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helloooo june! today did not start off the way I planned LMAO but its okay. all about adapting. i went and protested yesterday, and i overslept because i was exhausted.i’m more emotionally exhausted than physically. anyways, had GRE prep today and now i’m taking a break.

on the radar:

  • finish my GRE homework
  • rearrange grad school spreadsheet (found ways to make it better organized)
  • workout with my sister
  • cook dinner (hamburger with veggies in romaine lettuce boats, yum)
  • do laundry + wash my uniform
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Finally opened up this little tea sample from a local tea shop near my college apartment. It was a great start to my morning after my super late night, definitely motivated me to get out of bed and settled down to work!

Took this morning to sit down with notes I took last week on APIs available with the tools I use for the internship, to figure out what would be best to use for the task I’ve been assigned. Going to start coding after lunch!

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01.06.2020 || Completing my year abroad written assessment today as it is due tomorrow by noon. I had already written half of it but because I had a project due for the uni in Italy, I was finishing that first. I finally created a cheat sheet for the accent alt codes, very useful! And I have been binge eating mini Party Rings yum!

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What a weekend! I participated in NASA’s Space Apps Challenge for COVID-19, where we use data from space agencies to create solutions to different challenges created by the pandemic. I met some exciting and multitalented new people on my team and created a complete project, even though my team and I were working down to the last minute to get everything done. Even now when I look at the summary I see things we should have mentioned or changes to make, but how can you communicate 48 hours on a single page?

I guess this isn’t exactly study related but I learned a TON, and honestly I was glad for something to put a lot of focus into given the chaos today brought.

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29 may

today was the start of my summer research internship program as a McNair Scholar! whoop whoop! today we just did some introductions, went through the welcome powerpoint with all the learning outcomes + such, and then went into depth on the do’s and don’ts of a statement of purpose, as well as how to structure it, etc. honestly, this gave me lots to consider for my Princeton visitation statement, so I plan on going back to edit that in the next couple days. this also makes me feel more prepared to start writing my first draft of an official statement of purpose for my top grad program.

this summer is going to be one of academic development to say the least. i’m really glad that i have a supportive community (here and in real life) to help me through this untraveled terrain i’m in. will be tagging things related to summer with “#summer 2020″ and things related to grad apps as “#alexi does grad apps”! here’s to the official [blog start] of my grad school journey

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Took a walk around the neighborhood today right after the sun set and the air cooled. Everyone’s jasmine is blooming and the smell is so nice!

My internship has this cool opportunity where we can do 15 minute one on one Skype chats with lots of different employees. I picked out who I’m going to talk with today (snagged the last meeting spot for one of them!) I’m going to plan some topics of conversation to make the most of this :)

Pics from my fields and waves notes, and a study session I had outside on my friend’s lawn.

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27 may

finishing up my grad school spread sheet and finalizing my list! going to start my statement of purpose writing friday and i’m really excited. to do that, i need to decide on my top program first. im stuck between UC-Irvine and Georgia Tech. maybe i should flip a coin lol

decided to add to my list of summer projects to get better at coding! so first language i want to become fluent in is MATLAB, then C/C++. wish me luck!

have a meeting tomorrow with my advisor and im looking forward to it! such a busy summer and its just begun.

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May 27 2020

  • Lots of natural light and flowery scents at my desk 🌺
  • Hoarding notebooks is my oldest obsession and I will never give it up

Blinding Lights by The Weeknd 🎧

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26 may

alright, so today its 102 degrees F and I have work from 2-8pm. lets pray they don’t leave me to die outside. The end of the month is nearing, which means I need to finalize my list soon! I have 6 programs on my list and I need 7 for McNair so time to dig a little deeper and see what else I can find. I made a list of summer things to do to keep me busy/entertained and im looking forward to completing them. one goal is to rewatch all the star wars movies and some of them are painfully dry, but i need a cultural reset lol.

finished my first draft of princeton SoP, now im just waiting for feedback! the deadline for the application is june 15 and then decisions come out in july. im hoping for the best, it’d be really cool to go visit.

lastly, i have some cool posts coming up!! stay tuuuuuned

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20 may

transferred notes about How to Craft a Statement of Purpose for grad school into my now, grad school focused notebook! also had a zoom meeting with the new fundraising chair for SWE and did some beautifying on my LinkedIn. what are you doing today that your future self will thank you for?

my next professional/academic development tasks:

  • post about my summer research on my LinkedIn once that starts
  • finish my draft of my statement of purpose for this application
  • solidify list of the 7 graduate programs i’ll be applying to in Fall 2021
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