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#electra cats
Cats Prompts #19
Electra confesses her feeling for Etcetera. Etcetera realizes she returns them, and they agree to start dating.
As long as Etcetera can keep fawning over Rum Tum Tugger.
(Electra agrees)
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incorrectjellicles · 2 days ago
Electra: It's too dark. I'm scared
Teazer: Don't worry, Ellie, I got this
Teazer: *stomps foot*
Teazer: *sketchers light up*
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themoonlitjunkyard · 2 days ago
Mungojerrie: (Hanging out with the kittens) Right, so wha’s th’ scariest thing tha’ all you can think of?
Rumpleteazer: (Whispering) Otha’ than th’ obvious ya-know-who.
Etcetera: Big, angry dogs.
Electra: Pff.  Nothing scares me.
Tumblebrutus: Snakes.  Just creepy, they are.
Pouncival: ...Munkustrap’s “disappointed” face.
Electra: (Shudders) Ooh, I forgot about that, I change my answer.
Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer: (Both grimacing) Yeh, thirded.
Jemima: Oh, come now everyone, is Munk’s face really that scary?
Pouncival: But ya’ve never gotten the “disappointed” face before.
Electra: (Patting the confused kitten’s head) Innocent lil’ bean.
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Cats Prompts #11
Bombalurina has just given birth to Electra.
Is Electra the daughter of Macavity, or someone else?
What are Bombalurina's immediate thoughts? Is she scared? Nervous? Excited? Loving?
What are her actions afterwards?
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Cats Prompts #8
Write a oneshot based on one(or more) of the pairings during the Cuddle Pile/Mating dance (however you interpret it). These could be genuine, or absolute crack.
Pouncival & Bombalurina
Mistoffelees & Electra
Jennyanydots & Rum Tum Tugger
Coricopat & Tantomile
Jemima & Tumblebrutus
Alonzo & Cassandra
George & Etcetera
Jellylorum & Asparagus
Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer
Skimbleshanks being the table thing for Victoria and Plato
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etcetera, to electra and tumblebrutus: how was your guys' valentines day?
pouncival: yeah, i hope me and cettie didnt keep you up all night with all of that noise we were making!
*last night*
etcetera and pouncival, leaning out the window and bursting party poppers: HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!
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Howl's Moving Castle AU Roles
These are the roles for the Howl's Moving Castle AU! All of these are based on personalities, so some of them are genderbent. The only one not based on personality is Heen, who's being renamed Grumbuskin simply because I think the name is cute. Here's the cast: Sophie- Rum Tum Tugger
Howl- Mistoffelees
Sophie's Mom- Jellylorum
Lettie: Bombalurina
Sophie’s sisters: Demeter, Electra, Rumpleteazer, Exotica
The Witch of the Waste: Grizabella
Calcifer: Alonzo
Markl: Jemima
Madam Sullivan: Old Deuteronomy
The Prince/Turnip head: Plato
The King: Bustopher Jones
Heen: Grumbuskin
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Tumblr media
Cats Warsaw director, Wojciech Kępczyński, with actors in full costume
First row (from left to right): Victoria, Kocik le Miau, Bombalurina, Cassandra
Middle row: Bustopher Jones, Fantazja, Tantomile, Electra
Last row: Fraszka, Jellylorum, Sierściuch (I think) and Carbucketty
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general list of my main jellicle ships bc im bored lmao
some of these are going to seem super generic/the-only-two-people-left types of ships but i SWEAR i have good reason/hc behind them lmao
demeter x munkustrap ofc
rum tum tugger x mistoffelees
jennyanydots x skimbleshanks
mungojerrie x coricopat
alonzo x cassandra
victoria x plato
grizabella x old deuteronomy (w a hint of gus back in the Old Days ;) ) (this is more of a co-parenting, cohabitation pair yknow?)
etcetera x pouncival (just imagine these bumbling awkward babies!!!!!!)
tumblebrutus x electra (i have my own personal angst Just For This >:) )
single characters bc lets be realistic:
macavity (doesnt have the best history lets be honest lmao)
jemima (she baby! i hc her as around 14/15?)
