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#electric light gown
montmartre-parapluie · 4 months ago
So, someone has been Lurking a round the Shadow and Bone fandom - mostly inspired by the fabulously talented @orlissa’s and @jomiddlemarch ‘s glorious fics, which give a GREAT nod to a more historically grounded Grishaverse. And... I do keep going to Pinterest and staring at pretty gowns, (coincidentally in shades of gold and black)... so...
Oh, what the hell. I make no apologies, people. This mad historical fashion dump is my ‘give Alina ALL the imposing gowns and elegant outfits’ -and possibly a shadowmancer husband post...
A Radiant Ballgown - Literally!
Tumblr media
First off, I COULDN’T pass up this gown! It was designed by Charles Frederick Worth for an 1883 fancy dress ball in New York for one of the Vanderbilts, who appeared as the personification of “Electric Light”.
This was a very cutting edge costume for the time. The dress even came equipped with a battery to power an electric torch carried in one hand.
(But who needs batteries when you’re a Grisha Sun Summoner?)
It’s a glorious combination of butter yellow and white silk, with hints of lustrous black velvet at the hem. The spangled gold embroidery all over the gown would glitter under strong light - which is just PERFECT for a Sun Summoner to wear whilst demonstrating her powers. It’s also no bad outfit to wear if you have Unresolved Sexual Tension with your shadowy nemesis whilst dancing in the midst of a decadent Lentsov masquerade ball. This gown sort of begs for that kind of high-melodrama!
Keftas Galore...
Now, I don’t know whether I’m subconscious channelling some ‘last days of the Romanovs/Anastasia’ vibes when I think about keftas for Alina...
Tumblr media
(Not ... quite what I’m going for)
but... I ended up looking at Paul Poiret Edwardian evening coats for inspiration, and oh my goodness, the sheer luxurious drama of them all!
Tumblr media
Grisha keftas... because they’re worth it. (The one on the right feels very ‘Decadent Tango with the Darkling’ to me)
Tumblr media
I mean, if you’re going to have to rule as a benevolent dictator with your shadowmancer husband after overthrowing a corrupt regime in order to protect Grishakind and Ravka, you might as well look amazing while doing it, right? In colours which show how you “balance” each other out...
Tumblr media
The gorgeous yellow velvet robe on the right looks like maybe the costume designer from Shadow and Bone used it as inspiration for Alina’s gold kefta? either way, the black appliqué is GORGEOUS. And I would wear it in a heartbeat.
Plus, if you couple them with the breathtaking Mario Fortuny gowns of the late teens/early 20s, it gives a gorgeous look that very much plays into the ‘Sankta Alina’ image...
Tumblr media
They come in gold and black, for choosing your look: ‘Sun Summoner’ or ‘Dark Bride of the Starless Saint’.
Tumblr media
I have to admit, my shipping brain chose these last couple of fluttery dressing gowns for the fact they would be very tactical for persuading Aleksander to stop working on his battle strategies and come to bed.
I’m sorry. i’m trash.
A massive, massive thank you to all the wonderful fic writers out there!
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kinanabinks · 7 months ago
Keeping it Professional P2 • Sebastian StanxReader
Tumblr media
Part 1
warning: smut (fingering, dirty talk, sex, fem!reader)
Summary: After the heated love scene practice, Sebastian has invited you to his hotel room. Who knows what will happen?
The final call to “Cut!” and the subsequent unzipping of pressure that ensues is a blissful moment indeed. Especially so today, when your mind is swarming with the possibilities that an evening in Sebastian’s hotel room might bring. 
“You were great, as usual,” Andrew compliments you with a grin while handing you a bottle of water and wrapping you in a fluffy, white dressing gown. Although it’s freezing on set, the scene called for Alicia being bikini-clad while basking in the California heat.
You take the bottle, giving Andrew a nod and a small smile as thanks. The last scene that was filmed was a solo, and you look around behind the cameras and crew to see whether Sebastian stuck around. A slight disappointment pools in the pit of your stomach when you don’t see him straight away (you’re quite proud of how the scene went, and part of you wants to hear a compliment fall from his lips), but then your heart is jolted back into a fast-paced sprint when you see him exchanging words with one of the executive producers, still wearing a bloody, tattered wife-beater from the last scene he filmed.
Once you’ve had a short discussion with the director, producers, and anyone else who feels the need to give you notes, you can finally look forward to the long weekend off ahead of you. 
“You never fail to amaze me,” His silky voice comes from behind you as you dig through your purse.
Turning to face him, you rub the honey-scented lip balm over your lips before smiling at him. “Thank you, Sebastian.”
“Once I’ve cleaned up, we can head on back to my place,” He tells you, making your heart skip a beat. “If you’re still up for it, of course.”
“Yes,” You reply way too quickly, making your cheeks heat up. “Meet me at Entrance 5 in twenty?”
You both make your separate ways to your trailers, and nothing but excitement is bubbling beneath your skin. Andrew immediately notices the spring in your step and unfaltering grin on your lips, and he isn’t too shy to comment on them.
“Hot date?” He asks you while scrolling through his work phone, looking through your schedule. 
“Something like that,” You reply cryptically, changing into a pair of charcoal grey cycling shorts and a black oversized t-shirt. After being your assistant for three years, Andrew has seen absolutely everything there is to see about you - and being the professionals you both are, you’re at a point in your relationship where nothing is off limits or awkward.
Looking up at you, he raises an eyebrow the second your t-shirt is pulled down over your bra. “Really? Throwing all subtlety out the window, are we?”
“What are you talking about?” You ask with a questioning frown.
He lets out an incredulous scoff, using his phone to point at your shirt. “Way to tell me you’re going to see Sebastian without saying you’re going to see Sebastian.”
You tilt your head downwards and the second you catch a glimpse of the design on your shirt, your face drops. “I- I didn’t even realize it was this shirt, I swear-”
“Yeah, yeah,” Andrew cuts you off with a smirk and a wave of his hand. “You’re absolutely adorable.”
“Screw you, Drew!” You exclaim, taking out your embarrassment on him. Before he can throw an insult back, there’s a knock at your trailer door.
Andrew laughs heartily, nodding. “You’re fucked.”
“Fuck you!” You whisper-shout, before calming down. “It isn’t even him. We’re meeting at Entrance 5; it’s probably just Tracy giving me a run down of next week’s schedule.”
He just shrugs while you push past him and to the door. Once you open it, your smile drops and your blood runs cold. “Sebastian. Hey,” You greet through gritted teeth, your palms clamming up. You hear Andrew snorting from the sitting area, and your hand clenches into a fist.
“Hey,” Sebastian replies coolly, before looking you up and down. His eyes light up when he sees your shirt and he slowly nods, a grin making its way onto his face. “Love your shirt.”
“I didn’t realize it was this one; I’m not a weirdo, I promise,” You hope you don’t sound insane, but your widened eyes probably aren’t helping your case. 
“Don’t worry about it,” He says with a soft chuckle. “It’s cute.”
You look over to Andrew who throws over your purse before you turn back to Sebastian. “Ready to go?”
“Always,” He replies before holding out his hand. You shyly take it before stepping down, hoping none of the cast or crew will see you leaving with him. Though tonight will of course be strictly platonic and not anything else, it would be easy for anyone else to see it as something sexual and, dare you say it, unprofessional.
It’s a pleasant drive to his hotel. The late summer evening provides a pretty horizon for you to look out the window at while Sebastian drives next to you, some upbeat pop song playing softly in the background of the nerve-wracking situation you’re in. You recall the times when you were a young girl and your parents would warn you not to get into cars with the boys at school, or any boy for that matter. And now here you were, being driven to a hotel by a man you knew little about, besides the fact that he was a talented actor and if he was to utter a single word in Romanian, your panties would be on the floor within seconds. 
Your eyes flicker down to his hand whenever he switches gears, and you try not to make it so obvious that your thighs squeeze together when he begins driving faster. Not many words are said between you, but they don’t need to be. You’re enjoying the presence of one another, and you don’t need to speak to be stimulated. His calm, collected aura makes you feel safe, and your nervous, shy demeanor boosts his ego. 
His hotel room is lavish, to say the least. Black and wooden accents give it a sleek feel, while the occasional spattering of red adds some maturity.
“Nice place,” You comment, looking around. “Very... you.”
“You think?” Sebastian asks, and you don’t miss the sound of the door locking behind you. 
Putting your purse down, you observe him as he kicks off his shoes and tells you to have a seat. While you sit on the edge of the bed, he’s looking through the mini fridge and pulling out a couple of canned cocktails.
“You hungry?” He asks you, kicking the fridge shut behind him. “Drinks before, or after?”
“How about both?” You suggest, making him smirk.
“I like the way you think,” He teases, before handing you a can of Porn Star Martini and sitting next to you. “This is the best we’ve got before they drop off the champagne I ordered up.”
“Champagne?” You ask with an impressed look while opening the can. “What are we celebrating?”
He opens up his own can with a contemplative look before shooting you a wink and clinking his drink to yours. “The fact that we absolutely nailed the love scene on our first try.”
You nod, trying to hide the wide smile on your lips with a sip from the martini. “I mean technically it wasn’t our first try.”
“True,” Sebastian comments, leaning back on his hands. “But it was our first try in front of the cameras.”
“I’ll drink to that,” You say with a laugh.
He sits up again and gently pushes back your arm so that he has a better view of your shirt. “They really captured my handsomeness, huh?”
You look down with heated cheeks, still kicking yourself for wearing Bucky Barnes merch in front of Bucky fucking Barnes himself. “I cannot believe I even packed this thing. I usually just wear it to sleep; you must think I’m an absolute freak-”
“Hey, I do not,” He promises, before continuing with a teasing tone. “I understand the need to have the Winter Soldier protecting you at night. And what’s wrong with being a freak?”
You hate yourself for how giddy he can make you feel with such seemingly simple words, as if you’re a teenager again. “Still,” You mumble, biting down on your lip. “I was trying to hide the fact that I’m a Marvel fan, and this kind of puts all that effort down the drain.”
“Why would you hide that?” He asks, tilting his head.
Shrugging, your eyes are unable to meet his so instead you scan the details of the can in your hand. “You probably hear it all the time- it must be frustrating when it’s all anyone ever talks to you about.”
“I don’t think I could ever get frustrated with a beautiful woman telling me she’s a fan of my work,” He tells you truthfully, a flirtatious glint in his eye. 
“Well then, I’m a huge fan of your work,” You say unabashedly, sitting up straight.
“I’m glad to hear it,” Sebastian drawls, before budging a little closer to you. His leg is touching yours, his arm reaching around you with his palm pressed to the bed. “Because I’m a huge fan of yours.”
“Oh, yeah?” You don’t believe him, seeing as nothing you have acted in as of yet has even come close to Marvel-level.
“Oh, yeah,” He repeats with a nod. “The way you played Mina in ‘Lady In Red’ was hypnotic. You’re the reason I watched the movie so many damn times.”
You can’t believe what you’re hearing. That role was the most risqué you’ve performed so far, even more so than the movie you’re currently filming with Sebastian. While you usually inwardly cringe when men rave to you about it, something about the look on his face combined with the tone of his voice only sends your heart racing. You imagine him watching the naughtiest scenes of the movie, and you almost faint.
“How many times?” You press with a mumble, pressing the cold can to your warm cheek. 
He chuckles and looks down, his cheeks tinging pink. “Would you believe me if I said every night this week?”
Letting out a snort, you roll your eyes. “Okay, sure.”
“I’m being serious,” He insists, meeting your gaze. His hand slowly inches closer to your waist before it rests on your hips, sending electric waves through your skin. “That’s actually what drove me to your trailer earlier.”
“Oh, under the ruse of practicing the love scene?” You challenge with a raised eyebrow. 
“That wasn’t the ruse,” He reveals. “In fact, that was sort of the aim.”
“That is, dare I say it, very unprofessional of you, Mr. Stan,” You tease, subconsciously moving closer into his side. His warmth is drawing you in, and his gradually tightening grip on your waist is pushing you further towards him. 
“I can’t help it,” He whispers, leaning closer. “You, Y/N, make me want to bad, bad things.”
Your breath hitches in your throat. His fingers are slipping under your graphic Bucky Barnes t-shirt and are stroking your hip, making your heart race. “Bad things like what?”
His forehead is brushing against yours when he answers you. “Touch you in places I shouldn’t.”
You swallow thickly, feeling your clit throb. “Who says you shouldn’t?”
Instead of answering you, he gives you a smirk. “This shirt looks good on you. But I think it’d look better on the floor.” You let him slowly pull it off you and instantly shiver at his touch. His eyes scan your chest, darkening and growing lustful, the canned drinks forgotten as they fall to the carpeted floor and pour out.
In an instant, his lips are on yours in an electrified kiss. At first it’s soft, slow, and sensual - but he’s quick to intensify it, your tongues meeting in a sultry, sexual dance. He tastes like the passionfruit and vanilla cocktail, with hints of his own unique flavor as you use your tongue to explore everything he has to offer you.
An uncontrollable groan leaves his mouth and he pulls you onto his lap. “Fuck,” He mutters under his breath, rushing to take off his own shirt. Your hands immediately run over his abs, and you’re in awe at his sculpted body. He unclasps and removes your bra with one hand and uses the other to keep a firm grip on your hip, as though you’d fall off without him holding you in place.
Your clothed crotch brushes down against his jeans, where you feel his boner poking your inner thigh. With a smirk, you tilt your head. “Are you armed, or just happy to see me?”
Sebastian chuckles, placing a tender kiss to the valley between your breasts while keeping his cold blue eyes hooked to yours. “Why don’t you find out for yourself?”
Happily, you obey, fumbling with his belt buckle as excitement courses through your veins. He lifts himself up to pull down his jeans before kicking them off while you peel off your cycling shorts, leaving both of you half-naked with only underwear on. 
One of his hands moves up to cup your cheek while you begin to gingerly grind against his boner. He lets out a shuddered breath, resting his forehead against yours. “I’ve thought about... so many fucking times.”
His words drive you insane as you imagine him thinking of you, touching himself, just like you do. You wouldn’t be surprised if you wake up any second now and realize this was all a lucid dream, but for now you’re happy to bask in the pleasure, real or not. “I’ve thought about it too, Mr. Stan.”
“Yeah?” He mumbles with a smirk, using his grip on your hips to grind you down harder against his dick. “Do you touch yourself when you think about me?”
“Yes,” You admit, your cheeks heating up.
Hunger grows in his eyes, his jaw clenching for a second. “Show me.”
You’re taken aback by his words, but the dominance with which he utters them gives you no option but to do as he says. Shakily, your hand slips down your abdomen and past your panties, and you hear him suck in a breath at the sight. Like clockwork, you begin rubbing your clit, the feeling both familiar and unfamiliar. You know your body and you have this action imprinted in your muscle memory, but the fact that Sebastian is watching you during what is usually an incredible private moment is adding another wavelength of pleasure you didn’t think possible. It is taboo for him to be witnessing you in such a vulnerable position; it goes against what is so deeply engrained in your head, but the unraveling of rules and norms is only making you wetter.
A wanton moan leaves your mouth and you throw your head back, eyes fluttering shut. Sebastian lets out a long sigh, watching the outline of your fingers rubbing circles beneath the thin cotton of your panties. He can’t help but rub his boner at the view, granting himself some relief.
“You’re so fucking sexy,” He groans, just before he feels the need to touch you. He wants to know how wet you are, he wants to feel your clit throb under his fingertips, he wants to make you moan his name as you come undone over his hand.
So he pulls you down onto the bed, stopping you mid-masturbation. You let out a confused whine as your pleasure momentarily comes to a standstill, but it isn’t long before your panties have been ripped off and Sebastian’s own hand is playing with your soaking cunt.
“Oh, fuck, Sebastian,” You cry out, the increase in pleasure almost unbelievable. It feels a million times better for his fingers to be touching you, sending tingles through your skin while he smirks down at you, slipping a digit into your wet entrance.
“You like that, baby?” He asks, to which you can only moan in reply. “My fingers feel good in your pussy, hmm?”
You let out an almost incoherent ‘yes’, prompting him to add another finger in. He’s groaning at how soft your pussy feels on his flesh, his cock twitches in anticipation.
“Please, Seb,” You begin, your voice strained. “I need you inside me.”
Those five words are enough for him to pull down his boxers and finally unleash his hard cock, standing tall and proud and ready. He lets out a low groan while inching it inside you, and you hold your breath as you feel yourself stretch around his thick shaft. Once he bottoms out, he lets out a sigh of relief, your whimpers making him chuckle.
“Ready, baby?” He asks you, to which you quickly nod. 
With your approval, he begins fucking you, the hotel room filling with sounds of your pleasure and the wet sloshing of his dick sliding in and out of your cunt. His grunts are animalistic and they vibrate against your neck, in time with his thrusts. 
“You feel so good around my cock,” Sebastian moans with his eyes closed. “So warm and wet for me, fuck.”
He bites on your neck, sucking and licking and leaving behind marks you hope will disappear by the next time you’re on set. His cock slams in and out of you, and he uses his hands to keep your legs spread apart for him. 
You wrap your hand around his throat and use your grip to pull his face closer to yours. Taking the hint, he kisses you deeply, moans and groans pouring into each other’s mouths. Sebastian brings his own hand up to gently cup your throat, tightening as his pace quickens. Pulling away from the kiss, he rests his forehead against yours, your eyes meeting with an intense gaze that only two people drowning in such pleasure could give one another. 
It doesn’t matter what happens after this; the only thing that each of you care about in this moment is deriving as much sexual bliss from the other as possible. Your g-spot is hit, over and over again, and he can feel your walls beginning to tighten around his cock. He lets out shuddered groans while your whimpers are stifled by him choking you, so you do the same to him. The pressure on your necks renders you both dazed and breathless, your heads light as the pleasure intensifies. 
You let go of his throat and instead push his shoulders, forcing him onto his back. Now on top of him, you begin to ride his cock, watching with pride as his face is filled with awe.
“Holy fuck,” He groans, his hands on your hips as he helps you bounce up and down. “You look so fucking hot like this, baby, so fucking sexy.”
Taking his praise with a sly grin, you speed up your movements, rotating your hips while lifting your ass, causing his eyes to roll back. His thumb move to your clit which he rubs with vigor, as he is filled with a desperate need to feel you cum around him. 
“I’m close,” You warn him, your tits moving with each thrust while he swears to himself that’s dead and in heaven.
“Cum for me,” He orders through groans. “Be a good girl and cum all over my cock, baby.”
His words are the last push you need and soon enough, you squirt all over his cock and balls, making him grunt at the sensation. You ride out your high while he feels himself cum deep inside you, his dick twitching and throbbing. Falling onto his chest, you feel him take hold of your hips while fucking into you with some final sloppy thrusts.
“That’s it, take it all,” He whispers breathlessly into your ear, his heart beating hard and fast. “Your pussy’s milking my cock, and taking every last fucking drop.”
You whine at his filthy words, a full-body shudder making you convulse on top of him. And then, you both rest in a silence while catching your breaths, sweaty chests heaving. 
You’re not sure how much time has passed when you feel his hand stroking up and down your back softly, and his mouth is whispering sweet nothings into your ear.
“That was incredible,” He mumbles, a lazy smile on his lips. “You are fucking incredible.”
Lifting your head with the little energy you have left, you shoot him a wink. “I had a pretty incredible partner; I can’t take all the credit.”
With a grunt, he picks you up and lays you back onto the bed, and rests on top of you. You can feel his softening cock on your thigh, which makes you giggle, and his beard scratches against your cheek.
He opens his mouth to give you a smug reply, but there’s a knock at the door before he gets the chance.
“Room service!” A muffled voice is heard from the other side, making you snort.
“That’ll be the champagne,” Sebastian informs you, slowly getting up and pulling up his underwear, before giving you a sly smirk. ”We can celebrate what a good girl you are.”
You let out an incredulous scoff, but all you can do is gape at his bare back as he goes to answer the door.
• • •
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fic-dumpster · 15 days ago
I can have you whenever I want to
Bonten!Kakucho x F!Reader | 1k+ words
Warnings: Smut MDNI, somnophilia, implied consent, cunnilingus, grammar/spelling mistakes, not edited. It's sweet... Hehe have your ages in your blogs visible
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Kakucho didn't know if you really meant to say those words. You could change your mind any day. But he couldn't hold back. Not now.
Desire clouded his thoughts as he stepped into your room. All lights off, the only source of light coming from the windows.
Your form under the thin blankets enticed him; you were relaxed on your bed, sleeping peacefully, not a single worry in that pretty little head of yours; Kakucho silently chuckled at the thought. He saw the silhouette of your curves, and they called for his touch.
Pieces of clothes dropped to the floor as he neared your bed, leaving nothing but scarred and tattooed skin to see on Kakucho. He was afraid that his ragged breathing could wake you up as he got closer and closer to your resting figure. Slowly he crawled over your body, careful not to disturb you. Kakucho observed your delicate features, your closed eyes adorned with lashes that caressed your cheeks and your soft lips... he sighed. You looked ravishing.
Small puffs of hair left your lips, those lips he so much adores to kiss, as your chest moved. He didn't realize how his own hand ended brushing a wild strand of hair out of your face. You shivered a little. He wanted you so bad; every day, the pull towards you was getting stronger, so much that he even asked you out of desperation that stupid question. And you? You, with so much love in your eyes, told him yes. A yes, he still doubts right now.
With unsure hands, the red-eyed man pushed the blankets covering your body away. Kakucho’s sudden intake of breath was the only sound in the room. You only had a flimsy nightgown on and no underwear... As if you knew he would come for you. As if you waited for him. Rough hands wandered up your legs, rolling up the smooth fabric of your gown. You shuddered; Kakucho stopped and checked if you had woken up. Nothing, you were still deep in your slumber. He smiled, knowing how much you would enjoy his next actions, but sadly, not as much as him.
Kakucho nuzzled his head in your plush thighs, leaving a trail of kisses up to your entrance, nibbling here and there on your soft skin. An urge filled his body, and without thinking, he pressed his teeth on the tender insides of your thighs. Marks, marks, teeth marks, his marks on you. Like an imprint of his name on your bare skin. He groaned at the piece of art he created. A soft moan escaped your lips, but Kakucho wasn't paying attention to that. Too preoccupied with the sight of your wet hole, already beginning to drip under his gaze. The tightness in his pants only blinded him more. Kakucho succumbed to his appetite for you.
Overcoming his inhibition, Kakucho gave a first tentative lap to your core; tongue painfully slow drew a straight line on your gaping hole. His taste buds sparked back to life at your taste; your sweet nectar was the food to this starved man. Because as soon as his mind processed it, he hungrily dove right back in. Smearing his cheeks and chin, using his own lips to open your own. Kakucho reached your small bundle of nerves and sucked as hard as he could. Your scream of surprise interrupted his task, but he didn't stop. On the contrary, large hands pinned your struggling hips down so he could keep going. So you were awake now; your hand clutched on his dark hair, only earning a guttural moan from the man.
His name fell from your lips; Kakucho didn't know if you wanted him to stop, to keep going, or if you were trying to talk to him. Honestly, he didn't care right now, too drunk on your flavor to care.
You had been sleeping when a current of electricity coming from your lower parts brought you out of your slumber. An unconscious cry broke out of your throat as you felt something and heavy and wet on you. Automatically your hand flew to the source only to land on soft strands of hair. You tried to move it, separate yourself. But all efforts were in vain. He clutched with so much strength, and as if he sensed your intentions, his laps grew in intensity. Shaking, you looked down and saw a black mod of hair and a muscled back you would recognize anywhere. The cries of his name only competed with the squelching sound Kakucho produced on you.
Flat tongue against your bud, pressing and moving, switching between your bud and gaping hole. His wet muscle exploring, scouring, tasting every single drop you offered him. Kakucho felt your muscles tense; your moans cracked as his name on your lips lost sense. You were close. He focused his ministrations on your clit. His lips wrapped around your bud, applying pressure as his tongue swatted at it. Kakucho let his tongue circle your clit at a relentless pace, and then he felt it; he heard you. A cry of his name. You gushing juices drenching him, your muscles clutching as your legs locked him there. You were shaking; your legs couldn't stop twitching. If it weren't for his firm grip on your hips, you wouldn't have been able to withstand so much.
With a final lick to your sensible core, he drew out a whimper from you. You had to push his head away; it was too much. You didn't even notice your trembling legs locking him there. Kakucho had to pull them off of him so he could move. Climbing up, he clashed his lip against yours, arms resting at each side of your head—his body pressing down yours.
“Did you know I would come?” He murmured against your heated skin. Short pecks were being delivered to your collarbone.
“I was hoping for that,” you sweetly stroked his face, “You surprised me, though.” you giggled.
“I’m sorry, Doll. But you said I could have you whenever I wanted,” Kakucho saw the satisfaction on your face as you hummed approvingly, surrounding with your arms his sturdy form.
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littlefreya · 5 months ago
Henry's reaction to finding out GF's house is haunted.
Tumblr media
Summary: Henry’s friend invites him over to watch a horror film on Halloween, problem is he is madly in love with her.
Pairings: Henry Cavill x Unamed OFC (3rd person, no description)
Warnings: RPF, fluff, romantic goo, friends to lovers or rather idiots to lovers, brief mentions of alcohol and Henry’s green hoodie p0rn.  
Words: 1.6K
A/N: So I had to take it to the “friends to lovers” lane, also I will need all the fluff after what I am about to post tomorrow :|! Divider by @firefly-graphics. Beta’d by my beautiful @agniavateira​ . Also FYI my house is totally haunted.
Please comment and reblog if you enjoyed. 
Tumblr media
Haunted Houses
All Hallow's Eve was Henry’s favourite time of the year. The spicy autumn air was thickly shrouded by magic. Spooky tales and plastic spiders inhabited drapes of thin cotton tendrils and fat pumpkins carved with scary faces would sit on his doorstep to welcome him home or bid him farewell on his way out. 
Per tradition, he would rally close friends at midnight for a horror flick and pineapple-anchovy pizza; often a bottle of rum would be added to the party. However, this Halloween fell on a bittersweet period, as his friends grew too old for said spooky gatherings. Starting new families of their own, they had no time to indulge him.
All save for her, who just like him was still somehow single. 
How bad would it be to spend the evening just the two of them... alone? Ignoring the fact that it was enough to see her name flicker on the screen of his phone for pure warmth to enkindle in his chest. He thought about her often before he fell asleep and when he woke up; and by often, he meant every single day since he met her.
Though she didn’t think much of him as anything other than a friend she loved to banter with - he presumed. And of course she loved Kal, possibly more than she cared for him. Yet, Henry did what he did best: bury his emotions into a little pit he dug in the graveyard of his mind. 
"Heh!” Henry croaked as the door opened. His sapphires ensnared the veils of black that cloaked her, preserving the sight of silk laces tied tightly at her torso in what seemed like a gothic medieval gown. 
“I see you took off your costume for the evening." 
She narrowed her eyes but only to observe his attire carefully: that same green hoodie and a pair of worn jeans that complimented his… asset. 
She wanted to etch her fingers around the thick fabric and have a whiff of this hoodie, or perhaps just steal it and wear it forever and a day.
"First of all, it is called The Witching Hour so I must dress properly. Secondly - where is your costume, Cavill?" she crossed her arms together, looking rather displeased. 
“I’m dressed as a homicidal maniac, we look like everybody else does.” 
Snorting, she tilted her head, unimpressed. “You totally just stole this joke from Wednesday Addams.” 
Henry shrugged and pressed his lips to a thin line. One of his foolish expressive gestures. It made her feel less nervous to which she was thankful. When she suggested they’d hang out despite them being the only two, she didn’t think much of the consequences of being all alone with the man who inhabited her mind and never paid rent. Everything about Henry made her feverish, but it was always easy when others accompanied them. The awkward anxiety of having to entertain him wasn’t her job, not up till now… 
Oh, god! What if they had nothing to talk about? What if their playful chemistry was always influenced by the presence of other people?
Beads of sweat began to form below her breasts when Henry shoved a bottle of rum into her hand and then leaned in to steal a casual kiss from her cheek. She smiled with a friendly huff in return, stifling the shiver that coursed through her muscles while he welcomed himself into her home. 
Striding forward, he peered at the Halloween decorations she hung across the walls and inhaled deeply - the scent of maple and buttery chestnuts filled the cosy little house, a scent that he could easily get intoxicated with. 
It was what she smelled like and here he was, drowning in its excess.
After a quick observation, he turned to look at her, holding his hands clasped behind his back. She smiled awkwardly in return and then averted her gaze, becoming fascinated by the bottle he brought.
‘There it is,’ Henry mused, ‘that embarrassing silence, there is so much to tell her, but she probably… no! She definitely finds me boring.’
This Halloween celebration would probably be the last and it was all sorts of disastrous. 
Trying to overcome the silence, he cleared his throat and reached a hand to scratch his curly mane. “So what movie are we watching?”
“Movie?” she asked confused and then quickly corrected, “Oh yes, umm... The Exorcist.” 
“Good, love me some green vomit.” his eyes followed carefully as she waltzed into the small open kitchen, placing the rum on the counter and then returning with a large bowl that made his nostrils flare.
