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Description: A problematic college student gets the worst summer job of the ‘83 - Jim Hopper, the Chief of police in your hometown will have you as his secretary since his old lady Flo has two months lasting holiday. It was agreed so Hopper could keep you far away from all the trouble

Part Summary: There’s only one James Hopper, but there are two women who rely on him. Now, it was up to you to find your way to the child Jim found in the woods.

A/N: I hoped that well have some nice fluff time… But you know, I accidentally forgot that Hopper is a dick.

Word count: 3.3 K

Tagging: @nemodoren​, @creedslove

Master list: H E R E


Originally posted by hawkinslibrary

You came home really late - your mom sighed as soon as she saw you opening that door. She knew you were very angry with Hopper and getting lost for a whole day without letting her know didn’t feel like you at all.

“Do you have any news?” - She asked instead of yelling or being angry with you. You nodded and smiled, taking the jacket off. Immediately, she could tell that you stole him a shirt. - “So he’s alright, I presume?”

“Yes. He’s fine. He’s alright.” - You walked to the counter to pour yourself her lemonade she made that morning. 

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Always Waiting- Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader


Always Waiting Masterlist

Summary: Dustin tells Y/n and Steve about the super-secret Russian code, Mark Lewinsky stops by Scoops Ahoy, steve??? jealous??? The code gets translated.

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

A/n: I’m back!! I hope you are all staying healthy! Now that all my classes are online and I’m back home I will have plenty of time to write! As always lmk if you want to be added to the taglist!

Warnings: Swearing, typos

Word Count: 1.6k

“Hi Robin, is, uh, is he here?” You overhear Dustin talking to Robin at the front of the shop. Steve heard it too, nearly knocking you down as he busts through the door.

“Henderson! He’s back!” Steve jumps over the counter running up to Dustin.

“I’m back!”

Robin looks back at you giving you a puzzled look while Dustin and Steve do a dorky handshake. They both start laughing once it’s done.

“What the hell did I just witness?” You ask. They both look up at you with smiles on their faces. “Alright Dusty, I’ll get you some ice cream and we can sit down and catch up, yeah?” Dustin nods and goes to sit down.

*.    *.    *

“Hotter than Phoebe Cates? No, no way.” Steve crosses his arms.

“Yes she is, brilliant too. And she doesn’t even care that my real pearls are still coming in. She says kissing is better without teeth,” Your eyes nearly bulge out of your head. You look over at Steve who has a shocked looked on his face.

“Oh… Wow Dustin. That’s, yeah, that’s great,” you stutter.

“Wow man, I’m- I’m proud of you. That’s kind of romantic.”

Dustin shoves his spoon into his ice cream sundae and takes another big bite. You and Steve just watch him. “Do you really get to eat as much as this as you want?” Dustin looks up to you.

“Yeah, I mean sure. It’s not really a good idea for me though, I gotta keep in shape for the ladies.”

Rolling your eyes, you stick your spoon into Dustin’s sundae, “Oh yeah? And how’s that working out for you?” You raise your eyebrows at him, grinning. Dustin giggles.

“Ignore her.” Steve tells Dustin.

“And how are you two getting along?” Dustin points his two fingers at you.

You glance over at Steve, feeling your cheeks getting red. “Um, yeah, it’s been good.” Steve nods.

Dustin raises his eyebrows and smirks. You clear your throat, “So, did you like the Party’s surprise yesterday?” Dustin puts his spoon down and slouches back in the booth.

“Yeah it was cool, I guess.”

“You guess?”

“Yeah, afterwards they ditched me!”

“What?” You frown.

“My first day back, can you believe that shit?”

“Woah, seriously?” Steve pipes up.

“Yeah, but they’ll regret it, big time, when they don’t get to share my glory.”

You and Steve share a glance. “Glory, what glory?” Steve asks.

“Well I was trying to contact Suzie and I uh…” Dustin looks around then covers his mouth with his hand. “I…” Dustin mumbles something you can’t quite make out. You furrow your brows.

“What?” You lean closer.

“I….” Dustin mumbles again.

“Dustin, man, speak up we can’t hear you.”

“I intercepted a secret Russian communication!” Everyone around you goes quiet. You can feel eyes on you from everyone. You put your head in your hands.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought you said.” Steve says, looking around.

“So uh, what does that mean exactly?” You ask.

“It means we can be heroes, true American heroes.” You squint your eyes and cross your arms. “What’s the catch?”

