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Listen. Joe Biden being the presumptive nominee for president fucking sucks. I would much rather have Bernie, and I think a lot of other people would, too. But here’s the thing: if/when Biden likely becomes the official nominee, DO NOT write in for Bernie. There are not enough supporters for it to work, and if you are not voting for the Democratic nominee, you are taking away votes from the nominee and making it easier for Trump to win. Biden is awful, but he’s much better than Trump. Please, please, please make the right choice. We have to stop Trump before it’s too late.

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Voting wont do anything, we know that for sure now. The system failed us as a people. The democrats and republicans are on the same fucked up team, and for some reason that we don’t know yet, they want Trump in office enough to run this joke of an election and rig it so a rapist with dementia wins over Sanders (who obviously had more supporters than Biden by a long shot) because they know it will be believable when Biden loses to Trump. Enough “voting”, enough empty protests, enough useless marches, they aren’t scared of that. We have been fucked over enough, and it’s time we make the country for the people, not the lucky few. The revolution starts now.

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Today is a sad day. Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign. Even though many, inlcuding me are pissed about it, and I think he should have waited until April 13th when the count is released, in another way perhaps it was the right thing because he could not stand seeing people sacrifice their health and lives to vote for him amidst the pandemic.

If you live in a state that has not voted in the primaries yet, know that Bernie is still on the ballot, he did not “drop out”, he suspended his campaign. Lately he has been focusing his efforts on the pandemic issue as well. I know there is a lot of crap out there about Joe Biden, but if you live in a swing or red state, please know that even someone like him is preferable to Trump.

A lot of effort has been put to silence Bernie Sanders, to the point that if he did win the primary, the Democratic Party establishment might do some sabotaging to make sure he never goes even near the White House.

As for the movement, keep fighting. Find more leaders to rally the movement for future elections.

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Hey Y'all Bernie is still on the ballot. He just suspended his campaign’s efforts to take care of the pandemic going on. Vote for him in the primaries if you haven’t already.

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Friendly reminder because the blue-no-matter-who bootlickers are at it again:

You don’t owe anyone your vote. You don’t have to vote Biden. I don’t care how many cishet white neolibs try to guilt you into it. Take it from this poor, uninsured, gay, trans, disabled, mentally ill guy. Take it from the many undocumented people and POC I have the honor of working alongside in groups like the DSA. Joe Biden is not better for us. At least if Trump wins we’ll have another shot at real progress in four years, and maybe (finally) the dems will start to wake up.

Here are some things you can do:

1. If your state hasn’t voted yet, please do still vote for Bernie. Nomination aside, delegates are still important. Look into vote by mail (VBM) if you’re concerned about corona.

2. Vote in the primaries for congress and local offices. Do some research, you might find an underdog progressive you can rally behind.

3. Get involved with local organizations. I’m a part of the Democratic Socialists of America, which has chapters across the country. There are many other local and national progressive, DemSoc, and socialist organizations out there.

4. Vote in the general. If you’re not voting for Biden, I encourage you to still write in Bernie to demonstrate the support he still has. There’s also other important things like locals and congress, plus public questions.

Bonus: If you’re in NJ, get out to vote in November no matter what. The marijuana referendum is on the ballot in November. If it passes, weed will be legalized in NJ.

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Please read this.

We shouldn’t have to rely on “the lesser of two evils” for a chance of making a positive change in our communities. Let’s focus on using our resources in organizing with like-minded people to take direct action in tackling the needs of our communities.

This entire COVID-19 crisis has proven we are capable of helping each other when everything seems to have hit rock bottom and that we’re capable of making adjustments for the greater good.

Keep setting attainable goals. Keep advocating and working for the needs of humanity. “Our strength lies in our collective power”.

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Though I'm upset and scared that Bernie dropped out, changing the senate to blue and keeping the house will slow things down for Trump and I think people don't understand that!! Get those damn road blocks for the pig! Tie him up! Vote for blue for congressional! But also look up the people running in blue as well cause sometimes they aren't that good either

just do your research! and, especially in states like pennsylvania where the red spots are ignored, spread word about the people you find who can change things for the better

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