“Green vomit goes extremely well with caramelised popcorn,” she suggested and popped a golden flake of popcorn into her mouth. 
“Sweet-salty popcorn? I love you!” Henry groaned and snatched the bowl right away. It was only when his mouth was stuffed that he realised what words he just used. 
But she didn’t seem to react, thankfully. Instead, she brushed a hand over her many skirts and pointed toward the living room.
Hugging the bowl, Henry strode behind her, entering the dimly lit living room. The traditional pizza was already laid on the wooden coffee table, along with a few bottles of Guinness. 
Her couch was small, only fit for a couple. And Henry, being a hulking man, took most of the space. Their thighs immediately ground into one another’s, yet they both pretended as if they hadn't noticed the hot tingle running beneath the layers of clothing. 
“I have to warn you about something,” she uttered, hoping that the tremor she suddenly felt in her body was not visible to him. 
Henry crooked his eyebrow, looking at the ominous glare she offered.
“My house is totally haunted.”  
Not waiting for his answer, she grabbed the remote and pressed play. Henry chuckled at her silly joke, waiting for her to break character but she only peered at the screen.
“Nice try, I am not scared of that stuff.” He shifted in his seat slightly, lifting his lengthy arm and spreading it on the headrest right behind her. Immediately, he regretted this semi-possessive masculine gesture, but it was too late to pull it away. 
Her instincts screamed to snuggle into him yet she held back. “Don’t believe me, but I am not making this up,” she insisted, “Every night around 3 am, I hear scratching from within the walls and these thuds from the ceiling, and then one night… I woke up the door creaking.”
Henry glanced at her quietly for a long moment, watching the reflection from the screen gyrating over her glossy irises and then snorted. He leaned toward the coffee table and grabbed two beers, uncorking them with the help of his pinky ring and then offering her one of the bottles. 
“I think you have rats.”
“Rats who make heavy thuds and open bedroom doors?”
“Yup, a big fat randy rat.” he teased. “We’ll take a look at your bedroom later, but I promise you, there are no such things as ghosts.”
‘We’ll take a look in your bedroom? Great…’ He berated himself. At this point, he just wanted to sigh and shake his head. 
She peered at him oddly, her throat clenching a tad before she turned her head back to the movie with a mumble, “It’s not a ghost, it’s a demon.” 
Within a few minutes they grew quiet, deciding to focus on the movie with the occasional dry jokes and bad puns from Henry as an attempt to overcome his anxiety. Outside the window, thunder rumbled in the distance and shy raindrops lightly kissed the glass, tinted with the many vague shades of lights coming from the street. 
Now and then, Henry shifted in his seat, his meaty thigh further grinding into her leg which stirred her blood to the point of electric spasms. She lightly pushed against him, pretending it’s by accident when truthfully, she wanted to exploit every second of being in his proximity. Had she any guts, she would turn to kiss him, but the thought alone made her heart clench in fear.
She threw him a glance, and their eyes met. Henry offered a kind grin, avoiding staring at her lips. She smiled back coyly, her heartbeat accelerating with anticipation when the possessed girl in the movie made a horrifying groan that ruined the moment. 
And then the room suddenly was swallowed in darkness, followed by a strong clap of thunder that tore open the sky.  
In the scant moment of chaos, he heard a scream and then the light came back as if nothing happened, aside from the fact that she was now in his arms, with her legs straddling his waist, and her fingers clutching the collar of his hoodie. 
Henry was unsure how and when his hand found itself latched to the small of her back, only that he didn’t want to let go. They exchanged bemused glances and swallowed the dryness parching their throats.
“I’m sorry,” she whispered hoarsely, “I got scared…”
Embarrassed to the point of tears, she attempted to climb off, wanting nothing more than to run to the bathroom and cry in hiding, when Henry sent a hand to stroke her temple and gently brushed his fingers behind her ear.
“Stay,” he insisted, squeezing into her lower back as if to prevent her from escaping. 
Her lips parted slowly, the same golden hue that suffused the living room split into her eyes, beaming even brighter as he continued to caress her face before bringing her closer to graze her lips with his.
Halloween was, without a doubt, his favourite. 
Tumblr media
Tagging: @the-soot-sprite​ @henrythickcavill​ because they asked to be tagged in these. <3 
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demonsandmischief · a month ago
A Chris Evans Imagine
Chris Evans x Female Reader
1K Words
Tumblr media
You and Chris Evans share a moment while filming a movie.
Modern Cinderella vibes - kinda cliché and dumb but :) also some angst
You glanced around the room, feeling the stare of someone, but not able to place the electric feeling flooding through your veins. You were nervous for the role, one of the largest you had ever gotten. You usually choreographed for the actors and actresses, but had worked your way through several areas of a movie shoot. You were filling in for someone who had called in sick.
The costume was a tight, heavy gown. You felt like your oxygen couldn't reach your lungs.
"Alright, everyone. Scene fifty-seven, take one. Get into your places," the director yelled.
You moved, feeling the fabric move with you. It would have been fun if it wasn't like having a bag of bricks tied to your waist. You weren't sure how you were going to dance in the thing, and you were thankful for the mask that covered your eyes and your pain.
"Hello," a voice greeted. You startled, glancing up. Chris Evans.
You were so slow. He was the lead role, of course he was your dance partner. Admittedly, you hadn't had much notice when you had to jump in this morning, but you never expected this.
"I don't believe we've met before," his words were soft, a gentle breeze against your cheek. His ocean blue eyes crinkled as his lips curled.
"I don't think we have," you confirm with a whisper. "This is my only part."
He was so tall and broad. His dark blonde hair glimmered under the light. He was undeniable handsome. Your breath was stolen for an entirely different reason other than the tight gown.
He gave a hum, your moment interrupted by one of the directors calling for you to get into place.
You stepped closer to him, his hand curling around your waist. Your heart thudded rapidly in your chest at his close proximity. Your feet followed his, stepping in sync across the set. He gives you a twirl, your large dress spinning with the motion - and for a moment you were truly a princess.
But, that moment was soon over.
Chris's eyes never left your own. He opened his mouth, as if to say something but no words came out. You were lost in his gaze, only broken by someone stepping close.
"I guess it's our turn, Chris," the woman gave a polished laugh, placing a delicate hand on his shoulder. You used the distraction to move to your next spot, free of his magnetic eyes. There was something about him.
Chris couldn't get you out of his head. He didn't even know you. He found out you weren't the original person for the role, and everyone seemed to be giving him the run-around.
"The girl during scene fifty-seven, what was her name?" he asked
The lady flipped through her clipboard. "I don't have a name here, Mr. Evans. There's only a note that says 'See Director For Back-Up Actress'. Maybe you could try him?"
It seemed everyone knew he was looking for you, except you, of course.
His search was delayed by having to travel for the rest of the filming. He had hope that there was a possibility that you were somewhere in the mix, but he really didn't know.
He smiled at the girl in the seat next to his on the flight.
You were shocked silent, pulling your baseball cap low over your eyes as you turned to look out the window of the plane. Of course you were seated next to Chris. It had come to your attention that he was trying to find the girl he shared the dance scene with. You didn't know why. Maybe you were a bad dancer.
That was your entire career. There wasn't anyway that was the case.
You weren't interested in any of it. You had far too many responsibilities to keep up with his game.
"Ever been to Germany?" he asked. He dug through his bag, pulling out a book.
You shook your head, feeling his eyes on you. Would he recognize your voice if you spoke?
"It's beautiful. I wish I had more time to visit," he sighed, opening to a marked page and giving the words his focus.
It took Chris another week to finally track down someone who knew who you were. As it turns out, he had seen you around, a lot actually. He couldn't believe he sat next to you on the flight. Frankly, that pissed him off.
"You've been avoiding me," he said, arms crossed across his chest. You startled, not even knowing he had entered the room. "You had to have known I was looking for you - why couldn't you just talk to me?"
You frowned at his sharp words. "It was one scene. A scene you did with several other people dressed the same as I was. How was I supposed to know?" You stood up from your spot on the floor, feeling your heartbeat echo in your chest.
"That's bullshit," he said, stepping closer. "I made a fool of myself for weeks. A twelve hour flight wasn't enough for you to say something? Any interest I had for you is gone." That stung. This was the whole reason you hadn't told him in the first place. This was your worst fear coming into light.
"Which is exactly why I didn't tell you," you whispered. "I knew it was just an infatuation. You weren't into me, you were into the chase, the mystery. The game's over now. " You turned, quickly brushing away the first and only tear you vowed to shed over all of this.
You heard him sigh, his large hand finding your shoulder. "That wasn't fair. I'm sorry," he said sincerely, his tone softer as he turned you back around.
"I would've been upset too. I wasn't-" you swallowed, feeling bashful under his warm gaze. "I wasn't avoiding you, I just didn't know what to say."
He nodded, his hand moving up your neck and gently over your cheek. It was like he couldn't believe you were real.
"You're beautiful," he whispered. "Better than my wildest dream."
You could feel the heat creep up your neck. "I'm y/n," you said finally.
"It's a pleasure to finally meet you," Chris said.
Tags: @oceaniamaddness @patzammit @drayshadow @alexabarnes17 @christowhore @missroro @bklynxbaby @nyx2021
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sushireads · a year ago
jungkook fic recs
Tumblr media
this is a list of jungkook fics i’ve read and loved very much! enjoy. <3
ps. all fics with 🍙 are the ones i loved a little bit more.
Tumblr media
2! 3! by @gimmesumsuga
smut, fluff | one shot | 3K words
The one at the end of Jungkook’s Wembley Vlive.
Tumblr media
a dangerous game by @goldngguk​ 
horror | series
You were in love with him. Jeon Jeongguk was everything you’d ever dreamed of and more. He was wealthy, kind, gentle, and most importantly, he loved you dearly. You knew he would always be there for you to guide you and protect you. You’d been together for just over a year and knew he had made plans to propose to you. But you found it strange that he had never brought you home to meet his parents.
Tumblr media
About Time by @yoonia
ON-GOING | 🍙, angst | series
Be careful for what you wish for, because you may never know how to deal with them once it comes true. What would you do when your wish for a second chance actually came true? But was it really a fulfilled wish? Too many questions lie when it actually happened. Were they real memories? Or perhaps a part of a past life? Was it only a dream all along? Will everything be different this time?
Tumblr media
fluff, crack, smut | one shot | 3.6K words
you tell santa exactly what you want for christmas.
Tumblr media
Amour by @taesthetes
fluff, fantasy | one shot | 6.1K words
{{ noun // a love affair, usually secret; a lover }}
To love would be committing the greatest sin.
Tumblr media
aurora. by @krreader​​
angst, fluff | one shot | 6K+ words
dawn comes after the darkness, and with it the promise that what has been torn by the sea is not lost. - lisa wingate 
Tumblr media
baecation by @1kook
smut, fluff | one shot | 5.9K words
“Lose the top, or lose the right to present yourself in any low back gown for the next three months.” He truly knew the way to your heart.
Tumblr media
banana milk by @kimnjss
smut | one shot | 6.7K words
sent to the grocery store in the middle of the day, you’d never believe who you ran into in the milk aisle.
Tumblr media
bandslam by @ironicarmy​​
angst, smut | series
Cocky drummer Jeon Jungkook has never been the type to hate on anyone. But when his best friend Taehyung unexpectedly leaves the band and leaves you in his place, he can’t really blame himself when he acts with disdain towards you. Not even when there’s a prize at stake.
Tumblr media
Be Mine by @staerrylights
angst, fluff, smut | one shot | 5.5K words
When the worlds of a campus’ star player and ordinary girl collide, sparks will fly.
Tumblr media
Bells by @taetaesbaebaepsae
fluff | one shot | 1.6K words
Tumblr media
bitchin’ by @kinktae
🍙, fluff, angst, smut | series
The 80s were a time of choices. Which perm was right for you? What color neon would you wear next? None of these choices, however, were more questionable than a certain deal you made with Jeon Jungkook.
—part of the rewind series
Tumblr media
black card by @minsprings
🍙, fluff, smut | two shots
a long night at another one of your obligatory high society functions has you desperate to relieve some stress with your husband jungkook, who’s been apparently hiding a kink from you for some time.
Tumblr media
Blackjack by @kpopfanfictrash
smut | series
Bangtan is one of the most vicious mafias on the west coast. Only six members are known by name though, with a mysterious seventh member dubbed only as ‘the shadow.’ When you become indebted to the worst of the worst – how, exactly can you find a way out?
Tumblr media
caught me. by @jeongi
smut | one shot | 13.5K words
you hate your temporary roommate, jungkook and it doesn’t help that he’s been catching you at the most inconvenient of times.
Tumblr media
Crybaby by @lavishedinjimin​​
smut | two shots
Tumblr media
dangerous love by @seulgiology
smut, light fluff | one shot | 3.7K words
Tumblr media
Departure by @nomnomsik
smut, fluff | one shot | 6.2K words
As a flight attendant for Korean Air, you’re scheduled for a thirteen-hour flight to Japan. However, things get intimate between you and your partner and co-pilot, Jeon Jungkook, when he realizes Park Jimin, the famous idol from Korea, broads the plane and blatantly flirts with you.
Tumblr media
Dumbo by @cinnaminsvga​
humor, smut | one shot | 17.2K words
you know what they say about boys with big noses…
{or alternatively: jungkook has a big dick but he doesn’t know how to use it, but luckily you’re there to help.}
Tumblr media
Dynasty by @jimlingss​
angst, smut, fluff | one shot | 17.4K words
It’s no secret that the Emperor is infertile. But even so, a girl is selected every three months and brought to become his concubine in hopes of conceiving the next heir. This time, it’s you. And in order to prevent execution, Jeon Jungkook might just aid you in conception.
Tumblr media
Euphoria by @seokstrivia
fluff, smut, angst | one shot | 7.6K words
There was always a sign on Jungkooks’ door that said something along the lines of, ‘Warning; I am naked in here. Do not enter unless you’re ready to see a whole lot of dick.’  
or, that one roommate au where Jungkook is a cocky bastard.
Tumblr media
fatal attraction by @jungcock
ON-GOING | 🍙, angst, smut | series
Your dangerous ex-boyfriend comes back to haunt you in more ways than one.
Tumblr media
first time together by @httpjeon
fluff, smut, angst | one shot | 8.4K words
you never thought you’d fall for the charms of jeon jungkook, the campus heartthrob, play boy, and fuck boy.
—part of the together series
Tumblr media
flesh and blood by @kinktae
fluff, smut | series
You are living in a society that is just now picking up the scraps that the Great Outbreak left behind after the government killed off the majority of the zombies. Still, some remain, and fear still lies within society’s walls. So imagine your surprise when the very thing you’ve been taught to fear ends up saving your life, showing you that maybe two beating hearts aren’t always required when it comes to love.
Tumblr media
For science by @boymeetsweevil
fluff, smut | series 
Jungkook asks you to let him watch you get off. For science.
Tumblr media
Game Over by @gukgalore
smut, fluff | one shot | 5K words
You try your hand at a certain TikTok trend using your boyfriend.
Tumblr media
Head in the Clouds by @taequois​​
one shot | 3.7K words
You were the third wheel for your best friend’s date but why was Jeon Jungkook kissing you instead? 
Tumblr media
Hellblazer by @jungkookiebus
smut, fantasy | series
“Few people really think about dying… paranoids worry about it without really understanding it. Victims of fatal accidents and murder don’t have time to think. You only really think about it if you take the time to. And you only take the time if you know it’s going to happen.” -John Constantine, Dangerous Habits Pt. 1: The Beginning of the End, Issue #41.
Tumblr media
HIDDEN STARS by @jungblue
angst, smut | series
It started out simple, but when your feelings start to grow for the idol who isn’t allowed to date, things get complicated.
Tumblr media
Hiraeth by @darlingwoes
smut, angst, fluff | series
Hiraeth: A longing for a home you can’t return to, or that never was.
It was confusing, the whole ordeal was. But no matter how many times you told yourself to go back, he was always there, taunting you to stay.
Tumblr media
His Name by @jimlingss
🍙, angst | series
Jeon Jungkook is a puzzle with too many missing pieces from his past and too many sides. Somehow, it’s become your job to solve him.
Tumblr media
i wish i missed my ex by @angelguk
smut, fluff, angst | one shot | 18K words
Tumblr media
It Ain’t Me by @inferno-loop​​
angst | series
Tumblr media
industrial by @taendrils​
fluff, smut | one shot | 8.1K words
❝there are lines you shouldn’t cross, things you shouldn’t touch and skin you shouldn’t mark when your hands are missing your gloves.❞
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook Must Die by @tayegi
smut | one shot | 14K words
Tumblr media
Jungkook is Typing... by @glassbangtan
mild smut, angst, fluff | one shot | 21.1K words
You and Jungkook met online when you were only fourteen years old. Neither of you thought meeting up would be a possibility, until you’re hired as Big Hit’s new editor.
Tumblr media
Killjoy by @taequois​​
smut | one shot | 9.3K words
You thought you’re trapped in the lion’s den when Jungkook kidnaps you. But he’s no lion and unfortunately for him, you weren’t a mouse either.
Tumblr media
Laundry Fairy by @bulletproofbirdy
fluff, smut | one shot | 3.5K words
You wake on Saturday to find that your boyfriend has cleaned your apartment and done your laundry–shenanigans ensue with the help of the spin cycle.
Tumblr media
love alive by @jamaisjoons
angst, fluff, smut | one shot | 17K words
a year after you and jungkook break up, the two of you meet at your brother’s party.
—part of the mixtape series
Tumblr media
Making of a lover by @smileyoongle​
angst | one shot | 2.4K words
Tumblr media
mask by @onherwings
🍙, angst, fluff, smut | one shot | 32.1K words
Perhaps you signed up for more than you expected when you agreed to pretend you were just Jungkook’s roommate when his (female) childhood friend comes to visit.
Tumblr media
mastur-bait by @kookswife​​
🍙, smut, fluff, humor | two shots
you drunkenly touch yourself in front of your neighbour, hoping he’ll take notice. you can’t help but do a double take when he actually does.
—part of The Connotation trilogy
Tumblr media
Meeting their soulmate for the first time by @sunyoonandstars
🍙, fluff | one shot | 2.1K words
Jungkook is driven by the desire to, one day, meet his soulmate. However, he had not imagined it to happen so soon …
“Jungkook’s eyes met yours only for a brief moment. Still, this split second was all it took to send a surge of thrilling heat through his entire body, the intensity of your gaze leaving every last fiber of his being vibrating and his veins tingling with what felt like a million of tiny electric shocks. He could have sworn his heart literally skipped a beat. Or two. At least. Because those eyes weren’t just any eyes. They were the eyes. The eyes which had been haunting his dreams …”
Tumblr media
melomaniac. by @jeonscript
smut | one shot | 13K words
you’re wholeheartedly, madly in love with jungkook and yet you shouldn’t be because he’s supposed to be your best friend and nothing more. worst part of it all is that you know he’s in love with you too.
Tumblr media
Mind in the Gutter by @kpopfanfictrash
smut, fluff, humor | one shot | 18K words
Starting over is never fun. Especially not when you decide to take the phrase fully to heart; new job, new city, new coworkers and new relationships. When you are dragged to a happy hour by your new co-worker, Taehyung, you end up sitting beside a (very) cute, (very) shy IT worker named Jungkook. Several drinks later, he mentions he is in a professional bowling league with his friends and you rather enthusiastically invite yourself along. As time passes and you begin to grow closer, you still find it impossible to read Jungkook. Working in the same company and seeing each other so often, it is only so long before one of you snaps. But who?
Tumblr media
more than friends by @matchakoo​
smut, angst, tiny fluff | two shots
you and jungkook have been roommates and close friends for a couple years, and you’re oblivious to the fact that the only reason why he hates your recent fuck-buddy is because he has the fattest crush on you.
Tumblr media
morning rush. by @atdawnsuga
smut | one shot | 3.2K words
You develop a strange relationship with the boy you share your morning commute with.  
Tumblr media
Movin’ by @mygsii
smut | one shot | 3.9K words
you’re moving to a new place and have called up some movers to help. you didn’t expect to find one of them extremely attractive, nor did you expect to have him all over you as soon as break time rolled around.
Tumblr media
Mutual by @seokjxnnie​​
smut | one shot | 2.7K words
Your boss was always talking about how her son would be perfect for you, promising that he was going to the staff holiday party. He turned out to be the hook up that happened a couple months ago, who you kept around for some good dick.
Tumblr media
My Type by @shadowsremedy​​
smut | one shot | 6K words
Never judge a book by its cover.
Tumblr media
neighbour by @imagniation​​
fluff, smut | one shot | 4K words
‘you think I can afford a plumber?’ your endearing neighbour jeongguk has magic hands that fix toilets and make you orgasm.
Tumblr media
one thing right by @hobios
🍙, fluff, angst, smut | series
“i’ve been wrong about a million times, but i’ve got one thing right.”
or, desperate to get your ailing mother into the best care possible, you ask your childhood friend turned enemy to marry you for his health insurance benefits. the only problem is it’s illegal. and he’s the sheriff. and you swore to hate him since the day he broke your best friend’s heart.
Tumblr media
One Year, My Love by @hayjeon
🍙, angst, fluff, smut | two shots 
You forge a marriage contract with the strangely speaking man who suddenly stumbled into your town with memory loss, but little do you know that he’s actually the lost Crown Prince, and a lot can happen between a married man and woman in one year.
Tumblr media
Orange Tulips by @kainks
angst, fluff, light smut | one shot | 10.2K words
You’d remember Jungkook with every life you lived. Only he’d never remember you, never recall how your fates were written in the stars since the beginning of time.
Tumblr media
Pay by Play by @yoonia
smut | one shot | 3.6K words
—part of @bangtansmutcentral‘s Made With Love Project
Tumblr media
Pen Pal by @chinkbihh
angst | series
As a lonely person, the idea of exchanging letters with someone apart from society was actually quite appealing to you.  In a random act of charity and desperation, you sign up for a pen pal and get paired up with an inmate named Jungkook.  The letters were meant to help him cope with prison life, but little did anyone know it was actually driving him more mad.  
Tumblr media
Piss Off Your Parents by @littlemisskookie
smut | one shot | 16.4K words
In an effort to piss off your parents you move in with their worst nightmare- a boy with tattoos, a rock band, and an irresistible charm.
Tumblr media
Play Pretend by @seokoloqy
smut, angst | one shot | 8.6K words
walking under ladders, splitting the pole, breaking mirrors, going near black cats—just to name a few things Jeon Jungkook doesn’t do before his soccer games.
And after Jungkook catches his girlfriend cheating on him, he’s going to need a little more than luck to get her back. He needs you.
Tumblr media
Quarter Quell by @chinkbihh
ON-GOING | 🍙 | series
Every 25 years there is a Quarter Quell edition of the Hunger Games. Quells mark the anniversaries of the districts’ defeat by the Capitol, and include special celebrations. The Games involves some sort of twist that makes them even more disastrous or difficult to compete in, or watch.
Tumblr media
Redolent by @baeseoul
ON-GOING | angst, smut | series
You and Jungkook have a past, but the biggest mistake of his life has him losing you in every way. It isn’t until the smell of the unique combination of vanilla and pear blossom for the first time in over a year reminds him of you and your endearing candle obsession that he’s forced to reminisce about what he had, and what he lost. He wants to reconcile, but what if you’re doing just fine without him?
Tumblr media
Rigor Mortis by @readyplayerhobi
smut, angst, horror, fluff | one shot | 28.5K words
A night out at a bar results in you going home with a young and attractive police officer. But if you think the night was something to remember, that’s nothing compared to waking up to find a zombie outbreak in the city. A chance encounter with Officer Jeon leads to him helping you escape from the plague infested city.
Tumblr media
ROTTENFOLK by @junqkook
🍙, smut, fantasy | one shot (in dire need of a part two though!!!) | 13.5K words
a look was as hazardous as chemicals, a kiss as perilous as poison; his eyes and lips felt akin to a cure, but he was purely venom.
—part of BTS Smut Club’s The Heatwave Project
Tumblr media
roulette. by @taesthetes
light fluff, angst | one shot | 1.2K words
noun : a gambling game of chance.
he loves me, click, he loves me not, bang.
Tumblr media
Ruin the Dress... Shirt by @fortunexkookie
smut, fluff | one shot | 4.8K words
What could possibly go wrong during a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with your brand new boyfriend? Let’s be honest, you shouldn’t have even asked.
Tumblr media
Scum’s Wish by @bobagukk
angst, smut | one shot | 4.8K words
Tumblr media
Secret Slut by @jeonsweetpea
🍙, smut | two shots
Jungkook accidentally gifts you, his boss, a sex toy for Secret Santa.
Tumblr media
skype sex by @floralseokjin​​
smut, fluff | one shot | 2.9K words
—part of the first love, last love drabble series
Tumblr media
Somnolent by @forgottenpasta
fluff | one shot | 3.5K words
After spending one night in bed with you, Jeongguk finds out he is unable to sleep unless you’re sleeping with him.
Tumblr media
Sprout by @hugseoks
fluff, crack | one shot | 1.2K words
After a nice evening out with your friends, you find yourself coming home to your sleeping toddler and the new hairstyle she had tried on your husband.
Tumblr media
stand-in by @gvksp4ce
angst, smut, fluff | one shot | 10K words
frat parties always suck to a certain degree, especially when you walk in on your best friend’s partner nailing your own boyfriend on said buddy’s bed. However, drowning in self-pity was not on Jeon’s watch.
Tumblr media
strawberry lips by @personasintro
fluff | drabble | 2.8K words
it’s not your fault your professor is extremely young and oh, so hot
Tumblr media
Summer Solstice by @brokenspinez​​
smut | one shot | 6K words
Down on your luck and desperate for a successful harvest, you pray to the gods. You figure no one in heaven was listening to your prayers when nothing happens immediately. But one fateful night, your prayers are answered. Are you willing to pay the price? The sacrifice might not be what you were expecting….
GOD au
Tumblr media
Tangsuyuk Love by @full-of-jams​​
fluff, smut | one shot | 11.5K words
College student Jungkook flirts with a customer who always orders take-out tangsuyuk at his part-time job. Meanwhile he’s miserably trying not to fail his Math class, while hiding his ever-growing crush on you.
Tumblr media
tell me no lies by @jeongi
angst, smut, minimal fluff | one shot | 15.1K words
You chose to rob your boss, however; you never expected to fall in love with him.
—part of BTS Smut Club's Under Fire Summer Project
Tumblr media
the beast hidden inside by @harvcore​​
smut | one shot | 1.5K words
never come home smelling like another man, especially when it’s mating season.
or 𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐣𝐞𝐨𝐧 𝐣𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐤𝐨𝐨𝐤, 𝐚𝐧 𝐚𝐥𝐩𝐡𝐚, 𝐢𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐫𝐢𝐩 𝐨𝐟 𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐥 𝐢𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐭𝐬…
Tumblr media
the best part of me is you by @yourdelights
fluff, smut, angst | one shot | 9K words
Having been best friends since childhood, you’re an expert in all things Jungkook. You know everything about him, from how he took his coffee to the sound of his laugh after a successful prank. There was no part of him that you didn’t know like the back of your hand, or so you thought. Your view on things gets a bit skewed after discovering the one secret Jungkook had kept from you: he’s a camboy.
Tumblr media
the coffee shop contract by @gukyi
fluff | one shot | 18K words
apparently, having an instagram profile with a different girl in every picture is reason enough for your friends to strike up a deal where they’ll pay you to have a relationship. well, jeon jungkook’s no good at relationships, but a fake relationship isn’t a real relationship. is it?
Tumblr media
the engagement by @virgoknj
angst | drabble | 3.4K words
in where your ex jungkook appears at your engagement party
Tumblr media
the jeon twins by @krreader
fluff, angst | one shot | 3.2K words
jk thought he was doing this for his twin’s good. falling in love with you while pretending to be kookie was never something he planned on doing and he hated himself for it.
Tumblr media
The Jorts by @gukslut​
fluff, smut | one shot | 6.5K words
Tumblr media
the sea & the storm by @jamaisjoons
angst, fluff, smut | one shot | 20K words
the sea is a powerful mistress. she is calm and beautiful. she is mysterious and alluring. she is a force to be reckoned with. above all, however, she is lonely. until she meets him.
—part of the Fantastical Stories for Curious Souls collaboration
Tumblr media
the train of lost souls by @inktae
angst, fantasy, fluff | one shot | 13.6K words
The moment you step inside the train, you are given two options.
You can choose to live, to be given a second and a last chance in life, in exchange for your memories and your previous existence. You can choose to be alive again, but it can only be an entirely new life. Everyone you’ve ever crossed paths with would forget your name. All the pain and the love you knew, all the ups and downs that made you hurt and made you smile — all of it, completely gone.
Or you can choose to move on, to give your life away while keeping your memories until the end of time. To step out of the world of the living and to embrace a new kind of loneliness, but with the warmth of your past always safe between your cold hands.
You are dead, but it’s up to you to do something about it.
The choice is solely yours.