gus (old)
asparagus (just not interested)
jellylorum (i know some people hc her as gus's or asparagus's mate, but in my mind gus is her father and asparagus is her son lmao)
bombalurina (despite everyone's expectations lmao - after a few failed affairs she decided to fly solo)
bustopher jones (not rlly interested, though appreciates jennyanydots' admiration lmao)
rumpleteazer (aro/ace)
tantomile (demi)
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Mario Kart night (or whatever game you want). Who wins? Who cries? Who is in charge of snacks? Who is banned? Is there a need for a referee?
gonna do this with the kittens/young adults for a more realistic approach, but if you want i can do a separate post w the adults lmao. let’s do mario kart for the heck of it!
it’s held at victoria and plato’s new home as a housewarming party, ofc. the second it begins, plato regrets it.
the moment the racers are released, victoria and tumblebrutus forget there is anyone else in the room but them. they are immediately ahead of everyone else and FLYING down the track, somehow. theyve obviously had tournaments before. etcetera becomes scared for her own safety and curls next to pouncival (who vows to protect her but then screams and runs when victoria gets That Look in her eye at him).
electra isnt playing and is instead secretly eating all of the doritos in the back, hissing whenever mungo tries to steal some and throws two bags of lays at him instead. rumple is furiously trying to get her brother to focus so that they can win together. the girl’s got a competitive streak!
with so many people and so many emotions literally clouding up the room, coricopat decides to flit in and out serving the occasional drink. since he’s telepathic and empathic, it’s all too much and overwhelms him. tantomile acts innocent but obviously secretly uses telekinesis to mess the others up so that she can win.
plato is suddenly terrified of his new wife and gives his position of referee to jemima, who despite being the youngest everyone respects of course, and things calm down a bit.
tumble is practically on victoria’s back as they try to mess each other up, while she aggressively signs words plato would never repeat to anyone, but in the end, everyone is shocked.
it was tantomile, of course.
victoria and tumble are also banned from any game that involves holding an object.
by that point it’s pretty late so everyone stays over! there’s minimal furniture at the moment so they built a pillow fort in the middle of the living room and fell asleep to princess bride.
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i-overanalyze-musicals · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
This some art of Electra my sister drew (I got her permission to post it here). She absolutely NAILED the fur/unitard pattern. Clearly the talented sibling LOL.
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the-rum-tum-hatter · 12 days ago
SELF INDULGENT HC (I think people hc this too tho, the first part)
Ok so I love the hc that Electra is Bomba and Macavitys daughter and Bomba's a single mom looking after her. (milf alert)
And I also ship Bomba and Cass so now I'm just thinking about when they first get together and Electras excited she has another mommy and just THEM AS A LIL FAMILY--🥺💕💖💕
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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devizakura · 14 days ago
A thought (courtesy of a brainstorm with @the-cat-at-the-theatre-door )
In a modern/amalgamation setting, Electra is absolutely the kid who had a weeb phase (Cettie had a boyband one)
She just has the perfectly awkward and "says she'll fight you but may or may not actually be a wimp" vibe for it
She was kinda edgy but in an endearingly "cringe" way, not in a moody goth teen way. And she loved Black Butler and Naruto.
She's embarassed of this phase. Cettie absolutely isn't of hers.
She still likes anime but doesn't consider herself a weeb anymore. She and Cettie actually spend some of their together quality time watching Ghibli films.
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i-overanalyze-musicals · 15 days ago
Right, so I’m weirdly nervous about this, so I figure I’ll just go with one of my headcanons (if anyone even sees this.) I hc Electra as a younger-sister figure to Mistoffelees. I think she looks up to him a lot, and I also hc her as asexual. When Plato and Victoria paired up, and everyone went into the cuddle pile, she paired up with Mistoffelees because she was too nervous to ask anyone else, and was slightly worried that it was a sexual thing (even though Misto told her it wasn’t inherently sexual.)
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Jemima: Why me?
Electra: Because people like you. You're quiet. You say "excuse me". You look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning.
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imdumbandaproblem · 29 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ace Electra and Misto for @storyweaverofgondor and some random cettie edits for @star-freckled-kitten
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incorrectjellicles · a month ago
Jerrie: [Pushing on a pull door]
Electra, filming: Push harder.
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