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#electric items safety guide
kaijutegu · 7 months ago
How do I know if that reptile TikTok is bad?
Or youtube video, or instagram post, etc.
Look: I get it. You see the cute lizard video, you watch the cute lizard video. But is the lizard video really cute?
Well, that can be hard to tell.
Like, really, really hard to tell. Not every animal situation on the internet is cut-and-dry, good or bad. Most of them, you don’t have the full context! You can’t tell how the person’s husbandry is, what the enclosure is like, or how they keep up with daily care.
Well, maybe this guide can help a little bit. This is meant to be used as a quick reference when evaluating short internet content. It’s not super useful for dedicated pettubers, because for those, you usually have a person explaining their entire ethos and showing you things like husbandry and care. Full breakdowns and evaluations for those are a lot more complicated.
What this guide is for is for when your mom sends you a viral video of a lizard and you have to explain to her that you’d really, really like her to stop sending you videos of animal abuse, or when you see someone doing something really dangerous with an alligator. I know this is a long post, but there’s a lot of things to watch out for!
Source: Is it from Jay Brewer (prehistoricpets/reptilezoo) or Brian Barcyzk (snakebytetv)? It’s bad. Stop giving them your attention/ad clicks. It just tells them that nobody cares about how miserable their animals are.
I know that’s flippant, but seriously, look at the source of your content. If it’s a facility that’s known for animal mistreatment, then don’t watch their stuff. Easy as that! Don’t feed into the content machine- don’t tell the algorithm that their content is what you want to see. Even if the individual post is ok and doesn’t show any animal mistreatment, people like Jay and Brian are known for their poor husbandry practices overall. This is the kind of enclosure Brian thinks it’s ok for a giant snake to spend its entire life in.
Tumblr media
Seriously, don’t give that man any more attention. Lots of breeders use racks, but this is at the low end of bad for racks. If you see content from someone who’s got a history of bad care, don’t watch it!
Oh, and how do you find out if they have a history of bad care? Google “Name here+bad care” and see what comes up. If it’s a one off thing where like, one animal is in crappy condition? Might be fine, they might have course-corrected. If it’s pages and pages of stuff? Red flags all around.
Venom: Is somebody taking a selfie with a venomous snake? It’s bad.
They’re putting themselves in danger for social media attention. Even if it’s a choice they made and they say they’re not hurting anybody else, they are. By putting themselves at risk unnecessarily, they put other people at risk. If they get bitten, the dose of antivenin that they receive is probably from a zoo, where actual educators put themselves at risk for conservation. Antivenin is expensive, and in many cases, you can’t even get it. For instance, in the US, there's only one antivenin commercially available to hospitals for treating venomous snakebites. It’s called CroFeb, and according to The Washington Post, the price for one hospital vial is about $2,300. A typical treatment dose? That requires four to six vials. So for a single, smaller rattlesnake bite that would need four vials of antivenin, the cost is $9,200.
And that’s if you’re lucky enough to get bitten by a rattler and to be in range of a hospital that has the antivenin. If you get bit by say, a cobra? That antivenin is coming from a zoo or research facility, and if there’s not one nearby that can help you, you are SOL. And quite possibly DOA.
Don’t take selfies with venomous snakes. Just don’t do it. Don’t support social media personalities who do it.
However... if the person is using snake hooks, using the proper grip on the snake if they are holding it, and taking proper precautions by having somebody else to spot and film... then it might be fine! There’s lots of good reasons to handle venomous snakes, believe it or not. One of my favorite reptile facilities that posts venomous animals is the Kentucky Reptile Zoo. KRZ is one of the most important venom facilities in the US- they keep all kinds of species and milk them for their venom, which not only goes to make antivenom but also is used for things like cancer research. You can bet when they post pictures of someone handling a venomous snake, that person is well-trained and is handling that animal for a purpose.
Egg cutting: It’s probably bad.
This is the practice of cutting open snake eggs before it’s time to hatch. Sometimes keepers need to do this because a baby is struggling, and that’s ok! Sometimes keepers do this to show off the patterns, and that’s really not ok! It can cause severe damage to the hatchlings. Furthermore, it’s not like it’s a surprise. Breeders who cut eggs already know have a really good idea of what’s going to be inside because they’re breeding for color morphs- they know the genetics they put together. They’re just doing it for attention, and not thinking of what’s best for the animal. It’s like an unboxing video that can lead to dead baby snakes. Not cool.
Inappropriate feeding: If somebody is giving their lizard a hot dog, it’s bad.
Animals need to eat, but what are they being fed? Is it a diet item appropriate for the species? Even if it’s appropriate, how much is being fed? Is the animal being fed according to an appropriate schedule? This varies so much from individual to individual, but in general, appropriate food includes whole prey (and if it’s being videoed, it should always be pre-killed!), most fruits and veggies, and things like small pieces of fish and chicken for monitors/tegus. Here are some things that are never acceptable: processed meat, like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Pizza. Candy. Bread. Ice cream. (I have seen social media of all of these. Some from “professional” reptile keepers.)
Live feeding: Reputable facilities and responsible owners aren’t going to film their reptile killing a live rodent and put it on TikTok for your entertainment.
While some keepers do need to feed live, responsible owners know that live feedings must be supervised and given their full attention because rodents can fight back. If they’re filming, they aren’t taking good safety measures. Insects are generally fine, though, so long as it’s a standard feeder. Crickets, roaches, mealworms, superworms, hornworms... stuff like that isn’t going to hurt the animal eating it. If you see somebody trying to feed their gecko a bee or something? That’s bad content.
Obese animals: A chonky reptile is a reptile that’s probably dying a slow, painful death from fatty liver disease.
This can be really difficult to assess, because most people don’t know what a healthy reptile actually looks like... and because the norm for pet reptiles on social media is obesity. Generally, the best thing to do is look for pictures of those animals in the wild and compare. Wild animals are often a lot skinnier than their captive counterparts, but you’ll get the gist pretty quickly of what the animal is supposed to look like. No species of reptile naturally has fat rolls (although big skin wrinkles aren’t uncommon, and some animals have heavier bodies than you might expect).
Examples of obese reptiles on social media include:
Margo the bearded dragon
Tumblr media
Macguyver the tegu
Tumblr media
Pretty much everything Jay Brewer/Prehistoric Pets/The Reptile Zoo owns
Tumblr media
Cats, dogs, and other pets: There is no safe way for a cat and a reptile to interact. Period.
If there’s a cat in the video and the cat is touching a reptile, it ain’t safe. I have written extensively about this but the gist of it is that cats harbor bacteria that is super toxic to reptiles, and even the most gentle pat can turn into a scratch that gets infected and is extremely hard to treat. It stresses the reptile out and in some cases can be super dangerous for the cat, too, if the reptile fights back.
However... if the reptile interaction is with another animal of the same species and they’re just kinda chilling in the same space, that’s fine. Some animals actually do better living in social situations, like alligators, rattlesnakes, garter snakes, mourning geckos, and dart frogs! Some animals do just fine hanging out with other animals like them- if you see a video with a bunch of bearded dragons in it and they’re not all sharing the same cage and they’re just chilling, that’s probably fine!
Intentionally aggravating the animal: Being a jerk is bad.
Yeah, I know, the video of that Budgett’s frog going REEEEEEEEE sounds hilarious, but that animal’s in a lot of distress! Don’t poke animals with sticks to get them to make noise! That’s mean! If the animal is flinching away from a stimulus, or squinching its eyes shut really tight, those are both signs that something’s wrong here. Reptile body language can be really hard to read, so you might need to google around or ask someone.
Holding an amphibian: Usually bad.
Not a reptile issue, really, but worth addressing because reptiles and amphibians get lumped in together. Amphibians have porous skin and are vulnerable to the oils we have on our hands. Chemical exposures can kill them. If somebody’s holding a frog for more than a brief moment, that’s not good for it. There are valid reasons to hold an amphibian- sometimes you have to move them! But generally videos of people holding amphibians aren’t great and you should always be critical and ask what the point of the contact is.
Handling crocodilians without banding their mouths: If the public can access the animal, always bad. If it’s in a private setting, not always bad but can be bad.
If someone is holding an alligator or crocodilian of any kind and its mouth isn’t banded, there is a big problem. It doesn’t hurt them to have their mouths banded. Usually it’s done with hair ties or electrical tape, which peels off very easily and doesn’t bother them at all. Any crocodilian with public access needs to be banded. If it’s out of the enclosure, a band goes on the mouth. There’s no excuse. Even the little ones have razor sharp teeth and remarkably strong jaw-closing muscles. Now, if you’re working privately and you’re feeding, then obviously you won’t band- but if the person in the video isn’t being careful and is working within six feet of an unbanded adult crocodilian’s mouth, that’s irresponsible.
Alligators in particular make wonderful ambassadors. They’re charismatic, they’re adorable as babies, and they really can get quite used to being held and worked with. But an unbanded alligator that the public can access is a public safety hazard. Also, if you’re in the US, it’s illegal in most states. It doesn’t matter if you’re an educator or whatever, band your crocodilian’s mouths before taking them outside.
Tumblr media
Blowing smoke or vaping in a reptile’s face: This is animal abuse.
We get it. You vape. But reptiles have really primitive lungs- in fact, snakes only have one functional lung. Reptiles have really bad reactions to nicotine, THC, essential oil diffusion, smoke, and pretty much anything else that lets off a lot of VOCs. It’s not funny, it’s not cute, and it’s always bad when somebody is smoking or vaping around a reptile.
Now like I said: you can’t learn everything from a single TikTok, youtube video, or instagram post! These are just some of the big red flags to watch out for. There’s lots of good reptile content out there that’s totally fine and safe and good- you just have to know how to spot the bad stuff! Thanks for reading!
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junghelioseok · 12 months ago
◇ jungkook x reader ◇ smut | bodyguard!au ◇ 1.6k [1/1]
notes: this is actually a repost of an old drabble from my two year anniversary, which was inadvertently deleted. so if it looks familiar, that’s why! i figured i’d give it a (super unoriginal) title and a quick reread before i reposted it, and this is the end result. to the anon who originally requested it, if you’re reading this, thank you and ily! 💕
the prompts i worked off of are below:
❛❛ good girl. ❜❜
❛❛ don’t get shy on me now. ❜❜
the vibe is this jk right here.
Tumblr media
“If that will be all, Miss, I’ll leave you to get settled in.”
You remain silent. Reaching down, you unzip your suitcase before glancing over your shoulder at your loyal bodyguard, hovering near the door of your hotel room like an overgrown bat in his long black jacket and heavy black boots. Innocently, you smile at him as you begin to pull out your belongings, laying a few items onto the perfectly made bed.
“Can you help me unpack?”
His expression doesn’t change. But you’ve always prided yourself on your astuteness, and you certainly don’t miss the way his throat bobs as he swallows. Wordlessly, he steps across the room until he’s standing at your side, accepting the stack of folded skirts and pantsuits you hand over.
“Hang these up, will you, Jungkook?” you ask, keeping your voice syrupy sweet and as innocent as can be. “I don’t want them to wrinkle.”
Jungkook nods curtly and sweeps off. You watch as he slides open the closet door and lays the pile of clothes on the nearest chair, carefully hanging up each garment one by one. There’s the blue pantsuit for tomorrow’s meeting with the board of directors, there’s the champagne-colored gown for the investor’s gala afterward, and—
You can see the way Jungkook stiffens even from across the room, his broad shoulders tensing. You’re pretty sure he’s not even breathing anymore, his tall frame frozen in place as he stares at the item in his hand.
And the item in question? A very tiny, very skimpy, black lace negligee.
Checkmate, you think to yourself when he finally turns around. It feels as though you’ve been playing this game for ages—though in reality, Jungkook was only assigned as your personal bodyguard a few short months ago. Ever since your father decided that you would inherit his company and take over as chief executive officer, your safety had become paramount. You needed the best protection that money could buy, and that meant Jeon Jungkook.
You’d expected someone older, to be honest. Someone grizzled, with gray hair and hardened eyes the color of flint, maybe. Never in a million years did you expect to get a bodyguard like Jungkook.
Jungkook, with his parted black hair and strong eyebrows that made you weak in the knees. Jungkook, with his oversized dark clothes and combat boots. Jungkook, with his muscular frame that’s so at odds with his boyish face.