Tumblr media
The Truth About Forever by @thedefinitionofbts
romance, implied smut, angst | one shot | 6.3K words
There are a lot of things you know. You knew the water in the lake was the clearest, most fresh tasting in the world and that lavender hyacinth graced every hillside, peeking through patches of wild grass and forest green shrubbery. You knew the weather was pleasant enough and the air clean enough even for someone with a body as weak as yours to sleep peacefully under clear moonlit nights. You know a lot of things, but there was one thing you didn’t know…  
“Jungkook and Y/N forever…” Seokjin reads the little inscription on the corner. “Hey, this person even has the same name as you, how weird.”
Tumblr media
the universe of us. by @taesthetes
🍙, fluff, angst, fantasy | one shot | 21.1K words
nefelibata : (noun) lit. “cloud-walker”; the one who lives in the clouds of their own imagination or dreams
The story of Icarus tells of a naive being who loved the sun and flew too close, leading to his untimely descent into the ocean. But what the tale didn’t speak of was how the sun and the moon fell in love with him, too. And with the pull of the tides due to the attraction of the sun and the moon, he tosses and turns, torn between two entities.
So if Kim Taehyung embodies the sun, then Jeon Jungkook is the moon.
And you are Icarus.
Tumblr media
The Virgin Volume by @kpopfanfictrash​
smut, angst | two shots
The year? Some point after college. The occasion? Namjoon is getting married and the Rich Man’s Crochet Club has convened once again. Somewhere between the drinks and the laughter, everyone has the same realization: Jungkook has never been in a serious relationship. In the name of all that is holy (Overwatch and booze), the club’s mission is revived. Now though, their goal is much more perilous. Now, they aim to find Jeon Jungkook a girlfriend.
—part of The Rich Man’s Crochet Club series
Tumblr media
the wedding planners by @gukyi
fluff, light smut, light angst | one shot | 28K words
jeon jungkook is three things: cocky, terrible, and your worst enemy. then your best friend hoseok gets engaged to the love of his life, and suddenly jeon jungkook is four things: cocky, terrible, your worst enemy, and the man you will be spending the next seven months with in order to plan your best friend’s wedding.
and then, as if your life couldn’t get any shittier, you make the poor decision of sleeping with him on the first day of the job.
Tumblr media
through the night by @nightbts
ON-GOING | 🍙, fluff, angst | series
Tumblr media
Travel Diary by @nitaescence
fluff | one shot | 2.5K words
Tumblr media
way down in bed stuy by @minstrivia
smut, light angst | one shot | 5K+ words
as a final farewell you fuck your sister’s unbelievably attractive knave boyfriend that you definitely do not have feelings for…again.
Tumblr media
Welcome to the Underworld (AO3 Link) by @spookitokki
fluff, smut, fantasy | one shot | 9.6K words
In a dark little second-hand shop downtown, stuffed in an alleyway you only stumbled into because you were lost, you found a charming antique radio. When you turned it on, it began to play what would become your favorite radio show, “Welcome to the Underworld”
Tumblr media
youngblood by @jinitude
smut | one shot | 14.6K words
“I don’t care if he’s got the potential to be the next big thing. I’m done trying to chase a story that doesn’t exist. The kid is a wet leaf left on the curb to dry and crumble into pieces the next day. You’re going to send me to five of his concerts and I can already tell you how each one is going to go. He’s a wannabe bad boy who jizzes his pants when he sees a girl looking at him. Assign me someone else.”
Tumblr media
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dreamwritesimagines · 10 months ago
Twisted 22 - Red Right Hand [Spencer Reid x Reader]
A.N.: Thank you so much for your wonderful support my loves! Here’s the next chapter, I hope you will like it as well, and please let me know what you think of it! ❤❤ Ily, kisses! ❤❤❤
Series Masterlist
Warnings: Murder, serial killers, violence, manipulation, mentions of sex, drinking, smoking, blood, nightmares.
Word Count: 4000
Summary: Anyone can be a suspect.
Tumblr media
When you woke up, the first thing you realized before even opening your eyes was that you weren’t in your bed.
Your bed was softer than this, the sheets were silk and the pillows were fluffier-
You were sleeping in Spencer’s bed, and in all honesty, both he and you were terrible at this break up thing.
You rubbed your eyes and sat up in bed, trying pull yourself together and get rid of the haze of the sleep. Judging by the state of the bed, it was very obvious that Spencer hadn’t slept there and the clattering of plates coming from the kitchen let you know that he was already awake. You yawned, stretching out and kicked off the covers before you quickly made the bed and stepped back to see if it looked good.
Well, it looked acceptable at least.
You shrugged to yourself and stepped out of the room to approach where the noises were coming from, then leaned sideways on the door frame, a smile warming your face when Spencer turned his head to look at you.
“Hi there,” you said, your voice still raspy because of sleep, “What are you making?”
“Um- I realized I just had coffee and not much of anything else,” Spencer said, “Unless you like leftover Chinese.”
“My favorite breakfast.”
“So grilled cheese sandwich?”
“Oh man, you don’t want to share your leftover Chinese?” you curled your lips, “I guess grilled cheese sandwich could be breakfast too.”
He chuckled and put the sandwiches on the plates, so you grabbed them and went to the living room to sit on the couch, Spencer following you with two cups of coffee.
“Jesus Spencer, you didn’t have to sleep here,” you motioned at the blanket, “You’re taller than the couch.”
“It’s fine, I don’t mind.”
You shifted your weight and picked at the toast before nibbling on the piece,
“How did you sleep?” he asked and you chewed on your bite.
“Like a rock,” you said, “I got like four hours, do you know what that is? A miracle.”
He thought for a moment before he walked to the table to pull open a drawer as you grabbed your cigarette package,
“Do you mind if I smoke here?”
“I do actually.”
You looked down at the package in your hand, then put it back into your purse as he walked back to the couch, clearing his throat.
“So I was thinking,” he said, “The um-the next time it gets too much for you, even though I’m on a case away from the city, if you ever need to get away from your place…” he reached out and put what looked to be a spare key to his apartment on the coffee table and you stared at it for a couple of seconds, your heart skipping a beat.
“Professor,” you managed to say when you pulled yourself together and tried to ignore the spark of hope, “I say this with the best intentions, but we really do suck at this whole break up thing.”
“We’re not so bad-“
“We’re literally the worst ex couple I’ve ever seen. You take your key back from your exes, not give them one.”
“But it’s not like that,” he said quickly, “It’s so that you can drop by when I’m not here if you want to.”
You were melting, and he wasn’t even aware of it.
“Spencer…” you tried to stop the smile warming your face and pursed your lips, “I can’t.”
He pulled his brows together, his soft gaze on you almost confused, “Why not?”
You heaved a sigh and reached out to wrap your fingers over the back of his hand, the spark of electricity shooting through your whole system. Your body didn’t care about the break up as much as your mind did, that was clear. Even now, even after everything, even if you knew it was wrong, the only thing you absolutely craved for was to be closer to him, however you could be.
“Trust me,” you said, “The only thing it’ll do is to give me hope, and I can’t have that. Besides, who knows? Yet another friend of Luke’s might disagree with this decision if you ever end up not talking about your ex during the first date.”
He let out a small chuckle, “That’s not happening, you know it as much as I do.”
You scrunched up your nose, “My point about being terrible exes,” you started, but before you could say anything else, your phone started vibrating. You looked around and grabbed it, then took it to your ear.
“Finally!” Mina’s voice reached you, “Why can’t anyone reach you? Mom called you like a hundred times.”
“I was busy.”
“Doing what? Your assistant said you didn’t show up yet.”
“What happened?” you asked back and she heaved a sigh.
“Mom wanted me to ask if you want them to send you a car for tonight.”
“Why would I-“ you started and then it dawned on you and you threw your head back, “Charity auction.”
“The one that we told you like a month ago, and your assistant already put it in your schedule. You know, the whole point of having that is checking it sometimes right?”
“I wanted to erase it from my mind, probably that’s why,” you grumbled.
“Well you’re coming. I’ll actually kill you if you bail on me, we’re all going to be there.”
You rolled your eyes, “Okay, whenever we go somewhere like this, mom socializes, you and Kenz hook up in the bathroom, I’m the only one who doesn’t have fun in these things! I’m allowed to-“
“I’m literally running to a meeting on stilettos so I don’t have time to feel sorry for you but I’ll put it in my schedule if you want,” she said, “Unlike you, I check mine. No car then?”
“I’ll drive there myself.”
“Suit yourself. Cry beforehand if you’re going to be in this mood for the whole night, will you? You don’t look good with smudged makeup.”
“Fuck you Mina.”
“Love you too brat!” she sang and hung up, and you huffed out a breath.
“Charity auction?” Spencer asked, “Rossi was talking about that too.”
Your head shot up, “Wait, you will be there?” you asked, the grumpiness leaving you instantly and he shrugged his shoulders.
“A part of the team will. We don’t know yet.”
“I hope they pick you to be there.”
He tilted his head, “Why?”
You bit inside your cheek, still trying to fight the urge to be closer to him before you took a deep breath.
“I don’t know,” you admitted, “Maybe I wouldn’t hate tonight that much if you were there.”
Having breakfast with Spencer was a perfect way to start the day, that was for sure, but you couldn’t say the same for the rest of the day. Much like Mina, you spent the whole day running from meeting to meeting, and by the time you got home to get ready for the night, you were already way too tired.
But as you found out, a good night’s sleep made wonders, so even if you were tired, you weren’t as drowsy as before.
Special thanks to Spencer, for that one.
You did your make up and your hair before getting into the gown and you looked in the mirror, smoothing over the fabric. You turned around to see whether the long skirt looked good at all the angles but then your phone started vibrating on the bed and you grabbed it to answer it.
“Hi Linc,” you put him on speaker as you opened the drawer to pick a necklace, “What’s up?”
“Just wanted to check whether you’re going to pretend you’re sick to get out of it,” he said and you chuckled.
“Good idea, I’ll use it the next time,” you clasped the necklace behind your neck and fixed your hair, “And no. Unfortunately I’ll be there.”
“Come on Y/N, we’ll have fun.”
“I don’t think so.”
“We’ll have alcohol, you like alcohol.”
“That’s the only way I can stand these things,” you murmured, “How about you? Are you sure you haven’t changed your mind about coming?”
“Are you kidding? Watching you sulk is like a hobby of mine at this point, I made my peace with it.”
“I don’t sulk!”
“Yeah you do,” he chuckled, “I’ll see you there okay?”
“Yeah yeah, see you,” you murmured and hung up, then grabbed your coat and left your apartment. You got into your car, turned the music on, and started driving.
It took you almost an hour to get there because of the traffic. You handed your keys to the valet, thanked him and started climbing the marble stairs but as soon as you looked down at your phone you felt someone crashing into you.
“Ugh!” the woman let out a furious breath but still kept talking on the phone, “I said I don’t want them blue, I want them green! What are you, an idiot? I don’t have time for this…”
“Apology not accepted asshole,” you murmured to yourself and kept climbing the stairs.
“Good evening ma’am.”
“Good evening,” you smiled at the man by the door and stepped inside to walk through the huge foyer until you reached the hall. You looked around as soon as you reached the table surrounded by empty chairs and stopped one of the waitresses.
“Excuse me,” you smiled at her, “Hi, is this the table number one?”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Thank you,” you said and heaved a sigh as she walked away, “How am I the first one here God damn it?”
You checked the time on your phone before making your way out of the hall and went outside again so that you could smoke a cigarette or two until everyone got there. There was no way you would sit there alone, you already didn’t like this evening and that would make it even worse. You leaned back to one of the pillars, lighting a cigarette and exhaling the smoke up into the dark sky, watching the people entering and leaving the building.
You heaved a sigh after minutes passed and you lit your third cigarette, sending Mina yet another text in all caps but then you heard someone clear their throat so you looked up from your phone and your heart started pacing in your chest, a wide smile pulling at your lips before you could stop it.
“Professor,” you managed to say and Spencer ran a hand through his hair as if he wanted to make sure it looked good, “Well this is a nice surprise. Came to save the damsel in distress?”
He pulled his brows together, “I doubt you fall under that category.”
You scrunched up your nose, “You have a point. I’m probably the big bad wolf in a dress.”
“I mean it’s a pretty dress,” he murmured before stealing a look at you, “You look great. As usual.”
You could feel the happiness filling your system and you giggled.
“Thanks,” you said, “So do you. But hey, that’s not a surprise. The only reason why the FBI is keeping you around is your looks, not your smarts, we all know that.”
That seemed to make him chuckle and you gasped, then reached out to hold his scarf over your dress.
“Spencer look, we match!”
“Look at that, we do-“ he smiled but before he could say anything, you saw Lincoln climbing the stairs. You waved at him and he took a look at you two with a slight frown on his face, then made his way to you.
“Jesus, took you long enough.”
“I know, I had this last minute phone call about work….” he shook his head, “Dr. Reid. You seem to be everywhere nowadays.”
“Seems that way,” Spencer stated curtly and Lincoln turned to you.
“Why are you outside?”
“Because no one at our table showed up yet,” you said, “And you know I hate sitting alone.”
“Ah well, I’m here now so if you want-“
“I think I’ll smoke some more, thanks though,” you told him and a small smile curled Spencer’s lips before he raised his brows, looking at Lincoln who checked his watch.
“It’ll start soon though, just so you know,” he said, “See you inside.”
With that, he walked away from you into the building and Spencer turned to you.
“That was subtle.”
“He’ll be fine,” you said and threw your hands up when you caught the sight of Mina getting closer, “Did you like die or something? Where’s Kenz?”
“On her way, there was something with the babysitter, my meeting took forever!” she said, “I drove here straight from work, is mom going to kill me?”
“No one is here yet.”
“Probably because of the accident.”
You frowned, “What accident?”
“I think there’s some kind of an accident, the traffic is insane,” she eyed Spencer up and down, “Oh great, cute sad giraffe is here too.”
“Mina!” you hissed and Spencer shot you a look as if he was desperately asking for your help, but Mina waved a hand.
“I’ll be inside,” she said and walked inside while you shifted your weight.
“…Cute sad giraffe?” Spencer asked and you rubbed the back of your neck.
“Please ignore her,” you said, “I apologize on her behalf.”
Spencer stared at you, then scoffed a laugh, “Does she hate me or…?”
“She doesn’t hate you as a person, she just hates all my boyfriends as a princip- ex. Ex boyfriends.” You quickly corrected yourself, “She hates my ex boyfriends as a principle.”
“It’s a sister thing. I threatened one of her ex-girlfriends once, so this is what I get.”
“You threatened-“ Spencer started but you waved at Nolan who was climbing the stairs and he frowned at you and Spencer, then approached you.
“Well hello there,” he greeted you two before turning to Spencer, “I don’t think we’ve met.”
“Nolan, this is Spencer Reid,” you introduced them, “Spencer, Nolan. He’s the love of my mom’s life for some reason.”
“Nice to meet you.”
“You too,” Nolan said and clicked his tongue “You’re the infamous Dr. Reid then. I’ve heard about you.”
“Nolan,” you murmured warningly but he ignored you.
“Has Y/N mentioned the head of FBI is a good friend of mine?”
“Um- no she hasn’t—”
“Well I’d keep that in mind just in case you happen to make yet another mist—“
“Thank you Nolan!” you said very loudly, “Mina is inside, you could join her if you want- also, have you seen my mother?”
“I came here straight from my house but I sent her a car, she was on her way,” Nolan said as someone by the door called out his name and he heaved a sigh, “Business doesn’t wait, excuse me.”
“Did he just…?” Spencer asked as Nolan got inside and you shook your head fervently.
“No he didn’t.”
“That sounded like a threat.”
“Ignore him as well,” you said, “It’s just uh… You know. Rich people. They have no manners.”
He tilted his head, confused, and you waved at Kenzie who climbed the stairs at full speed and waved at you back, then pressed a hand over her chest at the sight of Spencer and winked at you before rushing inside as well.
“Anyway,” you tried to change the topic, “So I owe you breakfast then. Do you want it before or after my next emotional breakdown?”
He smiled softly, “You don’t owe me anything.”
“Oh you have no idea how much I do,” you murmured, “Do you want to get Honey Cinnamon French toast the next time? It’s full of sugar, you’d like that. Considering your coffee choices.”
His jaw dropped, “It’s not that bad!”
“I took one sip of your coffee one day while we were dating and thought I’d get into sugar coma.”
“That’s not how it works.”
“Don’t you have statistics about how it’s bad for you?”
He nodded at the cigarette between your fingers, “Do you want to hear the statistics for that too?”
“You’re on thin ice, professor,” you pointed at him, making him laugh but then both of you turned your heads when you heard your name being called. Your mother looked between you, then smiled and stepped closer.
“Dr. Reid, it’s lovely to see you again,” she said politely, “Y/N honey, why are you outside?”
“Waiting for you,” you stubbed the cigarette, “I was the first to get here.”
“I know, the driver kept going into different roads because-“
“Accident. Yeah, Mina told me.”
“Let’s go inside, it’s about to start,” she said and you looked up at him.
“So I should-“
“Yeah,” he nodded, “I should probably find Luke. It was nice to see you again, Ms Knight.”
“You too Spencer,” she said and linked her arm through yours as you walked inside, “Anything I should know about?”
“We’re just talking, mom.”
She arched a brow, “I don’t know who you got this obliviousness from, but not me,” she said and you turned to look at her.
“You’d have to be blind not to see the way he looks at you.”
You blinked a couple of times, “The way he looks at me?” you repeated as you approached the table and you took your seat beside Lincoln.
“Had your smoke?” he shot you a look and you rolled your eyes at him.
“No really, are you guys sure you broke up? Like, did anyone let him know?”
Kenzie whispered something into Mina’s ear and she smiled, sipping her champagne.
“I’m a better person than you are, so it’s no wonder I have a better friendship with my exes than you do, Linc.”
“Is that what we call batting your eyelashes at your ex nowadays?” he asked and you made a face at him.
“You’re hilarious- should I buy something?” you wondered out loud, “Where’s the catalogue?”
Nolan handed you the tablet and you swiped on the screen.
“Are you buying something?”
“One or two,” Nolan said, “Your mother liked that vase on the page sixteen.”
“I will bid you for that,” your mother joked, making him smile and press a kiss on her cheek, and you downed your champagne before motioning for another.
“How’s your girlfriend?” you murmured to Lincoln and he shrugged his shoulders.
“She’s fine,” he whispered as the auctioneer started talking about the first item, “We had a small argument earlier, but…”
“About what? Did she finally see your real personality?”
“I’m sorry, I’m not taking relationship advice from a girl who’s obviously not over her ex even though she was the one who dumped him-“
“Hey, I’m trying to offer you my infinite wisdom you dickhead,” you whispered, making him chuckle.
“I’ve been working a lot these days, but I have to close this new deal,” he said, “She doesn’t seem to understand that.”
“Why don’t you pay her a visit?”
“Did you miss the part where I said I was working a lot?”
“Lincoln,” you heaved a sigh, “Honestly. If you love this girl, you need to show her that.”
“After I close this deal-“
“No, before you close your deal,” you insisted, “You don’t want to be one of those people who picked wealth over love.”
Lincoln raised his brows, “I guess we know what your pick is.”
“I take all my advice back, I hope your girlfriend dumps you,” you sipped the champagne, making him laugh.
“Come on, I’m just messing with you,” he said, “Do you want me to buy you an extra ugly vase so that you can forgive me?”
“I can buy my extra ugly vases myself, thank you,” you sulked, “Do you know what my problem is?”
“I’m surrounded by love,” you nodded at Kenzie and Mina who seemed to be in their own worlds and your mother and Nolan who held hands over the table, listening to the auctioneer, “It’s like being surrounded by booze when you’re trying to go sober.”
“Hey if it makes you feel any better, my relationship is in shambles too.”
“It will stop being in shambles the moment you stop being a stubborn ass,” you murmured, still holding the fragile glass in your hand but as soon as you took another sip, your mother raised her brows, looking at someone over your shoulder, Mina narrowed her eyes and you felt someone’s presence behind you. The lovely scent filling your nostrils said it was Spencer, and your suspicion was proven when you heard a low whisper in your ear.
“Come with me.”
The champagne you were drinking went down the wrong tube and you started coughing before you stared up at him, convinced that you had just imagined that, considering it wasn’t the first time you were hearing that only in a different context.
“I’m sorry?” you managed to stammer and he frowned at your reaction, then nodded at the door.
“Outside?” he said and it dawned on you,
“Right, outside,” you murmured as you tried to pull yourself together and pushed your chair back.
“Y/N?” Mina said warningly but you shook your head.
“It’s fine, I’ll be right back,” you said as you stood up and felt Spencer’s hand on your lower back as he guided you out of the hall, his skin on yours sending a pleasant shiver down your spine. As soon as you stepped out of the hall he turned to you, his eyes searching yours frantically.
“Are you okay?” he asked in a low voice and you pulled your brows together, trying to understand what he was talking about.
“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be okay?” you asked “I’m having the time of my life trying to pick between an ugly vase and an ugly painting. Seen anything you like yet? It’s for charity.”
“No, Y/N-“ he nibbled on his lip and you stared at him for a moment before your breath got caught in your throat and your hand shot up to hold his arm.
“Another murder?” you whispered, “God, did someone die? That’s why you’re being like this?”
“We just found her a block away.”
“Do I- do I know who it is?” you asked numbly and he pulled out his cellphone to show you the picture and you gasped, covering your mouth as soon as you saw the screen.
It was that woman who had bumped into you just at the beginning of the night, the one who had walked away without apologizing.
“I just…” you swallowed the lump in your throat, “I think I saw her tonight. But it- she- she was just alive, I don’t-“
“The marks show that it just happened. Very recently.”
You could feel the room spinning around you but you tried to pull yourself together.
“But I don’t-“
“Y/N,” he said your name, clearly this time, “I was talking to you probably around the time it was happening, but you mentioned you were the first one to get here right?”
You nodded slowly, “Yeah, the traffic. Well, that and the meetings and the babysitter- how is that relevant?”
Spencer fell into silence, taking a deep breath and you looked up at him.
“What?” you asked again and he stole a look at the hall.
“Obviously there’s no evidence to show this yet and I might be wrong, but do you want to know what I think?” he asked and you nodded again.
“I think you were sitting with the copycat killer just now.”
You blinked dumbly, your brows furrowed in thought and slowly, very slowly that ice in your veins made its way through your system, a tingling spreading from the base of your neck up to your head. You could feel the panic crashing down on you before you turned your head to look at the your table, Mina and Kenzie watching you, Lincoln playing with his phone and your mother and Nolan having a quiet conversation. Spencer’s words echoed in your head, drowning out every single noise coming from the hall.
I think you were sitting with the copycat killer just now.
“Oh,” you breathed out, closing your eyes, “Fuck.”
Chapter 23
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kind-heart · 10 months ago
You’re My Forever
Tumblr media
Description: You and Harry have been dating for three years when Harry’s bandmates, Mitch and Sarah, get married in a simple yet beautiful ceremony. You and Harry have had your own conversations about marriage, but you have always agreed to wait until the timing was right. But with the vibrant sunset in the background, the soft music, and you looking more beautiful than ever, Harry has never felt more certain about your forever together.  
Word Count: Approx 2,500
Author’s Note: It’s very convenient that I’ve been working on this for a couple days and now we get a photo of Mitch wearing what could potentially be a wedding ring. Anyway, this is my first one-shot in about six months, so I’m quite rusty, but I saw these photos and instantly thought of this concept, so I knew that I had to write it. Please enjoy this fluff before I start posting my Christmas one-shots later this month. Feel free to come chat with me afterwards xoxo
--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---
Mitch and Sarah had been adamant about a simple wedding. They did not want extravagant gowns, expensive meals, or lavish gifts; and they had no interest in renting an exclusive venue or hiring a costly musician. The couple’s only wish was to be surrounded by their absolute favourite people to celebrate the magic of unconditional love. 
And on the day of the wedding, Y/N curiously watches as her boyfriend of three years dresses himself in preparation for the ceremony. Sitting on the edge of their shared bed, Harry slides his hands through his tousled curls in an attempt to tame the messy locks. 
“Harry, love, I know they said to dress casually, but don’t you think a striped sweater is a little too casual?” 
Harry lightly chuckles at his girlfriend’s teasing. “This day wouldn't be happening if it weren’t for me, so I reckon I can wear whatever I’d like.” 
Y/N crawls down the length of the bed and kneels behind Harry, draping her arms over him and slipping her hand underneath his shirt. She rubs her hands along his toned chest before dipping her head to press a gentle kiss upon his neck, feeling the chill from his chain necklace against her lips. She then lifts her mouth to his ear, allowing her hot breath to crash against his skin. “You’re sexy as hell no matter what you wear.” 
A confident smirk pulls Harry’s lips upwards. He cocks his eyebrow in curiosity before turning his head so that he can scan over his girlfriend’s half-clothed body. “Well, I’m particularly fond of you wearing nothing.”
Y/N glances at his lips before moving towards him, closing the distance between them. Harry, knowing that he will not be able to resist her, promptly pecks his lips to hers before gently removing himself from her embrace.
“Don’t tempt me unless you don’t want to see the outside of this bedroom for the next few days,” Harry says, biting down on his bottom lip at the mere thought of it. Knowing that he is not teasing, a bolt of electricity shoots through Y/N’s body. It wouldn’t be the first time that they’d lock themselves in the bedroom. “But considering that I’m the best man for this damn wedding, I don’t think Mitch will be too happy with me not being there.” 
She teasingly sighs before allowing herself to fall backwards, her body crashing into the fluffy white sheets covering their bed. She presses her fingers to her lips and extends them towards him. His eyes graze over her body, causing a pleased smile to play on his lips at the sight of his stunning girlfriend. “I really hate Mitch right now.” 
Y/N shrugs her shoulders. ”You’ll just have to make it up to me, I suppose.” 
Harry snickers. “That won’t be a problem.” 
Harry reaches for the handle on their bedroom door, but before he pulls it open, he takes one final glance at her. “Love you, baby. I’ll see you soon.” 
*** *** 
When Y/N arrives at the ceremony approximately an hour following Harry, she finds herself mesmerized with both the elegance and the simplicity of it. Mitch and Sarah have chosen a grassy field that overlooks the ocean as the location for the wedding. This decision was not only due to the astonishing view, but more so because it was where the couple had their very first date together so many years ago. With the sky’s blanket of orange and yellow, the radiant sunset hovering above the ocean makes its difficult to not fall in love. 
White wooden chairs are positioned in three rows on both sides of the aisle, which is just enough to accommodate the small numbers of guests attending. With COVID-19 still ongoing, they were careful to only invite their closest loved ones, and Y/N felt honored to be included within that list. Considering that they had wanted an intimate wedding, neither Sarah nor Mitch could complain about the small guest list.
Y/N eventually sits herself in the second row on the right-side, ensuring that she will have the best view of Mitch and his groomsmen. She sits quietly for a short while, occupying herself by fidgeting with the lace material on her yellow dress. She occasionally converses with other friends of Mitch and Sarah, and she offers an excited wave to the other members of Harry’s band once they arrive. The empty seat beside Y/N becomes occupied by Glenne Christiaansen, the wife of Harry’s manager, Jeffrey Azoff. 
Y/N and Harry had been introduced to one another approximately three years ago by their mutual friend. If Y/N were being truthful, she would admit that she was casually dating Harry’s distant friend at the time, and in an attempt to impress his new love interest, he had introduced Y/N to the rock-star. However, to everyone’s surprise, it was Y/N and Harry who hit it off with one another. Within only a few months of dating, the couple had fallen completely in love with one another. Harry, having been afraid of commitment before Y/N, always assumed that he would be terrified of sharing a home with a girlfriend. However, upon falling in love with Y/N, he could hardly wait to reach this milestone in their relationship, so after only six months of dating, Harry asked her to move into his luxurious London home. 
Y/N and Harry knew from the very beginning that they had found their lifetime partner in one another, and these feelings have not wavered within their three years together. Nevertheless, their plan for the future has not been certain. Y/N has always wanted to marry Harry and she remains certain of this. She had even expressed this to Harry and while he felt the same love for her, he was frightened by her disclosure. He eventually explained his caution with marriage, for although he believes in the sanctity of it, he is worried to rush into it a marriage without being completely ready to do so, and so the couple agreed not to mention it again until the timing felt right. 
But Mitch and Sarah are already there. They have been together since the early days of Harry’s solo career, and they have remain steadfast through all the chaos that the music industry has brought upon them. However, the couple did not consider the idea of marriage until Coronavirus struck and they were forced to lockdown in Los Angeles. Harry had even isolated with them throughout the summer, but with Y/N stuck in London, Harry eventually made the extensive trip to be reunited with his girlfriend. The pandemic, however, had brought Mitch and Sarah to recognize their gratitude for one another throughout it all, and they decided not to wait any longer in making a lifelong commitment to one another. 
It does not take long for all the chairs to be filled. Only a few short minutes later, the groomsmen take their position at the front of the wedding set-up, standing to the right of the flower archway that Sarah and her family had built together. Harry stands beside Mitch, proudly wearing his striped sweater and holding a black guitar across his body. While Mitch and Sarah had several disagreements over their wedding details, they did not need to even discuss who would provide the accompaniment music for the evening, for they both knew that there could be nobody greater than the man whose music had brought them together in the first place.
