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JanuRWBY day 13:



I drew our lovely JNPR gals again for today. I just love these to jhwd)wefjkriufwfbjirgb

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After countless hours and way too many microwavable meals to get me through them, I completed the second and final semester of physics required for my computer engineering degree. While it wasn’t easy, the intense course load and complicated material helped me strengthen my studying and time-management skills. Especially with courses being taught online, being able to motivate myself to engage with the material became very important, and I think I have gotten good at it.

The second semester was definitely way better than the first for me, not only because I already had experience with the course structure and exam format, but because I am much more interested in electricity and magnetism. The circuits unit was especially relevant to my major, and I can’t wait to apply what I have learned in my future coursework.

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Johannes Fabricius – Scientist of the Day

Johannes Fabricius, a Frisian/German astronomer, was born Jan. 8, 1587.

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JanuRWBY day 2


I’m really late at posting this…I only just finished it. I have so many favorite songs majority of them are the romantic ones…I kinda picked Forever Fall.

Its kinda sad sounding but when it says “Some people fall in love for life Others never get it right Love’s fickle when it calls One thing that I know for sure Longer than our lives endure You’re my forever fall” it makes me think of wedding vows. and of course i have to draw a JNPR berries wedding alfnnabf

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Valkos week is only a month and a half away now so here is the prompt list with a thank you to @wobblyjellyfish and @pottermusprime for their help in deciding the prompts

Day 1 - workout or competition

Day 2 - coffee shop au

Day 3 - Mermaids

Day 4 - Insomnia

Day 5 - Fall/Autumn

Day 6 - soulmates

Day 7 - Valentines

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