Jungkook, whom you’ve been teasing for the last three months—with tight clothes and revealing hemlines, and stepping out of the shower clad in only a towel whenever he’s in the vicinity. Ever since you caught him staring at your cleavage—showcased very nicely by the dress you’d been wearing, you might add—it’s become a game for the two of you. Flirtatious glances and the occasional brush of his hand against your back became commonplace. Once, you’d spotted him doing laps in the pool and nearly drooled at the revelation of his fully tattooed arms, the ink swirling across his honeyed skin. When he’d caught you staring, he’d winked.
But nothing has ever happened beyond that—nothing has ever crossed a line. Jungkook is nothing but professional when on the job, and you do feel safer when he’s around. He’s been a silent shadow at all of the events you’ve accompanied your father to, and now that you are on the verge of taking over the company completely, he’s at your side almost every hour of every day. He’s brought you coffee when you’re working late in your office, and made sure you’ve eaten at least one meal when the stress becomes too much. He’s become a constant, reassuring presence in your hectic life.
And now he’s striding toward you, brown eyes alight with a fire you’ve never seen before.
“You did this on purpose,” he accuses, holding up the negligee.
You tilt your head innocently. “Did I?”
Jungkook growls—a low, dangerous rumble in his throat that has you gushing. “You sure you want to test me like this, princess?”
The pet name sends an electric tingle up your spine. Boldly, you step forward until you’re standing toe-to-toe, the pointed tips of your heels brushing his boots. “Have you ever known me to be uncertain about anything in my life, Jungkook?”
He hasn’t. You know he hasn’t, because in the next instant, he’s kissing you—hands curling around your hips to pull you flush against his firm chest. Your arms wind around his neck, fingers tangling into the silky hair at his nape, and when you sigh, he eagerly swallows the sound. Wandering fingers hike up your dress and delve beneath to trace your bare skin, the touch gentle enough to make you shiver in his embrace.
Jungkook pulls back, and you pout at the sudden loss of contact. “Jungk—” you begin, but he cuts you off with a kiss, lips curled up into a smirk.
“You want me to be able to take my shirt off, don’t you?”
Stunned into silence, you can only nod. Jungkook sheds his black overcoat and flings it off to the side, leaving him in a charcoal gray turtleneck that’s tucked into black slacks and a silver-buckled belt. Deft, ring-clad fingers find the hem, and you swallow when you imagine what those fingers could be doing to you in just a few moments.
That train of thought is completely derailed, however, when Jungkook pulls off his shirt entirely, baring honeyed skin and swirling black ink to your ravenous gaze. Your fingers graze along one of the tattoos around his left wrist—a trailing vine decorated with thorny roses—and you shiver again when he chuckles and twines your wandering fingers with his.
“I’ll tell you the story behind it later,” he promises. “I’ll tell you all the stories, if you want. But right now, I want to do this.”
And before you can get another word in edgewise—before you can even breathe—he’s pressing you down onto the bed, the mattress dipping underneath your combined weight. His mouth finds yours again, hot and insistent, before trailing down to the junction where your neck meets your shoulder and latching on there. His teeth sink into the delicate skin, blossoming pain and purple bruises along your flesh, but it’s the delicious sort that leaves you gasping and desperate for more. You’re clutching at his shoulders by this point, nails digging harsh crescents into his skin, but he doesn’t seem to mind one bit as he kisses his way down to the collar of your dress and tears it off with a growl.
Cool air washes across your skin, and you belatedly remember that you’d decided to forego a bra this morning. Jungkook is staring down at your exposed body, transfixed, and you flush under the sudden scrutiny.
“Don’t get shy on me now,” he murmurs when you move to cross your arms over your chest. “You’re perfect. Pretty, perfect, and all fucking mine.”
Then he’s tugging your arms aside and leaning down to envelop a nipple in his mouth, teasing the hardening peak with his tongue. The sensation has you moaning, and you feel him smile against your skin before he switches his attention to its neglected twin. “So pretty,” he murmurs, pulling back so he can blow a cool puff of air against your dampened skin and chuckling when you shudder. “I bet you’ll look even prettier without this on.”
He snaps the band of your panties against your skin, and you whine out his name. “Hurry up and take them off, then.”
Jungkook grins. “So impatient,” he murmurs, but the growing tent in his pants betrays his own eagerness. In one motion, he’s peeling your panties down your legs, tossing them aside. Reaching down, he unbuckles his belt and frees his cock, gaze never leaving yours as he nudges your thighs apart and settles between them.
“Jungkook,” you murmur, breathy and soft. “Fuck me, please.”
He doesn’t need any more convincing. Jungkook leans forward, his lithe body poised over yours as he slowly guides his cock inside you. His tongue darts out to moisten his lips as he slides home, and you groan at the feeling of him fully seated inside your body, hot and slick and so, so full.
“Look at you,” he rasps, drawing back so he can thrust forward once more. “Such a good girl, taking my cock like this.”
You whimper at the surge of fullness, wrapping your legs around his waist to draw him closer. Jungkook’s fingers curl around your hips, and you keen out his name when he starts up a rough pace that nearly rips the air from your lungs. A stream of praise falls from his lips—how good you feel wrapped around him, how long he’s been dreaming of this moment—and you return his hushed sentiments with airy whispers and pleas for more, more, more.
When you come, it’s with his name on your lips. Jungkook reaches his high just moments later, and you wind your arms around his neck lazily as he catches his breath again, brushing a few strands of black hair off his forehead.
“Fuck,” he sighs, letting his head fall onto your bare shoulder. “I shouldn’t have done this.”
You run your fingers through his hair, letting your nails scrape gently against his scalp. “Done what? Given me the best fuck of my life?”
He snorts out a disbelieving laugh. “I don’t think that’s part of my job description.”
“Fuck the job description,” you reply, poking his cheek until he looks up, and kissing him once he does. “You’re my bodyguard, right? So come over here, and guard me.”
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necronomeow · 9 months ago
🐱Cat Behavior/ Cat Trainer Guide🐱:
✨Feline Grooming✨:
Cats spend 30% of their waking hours keeping their hairdo coiffed. Grooming other felines is a normal behavior! AKA Mutual Grooming!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
🙀What are abnormal behaviors in cats & kittens?🙀
Pica : eating non-food items
Wool sucking / fabric chewing
Unusual fears, anxieties, or phobias
OCD - obsessive compulsive disorders
Pica: Behavior is unknown BUT, it is a compulsive behavioral issue cats will eat...
Needles, thread, or yarn 🧶
Rubber bands
Electrical Cords
Cat litter
House plants 🪴
Medicinal causes of Pica include:
Skin disease 🦠 (over licking / over grooming)
Parasites 🦠 (fleas, ticks, etc)
Chronic pain ( pacing & vocalizing)
Nervous System Disease 🦠 (central)
Deafness 🧏‍♀️
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
if you notice any of these symptoms or any behavioral change in your feline friend please consult your vet for further medical treatment, it is crucial for the safety of your cat and you the owner to know signs of illness before it advances into something that can affect your feline in the long run!
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trials-by-blood · 9 months ago
Male with Gender Neutral S/O. S/O is protective over their Yautja. One day, on the mothership, a female gets interested in the male. S/O firmly shows the male is theirs. Male is very impressed by their antics. (If possible, make it naughty ish. Like pulling on Yautja tresses. I apologize if that makes you uncomfortable. I don’t know what you’re rules are.)
Okay so, It’s done! Like another prompt, I decided I should consciously try to be concise and cap it off before going over 2500 words or else it could go on and on. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be naughty because I’ve made the decision to keep this blog at a PG-13 rating. I wound up RBing my original post (The one announcing open asks) with a loose outline of my rules after receiving this very ask. Yeah, I kinda had that “Uh-oh, I forgot the most important step” moment. 
This one sort of ran in a few unexpected and at times turbulent directions. I hope you enjoy this reply although it veered a little off course.
The ooman was always a pain. Ghardeh called them H’ko. It was literally the word for no. Why did Ghardeh call the ooman this? Because it was the first word in Ghardeh’s language that they had learned and one they loved to use. No, no, no. “No” to proper clothing in the current yaut fashions, “No” to any food item they found suspicious, “No” to bathwater heated too hot, “No” to sleeping in the kehrite as unblooded should, “No” to observing Ghardeh’s hunts via a live stream transmitted from the eye lenses of his helm because they did not like the idea of possibly witnessing their companion’s death in real-time. A definite “NO” to learning to hunt as well. They didn’t have any interest in hunting to prove themselves. 
H’ko, H’ko, H’ko. Ghardeh had heard the word in that terrible accent so many times he’d begun mockingly repeating it back to the ooman out of frustration, eventually, it became their pet-name, and later it became a term of endearment. Ghardeh had long given up on the notion that H’ko would ever become a warrior, but that was fine, the ooman was proficient in mechanics and electrical work and it was a respectable profession for an ooman.
Bound for the Clan ship, Ghardeh did not worry much about the ooman’s safety. His clan worked with oomans regularly and in H’ko’s case, as they weren’t a warrior and wore typical ooman dressings, the people would regard them with the same scrutiny as the unblooded: well beneath the gaze of warriors. And yautja women? Well, they ignored their male counterparts ninety percent of the time too, doubtful they’d even register H’ko’s presence at all. Other yautja should simply pretend H’ko didn’t exist as they tagged along safe and sound under Ghardeh’s left arm, and if anyone spared them a second glance it would likely be assumed that H’ko’s role was that of a hired repairer and no more.
Ghardeh had prepped H’ko very sternly and more than once for this visit. Speak to no one above their rank. Do not make prolonged eye contact as it is seen as a challenge. The breeding season is near so if a female propositions, allow Ghardeh to decline and do not intercede. That last instruction was very important. 
Ghardeh had known that humans were often monogamous, and when asked H’ko confirmed that they would prefer not to share Ghardeh’s romantic attention with others. This was one of the many compromises in their unusual partnership. Ghardeh would sleep and engage in sex acts with H’ko and only H’ko, but they had agreed to allow Ghardeh to donate reproductive material non-sexually to females if it was asked of him. Ghardeh had to explain to the ooman: if you are a strong warrior and a fine hunter, it is your duty to contribute your traits to the next generation. They had accepted that aspect of yautja culture begrudgingly, taking a long time to think through and voice all concerns about it just as Ghardeh had done as well when it became apparent that his ooman companion did not enjoy the notion of their mate being dragged to a stranger’s bed chambers if a proposition was accepted. The ordeal of Yaut mating practices also seemed to upset them. A female will usually test a warrior to be absolutely certain that she’d chosen a sire well. This often involves dangerous feats or enduring a physical altercation. H’ko had been unhappy with the very common occurrence of males limping their way home after a failed encounter with a choosy woman.
Ghardeh was merely reviewing all of this information in his head whilst he lied on his back and massaged at the stress crease in his forehead with his knuckles. Tucked against his left side and in the crook of his arm was H’ko, snoring and blissfully unaware of Ghardeh’s anxiety. H’ko would be relatively safe for sure, but something always went wrong when he tried to bring them aboard the Clan Ship. Last time, H’ko accidentally got dragged off with another group of oomans after being mistaken for a member of an ambassadorial tour group. None of the actual ambassadors had the gall to inform their extraordinarily intimidating guide that H’ko was just some random person who was grabbed, scolded for wandering off -which they had, but not from that group-, and herded along with the rest of the soft little aliens. Ghardeh was tempted to tether H’ko to his own body this time, so they couldn’t move more than ten feet from him.
Ghardeh sat up and scrubbed a knuckle against his closed eyes as he prepared to leave the bed, then let a hand fall on H’ko’s shoulder to gently shake them awake. It was time to dress, eat, and prepare. 
Docking went smoothly, and disembarking was uneventful as well. They were greeted by Chulonte, a friend and hunt brother who knew H’ko well and even dipped his head slightly to acknowledge their presence.
“The meeting place has been reserved, we should go now, the others have already gathered,” Chulonte told them briskly before turning away and leading them on.
Ghardeh leaned toward H’ko and dropped a hand on their shoulder. “We’ll acquire a midday meal after the meeting, just the two of us.”
Ghardeh was pleased when H’ko gave him an earnest closed-mouth grin. H’ko liked when they ate alone yet in public. Called them “dates”. 
Ghardeh was in the meeting with his equals, a loose coalition of hunters each with their own private hunting vessels who always coordinated with one another so that their time hunting on various worlds did not overlap. Apparently, there were laws in place to prevent over-hunting on some planets and to avoid over-exposure on others. Taylor was told to wait outside with Chulonte’s hounds. They were big ugly scaly beasts. One had a face like a cross between an English Bulldog and a cod, the other was nothing but a fangy maw of teeth and horny protuberances growing from its back but they were rather friendly, at least toward Taylor. Taylor wasn’t completely fluent in the Yautja dialects but it had seemed that, as a favor to Ghardeh, Chulonte had given his hunting hounds a command to guard the tiny human among them. The animals hovered close to where the human sat and would stand from their seated positions if any passerby veered too close. Taylor chanced a hand at petting them, Bulldog Face kept dropping his enormous head into the human’s lap for more attention, Spikey Back wasn’t into it and lied down just out of reach.