“No catch, I just need help with translation.”

*       *       *

You, Steve, and Dustin all stood around the back room, listening to the recording.

“So, what do you think?” Dustin asks.

“That music sounds familiar.” Steve says.

“Why are you listening to the music Steve?” The two of them start bickering back and forth. The sound of Robin’s voice gives you an idea.

“We need Robin,” You open up the window and shout at Robin.

“Hey Robin, I’ll take over up front, we need your help back here. Dustin and Steve can fill you in.” You put on your stupid sailor hat and make your way to the cash register.

*       *      *

“I would like to try the peppermint stick please,” Erica Sinclair points to the ice cream.

“Haven’t you already tried that one?” You ask, getting out a sample spoon.

“Yes and I would like to try it again,” you groan and scoop up her ice cream.

You hear the window open, “Hey Henderson, how’s it going up here?” Steve asks, climbing through and hopping over the counter.

“Erica was just asking for more samples,” you tell him. He scoffs, spinning his ice cream scoop and putting it in his belt.

“Erica, you are abusing our sample policy, no more samples today.” You tell her. She huffs and stomps out of the shop. Steve leans over to you, “Do you think Suzie is real?”

“You know, it’s hard to tell, it really is.” You grin up at him.

“Excuse me?” A voice speaks up. You turn around and see Mark Lewinsky.

“Oh, hi Mark!” You smile. Mark looks over to Steve. “Hi Y/n,”

“Hey Harrington,” he gives Steve a wave. Steve leans against the counter with his arms crossed, looking less then amused. “Lewinsky.”

“What kind I get for you today?” You ask.

“Uh, actually I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date? With me? Tomorrow?” He awkwardly combs his fingers through his hair.

“Yes! Absolutely,” you say a little too quickly, you feel your face heat up, “I mean, I would love to, yes.”

“Ok great, I’ll pick you up tomorrow,”

“You’re holding up the line Lewinsky, either buy something or leave,” you forgot Steve was still standing there.

“Alright then, I’ll see you tomorrow Y/n,” you wave goodbye then turn around to face Steve, giving him a good punch to the arm, “What the hell, Steve! There’s not even a line!”

“He’s a douche! Why would you want to go out with someone like him?”

“Well that’s really none of your business,” you say, hitting him one more time.

“Ow! Would you stop that?”

“Hey!” You and Steve turn your heads to see Dustin and Robin watching you, “Would you two lovebirds knock it off, we’re trying to focus,” You feel your cheeks heating up, Steve stumbles over his words and in the process knocks his hat off., “See, I told you, if you want to make them flustered, call them lovebirds,” Robin tells Dustin, they start laughing. You glare at them.

“Have you two figured out the code yet?”

“So far we have “the week is long,” Robin says, pointing to her whiteboard.

“Well that’s thrilling,” Steve says, sounding defeated. The sound of giggling causes you to turn around. You see Eleven and Max. Your jaw drops.

“What are you doing here?” You whisper to El.

“Mike is being an asshole so we’re having a girls day,” Max says.

“Without me?” You ask. They order and you hand them their ice cream.

“Y/n you should come with us!”

You turn and look at Steve, “Think you can hold down the ship, sailor?” He looks towards Max and El then looks back at you, he sighs, “Yeah, sure, go have fun,” You finger gun and him and hop over the counter. You take off your hat and throw it towards Steve.

“I’ll be back in 30!” You shout as you and the girls run out of the store. Steve laughs and shakes his head, spinning your hat around his finger.

*     *       *

You and the girls shopped for clothes, did a photoshoot, and then sat and talked. Max and El caught you up on the whole Mike situation.

“Guys are such assholes,” you roll your eyes.

“That’s what I’m saying!” Max agreed. You looked up at the clock.

“Oh shit, I gotta go back to work,” you turn towards El, “El, Mike’s an asshole, you don’t need him!” You say giving her a hug, “Alright, I’ll see you guys later, have fun!” You yell as you run off.

*       *       *

You, Dustin, Steve, and Robin all stood staring at the board, reciting what was written on it, “The week is long, the silver cat feeds, when blue meets yellow in the west.”


Steve locks up while you all stand around and wait for him. “I mean, it just can’t be right,” Steve stands up, “No it’s right, it’s obviously like a code or something,” Robin argues. You all start heading towards the mall exit. “It could be a spy could,” Dustin suggests, “Oh yeah! Like a super-secret spy code,” Robin agrees.

