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 It looks like this:


THIS IS NOT TRUE. Voting laws vary state to state, and in some—such as North Carolina—poll workers actually HAVE to mark your ballot in order for it to be counted. If you pick a fight with poll workers about them marking your ballot in one of these states, YOU WILL LOOK VERY SILLY AND MAY GET IN TROUBLE.

Snopes has done a piece discounting this misinformational post and others like it. Tumblr doesn’t like links, but google ‘Snopes handwriting ballots invalidated’ and it will come right up. Here are screenshots of the article. I will reply to to this post with a direct link to the article.


Please read up on your local voting laws. Don’t be fooled by seemingly well-intentioned posts that rely on your trust and ignorance to succeed. If it doesn’t have a source, try to do some research before you spread it around.

And, uh, please consider spreading this sourced post around, because I don’t want people potentially getting kicked out of the polling place over this.

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I swear to god in this election season if any of yall have the audacity to vote for a meme or a joke again I am personally coming to your house and sticking a boot up your ass. We cannot have a repeat of the 2016 election

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