A group of women began to form nearby, but not too close, as Spikey Back had stood and shown the lot of them his teeth when they tried to form a cluster too near to where Taylor sat waiting for Ghardeh. Taylor could hear this and that which was said among the women. Some of the discussion was pretty damn raunchy. They were here to find action and had planned to greet the hunters when they conclude their meeting and disperse. They said things about what they wanted to do to the hunters they had chosen, sometimes what tests of strength and resilience they were expected to endure, but more often the discussions leaned heavily into overtly explicit themes. The woman who wanted Chulonte wanted to see if he could track by scent as accurately as his hounds could and if he succeeded in this test she would, and Taylor could only partially decipher the phrase, “??? him so ??? that his spine comes undone from his pelvis”. It made Taylor’s skin crawl, especially when all of the women laughed approvingly at what the other had said. Taylor hoped it was a lesser evil in being just a filthy joke but given how tall and strong they appeared, and how dangerous Ghardeh had told Talyor they were, they wondered if they really could injure their partners in such a way. It certainly seemed possible.
Taylor felt tension building in their chest. They heard them name off nearly all the hunters they’d seen enter the meeting room and every brutal ordeal they wished to subject them to, and it was only a matter of time before Taylor heard Ghardeh’s name. It happened, and when it did, the human’s pet name was mentioned as well. 
“Ghardeh is a difficult one to persuade, too difficult to bother with up until now. He now has rank advancements, clearly enough to afford him a live trophy. That’s worth some regard, but how to get rid of H’ko long enough to have adequate time with the man?”
“Seems like Chulonte’s dogs make fine enough guardians for it. Let us coordinate our liaisons then-”
Taylor couldn’t keep their mouth shut. They’d been infuriated by three ugly words. Live Trophy and, It.
“I am NOT a Live Trophy! And Ghardeh is NOT available for your abuse!” They shouted, causing both of the hounds to jerk to attention and search for a threat to their charge.
Ghardeh had correctly predicted that the meeting would go very much as it had in all of the previous seasons, a few smooth agreements, a few disputes, a fight or two, and then they’d leave and continue about their personal business. He left that meeting room with lunch on his mind and the expectation that H’ko would be clamoring for a meal as well, he had not anticipated being met with the sight of them dangling from the grip of Dar-bak’di, the most fearsome of the local young women who roved in a pack during the breeding season. H’ko was kicking and gasping for air as they flailed in her grip, Chul’s hounds were being bribed into complicity by the other women offering them whatever morsels they had in their bags, and Dar-bak’di was making a show of how easily she could destroy a mere ooman. Now it was Ghardeh shouting H’ko! H’ko!
It took a great deal of convincing to get Dar-bak’di to release H’ko, and the limit of her mercy was to drop the gasping ooman on top of Ghardeh and call them both abominable, in addition to accusing Ghardeh of something akin to bestiality. Dar’bak-di had smelt Ghardeh’s amorous n'dui'se all over his ooman companion and she refused to believe it when she was told that H’ko was a legally hired mechanic. To perform mating practices with species classified as prey was frowned upon, but not against any written law. The truth of the matter was, H’ko was unbelievably lucky to survive the encounter and had, hopefully, learned something from it. 
The ooman did not argue or make a fuss on the way home, and whether they liked it or not they were carried. The bruising around their neck was already blooming into hot red blotches. Ghardeh said nothing of it but make no mistake, he was furious. He’d told H’ko in no ambiguous words not to engage in conversation much less an altercation with yautja women! And what did they do, start a fight they could never under any circumstances survive on their own.
Upon his Vessel, Ghardeh placed H’ko in bed and with the intention of letting them sleep the ordeal off. After leaving the room, he went to the galley to serve himself a drink before grabbing the kit to treat severe bruising, but heard the soft soles of H’ko’s feet padding behind him.
“Go back to the bed and rest,” Ghardeh told the ooman flatly without turning to look at them as he poured a glass of c’ntlip.
“They were saying terrible things,”
Ghardeh sighed and set aside the decanter before taking the first sip and responding.
“They’re lonely and horny, of course they were speaking in lewdisms. I warned you that they would speak this way about whatever they set their longing eyes upon.”
“But it was about you and-”
“I don’t care what was said about me! You disobeyed the most important instruction I have ever given you! You could have been rent to pieces! You directly challenged an individual no less than twice your height and perhaps four times your weight! Worse still, she was legally in the right to throw you through a wall if she wanted to!”
“She called me a Live Trophy!” H’ko shouted through a snarl.
The tone immediately triggered Ghardeh’s expression to twist and eyes to darken as he postured for a fight -albiet only a verbal one- but the words gave him a reason to pause as he processed what was said. Live Trophy, it was nothing else but a slur, and H’ko’s anger was justified. H’ko tended to show a fear response with tears and soft whines when they were angered, though, which Ghardeh was always bewildered by. A show of anger more familiar to Ghardeh had come first this time, perhaps because his own mannerisms had begun to rub off on the ooman, so a second pause was taken to scrutinize H’ko’s face. Ah, the grimace and tears were building behind the facade. Ghardeh deflated.
“She called you a Live Trophy?” he asked, softly this time as not to elevate H’ko’s anger further.
It was too late to abate the ooman’s upset. Fat droplets ran down their rounded face and they stopped making their oh-so-important eye contact as they nodded to confirm that, yes, they’d been called a live trophy.
Ghardeh moved in to close the distance between them in two strides before dropping both hands on his ooman mate’s shoulders with a great sigh. 
“We will treat the bruising on your neck, then we will prepare a meal on our ship, then we should talk about what happened.” 
H’ko did that typical human thing by saying nothing and gripping the yautja around the waist in an embrace. Ghardeh tried the rumble affectionately, but frankly, he was now furious beyond belief for all new reasons. Live Trophy. Had he known such a term had been thrown at his companion, he’d have been inclined to challenge her too.
“You were brave Tay-Lar, for defending your honor.”
“Yes,” Ghardeh said with a genuine growl of approval this time, stroking the back of his companion’s round head.
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tobobio · a year ago
Teach You A Lesson [Pro Hero!Bakugou x Elementary School Teacher!Reader] pt. 12
Tumblr media
prompt: request
a/n: this was a bit short and sweet. i love writing interactions of (y/n) and bakugou’s classmates since (y/n) obviously didnt go to UA. 
hope you are all staying safe out there! please be careful i will always be praying for your safety bros!
hope you enjoy!
“Ready?” Bakugou’s deep voice echoed within the confined walls of his lamborghini. The flashing lights of cameras through the tinted windows already blinding you in your peripheral vision. You gulped nervously as you checked your hair and makeup for the umpteenth time in the visor mirror. Turning to look at your lover, you nodded. 
“Yeah” you said before Bakugou was first to step out, walking to your side and opening your passenger door. He took your hand and guided you down the red carpet as the flashing lights and the flurry of questions directed towards you and the explosive hero bombarded the couple seconds of being in the open air. 
This was going to be a long night.  
When Bakugou brought up the question one night after a nice date, you almost rejected the invitation getting too flustered at the thought of attending such a fancy event. Heck, you didn’t even know what to wear, you didn’t even think you had anything worthy enough to wear to a gala. 
But being how persistent and hard headed Bakugou was, he offered -- more like forced you -- to go shopping, even paying for every single item, down to the smallest diamond that adorned the necklace he was so insisting on you wearing. You were completely against him buying such an expensive piece of jewelry, but you lost that battle when he had purchased the damn thing behind your back and snuck it into your shopping bags. 
Now that tiny little rock that was worth more than your paycheck hung perfectly between your collarbones.
The couple went with coordinating colors. Your long burgundy dress complimented your skin tone and hugged your curves in all the right ways. And the slit that went down the side seductively emphasized the length of your legs as you strutted in some new black stilettos. Bakugou sported the simple black suit, accompanied with a burgundy button up shirt beneath his jacket. The collar unbuttoned just how he liked it and giving a teasing peek of the 24 carat gold chain that sat so well against his skin. Your hair and makeup was nothing like you’ve ever done before and you were stunned each time you caught a glimpse of your reflection, unbelieving that it was really you dressed to the nines. Surely the duo would make headlines the next day of the hottest couple to walk the red carpet. 
Once you were inside the venue and free from the crazy reporters, you were able to let out a sigh of relief you didn’t know you had been holding in. You knew the media was a lot but that was exhausting. 
“You okay?” Bakugou asked, voice full of concern but you gave him a reassuring smile. 
“I’m okay. I could use a drink though.” Bakugou nodded, leading you with your hand linked into his elbow to the refreshments. 
“Yo! Bakubro! You made it!” a familiar voice called to the ash blonde. Turning you were met with the vermillion of Kirishima’s fiery locks, followed by Kaminari and his -- to everyone’s surprise -- date. 
“And (y/n) made it too!” the red head exclaimed, exchanging a friendly hug with you. You even gave one to Kaminari. 
“So you were actually able to score a date Dunce face” Bakugou snickered,  “So what’d ya do this time? 5,000 yen?” Bakugou teased the electric hero.
“Hey! Rude! I’ll have you know I wooed her with my charm!” the female next to him jabbed him in the side with her elbow. The three of you chuckled.
“This idiot wouldn’t stop begging me to be his date. He came knocking at my apartment door everyday for a week until I finally said yes.” The purple haired woman sighed, “Sorry, I haven’t even introduced myself, I’m Jirou also known as Earphone Jack. Nice to meet you.” she held a hand out for you to shake, which you took gratefully.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Jirou-san, I love watching your performances on Hero Harmony! I’m (y/n), (l/n) (y/n).” you smiled sweetly.
“Ah so you’re the infamous (l/n)-sensei I’ve been hearing so much about.” she threw a teasing smirk at the ash blonde who threw his head to the side to hide the blush that bloomed on his cheeks. 
You cocked your head to the side, “Oh?” turning to your lover with a smile, “You talk about me?”
“Talk about you? This guy doesn’t shut up about you. Every time we get together for our U.A. class reunions you’re all that comes out of his mouth. It’s even worse when he’s drunk! It’s always (l/n)-sensei this, (l/n)-sensei that-”
“Shut the hell up ears!” Bakugou boomed. His entire face as red as Kirishima’s hair. 
You laughed, “Oho, no need to be shy Katsuki. I talk about you with my coworkers too.” 
“We were so shocked! No one would ever have expected Bakugou of all people to date someone who worked with kids, let alone even date! He always had his head stuck in his ass to-”
“ALRIGHT THAT’S IT, WE’RE LEAVING!” Bakugou grabbed your wrist and pulled you from the area. His face burned hot from Jirou’s consistent banter, leaving the three others laughing amongst themselves at Bakugou’s humiliation. 
“It was nice meeting you Jirou!” you called back before the two of you disappeared into the crowd.
The two settled in a far corner of the room, giving Bakugou the chance to let off some steam quietly. How dare those idiots exploit him like that! He made a mental note to get back at them later. While Bakugou was busy sending curses to his friends you were too busy ogling at the various pro-heroes that passed by to even pay mind to your lover.
“Oh my god there’s Creati! She’s even prettier in person!” you squealed, gasping as you saw another pro-heroes you only had the luxury of seeing on television. But now here you were able to witness them up close and personal, donned in exquisite formal wear other than their usual hero costumes. You wondered how a mere civilian like you ever was granted an opportunity like this.
“Wow, Deku-kun and Uravity look so cute together!”
A gasp ripped from your throat, “Is that Hawks?!” you blushed profusely, “God he’s so hot-”
“Oi! I’m standing right here!” Bakugou’s eye twitched at your fangirling. A twinge of jealousy rose in his chest. He should be the only one you should be fangirling over!
“Aw don’t be jealous, Kacchan. You know you’re my favorite hero.” you coddled him.
At that he smirked, “Damn right.”
A sudden bump into your shoulder almost made you lose your balance, luckily Bakugou’s quick reflexes caught you and he opened his mouth to yell at the perpetrator, only to halt his actions. 
“My my, well if it isn’t Bakugou. Long time no see.” bright crimson eyes met with the emerald green ones of his past boss. Best Jeanist.
