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hi. so i just watched CMBYN for the first time on friday. to say it completely wrecked me is an understatement. i’ve been desperately looking through tumblr and AO3 for fix it fixes to help ease the pain. and the worst part is, i knew exactly how it ended. i had seen the ending of the movie a multitude of times. but getting so attached to Elio and Oliver and the people they are, it made the ending so much worse. ugh

Also, I didn’t think the whole age thing played that big of a role in the movie. It was never something that was obviously brought up. Though, I haven’t ever read the book (I know, I’m sorry). I have to imagine it’s a bit more of a big deal in the book.

pls respond, i like friends 🥺

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I have amazing gifs of the scenes of Elio and Marzia in the attic, but unfortunately I can’t post because Tumblr would censor.

Everyone talks about the 4 hours of CMBYN but nobody says that there could be scenes of Elio and Marzia in those 4 hours.

I don’t want to create controversy, I just want people to remember that Elio is BISEXUAL.

The greatest love of Elio’s life was Oliver and that is unquestionable BUT Elio’s bisexuality is also unquestionable so throughout his life he lived passions with both: men and women.

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