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#election 2020
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Okay government! It’s finally April Fool’s Day! You can drop the “I’m a publicly funded federal system run by rich sociopaths that kills its populace in order to support corporations and kill the Earth” shtick! Well done, you got us! Now, can we please have Bernie as President.

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The problem with trying to nail Joe Biden on his allegation of rape is that the clear evidence of his dementia gives him a way out.

If he gives a press conference denying that it ever happened, are we supposed to pretend that we believe he is knowing and maliciously lying?

Motherfucker can’t remember what he did yesterday, let alone decades ago.

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Y’know, I hate Trump and I hope he gets voted out in 2020.

But I wish he was making it harder for us to get him out of office by, you know, actually responding to the coronavirus crisis competently. He’s the fucking President of the fucking United States, and he’s going around saying things like “not my responsibility.”

The very least a national government can do, the absolute minimum justification for its existence, is to leave us better off in times of crisis or natural disaster than we would be without it. The US national government should be doing so, so much more.

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Our government is going to transform all its deepest darkness into light and hope again. It will oust the perpetrators of harm and replace them with champions for good.



(likes charge, reblogs cast)

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Some of y’all are seriously showing y’all true colors if you’re voting for a rapist to get trump out. Just shows what I said before, y’all don’t care about women and y’all aren’t actually willing to fight, but fold the minute there’s a bump in the road.

Basically what I’m saying is that you guys suck lol and you would rather complain about capitalism than do anything to even try and change the way things are.

But then again this is tumblr. Half of y’all can’t be bothered to do anything but bitch online and pretend to be “woke.”

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Vote 2020: The polls have now closed as of this hour and when all the votes are counted, Peridot from Steven Universe has been deemed the Projected Winner of the First Round of the Group C Stages in a massive blowout by double digits, defeating Janna Ordonia from Star vs The Forces of Evil 40-15.

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