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I believe Elizabeth already discovered Red’s secret once. 

Episode 4-19 Dr. Krilov tells Liz he took memories from her just two years in the past. We are lead to believe this is a fiction created by Mr. Kaplan to tear apart the team.

Let us go back to two years prior.

Episode 2-17 Red wants to know if the research from the Dr. That was trying to revive his wife’s brain-memories could be used to restore a “young woman” he knows that has had memory taken from her. Because of the timing we think or are mislead to believe this may have to do with the fire and or the fulcrum.

Episode 2-4 Naomi tells Elizabeth Red’s secret. Watch the end of the episode again. We don’t know how long Red was at the door listening and was said in that time.

Naomi told Elizabeth who he is, Red has Liz’s memory altered because he can’t kill her. He can’t kill her not out of love but out of an obligation. If not for the obligation restraining Red I believe he would have killed Liz a long time ago. Red has no problem killing the people he loves if he thinks they have betrayed him. Just look at Dembe whom he loves like a son when it was made to look like Dembe had poisoned him, Dembe ran because he knew what Red would do. Red has said so himself that he can’t kill her and Dom has said to Red “she is off-limits” after Red told Dom of one of Elizabeth’s betrayals.

Liz, Samar and other FBI agents storm Dr Krilov’s lab ]
[ Door opens in distance ] [ 💥💥 Gunfire 💥💥 ]
[ Dr Krilov raises his arms ]
Dr Krilov: I’m unarmed.
Liz: Who is here?!
Samar: Your patient, the person Kaplan hired you to work on.
~“~ Dr Krilov: You don’t remember me, do you? ~”~
Liz: I know who you are. The memories you took from me when I was a girl and trust me, we’re gonna talk about that, but first, your patient– where is he?
Samar: Liz.
[ Samar turns the computer screen so Liz can see the profile and photo of a patient: It is Ressler ]
Liz: [ Whispers ] Ressler.
Dr Krilov: He was an excellent patient. Very pliable, unlike you.
[ Liz slugs Krilov in the jaw ] [ Krilov grunts, exhales ]
Samar: Definitely not pink or perfect.
Liz: I want every detail – what you did, how you did it, what memories you implanted in Agent Ressler’s consciousness, and what you took away. You’re going to give me everything we need to exonerate him.
Dr Krilov: I could do that, I suppose, if properly motivated. You don’t remember me, do you?
Liz: From 25 years ago? No. But then, you wouldn’t be very good at your job if I did.
Dr Krilov: No. Not 25 years ago. Just two.
Liz: What are you talking about?
Dr Krilov: You were brought to me by a mutual acquaintance of ours who wanted me to take certain memories away from you.
Liz: What memories?
Dr Krilov: Let us say, you had uncovered certain truth about Raymond Reddington. And he couldn’t have that.
Liz: You’re lying.
Dr Krilov: No. I’m not lying. And I think you know that. So let’s make a deal. Full immunity, I walk, in exchange for the memories I took from you.
Liz: That’s not gonna happen.
Dr Krilov: [ Scoffs ] That is a shame for all of us. But more so for you, than me, I suspect. And for the Agent Ressler, of course.
[Knock on door]
Liz: Hello, Mrs. Hyland.
Naomi: Does Raymond know you’re here?
Liz: No. He doesn’t want us to talk.

[♫ Junip’s “Tide” plays] [Car door closes] Along the quiet

Liz: I’m sorry. I just I have a ton of questions in this notebook about the case, but the truth is, I didn’t come here just to ask you about Berlin.
Naomi: You have questions you think I can answer about the past.
Liz: Yes.

♫ Whatever needs to be will be

Liz: The day Raymond Reddington walked into my life, everything changed – everything I believed about – [Sighs] You were married to the man. You had a life, a child.
Naomi: Jennifer.
Liz: Yeah.
Liz: W- why doesn’t he want me to see you?
Naomi: You tell me.
Liz: I think it might be because you know something about how the two of us might be connected.
“”“Naomi: He wants something from you. It’s a game. It’s a manipulation. He’s made you feel a connection that makes you feel like you matter somehow. And there’s no one on earth who can make a woman feel like the center of his universe more than Raymond Reddington. I’ll tell you this, though. He’s not who you think he is.♤”“”
Liz: What does he want from me?