And when Harry is given the signal to begin, his ring-clad fingers dance along the guitar strings, producing a stunning acoustic version of “I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You.” The gentle wind blows through his hair, causing a strand of hair to fall against his forehead, and the soft glow of the sunset rests beautifully upon his face. Harry’s eyes focus on Sarah, watching her gracefully ascend up the small aisle that is covered with white rose pedals. With her being dressed in an off-white sheath dress and her dark hair pulled back into a simple bun, it would be an understatement to call Sarah beautiful. 
In the corner of his eye, Harry peeks towards Mitch, noticing that his misty eyes are fixated upon his future wife. Feeling pure bliss for his two best friends, Harry allows a smile to slip onto his face. He has never particularly believed in soulmates, but he knows that if they are to exist, Mitch and Sarah have found theirs in one another. 
Harry’s eyes eventually scan the crowd, not particularly looking for Y/N, but in curiosity of those attending the wedding. But when his eyes finally search the third row, they fall upon her, and it seems as though all time stops. Her tear-filled eyes are glued to Sarah, admiring the gorgeous bride as she makes her way towards her soon-to-be-husband. And when Y/N wipes a tear away from her cheek, Harry chuckles to himself at the typical sappiness of his girlfriend. Knowing that he is the luckiest man in the entire world, a proud smile lightly tugs on his lips. Directly behind him is an extravagant sunset, lighting up the sky with the most vibrant colours. Below the sunset is a bright blue ocean, filled with beautiful creatures and the answers to life’s greatest mysteries. A few feet away from him is a striking bride, dressed in a stunning gown that causes all heads to turn her way. But despite all of this, Y/N is still, and forever will be, his favourite view. 
Harry firmly presses his lips together in an attempt to fight the tears threatening to fall. But when Y/N turns towards him and their eyes meet, he cannot fight against them anymore. A single tear spills onto his cheek, and Y/N, knowing it’s rare for Harry to publicly express his emotions, raises her eyebrow to silently ask if he’s alright. 
“I love you,” Harry carefully mouths. “So much.” 
A tiny tear of her own spills onto her cheek and streams down her face. She nods her head before mouthing, “I love you too.”
He has to bite onto his lip to stop himself from falling apart. He eventually laughs quietly, which she returns with a silent laugh of her own. They eventually break eye contact with one another, returning their focus back to Mitch and Sarah. 
But in that moment, with the beautiful melody of Elvis Presley’s romantic ballad and the gorgeous colours of the sky, Harry has never felt more certain in his future with Y/N. 
*** ***
Y/N’s head rests upon Harry’s chest, while her hands gently clasp onto his upper arms. Harry’s arms wrap around Y/N’s waist, clasping onto one another at her back. Every now and again, Harry will tilt his head to press his lips to the top of Y/N’s head, allowing his kiss to linger on her. 
It has been one of the greatest nights. After enjoying a delicious buffet of food prepared by Sarah’s family on the night prior and then enjoying an abundance of speeches, the night is finally concluding with a dance. Harry has been the star of the evening, causing everyone to double over in laughter at the playful jokes in his best man speech, while also bringing everyone to tears with his dedication to the happy couple. 
And now he dances with the love of his life, feeling her loud heartbeat thudding against his chest and hearing her gentle voice quietly humming along to the song. Harry thinks of how in a couple hours, he and Y/N will go to bed together and laugh until the early hours, and how they’ll wake one another in the morning with sleepy kisses. He thinks of how he’ll spend time in his home studio tomorrow, working on a song that he has been trying to finish, and she’ll poke her head in every now and again to check on him. Harry thinks of how they’ll dance in the kitchen while preparing dinner, or build a blanket fort when the movie becomes boring. Harry thinks of how Gemma will call Y/N to provide a life update, and how Y/N’s father will help Harry with gardening in the back yard. 
And Harry decides that he never wants to risk losing that. In a thousand different lifetimes, he would still want the life that he has built with Y/N. 
“Marry me,” Harry says quietly. 
He can feel her body stiffen in his arms. She gradually lifts her head from his chest and peers up at him through wide eyes. “What did you say?” 
“Marry me,” Harry repeats confidently. “Be my wife.” 
“ can’t propose at someone else’s wedding,” Y/N says, looking around to see if anyone has overhead. 
“Fuck that. They had their night!” Harry exclaims. “Now please tell me that you’ll marry me or else I’m going to feel really stupid.” 
Y/N opens her mouth to speak but nothing come out. “Harry, are you sure?” She eventually questions, finally able to find the words. “I know marriage isn’t something you want to rush into.” 
“Am I sure that I am completely in love with you? Am I sure that I want to spend the rest of my days with you? Am I sure that I want to commit my life to you? Yes, Y/N, I am absolutely sure.” 
Realizing that it is real, Y/N excitedly giggles as she curls her arms around Harry’s neck and throws herself at him. Harry crashes his lips against hers before wrapping his arms around her waist and lifting her off the ground. Their lips remain connected as he gently places her back onto her feet, removing one hand from her waist to rest upon her jawline, holding her face steady as he kisses her harder. 
“I’ll take that as a yes,” Harry says once breaking their kiss. 
“Of course it’s a yes,” Y/N answers, unable to wipe the smile from her face. “I would love nothing more than to marry you.” 
“Good.” Harry tucks a piece of Y/N’s hair behind her ear before caressing his thumb against her cheek. “Because you’re my forever, Y/N.” 
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byuntrash101 · 6 months ago
Incubus: Coming of Age (Part 1)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Incubus!Baekhyun x You
Genre: fantasy, smut 🖤
Tags: plot (cause it’s what makes it interesting), demon boy (incubus), (very) big dick, oral (f), dirty talk and more~
Raiting: 18+ (maybe even 21+ haha… don’t jugde 🙈)
Word count: 4.4k (you’re in for one hell of a ride)
Summary: It’s true… you’re in love with your boss: the brilliant Doctor Park Chanyeol. And one night you’re woken up by his sweet kisses and bites… This should be a dream come true right? Then why does something feels off about him?
General Masterlist
Part 2
Please tell me what you think it's my first work on here!!! Please cheer for me yeolobun ^^. Tell me if you wanna be in the tag list for part 2 ❤
Tumblr media
From a Boy...
Incubus: male demon who preys on women for sex, especially while they are sleeping.
"Aaaah... Don't stop" you whisper as you grip on the bed sheets tightly "I'm cumming" you cry out through greeted teeth, furiously rubbing on your aching and throbbing nub. "Fuck... Aaaah... Chanyeol..." You moan his name as you push yourself over the edge, finally grasping your orgasm and letting it wash over you in waves of heated pleasure.
Once your sinful deeds accomplished you sigh to yourself... You did it again... You just couldn't help yourself, you touched yourself to your handsome boss... Again!
You clicked your tongue, annoyed at your own lack of will.
Chanyeol was the head of the ophthalmology department at the SM Medical Center where you worked. Doctor Park Chanyeol was everything a woman of 24 years of age, like yourself, could desire. He was tall, had strong broad shoulders, he had big muscular arms, he was unbelievably attractive with his big eyes and adorable ears. And on top of that he was incredibly smart and a complete gentleman. Always considerate of his team and gosh... his smile...ugh... definitely the deadliest part.
As an ophthalmologist of said team, you worked directly under him. And God knew how much more you wanted to do under him...
You shook your head...
I really gotta stop dreaming about my married boss
'Cause, yes, he was married, happily married. And yes, your little thoughts and heart flutters were nothing more than that... dreams, just silly dreams.
You sigh and flip to your side, tucking your head comfortably on your pillow to finally have some sleep. Not even taking the time to slip your panties back on. Simply adorning your night gown.
You have no idea how long you've been sleeping for, but you're woken up by the sound of a pair of lips smacking and the feeling of the said lips attached to your naked shoulder. You blink a few times, your blurry eyes adapting to the dark room solely illuminated by the rays of the full moon peeking through the blinds. Your eyes fall on the dark brown tuft of hair occupied with gently nibbling on your collarbone.
"Hmmm... You finally woke up y/n?" The man lifts his head...
You yeet yourself to the headboard, covering yourself with your blanket. Chanyeol is not at all startled and just joins you up the mattress. He leans in and starts to playfully lick around your ear.
"Aaah" A soft moan escapes your lips. You immediately clap your hand over your traitorous mouth, refraining from moaning again. Your ears have always been your weak spot.
"Oh baby, you're so sensitive" his deep voice resonates in your ear, shivers run down your spine as you fight the urge to lean your head back to give him more access to your neck.
"Chanyeol, what are you doing?" You ask in a whisper, trying not to whimper. Chanyeol smirks against your skin.
"Come on baby... You know what I'm doing" He marks a silence to suck on your lobe. "I'm here to make your dreams come true" Your eyes shot open.
"How do you know about that?" You push him away to have a look at his face.
"I just do" he shrugs before trying to go back to your neck, but you stop him.
"There's no way Doctor Park would know or even act like that at all... Who are you?" You ask squinting. The man chuckles, incredulous.
"Y/n... It's me Chanyeol your super sexy gynecologist boss"
Dread creeps under your skin, you gasp loudly as you bring the covers further up... Chanyeol would never speak of himself as "super sexy" and above all... He's an NOT a gynecologist.
"Who are you really?" you ask, tilting your head and frowning.
Soon the man drops his shoulders and the fake reassuring smile, turning his face away from yours.
"Fine!" he spits, he gets up from the bed and right there before your very eyes, red smoke starts to form at the bottom of his feet, soon enveloping completely his big and tall figure. Your rub your eyes, persuaded to still be in deep sleep.
When the smoke dissipates Chanyeol is gone and there stands a boy. He has raven black locks of shiny hair perfectly sitting on top of his head, piercing dark brown orbs looking right into yours, pouty pink lips and adorable, cute moles.
Well, a boy that is if you disregard the two obvious 10 cm (4in) tall horns that sprout out of his forehead. And a just-as-obvious spare shaped black tail dangling behind him.
He's wearing an oversized black hoodie and a pair of denim shorts with thick white sneakers. He shoves his hands in his back pockets, looking annoyed.
"Who are you?" You ask again, this time more to yourself as you have trouble trusting your own eyes. The thing -for lack of a better word- runs his black stained fingertips through his hair.
"My name is Baekhyun" he finally says.
"What are you?" you asked after clearing your throat trying not to squeal. Baekhyun rolls his eyes and sighs deeply.
"I'm an incubus"
"A what?!" You nearly choke on your own saliva.
"A sex demon that-"
"I know what an incubus is!" you interrupt him, frustrated at the irrational scene taking place before your eyes.
"Well... At least I was supposed to be become one" he looks down. You tilt your head in confusion. "Yeah... today is my exam... You're my exam" You frown your brows the confusion thickening in your eyes.
"Your exam?" you ask.
"Yeah, I was supposed to seduce you to pass..." Your heart nearly stops...
"Seduce me?!?"
"Are you going to repeat everything I say?" he snaps back with a biting tone. "Yeah... I kinda like... studied you and your preferences all semester just for today but it's all for nothing... I'm going to fail" he hangs his head low, sulking cutely.
His words barely make any sense in your mind. But then you take a closer look at him, he looks so sad, his puppy eyes drooping, his lips forming an adorable pout as he nervously whips his tail around. You immediately curse your fucked up subconscious that decided to send you such a weird dream tonight.
"Well...I guess I can make an effort so you can pass your exam" His tail perks up and his eyes instantly light up.
"Really?" You hesitate...
"Y...yes" you drag on the word, like you're trying to keep the right of changing your mind for as long as possible.
"Oh, thank you so much!!!" he chirps, his lips stretching in the most adorable smile. And you don't really know why but his happiness spreads to you, you find yourself smiling too.
But then you come to realize something...
"Wait, an exam... how old are you?" you ask, hesitant again. Baekhyun's smile fades away as he tilts his head.
"Huh... In demonic blood moon years or human sun years?" he asks dead serious. When you don't reply anything, he starts mumbling to himself. "Yeah, how would she know what a blood moon year is..." he starts counting on his fingers "I'll be... One... Two... Ten... 19 years old in May" He says proudly puffing his chest.
"Oh my God! You're only 18!!!" you nearly scream. "I can't I'm sorry, you're way too young" Baekhyun jumps to your side and grabs both your hands pressing them into his black stained ones.
"Please y/n" he says piercing his puppy eyes into you. "If I fail... I'll be expelled from school and my parents will disown me... and..." he looks down at his feet. "I'll be prohibited from breeding, which is an incubus' sole purpose" He hangs his tails in defeat.
You don't know why or how but seeing him like that sinks your heart. You can't possibly say "no" to such a face. You sigh again.
"Fine..." you can't help but to smile softly when you see him wag his tail back. "What do you need to pass?" He looks to the side, recalling the instructions.
"For me to have just the passing grade I need to" he nervously licks his lips before looking back into your eyes "I need to successfully give you... one orgasm..." You blink your eyes twice, unsure of the information perceived by your ears... you start to shake your head "Wait please y/n! We don't actually have to have intercourse"
"Please don't say it like that" you ask removing your hands from his to massage your temples, with knitted brows.
"Wait y/n I mean... I could maybe... just..." he hesitates "go down on you?". Silence falls for a second, but you shake your head again. "Please" he pleads, attacking with the damn irresistible puppy eyes.
Silence again.
"OK..." you finally breathe out. Once again, his tail cutely perks up. "If it's a dream then I guess it's ok..." you whisper to yourself this time your gaze drifting to the floor as you still have trouble processing what is going on.
"Oh my! Thank you! I promise I will make you feel good" your eyes shoot back to him. It's almost imperceptible but the last two words sound different. Something is different.
Baekhyun takes a step in your direction and you want to step back but the back of your legs hits the edge of the bed. You freeze in your steps. He leans onto your ear and if you didn't have your eyes to back up your ears on this one you would have sworn it wasn't Baekhyun speaking to you anymore. He took this deep, sultry, and alluring voice that only a demon could have.
"I promise you won't regret it. Because I was trained for this" You feel the unusually hot glide of his tongue on your ear as the butterflies in your stomach collectively decide to go berserk inside your guts. "I was trained to please you... Only you" goosebumps run across your skin as electricity sparks up in your core.
He goes back to lick and suck on your ear you're surprised how much surface his tongue can cover but you don't pay that much intention to it, you're too busy being gently laid back in your bed by Baekhyun's strong arms as he is licking down your neck. Leaving sloppy kisses and playful bites. His sharp teeth have no problem sinking into your skin and the pleasurable sting pulls a throaty moan out of your mouth. Baekhyun briefly pulls away to look at you. He smirks at your flushed rosy cheeks.
"Baby, are you already feeling me?" Just as he says that he pushes his hips onto yours and you have to keep yourself from loudly gasping when you feel... it. You haven't seen it yet, but you just know it... That thing... is huge.
You let out a whimper and he unveils his pointy teeth, the white pearls glistening under the moon light. While Baekhyun buries his face back in the crook of your neck you notice how the buttons of your night gown start to faintly glow red and in total stupor you understand they are undoing themselves. The straps swiftly slip off your skin and you are left absolutely naked before Baekhyun's eyes.
He pulls away drinking in your most natural form while you lay on your back, thighs tightly pressed together.
"Baby you look this good, and you want me to behave?" he says in that voice again. He licks his lips, his tongue is different. It's longue and pointy, unnaturally red and... hot too... you recall from the neck kisses. Your heart pounds in your chest.
He leans back again, and his disproportionately long tongue fully wraps around your left nipple. You moan and bite your bottom lip. He lightly flicks his tongue. It's more and more difficult for you to resist him.
He goes down again, dangerously approaching to your center. When he notices you’re keeping your legs together he looks back up at you, you open your eyes wide when you notice the dark brown of his eyes was replaced by a glowing burgundy red.
"Baby, don't make this harder than it has to be" Baekhyun says not parting his lips from your pubic bone still showering you with kisses. Then with a flick of the wrist, your legs fly open. Before you can even realize it Baekhyun is eyeing the most private part of you.
"Baby, it didn't even start yet and you're already this wet for me" his teasing makes you squirm and it's only then that you realize in what state this demon has put you.
You are absolutely drenched. You never were this wet… Ever! Even in your wildest dream with Doctor Park. Without even proper touching, you soaked the sheets all the way through the mattress. You can't see it, but you feel long strings of your juices linking your sopping center to the bed and coating your inner thighs.
When Baekhyun approaches his face very slowly, eyes focused on his target, licking his lips hungrily, when he's right there, just a couple of centimeters away from your soaked slit he looks up at you. The smirk he wears is downright evil.
"Oh, and y/n one last thing. This is not a dream... It's real... I'm real"
You don't even have time to process the information that his tongue makes contact with you, directly aiming for the clit. You gasp loudly gripping the sheets. It feels uncommonly hot and wet, slimy even, like lubricated? It's also kind of rough, rugged, like a cat's tongue. But strangely it's the best part about it, the little asperities are stimulating you further and you can't hold back anymore. Frankly, you don't want to, you're giving in.
Your delighted moans fill the room, and your meek voice has Baekhyun smirking, lips still tightly pressed to yours.
"That's it, kitten, moan for me"
The pet name makes you moan louder, gripping his hair. His abnormally long tongue swirling around your clit driving you absolutely crazy. The pleasure rises steadily, and you feel the familiar build up in your stomach form.
He wraps his lips around your swollen and very sensitive clit to gently suck it. Another throaty moan slips out your mouth which has you biting your lip right after. His sharp teeth graze against you and you feel a small bite on your already aching bud. The sting is divine and makes you scream out a moan. Baekhyun feels you twitch under his tongue as you unconsciously buck your hips up and down, grinding your needy little cunt against his tongue.
"Kitten, are you gonna cum?" he asks with a mouth full.
You look down at his dark red glowing eyes, his satisfied smirk, his pitch-black hair stuck to his forehead, his face covered with your overflowing juices... Fuck why does he have to look so good?
You nod, biting on your bottom lip so hard you could draw blood. But Baekhyun slows down...
No... Please... you want to plead but you don't.
You let out a desperate whimper that makes Baekhyun's smirk even wider.
"Then tell me, Kitten. Tell me how good I'm making you feel. Tell me what you want." he whispers in that deep voice again.
Fuck... How does he know you so well, the weak spot in your ear, the pet name, the dirty talk? He knows about all the things that drive you mad. It's like he knows your body by heart... and fuck... you can't resist him.
The agonizing slow flicks of his tongue on your throbbing pussy are killing you and you just want more. You need more.
"Please, please Baekhyun..." you whine. "Please let me cum". He chuckles in victory.
"Good girl" he praises before shoving his hole tongue in your clenching pussy. You have no will to control your voice anymore and just moan out loud to your heart's content.
"Fuck... yessss..." you bring your second hand to grip his hair and you don't even realize you're harshly pulling at it.
"Beg me for it, Kitten"
"Please Baekkhyun... aaah... Don't stop... Please" you're pleading, you're so close.
His tongue works wonders going in and out of you at an astonishing speed, every time hitting your gspot dead on. Somehow, he manages to tongue fuck you and still give attention to your clit. You don't know how he does it but it feels divine and quite frankly, you don't care.
"I'm c-cumming" you whisper in a strangled breath.
"Yes, cum for me Kitten. Cum all over this mouth" Baekhyun's deep voice resonates in your ear as your eyes are closed shut. Your legs tense up and your back arches as the knot finally comes undone. Juices flowing out into Baekhyun's open mouth. He sends you into an earth-shattering orgasm. The overwhelming sensation takes over your entire body, making you shake uncontrollably as you scream out his name. Never you felt something like this. A simple human being would never be capable of doing the things he just did to you.
Baekhyun slows down allowing you to ride off your high without hurry. When he parts his mouth from your quivering core you hear him loudly swallow then hum in satisfaction.
"Mmmmh...Delicious baby" he says wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, the glow in his eyes slowly fading to the original dark brown.
What the fuck was that? Did I just squirt?
Your chest is heaving up and down and you still can't believe what just happened. The things you felt you can't really understand them or even name them. All you know is that you don't want to let them go.
Baekhyun has already climbed off the bed when you let your heart - no, not your heart, definitely something else - speak.
"Baekhyun..." he turns around "I-... hum..." you didn't really say anything but Baekhyun smirks. He clicks his tongue and shakes his head.
"Is Kitten becoming greedy?" With that a red halo surrounds him and his clothes just simultaneously drop to the floor.
You look at him with round eyes and a hanging jaw. Who would have known he was hiding all this behind his boyish face? He looks absolutely stunning. You would have never suspected such broad shoulders underneath that oversized hoodie and such amazingly thick and meaty thighs. He's toned and in shape. But the most impressive thing is definitely his masculine attributes...
His huge dick stands proud and tall. This thing is literally the size of your forearm and you just keep staring at it as it lightly twitches, precum shining and pearling at his slit.
You can't help but to lick your lips. Which Baekhyun picks up right away.
He slips back in bed with you and whispers in your ear again, planting kisses around your ear. He then grabs your face, squishing your cheeks in his firm grip, his thumb tugs at your lips and he slips his longue tongue inside your mouth. Instantly the taste of your own cum spreads to your mouth. Baekhyun continues to slip inside until his tongue is down your throat and your lips finally meet. Your eyes roll back, fully enjoying the heated and sloppy kiss he gives you. Goosebumps in the nape of your neck as his heavy breath fans your warm cheeks.
After a while he pulls out.
"I know you want more" he says as he forcefully grabs your wrist to place your tiny hand on his fat huge cock. The thing his so hard and hot, twitching under your fingers, you bite your lip. Baekhyun enfolds your fingers around his cock and harshly thrusts himself in your small hand wrapped around his two big ones. You whimper as Baekhyun growls in your ear.
"Tell me what you want kitten" Baekhyun's low grunts make you shiver. He gives another powerful thrust in your fist.
"Please... Baekhyun" you start with your lips trembling. "Fuck me" you finally say in a breath.
That was all that Baekhyun needed. He leaves your side and kneels right in front of you. He harshly pulls on your parted thighs to bring you close. You let a whimper out as his thing rubs against your still very responsive clit.
Baekhyun then wiggles himself even closer and links his hips with yours, his fat cock resting on your stomach.
"Look kitten, this how full I'm going to make you" he growls slightly swaying his hips to rub on your nub. You bite your lip and lift your head to see. You can't help but to whimper when you see his tip reach all the way up to your midriff.
It's never going to fit...
He seizes his thick member and starts to rub the tip against your slit, gathering your wetness and coating himself with it. You buck your hips up, impatient. But Baekhyun gently takes your chin in his black stained finger and lifts your head up. Your eyes shoot back to his, the red glow is back.
"Look at me while I fill you up with this huge fucking cock" he whispers detaching every syllable of the three last words, eyes deep into yours. The smirk is gone. He’s done playing.
Slowly and steadily, he pushes himself inside you. His girthy tip delightfully stretching your tight little cunt. You feel him progress inside you, every centimeter feels like pure heaven, his glowing eyes locked into yours as he frowns and grunts.
Eventually he reaches the deepest part of you and your hips link again. You squeeze your eyes shut and your toes curl up... Because as crazy as it may sounds just with this one slow stroke, he made you cum. You press your lips into a thin line to not moan. But Baekhyun is not fooled. He leans into your ear and whispers with the deep voice that you are starting to know.
"Oh Kitten" he clicks his tongue. "You came with that?" His coos as he slowly pulls out of your still throbbing cunt. "Then get ready because it's about to get even better"
Then he stands back up and takes a bruising grip on both of your thighs and smashes himself back into your sensitive center.
"Fuck" you yell. Your eyes shoot open as you curse out loud, unable to resist the feeling. Your orgasm still hasn't completely worn out and he's already forcing another one into you. Your eyes roll back as your jaw falls open, shaking every time he thrusts his huge cock inside you.
Baekhyun smirks when he feels the signature clenching and throbbing of your orgasming cunt. But that does not stop him. As another orgasm washes over you, your leg shake uncontrollably as you moan out his name.
"Aaaah... Baekhyunnnnn"
"You're cumming again... Kitten really has become greedy" he chuckles slowly adapting his pace to allow you to breathe. Your high slowly wears off. Your eyes come back into focus and you catch Baekhyun's tail lazily waving behind him before they drift to his evil, handsome face.
"Oh Kitten, you're back. I almost thought you were going to pass out. You're not used to feeling this good, huh?" You can't even reply anything that he speeds back up, going even faster than before. Right when you thought it couldn't get better. Right when you thought he couldn't possibly fuck you any better than this... he fucking does.
Immediately you grip the sheets again, arching your back. You're already back to scream-moaning. He feels amazing inside you. The way each thrust deliciously spreads your aching tiny little cunt, the way he rams himself into you, rearranging your guts and shaping your pussy to perfectly fit his fat ass cock... Frankly in this instant you can't even remember your own name.
"Fuck... Aaaah..."
The sound of wet skin clashing reverberates against the walls of your rooms. Finally, you feel him dangerously twitch inside you. He's coming close to his release, and it shows in his dark red glowing eyes.
"I'm gonna cum inside you" he grunts lowly, tightening his grip on your thighs. This is the definitely not a question. It's a statement.
You welcome his words as they mean salvation to you. You're exhausted, your pussy just can't take another one of these intense orgasms. You feel like you're going to collapse as you lay there on your back while he furiously pounds into you, your eyes rolled back and your tongue hanging out.
"Yes, please cum inside me" you mumble not even bothering to slip your tongue back in.
"I'll make you minekitten" he growls, making you shiver.
"Yessss" you huff in a shaky breath.
Your own release coming close, again. Your toes curl upward, and you arch your back, your tight pussy frantically throbbing and clenching around Baekhyun's fat cock as his own dick pulses and twitches inside you finally releasing his delicious piping hot cum.
"Fuckkkk" Baekhyun breathes out through greeted teeth as you sink your nails into his biceps.
Gallons of thick white sticky liquid gush out inside you, adding on to the full feeling of Baekhyun's cock. You feel astronomical volumes of cum filling you to the brim until it has to flow out of you in a river of slimy and tasty cum.
You both catch your breath for a good two minutes before you can even move. When Baekhyun finally pulls out your mixed juices still link him to you in long strings.
He's quicker to recover than you. Your chest is still heaving up and down when he magically pops his clothes back on.
He looks back at you and it's evident how different he is. The glow in his eyes is gone, his innocent boyish expression is back, and his smile is just adorable. Even his tail is cutely wagging behind him.
"Thanks y/n! Imma have the best grade ever. I bet Yixing had to keep the illusion spell..." He smiles from ear to ear.
Completely drained out you barely manage to simply nod back at him and grin from the corner of your mouth.
"Anyway, bye... Kitten" he says, a playful glint briefly passing his eyes while the red smoke engulfs him.
When the smoke clears out you are almost - not almost - disappointed that he's gone. You sigh deeply, cum still lazily dripping out of your broken-beyond-repair pussy.
How am I supposed to go back to a normal life after that?
General Masterlist | Part 2
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miss-smutty · 5 months ago
A/N - I've literally been gone for months 😱😭 I've been so busy with my business I lost my writing mojo again. I'm sorry @swaggysposts you've waited so long for your request but here it is, I hope you like it.
Request- "How about Thor x reader wedding night....Having a wedding in the Avengers Facility with the Avengers.....And Tony letting them use his Malibu home for their wedding night....
The reader is a virgin and nervous about the whole sex thing.....Thor feels her nervousness.... Thor eases her nervousness by playing and dancing around in the Malibu Mansion and they do tequila body shots between each other and they have skinny dipping in the pool And they both get turned on and they have a intimate first time by Thor's sweet gesture 😍😍
Word count- 4,651 (sorry it's so long 🙊)
Warnings- Swearing, smut, unprotected sex
Taglist-: @innerpaperexpertcloud @pandaxnienke @chickensarentcheap
Posted: 29th April 2021
18+ only!!
Blushing Bride
Tumblr media
"3… 2… 1!" Everyone in the room shouted gleefully.  You reached down and threw your beautiful sunflower bouquet back into the crowd. Turning around to watch where it lands, smiling from ear to ear as you watch your girlfriends scramble to catch the falling flowers.
Nat clambers over people unapologetically, elbowing your cousin in the face as she reaches into the air and catches the bouquet with one hand. There's cheers as she arrogantly side-eyes the other girls shamelessly, you notice as she catches Bucky's eye from across the room, confirming the suspicions you've had for a while. Hopefully you'll get chance to question her about that later on.
You scan the room until your eyes lay on the person you were looking for - your handsome husband.
Thor can't take his eyes off of you, his beautiful bride, you blush under his stare and laugh when you realise the cliche of now being his beautiful blushing bride.
You've never seen him in a suit before and he looks completely ravishing, his broad frame filling out the navy blue, fitted suit, impeccably. He's talking to Tony and Pepper and by the way they all keep looking over at you, you realise you're the subject of their conversation.
"So, you're finally Queen Odinson" Tony greets you as you make your way over to join them, hitching up the long train of your dress. You feel like a queen in your exquisite wedding gown, the way it drapes on your curves perfectly. It's a little difficult to walk in especially with how clumsy you are but it makes you feel amazing.