“My apologies young lady, I didn’t mean to bump into you. Are you alright?” he held a hand out to you, but before you could take it Bakugou slapped it away.
“Hands off, strings” Bakugou growled maliciously.
Best Jeanist sighed, “You haven’t changed a bit, Bakugou. Still as hostile as ever.” he turned to you, “I apologize for his behavior.”
You shook your head, “N-no it’s fine, I’m used to it.” Best Jeanist shook his own head, looking at Bakugou with disbelief, “Bakugou this is no way to act in front of a woman, over the years and getting your own agency I would have thought you would mature a little.” 
“Shut up! Like you know me! I’m doing just fine with my agency, bastard!”
Best Jeanist heaved another sigh, “Are you his lover?” he asked you. The sudden question had you stammering nervously, you couldn’t believe you were actually talking to the Best Jeanist right now. 
“U-um yes!” you managed to answer. Best Jeanist planted a hand on Bakugou’s shoulder, only to have Bakugou slap it off barely even a second later, and his other on your own.
“He’s a handful but take care of him. And as for you-” he turned to the ash blonde, “You probably already know this but take care of her. You’re a good hero.”
“Of course I fucking am. I’m the best-”
“But you still need to work on that attitude.”
He bid you two farewell with a wave, “I bid you two the best in your relationship.” and parted off into the crowd to join conversation with other pros. Bakugou clicked his tongue as he glared at his past superior’s retreating back. Your eerie silence had him directing his attention towards you. Your entire face was red and your eyes wide with shock. 
“Oi (y/n)-”
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tlbodine · 10 months ago
Thanksgiving is Gonna Be Weird: A Survival Guide for 2020
It’s 2020, the pandemic is worse than ever, and the holidays are right around the corner. No matter what, this is going to be a weird Thanksgiving for a lot of people. With travel restrictions in place and most of us having a mighty desire not to murder our friends and family by spreading around a disease, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be celebrating a bit differently this year. 
And, hey, maybe you decide not to celebrate at all. Which is perfectly valid! 
But maybe you’re staring down the possibility of your first Thanksgiving on your own, or feeding just the small group you live for rather than a big crowd, or some other unusual circumstance. And if that’s the case, I wanted to compile together some resources/ideas to help you out. I know this isn’t my usual horror fare, but...well, I hope it’s helpful, regardless. 
Tumblr media
“Help, I’ve Never Made Thanksgiving Dinner Before” Starter Kit
Maybe you’ve always gone home for the holidays but are currently stuck in an apartment with a few roommates, and none of you have any intensive cooking skills. Maybe you always take the kids to Grandma’s house and have never had to contribute more than a side dish but now really want to do a proper Thanksgiving feast for your partner(s), kid(s) and whoever else lives in your house. 
Never fear! A Thanksgiving feast doesn’t have to be intimidating! In fact, Thanksgiving foods are usually pretty simple; the most challenging part of the whole feast is the project management aspect of working with a lot of different dishes and getting everything ready at once. But the smaller your crowd to feed, the easier that is! 
So, the first thing you’ll want to do is come up with a menu. Sit down and write a list of all the foods you normally eat and enjoy on Thanksgiving. If something is served at your family meal that you’ve never cared for, guess what? You can boot that bad boy right off the list! 
By and large, the standard Thanksgiving feast consists of: 
Roast turkey 
Mashed potatoes
Some kind of dinner roll
Cranberry sauce
Some number of vegetable side dishes (often a green been casserole and a sweet potato casserole) 
Some kind of dessert (often/traditionally a pumpkin pie) 
I’ve linked above some easy & favorite techniques/recipes for all of these foods, but of course you can buy time-saving convenience items to get you rolling -- from potato flakes to gravy mix to premade pie. I won’t tell if you don’t. 
If there’s something you’re used to eating every year that you don’t know how to whoever usually makes it! If at all possible, obviously, I’m not recommending you do a seance to talk to your dead great-aunt and get her rolls recipe. Just, up your friend/family member, get the recipe, and use it as an opportunity to connect. Odds are both of you are missing the human interaction. 
“Hey, That’s Nice, But I Live in a Dorm Room”  Edition 
Okay, okay, I get it. You’re away at college and can’t get home to see your family safely and you’re living in some kind of weird socially isolated dorm situation where you have limited access to cooking implements. Or, shit, idk, maybe you’re couch-surfing or living in a motel or otherwise not in possession of a full kitchen. 
I got you, fam. 
Do you have at your disposal a microwave? Rice cooker? Even an electric kettle will work! 
If you have some way to boil water, you can make instant mashed potatoes, gravy, and stove-top stuffing. If you have a microwave, you can steam some vegetables and bake a sweet potato. For dessert, core an apple, stuff the cavity with brown sugar + cinnamon + butter and nuke in the microwave for 4 minutes. 
It’s hypothetically possible to microwave a turkey, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, I’d opt to buy a deli roast chicken (about $5 at most grocery stores), or even just some turkey deli meat. Alternatively, ham usually just needs to be warmed rather than cooked, and you can buy a big ol’ ham steak at the store for a couple of bucks. 
“I’m Dead Broke Because COVID, Send Help” 
You know the great thing about Thanksgiving food? It’s cheap. No, really! It can be, anyway, especially since a lot of foods go on sale. 
In my area anyway, the local Wal-Mart and Smith’s Grocery have: 
A can of green beans for about 79 cents
A bag of instant mashed potatoes for about $1 
A big can of yams for about $1, or fresh yams for 50 cents/lb (usually a couple sweet potatoes = 1lb) 
Canned corn or peas + corn for 50 cents, or steam-in-bag veggies of your choice for $1 
Stovetop stuffing for $1 or sometimes even 50 cents per box 
Margarine for 79 cents to $1 
Gravy mix packets for 50 cents each
A can of cranberry sauce for $1 or less
Most of these are also available at Dollar Tree! 
A lot of food banks will also be giving out turkeys this time of year, and some grocery stores will give you a free turkey if you spend $50 or $100 on groceries or whatever. Do you have an older relative who needs groceries? Ask if you can go buy their food and deliver it to their door (contactless!) and keep the free turkey.
You can pretty easily feed a group of 4-6 for $20 or so, especially if you’re willing to be flexible on your protein. And what are you doing feeding more than 6 people in the middle of a pandemic, huh? 
“I’m Used to Hosting a Big Dinner But There’s Only Like Three Of Us Living In This House WTF How Do I Scale This Shit Down” 
Maybe you are a Thanksgiving veteran. Maybe you’re accustomed to hosting for a big crowd and cooking a small meal just seems dumb and pointless. I feel you. This is my life right now! But don’t despair! 
The way I see it, you’ve got a couple-three options: 
Option One: 
Cook your turkey + a different side each day, and eat your Thanksgiving feast spread out over a week or so. It’ll keep your leftovers from dominating your fridge, let you eat something fresh, and allow you to enjoy all your favorite recipes. Downside is you’ll have to cook every day, so you tell me if you’re too busy to do that. 
Option Two: 
Cook everything that you normally would, but portion off half of it or whatever to stuff into your freezer, or go deliver it to somebody else’s door. The odds are pretty good that you’ve got a friend or family member who is freaking out about the holiday, and if you can’t see them in person, you can at least drop food off on their porch and then honk aggressively/cheerfully from the safety of your car! 
Option Three: 
Make something different this year. If you’re a foodie, take this as an opportunity to challenge yourself to create something high-maintenance and weird that you wouldn’t normally make. This is a good choice if you’re off work and stuck in your house with nothing else to do. Basically you’re subbing out quantity for quality so the meal still feels special and unique even if it’s, y’know....just you and your cat, or whoever. 
PS: Roasting a whole chicken or a cornish game hen is a fun, small-scale way to get your bird-in-the-oven experience. You can also buy a turkey breast and just cook that, which will be a lot faster than the whole bird anyway. 
"I’m An Essential Worker And I’m Working Thanksgiving And Have No Time To Do ANYTHING, What Now?” 
Dude, I get it. And whether you’re a doctor, nurse, grocery store employee, or whatever other essential service-worker, my heart goes out to you because hoo boy this year has been shit, hasn’t it? I can’t do anything about the hazard pay situation, but I CAN tell you that there are a few places offering delivery-based Thanksgiving meal options! 
You might want to search around a bit for your specific area. Cracker Barrel, Marie Callendar’s, Boston Market, and other types of branded “home-cooking” type restaurants tend to have some kind of Thanksgiving thing. Why not call your local restaurant fav to see if they’re doing something similar? Most restaurants are desperate for a way to stay afloat right now, so a ton of places that don’t traditionally deliver are offering curbside service now. It’s worth a try! 
So, there you have it. 
I hope some of these tips taught you something new, pointed you to a helpful resource, or gave you some ideas. More than anything, I just want everybody to be safe and happy this holiday. So, please -- get creative, wear your mask while you’re shopping, avoid the get-togethers, and be careful. You may save a life! 
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sweetlyjaem · 9 months ago
Alien Hunting 101 | h.rj
Tumblr media
☼︎pairing: ravenclaw!renjun/ravenclaw!reader
☼︎genre: fluff, s2l
☼︎word count: 3K
☼︎synopsis: even within the wizarding community, aliens were almost as implausible as with the muggles but Renjun was determined to find proof of extraterrestrial existence with or without safety measures.
[series masterlist]
☼︎a/n: haha, sorta based on my own obsession with alien existence.  
Tumblr media
l/ns' believe that our world is like a bead on a beaded necklace or bracelet. There are many infinite beads other than the one we live on and there might be others living on the other beads too. Maybe not on the same tread as us but on a similar but different one, it's possible. However, if the muggles don't believe in them, you'd think wizards would. Plot twist, they don't. Even within the wizarding community, aliens were almost as implausible as with the muggles.
Unfortunate, you know.
That's why when your friend from Gryffindor told you about an alien enthusiast, you were almost over the moon to find out he was in the same house and year as you. She was huffing and puffing when she told you to meet him at the Astronomy Tower with your alien hunting equipment tonight and right now, you were determined to befriend this fellow extraterrestrial-life-believer.
"Hello?" You call, a grin plastered on your face while you take excited steps up onto the Astronomy Tower's highest floor.
A shorter than you, petit boy stared at you cautiously. "Are you y/n?" He asks. His voice has a splash of honey and puberty mixed it as his voice cracked at your name. You smile, nodding and walked closer to him, extending your hand in greeting. "And you are Renjeon?"
He inhaled sharply, cringing his face. "A-ha, it's Ren-jun, not Jeon." He said, bitterly smiling at you. "I assume she thought you that, that vixen." He growls, scoffing.
"She indeed did and she tells me you want to alien existence?" You ask cheerily, not put off by his aloof exterior. Ravenclaws are particular about acquaintances, we are aloof people in general.
Aloof people, you think, are endearing when you get to know them. Under all that brazen behaviour, they are usually squishy babies. Your hufflepuff comes out around aloof people even though you are very obviously; because of your blue robes, a Ravenclaw. At times, you really do think the sorting hat made a mistake placing you in Ravenclaw because you really didn't do too well in class. The outdoors were your field of expertise and maybe potions but let's not say that explicitly.
"So, what are we searching for?" You ask, putting your telescope together and watching him pull out items you've never seen before. "What are those?"
You can see his shoulders raise and he looks at you with an excitable expression, throwing you off a bit. "This is a radio transmissiter." He says, pointing at the box like thing with antlers? popping out from the side. "The muggles are really advanced, you see. This is used to get and send signals into space for the aliens to catch." He says, animatedly pointing from the item to the sky to the horizon where you assume is where the muggles are supposed to be.
"You know, electricity doesn't work inside Hogwarts, right?" You playfully ask, raising your brows at him with a subtle smirk. "Of course, I know. But you never know till you try, yeah?" He says, bringing the item with him closer to you and he fiddles with the tiny buttons and levers on the box.
In a split second, it was orange in your sight and the next, Renjun's face was covered in soot. Coughing at the explosion of carbon on your faces, your coughing contorted into giggled, laughter making eye contact with Renjun's panicked ones. "That was fun!" You exclaimed laughing at him, slapping his arms and gripping on your knees to keep you from rolling on the floor. "Oh, shut up." He mumbles, wiping off the soot with the sleeve of his robe.
You smile to yourself thinking, 'This is going to be so fun."
Tumblr media
"So Renjun, you don't attend the Quidditch matches?" You ask curiously following him out of the Great Hall.