♫ A crater left as a divide

Red: [ Has been listening outside the door(no idea how much time has passed)] Well. Look at the two of you. I should have brought a bottle of Chardonnay. I have your papers. Dembe’s outside. He’ll need your signature on some of the documents. Frank is gonna pack the car.

♫ Time to meet them all again For once at eye level

Red: Agent Keen. [Chuckles lightly] I hope you had an illuminating conversation.
S6 E20 Liz: No. Not until you tell me why you’re doing this. Are you upset?
Red: Conflicted.
Liz: About what?
Red: I live and work by a very strict code built on loyalty, justice, trust. I survive because I eliminate those who betray it. Up until now, no one has been spared, not even my closest associates. Not even Kate Kaplan.
Liz: So that’s what you’re conflicted about? Whether or not to kill me because I betrayed some “code”?
Red: You can mock it because you live in a world with institutionalized codes, where order has already been imposed by powerful forces outside of yourself, where there are laws and rules for everything. I live in a world with no laws, no rules, and certainly no order. So I have to impose my own. I’m not conflicted about killing you. I’m conflicted because I can’t. Because I can neither kill nor trust nor forgive.
Liz: You forgave Dembe.
Red: Dembe hid your misdeeds. Yours. Not his. ~~~ [ BIRD CAWING IN DISTANCE ]
Red: I’m thinking about excommunication.
Dom: Well, who’s left?
Red: Elizabeth and Dembe. She turned me in. He knew and said nothing about it.
Dom: You’ve killed for less.
Red: I’ve never killed for more.
Dom: But not her. Uh, she’s off-limits.
Red: Yes.
2-16 Red: Now I understand why you sold the apartment I gave you.
Liz: Eugene Ames was 67 years old. The only reason he was still working was to get his daughter through college.
Red: Be careful, Lizzy. Because the truth of it is, once you start down this road there’s no logical place to stop. You can see to her education, health insurance, housing.
[ Chuckles ] You can watch her or have her watched, keep her safe, try to ascertain her hopes, dreams, desires.
♫ but I am fine with where I am now …
Red: Pull strings, call in favors to discreetly smooth the path. And for the first few years, it may work. You’ll draw some measure of virtue from being her invisible benefactor.
♫ but you can blame me when there’s no one left to blame …
oh I don’t mind…
Red: But that won’t last. It’s all a fraud. That it’s really not about her at all. That it’s all about you. And you’re just going through the motions to salve your own guilt. Look, all the money, all the time and effort, all the favors in the world cannot possibly equal what you took away from her. Everything else is just a nice gesture. 7-12 Red: What you misjudged was the reason why. You thought it was about you. It wasn’t. I had obligations.
Cassandra: To the young woman you were watching over.
Red: Yes. Her husband wasn’t who he appeared to be. She was in jeopardy. I had to intervene.
Cassandra: And– is she still in jeopardy?
Red: I hope not.
Cassandra: Then maybe you’re no longer under obligation.
Red: Not except to watch her daughter dance in “Sleeping Beauty” tomorrow night. You have the caskets? ~ [ Red and Cassandra take the caskets to Cynthia Mallet for an assessment of what they are worth ]
[ Cassandra clears throat ]
Cassandra: So?
Red: Cynthia is nothing if not a fan of the dramatic reveal.
Cynthia: I can’t believe it.
Red: I’m not here to test your faith, love. Just to get a number.
[ Cynthia writes down a number on a piece of paper and shows it to them ]
[ Both chuckle ]
Cassandra: That’s a nice number.
Red: This calls for a celebration. In the south of France, perhaps.
Cassandra: Do you mean that?
Red: As you said, I fulfilled my obligation.
Cassandra: Yes. All but one.~ ⋘⋙
Red: Oh, my God. [ Turns to Cassandra ] Ready?
Cassandra: I am. To say goodbye.
Red: I told you, I’m under no obligation.
Cassandra: I know. But I saw you watching, how you looked. You may have come into her life out of obligation, but you’re staying in it for love.
Red: Cassandra–
Cassandra: Who knew that underneath it all, you’re so sweet?
[ They kiss. Cassandra sighs, then turns and leaves ]

