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October 24, 2020

Tasks for today:

-Finish this project

-Write a research statement

-Reading on the Cuban Revolution

-Notes and a short discussion post about the Flavian dynasty

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October 24, 2020

Still working on that project on medieval dress and status based on sumptuary laws. It’s snowing on and off here, but is supposed to warm up again next week.

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One of these days I’ll wake up in my own apartment, with the sun streaming through the curtains and the love of my life by my side. We’ll have breakfast on the balcony, with the crisp spring air greeting our skin, and chatter idly about last nights dreams and the plans for the day ahead. The whole apartment will be surrounded by plants, I’ll even have a little herb garden on my windowsill. We’ll be financially stable and be happy in our respective jobs. We’ll have a life away from each other so we don’t lose our independence, filled with our own friends and family and people who radiate good vibes, but we’ll still have our nights bundled together, watching movies and going on date nights. With a cat curled up beside us, life will be good and I’ll be happy.

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A weathered well loved copy of Paradise Lost, and a new one for my literature course on Transgressions and Atonement this semester. The previous owner seemed to really enjoy Satan’s character, and I must admit I like him too.

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20th october 2020

note: this was meant to be posted yesterday but it didn’t post for some reason

today i finally finished my philosophy essay after rewriting it 3 pages in because i didn’t like how it sounded but its done now!

i did some spanish my icma is coming up soon and i need to finish unidad 1 by this friday so its definately time for a bit of a grind on my part!

also podcast reccomendation if you are into true crime: my favorite murder is amazing, its funny and really informative and they’re always extremely respectful of the sensitive topics they discuss while still being really entertaining i have been listening almost non stop for MONTHS!!

day 6 : why did you decide to do this challenge and what was your goal?

i really want to make some studyblr friends and this seemed like a great way to get more involved in the community! even though i am a bit behind

day 7: what is your goal for studyblr in the next few months?

to maybe make some friends but also to properly motivate myself and develop good habits by using my studyblr

day 8: what is the best thing about studyblr in your opinion?

definately the sense of community 100% everyone is so kind and motivating and it is so unlike almost every other part of tumblr!!

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19 october 2020 // studyblr community challenge //

day 3: why did you create your studyblr?

junior year of high school was something FIERCE, okay? and i needed something to keep me motivated and keep me organized. through other studyblrs, i found out about bullet journaling and started doing that. then, i decided to make my own not only to keep me accountable, but also to fill a gap in the community. i felt that there was a lot of perfection being portrayed and not the real nitty gritty of what its like to be a student, especiallyyy from a low income household where i couldn’t/can’t always afford the aesthetic supplies lol.

anyways, im not really ahead on my hw/studying/school assignments right now and im just taking it day by day. its almost 11pm though which meeeans time for bed! bye guysss.

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october 17. 2020

soo i kind of dissapeared for nearly 10 days but I just hit a bit of a slump and couldn’t do much work but i’m back (hopefully)

an update: i got an unconditiobal offer from one of the universities i applied to which was pretty amazing espeicially so quickly, it wasn’t my first choice but its still pretty amazing in my opinion!!

also i know i am very behind on the community challenge but i’m just going to keep doing it at my own pace!!

day 3 : why did you create your studyblr?

because i want to use it as a tool to motivate me and to maybe make some friends :)

day 4 : how long have you had a studyb?

i have had a few studyblrs over the year from 2016+ but this one i have had quite a few months but only started using it at the start of quarantine.

day 5 : have you ever done a challenge before?

not successfully

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Just got the grades back from one of the midterms I took this past weekend… I did amazingly! Not 100% but so close to that :) I had heard a lot of rough things about this course so I’m happy that the first major contribution to my grade puts me in a good place. 

I don’t think I’m really going to stop doubting my choice to drop a course at the beginning of this semester but I must say the number of positive changes I’ve been seeing afterwards have cut down those doubts a lot.

Fall 2020 Quarantine Challenge: Show us your annotations! 

Sorry, I’m not doing any reading for class at the moment so no annotations from me here… I do annotate my notes sometimes but not for this statistics class. 

Yesterday’s question: Do you color code? 

I have a base color (usually black or pencil) and an accent color (usually teal or maroon right now), but any more than that and it becomes hard for me to keep track of. Since I don’t rewrite my notes, picking between many different colors during lecture or reading takes too much attention for me and I would end up paying less attention to to content.

Listening to: (nothing… I’m actually in a zoom meeting right now but no one else is here! so I thought I would make a post)

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october 8. 2020 - my birthday!!

did a philosophy essay today which i really liked because it was about the epistemology theories of empiricism and rationalism which i love!

i also had a scholarship interview today which i really hope went well because its such a good programme!

and perhaps most importantly i submitted my UCAS application today so i have officially applied to university!!

i know i am super late to this but i’m going to be doing this challenge.

day 1 & 2 of the studyblr community challenge

Day 1 - Introduce yourself and tell us what you study!

hi!! my name is ej, i am in my last year of high school sitting advanced highers and highers; ah english, h philosophy and h business ed as well as an open uni module in spanish. i am applying to study law at university this year!

Day 2 - Explain your studyblr URL! 

i am a lesbian with a studyblr.

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4 . 10 . 20

trying to avoid another burnout by using the weekend to relax and review old notes 🖋️

(also i can’t believe i’ve reached 100 followers; thank you lovely people! 💕💕)

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