It is February and Ravenclaw vs Slytherin was going to take place in a few minutes. Personally, you enjoy the sport but do not, absolutely, do not have the skill to play the game. As seventh-year, you know the teams well and you know that Lee Haechan was friends with Huang Renjun and were highly curious to know why he was walking into the Forbidden Forest instead of to the Quidditch pitch. "I assume you have some plan?" You echoe your mind, gripping on the edge of his robe.
"Well, l/n, yes. I do have a plan." He said as a matter of fact, taking your hand from his robe and leading you behind a tree from where he peeked at a smoking area. "Where there is smoke, there is fire, l/n." He says, leaning closer to the tree to get a better look. "Something might have crashed."
You did not like the Forbidden forest but you said to yourself: where ever he went, you went. The tall trees made you feel small and inferior, the herd of centaurs that live in these woods and the magical creature likely lurking because of Hagrid, the gamekeeper, scared you but you did not like admitting that either. What scares you most are the centaurs, who think they're smarter than humans but they might as well be cause why not.
Flinching at the sound of hoofs, you unconsciously step closer to Renjun against the tree. You felt him visibly tense under your paling fist clutching on his hand. He gulps, glancing at you and then he too heard the nearing hoofs and hootings and stompings. His grip on you tightened, as you backed into his back and he stood in front of you when they finally appeared in front of you. Encircling you and him, they were human from torso up and horse, from down. Their manes look gorgeous and your alien loving heart thinks for a fleeting moment, maybe aliens would also be human mutant looking something.
"Hah, I knew I smelt human flesh!" One of them growled, jabbing his head in front to scare you both and you did flinch, moving into Renjun more. You were sure he could hear your heart beating too fast to be alive as you heard his harsh gulp and heart beating too. "We do not harm foals!" Another one said firmly, halting in front on you both in a distance. "State your business." He said.
Renjun, bravely, said. "We saw smoke and thought there might be something we are looking for, we don't intent on any harm. For ourselves or you— "Not that we can do any harm to you." You accidentally said out loud.
"Yes, that's right." They laughed tauntingly but the same firm one from earlier, put his hands up and they all stop laughing. "We'll guide you to your human school but we don't want to see you again." He says scarily, glaring at you both. You squeak, nodding and gripped on Renjun as you both slowly followed the centaurs to were you came from.
"I hope they don't say anything to the headmistress." You mutter under your breath loud enough for Renjun to hear.
"Yeah, I hope so too." He agrees, glancing at you.
Tumblr media
After week with the episode of centaur scare, Renjun was determined to enter the shrieking shack. He dropped hints to you every so often that he wants you to come with but he did not still invite you, explicitly.
"I heard the entrance in under the womping willow. Man, it'll be really helpful if I had someone with me." He said one evening while you both were investigating strange sightings mentioned in the old books in the library. "I don't think Haechan is free." He mumbled loud enough for you to hear.
And you still did not tell him you were coming with. He pulled at the seams of your hearts wall, tugging the strings to your affection in the small, subtle ways he made time for you and wants you in his adventures with alien hunting. A fresh batch of oxygen would fill your lungs and you want to scream at how your heart burns at the thought of him when you are in your bed late at night. Renjun made himself a shed in your mind and heart and was determined to expand on more space.
"What are staring at, sweets?" Jeno, a friend of yours, asks. "Why are you here? This is the Hufflepuff table." He remarks, curiously following your line of sight towards the Ravenclaw table. "Huang Renjun?" He echos and you automatically shush him, looking away from the said boy. "Oohh, I see. Interesting developments made." He chuckled with his eyes curling as he observed you.
"You know, during last year's triwizard tourney, he was sneaking outside with his telescope." He paused stifling a laugh and said, "He wanted to climb up the roof of the Astronomy Tower." before breaking into a fit.
Jeno's shoulder shook and he hit the table while laughing, looking at you. "Oh, you did something similar but you tried to meet the merpeople," He added biting his lips, his chest shaking violently and he takes in a deep breath when you glare at him with a pout. "Match made in heaven." He said, adding a full stop in the air to indicate finality.
l/ns' believe that being straightforward is the way to go. You too want to believe that but the many voices in your head stop you. Just like how the world is a single bead in a tread full of other beads, you think the mind is the same. Many beads of many thoughts and associated feelings and it's up to you to pick up one and drive your actions with that bead. In the tread of rainbow coloured beads on your head, there was a splurge of blue and red related feelings. What if he has someone or didn't think of you the same? What if you're just being a chicken and not telling him right away?
You did not want to break your heart because after all, your relationship with him is Alien Hunters 101 and making it awkward is not an option. But something that gives a boost in courage is when you turn back to look at Renjun and he too is looking towards you, only to hurriedly look away.
You think, you see a blush faintly painted on his cheeks.
Tumblr media
It was nightfall when he said you'll be going to the shrieking shack. You were weirdly excited about the adventure to the shrieking shack because you didn't understand what it had to do with aliens at the slightest. You figured maybe, Renjun threw the history of it being the late Remus Lupin's werewolf hideout and wanted to investigate what else could be making noise even to this day.
"So how do we get in?" You ask concerned at how wonky the womping willow is. "There is knot on the trunk, I heard." Renjun said, grabbing a long branch and pressing it something with it and suddenly, the tree was silent and unmoving like the dead. "Woah." You nod, giving him a quiet clap and following him in through the pathway that you assumed leads to the shrieking shack.
"This is fun." You muse, walking close to him as a slight paranoia of being underground struck you. "If the ceiling falls, you must save me, okay?" You nervously laugh, clinging onto his hoodie.
"Ah- oh, wow, we are out of uniform today!" You exclaimed, grinning at your clothes. Renjun chuckles at you and said, "You look good in that colour." Sending a blush to your cheeks. "Oh please." You mumble, unable to look at him because a wide smile just spread on your face.
"We're here." He says, bringing your hand in his and helping you up the creaky stairs of the shack. "Merlin, it's so damn dusty." He coughed, brushing the dust from the air away from his face and you mirror his action.
Giggling at his cursing in response to how dusty the place was, you bend over your knees clutching your stomach. "Don't laugh, y/n." He said, pouting and looking ahead, away from you. Stopping yourself by holding your hand over your lips, you ask, "So where are the aliens?"
"No, ghosts." He firmly remarked, widening his eyes with excitement. You blink confused and asked, "Ghosts?"
"We've got many in Hogwarts, why are we here?" You tilt your head blinking, in front of his not noticing the close distance between you both and when your eyes flutter open, your heart is in your throat and Renjun's eyes are frozen at a single place. You gulp hard, plucking up the courage and ask, "Wh–what are you staring at?" You stutter, your chest burns and you heart is almost soaring because you know what he is staring at and you want to give him that push.
"We've got ghosts to hunt." He murmured, blinking unconsciously, turning and leaning closer to you. You thank the heavens the shack is not very bright or else he would have seen how you resembled a pressure cooker right now.
But nothing happens then.
Renjun blinks himself out of his daze and stared at your flushed face, your lips were almost puckered and he could spot the soft glow of heat on your cheeks and his heart squeezes at this sight but he is scared, he backs away from you with wide, frightened eyes and says, "Uhh, let's go back, yeah?"
The moment shatters your heart and you think, "Is this it?" You echo your mind unconsciously and he heard you, bitterly.
Tumblr media
Renjun keeps his distance from you but his eyes really couldn't. The fact you both were Ravenclaw seventh-years caught up to him when he couldn't focus on class because you sat three rows in front of him and giggled with your friend, playing with your hair and the smile on your face somehow did not reach your eyes and Renjun thinks he saw red swollen bags under your eyes even from a distance.
You try to close this distance but your legs don't allow you to. Sharing the same house was your blessing and you count every time he was more than two people away from you but even though he was close by, he never tried to close the distance and you feel the seam at your heart that spelt Renjun burn with bitterness. "Are you okay?" your roommates ask every night before reluctantly going to their beds.
Your shoulders shake with your head flushed against your pillow. The dampness annoys you but you don't seem to care because you are so sure you are just experiencing your feelings in a circle. You feel okay in the morning, you feel blue in the evening and you feel like ripping your heart out by night fall. You can't help it and you say yourself, "We are graduating in three months, I can't mop over a heartbreak. I've got NEWTs."
"Yes, but you need to talk to Renjun." Jeno says, whenever you tell him how you are coping. "Renjun feels just like you. He thinks he messed up and if you don't go to him, he'll graduate thinking he messed up big time."
"Well, he runs away when I am even a little close." You mutter, looking at Renjun sit by himself at the Ravenclaw table. "If you've got a plan, you can te– Oh! I've got a plan!" you exclaim quietly, beaming at Jeno. "Listen, tell Renjun that you saw something in the sky like a saucer during your Astronomy class. He'll probably come up there tonight if you say him. I'll wait for him, so you have to make sure you do tell him this." You rambled hurriedly picking up your bag and nodding at him for assurance and jogged up to the Ravenclaw Tower.
l/ns' believe that straightforwardness is the way to go and tonight, you were determined to confess your feeling to Huang Renjun.
Tumblr media
The night was particularly cold, so you wrapped yourself in layers of clothes as you drag yourself up to the Astronomy Tower and you use your wand to thaw the ice formation on the floor near where you usually sit and you sat. You take intervaled deep breaths and pray that Renjun does appear because you didn't think you'd have the courage to do this again.
"Hello?" Renjun calls as he senses a presence as he stalks up the stairs to the Astronomy Tower.
You froze in your spot when he appeared under the light for you to see. And he also stopped and his heart too for a split second. "Renjun." You firmly called and he blinked, taking slow steps towards you. "Um, I have something I need to... to tell." You swallowed your nerves that was collected in your throat.
"Hey, y/n." He said, awkwardly putting his hand up in a slight wave as he stopped a few meters away from you. "I didn't know you were going to be here."
"Of course, I'd be here. I am your fellow alien hunter." You joke carefully approaching him. You observe him nervously, stepping into his comfort zone and he visibly stiffed in the disappearance of the distance between you both. "I like you, Renjun. Do you like me?" You ask, your hands grip onto the hem of his shirt in a desperate search because he didn't make a noise or move away from you.
"Renjun?" You called.
"Yes," He said in a tone of urgency and gripped your arm harshly. "Yes, yes, I like you and I want to keep taking you with me while I search for,, —for aliens and a job and try to get my life together and I.. I am probably too young to ask for this but I am sure you're the only one who would keep joining me with my trips even though it always ends with us in trouble or in danger! BUT You still came!"
"Renjun, I feel the same." You said, your hands cupping his cheeks tenderly. "That day, I was scared I was going too fast on my own." He sighed, gazing up at your eyes. "Shit, I forgot you're taller than me."
"Renjun, I'll be the small spoon. It's okay." You teased him, wrapping your arms around his shoulder and leaning on his shoulder.
"Bro, this will hurt your back."
"But it's okay, if it's for you."
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gaegaefortaetae · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Bittersweet (씁쓸한) | j.jk
Pairing: JungkookxF!Reader
Warnings/Genre: Angst, slight fluff
Word Count: 3.3k
Contains: The undead, human!Jungkook, human!Reader, brief mentions of suicide, corpses, disturbing scenes ig, muscle spasms, blood, dry-heaving, brief mentions of COVID, makeshift stitches, hella swearing, committing of crimes, probably cliché lmao
Story Synopsis: During a small trip to the pharmacy, you come across a man struggling to face one of the undead. You assisted him in taking it out and, soon realizing he was one of the last survivors, you invited him to your base.
Tumblr media
It’s been about a month since then. No, likely a few months, actually. Time just moved slower, now.
It had been months since society, as you knew it, had fallen completely apart. It had been caused by an atomic evolution of the virus, COVID-19. This virus was a big problem during the beginning months of 2020, but it wasn’t any serious besides the fact that there weren’t any vaccines for the virus nor did anyone have extensive knowledge on it.
As stated, nothing horrible. Just an unfamiliar bug spreading.
If you remembered correctly, from April to September, the issue was renounced as solved. The government had found a way to cure the ill and the virus seemed to lessen. Everything was tranquil until the later months set in.
Early October or so, there were emergency alerts and reports of undead being reported to wander. It was suggested for all to stay inside the safety of their homes, but the few were skeptical of the claims and went to observe for themselves. Long story short, they found it out the hard way.
The disease continued to spread until the mass of Earth’s population was overtaken by, what you refer to as, zombies. They could have been zombies, they could have something completely different, but the term wasn’t misleading.
Moving on, as of right now, you were bearing a deep and painful laceration on your forearm. The sensation was on the brink of being considered torturous and, to add insult to injury, you had run completely out of bandages too. Now, you couldn’t even clot the blood.
