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giuliadrawsstuff · 2 days ago
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Levihan pose suggested by @littlelasagne​ and @dontatmethanks​
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bunbox · 2 days ago
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she’s a killer ✨queen✨
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klassicallylyiah · 15 hours ago
Reason #2 of Why I Love High Maintenance, Pretty Privilege & Luxurious Taste
After I got my nails done for pulling an all nighter, I felt like buying an iced matcha latte while waiting for my food to be ready half a block away. I ordered my usual with extras & whipped cream on top, with the total coming to 7 dollars. I was waiting in the drive thru lune and this man kept staring at me, I was surprised his eyes didn’t bulge out of his head or he didn’t rear end the car in front of him. I looked away a few times and acted like I had stars in my eyes. When I looked through the windshield the last time since it was time for me to move closer, he never took his eyes off of me.
It’s my turn to pick up my order and the barista said, “Oh, no the man in front of you just paid for you,” and the girls were giggling and freaking out. They were high school age girls and mumbling to me and talking at the same time saying, “he thought you were so pretty,” and I was shocked and told them “wow thank you” and I waved at him and said thank you so much since he stopped to see my reaction. They forgot to give me my whip cream but I was like eh they were acting so starstruck.
So, no matter where you’re going, look presentable and have a calm expression on your face. You’re a cute and patient woman wherever you go 💎💎💎!!
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sciamano240 · 4 months ago
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Baltimore from Azur Lane in her Evening Breeze Minuet version, 2nd reward of the August Patreon Pack.
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rosyy-coosy · 2 months ago
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📸 omarovna.maryamm
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klassicallylyiah · a month ago
Feminine Practices & Mannerisms
Take lighter, delicate steps like a ballerina. Even if you have on combat boots or shoes made out of lead, you float & glide like a bird over a body of water. At the same time, straighten your posture.
Drink tea every morning. For a unique experience, try coffee and black tea together. Invest in a quality tea kettle, teapot and tea cups.
Eat lighter meals before getting to the heaviest.
Take cooking classes at wineries. Visit local art exhibits to evaluate and purchase art pieces. Learn about your culture.
Be mindful of your environment.
Incorporate pearl goods, faux or real, into your wardrobe. I have a pearl belly ring in so I’m wearing pearl daily ✨✨
Be assertive in debating for what you want without dominating the conversation.
Practice your makeup skills. Accentuate your bone structure by wearing dewy & natural makeup.
Do skin treatments at home and visit the spa periodically.
Try heatless hairstyles once in a while and wear small hair accessories. Visit salons for conditioning and strengthening treatments.
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