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#elizabeth bennet

Men need to learn from Mr. Darcy, getting rejected, realizing what he was rejected for, correcting his flaws not just for himself but for the love of his life. Oh to have a lover like him.

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the reason u like enemies to lovers so much its bc u read harry potter as child and read pride and prejudice as a teen and now you think slytherin+gryffindor is mr.darcy and elizabeth

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oh to be keira knightley playing an iconic jane austen heroine, wandering around a room full of statues and staring at them in wonder

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*Caroline Bingly talking about how unattractive she thinks Lizzie is at Pemberley*


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I would like to say it was very hard to do… Like, how could I choose between my babies!! So I decided to went with my the most intensive obssesions…


2. Zoya Nazyalensky (God, I love her)

3. Will Herondale (my first bookish love)

4. Elizabeth Bennett (I mean… I love her sass and love to books)

5. Nikolai Lantsov… (who don’t love him…)

Yup, I definitely have a type…

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