Not to mention, blood was everywhere. Your clothing, the floor, and it wouldn’t be out of the question to find it on the ceiling.
“Fuck.” You winced through bared teeth, rummaging through your supplies. Sooner than later, you spotted what you were afraid of finding.
‘Twas a thin, metal needle that was laced onto by a spool of thread.
To ensure that the blood was stopped momentarily, you knew what you had to do. The problem was that you didn’t know if you had the will to do it. You were lucky as to come in contact with no saliva, or you would’ve been dead long ago, but you had to become even luckier for this wound not to grow infected.
“This is going to hurt.” You chuckled in pity, gripping the item with a trembling hand. “This is going to really fucking hurt.”
With very little hesitation, as you just wished for this to be over with, you shoved the needle into your wound, the point piercing the thin tissue of your skin.
You swore left and right as you made a, not very sterile, stitch that closed up the inner skin that was showing prior to the sewing.
“I’m never doing that again, no way.” You whined aloud, your arm quivering because of muscle reflexes. The unsteady movements of your hand were annoying, but the way the cut stung was far worse.
Looking down at the poor job you did with the thread in shame, you shook your head. The stitching pattern was jagged and uneven, but it held everything together pretty well. Not well enough, though.
To prevent further infection, you had better go to a pharmacy to retrieve gauze and bandages. In your favor, you had a supply of hydrogen peroxide in your comfy, little abandoned home.
Where you were located was placed conveniently near an abundance of shops and stores. A mall, a grocery store, and, most importantly, a pharmacy. Not to mention, you don’t have to keep focus on looking out for zombies, either. It was cold, causing most of the things to migrate to warmer climates. There may have been a few that were walking astray, though they were easy to take out due to hypothermia. They had very little to no clothing on, causing them to freeze.
Moving on, you needed gauze and bandages. It should only be a quick jog over since you only needed two pretty easy to find items.
You already had your coat slung around your shoulders due to the lack of electricity, meaning there wasn’t any way to warm yourself. It wasn’t hard to get cold, so why wouldn’t you? You also had a forearm blade sword that was, surprisingly, effective and easy to handle. You’d definitely rather have a gun of some sort, but it did the trick.
Pushing the already ajar door open, as you didn’t want to risk making noise and attracting unwanted attention, you took in a swift breath of the cold air. It burned your nose for a split second, but the pain fell dull as you remembered your mission.
You jogged around the corner to be met with exactly what you were looking for. Squishing your cheek against the glass of the entry, you listened for any suspicious activity. To your luck, you heard none, so you allowed yourself to enter with silence. There had originally been bells that jingle every time a new customer visits, so you removed them a few weeks back.
The place was dark, as usual. The aisles filled with nothing but a black void and the only light apparent was from, one, your flashlight or, two, the sunlight beaming through the windows.
You stepped behind the counter, your muscle-memory guiding you to the gauze. Your gut had been correct and the boxes were exactly where you remembered them to be.
Now the bandages; You could survive with just the gauze, but if you would like to lessen the risk of getting the cut infected, the wrap might be a safe route.
The flashlight in your hand faced upward and toward the aisle signs, letting you read each one. The medical row was directly to your left, so that’s where you headed.
It’s weird to think about the world right now. Nobody is left. Or really left. Anyone who’s survived for this long isn’t really a human. They are a survivor.
Anyone that’s left is either a murderer or lucky, and you trust neither of those, yet here you are, one among the two. You also hated your new routine, the one with no regulations. Burglary, trespassing, murder, and the occasional mugging. Your day consisted of unhindered crime and you were repulsed by it, but it is what it is.
You have to stay with the flow of traffic.
A deafening yell of fear emits from the complete other side of the room, the sound clearly expressing distress. You hurried over to the corner to see what was the cause of the scream.
You see one man, who began the ruckus, being cornered by a much larger man. The bulky guy that was preying on the smaller one was clearly one of the many undead.
Making a quick assumption that the live man had no weapon of any sort, you were fast to swipe the zombie’s head clean off, leaving behind merely the corpse. The muscles in the body spasmed, making the dead body appear alive but struggling. Gross.
You looked back to the man in the corner, whom was dry-heaving in the corner. Being so upsettingly used to the sight of corpses, you didn’t do the same.
The undead were so impressive, but not in a good way. They were terribly fast, brutally strong, and inhumane in every aspect. The only advantage humans had on them were their wits; Zombies were mentally vulnerable.
These words from the man had robbed you of your attention, so you craned your neck back to take a look at him and if he were alright. To your relief, he was, despite his constant gagging, physically fine.
Your breath that had hitched finally released, allowing a voluminous sigh to float around. “You’re okay, right?”
Flashlight in hand, you faced it down so you could see his face, but so you also wouldn’t be shining the light in his eyes. He said yeah, but his expression said words his mouth didn’t. He was obviously trying to keep his, for a lack of a better term, shit together. This may have been the first time he’s seen something like this happen. That or he’s just got an extremely light stomach. If it wasn’t the latter, you probably looked badass.
“Okay,” You responded, not wanting to prod him to answer anything more, for it simply wasn’t your concern. “Well, go back to your base soon because your yell would probably attract what’s left of the zombies.”
Tucking the supplies into the pit of your arm, you let your legs guide you to the door. It smelled horrid in there, you just wanted out. You were sure the man did, too- The man! He was the first person you’ve seen in weeks and you just told him to go back to his base.
“Hey! You’re still here, right?” You hollered into the void, your voice echoing its way back to you. Your words were dry due to misuse. A weak and, if it weren’t for the silence, you wouldn’t have been able to hear him at all, quiet hum of approval came from who you assume was him.
As you suspected, he was packing his items that had scattered on the ground from the fall. He appeared to have a few snacks, some medical equipment, water, and clothing. He had all of that, but not a single form of weapon?
You squatted down and began to recollect his belongings, packing them into his durable backpack. It had a retro, vintage vibe to it, which you thought was cool. “Don't you have a gun? Maybe a knife or something?”
“Uh, I do.” He picked a long, marbled switchblade from his pocket. Yes, it was indeed a big knife, but surely not big enough to defend himself from a zombie of the size he had just seen.
With a sigh, you retrieved the other half of the forearm blade from your back. Normally, you could have the entire set on, but due to your arm injury, you wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure. Not without having your stitching go to naught, at least.
“I assume you don’t have a base either.” You questioned, but it came out more like a statement. Nonetheless, the boy shook his head without looking up.
Cracking a small smile, you tossed the blade in his direction. “Okay, you can come with me, uh...”
“Jungkook.” He shot you an overly friendly smile, but a genuine one, nonetheless. He attached the weapon to his arm and admired the build of it. Never had he seen anything like it and neither had you until you found it on the floor of an abandoned shack. He had no clue how it was meant to be used, but that didn’t stop him from swooshing his arm around like he was mid-battle.
As he made his way to the front, thanks to the transparency of the glass, the sun brought clarity upon his features. His body was lean but well-built. He had ebony black hair that matched the coloring of his eyes. His face shape was sculpted like some kind of Greek God. Long story short, he was handsome.
“Okay, lead the way!”
Tumblr media
“Y/N, why the hell are there so many zombies?”
It had been a few weeks since Jungkook had agreed to stay with you. A few as in two, but those two weeks were long enough for the weather to become colder. It was nearing the end of December and everything was frigid or freezing. The lack of heat made everything much better, too.
This? This had caught your attention. You were working on organizing your food schedules until he laid that one on the table.
“What?” You said in response, waddling over to the windows he was looking out of. Jungkook had been looking at the sunrise in admiration until an abundance of the undead began to roam the streets. You were unsure of what was happening and, if there was any news about it released, your phone was rendered useless, so you would have no way of knowing.
Numerous straggling silhouettes were limping their way down the roads of Seoul. They were in groups and moved slowly, but they were, without a doubt, still ridiculously powerful.
With a panicked look in his eyes, though he didn’t voice it out, Jungkook said, “I thought they migrated! Why are they here? It’s, what, twenty-three degrees outside?”
“I have no clue.” You answered, observing how each individual moved. Every step they took was excessively drawn out and slow, but it didn’t deter them. Their skin was the hue of ice, compared to their coloring prior to now, it was a disturbing sight.
Had they become tolerant to the cold? Did they have the ability to endure the snowy weather of the Earth in just a dirty t-shirt?
“You know what I think,” Jungkook began, pressing his index finger lightly against the glass. “Maybe the virus developed. Adapted. I mean, it did grow into an organism, so what’s stopping it from going even further?”
You agreed with his statement, though there was no proof he was correct, it had to have some form of truth within it; There literally was nothing stopping them. They ruled the Earth and the survivors hid in fear.
You nodded, but grimaced and inhaled through your teeth. “You’re not going to like it when I say we need more food, then, will you?”
He huffed with aggravation clear in the outtake of air. Jungkook obviously wasn’t happy with the news, but he had no other option but to collect food, for he would starve without rations.
With an exasperated frown, he began to prepare for what was to come. “Let’s get it over with. They’re strongest at dusk and weakest at dawn. Plus, our shadows extend during the evening, so we have a better chance of getting caught.” He hooked a series of tools to his utility belt, firearms and ninja stars. You hadn’t seen any real use for them, but he had persuaded you into taking the silly objects when you had come across them in a pawn shop.
“Those are useless, just leave them here.” You laughed as you prepared yourself, as well.
He vigorously shook his head, a clear gesture of no. “Absolutely not! They are plenty useful!” He insisted, packing two more for effect. The sass on this dude was insane.
You had unlocked the front door and made skittish steps along the side of your shelter. Jungkook had figured out a way to fix the squeaks of the hinges, so you were now easily able to access the locking function of the door.
“Stay against the wall.” He instructed, his hand stressing the location of two teetering individuals. The way they walked was sure to repulse many, the cracking of their bones enough to give anyone tormenting dreams. Anyone but Jungkook, probably.
You felt like the roles between the both of you had switched. Now you had been the zombie-hating one of the pair while Jungkook was the brave hero. You were proud of his development, to be honest, for he no longer had a phobia of the undead. Jungkook was simply unbothered.
You continued to make sly paces across the uneven control. You never noticed how jagged it was until now, to be honest.
There was a gas station that was stocked with food that the both of you had passed the other evening, but your arms were too full to take much then, so may as well go get some, now.
“You know,” You whispered to the boy beside you. “We could always go roofing if we really want to avoid them.”
An endearing, though quiet, giggle came from him. His mood had lightened, a bunny smile evident on his face. “You could. I wouldn’t join you unless I needed to.”
Tumblr media
After a fun game where you go out of your way to slay an unsuspecting zombie, you reached the gas station. On your way down, there weren’t as many as there had been outside of your windows, so it was a relatively easy trip down.
“You guard the store, I’ll grab what I can.” You explained, him being in full agreement with your plan. “Here, give me your bag. We need as much as we can get.”
Relenting to your demands, he handed over his bag. All he had now were his coat and utility belt. If you were honest, he looked silly with a belt wrapped over his jacket.
You started shoveling all you could fit into the bag. Mostly painkillers, snacks, water, and batteries. There was quite the supply in here, so you were sure you had to come back, again.
While Jungkook was keeping an eye out for any form of danger, he noticed an ice storage bin tucked off to the side. There wasn’t much ice at home for keeping perishable foods and ice packs cold, so he made the decision of grabbing some.
As you were looting whatever you could lay your hands on, you spotted a little trinket in your peripherals. It was a pink bunny keychain.
When you took a second glance at it, you noticed it strongly resembled Jungkook. Eerily strong. It was a tough bunny, just like him. He was built like a damn tank, but there wasn’t a cuter human being on the planet.
While you had your eyes fixed on the sweet, little character, a pair of frantic footsteps stomped their way onto the tiled flooring.
“Koo, are you okay?” You worried before turning around, only to be met with milky eyes gazing deep into your own. This was in no way him.
You let out a blood-curdling scream, causing the zombie to slow its speed. Before, it was galloping after you at the pace of an oncoming train. Now, they were careful, meticulous steps.
You watched as the horrific creature limped after you with wide eyes. Honestly, you’d rather commit suicide than be one of those things. You wouldn’t want to become a flesh-eating, blood-seeking monster with a sense of hunger that is never replenished.
You were at terms with dying, but wouldn’t mind being saved. At this point, all you could do was prepare for death. If they didn’t have pringles in Hell, though, plans were about to change.
The thing’s pupilless eyes rolled back and collapsed with an enticing thud. You wondered what could have saved you, but the zombie falling allowed a certain someone to come into your line of vision.