“That’s a total stretch,” Steve speaks up.

“I don’t know, is it?” You ask.

“Oh come on, you’re buying into this?” Steve looks over at you in disbelief.

“Listen, just for kicks, let’s just entertain the possibility that it is a secret Russian transmission, I mean, what are they gonna say? Fire the warhead at noon?”

“Exactly,” Dustin states.

“And my translations are correct, I know they are,” Robin confirms.

“So, I guess that confirms your suspicion. Evil Russians,” you teased. You go to look over at Steve but he’s not there.

“Hey, where’d Steve go?” You ask Robin and Dustin. You turn around and see him knelt by the automatic horse. “Steve, I think your too old to ride that” you joke, making your way over to him.

“Just give me a quarter,” he says, fumbling around in his pockets.

“Need some help getting up there Stevie?” Robin jokes, you laugh.

“Quarter!” Steve yells. You throw one to him.

“Are you… going to get on?” You ask, confused as to why he needed the quarter.

“No, I am not going to get on,” he sneered, “would you all just shut up and listen?”

The music that was playing sounded familiar, but you couldn’t put your finger on it.

“Holy shit, the music,” Dustin says. Then it hits you.

“It was on the recording!” You exclaim.

“Maybe they have horses like that in Russia?” Robin asks.

“The Indiana Flyer? No I don’t think so. This code, it didn’t come from Russian,” Steve looks up at you all.

“It came from here.”


@loulouloueh@nighttwingg​ @hauntedduckdefndor @l0ve-0f-my-life@labrujaprincess@welcomethefears@metuel18@polynesianmayo@readinthegarden12@alafolieee@yoheyyosup@loco-latte@daddystevee@hannarudick@gertenbert@used-avocado@70sgubler@ggclarissa@alonewolfsblog@phoebethepheebs
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.05 - Girl Almighty

synopsis: the number Eleven had always appeared in milestones of your life. it was a constant, and you didn’t know why. but you would soon find out when you study abroad in japan and meet Him.

  • pairing: tsukishima kei x fem!reader
  • warnings: mentions of death, depression
  • masterlist: here :)

a/n: this honestly was such an endearing chapter to write. we finally learned what happened in y/n’s past, and her bond with mizuki grows strong. also, for this chapter and the next, I’m doing a lot of cultural research to try and incorporate it in the story, and it feels really cool to be exploring the culture! hope you guys enjoy this one 🥺💕 yes I cried at one in the morning finishing this and what about it

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Her light is as loud as as many ambulances as it takes to save a savior.

Sleep. School. Practice. Home. Repeat. Soon, you were nearing the end of September without even knowing it. As the weeks had flown by, the tension between you and Tsukishima had only grown. Only, it wasn’t a ‘bad’ or ‘awkward’ kind of tension. It was more like a ‘something-is-happening-between-us-but-neither-of-us-know-what-it-is-or-how-to-address-it’ kind of tension.

As if the universe was tired of this ‘tip-toeing around each other’ crap, a special event was coming up that was definitely going to stir the pot. The Harvest Moon Festival.

Tsukiiiii! Are you excited for Tsukimi tomorrow?” Yamaguchi teases. Tsukishima knowingly groans.

You look up from your camera, contemplating whether you should keep the last shot even though Tanaka photo-bombed it. “The moon-viewing? You guys do the festivals here, right?”

Yamaguchi nodded. “Yeah, it’s kinda ironic, isn’t it? The festivals usually fall around Tsukki’s birthday, so we usually do a joint-celebration! But this year, it’s a little earlier, so we won’t celebrate his birthday at the same time, but it’s still exciting!”

Tsukishima peers down at your camera, pressing the delete button faster than you can react. “Shouldn’t you know about it? You are Japanese, right?”

Pettily, you recover the photo from the recently deleted section. You were going to delete it anyway, but you just wanted to spite him. “I did celebrate, but I’ve always wondered how much more authentic it would be to celebrate it in my mother’s home country. It sounds like a lot of fun!”

Yamaguchi realizes you haven’t gone to the festival before, so he cheerily invites you to come along with him and Tsukki, to which Tsukishima replies, “My mom would probably force me to drag her along anyway. Might as well.”

His statement and tone implied that he didn’t want you to join, but you felt his gaze on you with a slight glimmer of hope in his eyes.