"Wow, it feels so strange when you say that." You smile widely, reaching up on your tiptoes to kiss Thor's cheek.
"You've always been my Queen." His grin is equally as wide as yours as he wraps his arm around you, gazing down at you proudly.
"Don't mind us" Tony says sarcastically, rolling his eyes and then laughing when Pepper playfully hits his arm.
"Oh don't worry, we won't. I've been waiting for this day since… Forever" 
"I know, Thor what took you so long?" Tony jokes.
"I have wanted to make Y/N my Queen since the first moment I set eyes on her" Thor says seriously, Tony's rhetorical joke going straight over his head. 
"Yeah, we get it Point Break. Now I have a wedding gift for you both." 
"Ohh yes, you're going to love it" Pepper adds excitedly, clapping her hands together enthusiastically.
"We want to invite you to spend your honeymoon in our Malibu mansion, so what d'ya think?" Tony asks.
"Oh my god! No way! We'd love to." You exclaim, looking at Thor for his approval and squeeling excitedly when he nods in agreement.
"Good, now you better go mingle. I can see your mom shooting me daggers for hogging you both for too long" he smiled warmly. You reach up to kiss his cheek and wrap your arms around pepper tightly.
"Thank you so much you two, you're the best" you say excitedly.
"Yes we are and don't forget it" Tony laughs.
Thor takes your hand in his and leads you to the dancefloor to join your friends. As he wraps his arms around your waist he leans down to whisper in your ear.
"You look radiant, my love. I can't wait until we're alone" He says sincerely.
You feel a tightness in your throat at his words and quickly try to swallow it away, gulping nervously. You were a virgin and the thought of Thor having literally hundreds of years more experience than you, terrifies the life out of you. 
"Your brother looks like he's having a good time" you say sarcastically, changing the subject strategically when you spot Loki over Thor's shoulder. Of course he didn't look happy at all, stood in the corner on his own with a face like thunder.
Thor spins you around so he can see for himself, a smile tickling the corner of his mouth when he realises you were joking.
Tumblr media
"You know Loki, he can't stand anybody else being happy. Especially me. This must be torture for him" He laughs, the smile on his face crinkling the corners of his eyes as he gazes down at you. Your own cheeks aching from the smile that hasn't left your face for the whole day.
"Are you sad that the rest of your family and friends aren't here?" You ask, resting your head on his chest and feeling his heart beating.
"Of course not, my love. We will see them soon." he smooths his hand down the back of your head.
Thor had promised to give you your perfect wedding, everything you'd ever dreamed of and then later you would go to Asgard and have a traditional Asgardian ceremony too. The thought of it made you extremely nervous, you had no idea what to expect but imagined you would be surrounded by beautiful Gods and Goddesses and the idea of it made your stomach sink.
You danced the night away with your friends and Thor until your feet could no longer hold you up and you collapsed, exhausted into Thor's arms.
"I think it's time to get you home, my love" Thor whispers into your ear.
"I don't want it to end yet" you whine, clasping your hand to your mouth to stifle a yawn. The tiredness suddenly washing over you all at once.
"Don't worry, the night has only just begun" Thor said his eyes glistening with excitement. Butterflies flutter in your stomach with anticipation, nerves and excitement mixing together until you didn't quite know which was the most dominant feeling. 
You can't contain your excitement as you finally see  Tony's mansion set upon the cliffside, over-looking Malibu beach. The futuristic looking building with the glass walls is absolutely breathtaking, definitely everything you imagined Tony's house to be.
As you step inside the house the first thing you notice is how open and clean everything is. The glass wall runs the entire length of the room, it's like you could practically walk out into the sea.
"Welcome to your honeymoon home, Mr and Mrs Odinson. I am J.A.R.V.I.S and I am here to assist you with anything you may need during your stay." J.A.R.V.I.S says through the integrated speakers. 
"Oh my god!" You squeel.
"Who said that?" Thor asks looking around the room, confused. The look on his face is comedic but you stop yourself from laughing to save Thor from embarrassment.
"It's J.A.R.V.I.S" You answer shrugging your shoulders nonchalantly.
"But who is Jarvis? Are we not alone?" Thor asks, eyes wide, still scanning the room for an unseen person.
You giggle at Thors innocence. "I think it's one of Tony's intelligent system thingies, am I right J.A.R.V.I.S?" You laugh when Thor looks at you like you're mad.
"You are right Mrs Odinson, I am Just A Rather Very Intelligent System but you may call me J.A.R.V.I.S. Is there anything else I can help you with?" 
"Not right now, thank you J.A.R.V.I.S" 
"I don't like the thought of somebody watching us, especially on our wedding night" Thor gets that glint in his eyes again.
"He's a computer babe, I think we're safe." You chuckle light heartedly, gliding along the smooth marble floor to stand in front of the enormous window.
"Wow! I bet that view is beautiful in the daylight." You say, changing the subject. 
"Not even half as beautiful as you" Thor says as he comes up behind you and pushes your hair to one side so he can press his lips softly to your neck. Your hairs stand on end as he sends shivers through your entire body. You feel electrically charged by his touch, your body tingling with energy.
Thor feels your body go ridgid against him, he can sense your nervousness and does his best to calm you.
"Are you ok, my love?" He whispers softly as he strokes the goosebumps that have appeared on your arms.
You turn around to face him, placing your hands on his chest to reassure him but avoiding those piercing blue eyes.
"I'm ok." You lie.
"You are not ok, please tell me your worries" he lifts your face to look at him and you cave when you see that gentle, pressing look on his face.
"Fine." You sigh "This is my first time, but you… You've been with hundreds. No, probably thousands of women. How could I not be worried?"
"They will never compare to you" He smiles genuinely. You're not going to lie, the thought of him with even one other woman makes you feel slightly sick.
"You don't know that." Looking away again, unable to concentrate when you look into his deep blue eyes.
You didn't want to believe that he was being sincere, how could he be? Thousands of women, there's absolutely no way you could even slightly compare. Thinking about it was making you even more nervous, you had experience with other sexual things but you were still a virgin. Growing up with religious parents that had drilled it into you that you mustn't have sex until you were married. You knew it was possibly all bullshit, just another thing made up to control women but still there's always a chance it wasn't and you didn't want to take the risk of spending your afterlife in hell. So you'd been a good little girl and restrained yourself through the absolute torment of college and the multiple boyfriend's who had never been able to last longer than a couple of months before they dumped you or cheated on you. Then you met Thor, he was different to anyone you'd ever met and not just the fact he was an actual god - but he was a gentleman.
"I do because I have never loved anyone the way I love you." You look up at him slowly, smiling shyly when you catch his eye. The things he said definitely helped ease your mind a little.
"Just don't worry about it, ok my love? We'll take things slow." He adds, kissing your forehead.
"Ok… Now can we try and find some alcohol to loosen up a little?" 
"Do you not think you've had enough?" He asks, cocking his head to the side to examine your level of drunkenness.
"I think my nerves have sobered me up." You pout playfully, looking up at him through your lashes.
"Well then what are you waiting for? Let's find this alcohol." He grabs your hand and hurries through the room, dragging you along, laughing behind him. You have to run to keep up to him, his long legs making him much faster than you. 
"Oh my god, Thor. You almost pulled my arm out." You laugh stopping to catch your breath, the house so big that it took a lot longer than expected to make it to the kitchen.
You spied a hamper that had been left on the kitchen counter, behind Thor. A bottle of champagne with two flutes, some bottles of spirits and a huge crate of Thors favourite ale - Peppers idea you guessed.
"Wait! Stop!" Thors tone makes you freeze on the spot, the bottle of champagne ready to be popped in one hand.
"What's wrong?" You say, concerned. Is there a spider? Oh my god. You shake your hair and pat your body in a frantic manner. "Thor what is it?" he was just stood there looking amused.
Tumblr media
"Nothing. I just realised this is the first time that I've had you to myself all day. I need a kiss" he moves over to you with his lips pursed in an exaggerated way.
"You idiot, I thought there was a spider" you say, giggling when he grabs hold of you and wraps his arms tightly around your waist. He rubs his rough beard against your cheek playfully, making you giggle and squirm as his bristles tickle your skin. His hands are clasped around your stomach, lifting your feet from the ground, while you try and fail to get away from him and his tickling.
"Thor, stop. I can't breath." You laugh breathlessly. 
Lifting you up effortlessly, he sits you down on the kitchen counter and nestle's himself in-between your legs. Looking at him closely, you realise just how beautiful he is and how lucky you are that he's your husband. 
"What are you thinking?" Thor asks, making you realise you were day dreaming and lost in a trance when Thor spoke.
"I'm not telling you." You tease, closing your mouth tightly.
"You do know now we're married, you have to tell me everything" 
"Everything?" You probe.
"Yes, absolutely everything."
"Fine, I was thinking about how lucky I am to be married to you." You roll your eyes at how soppy you sound, you're not usually one for romantic gestures and Thor knows that. You find it hard to take a compliment and even harder to give one. 
Thor on the other hand, found it completely natural to take and give compliments. He did however have a lifetime to perfect it, so had a slight advantage. 
"I am the lucky one" Looking in your eyes confidently as he speaks, there was definitely no denying the way he felt about you "Now stop rolling your eyes and give me a kiss." 
Thor pulls your face towards him, his lips parting when they connect with yours. The alpha in him taking control of the kiss. You follow his lead heartily, your lips moving together in perfect synchronisation. 
The way you kiss easing your mind a little, your bodies moved together fluently like they were made for each other. The excitement began to rise in you, everything was so effortless when you were together. You know now you were silly to feel worried, that as long as you let your body do the work and don't over-think things, your love for each other will lead the way. Your bodies spoke to each other like old friends, it was just your damn mind that was the problem. Which is why you planned on shutting it up with alcohol, lots of alcohol. 
"Can we go see the pool?" You break away from the kiss too quickly, leaving Thor with his lips still pursed and eyes still closed. The adrenaline was taking over and there was no time to waste.
'Anything for you, my love." He makes his way towards the stairs that lead to the garden.
"Wait, let's take this." You say holding up a bottle of tequila, limes and a couple of shot glasses, then rummaging around the cupboards to find the salt.
"Tony certainly has good taste in liquor, how did he know tequila is my favourite? Or did you have something to do with this?" You ask Thor, the mischievous grin on his face already answering your question.
"Nothing to do with me" he lies, trying to look as innocent as possible.
"Are you trying to get me drunk Mr Odinson?" You say sultrily, smiling when you see excitement flashing in his eyes.
"Of course not Mrs Odinson, now come on let's drink." He takes your hand and leads you to the stairs, you have no idea which way to go but Thor's instincts seem to know the way. The house was so big you thought it would be pretty easy to get lost in it, you wonder how many rooms there are? How many bathrooms? You couldn't wait to explore tomorrow but tonight was all about you and your husband.
As you turn the corner, the enormous infinity pool comes into view. From where you're standing the pool appears to stretch out into the ocean, you can't wait to see the view of the ocean in the daylight. The pool is illuminated with underwater spotlights and dimly lit, warm solar lights surround the edge of it. 
"Oh my god, this is amazing!" You stand with your mouth agape looking around you while Thor comes up behind you and places his hands on your hips.
"Shall we try it out?" He asks, whispering against your neck and making you shudder in the warm breeze.
"Yes! But first…" You dangle the bottle of tequila in front of Thor.
Thor pulls a couple of sun loungers out, lifting them into the air effortlessly, like he was moving a feather and not two big, heavy, wooden sun loungers. You swoon at the sight of him, his biceps bulging against the tight fabric of his suit. The thought of running your hands all over his naked body making you feel hot and bothered. How could this beautiful man be your husband?
You realised you still had your wedding dress on when you tried to bend to sit down on the low sun lounger. The tight fabric of your dress restraining against you, threatening to tear.
"Thor, will you unzip the back of my dress please? I need to take it off" you ask nonchalantly, stretching your arms behind you and trying to reach the zip. 
"What? Here?" He asks, his mouth agape as he watches you trying to undress.
"Yes, there's no one around for miles and I can't move in this thing" 
You can hear him gulp from where you were sitting, his Adams apple bobbing in his throat as he swallows back air. You take note of the way he tugs on the collar of his shirt, loosening it slightly. Were you making him nervous? You had to admit, it made you feel good to watch your big, tough man with years of experience become nervous at your words.
"And as hot as you do look in that suit, I think it's time to take it off." 
"What do you mean?" Thor looks shocked at your forwardness. The suprise on his face almost comical.
"Have you ever done a body shot?" You ask while he unzips your dress, teasing him and enjoying it more than you should.
"What is that?" He asks, his eyes drawn to you while you step out of your heavy dress, folding it carefully and putting it on the back of the sun lounger.
"Take off your clothes and I'll show you." You smile, standing confidently in the lingerie you bought especially for this moment - a lacy, ivory all in one.
The way his eyes lingered on your body made you feel like a goddess and that hungry look in his eyes made you want to rip his clothes off.
Thor took off his jacket hastily and paused while unbuttoning his shirt, looking up at you.
"I thought you were a virgin?" He looks hurt, like you'd been lying about being a virgin for all this time.
"I said I was a virgin, you know I have experience with other things." You lift your eyebrows at him and roll your eyes.
"You just don't seem very nervous anymore?" 
"Only because I'm comfortable with you Thor, I know I can be myself with you and there's no one better for me to have my first time with." You watch Thor's tension ease, the tightness of his arms relaxing. "Now lay back." You demand, unscrewing the lid on the bottle of tequila.
Thor lays back on the lounger with his arms resting behind his head, holding his neck up so he could watch what you were doing fascinatingly. The sight of his bare chest made you feel weak, the chiselled abs sent tingles through your body. You tried to push your thoughts aside while you concentrated on pouring a shot of tequila, your hands visably shaking and spilling some of the liquid on the floor. 
You place the cut lime into Thor's mouth, the juicy part facing out and pause to giggle at how silly he looks.
"Just hold it there, ok?" Thor nods his head, his eyes lighting up with excitement.
Grabbing the salt from the side of you, you carefully pour a trial down his torso, stopping when you get to the hem of his boxers but secretly wishing you could go lower. Your pussy clenches as Thor's abs tense, restraining against the tickling of the grains of salt against his bare stomach.
Your eyes remain fixed on his as you lean over Thor to lick the trail of salt from his torso, making your way down to the hem of his boxers slowly. You quickly pour the burning liquid down your throat before snaking your way up his body, making sure to grind yourself against him as you take the lime from his mouth, he groans and pushes himself into you desperately.
"Mmm…  Well that was..  arousing. Is it my turn now?" He's already getting up from the lounger, hastily waiting for you to take his place and lay down.
Thor straddles over you, barely waiting for you to lay back and get comfy before he's pouring the salt along the swell of your breasts. You're thinking about his improvisation when you're distracted by the sultry smile and glint in his eyes as he licks his full lips with the tip of his tongue. 
You don't have time to think before he's leaning over and licking the salt from your cleavage, he downs the shot and takes the lime from your mouth. You stare wide eyed at the almost other worldly speed of your husband - why the rush?
Thor sucks on the flesh of the fruit before throwing the skin to the side and leaning in to give you a sticky, citrusy kiss. Leaving your mouth parted and wanting more when he stands up, yanks down his boxers and jumps straight into the pool. The whole thing passed by in a blur and it took you a moment for your brain to catch up and process what was happening.
Tumblr media
You smile down at your husband in the water as he comes up to the surface and smooths his wet hair back from his face. He looks like a damn model, the water dripping from his face.
"Come on, the waters lovely." He urged.
All of a sudden you feel shy again, you know you're not going to be able to resist each other for much longer. Understanding now why Thor was so hasty, his adrenaline was in overdrive and come to think of it, so was yours. 
Your hands begin to shake and you don't know if it's from the cool breeze or the nerves. You're feeling a little reserved now, all your big girl talk fading now the moment is almost here. You pour yourself a couple more shots and down them both one after the other, hardly whincing as the liquor burns your throat.
Finally you bite the bullet and shimmy out of your lingerie, you try to do it sexily but the tight fabric clings to your skin making you clumsy. Still, when you look up shyly through your lashes, Thor is completely oblivious to your fumbling. The way his eyes have lit up when he watched you undress fills you with pride. One last shot for good luck before you jump into the pool to join him.
The cold water sends shocks through you, making you rise to the surface gasping for air. How the hell did Thor make it look so sexy? When you look like a spluttering fish out of water.
"Let me warm you up." He glides over to you, smoothly, moving through the water like it was his natural domain. Maybe you were trying too hard? Thinking about things too deeply, you need to calm down.
The feel of his strong arms around you instantly calm you, you wrap your legs tightly around his stomach. You can feel his cock growing against you and by the way he's biting his lip you know he's struggling to restrain himself.
Thor can feel the heat of your pussy so close to his aching cock, he wants to dive inside but knows he needs to go at your pace. His feet touch the bottom of the pool and he moves over to the edge, pushing your back gently against it.
You can feel his heart racing almost as fast as yours. He kisses you deeply, pushing himself against you. Your fingers brush against his cock making him moan in your ear. The size of him makes you even more nervous.
He kisses down your neck , your bodies grinding together. This is it.
"I want you now, Thor." You say breathlessly, panting his name while his lips press to the sensitive spot on your collar bone.
"Here?" He pulls away slightly to look at you, waiting for your approval.
"Yes" you moan, feeling the tip of his cock pressing against your opening eagerly. Your pussy ready to suck him in.
He eases in slowly. The size stretching your walls in an agonisingly pleasurable way. A breathless squeel escapes your lips making Thor stop suddenly.
"Are you ok? I'm not hurting you am I?" He stops, searching your face for an answer.
"Thor it feels amazing." You whine deeply, looking into his eyes with strong, burning love. It hurt slightly as his cock stretched you open - going where no man had been before. You were so glad you'd waited and that Thor was your first but you wish you hadn't waited this long to make love to Thor.
All that time wasted, when you could have been doing this all along.This is a whole new level of love, your bodies finally coming together as one. You feel emotional with the euphoric sensations of built up tensions. 
Thor is so gentle with you, stopping to make sure your ok as he gently thrusts himself into you. The slow pace making the pleasure even more intense as his length repeatedly hits your spot. You feel your face screwing uncontrollably as a unknown sensation rises through you, making your head feel dizzy. This new feeling feels amazing but it's something you've never experienced before. Is this normal? 
You try to push your thoughts away, reminding yourself to stay in the moment.
"Are you comfortable, do you want to go inside?" Thor asks, obviously seeing the turmoil going on inside your head.
"Please. Don't stop" You urge, hoping to feel that gripping sensation once more, desperate to explore it more.
Thor bites his lip as he carries on with his slow love making, trying more than ever to keep up the slow pace even though it is torturous for him. The way your tight walls cling to his length with ferocity, making it harder for him to contain himself.
"You feel so good" he says through gritted teeth, concentrating on the way your pussy grips onto his cock.
You're taking his cock so well, the pain has disappeared and all you feel is ecstasy. You're feeling confident that you can take more, you can let him take you freely.
"Thor, fuck me faster." You say shyly. You can see his eyes light up at your words, he was waiting so patiently for you to take the lead. Your eyes roll back as he gives you his full length, groaning into you as he grips onto your ass with both hands. The sensation takes over you once more and you ride it out, giving in to it as he continues thrusting into you faster.
"Fuck." He moans, you can feel his cock twitching inside of you as you release your orgasm, screaming out his name while his cock pumps into you.
You're both left panting, while you rest your head on his shoulder. You feel like giggling, is that normal? You're overcome with emotions all at once. This was without a doubt the most amazing feeling you have ever felt, you don't want it to stop. Lucky for you, your husband has the stamina of a god.
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thelastsock · a year ago
Idle Hands
Oh it’s been a hot minute since I published anything and I’m back with a bang. This is based on a thought I had while looking at this post (X) about Hensplaining... I was highly encouraged to continue those sinful thoughts and here we are 😈
Pairing: Henry Cavill x Reader (You)
Warnings: hand kink, spanking, a little primal play, fingering, thigh riding, ruined orgasm.  
Gif by the wonderful @wolvesandhoundshowltogether​
Tumblr media
Princess, are you paying attention?
You’ve got until I get to one.
He just had the kind of hands that made your mouth go dry and your heart beat faster.
Henry, the skilled actor and study of a character, picked up on it before you even voiced the thoughts to yourself.
And he wanted to play.
So the next time Henry was on the clock with you, chatting to the press, he had a plan.
He started with just lingering touches, fiddling with your watch strap, adjusting your dress for you. He knew you couldn't take your eyes off him when he was dressed to the nines and found it cute that you loved to watch him talk about his career.
You stood next to him, as he explained about how excited he was that another DC movie was up for an award this year. You could listen to his passionate explanations for hours but right now nothing was making it past the pounding in your ears. Your brain had gone from attentive partner to horny teenager as you considered for the first time that you might just have a little obsession with his hands.
Heat flooded your gut as you considered what those hands could and had done to you. You bit your lip as you tried to reign in your thoughts, desperately wishing that the interview was over so you could do something, anything about the gnawing ache threatening to consume you.
You caught his eye as he mentioned the support his family had given him in his career. His eyes appeared to sparkle with joy but you knew him better than that. That look was one reserved for you and you alone.
Oh. He didn't just do that with his hands did he? No, it had to have been an accident that his huge hands made that kind of gesture that set you alight like a flint on a campfire.
He turned his attention back to the reporter and his elaborate hand gestures slowed down.The air felt heavy with anticipation as you followed the movements of each finger and palm as they spoke to the blooming lust between your legs. As one palm slid over the other, you could almost feel the friction from his palms, as if they were rubbing against your soul. Lighting up all the nerves on your skin from within, washing your body with a fever that left you weak.
You barely contained your whimper as his hands clapped together. Your pussy clenched in automatic response to the sound of skin on skin, desperately wishing it was his skin on yours. The echoes of the contact between his palms still reverberated in your ears as the interview came to a close. You let out a breath you didn't know you'd been holding, both thanking the reporter and moving onto the next thing in the press junket.
His warm hand slid around your waist as he led you away from the reporter. He lent down to whisper in your ear just as it was your turn in front of the flashing lights.
“Just warming up my hands for later.”
The semi-darkness provided some relief for your flushed face as you found your seats. Henry pulled out your chair for you, tucking you in as you sat. His hand brushed against your bare neck as he scooped your hair over your shoulder to prevent you destroying your beautifully coiffed hair. You smiled up at him but it became fixed as you watched him, your mind wandering elsewhere.
His sinfully long fingers curled around the lapels of his jacket, as he shucked it off his shoulders and placed it gently on the back of his chair. You noticed the tendons in his hands moving over the knuckles as he manoeuvred himself into the seat next to you.
You swallowed and turned to the stage, trying to lose yourself in the atmosphere. A few awards later Henry's hand had crept along the back of your chair, the knuckles of his fingers beginning to run up and down the edge of your shoulder.
If anyone had asked you wouldn’t have been able to name anyone that crossed that stage for the next several awards as you focus was solely on the feeling of the firm bone and soft skin gliding against your own, almost hot on your exposed shoulder.
Throughout the dinner, he talked jovially with the others on your table, his hand always busy on your skin. His hand was resting against the back of your neck, a finger tracing the edge of your pulse point. Unable to take it any longer, you leant forward to grab the wine at the centre of the table. His hand gripped you at the nape of your neck and firmly directed you back into your seat. Your rear collided with the seat cushion with a quiet thump only detectable to his ears. He smiled down at you, a cheeky grin that set your whole face aflame. He turned and spoke to the table at large, offering to pour the drinks. With each word, his hand drifted casually down your arm, leaving goosebumps at the light touch.
You swallowed as Henry rolled up the sleeves on his dress shirt to show off his bartender skills. Inch by inch, his thick forearms dusted with downy dark hair, were exposed to the dim light and your lustful gaze. You watched entranced again by the way he moved, smooth and steady movements, well practised. The pop of the wine cork brought startling clarity to the muscles rippling underneath his skin. You felt a responding ripple move through your body, your thighs clenching underneath the table cloth.
Your wine glass was the first poured, as per gentleman's etiquette. But the look in his eyes was anything but gentlemanly as he handed the glass over. Your heart tripped over itself as his lust-blown pupils bored into yours and his fingers caressing the smooth skin of your fingers around the stem of the cool glass. Then the moment was gone. He moved onto the next glass as if nothing had happened, leaving you stupefied in your seat, heat pooling rapidly between legs.
A few glasses of wine later and the evening was starting to wrap up. The light glinted off his watch creating crazy patterns across the cream tablecloth that covered your table. You focused on the reflected light as Henry’s hand landed on the small of your back and started to make a painfully slow journey up and down your bare back. The pads of his finger tips caressed the now tensed muscles along your spine, each touch light enough they had you squirming in your seat. He paused, digits quiet but obvious on your skin. You could feel his thoughts flickering through his mind as his fingers twitched.
A moment later his hand spread out, where you could feel the length of his fingers stretching out across the small of your back. You gasped as each pressed into your waist in quick succession, before biting your lip hard enough to taste the metallic tang of your blood to stop from squealing outloud.
As quickly as the sensations started, they stopped. Henry's hand moved to shake hands with a passing friend. This continued the whole way out of the venue. Henry's hand constantly pressing into your most sensitive places and then moving away again. A finger skirting along your spine whilst you spoke to a director you'd known for years had you laughing at a light joke like it was the best you'd heard. A thumb gliding across your wrist as you discussed the period costumes of a feature film with its designer had your toes curled inside your expensive shoes and fists clasping your bag with white knuckles in a bid to stop the giggles threatening to escape. In the darkness of the room, your flushed chest would have been invisible but Henry could feel your quaking muscles and the heat radiating from you. All he offered you was a smirk and his outstretched hand as you emerged into the cool night air.
As you stepped into the back of the waiting limo, you could feel Henry’s eyes on your back. You settled into the backseat of the car and moments later Henry was in your personal space, the door shutting firmly behind him. The wizened limousine driver greeted you both and promptly shut the divider, starting your journey home and leaving the two of you in a tense silence.
Henry towered over you in the small space as you shuffled back along the seats a little to give yourself some space from his presence. But he reached across the space between you again, his hand resting against your cheek, reassuring and soothing until his fingers became restless and brushed a loose strand of hair behind your ear. His cerulean eyes were crackling with tension, waiting to be released onto you. Your tongue darted out to move across the indentations your teeth made earlier as you contemplated the same idea. That silent acquiesce was all he needed to claim you in the flickering lights of the city streets shining through the tinted windows. He sought to trace the tendons down your neck until this thumb rested on your clavicle, fingers almost digging into the soft flesh of your arm. The tension rose at an alarming rate until you were convinced the floor would melt with the heat coming off you.
A beat later, his hands moved again to run his finger around the edge of your strapless gown like savouring the froth from the rim of a cup of coffee. He stopped short of licking his finger, but his index finger lingered long enough between your breasts to make you pant with desire. Suddenly, he tugged you forwards with the lone finger, capturing your lips with his in a breathless kiss.
It felt like electricity along the surface of your skin. Beads of sweat conducted the sensations along every length of your body until you were thrumming with need, tiny hairs raising like static electricity, ready to discharge at a moment's notice. Your hands grabbed at his jacket, holding his lips to yours until you couldn’t breath.
You pulled away from Henry’s mouth, breathless and dizzy with lust and wine. Your shoulders collided with the soft leather seat as you leant back, away from the intoxicating scent of warm cloves and pine that surrounded Henry tonight. Your unfocused gaze caught the streetlights bathing Henry's hair in a pale orange light, lighting him up with an ethereal glow. Whether an angel or a devil lie behind those eyes was a question for another time.
You caught his hand as he moved to claim you again, pulling his hand to your lips instead. You worshipped his hand digit by digit, wet kisses at each finger tip. Henry inhaled sharply as your hot tongue flicked out to taste his skin. One last kiss to his palm was all you managed before he grew impatient and tugged you onto his lap. His otherworldly eyes held curiosity in them as you kicked off your shoes and settled over one of his huge thighs instead. Your clit ached for friction from the torturous touch Henry had inflicted upon you that evening. His hand automatically held the soft globes of your ass cheeks, squeezing the flesh as you moved slowly against his thigh.
Your painted lips opened in a rush of air on contact, pleasure mingling with the alcoholic buzz still riding your veins. Your crimson fingernails dug into the scruff of his shirt, leaving red welts on the back of his neck as you rode his thigh. Your lips so close to his ear he could hear every whimper and moan you uttered. In return he whispered into your ear, encouraging your lewd behaviour.
“You like me touching you, do you Kitten? My hands all over your soft skin?”
You let out a whimper as one of Henry’s hands moved to your thigh to still your rocking motions.
“Can you hold it for me? I’m not done playing with my little Kitten yet.”
You leant forwards, your face nodding into his neck, not trusting yourself to speak. His hand slid up your back to rest possessively on the back of your neck, stroking the warm skin.
His hands. Fuck his hands would be the death of you. He pulled you up to face him, placing your bag in your hands as the car rolled to a stop.
“Princess, are you paying attention?”
Shit. Your eyes locked onto his as you nodded again.
“Good. You’ve got until I get to one.”
