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Born and raised in Taurnado valley.
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Elementals by Svetlin Velinov
This artist on Instagram
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Sky, Earth, Sea
Edit: Now reblogged with a resize for phone screen wallpaper
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Character Abilities #5
Elemental Powers
Atmokinesis: Control and manipulate the weather by mixing water, ice, fire, air, earth, and electricity/lightning 
Powers Related to Ice
Freeze Breath: Freeze things in solid ice
Cryokinesis: Control ice, snow, and other forms of frozen water
Freezing: Lower the temperature in kinetic atoms to freezing temperatures
Frigokinesis: Control snow that is on the ground or as precipitation 
Ice Mimicry: Have a body made up of ice
Ice Beam: Shoot beams of freezing energy
Ice Generation: Generate ice
Ice Absorption: Absorb ice
Powers Related to Water
Elemental power of water
Water Generation
Scald Generation: Power to generate boiling liquids
Liquification: Ability to turn partially or completely into a liquid
Water and moisture manipulation: Ability to control, generate or absorb water
Plant manipulation
Powers Related to Fire
Fire Breathing
Heat Resistance/Thermal Resistance
Elemental power of fire
Fraxikinesis: Manipulate burnt matter
Geo-Thermokinesis: Manipulate, control, and create lava, magma and volcanoes
Electric manipulation
Microwave manipulation: The ability to convert ambient electromagnetic energy into microwaves and manipulate it into various effects such as heat, light, and radiation
Heat vision
Powers Related to Earth
Granulation: Ability to turn things into sand
Halokinesis: Control and manipulate salt
Hyalokinesis: Control and manipulate glass
Elemental power of Earth
Powers Related to Air
Aerokinesis: Manipulation of air, wind, and gas
Aeroportation: Teleport using wind currents
Air Mimicry: Ability to transform into a cloud of gas, fog, or mist
Sublimation: Ability to transform into a gaseous, mist, or fog-like from
Deoxygenation: Suck up all the oxygen from a place
Lung Adaptation: Ability to breathe anywhere
Wind Generation: Create blasts of wind
Air Generation
Flight: Have the ability to fly at will
Levitation: The ability to make anything rise up in the air and move around under your control
Elemental power of air
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Word of The Day  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Corsair (Middle French, 16th century): 1) A fast ship used for piracy; 2) A pirate, usually from the Barbary Coast
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New little star alien. They collect metal, super-heat it, and create an exoskeleton out of it.
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Inktober day 25 - elemental
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by Dibujante Nocturno
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water ride
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I'm dying because of the intense heat...So here's my representation of said heat. It's a lil shit. 🔥
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i will always adore jake copying finn’s little pouty pose they are so stinking cute
not to mention i just love the animation in season 8
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Day 11 of strangetober is “Standing Stones”!
Prompt list by @artbyemilyhare
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𝔼𝕝𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕝 ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕚𝕟𝕘
Hi my loves so this reading will consist of four piles for the four elements of earth. Fire, Water, Earth, & Air. The piles will be listed in that exact order & if you felt guided to more than one, please feel free to read those as well :) hope you all enjoy!
✩。:*•.───── ❁ ❁ ─────.•*:。✩
𝕋𝕙𝕖 𝔼𝕝𝕖𝕞𝕖𝕟𝕥𝕤:
Tumblr media
I’m seeing that you are someone very intuitive, mysterious, powerful, intelligent, passionate, & very spiritually aware. You are achieving some type of success or goal you’ve been working on & I feel like you’re walking away from this path you were on that no longer fulfilled you emotionally & you’re really dedicating your self to whatever the commitment is that you’ve recently made or will be making in the near future. I see you learning from your past experiences & really applying the wisdom you’ve gained into your current life. You’re learning about yourself & who you really are & what you want in life. I also see you spending more time alone or in solitude & using that time to learn or somehow educate yourself on things you need to understand more. I see you feel like you don’t have time to sit and wait for the future. You want to have progress and growth like right now. I see you going against traditional beliefs or what society says is morally true to find what truly makes you happy & also going after something in your love life too. I see you following your dreams & achieving big goals in life. I also see you finding your true happiness while stepping into your power & taking control of your destiny. You are someone very empathetic, nurturing, loving, compassionate, & understanding. You heal others, lead them, inspire them, & give people hope. You are someone very gifted & I see you recognizing your own potential. You are manifesting everything you wish to have in your life & I see it all happening for you because of your spirit guides. Focus on your goals, aspirations, & creative endeavors. I see you achieving a new opportunity & maturing into a more stable version of yourself. I also see that you should walk away from any conflicting energies. Avoid conflict & creating arguments. I see you are leaving behind a painful past where you did pick fights with someone, but I see you releasing this & moving into calmer waters with them & yourself. Focus on your destiny & fight for the things you want in life. There’s a lot of competing energies out there but I see you overcoming any and every obstacle. I see you coming into union with a divine counterpart & finding true unconditional love & happiness in your life.