“Why the fuck are you smiling? I could’ve died, you moron!” You chided, your arms crossed over your chest in irritation. The audacity of this bitch.
“One, I’m your hero,” He explained, his shit-eating grin growing wider. His ego was high enough, to begin with, but now you were sure it was reaching absurd heights. “Two, look at what that hoe just got murdered with.”
You complied and looked down, only to see three pieces of metal sticking out from the back of its neck. It couldn’t have been-
“Wow, you actually killed it with the ninja star, huh?” You said in astonishment. His aim had to be dead accurate for that to have worked.
He gave you two ecstatic thumbs-up, his bottom lip sucked between his teeth to contain his excitement. Or, at least, relay it in a non-obnoxious way.
“Hell yeah, I did.”
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iamallyetnotatall · a year ago
Lean On Me
By @iamallyetnotatall for @akillerqueenwrites for the @friendly-neighborhood-exchange
Rating: GA Relationships: IronDad Characters: Peter Parker & Tony Stark Summary:  Peter lets his instincts guide him back to Tony's side before he can Snap. Endgame Fix-It Fic.
AO3 or Keep Reading
Orange flashes through his closed eyelids and lingers in his vision as he blinks them open. There's a fading tingle across his skin hidden beneath the suit caused by running through the magical portal. He flips and lands on solid ground, scents of Earth's soil and grass overtaking the smell of ash.
Stephen's words were clear. Five years - it's been five years and there's a battle harder than the one they'd just finished waiting for them.
They fade from thought, falling into irrelevance as the world around him comes into focus.
It was probably lovely only minutes ago. Now, it's at least a good couple miles of shattered dirt, tumultuous waves pressing against the shore, dozens of heroes and villains in an image Peter thinks he might see in one of his comic books. It'd be awesome; if he weren't standing in the middle of it.
When he'd woken on Titan, body thrumming with leftover pain, he'd instantly spun in circles in search of one specific person. Only to find him missing.
His eyes landed on Doctor Strange, and the three Guardians, but there was no Tony Stark.
A failed battle, five years. Neither made his heart drop the way realizing his mentor was missing did.
On the other side of the orange portal, he scans the faces of allies and strangers in search of the one that'll ease the pain in his chest. He skips over a red and blue shield, a shining hammer, guns of all shapes and sizes, and magical barriers. His eyes eventually land on red and gold out in the distance.
Peter knows, better than most, that there's a chance no one in inside that suit. He can't feel reassured until he gets closer and sees the face behind the metal. To be sure. He only manages half a step.
"Avengers... assemble!"
The battallion, because they're no different to soldiers at this moment, moves forward in one coordinated movement and Peter follows the tide lest he be left behind. The frontlines meet in a clash of metal and bullets and bloodshed. His mask slips back into place mostly to protect his eyes from dirt and rocks being kicked up in all directions, and he throws himself into the battle with the sole intent of getting to the other side.
He recognizes some of the enemy as Chitauri; he and May had spent that battle huddled in their apartment while Ben had been out on the streets getting people to safety. The news had played the footage for weeks. He webs some in place and someone else shoots it in the chest and he looks away.
That's not the kind of hero he's ever been or wanted to be, but he looks around and knows this is war. There's no place for him to object.
Over the years, he's learned that his senses settle the stronger his adrenaline pulses through him. Calm and relaxing in bed, he can smell the burnt toast on the top floor, and 'watch' the entirety of Orange Is The New Black from the TV two floors down without ever turning on Netflix. In the middle of battle, his senses dial into his environment and he can finally focus into what's happening directly around him.
His ears pick up the sound of repulsors, and he lets himself be drawn to it. Everything else can be pushed back, not what he deems important right now.
He flips around the enemy, webbing them down and landing a few heavy kicks and punches to knock some back. There are dozens of amazing people around him, some he recognizes from his time in Germany - such as the giant guy and the guy with cat claws.
How insignificant he feels, in comparison. He's not mature, and strong, and powerful, and calm, and battle-ready. He's no soldier.
He's a kid from Queens.
His eyes fall on red.
A well-placed web on Scott's arm launches him to the opposite side of the frontline and close enough to Ironman to see the faceplate has been withdrawn, or removed, or broken. The man behind the armour is visible. A bit of blood and dirt, but alive. There's some Chitauri thing approaching Tony, and Peter webs it back and jumps into its now vacant spot.
Tony looks from the creature to Peter, and his expression stills. His eyes are slightly wide, lips slightly parted for words that won't come.
"Hey! Holy cow! You will not believe what's been going on. Do you remember when we were in space? And I got all dusty? I must've passed out because I woke up and you were gone. But Doctor Strange was there, right? He was like, 'it's been five years. Come on, they need us' and then he started doing the orange sparkly thing that he does all the time-"
"He did? Oh, God." Tony takes a stuttered step toward him, his expression unchanging.
"What are you doing-?"
Tony's arms come up around him and tug him right in. Peter stumbles into the impromptu hug but doesn't hesitate for a moment in returning it. His cheek presses into the metal shoulder and he squeezes. He can catch the racing heartbeat beneath the layers and there's a whiff of the familiar fancy cologne Peter would bet is foreign. This is Tony, alive with a bit more grey in his hair and somewhat safe, minus the current scrapes and bruises.
"Oh. This is nice," he mumbles.
He's given a squeeze of his own, and then Tony's drawing back. His hands stay on his shoulders to keep him at arm's length.
"God, kid..." he whispers. There's a look of awe and reverence on his face, but Peter thinks he might be seeing that wrong.
Peter smiles, "Doctor Strange said something about five years, and I guess we're fighting bad guys again? Is Thanos here? What do you want me to do? I can help; let me help."
"Not that you've ever waited for my permission, but you're already helping, Pete. Plenty." A metal hand brushes across his cheek, and his smile widens.
He nods once, determined, "Let's kick some alien ass."
"You got it, kiddo." It's choked, and Peter can't question it. Tony's gaze flickers past him.
A repulsor blast is shot over his shoulder, and Peter's focus shifts from Tony back to the fight at hand. Now that he's reassured of his safety - alive and in one piece - he can finally let himself be drawn into the battle.
It's a whirlwind of action from there. The enemy seems neverending - dozens upon hundreds suddenly appearing in his line of sight every time he manages to knock down a couple of them. They aren't particularly strong, but it's the sheer number of them that has them up against the wall. If they have to fight until they're all beaten...
There's a plan coming through to him in the suit speakers about sending the stones back in time with a van (and now is not the time to ask about that, he has to tell himself). He wonders, briefly in the second between a flip and a punch, if maybe the stones should serve their side of the battle for once. Is there, somewhere around this field, a secret weapon he doesn't know about? Because from where he's swinging, it looks like they'll need one.
When he'd first accidentally activated the Instant Kill mode in his suit, he'd made the swift decision to never do that ever again, no matter the circumstances. Now, surrounded with no way out with the world's most precious item in his hands, he can't hold that same reserve. This isn't the New York City streets with muggers and thieves and the occasional weapons dealer; if he's not aggressive, he's not getting to the other side.
The six limbs extend out of his back, sharp metal immediately beginning to pierce armour and he tries to ignore the sound of cracking bone and torn flesh.
Captain America tosses Thor's shield (wicked) and he finds himself from one corner of the battlefield to the other with Pepper and Valkyrie's help.
He stumbles into a nook as the airstrike falls down upon them. His teeth are left rattling and there's a thumping in his temple from an imminent migraine. The radiation in his veins has made him as battle-ready as any teenager could be, but it didn't strip the humanity from his soul.
Without a moment's doubt, he hands the gauntlet off to the glowing woman. She certainly seems like a secret weapon - he has no idea who she is, but she tore through that ship like a piece of paper and the stones are better off in her hands.
That doesn't stop him from following after her.
He doesn't have a plan, exactly, but he figures ensuring the gauntlet is safe is as good a plan as any.
It's not exactly easy-going. The swarms are endless. He loses sight of her at one point and follows the glow.
She puts up a good fight against Thanos, but he only catches glimpses of it. He hears a few shared words between Thanos and Tony, somehow now involved in what's going on. He pushes and shoves because he needs to know what's going on. His heart is racing to a point where it's echoing in his ears, in his throat. His hands are shaking and beating right along with it. His nerves are on fire from the incessant jolt down his spine warning him of a danger he's fully aware of already.
The rushed breathes pouring into the mask is starting to bother him, knowing he should be calmer but unable to quell the fear.
"I... am..." Thanos isn't speaking particularly loudly, especially not amidst all the fighting, but Peter can hear him loud and clear.
What comes next sounds like electricity, but that's not quite right.
Peter, entire body shivering with adrenaline and fear and a need to get moving, looks up and finds his opportunity. He latches on to a swooping giant's arm and launches himself over the horde between him and Tony. He's moving fast, but everything slows for him. He's up in the air, the Chitauri have slowed to a crawl beneath him. The wind's pressing into him in an all too familiar way.
He spots Thanos first, right hand up in a fist, thumb and forefinger up to snap. Expression surprised and a little bit angry, and maybe a little bit impressed. There's no glow to him. Peter looks further to the side and there's Tony. Kneeling, right arm up. Full-on glow. Face bloody and bruised and ready to end this battle. This war.
Peter knows hardly anything about these stones. There's no way to know the effect they're having on Tony, but he can see it. Hear it; the electricity he'd heard the sound of magic pouring into flesh and bone and blood in an inhuman way. The colours and glow are sliding up his arm and there's a hint of pain in Tony's hard, determined, expression.
He doesn't know what he's meant to do, but he's landing. His adrenaline, and the speed of his thoughts, can only go so long before the world keeps spinning and he has to take action.
Like figuring out how to land a plane on a beach from the outside, like lifting a building off his back, like saying 'yes' to Tony Stark when he hadn't truly wanted to; it's instinct. There's something in his chest that aches and says, "go". And says, "here's what you must do". And he obeys.
Tony's lips are moving.
The words come to him, muddled and angry. Fierce. A hero speaking what might be his last words.
"And I... Am..."
Peter takes that final leap from his landing point, a few feet from Tony, and falls, kneeling right in front of him. He clasps his hands on either side of the gauntlet just as Tony snaps his fingers.
Tony's eyes widen in instant fear, staring at the point where they sit joined together. The glow seeping through his veins retreats, a bit, and Peter's hands start to burn as it transfers into him. Into his hands, and his wrists, and his forearms. Up to his elbows. The glow lights their eyes and Peter meets his mentor's frightened gaze with a forced smile. He wants to scream and cry because this is... excruciating. But Tony needs him. Right here, helping.
Like keeping the events that happened on his field trip to Oscorp a secret from Ben and May, like keeping Spider-Man a secret from May (as long as he could), like pursuing Toomes after being told to stop; it's the right thing to do. To sit here and share this pain. This is where his heart tells him to be, and so he'll sit here.
Body on fire, arms glowing, and doing what he can. Just like everyone else on this field. Trying. Helping. Doing that little bit.
Tony's eyes tear up first and Peter's follow suit with hardly a moment's pause.
He smells ash. Burnt flesh. Blood and dirt. He doesn't tear his eyes away from Tony's glistening gaze
The glow on both of their bodies fades, nearly as quickly as it had consumed them.
He hadn't noticed how draining it was until the power is gone and he slumps forward. The nerves in his hands are fried; he can't remove his hands from around Tony's no matter how much he tries. He lets them fall in his lap, gauntlet heavy on his thigh. Tony is no better, but he moves to the side to let his legs extend and wraps his free arm around Peter's shoulders to tuck him under his chin.
They sit there breathing ragged and drained. Long inhales and short exhales. They're both shivering with pain and completely lost in thought.
Peter can think of nothing more than the warmth at his side, and the searing fire coursing through his hands. A fight on Titan, another fight on Earth. He's so exhausted. He rests his cheek on cold metal and his eyes flutter closed at the quick, but present beating heart beneath the suit and Tony's soft muttered words meant only for him.
"It's okay, Pete, it's okay." His voice is choked with tears. "I got you, I got you. You'll be okay."
They'll be okay. Together. Ironman and Spider-Man. The way it should be.
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10 Celebrities Who Should Consider a Career in onewheel accessories
Onewheel Pint Accessories Things To Know Before You Buy
exhaustion will certainly start to improve as well as far better as you constantly ride - one wheel pint. Fangs The Fangs, and also other products like it, are simply just wheels placed in front of the nose to help you 'ride out 'a plunge footpad. This product isn't terribly typical in the area, but the individuals who
have actually used it are huge supporters for their added safety and security and peace of mind. footpad. In terms of actual usage, these will just apply on pavement as the small plastic wheels will not have any kind of grip on loosened surface. One of the most common circumstance for The Fang's is a high uphill climb where you're not taking note of your weight circulation and the nose quickly shatters to the ground before you can react. Handwear covers I don't personally think longboarding handwear covers are essential on a Onewheel, however some various other options out there may be of rate of interest to several of the newbie motorcyclists. Three-way Eights Hired pint one wheel.