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Story Summary: After saving Tom’s life, Red has a memory specialist attempt to alter the memory of what he found in the DNA test linked to the bones. Something goes wrong in the process that costs Tom 10 years worth of memories. With no recollection of Liz, Agnes, or anything that they’ve all been through, Tom - Jacob Phelps - escapes back to St Regis to recover and resume the career he doesn’t realize that he left.Two and a half years later he is hired by a mystery woman to watch and protect Special Agent Elizabeth Keen from the threats that surround her. It doesn’t take long for him to realize there’s a connection there, and Tom finds himself starting down the path to try to recover his missing memories and rediscover who he had become before he lost them.


Chapter One

November 2017

He could hear them, the voices fading in and out like the lights overhead. They were quiet muffled and hurried, but he couldn’t focus in enough to make out what they were saying.

His mind grappled to hold onto what was happening amidst the pain and the fog that settled around him. At some point everything must have faded away, but he didn’t realize it until new voices broke slowly through the haze.

“It’s too much of a risk.” Quiet. Male. He couldn’t be sure if it had been a part of the myriad of voices from earlier. All he knew was that it wasn’t a voice that he recognized.

“Perhaps. We’re in uncharted territory,” another voice chimed in. Also male, but this one accented. Slavic, maybe. He was having a hard enough time focusing on the words. He needed to open his eyes. To see their faces. Maybe he could start piecing together what happened.

“From what I understand, your entire practice is uncharted territory,” the first voice snapped quietly. There was a beat of pause and when he spoke again, his tone turned pleading. “We nearly lost him once on the way here and again during surgery. You asked us to save this man.”

Tom Keen finally pried his eyes open to try to get a look at the owners of the two voices. He struggled through the telltale signs of heavy pain medication to see three blurred figures instead of two. One turned towards him and Tom blinked hard to try to bring him into focus. He was missing his contacts, but by squinting a little he was able to make out an all too familiar face and the owner of the third voice he was yet to hear until now. “Thank you, Andrei. We’ll hold off for now,” Raymond Reddington told a man with dark hair, the dismissal clear, and he waited until he was on his way out before he turned back to Tom. “Hello.”

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Hold me

Notes: this one is set a few days after 7.19 and it’s kinda au-ish bc Liz has intel she didn’t have at the end of 7.19 and she is kinda playing Katarina here. There’s smut here, people… also, I suck at endings.

Elizabeth couldn’t take any more of the lies and deceptions, she was so tired of Reddington dodging her questions, making her believe she finally had the truth, only for her to find out that it was all part of a scheme to mislead her again and again. Her life was messier than ever, even when she was a fugitive she was more certain of things than she was right now, second guessing everything and everyone around her. Well, not everyone.

After learning the true story behind Ressler’s father and his partner, she felt more confident to let him closer, to show more, like they had more in common. She was in desperate need of someone she could be fully honest with and for a long time she thought Donald Ressler couldn’t be that person. He was trutsworthy, but too righteous and for him everything was always so black and white and in her life things often got confusing. Elizabeth has loved him dearly for years, a man she could rely on and that cared deeply for her as he has proved many times before, but sometimes it was hard to find a connection. Not anymore.

She believed he’d never be completely on her side, he wouldn’t agree with her methods and how far she was willing to go to get the truth because sometimes she didn’t agree too, but wasn’t able to find a different way. Probably Reddington’s influence was getting the best of her or maybe the options just were that limited. Ressler wouldn’t cross such lines, wouldn’t understand. He would be too chained to the law, mister I’m just doing my job.