The look of confusion must have been clear on your face as Henry chuckled. He leant over to open the car door, the light glinting off his canines, predatory behaviour oozing from every pore. His lips closed in on your ear and whispered one word.  
Frustrated and keyed up, you shot out onto the dark front lawn of your house. You span on the spot, chest heaving, looking for somewhere to hide. Heart in your chest, you heard him counting down from 5, the sound echoing in the open space. Your lips formed the words too as you listened.
You scrambled up to the house, bare feet sliding on the grass. You giggled before clapping your hands over your mouth. But he’d heard you, footsteps hurrying closer as the countdown continued. After two tries, the door fell open under your shaking hands. You barely managed to stumble through the door and shut it behind you as Henry rounded the corner. You saw him through the glass door panel, white hot lightning shooting through you at the look in his eyes.
You hurried up the hallway stairs, hearing the door creak open behind you. Breathless with adrenaline and laughter from the wine, you tripped over the last step. Hissing as your knees collided with the rough carpet, you backed up as his hulking frame appeared. He was silhouetted in the dark corridor, passing through a door frame barely bigger than him. As that last number left his lips, you felt a cold presence at your rear. You'd backed up against the kitchen counter. Nowhere else to go and out of options to delay. You wouldn’t have it any other way.
He stepped closer, the moonlight slanting through the windows only served to accentuate the prowling movement and the rippling muscles beneath his skin as he approached. His jacket gone and his straining shirt undone a little, exposing the dark shadow of his hairy chest. His presence seemed to tower over you long before he was pressed up against you, trapping you between his hard body and the unmoving counter. You felt his hands glide over your hips and pass your waist, teasing and gentle until he reached your arms. His grip turned vice-like as he lifted all your body weight in his hands. He placed you on the edge of the worktop, the cold, smooth marble against your flushed skin sending shivers down your spine. His hand. Fuck. It slid up the side of your calf, over your knee and pushed up the hem of your already short dress. The other hand reached back to unhook the back of your dress. In mere seconds, you were bare other than the thinnest of lacy underwear you could have possibly worn. Your giggles mixed with the sound of rending fabric and Henry’s growls as he ripped the flimsy fabric from around your womanhood. Sensations all blurred into each other as he explored your exposed skin. His head dipped to press hot kisses against your neck, teeth nipping a little in response to the whimpers falling from your lips. His hands roaming the map of hills and valleys on your body, each touch leaving a burning fingerprint of longing that marked his travels.
“Henry!” you whined, as his touch danced away from your pussy for the third time.
“Uh uh Princess. You’re mine to do with as I please.”
His tongue licked a stripe up the side of your neck to nibble at your ear, his hot breath loud in your ear. A shiver ran down your back at the feeling of his teeth and breath so close to your sensitive neck. His bruising kisses ran back down your throat, the pressure against your windpipe on the border of too intense. His interest in your neck waned, his hot hands meeting his wet lips at the valley of your breasts. He groaned deeply at the sight and feel of your chest against his face, making a meal out of each inch of skin available.
You would gladly be his plaything any day of the week but the wine had made you bold and careless, your hand drifting between your legs to dip into the moisture dripping from your folds onto the body-warm marble. You managed to keep the secret between you and your fingers until one particular groan pulled Henry away from the purple line of desire he was painting across your chest to glance at you. He waited a beat to see how close you were before his hand gripped your wrist and pulled it away from your sensitive nub and away from the edge of what you’d hoped would have been a spectacular orgasm. Tears clouded your vision as he took the pleasure from within your grasp.
“Only I give you orgasms Kitten, you know that.” Henry tutted, carelessly flicking a nipple with his spare hand. You yelped at the unexpected pain and pleasure that chased each other through your body. He yanked you off the side onto the kitchen floor before pressing your hand into the warm and wet imprint you left on the counter.
“Bend over.”
No request made but a demand asked directly of your throbbing and confused pussy. You bent at the hip and braced yourself against the kitchen counter, back flat and presenting yourself for Henry’s viewing pleasure.
“If you want to come so bad Kitten then you’re going to keep coming until I say you’re done.”
You could imagine his shirt sleeves rolled up his forearms again as he stood behind you, one hand gripping your hip possessively as the other moved between your folds seeking your heat. Your fingers scrambled for purchase on the slippery kitchen counter as his fingers pressed inside you. He curled his long fingers, pressing down with each thrust until you were gasping his name into the crook of your arm.
The sound of flesh hitting flesh reverberated around the expansive kitchen. You keened as the stinging sensation jarred with the deep pleasure Henry was inflicting on you. His hand rubbed the flesh of your rapidly reddening ass cheek.
This time the round globe of your other cheek caught the blow and you jolted forward at the impact, knees caving in a little as Henry pushed you relentlessly towards the edge. Your moans become higher in pitch with each impact that Henry visited upon your skin, thighs shaking, sweat laying a sheen across your skin in the moonlight. Henry kept up the pace until finally you came violently around his fingers. You felt your thighs become wet and the squelching sounds increase in volume as he rode out your orgasm.
Henry withdrew his fingers from your still spasming walls, seeking to retain his fingers just a moment longer. But you had little time to mourn the loss of sensation as the sound of rustling fabric and faint metal reached your ears. You tried to turn your head to get a look at Henry but he saw the tousled curls move before you could see more than his bare forearm gripping the edge of his suit trousers.
“Eyes front Kitten. Only good girls get a peek.”
You obeyed, eyes drifting back to the pitch black marble in front of you, the rest of the kitchen forgotten in the gloom. From there your eyes rolled into the back of your head as Henry slowly and smoothly pushed his cock between your soaked petals. His hands returned to their rightful place on your hips. His fingers pressed into your pelvic bone, urging you to arch your back a little more. The new angle sending white hot and cold sensation to your extremities, a result of the overstimulation Henry was serving you with every inch of his dick pushing deeper.
“Fuck you’re so tight.”
Henry’s grip on you tightened enough that you’d feel his grip like a brand deep in your muscles for days afterwards. His thumbs massaged the hip bones under his grip as if trying to sooth a worried animal. You were panting with the effort of staying in position, resisting the urge to move your hips, to hurry the beast up. You knew he’d just go slower if you tried to fight him, so you whimpered your feelings towards the floor, loud enough for Henry to notice and bottom out inside you in one thrust. He loved to hear the surprised groan pushed from your throat when he took you by surprise.
Take you by surprise he did as a hand smoothed up your damp back to grab the back of your neck to pull you upright. A thick arm wrapped around your hips to hold your tiptoeing legs in position as he pounded into you.
“That’s it. Press that pussy back onto my cock.” he grunted in your ear, his thrusts speeding up. No words or thoughts entered your mind, you were running purely on instinct. The need to have Henry have control over your body overtaking all your rational thought. The desire to have him pump you full of his seed urged you to bounce your hips back with equal force, chasing, seeking that high of euphoria that only Henry could bless you with.
You felt the pleasure roll up your body like a tidal wave with little warning. Suddenly you were screaming and cursing, clutching at Henry’s arms, neck and hands as he kept thrusting, pushing you further. His grip on your thrashing body tightened, unwilling to let you go, to let you come down from the high. He sought his own as your belly tightened again, coiling up around the length of his manhood pressing into you over and over. You felt as if you were floating on a sea of light, almost to the point of drowning as you felt Henry push deeply into you one last time, his grip painting more marks onto you, some only visible in the way you would move tomorrow.
He came with a low roar, almost purring into the skin of your neck. A few moments later, he lowered you both to the floor onto the remains of your dress and his trousers. The shirt he was still wearing was sticking to his sweaty, panting chest. It wasn’t until dawn peeked over the horizon, painting the kitchen in shades of orange and crimson light that you moved to the bedroom, thankful that tomorrow was a day of rest.
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writersperks · 2 months ago
Fun Titbit - My Favorite Patient
I love wandering the halls at night. Most of our patients are soundly asleep – or deeply sedated – but every so often, some of them are left to their own device, thrashing, crying, sobbing until they tire themselves out.
With all doors open, I hear every whimper, every clack of their restraints, every prayer they whisper to themselves as I walk past their rooms. I make a b-line for the new arrivals ward. It’s a small wing where our newest patients are kept for a week or two, just to get them accommodated, and… obedient. In here, lights are kept on 24/7, and meals are given at random hours – to keep them disoriented, break them up, to build them back up again.
There’s only one in there right now: my favorite. Picked right off the vine.
She hears me walk in; panics.
She’s cute.
Even strapped and drugged, she still has energy, hope. The situation hasn’t quite dawned on her yet. She won’t get out of here.
Her eyes are wide, her face damp from tears, an NG tube protrudes out of her right nostril. Her little arms swing wide against her restraints, her legs kick, trying to shrink away from me, though her waist stays put, pinned down, in her little pink gown. She can only wiggle.
“How’s our little patient today?”
I get closer, loom over her with a smile.
“Plea—please, let me go. I’m not sick, I swear, there has been a mistake.”
My brow knit.
“Mh. Still uncooperative, I see,” I sigh, “Well, you’re due for another treatment soon anyway. Let’s do it now.”
I turn my heels, opening the locked cabinet behind me. There’s vials, machines, syringes. I take a second to think. What does she need right now? I look back at her, her crying, shaking self – I know.
Needless syringe. Pills. Take two. No, three. Crush them. Water them out. Suck the mixture in back in the syringe. Return back to my patient.
“You’ll sleep like a baby after this, I promise.”
“No—no, please. Please.”
She pleads; she can’t fight this, I only have to connect to the NG tube and push the plunger. The tubing’s short, it travels fast up her nose. It takes a minute or two, but the medicine will work fast.
“I don’t know if you remember this, but we’ve been through this before.”
I return to the cabinet, produce a black bite guard. Lean in. Squish her cheeks with one hand.  Her jaw clenches.
“Open your mouth. Trust me it’s best if you do.”
I work her jaw open, she relents, and lets me fit the piece of rubber on her teeth and gums.
“Good girl.” I sooth her, a hand on her head, you’re going to have a seizure in a moment. But not to worry, it’ll be quick.”
She shakes her head, mumbles words.
“Ssh, it’s okay. It’s nothing, you’re gonna be okay.”
I reach for some other restraints under the table: much like safety belts, that could buckle across her body, legs, and chest. I tighten it, so she’s all snug. She really can’t move now, can’t speak, can’t cry. Somehow, this helplessness calms her. She focuses on her breathing, looking right at me, calmly. It’s shock, or the pills working their way through her system.
“Any minute now.”  
She took a sudden shuddering breath, her eyelids grew heavier, fluttered a few times, roll back for a second.
I flicked my wrist, glancing at my watch.
Now, we wait.
First, her head violently twisted to the side, against her collarbone, and stuck like this, eyes still open, unfocused. Then, her muscles tensed all at once. Her legs went rigid, her pretty toes curled; her hands clawed.
“There we go.”
Her back tried to arch, her elbows bent despite her bonds. Waves of electrical impulses rocked her uncontrollably. Her bed squeaked. Every now and then, air rattled out of the bite guard.
Her muscle tone changed, her neck relaxed, and had time to catch her chin, and get her head back straight. I extended her neck, kept her airway clear. Her rigid body still fought against my touch.
“You’ll feel all better soon.”
I watch her trash around uncoordinated, held tight by the straps.  
The shaking gradually subsided. Her shoulders continue to spasm for a while, as well as her hands, curling inwards. She went limp after that.
I took out the bite block, put a hand to her nose to check her breathing: she was. Extensive amount of saliva had gathered in the corner of her mouth. I ended up rolling the suction machine around. The intruding tube in the back of her throat roused her slightly, letting me know she was partly conscious.
“That wasn’t so bad now, was it?”
Now, for some oxygen. Open tank. Connect hose to mask. Put mask on. I kept my grip on her face for a moment.
“Slow deep breaths.”
Her head lolled slowly from side to side as she breathed.
“See, you’re all quiet now. Good girl.”
I adjusted the mask a bit more.
“We’ll pick this back up in the morning. Good night.”
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safarigirlsp · 3 months ago
A Dance with the Devil
Tumblr media
A Dance with the Devil
Victorian Kylo Ren x Reader
Word Count: 2.4k
Warnings: None.
Author’s Note: Here’s another installment for Writer Wednesday as hosted by the wonderful @autumnleaves1991-blog This is a teaser from one of my chapter fics that I am updating soon! The picture was the perfect inspiration to get me started on the next chapter! Thank you as always for hosting!
Tumblr media
Electric currents of excitement thrummed through you, alighting every sense and nerve ending, as you readied yourself for the All Hollow’s Eve Masquerade Ball. It was hosted by an esteemed Lord on one of the largest estates in the countryside. The thought of an evening of indulgence and frivolity made you heady with anticipation.
Standing in your hotel room, you admired yourself in the ornate full-length mirror, dressed in your costume of sorts. A lavish crimson gown, perfectly accentuating the best curves of your figure, paired with a black lace masquerade mask. The final touch was a beautiful pair of devil horns, carved from actual horn, secured by a lace tie hidden beneath your hair.
Smiling at your reflection, you thought you made quite the handsome devil indeed.
Slipping a dagger into your garter, you added the final touch to your outfit, before collecting your things and heading down to meet your awaiting carriage.
The sun was setting as you rocked gently in the velvet lined interior of the carriage, jostling in time with the stride of the horses pulling it.
Beyond the structured confines of the city of London, you admired the orange and red tinged leaves on the trees that framed the fields and the large manors that flitted by your window. A light fog hung low on the ground, adding an air of mystery to the landscape, as if any manner of unknown creatures could materialize from its veil.
The carriage turned down a private lane, lined on each side by dense rows of trees. Leaning out of the carriage window, you watched as the estate came into view ahead.
Someday, you would have to learn the distinction between an estate or a manor and a castle. Because the structure before you would have certainly met your vision of a castle.
Counting the rows of windows, you observed five tall stories, not including the several towers that rose even higher into the sky. The dark stone facade gave it a medieval elegance, while its looming arches and peaked architecture added a foreboding quality to its otherwise luxurious aesthetic.
The carriage circled around a large fountain as it carried you to the entrance. An enormous marble sculpture of a man and woman in an aggressive lover’s embrace rose from the center of the pool, rivulets of water cascading down their pale stone bodies.
Numerous carriages littered the grounds and people walked outside in formal dress and ornate costumes.
Once the carriage halted, a sharply dressed footman approached to open the carriage door for you.
The cool air chilled you as you stepped out of the carriage, careful to hold your dress above the ground. The entrance doors you approached were enormous, rising three times your height and nestled in a deep stone arch.
The two doormen in front of you wearing loud, white pompadour wigs, almost garish in their long blue tailcoats, gestured you inside. The doors steadily opened for you, admitting you as if you were royalty.
Once inside, the elegant sounds of a classical orchestra filtered to your ears and your nose was met with luscious aromas of spice and excitement.
Another attendant escorted you through a sprawling marble and gilded foyer, past a wide marble staircase twisting upward. Finally, he led you into a cavernous ballroom. People in costumes passed you, laughing and tipping glasses of champagne to their lips.
You raised the horn handle of your own mask as you walked, holding it in place over the top half of your face.
As you entered the ballroom, you were engulfed in an explosion of color and sound. The huge hanging chandeliers gleaned like kaleidoscopes, refracting the colors of the pomp and jewelry of the bustling attendees. Masked couples spun around the floor to the sound of the harmonic orchestra, a roiling ocean of ladies in gowns and gentleman in tailcoats. Each wore a mask. Some elegant, some macabre, but each unique and noteworthy.
You walked forward in awe as you struggled to take in the cacophony of sights and sounds. You had never before seen anything so grand.
Strolling through the ballroom, you caught the numerous eyes of the gentlemen who stared at you. They watched you walk the way vultures watch lions feed, lurking and craven, waiting for any scraps that may be tossed their way.
Lifting your chin, you looked each one boldly in his eyes until he looked away from you, too meek to hold your gaze.
A server approached you with glasses of champagne perched on a silver tray. Lowering the tray, he offered you a flute which you eagerly accepted.
Skirting the edge of the festivities, you walked to one of the many large marble pillars that lined the ballroom wall. Leaning your shoulder against the cool stone, you sipped at the champagne.
From your peripheral vision, you saw a man approach you. You did not turn to look at him, but you could see that his dark figure was tall and broad, as he moved agilely closer.
The man moved to the edge of the crowded room himself, walking toward you from behind.
Although, you faced away from him, something about him nearly compelled you to turn to him. You had always been too stubborn to do anything when compelled, so you remained facing the room as you causally sipped your champagne.
You felt it when he moved from behind you, although he was unnaturally silent. The man who came to stand before you, removing his mask as he did, was breathtaking.
He was tall, his chest and shoulders impressively wide. His tailored black tailcoat accentuated the breath of his massive body by revealing his fit waist. His suit was black, save for his scarlet ascot, knotted elegantly at his throat.
Eyes the color of shimmering whiskey gazed down at you. A proud aquiline nose sat above plush inviting lips. Long raven hair framed his face wildly, dusting his shoulders as he moved.
His handsome features were rendered even more dashing by a long ragged scar that travelled from his brow to his jaw and down his neck to disappear below his collar.
Never had you seen a man so strikingly alluring nor so commanding.
He stepped close to you, too close, within an arm’s reach of you. For once, you didn’t mind at all.
Reaching his hand out to you, he traced one long thick finger along the devil horn that protruded from your hair.
“Is your soul for sale?” His voice was a deep resonant baritone, as rich as the luxury that surrounded you. “Or have I come too late to make the purchase?”
“You are mistaken, Sir,” you raised an eyebrow at him as you lowered your champagne. “I myself am in the business of buying, not selling.”
“Indeed?” He smirked down at you. “I have heard that the devil would be beautiful.”
His large hand trailed from the tip of your horn down along your side. He did not touch you, but his hand ghosted close enough to your skin to raise goosebumps.
“Would the devil grace me with a dance?” He asked while holding his hand out to your side, level with your waist, beckoning you into his embrace.
“Surely, a man such as yourself has danced with the devil many times,” you teased.
“Quite true,” he agreed, taking half a step toward you. “But never yet to the tune of Tchaikovsky.”
Placing your hand in his, you marveled at the size of it, the way it encompassed yours completely. You hadn’t noticed just how huge his hands were, but the feeling of his heated grip made you shudder.
You expected him to pull you into a dance where you stood. Instead, he led you through the crowd, which parted for him as if by a silent command. He strode with you until you reached the very center of the ballroom, as if displaying you for all to admire your beauty.
When he pulled you close to him to begin your dance, you felt swallowed by his impressive body. He seemed even larger now as he moved with you, mere inches separating your bodies. His hand at your waist rested heavy on your figure, guiding you boldly to follow his movements.
You could not be sure if the room itself was spinning or if you were dizzy with pleasure as you were pulled across the ballroom in large sweeping twirls. He was an astonishing dancer, his movements deceptively agile. His skill was much greater than your own, but it hardly mattered. He was easily powerful enough to carry you completely through his every motion if he wished.
“You have not told me your name, Sir,” you said in a breathless voice as you danced with him.
“How terribly rude of me.” His voice was deeper itself with his exertion. “Kylo.”
Smiling up at him, you gave him your name in return.
Moving closer to you, crowding you, he caused your heart to flutter against your ribs and the hairs on the back of your neck to tingle. Stepping a long leg beside you, he dipped you backwards until your back was level with the bend in his knee. His hand at your back supported you firmly as he bent over you. He lowered his own body until the tip of his prominent nose skimmed your skin with the lightest touch, trailing from your sternum up your throat as he raised you from his dip, returning to his full height.
“I am most pleased to make your acquaintance, Miss,” Kylo purred.
Warmth flooded your body and your limbs jellied as he looked down at you with his vibrant eyes.
Suddenly, you realized that many people had stopped dancing in favor of watching the two of you. The ladies envying you, the gentlemen envying Kylo. You began to pull back, self-conscious under the crowd’s gaze, but he held you firmly in place close to him. Kylo ignored them, his focus entirely on you.
He continued to dance with you for several more luxurious minutes, relishing in the attention from the crowd as he moved with you in his arms.
It was not until he could see a fine sheen of sweat adorning your hairline that he slowed. You found it distinctly appealing that Kylo’s brow was completely dry.
“Some air, perhaps, Miss?” His hand squeezed your waist in time with his question.
You smiled up at him in response.
Ending your dance, Kylo offered you his arm. You happily looped your hand into the crook of his bent elbow and allowed him to escort you back through the crowded ballroom.
Kylo guided you out of the cacophonous ballroom and up the wide spiraled staircase. You could tell that he was careful to not outpace you. No doubt, he would take the stairs two at a time himself. He led you down a hallway to an open double doorway that exited onto a huge balcony, enwrapped by stone railing that rose to the level of your ribs. Torches burned in sconces along the outer wall of the manor, casting the balcony in flickering firelight.
A few other people had found their way to the balcony as well. It seemed as though all their eyes turned to you and Kylo as you stepped out into the cool night air.
You looked at him quizzically, raising an eyebrow in a silent question.
“Surely, you must be accustomed to your beauty drawing attention, Miss,” Kylo drawled smoothly.
The boldness of flattery drew a laugh from you in response.
“I am unaccustomed to women laughing at the compliments I pay them,” he replied, smirking at you as he led you to the railing.
“How very boring they must be,” you retorted with a smile as you finally removed your hand from his arm to place it on the cool stone.
Kylo rested his large hand on the small of your back as he leaned his hip against the railing next to you, his body turned to face you. His eyes seemed to look into the very depths of your soul when they captured your gaze.
The feeling of both his hand and his eyes on you had you even dizzier now than you had felt when he was spinning you on the ballroom floor.
“Tell me then, how I may admire your beauty without garnering your amusement?” He asked while lifting his free hand to gently sweep a stray hair away from your face, tucking it back into place.
You were powerless against leaning into his touch. As your lips parted to respond, you were interrupted by an older woman who had walked unnoticed to your side.
Ignoring you completely, she addressed Kylo in a haughty, affected tone, “I have attended many of your parties, Lord Ren, but I have never before seen you dance.” She looked at you with disapproval before continuing, “Although now, after witnessing such a display of your considerable skill, I cannot imagine why not.”
“My desire to do so is very rarely piqued, Madam,” Kylo replied without removing his eyes from yours so long as to spare her a meager glance. “However, when I do so desire, I am very pleased to display it.”
“My daughter is an accomplished dancer,” the woman persisted.
“Then she should have little difficulty securing a partner,” Kylo’s tone grew terse with his reply.
You paid her no mind either, enjoying her irritation, but something she said caught your attention.
“Lord Ren?” You asked, trying to hide the shock from your tone and expression.
“I am honored to host such an entrancing lady this evening.” He bowed his head elegantly in a modicum of a formal greeting.
You felt a rush of heat spread through your chest and cheeks, but you managed a confident smile.
The older woman sighed dramatically, making her displeasure evident as she took her leave of you both.
Her display caused you to laugh again unabashedly.
“Upon further reflection, I could easily grow fond of hearing your laughter,” Kylo told you as he smiled fondly down at you.
“Is it too much trouble to ask for a drink?” You asked softly.
“Of course not,” Kylo assured you. “No need of yours could ever trouble me.”
Taking your hand, he raised it to his lips. He kept his fiery eyes on yours as he kissed you, his lips lingering against your skin. He lowered your hand slowly, not releasing you, but allowing your hand to slip away from his fingers, before taking his leave to fetch you another glass of champagne.
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nutaella-kookie · 4 months ago
what the diamom's wedding dresses looked like + wedding headcanons:
disclaimer: these are not historically accurate at all! if you're a fashion nerd don't come for me anyway because this is the demon world we're talking about, where weddings aren't even commonplace. they don't necessarily follow the same customs and patterns of human wedding traditions. while the moms are canonly said to have had weddings (at least, Cordelia is) we still have no real idea as to how the fashions, ceremonies and whatnot would be like. these are just very (un)educated guesses based on their personalities.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I firmly believe that cordelia caused the BIGGEST scandal on her wedding day and I will headcanon this till i die
we're talking about about a crazy, narcissistic, attention seeking, daughter of a demon king. this woman was ayato's mom alright there no way she let her wedding day be some quiet little affair. that day represented her victory over all the other women who hankered after the Vampire King. it represented her superiority, her status as the ultimate female (of course she didn't know karl would marry two more without batting an eye), and by God she was going to celebrate.
the dress goes down as one of the most scandalous dresses in demon history the instant she walks down the aisle. it's low cut, completely backless - and it's blazing, bloody red. bedazzled with rubies, edged with feathers from a near extinct species of bird and showing an alarming amount of skin, it sends a gasp and a few appreciative whistles through the hall. hair free and clashing abhorrently with the red dress, her hands gripping a gaudy bouquet of roses, it's so in-your-face and loud and unapologetically cordelia that it leaves the guests speechless.
the wedding itself is a mortifying affair, but everyone agrees that the after party was fantastic. Cordelia - for once satisfied with all the attention she's received - is in a great mood and brings up the atmosphere to something light-hearted and fun. has the king of the wolf clan piss drunk and doing the electric boogaloo with fifteen other respectable demon aristocrats before the night is over. without her insecurities, she has a tendency to bring out the wilder side in even the most reserved people. crazy bitch. i love her.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
modest, lace, and nearly fully covered. very close to what grace kelly's dress looked like.
beatrix treats her wedding like a serious business affair, and she dresses for the part too. hair up and out of her face, hands gloved, face set like stone. the whole event is the very image of silent perfection, and it sets the tone for her marriage. it's tranquil, hushed, and she follows a very simple policy when it comes to accessories. sapphires that match her eyes, and the lapis lazuli and diamond tiara she inherited from her grandmother.
impresses Karl's business associates considerably with her mature attitude (they still have war flashbacks to the horror that was Cordelia on her wedding day), and even the king himself prefers her calmer style to his... enthusiastic first wife's.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the dress is deceptively simple - pure white, sleek, edged with pearls, lace and with a small, rippling train. this is because Christa pays scrupulous attention to the small details, and knows exactly how to put on a show without revealing her personal vanity.
the wedding itself is an outdoor winter wonderland. while it takes place in the hot summer months, she's used powerful magic to blanket the gardens in snow while still keeping it at a comfortable temperature. and all the flowers - lilies, orchids, pear blossoms, camellias, jasmine, roses - all in shades of the most dazzling white. the scent is heady and sweet, and sets everyone in just the right mood for her entrance; which is something straight out of a Disney movie.
roses grow straight out of the fabric of her gown as she walks down the aisle, spellbindingly beautiful in her simplicity. songbirds sing, harp chords play, and she holds no flowers - because that's the wonder of the dress. it makes her look like the flower, like this ethereal, woodland princess that's wandered out of some enchanted forest, headed straight into the arms of her handsome king - who looks so intensely bored with the whole thing that her heart breaks before she even reaches him, and she wishes she could turn around, turn back, run from this madness before-
the ceremony is ended abruptly when the bride-to-be collapses to the ground and begins to wail. guests are hurried away with goodiebags and hasty assurances that the Lady Christa was a little unwell, and the stress of planning the whole wedding must have pushed her past her limit.
there is never a wedding, after all. the lovely princess is locked away in her tower like some rotting, diseased thing, left to scream.
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startrekkingaroundasgard · 7 months ago
Whispers On The Wind (Lady Loki x Reader)
Summary: Loki kidnaps the reader whilst out on mission - however everything is not quite as it seems.
Warnings/Major Tags: light suggestive themes, secret relationship
Note: For the fantastic @marvelouslytrekking's 1600 follower challenge, you deserve all the followers and more love! As so often happens, this was not quite what I expected it to be but I hope you still enjoy it!
Words: 1936
Tumblr media
“Hand over the orb, Loki.”
“No, I don’t believe I shall.”
Truthfully, you respected her defiance. She was backed into the corner, surrounded from every angle, but Loki’s smile never faded. You suspected that this entire set up was by design; she never did anything without a reason. An illusion, perhaps, drawing you inwards so that she might strike from behind?
You weren’t the only one to reach that conclusion. Moments after the thought occurred to you, Natasha shot a taser bite straight into Loki’s chest. It attached to her breastplate, miniature arms scratching against the thick, Asgardian metal, but the electric charge never went off.
“Aren’t you a clever, little spider,” Loki hummed, twisting the device to remove it from her armour. She dropped it on the ground and crushed it beneath her heel, never once breaking eye contact with Natasha. “These are cute toys but the orb automatically negates all electrical discharges.”
The shining orb pulsed in her hand, no doubt proving her claim if only you were smart enough to work out exactly what the device did. Her gaze roamed over the team, unrushed, teetering on unimpressed. There weren’t many that could look down at the Avengers, armed and ready to fire, with pity and amusement.
In the ultimate show of boredom, she leaned back against the cave wall and folded her arms, ornate metal arm guards scraping against her chest plate. You noticed the orb had vanished, tucked away in a pocket dimension, while she played her games. “Isn’t this where you’d traditionally threaten me? Or at least offer me a trade? Come now, stick to the script like good little pawns.”