Tumblr media
Hands wrist guards are probably the very best option, as they do not cover your fingers and also focus exclusively on wrist influence. Now indeed, there is no question the Plates add one more layer of defense to the bottom of your board, yet I would certainly suggest most newbies and also also intermediate bikers do not necessarily need them. I wouldn't make this debate if the Plates were around$25
USD, however they normally go for$ 59 USD, which for budget plan aware buyers is very expensive compared to the prices of various other devices on this list. The majority of you recognize the+ and+XR both come with bottom nose grips for carrying, which makes this even more of an additional accessory that you can add later if the nose handle isn't for
you. The most apparent alternative would be to acquire a Mag Handle from Future Motion, which would run you regarding$70 USD in complete and is more stylistic than functional. A more useful alternative would certainly be Craft & Rides Silver, Manage that connects sideways rail of your board as well as makes use of a stretchy backpack-like manage with a rubber grasp - onewheel plus. This handle comes with around$40 USD and also will last you a lot longer than Future Activity's Mag Handle as it.
was particularly developed for the +XR - onewheel+. This works as the Onewheel is extremely heavy and can damage other products in the trunk or damage the cars and truck itself. If you haven't seen some of the scary stories of windows breaking as well as other points being damaged you can look it up for yourself in the subreddits - onewheel xr. In terms of where to buy this item, I would certainly suggest getting from Amazon for$18 - onewheel fangs.
Getting The Pint One Wheel To Work
There likewise is an argument to be made that if your trunks little sufficient or if you have sufficient other things in it, that the Onewheel will not relocate sufficient during driving to validate buying the device. I would advise trying to drive in your community with the Onewheel in your cars and truck simply to check out how a lot the board will certainly move in your details car prior to you head out as well as order this. Onewheel Add-on: What is a Onewheel as well as What Accessories Will You RequiredPurchasing Overview )A Onewheel is a self balancing, one rolled electric skateboard that can increase to 19mph on or off-road. Both most usual versions are the Onewheel XR as well as the Onewheel Pint. The purpose of this guide is to supply you with a thorough resource of info on Onewheel Add-on - dhm. Float Plates protect the bottom of your Onewheel from ecological forces and stress from declines. Side, Kicks shield the side of your Onewheel from rolling damages. Onewheel Accessories: Tire Security for Your Onewheel Have you wondered if you can obtain a blowout on a Onewheel? You sure can, yet with a great Onewheel tire sealant, you can obtain an opening via the rubber, as well as not lose
Tumblr media
any kind of air as the sealer will certainly complete the opening onewheel plus. From a supply Vega, to a Burris treaded, Stay-A-Float is 100%compatible with all tires! Plus it will not block your valve stem like other thicker sealants. Stay-A-Float is engineered to a mid-level of viscosity to be not as well thick and also not as well thin. Too slim and it will slosh around in the tire one wheel xr. After years of aggravation with bent rails and also stripped
Tumblr media
strings we stated,"Enough suffices!"So we established out on an epic trip (Lord Of The Rings style )to make the most hefty duty, beautiful rail upgrade feasible and the outcome is the Homebrew Rails! For those who push the limitations or the homies that take pleasure in a truly stunning established, these are our gifts to you. Onewheel Tire It's obvious that the supply Vega tire on a Onewheel is just truly excellent for newbie motorcyclists. It was not made for a one wheeled automobile, yet really for a Go Kart. The Float Life has spent the previous few years developing, screening, re-designing, and re-testing tire designs that improve both on as well as off road riding. We have actually also reinforced the sidewalls, because a Onewheel tire uses really differently from a Go, Kart tire, and also when you sculpt on a Onewheel you use the edges a lot more rapidly than the center. The Float Life makes tires that are compatible with both Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint versions. Center Bearings for the Onewheel Onewheel Hub bearings make a large difference in ride quality. Most individuals ride supply bearings and do not consider updating or changing them. The Float Life supplies substitute bearings in steel or ceramic balls that are smoother and also extra long lasting than stock bearings. They will make your board roll smoother! "We placed our wheels with heck. This area is to sum up whatever we have actually covered so far concerning devices. onewheel xr. Why Get Onewheel Add-on? A Onewheel is a pricey investment that deserves safeguarding. Fixing is very costly and also takes months. Due to these 2 aspects, getting Onewheel accessories is
in your finest passion as they will certainly shield your Onewheel and expand its lifetime. For instance, a stock Onewheel is furnished with Go Kart tires as well as the problem is that Go Kart tires are made for, well, Go Karting as well as so the tires break on the sides very fast. The Float Life has actually solved this issue by
producing tires especially developed to stand up to that kind of wear. Onewheel Accessories: Board Protection Fixing a Onewheel is serious there is just one solution facility worldwide and the process could quickly take control of 1 month and also expense you thousands of dollars. The Float Life makes the best and also most sturdy Onewheel accessories to secure your financial investment and prolong the life of your Onewheel.
Tumblr media
After years of stress with bent rails as well as removed threads we claimed, "Enough is enough! "So we set out on an impressive journey (Lord Of The Rings design)to make one of the most strong, stunning rail upgrade possible as well as the outcome is the Homebrew Bed onewheel accessories rails! For those who push the restrictions or the homies that take pleasure in a really attractive set up, these are our presents to you. It was not developed for a one rolled vehicle, but actually for a Go Kart. The Float Life has actually invested the previous couple of years making, testing, re-designing, and re-testing tire versions that boost both on and also off roadway riding onewheel accessories. What we've developed are tires that permit for sharper switching, far better handling, and more exact maneuvers, while maintaining security and preventing speed wobbles onewheel pint accessories. The Float Life makes tires that work with both Onewheel XR and Onewheel Pint versions - onewheel plus. Onewheel Add-on: Hub Bearings for the Onewheel Onewheel Center bearings make a big distinction in trip top quality. The majority of people ride supply bearings and do not consider updating or replacing them. The Float Life provides replacement bearings in steel or ceramic - pint one wheel.
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Tips To Picking The Best E-Scooter For Climbing Hillsides
Tumblr media
We're pleased to have read the feedback for the e-scooter for climbing hills. Therefore, picking the right model for our needs should be really easy. It is possible that you will require a guide to assist you in finding the right model.
Select the best e-scooter for climbing hills
You want your scooter to last for a long duration. Is the electric scooter designed to withstand the demanding terrains encountered in the hills? This is vital. You need to make sure the build is indeed suitable for the purpose. Find high-quality metallic alloy for a start. One of the best frames made of metallic alloy to work with is the high-grade aluminum alloy.
Consider the weight of your scooter. A scooter with a lower weight will be more easy to move and transport. But, even with better portability, there are many things that you can always look for, including:
Overall weight
Lightweight design materials (aluminum alloy)
Technology for folding
For a strong e-scooter for climbing hills, you need a powerful motor. Motors that have 250 watts are the best. This should be enough to ensure the reliability. It should allow you to enjoy the most enjoyable experience regardless of your weight capacity. This is the second step.
Capacity for Weight
A scooter powered by electricity can support a variety of weights. It is contingent on the model of the vehicle, the construction, as well as the materials employed. Make sure that the scooter you select will be able to handle your weight. With a weight of 220 pounds. The majority of scooters can comfortably accommodate adults and teens. When you wish to learn the latest information on electric scooter, you must navigate to site.
The motor is the one that determines its power, it additionally controls the rate of capacity that the scooter can move. To get the best thrill with climbing hills with e-scooter you'll need the highest speed. Some of the fastest speeds are over 10 miles an hour. They will allow you to ride further while enjoying the beauty of the environment.
How long will your scooter be able to last? This is the ultimate test to determine how much fun your scooter can enjoy. A great runtime is often measured by the capacity of your electric scooter battery. How long the battery can hold the charge is proportionate to how much time you will have on your scooter.
There are people who use padding on their backrests and armrests for their electric scooters for maximum comfort. However, shock absorption technology has proven to be a great way to reduce the risk of bumpy rides. It is, therefore, one of the most reliable items to go by. It will allow you to enjoy the best comfort levels as well.
Choose a great braking system for your scooter and experience the highest-rated safety. It is crucial to be in control throughout the entire time. One way to achieve this is to concentrate on a reliable brake system. A reliable brake system can allow you to regulate the speed of your electric scooter and as well, bring it to a halt quickly.
It's good that I've put together some of the best electric scooters for climbing hills, as well as their reviews. And now that you have every aspect, it's recommended to pick a model that suits your needs. It is highly recommended to go through our reviews. If you don't like the one you find, you can always follow our buyer's guide to find what you are looking for.
Make sure that you have considered the price, your individual needs, weight, storage, and even performance. Proper care and maintenance is essential as well.
Don't let your mind be fooled into thinking an expensive model is the best. Although the price may dictate the standard of a model but this is not always the scenario. It's important to look at the performance of a scooter and its construction. Sometimes, you can find an extremely high-quality model for the lowest price.
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The Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial removal in Sheffield
Sheffield is the central hub for several organisations & businesses. The world’s most prestigious companies & multinational organisations are based in Sheffield & Barnsley. Thus, it is no surprise that multiple companies of different sizes are also continually looking for a place to relocate their offices into the town, whether it is just a single department or the entire company.
So, when it comes to relocating a company or business, there are different concerns involved, & if you do not have any experience in this field, this can quickly become quite overwhelming. 
To make things simpler, though, you might need to consider hiring a professional commercial removal company for your office move, since they can give you some valuable guidance.
In this guide, you will read about the benefits that come with hiring commercial removal in  Sheffield!
Tumblr media
Why Hiring Commercial Removal Sheffield For Your Office Move?
Here are the top 5 reasons why you have to hire commercial removal in Sheffield! So, without further ado, let’s check out!
 All the Office Equipment & Furniture Will Be Safe
 If you’re moving your office to a new place, one of the main concerns that the majority of people have is their office equipment & furniture safety. After all, all these items are pretty expensive, fragile, as well as hard to replace. And it is especially valid for large office accessories & heavy office furniture like filing cabinets, conference desks, and many more.
 Therefore, when you hire a professional removal company for this job, they will know how to pack all of the office belongings so nothing will be damaged during the transportation. The professional movers who render packing service in Barnsley have the required training & expertise to deal with delicate objects like electrical office equipment, artwork, and PCs without risking breakage or damage.
 Business Can Save On Potential Expenses
Hiring a commercial removal in Sheffield means you will be able to save potential expenses since the professionals know how to pack the commercial items accurately & efficiently. Therefore, less money is spent on official equipment & supplies!
This way, the team of professionals packing up all the office belongings which ultimately saves you on expenses!
The professional Removal Company will have Insurance
Speaking of insurance, it is itself a big reason why you need to hire a Commercial removal company! Well, you will have peace of mind recognising the fact that the professionals protect you from any unforeseen expenses like the office equipment replacement and aforementioned office equipment repairs.
The Business Can Remain Operational
When you’re relocating offices, you will inevitably need to shut down the business for a week to several weeks. And it can be potentially costly in wasted wages & missed productivity, not to mention the expenses of moving the equipment or furniture replacement.
So, when you hire commercial removal in Sheffield, they will take care of all these thighs for you so that your office work runs smoothly & everyone gets back on track immediately when it is over.
Less Stress For You & Your Team Member
Relocating an office can be a pretty hectic endeavor & this can be more troublesome and stressful when your team members are juggling with other work and responsibilities alongside the move!
Hiring commercial removal Sheffield will take that pressure off your shoulders since they know what requires to happen before the main day comes. They will aid assure there are no unforeseen expenses or last-minute scrambling by making sure that everything is properly planned out beforehand.
Moreover, you will also be free from any unwanted mistakes made on account of stress, exhaustion, or attempting too hard to do it yourself when there is anyone who has accomplished this before and can render invaluable expertise & guidance. This is necessary not only for yourself but also for those around you, so everybody stays happy & healthy throughout the process.
Ending Notes
This comes at the end of “The Benefits of Hiring Professional Commercial removal in Sheffield”. Thanks for reading our blog! Hopefully, we have provided a sufficient amount of information so that you would not face any issues while hiring a professional removal company! If you want to know more, you can let us know in the comment section below!
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