You agree, but are quick to come to a devastating realization.

“But I don’t have anything to wearrrrrr!” Cue two clueless-looking boys not knowing how to react.

Upon hearing distress, Yachi comes dashing to your rescue. “Y/N!! I heard your cry! I’m actually going shopping tonight for a new festival outfit, did you want to go with me?” She really was a savior at times.

You throw your arms around her in gratefulness. “You’re an angel! I would like nothing more than to accompany you! I’ll just text Mizuki to let her know where we’ll be…”

Yachi ponders for a moment. “Actually, do you think she would mind coming? I don’t want to bother her at all, but my mom’s staying late again, and I like having an adult’s second opinion…”

Fortunately, Mizuki was more than happy to bring you two to the downtown shops later that night. Once practice was over, you and Yachi bid your farewells to the boys and met up on the street corner, with Tsukishima trailing behind. Mizuki began to wave from under the streetlight, letting Tskishima know that dinner was already made, and that you won’t be back too late. And so, the three of you were off!


Although your current location was quaint and serene, downtown was the opposite. There were endless amounts of shops, stands, and everything in between. Shoppers were bustling about, kids were frolicking in groups, and the smells of various foods wafted in the air. The energy in the downtown district was definitely lively and contagious.

Mizuki took a deep, content breath and turned to the two of you. “Alright ladies! I have a few shops in mind, so we can stop by those first just to ease into it. Let me know if you need anything! If you want to even stop for a snack, I certainly won’t hold you back, not when it smells as good as this! Alrighty, let’s goo!!”

The first shop was very quaint, but you were a bit clueless as to what you should be looking for. Good thing Mizuki and Yachi was there to guide you! You apparently were in search for a yukata, a more informal traditional robe that is similar to a kimono, but not quite. Great! Now that you knew what you were on the hunt for, how were you supposed to decide what color or pattern? Every shop you stopped by were overflowing with more patterns, colors, and combinations than you can possibly imagine.

By the third shop, Yachi had already picked hers, and was currently being fitted. She chose a radiant yellow, decorated with white carnations and pink morning glory flowers print.

“You look like a ray of sunshine, Yachi! Yellow definitely suits you,” you and Mizuki shower her with praise, causing her to flush pink.

You laugh as you admit, “This must be what prom dress shopping feels like, haha.” The two ladies curiously look at you, and you’re quick to explain how back at home it’s a huge deal to find the dress, since prom is the most anticipated formal event for American high schools.

Needless to say, the pressure of finding one that spoke to you began to worry you. You bring your hand to your locket. Mizuki noticed this, then eyed your locket for a brief moment.

“I think I know the perfect one that would go along with your locket. We’ll stop by once Yachi’s fitting is done,” she offers you a warm smile to calm your nerves.

Once Yachi’s outfit was purchased, the three of you head to a shop that was in an easy-to-overlook nook. The second you step inside, you’re greeted by two eager women, ready to meet your requests. You browse, but begin to feel a bit of gravitation towards the back of the shop. The invisible force brings you to a halt. In front of you is an absolute masterpiece.

The overall color was navy blue, as dark as the night sky above. But the design was what made it stand out. The yakuta was sprinkled with constellations, and thousands of silver stars were scattered around the fabric. Around the waist was a deep red obi, a wide silk sash designed with light moons and stars lined all around it.

You were speechless. It was perfect.

Mizuki looks over and finds you with your jaw slightly agape, looking entirely mesmerized.

She turns to the women and tells them, “That’s the one for her.” And they get to work on your fitting.

During your fitting, Yachi went to buy a couple of snacks for you to share, leaving you and Mizuki alone, with the two women helping. You raise your arms over your head as they measure your waist. Suddenly, you catch her drying what looks to be a couple of tears.

“What’s wrong, Mizuki? Are you alright?”

She tenderly looks over and chuckles, wiping another tear that managed to escape.

“It’s nothing, really. I just always wondered what it would be like to go dress shopping with a daughter…” she looks down at her hands, wringing them deep in thought. “My sons are wonderful, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything in the world, but I always loved shopping with my mother, even if it was buying a mere hair accessory. Her calling me beautiful… and, I don’t know…it kind of felt like that for a moment.”

She looks up at you and smiles. “You haven’t been with us for too long, but I speak for both myself and my sons when I say we are grateful that you’ve been led into our lives.”