“We don’t negotiate with -”
You stepped forward, cutting off Steve’s blatant lie. While that was the official line, everyone knew that it was easier to cut a deal with the villains you chased than waste time and energy fighting – and, more importantly, negate the risk that the super charged battles crossed into civilian territory and caught innocents in the crossfire. You’d all learned that lesson the hard way. “What do you want, Loki?”
A wicked grin spread across her face, equally captivating and terrifying. “Why, you, of course. If you wish to possess the power of this silly little orb, then you come with me. That’s my price.”
Around you, the team grew stiff and closed ranks. Tiny, almost imperceptible steps putting themselves between you and the dark haired goddess. No one believed that you couldn’t take care of yourself. They’d fought by your side in enough battles to know that you were more than capable, that you had earned the right to call yourself an Avenger like the rest of them.
But this wasn’t some ancient sea monster, confused and dazed after being woken from a centuries long by a passing submarine that could be tempted away from land with a big enough fish. She wasn’t a demon from another dimension that could be defeated by a bright blast of light or a knock off super soldier that, with enough heavy hits, would eventually fall.
Loki was in an entirely different league and everyone knew it. She was a goddess, a murderess when the mood took. Civilisations across the galaxy worshipped her, bowed at her feet and swore allegiance on the promise of a single kiss. She sewed mayhem throughout the universe, orchestrated coups and counter revolutions, just because it amused her.
She was fickle as anything and the team knew, if they handed you over, it could be a matter of mere minutes before she got bored of you and tossed you aside and found a new, deadlier way to entertain herself. Even with your training to protect yourself, there was no telling whether you’d survive whatever she had in store.
The rest of the team turned to you in shock but Loki was already moving. Her fingers curled around your wrist, a green shimmer encasing you, she winked at the Avengers. With a flourish, she pulled the orb out of its hiding place and tossed it into the air. “Catch.”
A bright flash blinded your vision and when it cleared you were no longer in the cave with your team. Instead, you stood in an opulent room, marble and gold furnishing every surface. Her bedroom, exactly as it had been on your last visit down to the placement of her reading scrolls and steaming tea pot.
Loki cupped your cheeks, turned your face from side to side to check for injuries. Convinced that you weren’t suffering from the adverse effects of an untethered teleport, she pulled you in for a rough, passionate kiss. Like everything she did, it was all consuming, powerful and utterly addictive.
She kissed you like she was trying to draw every last bit of air from your lungs, to overwhelm your nerves and leave you a panting, wanting doll, pliant in her hands. To prove herself a queen worthy of your affections. Goodness knows she didn’t have to try hard. You’d give yourself to her in every possible way, and had done countless times.
Her armour was cold to the touch, a sharp contrast to the heat of her lips on yours. It hugged every inch of her figure and while you loved the intricate patterns and sheer majesty of it you were desperate to feel her. She sensed as much and stepped away, catching your lip between her teeth as she pulled back to prolong the kiss just a moment longer. “Don’t let me stop you, my darling.”
Never one for patience, Loki allowed you time to remove but one piece of her complex armour before simply using her magic to strip down. She only subscribed to delayed gratification when she was the one pleasing you, never the other way around. Either way, you couldn’t complain. Replacing the harsh metal was a soft gown, sheer emerald panels that flowed from the low cut bodice and left very little to your imagination. All her voluminous curves were on show, her perfectly pale skin so ready to be worshipped.
You sank to your knees before your queen, thoughts flickering briefly to your teammates. They would be out of their minds with worry; they knew Loki had an obsession with you but had never realised that the bruises and marks you always returned with were ones of desire and affection and not cruelty. Guilt squeezed your chest as you pictured them racing back to HQ, frantic as they scoured satellite data for traces of you.
So many times you had almost told them the truth about you and Loki but you’d never quite found the words to explain how you’d started your affair with the goddess. They wouldn’t understand. And that was okay. Truly. Everyone on the team had secrets (admittedly none were sleeping with an alien queen – at least as far as you knew – but secrets were common place and everyone accepted that).
It did mean, though, that the only way you ever got to see her was after carefully constructed scenarios like this. If the team were suspicious over the fact you’d been kidnapped by fifteen different enemy forces this year (all working on behalf of the goddess, of course) they hadn’t mentioned it.
“You are resplendent,” Loki said, lifting your chin with the lightest touch. She sensed your hesitation immediately, either reading you with ease or allowing her seidr to seep into your thoughts and supplement the worry she already held for you. She dropped to the ground, skirts settling around her, and asked, “What is wrong?”
“Nothing, my queen.”
“You should know better than to try and lie to me, dear.”
You closed your eyes instead of meeting her studious expression, already knowing what you’d see. What you weren’t ready to see, feelings neither of you could voice. Still, her seidr danced across your skin, warm and soothing as she eased your concerns. Oh, to know that one of the most dangerous people in the universe cared for you above all others… The power you had over her, it was intoxicating. Terrifying.
Leaning into her touch, heart breaking at the slight shaking of her fingers, you breathed, “This has to stop. They’re going to find out. We can’t keep doing this.”
“Perhaps you’re right.”
The sudden lack of contact felt all the more stark as her skirts rustled against the stone floor, her light footsteps growing more distant with each second. Just like that, Loki walked away, turning her back on this affair as if it never meant a thing. Every beautiful word, ever promise she’d ever made, nothing more than whispers on the wind, blown away forever.
Half expecting to open your eyes and be back in the cave, you were shocked to see Loki draped across a lounger, watching you with that ever present smile, that captivating glow. She trailed her fingers over her thigh, drawing random circles as she waited to see what you’d do next. “Are you going to beg?”
You shook your head and her eyes glittered with pride.
“Quite right,” she said. “Well, don’t just sit there, darling. Come over here.”
“Why are you doing this?” Against reason you sat on the edge of her chair, didn’t pull away when Loki stroked your wrist, pressed a kiss to your knuckles. It was cruel but perhaps that was the point. Making it easier for you both to say goodbye by tainting every memory with this cold, callousness.
However as she sat straight, wrapped herself around you and dotted kisses up the side of your neck, you wondered how this could possibly help either of you. Loki’s hot breath sent tingles down your spine, ignited a familiar heat in your stomach. You trembled as she ran her hands over your shoulders and down your chest, slowly drawing the zip of your jacket down until she was able to knock it free from your body entirely.
“Loki, stop.”
Her hands grew still and that fantastic tingle of her seidr brushed against your back as she hid behind an illusion, pulling away physically and mentally. “You truly wish to leave me.”
“No. No. Of course I don’t want to leave you. I just can’t face… this.”
“I do not admit to it often but I am confused, darling. It was your choice to tell them about us. I am not sure what else you want from me.”
“What are you talking about?”
“What are you talking about? You made it perfectly clear that you tire of hiding our relationship and I, benevolent queen that I am, agreed that revealing the true nature of these… interludes is for the best.”
“You did?”
Loki suddenly appeared in front of you on her knees, an illusion checking you over once again from both sides. You’d had this fantasy so many times, dreamt of being caught between not one but two versions of the goddess, but this was far more clinical a seeing over than you’d imagined. “Darling, did you hit you head on something? You are remarkably slow today. Do you not wish to tell the Avengers that we are cavorting?”
You almost choked on your laughter, already imaging the absolute tidal wave of mockery you’d open yourself to if you dared phrase it like that. The atmosphere lightened after that and everything fell back into place, the easy banter and teasing jibes, the way it always had been before. It wouldn’t be an easy conversation but the team would understand, you were sure. And if they didn’t… You’d always have a place here with Loki, she made that perfectly clear.
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amysteriousmessenger · 8 months ago
‘Oral Frustrations’ - Saeran Choi x Reader (NSFW 18+)
Title: Oral Frustrations
Pairing: Saeran Choi/ implied female reader
Rating: NSFW
CW: oral sex, throatfucking
Word count: 4.8k
You sat at the vanity dresser in your room, idly brushing your hair. It had been a quiet night. Since you’d become Saeran’s official ‘assistant’ nee ‘toy’, other believers had been a lot less willing to talk to you. He still called you ‘toy’, but at least you had an actual title too. You found that the role of ‘assistant’ had come as the two of you entered into a rather unusual relationship.
It was obvious that you were together, but without the frequent softness of a normal couple, not that you weren’t willing to try: Saeran was unwilling to accept. You’d been together for around six months and he had become a lot less cruel in your time together. He didn’t regulate your food anymore, but he did demand your time whenever he was free, which was usually to sit and eat your meals with him or entertain him when he was bored. He was lonely, you could tell that. He didn’t come to torment you, but begrudgingly sat in your company. Which wasn’t a big deal to you, since you  wanted  to see him and it wasn’t as though you had anything else to do other than run errands for him and wander around Magenta. He wasn’t the best conversational partner, but little by little, you were getting to know each other on a more emotional level. You didn’t have access to the RFA chatrooms anymore, but that was alright. They were liars. Traitors. A danger to Mint Eye who needed their own salvations, and you knew Saeran would bring them to it.
              Glancing at the clock, you saw that it was already almost two o’clock in the morning, so you figured you may as well head to bed. Saeran brought you items and clothes in the same way that Ray had, but they were certainly not to the same taste. The nightclothes that Saeran brought you were various sets of the same black, slightly transparent lace nightdresses. They barely covered your ass, and when you told him that these weren’t nightclothes, he’d told you to shut up and be grateful. And whilst you were more and willing to admit that they were very nice, they were basically lingerie, and very Saeran. You guessed, however, that it was his slightly tense way of saying he thought you’d look nice in them, so he’d gotten them for you. At one point, he re-updated your access card so you had access to the Mint Eye library so you could read if you got bored. He didn’t particularly care what you did, as long as you were there when he wanted you to be.
You weren’t sure how this relationship of yours began, but you knew that there were most certainly feelings involved that Saeran refused to work through, which is what continued this odd tango of torment. You were attracted to him, that was for certain, and you knew he felt the same, though he couldn’t admit it. Admitting it to himself would mean exposing himself to the vulnerability of feelings that he had worked so hard to repress. You’d help him, if only he’d ask for help.
You dressed yourself for bed, brushing your teeth and cleaning your face. You’d just turned off the ceiling light, leaving only a small bedside lamp to illuminate the room, when a sudden rasp had come at the door, demanding your attention. You knew it was Saeran, since you’d come to recognise his knock by now, but it was still late so you quickly wrapped a dark dressing gown around yourself in case there were other Believers in the corridor. There were several reasons as to why Saeran visited you during the night, sometimes he’d want company under the guise of being ‘entertained’, other times he was having an episode and wasn’t entirely in control of himself and sought you out just to taunt you, but never to the extent that he originally had done. There were other nights when the elixir had been too much for him and he’d just want someone to lay in the bed with him whilst he shivered and coughed himself to sleep. These were the times where you’d often woken up in the morning to find him wrapped around you, pressing you to his chest in his difficult sleep. And then a few times a week, he just wanted to fuck. As you reached for the door, you wondered which reason you were going to be greeted with tonight.
‘I had to put a dressing gown on in case anyone was outside.’ You moved, making way for him and closing the door once he had entered. It was late. Saeran rarely slept at the best of times, but you always tried to be awake for him during the nights when he came to visit because that was when he struggled the most. If you weren’t awake, he’d either wake you up to talk to him or silently climb into the other side of your bed, not wanting to be alone in his own room.
‘Well, good evening,  Princess . Nice of you to answer the door.’ Saeran sarcastically stressed ‘Princess’ with a grin before making his way into your room, carrying a small black bag.
‘ I  was outside.’ He chided as he sat himself down on the side of your bed, placing the black bag neck to him.
‘Someone  other  than you.’ You clarified, knowing how pedantic he could be when the mood suited him.
‘Oh, forgive me, I didn’t realise you were expecting  other  guests. At this time of night.’ He cocked his eyebrow at you and tilted his head to the side, but he was clearly in a good mood today. He held out one arm to signal that he wanted you to come closer. Even in the dim light of the large room, his eyes stood out more than anything. The piercing mint shining in the darkness. There was a certain playfulness in his eyes that sent an electric shock of excitement straight down your spine.
‘You know I wouldn’t let anyone other than you in at this time of night anyway. I just meant that I didn’t want anyone else to see me dressed like this.’ You moved into grasp, and his hand immediately undid your dressing gown before placing itself onto your waist.
‘Oh, so you  want  me to see you dressed like that? What a naughty Princess you are.’ Saeran dragged his eyes down from your face to look over your body, slowing to bite his lip as he glanced over your chest and thighs.
‘You know what I mean.’ You lifted a hand to him and his eyes followed as you placed it onto his shoulder, your fingertips lightly playing with the collar.
‘Why would that matter? It’s not like they haven’t heard you moan for me before.’ He grinned, causing you to blush at his words, his hand suddenly pulling you closer to him so that his face was almost touching your abdomen from where he was sitting on the bed. He looked up at you, a slightly unhinged smile suddenly forming. ‘I want to have some fun tonight. What do you say, won’t you entertain me, Toy?’ Ah. It was one of  those  night s.  Certainly, these nights were some of your favourites.
‘What did you have in mind?’ You smiled, returning his playful gaze, albeit a little shyly.
‘Hmm. You can start by getting on your knees and then we can go from there.’ He let go of your waist, moving his hand towards the back of your neck to pull you into a kiss, which you happily obliged. His lips were chapped, but lively, and tasted slightly sweet which you assumed was from some sugary dessert he had eaten to keep his energy up earlier. You immediately melted into the kiss, savouring the warmth of his lips against yours. He continued to kiss you as you slowly knelt down, your bare knees pressing onto the cold tile floor. He leaned forward, biting onto your bottom lip and earning a small gasp from you. You felt him smirk into the kiss as he continued to bite and kiss along your jaw and onto your neck, moving his wicked tongue along your skin. There was a sweet contrast between the way he gently tucked your hair behind your ear and the way he left little red teeth marks along the side of your throat. Saeran, as a person, was not warm. He was rough, cruel, and hurt, but he was melting. He was most certainly not Ray, but you could see that he was getting better with how he treated you. In his own way, he knew you were something that he  could  break, but he decided that he didn’t want to. Not you.
‘Look how willingly you followed my order. You like being on your knees for me, don’t you?’ He teased, muttering his words into your neck and allowing his hot breath to run over the sensitive skin. You took your hands out of your lap and placed them into your knees. The feeling of his mouth on you had already started to turn you on, but it was his question that flustered you and made your face burn.
‘Yes…A-ah!’ You yelped quietly as he suddenly descended onto your shoulder, sucking hard at the skin and causing you to moan. He was awfully good at giving lovebites, and he was most definitely fond of giving them. He relished in how the other Believers stole nervous glances at them on your neck, knowing that you belonged to Saeran and that if they wronged you, they would answer to him.
‘Ohoo~ You like that?’ He glanced at you before continuing to do it once again, taking your moans as a sign to keep going. He was merciless, so by the time he was done, your skin was purple in parts. Saeran’s face was still in your neck and with one of his hands, pulled your own up his thighs until you took the initiative to put them into his crotch:
‘Well, aren’t you eager?’
‘What do you want me to do?’
He pulled back, looking at you straight in the eyes with that ever-unfaltering gaze, Saeran’s breath slightly laboured from the kissing. ‘I want you to hollow out your cheeks around my cock, Princess.’ He whispered back, almost shamelessly. You looked up from between his thighs and shivered, you hadn’t even started yet and you were so  excited . Your cheeks burned red and you heard him chuckle in response.
He watched as you adjusted yourself on your legs, his gaze following your hands as you undid the zipper on his trousers. He didn’t help you by lifting his hips or anything like that, you had to adjust his trousers and boxers yourself. Once you  did  manage to move each item of clothing downwards, you pulled his hardening member free. You licked your hand from palm to tip before taking the shaft and giving it a few slow strokes, causing Saeran to throw his head back in a hiss. Whilst he wasn’t watching, you took the opportunity to stretch your jaw quickly and licked your lips to help with lubrication. His dick was hardening in your hand and you had to lick your hand once again to be able to continue stroking.
After another minute or so, Saeran leaned up on his elbows in order to watch you, so you knew he wanted a show. You prepared yourself, taking a moment to remove your dressing gown and catching him smile at the sight of you in the clothes he had chosen, before you took his member in your hand once again: bringing it up to your mouth. You looked up at him from where you sat on your knees, giving him big doe eyes and trying to flutter your eyelashes slightly as you pressed a few small kisses to his tip, the salty taste of precum evident on your lips. You felt his thighs tense in anticipation as you gave a few short, tentative licks to the tip and one long lick along the length. Spurred on by the audible hitching in his throat, you put your lips around the head of Saeran’s cock and started swirling your tongue in circular motions over the sensitive skin. Slowly, you took more and more of him into your mouth, sucking and licking as you went. His rough hand found its way into your hair and guided the rhythm of your head on his member, occasionally pushing your mouth further down his shaft to take all of him.
He hit the back of your throat and you stifled a gag. Saeran groaned at the sensation, and clearly intended to feel it again. You adjusted your mouth around him, attempting to take him far enough into the back of your throat. It was a little uncomfortable and your eyes started to water involuntarily but you persevered. His hand clenched in your hair as you continued to bob your head up and down on him, letting his tip brush up against the back of your throat every couple of swallows. His previous words drifted into your mind about wanting to see you hollow your cheeks for him, so once again you obliged. You took him slightly out of your mouth so he was no longer touching your throat, gazing up at Saeran and waiting for him to look at you. You made an effort to consciously suck hard enough to cause your cheeks to come in on themselves and continue moving slickly along his shaft.
‘Heh. That look suits you, Toy.’ He looked pleased and you felt another small pool of precum form on your tongue, so you swallowed around him. After a few moments, you took his cock from your mouth with a small ‘pop’ noise echoing through the quiet room. ‘I wanna change positions, sit with your back against the wall for me.’
You weren’t far from the wall so you didn’t see much point in standing and walking over if only to sit immediately back down. So, you did what made sense, and crawled on all fours over. Saeran clearly enjoyed the view because you heard him choke slightly as he gave himself a view lazy strokes at the sight of your ass. When you were sat against the wall, Saeran made his way over to you, now with the black bag he had brought into the room.
‘Open your mouth.’ He ordered, reaching into the bag.
‘What is it?’ You asked.
‘You’ll see.’ He smirked back, getting out a small spray bottle. You were a little unsure, but you opened your mouth for him anyway. He sprayed the liquid liberally into your mouth, which tasted foul, and barely waited for you to recover before his cock was back on your lips. It was entirely hard at this point, so it was a little difficult to take him all in at once. You quickly gave your jaw a stretch and he took the opportunity to put himself back in your mouth, going almost immediately to the back of your throat. You expected to gag, but none came. You supposed he gave you a throat numbing spray, for this exact reason. You moaned a little around his dick, which he  definitely  liked the feel of.
Saeran began thrusting more speed and intensity, your spit and his precum essentially acting as a lubricant in this situation. You had to admit, having him use your mouth like this was fucking  hot  and you could feel how turned on you were by it. He held your head still against the wall, so the impact of his thrusts didn’t cause your head to repeatedly hit against the wall. He continuously made almost every movement a deep one, so much so that you frequently felt his pubic hair on the tip of your nose. With your free hand, you wiped at the spit that had leaked from your mouth onto your chin. You could see that his eyes were screwed shut in concentration as he thrust himself into your throat, his pace brutal and rough. He was bucking his hips with such a feverish intensity that the chain on his jacket was hitting off his neck, again and again, making a small jingling sound. Since his trousers were barely down his thighs, when he was pressed up against you the fabric pressed up against your neck. He continued to pump his cock into you and you felt a much larger splash of precum come from him, his rhythm was becoming a lot more erratic and rough as he was getting close to finishing. Saeran’s hands no longer held your head in place, they gripped you.
‘F-Fuck!’ He suddenly pulled himself out of your mouth, clearly on the edge and not yet ready to jump over. The night was still young, after all. ‘It’s good you’ve found something your mouth is good at…’ He panted heavily and so did you, now your airways were free of those additional six inches.
‘I really… liked that.’ It took you a while to catch your breath, and during the time you did, Saeran was pulling you up off the floor and moving you to the bed.
‘Well, that’s good, because we’ve only just started. I have something for you, so you should thank me for these gifts. I’ve been very generous.’ He reached again into the bag, pulling out two sets of handcuffs, a small vibrator, and… a remote? He handed you the vibrator, but there was no ‘on’ button. He must have seen you were confused about the toy because he tutted at you. ‘You think I’m going to give you a toy that you get to choose the settings on? It’s remote-controlled, and I’ll have the control.’
‘O-oh, I see.’ You stuttered, embarrassed that you hadn’t realised his intention. He took the toy from you once he was satisfied that you’d investigated it enough. However, one thing you were entirely certain that you had no confusion over was that you would be the one wearing those handcuffs, which you didn’t have a problem with, but the fact that there were two pairs bewildered you again. He told you to lie in the bed and you did so.
‘Arms out.’ He ordered, grinning as he came towards you with the handcuffs. If you didn’t know better, you would have been anxious, but you had seen Saeran’s hard exterior cracking with time, and you trusted him to free you once again. He had never trapped you in handcuffs in all the times you’d worn them with him before and you didn’t think he would now, but the nervousness was still there from time to time. He clipped one part of the handcuff to your wrist and the other to one of the decorative metal poles on the bedframe, and then did the same to the other wrist. You felt so exposed, and he loved it. Saeran kissed down at your neck and chest once again, taking a breast in one hand and massaging at it. He took the vibrator out of his pocket.
‘Where do you think this is going?’ He asked, twirling it between his thumb and forefinger and cocking his head to the side.
‘Don’t make me say it.’ Flustered, you glanced away. You were aching for him to touch you, yet you couldn’t help but get embarrassed when the attention was turned to you.
‘How come you’re being shy now? You weren’t shy when you told me you liked having my cock in your throat.’ He teased, moving his hand down towards your thigh. He was clearly waiting for you to reference your own horniness before continuing.
Saeran rolled his cool eyes, ‘Fine, I’ll try again. Where do you want me to put this?’
‘I-in my underwear.’ You stuttered out, and he seemed content with that even though he clearly wanted to tease you for a more explicit answer.
‘And you want me to put it in there?’ He was insistent on dragging this out for you, wanting to watch you fluster underneath him.
‘Y-yeah…’ You replied, in a half moan half sigh.
‘What a spoilt Princess you are.’ He taunted as he kissed at your breasts again, lightly touching the front of your underwear with his fingertips. His hand and the vibrator quickly disappeared underneath the fabric and you gasped as you felt his fingers brush up against your clit for a moment before they were replaced with the cool plastic feeling of the vibrator. His fingers left you and found their way to the remote control that he had kept in his pocket.
‘Ask me to turn it on.’ He said.
‘Would you turn it on for me?’ You looked up at him as he hovered above you, obviously having a wonderful time.
‘What’s the magic word~?’ He taunted, twirling his thumb over the button.
‘Please…’ You sighed as he turned it on to the lowest setting, the light buzz filling the room as you sighed against him, soft little mewls falling from your mouth. You saw him reach for the spray bottle from earlier and you opened your mouth in anticipation. It was sprayed even more so than before, a little droplet making its way down your chin as though to emphasise this point.
‘Are you ready to have some more fun, my Toy?’ Saeran pulled his trousers down so they were past his knees, giving him more dexterity to move. You nodded as you lightly clenched your thighs together under the sensation of the vibrator. One of his legs moved over you so that he had one knee on either side of your chest, effectively straddling your shoulders as you laid on the bed. You noticed that he was making a conscious effort to hold himself up by grabbing onto the bed frame so that his weight didn’t crush your breasts or inhibit you from expanding your chest. He was considerate, even if he didn’t want to admit it.
You opened your mouth, ready to take him once again. Your jaw was a little tired, but it wasn’t as though you had to do much other than move your tongue and keep your teeth out of the way whilst he fucked your mouth. That much was easy to do. Once again, his cock was in your face, ready to be taken past your lips. Before you granted him access, however, you looked up at him and pressed a singular kiss onto his head. You held the eye contact with him as you did so, and for a moment, something akin to tenderness flashed across his eyes, before it was replaced with one of Saeran’s signature smiles as he pressed his dick against your lips again.
You felt him turn the toy up another setting and you moaned around him, causing his thighs to tense once again. You knew he enjoyed the vibrations of your throat when you moaned or hummed because he kept messing around with the settings to tease you. Saeran had already edged himself once that evening when he had pulled out earlier, and now he just wanted to cum. He was so pent up that he was desperate to cum. He set his own pace of thrusting into your mouth, which again, was brutal and the force of it continuously pushed your head into the bed, which was fine since it wasn’t hard like the wall.
You used your tongue to lick at the underside of Saeran’s shaft as it feverishly pumped in and out of your mouth, making a point of running along the thick vein that ran along the side of his cock when you could. He groaned and cursed in response and turned up the setting on the vibrator once again as a reward. The taste of his precum once again filled your mouth and you could tell by his facial expression that he was losing himself in the pleasure. Occasionally, you made eye contact through half-lidded eyes, dazed in a lewd reverie. You watched how his scarred knuckles tightened over the metal railings on the bedframe and how his thrusts became more erratic. He’d watch himself fuck your throat for a while, smirk, and then go back to closing his eyes and throwing his head back. Your eyes began to water at the overuse and strain of your jaw, but you were thankful for the lack of gag reflex the spray had bestowed upon you, but the spit that drooled from the interaction was most certainly undesirable to feel moving down your chin and neck: especially since you didn’t have a free hand to wipe it with.
As though to immediately take you out of your thoughts, Saeran turned the vibrator buzzing against your clit to the maximum setting, causing you to loudly moan and your legs to twitch as the sudden intensity. Since your underwear was still on, it held the toy firmly in place, so you had no choice but to give in to the overstimulation. It  very  quickly started building your own orgasm, almost too quickly. You couldn’t even stop to think, but the thought that perhaps Saeran wanted you to finish at the same time crossed your mind, since it looked as though he was getting very close himself: given how aggressively he was bucking his hips into you and how quickly you felt his head rubbing against the back of your throat.
The pressure that had built for your orgasm was all-encompassing, and suddenly it was about to snap. Saeran looked down at you and he could tell you were right on the edge, especially since he could  feel  your moans increasing around him. He, himself, was about to burst but had been holding off waiting for you because yes, he did in fact want to cum at the same time, but he’d rather lose a finger than admit that to himself or anyone else. He was gripping the bedframe with enough strength to nearly bend the metal at that point.
‘Are you gonna cum for me, Princess?’ He panted through heavy breaths, the exhaustion of his own enthusiastic thrusts catching up with him. His white hair had become slightly dampened from the exertion, and you could see the tiredness in his eyes. You tried to nod the best you could, since you couldn’t exactly speak decently with his cock in your mouth. He seemed satisfied and let himself wildly buck into your mouth as he felt both of your orgasms coming.
All at once, your orgasm came and knocked out every sense you had. It was utterly blinding, even more so because the vibrator was still going, and you weren’t able to turn it down. It was your sudden loud moan that tipped Saeran over the edge and he barely had time to warn you that he was going to fuck, instead just shouting:
‘F-Fuck!’  as he came down your throat and over your tongue. You didn’t have time to process the salty taste of his cum shooting down your throat because you were still peaking on your own high.
Saeran continued thrusting weakly through his own orgasm until you felt his dick stop twitching in your mouth, at which point he pulled out of you and turned the vibrator off, since you were now starting to squirm uncomfortably from the overstimulation. The two of you were panting so heavily that any Believer in the corridor would have heard, if they somehow  hadn’t  heard Saeran cursing as he finished.
Before he let himself collapse, he undid your handcuffs. With your newfound freedom, you immediately reached for the tissues on the bedside table to wipe away the slick mixture of spit and cum on your lips and to have a drink of water. Saeran promptly laid down on one side of the bed, and you passed him a couple of tissues to wipe himself down with.
‘Did you have fun with that, Princess?’ He sighed as he zipped his trousers back up and tucked his shirt in.
‘I always have fun with you.’ You dropped onto the bed next to him. He didn’t reply, but he did seem to be mulling over your response. The two of you laid there for a while in a comfortable silence, each clearly recovering from the previous activities.
‘I’m going back to work, I’ve still got shit to do.’ Saeran said.
‘Already? Shouldn’t you sleep soon?’ You were confused, it was so late during the night. Even he needed to sleep at some point, and usually, after nights like this, he would just stay in your bed because he couldn’t be bothered walking to his own.
‘Are you worried, Princess? Don’t waste your time worrying over me, I’m stronger than anybody here. I don’t need anyone’s concern.’ Saeran shuffled off the bed, avoiding your gaze. He readjusted his suit jacket and quickly ran his hands through his post-sex hair.
‘Can’t you stay for a bit longer?’ You tried to coax him, given everything that just happened and the tiredness you’d seen in his eyes towards the end.
‘You should be thankful for the midnight snack. I’ll see you tomorrow, Princess.’
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Hazeshift 10 | villain whump
This is a series! masterlist
Tumblr media
{ Chapter summary: Haze gets his wounds stitched up } 
warnings: past torture, captivity, conditioned whumpee, medical whump, needles, no anesthesia, past whipping mention, female whumper, dubious caretaking / medical care, also idk if she legally does have to give him anesthesia just go with it
“Listen, I know you’re scared, but I can’t hurt you.”
