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One of the main reasons I’m so excited about seeing the first Hawkeye set pics, why I’m so excited series in general, is because I could NOT be happier about Jeremy Renner leaving the MCU. Aside from the fact that MCU Clint Barton was awful, he’s just a terrible person in general and I will not miss him at all.

Before anyone comes to his defense, I want you to please note that Jeremy Renner (this also includes stuff that other Marvel actors have done/participated in):

  • Slut shamed Black Widow (with Chris Evans, called her a slut and a whore)
  • Said that he wasn’t going to get involved in the issue of his female co-stars getting paid significantly less because it wasn’t his problem and didn’t affect him
  • Uses the n word
  • Refers to trans women as crossdressers and tr*nnies
  • When Elizabeth Olsen called Wanda Maximoff the g*psy slur on a talk show, she was told not to say it by the host and the producers because it was offensive, and both Renner and Mark Ruffalo responded by CHANTING it
  • Played a Neo Nazi in the movie Ned-while this in itself isn’t problematic, the interviews and statements he made about the movie and his character veer DANGEROUSLY close to Nazi sympathizer territory.

So, goodbye from the MCU, Jeremy Renner! You will not be missed.

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You wake up in the middle of the night, ready to go to the kitchen for a glass of water but you end up overhearing a very passive-aggressive conversation between your girlfriend Wanda and Steve. They’re arguing because she recently found out that Steve has feelings for you and he can only defend himself and promise to stay away only because Wanda got to you first and he ought to respect that.

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