You jump off the pedestal and tackle Mizuki into a tight embrace. “I’m glad I came, too.” She hugs you back, and you look at each other, and suddenly burst into laughter at your tear-stained faces.

“Alright, that’s enough baby tears. Now, get on up there so we can see the finishing touches,” she gently urges you. Just as the last details were being made, Yachi comes back, just in time.

She does a dramatic gasp. “Y/n, you look beautiful! It’s like all the stars wanted you to wear them!” She almost drops her snack out of pure shock, but manages to catch it.

Mizuki helps her carry them and agrees. “She’s right y/n. It also matches your locket color perfectly. I can see that it’s important to you, so it’s like both a piece of home and a piece of here going hand in hand.” Even the two women who fitted you were quick to offer their praise.

You look down at your outfit and tenderly put a hand on your locket. “It’s perfect.”


The three of you drop Yachi off at her house, and once you were sure she was safely inside, you and Mizuki begin your trek home. There’s a comfortable silence between you two. The stars in the sky were glistening and drowned you in tranquil light.

Mizuki thoughtfully looks over at you. She’s carefully thinking of something she wants to say.

“Is there a story to the locket?”

You stop in your tracks and look up at the stars twinkling above you. The moon’s serene appearance gives you the courage to respond.

“This is the first gift my parents gave me, on their official wedding day. And now it’s the first and last thing I look at every day. It’s one of only things remaining from them that I own.” You look over to find sad eyes.

Mizuki’s eyes were not viewing you in the sense of pity, which you have always gotten for the past year. Instead, she was looking over with the most wholesome look in her eyes, wanting to help and protect you.

That encourages you to go on.

“My mother and father went out on one of their weekly date nights. They liked to go out on Friday nights to get ice cream down the road. They’ve done it since even before they got married. It was normal. Nothing out of the ordinary.”

You choke up.

“Almost a year ago now. My parents were on their way home. They got hit by a drunk driver. Eleven at night. I open the door to complete strangers telling me that their passing was instant, that there was nothing that could be done. November eleventh was the day that my life fell apart.”

You look up at the stars again.

“My relatives took care of me for the rest of the year. I wallowed in depression. Hardly moving, hardly eating. Hell, it even hurt to breathe. Knowing that my dad wouldn’t pop his head in my room just to tell me a joke to annoy me on purpose. Knowing that my mom wasn’t there to drink tea with me while she told her favorite childhood stories. Knowing that I wouldn’t see them dancing in the kitchen to their cheesy love song. Knowing they weren’t there.”

Your eyes are so clouded with tears your vision is extremely blurry, but you manage to lock eyes with her in understanding.

“My relatives thought it would be a good idea for me to transfer somewhere new for the start of high school. I had always wondered at the beauty of my mother’s home country. The way she would light up whenever she mentioned something as simple as the cherry blossoms floating in the breeze, or how the stars seemed to shine differently. Well, she was right about that,” you chuckle at the thought.

“So here I am, in Japan. Here to discover myself, but more importantly, I’m here for them too. I know they are always watching me from above, but this locket keeps me grounded at times when I need them the most. It reminds me of the times we’ve had. I think of the future they wanted me to strive for, it pushes me forward. I would give anything to heal the heartache, to fill up the emptiness of their missing presence. But I know they want me to be happy. It’s why I was brave enough to travel to a new place I’ve never been to, because in the end, I know I’m not alone. This locket reminds me of all that.”

More comfortable silence follows. Mizuki puts a warm hand on yours.

“Y/n, you are the bravest soul I have ever come to meet. If fate is what brought you here, then I am glad for it. You have such a bright, intelligent, endearing and determined soul. And I know for a fact that your parents are looking down on you right now and are smiling at the sight of their brave little girl persevering the odds. And there is absolutely nothing in this world that could demolish the love your parents have devoted to you. You really are special, y/n, don’t you ever forget that.”

The two of you embrace once more. You check the time, and the lateness caused the slow trek to a brisk walk back home.

It was Eleven o’ clock.

There’s something happening here. I hope you feel what I’m feeling too.

taglist: @jiminslonglostjams @fantasymirror @shewastheriot @lukes-princess @iamthepenguinwhosearseisonfire @its-bnha-babe @desi-studys @shootooooo @noya-senpai-imagines @animefan7420 @anpancari @tsukkx @cadabby @thoebe-fly @it-was-just-a-ship

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