brother. But Liu keeps pushing him out.
Smile is pretty much the only friend that really stays with him. Liu has all the older kids to hang out with. Doby has the twins. Natalie hangs out with Olly, and they're busy doing girl stuff together.
So he's normally by himself.
But that's okay.
As long as he has Smile and a tennis ball, he doesn't need any of them.
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Sally's uncle Johnny: *exists*
Tumblr media
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To the people that tic; has any of them ticced/said something offensive?
Toby once called his mother a "twitchy bitch" when he ticced. He then apologised profusely to his mama. Connie understood and said it was alrighr; her baby boy can't help it. However, the fact that her husband said it so much was shocking.
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going crazy is my forte :(
What does a night out look like for them?
Well, it starts with a nice trip out for dinner. Usually this little Italian place with the best garlic bread.
Then, after dinner, they go for a drive for a little while and head to a local drive in theatre. They'll watch whatever shows there, and then head back home later. Cozy up together under the covers and fall asleep in each others arms.
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Please send in some fluffy asks about Patrick and Ciero... I need the floof.
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Who can rollerskate, who can ice skate and who can do both / neither?
Ice skate: Natalie, Jeff, Liu, Jane, Jack G.
Roller skate: Olly, Octavian.
Both: Favio, Ciero, Zephyr.
Neither: everyone else.
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BrainBrian headcanons?
Brian is a major theatre kid. Actor, loves being the center of attention.
He also knows that the whole world has its eyes on him. Brian has been expected to be perfect for his entire life. Smile and wave, smile and wave, be good. Be gold. Be the best. Behave.
His favourite animal is the wolverine. Purely because he too is filled with rage.
He was once Mercutio in a school production of Romeo and Juliet. He also got JD in Heathers, and Hamlet.
He once dyed his hair neon blue. Yeah, his mom was kinda pissed at him for that. Still, they made the best of it.
Brian loves cats.
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idk if you鈥檝e done this before, but physical hcs for everyone? like what they look like?
I'm gonna save this one for later and do some picrews to show you how I see them looking.
It may take a while to do so.
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Idea for the next character introduction:
"So, you've burnt several books that belonged to your mother..." Mira began. "You set several bonfires in the middle of a drought..."
The kid in question simply swung back in his chair.
"Don't do that. You nearly stabbed a kid because he talked about you behind your back, you set fire to a police car," Mira raked through the near novel length file on her desk. "...and you nearly burnt down your school."
The boy smirked proudly.
"So tell me... was any of this worth it?" Asked Mira. "Was the attention worth it, based on where you wound up?"
He flipped his hair in the incredibly annoying way that teenaged boys did and nodded.
"Every second of it."
(Guesses are highly encouraged)
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:0 oh! I know why Ciero and Natalie have pain, but what causes Cody鈥檚, Jeff鈥檚, Mira鈥檚 and Ben鈥檚 pain? O_o
Jeff has a few home made zebra stripes that make his arms very ouchy.
Ben just struggles with a lot of headaches.
Mira has been hurt many times physically in the past, and as such still feels pains from them. Like, she once injured her knee on the floor and it still aches.
Cody has a sensitivity to pain. Funnily enough, when one compares him to his brother.
(Also, I hurt my ankle like three years ago and I still sometimes get pain from it).
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fluffy Tim headcanons?
Tim can and will cuddle up on the sofa with fluffy blankies. He just wants to be cozy.
When Tim was little, he was terrified of getting muddy. It was only when the tiny feral goblin known as Jeff showed up and loved being messy that he actually started playing in it as much.
Tim has a few hair clips that he uses to pin up his hair and keep it from his eyes. There's one with a snake on it.
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Kate hcs?
Kate is a major harness kid. Like, she needs to have one on or else she'll try and run off somewhere. And maybe bite someone.
She is incredibly spoilt by Devin and Ann. So many stuffed animals.
Kate literally growls when Tim gets close to her. Like, baring teeth, fully ready to bite. Tim does not know what he has done wrong.
She follows Toby about like a puppy. It is rather cute.
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HCs for the twins?
Ah yes, Cody and Toby.
Toby and Cody are incredibly close, as you are no doubt aware.
Cody has a lot of separation anxiety when it comes to ker brother.
They're not identical twins. Toby has lighter hair than Cody and Connie. Yet his hair is darker than Lyra and his father. Toby is an example of incomplete dominance (like blue chickens).
Whenever they're both in a car, they're always checking on the other and making sure that they're okay.
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(I haven鈥檛 watched Marble Hornets in a hot minute so correct me if there鈥檚 anything wrong) I鈥檓 pretty sure Brian fell from that height thing (building?). Has that happened in this AU? If it has, does he have any mobility aids or anything?
He fell off a ledge that was about twelve feet tall and busted his leg. That's about it. He was trying to escape the police.
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