Haze watched the physician sitting next to him, a mask of barely contained disgust on her face. She sat on a round, backless stool, her hands neatly folded in her lap. Her eyes held a malice in them that the villain recognized.
“I mean, I’d like to, but my code prevents it,” she continued to speak. “So I have to treat you.”
She nudged her stool closer to Haze’s bed and set a metal tray on atop the sheet. Haze stared at it—nothing too terrible. Only one sharp object, a needle, and the rest were rather innocuous. It didn’t seem like they’d cause much pain at all. Gauze, thread, a bowl of water. Haze tried to puzzle out what this meant for him.
“However,” the physician spoke again, picking up the needle. She turned her face toward Haze and smiled wickedly. “This does not mean I have to give you anesthesia.”
Haze tilted his head to the side and the woman laughed. He didn’t understand what the problem was supposed to be—he was never given anesthesia to begin with.
Well, this was the heroes base after all. He wasn’t in that place anymore. The heroes were honorable—they probably thought this was a terrible punishment. Haze felt he should correct the woman and tell her to do something worse, that this really wasn’t fitting of his crimes, but he couldn’t bring himself to open his mouth. The fear held him back yet again. He didn’t want to be hurt—and the guilt of that was enough to swallow him whole.
He nodded mutely at the physician, who seemed put-out by his lack of response. Maybe she’d hurt him more if she was angry and then he wouldn’t need to feel so bad about his deceitfulness in not telling her she was actually going easy on him.
“You need a lot of stitches,” the physician said.
Haze knew this. He had a lot of wounds.
“It’s going to take a while.”
He didn’t have anywhere to go.
“Here,” the physician shoved a cloth in his mouth. “Bite down on this if you feel like screaming.”
Her words were tinged with laughter at the edges. Haze knew the tone as well as the sound of his own muffled screams. His stomach lurched, more from the memories than any impending torment this woman sought to bring upon him.
She picked up the needle and it glinted in the sterile, overbright lights of the medbay. It was no different to the white cell he’d been kept in, yet a drastic change to the dim atmosphere of that place. Haze swallowed thickly, the memories rising up to consume him. He tried to focus on the noise and clamor of the machines surrounding him, the discordant beeping and whirring of things he had no idea what were for. This was a completely different environment. White lights. Clinical appearance. Clean. Bright. Loud. He had to take comfort in that—he had to. He had to.
That tiny needle became a knife. The lights became electric bursts darting through his vision.
“Scared of needles?” the physician asked.
No, Haze thought, and shook his head. It was then he realized he wasn’t breathing.
After a long exhale, he bit his lip. The physician stuck the needle into his skin and began stitching up a gash on his arm. All the bandages had been removed—likely while he slept—and he was left with nothing but the manacles around his wrists and ankles and a hospital gown that didn’t fit.
The physician worked quickly, years of practice steadying her hand and making her stitches neat and efficient. Nothing gentle about it; she didn’t concern herself with whatever pain she must have been causing Haze by pulling the needle through his skin. Haze’s breath hitched as she jabbed the needle into his arm and dug around in there for good measure.
Finished with that, she moved onto a wound on his shoulder. A less sensitive part of his body. He was able to rest—almost. It still…
He squeezed his eyes shut tight. This much he could bear.
Then, his back. The whip scars.
There were so many—Haze remembered each and every one as they were created. Stroke after stroke, a repetition of movements just as the needle going in and out of his skin. The physician didn’t stop, even as Haze clutched the sheets of the bed in his hands, squeezing hard to block out the pain on his back. Not even as his voice escaped his throat in little whimpers. Not even as tears leaked from his eyes and spilled down his cheeks.
“Does it hurt?” the physician asked.
Haze didn’t answer.
“How does it feel to have a taste of what you’ve done to others?” the woman continued speaking. “I was there when Lisle was brought in. Did you know that?”
Haze made a low keening sound. He didn’t want to think about Lisle—not about how this was exactly the kind of thing the hero must have gone through after being rescued, nor about how it was all Haze’s own fault and that he deserved to experience the same suffering.  
“Can’t speak?” the physician asked.
Haze gasped. Answer. Answer. She’s asking for an answer.
He couldn’t breathe.
Why couldn’t he get the words out? She’s waiting. Just answer her!
Breathe. Hiccup. Speak.
“I’m s—sor—”
The needle pricked him again. Dug through his flesh. Tore him apart as it was sewing him back together.
It was fine. This was an easy punishment. He’d had worse.
Haze sobbed as the wounds were stitched up one by one, stealing his voice and all the strength he may have had left, until he was nothing more than a husk. He wished Davian were here. Davian would have held his hand through this. Or no, no, maybe he wouldn’t. It wasn’t Haze’s place to hope for such things.
He did anyway.
he misses Davian 😭 but yeah, it seems you’ll have to wait a few chapters for his the meantime, well, Haze is alone and vulnerable in a place full of people who would just love to see him hurt 👀
taglist:  @bumpthumpwhump @bliss757 @hurting-fictional-people @whatwhump @amethyst-writer @neutron-stars-blog @igotthesmellofbooks @lightdrinker @professional-idiocy @extrabitterbrain @lactose-intolerant-egg @irathgo @kween-pinescales @regalwritten​ @sunflower1000​ @whumpilicious​ @kixngiggles​ @nine-tailed-whump​ @cael-torments-characters​ @dramaticcollapse​ @lost-writer-on-the-loose​
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Baby Would You Burn For Me Prologue
Tumblr media
Pairing: taehyung x reader & Hoseok x reader for this chapter, eventual ot7 x reader
Word Count: 4k
Series Content: Mafia!au, Flower Shop!au (kinda), Futuristic/Cyberpunk!au, Dark Fantasy with a sprinkle of Sci-Fi
Summary: You’d grown sick of running from the mobsters that were always after your best friend. Not that anyone thought to ask but you wanted to keep your job at the cozy little flower shop with the new friend you’d made but the shadows of your shared past are determined to suck you into a life of organized crime that you wanted no part of.
Warnings: mafia typical violence, running from mobsters, threats of murder, taehyung's a boxer, guns, Y/N is attaracted to danger, unhealthy relationship dynamics, pls don't date mobsters
Tumblr media
“Y/N, you need to wake up.”
“Just one more minute, Tae Tae.” You mumble in what probably sounds like garbled speech in a sleepy drawl. The soft feeling of the white cotton sheets, were calling you back to a peaceful slumber, away from whatever mess Taehyung had gotten himself involved in this time.
“We need to leave, put on some warm clothes,” He said, still trying to shake you awake. “They're coming. Now.”
Taehyung moved away from you and towards the lamp on the bedside table. Yellow light bathed the darkroom, burning your eyes. You blinked a few times. He moved towards the cabinet and pulled out the black lock box. Knowing precisely what was in there, you threw the covers off of your body and went to the closet to do as he had said. The match must not have ended the way you had hoped it to.
“Five minutes,” He muttered, not looking up at you.
You sighed but didn’t voice the words of protest that were threatening to burst from your throat. You did as he said trudging into the closet and changing into an outfit better suited for the cold weather of Daegu in January. You took off the black long-sleeved dress shirt opting for threads with far less holes. Settling on a pair of black thermal leggings and an oversized dark grey turtleneck sweater you rarely wore outside of the apartment. You put on the clothes, not forgetting an oversized brown plaid wool coat, sock and a pair of sneakers.
Not paying much attention, whether from lack of sleep or from frustration, you were just throwing a bunch of random clothes and shoes into a large bag. You weren’t sure what clothes to take for wherever it was you were going next but figured some clothes suited for winter and a few for summer weather would be the best choice. Patterns and colors were of no concern as you hurried to grab a nice dress, blouse, pair of pants, shorts, and a pair of boots that would all fit into the bag.
Sometimes you dreamed you had a nice evening gown with a deep v neckline, emerald green, and made of a flowy silk material. Maybe it had sewed in gemstones and pearls that sparkled in the right amount of light or it had delicate black lace to give you a more elegant, yet sultry appearance.
While this dream gown of yours wasn’t quite what women wore out on the town, you couldn’t help but wonder what it was like to own such a beautiful dress like people in the old movies used to wear. Dresses like that were meant for important events. Perhaps, you could wear one for a friend's wedding or maybe even wear it on your own like other bold women sometimes did. You would laugh with joy for a life that was absolutely vanilla and it wouldn’t be a bad thing. A vanilla life with kids, a cozy little flower shop, and a significant other to share all of life’s simple pleasures with, free of violence and criminals who’d rather bed money than their wives they professed to love. Wasn’t that what every woman dreamed about?
But you aren’t like every other woman.
It was a dream someone else would get to live. You were meant to run with your best friend, away from mobsters who wanted to hurt you to get to him. You were designed to hate the neon signage that littered every foul smelling city that illuminated the bloodstains, coloring the alleyways. You were meant to hate the fact that every woman was able to go out with their friends and partners to spend money on bright colored liquor and dancing, taking them to a far off place of relaxation while you had to run for your life with only one attachment to another person until there was nowhere left to run.
Though it wasn’t the first time you had to run away, you knew it was inevitable to never stay anywhere long, given Taehyung's supposed job. He beat guys up for a living and enjoyed it. He also enjoyed that the pay gave the two of you far more than any job as a dishwasher ever would. You, on the other hand, were fine with having no money, even if it meant living in a small apartment that constantly leaked every time it rained until the day you died. You didn’t want to spend your life running from criminals but it seemed the world didn’t care what you wanted.
You had gotten rid of most of your sentimental items a long time ago but there were still a few things you kept. A water-damaged old family photo with permanent fold lines of you and your parents at a carnival and a vintage gold ring with a diamond in the center, shaped to resemble a rose was the last of your family heirlooms. You wished you’d taken more from the old house that had become ash but the orphanage didn’t exactly let you hoard keepsakes in your small room, housing three other girls.
As much as it annoyed you to have to leave, again, you were certain you wouldn’t miss this apartment too much. You had to set pots and bowls all over the place whenever it rained (a weather event you would enjoy otherwise) and the electricity was constantly flickering before it’d go out completely so you always had to keep a supply of candles and matches at the ready. The neighbors were always screaming in the late hours of the night or giving you dirty looks, even if you never talked to them, since you promised Taehyung not to do anything to make anyone remember you. The landlord had only served to vex both of you as every time he stared at your chest and would shoot Tae with a glare after missing one payment.
You just wished that you didn’t have to leave because the legendary underground boxer you shared an apartment with refused to do what the local mobsters with large wads of cash ordered him to. It would have been better to leave because the two of you decided to find a better place to live in. Not because if you stayed, the bullet etched with your name would be lodged in your brain come sunrise.
The bag zipped closed and you turned to Taehyung with a disappointed expression. He let out a sigh again returning the same expression. Neither of you seemed to want to argue yet, not like the two of you had the time for it either. His hand reached for yours and he pressed a light kiss to your knuckles.
“We should go, yeah?” You asked, trying to stop the quivering of your lip.
“Meet me by the car. I’m going to barricade the door to buy us more time.” He handed you the keys to the car which you stuffed into the pocket of your thick brown fur coat.
You nodded and walked over to the window. You opened it and began climbing down the fire escape. Luckily, you guys had an apartment that was only a couple of floors up. Trying not to let your paranoia get to you, you walked calmly to the car only to jolt to a stop upon seeing a man leaning up against it with a lit cigarette.
From far away, he looked to be wearing an expensive suit. He looked a lot cleaner than the other mobsters you saw hanging out at the boxing matches. They sometimes wore suits but they were the same standard black ones, sometimes with an old plain solid colored tie. Usually, they wore mismatched black cloth that would show off their glowing tattoo of whatever gang they were part of. This man, however, had his brown locks swept to one side of his face, wearing a bold red suit that would stand out from miles away. The kind of suit that drew you in.
Quickly, you threw yourself against the wall and began to walk back the other way only to run into the body of another mobster with black hair wearing a suit, looking just as expensive, except much less flashy in the traditional black.
“And where are you going?” He asked, rhetorically, without much facial expression. “Hope, get your ass over here.”
Said man leaning against the car put out the cigarette with his foot and slowly walked his way over to you without a care in the world. For a moment, you stood there, wondering if you should wait for Tae to come and take care of them or try to make a run for it before the other guy got over to you. You chose the latter.
You dropped the suitcase and sent a kick to the back of the leg of the man in front of you, sprinting away from the two men. He let out a groan before shouting for his friend to grab you. Unfortunately, you hadn’t been prepared for either of them to be faster than you. The one in the red suit grabbed your upper arm, dragging you back to his buddy.
“C’mon, little lady.” He said. “We gotta wait for your boyfriend.”
You turned your head and shot him a confused look, “Boyfriend? I don’t have a boyfriend.”
“Really? Always seemed like the two of you were closer than friends if you catch my meaning.”
You didn’t bother with a reply when you caught back up to the other guy. He stared at you for a minute with an expression you couldn’t decipher. While looking into your eyes, he moved the side of his jacket to reveal a pistol strapped to his side. A warning.
Your gaze shifted from him back to the apartment you had originally come from. Crouching behind the plants and chairs of the apartment two below you, Taehyung was crouched. His shadow remained stationary but still, you worried the two men with you had caught sight of him. Fortunately, their eyes were busy scanning the alleyway, not paying attention to the area above where Tae was.
“What do you guys want anyway?” You did nothing to mask the shaky tone of your voice. They already believed you were small, let them. “I don’t think we’ve ever met before.”
The one in the red suit turned his head towards you while his friend only sent you a passing glance. His brown eyes scanned your face, before smiling softly, “We’re not here to hurt you or your friend. We just want to talk.”
“What do you want to talk to him about?” You said, biting your lip. “Maybe I could help you.”
“Sorry sweetheart but it’s better for him to be here for this conversation.”
“I just meant I could relay the message to him. He’s not home yet but he’ll get worried if he does get home and sees i’m missing.” You muttered with a pout.
“Nice try.” The one with black hair spoke, still not looking at you, “We know he’s up in the apartment.”
“I told you he hasn’t gotten back from his match yet.” You tried to use a sweet voice but were quickly growing annoyed. They weren’t really saying much of anything.
“Oh, yeah? What are you doing with that bag then? Going on a little trip in the middle of the night?” You were prepared to respond when someone began climbing out the windows of the apartment below you, which happened to be the one above where Taehyung was hiding.
“We can’t find him.” The guy shouted.
“That would be because you are on the wrong floor.” The black-haired man snapped with a dead tone, rubbing his temple with his free hand. The figure froze, retreating back into the apartment he had crawled out of. Mrs. Kim’s poor cats must be frightened to death with a couple of armed men barging into her apartment. “Who recommended these idiots?”
“You’ll have to ask Jin. Try not to kill them.”
“I have to do everything myself. Otherwise, they’re going to shoot him before RM’s even able to speak to him.” He groaned, walking towards the back entrance of the building with his pistol pointed upwards.
“And we both know how much he’ll love that.” Hope grimaced.
“Don’t you dare underestimate her!” The retreating man pointed at the one in the red suit to emphasize his point, causing him to nod in response.
You glanced back up Taehyung, still crouching in the spot. You weren’t sure what it was he was doing just sitting there with one of them gone and a bunch of others coming after him once they busted the door open. Maybe he thought the other guy would see him if he jumped. You tried to think of something girls would do in those books you read or in the old movies you watched. Some would just wait to be saved while others would play the damsel in distress. You weren’t sure which option was better for someone who had no idea how to draw the attention of the opposite sex.
Trying to evade a couple of gangsters wasn’t exactly something you were prepared for. You weren’t ever trained in how to fight and you really only flirted with the occasional man you wanted to grow close to at bars. However, any ounce of male attention you received was quickly squashed by your best friend.
Right now, you were stuck with a dude who thought you were pretty, if his staring from the corner of his eye was anything to go by. You and Taehyung were both stuck. Distracting the man in the red suit for a couple of minutes left you stumped with your lack of skills. Still, you had to at least give the less dangerous option a shot.
“Heyyyy,” you drawled, biting your lip. His head turned towards you with a smile, dimples appearing. You picked up a piece of hair and twirled it with your forefinger. “S-so you guys really don’t want to hurt me do you?”
“Of course not, pretty lady. I could never lie to you.” He put his free hand on his heart.
“Then why’d he have his gun drawn going after my friend?” You asked, cocking your head to the side. You were tempted to glance at Taehyung's position but didn’t want to risk exposing him if he still happened to be up there. “And who’s RM?”
“Curious little thing, aren’t you?”
His smile didn’t falter but it didn’t seem like he was inclined to give you any answers even with his friend gone.
“Perhaps.” You attempt to giggle but it sounds more like you’re trying to suppress a cough and then you do cough a little. Still, he delightfully chuckled.
He goes to turn his head back towards the direction of Taehyung and you start panicking. Talking wasn’t getting you very far since you sucked so bad at flirting on purpose. Shit, you’d never had to do something like this before. You worked odd jobs sometimes where you could have fed the skeevy male attention you got. Your female coworkers fed it to earn better tips, but you didn’t know how to act like that, nor did you want to. So you did the only thing your anxious brain could think of in your current situation. Grabbing the back of his head, you pressed your lips to his.
He may have been surprised at first, told by the single second he froze, but he quickly recovered. As your right hand behind his head slid down to his shoulder, one of his hands found itself tangled in your locks. Lips continuing to move in tandem with his.
You’d kissed other people a few times before but it was usually sloppy or almost instantly ripped away from you by your best friend the second you began to enjoy it. The kisses you’d shared with women were often soft and slow, savoring each moment to file away and relive later on the nights you lied alone. Most of the men would grip the sides of your face and shove their tongue down your throat when you least expected it. You were rarely upset when Taehyung put a stop to the kisses like those.
This man in his vibrant red suit, however, kissed with fire and you didn’t want to pull away. No kiss had ever made you feel like you couldn’t breathe in the best way possible as your entire body grew hotter with each passing second. Gangster or not, he didn’t need to use the wet muscle residing in his cavern to make you feel alive. The way he moved his lips did it for him.
The kiss only stopped when you parted to take in deep heavy breaths, faces no more than an inch apart. You stared up at him from under your eyelashes. Chest heaving, he gazed down at you with eyes filled with a hunger you knew you shouldn’t have wanted to fulfill.
A red neon glow attracted your eyes to the tattoo on his wrist. The ink illustrated a dragon and a snake wrapped around each other, an equilibrium of chaos and rebirth. Like other gang tattoos, it was mostly black with neon red lining it. It was a striking image. You wanted to reach out a hand to touch the design.
A familiar voice shouted, breaking you out of the moment between you and the red suited man you’d just met, “We need to go!”
Without thinking of your next move, You sent a punch to his face and a knee to his privates, the latter being a move Taehyung told you to do before running for your life. You didn’t look behind you to see if he fell, only running to where you saw your friend standing at the end of an alley. He grabbed your hand and the two of you ran until you reached a locked end of the wire gate.
“Dead end.” You shouted in fear, upon spotting it.
Taehyung crouched down and lifted you over the fence. You started to panic when your sleeve got stuck in the fence to which Taehyung quickly ripped out. With that, you jumped to the ground and waited for him to hop over. Unfortunately, you didn’t notice a dark figure lurking in the dark.
“There you are!”
The man grabbed your arm dragging you away from your best friend. You pounded your fist on the man's arm crying for him to let you go. He responded by telling you to shut up and tugged your hair, dragging you further down the alley. Based on his harsh treatment, He had to have been involved with another group, especially if the green glow was anything to go by.
You didn’t notice Taehyung hop over the fence or hear the popping sound of a gunshot. All you noticed was the grip on your arm ceased and when you looked down there was a hole in the man's head, the colorful neon signs lighting up the liquid leaking from his head.
You stared down at it wondering what you were doing here. The kiss you had with the man in the red suit had seemed at least a little comical but he was nothing but a fleeting red streak, never to be seen again. This was real red. A red that would forever be etched into your memory. Red was an ugly, frightening color in this world you had been dragged into with little choice. You just wished you could go home. Home to a place you would never have to see this wretched color again.
Taehyung must have tried to drag you out of the alley because he started to shake your body from the shoulders. His hands moved to cup your face as he cried, “I promise I’ll get us out of here, okay? You just need to follow me.”
You nodded and swallowed the lump in your throat, not trusting yourself to speak. He grabbed your hand once again and began dragging you down the alleys that all started to blend together in a mix of flashing colors and brick.
The two of you encountered no more trouble on the way out of the city. Taehyung stole a car from someone who had been getting into their car in a grocery store parking lot on the edge of Daegu. The both of you hopped in and drove to a gas station in what seemed like the middle of nowhere before getting a room at a motel in the small town. Taehyung cut your hair in the bathroom and bleached the rest of it and you did the same to him.
You were in the next town over when it occurred to you that the photograph and ring had been in the bag you had abandoned. You begged and begged Taehyung to go back and find it but you both knew the mobsters with the red tattoos had it. They obviously would have searched the bag for any leads and waited for you to come back for it before they would kill the both of you. No matter how nice they pretended to be, they were still a group of criminals.
You couldn’t remember how many times the two of you had moved to a different village and changed your names anymore. Sometimes you were his fiance and others you were his sister or a cousin. He warned you not to get close to anyone for both of your sakes, no matter what, for you would eventually leave or get them hurt if you were caught by any group of mobsters before having a chance to flee.
You hated every second of it.
The dream you’d had of working at or owning a flower shop while Taehyung worked at a respected business or possibly owning one of his own was something that would never come true. He wasn’t the kind of person to have a 9 to 5 job. He was the kind of man who lived for the punches he threw in the ring, the risk that came with the possibility of dying at the hands of another fighter. Your best friend was the complete and total opposite of you. Itwas only natural that every move in the dead of night made you a little more resentful each time.
However upset you were, you were a fool for thinking Taehyung wouldn’t notice that you faced away from him every late-night he came back from whatever job he managed to score. Just as he was a fool for thinking you wouldn’t notice the dried blood on his knuckles no matter how many times he promised he was done going to the ring.
So, before it was too late, he said that you would move one last time. There would be no more running. If mobsters came for the two of you, then you'd take care of it however you must. Taehyung had bought a pistol a while back to be prepared and maybe it was time he actually used it.
You weren’t sure why he thought going to a big city would be the best idea if a bunch of mobsters were still after you. Sure, you hadn’t found anyone who was trying to kill you for at least a year but that only meant they hadn't caught up to you yet.
Killing them would cause far more problems than solve any. The gangs would just send more men until the job was done. One gun couldn't stop that from happening could it?
Nonetheless, you couldn’t hide your excitement. Taehyung promised to find a normal job there at a restaurant or a bank or something so you could work at a flower shop. You could feel it deep in your bones that he meant it this time. You’d make a life there and one day settle down at a small house in the mountains or some quaint small town when you grew old. Maybe the two of you could even get a dog or a cat.
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ajwwrites · 5 days ago
The quest for the perfect Love on Tour outfit started with a boa.
I wasn’t sure of anything else, but I knew I wanted a boa, especially after seeing how much Harry loved his and radiated confidence in the two he wore at the Grammys, both during his performance and on the red carpet. Once I decided I wanted to wear head to toe cherries for my night in the Cherry Pit, the logical next step was to get a red boa. The anxieties in my day-to-day life of worrying what people think or overanalyzing my own actions never once crossed my mind. I was single-minded and knew exactly what I wanted. My friend accompanied me on my search, and I picked up my most cherished accessory that’s usually relegated to costume parties or a silly look for a bachelorette’s night on the town. To her credit, my friend didn’t question why exactly I needed a boa for a Harry Styles concert, but the words left unsaid were written all over her face.
The answer is simple: we become a reflection of Harry when we stand in the crowd.
When we enter his space, we are molded in his image – in his confidence, in his kindness – and watching him be so unabashedly himself each and every single night, we find it in ourselves to do the exact same thing. Wearing something too over the top isn’t something that could ever happen at a Harry show because he’s dressed to the nines right along with us. Worrying about what other people think could never happen at a Harry show because he invites us into his safe space that’s free of judgment and full of love.
Most of us have watched him perform for years and have watched him blossom, trading skinny jeans and black t-shirts for flared pants and sheer blouses, going from a singular painted nail to nail polish in every color of the rainbow and rings on every finger. In watching him grow, we grow, too. When you see the way someone like him has grown into himself – from a tearful teenager questioning whether he’d ever be a person who didn’t care what people thought of him to someone wearing a ruffled gown on the cover of Vogue – you can’t help but think to yourself, “what can I do to become this comfortable in my own skin?”
Looking around at a sea of happy people wearing boas (a Grammys favorite), cowboy hats (a fan favorite to throw onstage for Harry to wear), flared pants (a staple of the Fine Line era), suits (a staple of the Harry Styles era), glittery boots (Harry’s favorite accessory since the start of his career), and whatever it is that makes them “whoever it is [they] want to be in this room,” like Harry says every night, makes me think his concerts help us get one step closer to answering that question for ourselves. It’s a reminder of how powerful his words and actions really are in the way we all take them to heart. We find our confidence in emulating his style because we’ve seen him have the time of his life in those clothes, and we know we can do the same.
My boa made her appearance for Madison Square Garden night two, and the way I usually double check myself in the mirror to get one last look at all my insecurities was gone. The anxiety I usually have about going places surrounded by people I don’t know didn't exist. I knew I looked good, and I felt how Harry must’ve felt the second he set foot on the Grammy stage, radiating confidence and cool the second the lights came on. I treated the city streets like my runway as I made the few block walk from my hotel to the arena. Getting there felt like entering the Met Gala where the theme was Harry Styles, and everyone was dressed appropriately.
The atmosphere at every show was electric, and most importantly, just incredibly nice. My friend was shocked by the number of people who stopped her to compliment her or fawn over her dress. Multiple people complimented my outfit. I bonded with others who wore cherries. I told countless people I liked their jewelry or shoes and watched them light up and offer a genuine compliment in return. The kindness we share is an extension of Harry’s own – treat people with kindness isn’t a trite mantra, it’s something he’s proved time and time again that he lives by. The stories you hear from both Harry’s fans and friends alike are always about how kind he is. He always stops for fans even when some are overzealous and rude, he takes the time to listen to the stories people want to share with him even when he’s in a hurry, he’s raised an incredible amount for charity throughout his career, he’s stopped mid-song during his shows to make sure that his fans are feeling okay, he’s been unwaveringly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community from the time he was a teenager, and he’s always growing and learning how to be an even better, more inclusive person. In that arena, with Harry as our guide, we all tried to do the same.
When Harry urged us to tell the people around us that we love them, we declared our love for perfect strangers, and maybe more surprisingly, we actually meant it. The anxieties I usually feel being around people I don’t know didn’t exist. There was no fear that they would be mean or nasty or unwelcoming. In those moments, I did love every single person around me and knew there was no one I’d rather spend my time in his light with than the friends I made because of him who have become some of the most important people in my life, the girl in front of me who excitedly told me she loved my mask, the girl wearing kiwi earrings that swapped compliments and shopping tips with my friend, and the guy next to me who showed up nervous and alone but ending up dancing alongside us like an old friend (he even excitedly texted me the video he took of Harry dousing us with his water - baptizing us, if you will - so we could forever remember that special moment we shared).
Those lessons that we’ve learned from Harry give us a safe space for these interactions to exist – to know that you can wear an outfit that would be met with ridicule in the real world and be surrounded by people who understand the importance of an ostentatious boa and flashy boot the way you do. To know that it’s okay to feel good in our skin and just keep on dancing because he does the same. The harshness of the real world doesn’t exist inside of Harry Styles Land, and that in itself – that escape from life – is one of the most special gifts he could give us.
I left feathers everywhere I went that night – at Madison Square Garden, on sidewalks, at the bar – and it seems only fitting I was sprinkling a bit of my newfound confidence wherever I could, in the same way Harry sprinkles his, along with his kindness and joy like a fairy spreads pixie dust. I hoped that others could pick up my shine like I did Harry’s.
The next day, when it was back to work, back to real life, I found a single feather on the passenger’s seat of my car. Maybe I can’t spend every day in the special world Harry shares with us as fans, but I can bring that confidence, love, and kindness into my everyday world and help extend its reach. I can use all I’ve learned from him to be a little more bold, a little more caring, and bring Love on Tour into my own life - even without the boa.
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historicalgarments1 · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
1902-07 reception dress designed by Gustave Beer and worn by Mrs. Almira Russell Hancock. Made of silk tulle, chiffon, taffeta, and velvet in Paris. "The bodice on this reception dress is a style Beer introduced in 1902. The short, loose front, a modern variation on the eighteenth-century caraco jacket, sets off a profusion of hand-painted and embroidered lace, a signature feature of the designer. Beer's "Palace of Fashion" was heralded for its innovative stage illuminated by electric lights, which allowed clients to better judge the effect of light on their gowns". Philadelphia Museum of Art number 1967-16-3a,b
#HistoricalGarments #Edwardian #1900sfashion #FashionHistory #1900s #HistoricalCostuming #CostumeDesign #BelleEpoque #FashionStudent #AntiqueLace #HandPainted #HistoriaDeLaModa #HauteCouture #ReceptionDress #HistoireDeFrance #Encaje #18thCenturyFashion #Caraco
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