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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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So this is an old piece back from 2018 that I revamped now that dark skinned Quel’dorei models are in game.

This is Quillaeris, my Quel’dorei trans dad who I’ve finally decided is also going to be a blue dragon and also on both factions (I made a Void Elf and a Blood Elf so I could go into the cities). Still toying with the concept, hoping to make some dragon form art soon.

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“Are you kidding?” I interrupted the monkey’s whining tirade.  "I don’t think you realize where you are nor who you’re dealing with.“

Lysander paused and looked around, while the trees rustled menacingly (which was a nice touch.)


"AY YI YI!” Lysander wailed, suddenly doubling over and clutching his knee.  "My knee!  You brutes have damaged my knee!  You’re going to have to pay the cost of my surgery, as well as some hush money if you don’t want me to alert the Guards to your activities here!“

"Forget it, you faker,” I scoffed dismissively. “Nobody touched your knees, and you were only pretending to be unconscious earlier.  I saw how you suddenly sprang up when I mentioned the Crotch Punch of Life.  You’re just trying to pull a fast one, to extort money from me.  I know how you lowfolk operate.  You’re worse than Vulpitanians.”

“LOWFOLK??” Lysander exclaimed indignantly.  "That, sir, is blatant Antipathy Speech!  Why, I’ll have the, uh, the Non-Elvish Anti-Antipathy Guild come down on you so fast your head will spin!  You’ll never do business in these woods again!  Unless of course you’re willing to make amends immediately.  You’ll find that I am a reasonable monkey.  I’m willing to forgive and forget, if the price is right.“

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(Quenya; blessed woman)

Noldorin Elf

An Elf maiden of old, considering herself a loremistress steeped in the study of magic. She was born to rather unremarkable Noldorin Exiles; a lovely woman who prided herself in spinning and needlework, and a man who hearkened to the arts, passionate about music and poetry. However, Amanís decided to pursue study instead of spinning or the arts, so that she would grow in wisdom. She was a student of Galadriel long ago, under the Lady’s teachings delving into lore and magic. The young elven woman was found to have a dangerous curiosity for discovering secrets and the hidden things of the world, ever hungry for knowledge of all things. She dwelled in Eregion in the Second Age, in Ost-in-Edhil with Celebrimbor and the Gwaith-i-Mírdain. But she was driven by the temptation of the promise of power, so she gave her magic to assist in the making of the Rings of Power. In those years, her mind was tainted with lies, her desire for knowledge growing ever greater. She was blinded by the deceit of the Enemy, nearly falling entirely for his schemes, though ultimately she refused. She was captured by the Enemy at the Sack of Eregion, imprisoned in the Dark Tower for many years. Though she knew of the three Elven Rings, she never gave into the Enemy enough to reveal the secrets of their bearers, as she was sworn to keep them hidden until their end. At the dawn of the Third Age, she was rescued and settled in the hidden valley of Rivendell at the bidding of Elrond, so that she would heal. He feared that she would be in further danger from the servants of the Enemy because of her affiliation with the Rings of Power. He suggested that she sail to Valinor to be fully healed and be safe from harm, but she had no wish to go to the Undying Lands just yet, as she believed she had unfinished business yet on Middle-earth. So Amanís now uses her knowledge of the Rings of Power to aid the Free Peoples and discover the Enemy’s designs…

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