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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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You work for an organization that rehabilitates monsterfolk military veterans. Right now, you’re working with a battle-scarred, one-armed elf woman to help her re-enter society. She often cries on your shoulder for the people she’s lost, praying for it to have all been a bad dream. You manage to comfort her as well as you can, and even though her survivor’s guilt may never go away, she’s always felt better when you’re around. She’s called you the light of her life more than once, and you’ve even heard her mutter “were I but 200 years younger…” when looking at you.

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My angsty Inquisitor Ellana Lavellan :D

I recently finished playing my first playthrough of Dragon Age Inquisition and I loved the heck out of it!! So I drew an angsty version of my inquisitor, I was gonna make it angsty over Solas (stupid egg man stole my heart) but I decided to make her a tranquil….not sure how it would’ve happened but here it is…..(maybe post-end game because no vallaslin…hmmm?)! 

I made it in paint after giving up on drawing on an actual programme so heres a rough sketch :))

Also…..ouch, Solas. Ouch!! >:,( 

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И ещё эльфики 🧝‍♀️ #zharinov_andrey #elf #эльф #эльфы #эльфийка #тату #татуировки #tattoo #pen #paper #scetch #scetchbook #art #draw #eyes #girl #девушка #ручка #рисую #рисунки #рисунокручкой (at Ilino, Moskovskaya Oblast’, Russia)

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