That kept her from being honest with him so many times. She trusted him and it pained her to keep him in the dark, specially when he confronted her but she was protecting him, his integrity and his honor. Those qualities sort of kept her distant as well, she needed to keep him untainted, but also thought he wouldn’t want anything to do with her quests or all the madness that came with. Although he has been present and has helped her through so much - and recently too, with her search for the imposter’s true identity - she still had that tight feeling in her heart that at some point he’d want out. So many people on her life have left, one way or the other, it was bowed to happen. Her mother, her father, Mr. Kaplan, Sam, Tom, her sister… she couldn’t lose him too,not Ressler.

He stayed though, no matter how many times she has intentionally or not pushed him away, he didn’t leave her. Sometimes she almost believed that could mean something, specially after she told him Reddington wasn’t who he said he was. Her partner committed perjury for her. That’s when she started second guessing her own feelings - and occasionally his as well. The way he treated her afterwards - not that before he hasn’t been dedicated, but that, for her, was almost like a wake up call. Made her realize that she needed him far more than she gave him credit for.

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Love Me Twice Chapter One Sneak Peek #2

“He’s stubborn. He comes by it naturally enough.”

Red and Dembe discuss Red’s decision to have Tom’s memory of the bones altered.


Story Summary: After saving Tom’s life, Red has a memory specialist attempt to alter the memory of what he found in the DNA test linked to the bones. Something goes wrong in the process that costs Tom 10 years worth of memories. With no recollection of Liz, Agnes, or anything that they’ve all been through, Tom - Jacob Phelps - escapes back to St Regis to recover and resume the career he doesn’t realize that he left.

Two and a half years later he is hired by a mystery woman to watch and protect Special Agent Elizabeth Keen from the threats that surround her. It doesn’t take long for him to realize there’s a connection there, and Tom finds himself starting down the path to try to recover his missing memories and rediscover who he had become before he lost them.

The story will begin posting on Friday, June 5, 2020 on AO3, FFN, and here on Tumblr! 

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What Ress means when he offers to help Liz in any way he can: verifying that Katarina really is her mother, acting as backup, emotional support, etc etc…..

What Ress gets when he offers to help Liz in any way he could: a late night call to watch Agnes as Liz runs off to help her mother with something that could be really sketchy. Oh. And a glitter princess party. Because national security depends on it. Just ask Agnes.

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June 21 - June 27, 2020


It’s almost time for Liz Keen Week 2020!  Please join in celebrating The Blacklist’s Elizabeth Keen the week of Sunday June 21, 2020 through Saturday June 27, 2020.  Below is a list of themes for the week.

You can make any type of edit for each daily theme.  A single gif, gif set, image set, fan art, video - anything you want. Have fun with it!  

Don’t feel obligated to do every day if you are unable. You can always reblog and share the great work that other members of the fandom come up with.  Belated submissions are always welcome.  Just use the hashtag #lizkeenweek or #elizabethkeenweek and we will reblog on this blog, @lizkeenweek​ by the end of each day.  @danblacklist​​ is running this event, so feel free to contact him with any questions.  We will try to have fun countdown reminders during the next 3 weeks.  This is intended to be a fun, positive week, so please be respectful of other’s posts; not everyone shares the same interests/opinions, which is perfectly fine.  Last year’s (2019) posts are on this account if you are interested.  Please spread the word!

Here is the list:

Day 1 (Sunday June 21, 2020) - Favorite Season 1 Episode for Liz’s Character.

Day 2 (Monday June 22, 2020) - Favorite Season 2 Episode for Liz’s Character.

Day 3 (Tuesday June 23, 2020) - Favorite Season 3 Episode for Liz’s Character.

Day 4 (Wednes June 24, 2020) - Favorite Season 4 Episode for Liz’s Character

Day 5 (Thursday June 25, 2020) - Favorite Season 5 Episode for Liz’s Character

Day 6 (Friday June 26, 2020) - Favorite Season 6 Episode for Liz’s Character

Day 7 (Saturday June 27, 2020) - Favorite Season 7 Episode for Liz’s Character

(These don’t need to be your favorite episode of each season - just your current favorite when it comes to Liz.  Hopefully these themes will give us a fun variety of posts to celebrate the first 7 seasons of the show’s leading lady.)

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