I’m seeing that you were really sad in the recent past over a loss you experienced. This could be with a relationship, job, person, etc. I see you achieving this new opportunity or goal you’ve been manifesting & it’s definitely commitment with someone you’ve been involved with romantically or if not then possibly someone new. I see you will be very happy, joyful, content, stable, & feeling like you’ve just really accomplished something big. This commitment will be with someone who is spiritually connected to you & there’s definitely a soulmate or twin flame connection here. Balance and harmony will be restored back into your life & I see that you will be in touch with your feelings again. Commitment, abundance, success, happiness, money, & so much more is coming for you & I see that it might be a little delayed because of some heavy energies that you’ve been carrying from the past. I see you carrying a lot of burdens, trauma, pain, & just baggage in general but you will be working on releasing this. Patience is definitely needed, but I see you gaining a lot of strength, courage, & confidence. You’ll be feeling very emotionally stable & loved. I see you recognizing your worth & knowing what you want out of a relationship. This new beginning in love & stability is happening for you & I see that you will be soooooooooo happy with what’s coming. It’s definitely fate & I see it’s good karma for everything you’ve experienced.
I’m seeing that you are being impatient. You’ve put in your efforts & did the work but you’re still unsure of why you are unhappy. My love it’s because you need to fight for what you want. Stop waiting for it to come & just get it yourself. If you want balance go out and get your balance. Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck because you’re the only one who can limit yourself anyways. I see you need to heal your heart space as well. Have patience with yourself. You’re taking this leap of faith to collaborate or come together with someone to build something very emotionally fulfilling and long lasting. I see marriage, a family, & success. If you need to make a plan or figure out how to make all of it happen then do that. You have a lot of options and choices on what can fulfill you, but it’s best to find a choice that will make you happy for the long run. You feel very unsatisfied with your love life right now & I see it’s because you are releasing a lot of draining energies & heavy burdens you’ve been carrying from your past. You will be experiencing this new beginning in love & I see a soulmate or twin flame coming in if they aren’t already in your life. Compromise is definitely being established here for those of you in relationships. I see commitment & long term success, especially with your finances.
I definitely feel a blockage in your throat chakra. Maybe you’ve had trouble communicating or expressing yourself in the recent past or currently & I see it’s in regards to how you’re feeling about someone. I see you’ve been focusing on your worth & really trying to achieve your dreams & I see you tapping into your heart space to heal & make sure you are emotionally available for some type of connection in your life or if you don’t have one yet, maybe just for love in general. I see you wanting long term happiness, abundance, joy, marriage, & a family. You are leaving behind a very painful past & moving into a happier place. I see reconciliation for those of you looking for that, & for others I see you balancing out your feminine and masculine energies & coming into union with self. I see a lot of financial success & a lot of your passions coming to fruition as well. There’s a need to have patience & don’t be impulsive when it comes to communicating. You know exactly what you want & how you feel, but I feel like you were just in a period of giving yourself time to heal & now you’re focused on commitment & dedicating yourself to your long term goals. Balance and harmony is being restored in your life & I see you really happy in your near future. I see you releasing a lot of fears & anxiety when it comes to expressing how you feel & I also see you releasing control over your emotions. There’s some type of connection for some of you & you feel really tied or chained to that person & it’s because the connection is very fated. I see you celebrating a lot of happy things in your near future & also releasing this negative & toxic behavior. Karma was definitely given to you & I see you balancing out your life now.
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diabolical-introvert · a year ago
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NOELLE STEVENSON: *Makes a pithy comment about Hordak needing to do community service on Beast Island*
ME: *Falls down a rabbit hole that leads to an entire week spent rendering the first real digital art piece I’ve done in almost a decade, all to portray a ridiculously complicated Beast Island Clean-Up Squad scene*
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Two sketchbook pages 🎊⚡
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NGC 281, Elemental 
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netherworldpost · 3 months ago
“I am studying elemental iconography. Wispy, long, unbroken lines are often used to show air — but they look like water waves. And bubbles are often used to show water! But bubbles are air!”
Cashier handing me my order: “Good to have you back atty. I… missed this. Somehow.”
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fhtagn-and-tentacles · a month ago
Tumblr media
by Stanislav Sherbakov
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the-5e-classist · 2 months ago
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I’ve been trying to think of an elemental water race ever since I made the Ellay and Silikin. I’m pretty happy with how I did it and it’s perfect for my ice campaign
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