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#ella rants
babo0shka · 4 months ago
Ok so I noticed that Luca just came out on Disney+
I will watch it later bc I have work BUT
Why is Pixar getting this shitty treatment from Disney lately?? Onward, Soul, and Luca have all gone directly to Disney+ without being in theatres or having the premium payment for a couple months. Unlike Raya and Cruella. Why?? These three movies are gorgeous and just amazing (I’m assuming that Luca is as well because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it) and Pixar is doing a fantastic job!!
So why tf is Disney not giving them the same treatment. I know it’s nice to be able to just watch them without having to go to a theatre or pay extra money or wait until it is free, but still. Pixar works so hard on their films. Come on
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stars-and-darkness · 8 months ago
Can I just say how much I love that bloodbending is so often a topic in Zutara fics?
Katara overcoming the trauma related to the way she was forced to learn this technique, coming to realize that it is not evil in of itself, that it's the bender who makes evil, not the bending itself? And stemming from that--bloodbending being used for healing rather than hurting, revolutionizing medicine?
Katara having a confidant and a partner who has struggled with the destructiveness of his own element, who knows what it's like to be hurt by it and fear it? Who can be with her and support her every step of the way, fully aware of her inner darkness while firmly believing her innate goodness will always prevail, rather than someone who feels that he must protect her from herself?
Just ... Zutara and bloodbending, man.
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such a simp for her
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
just imagine dating Vic and having all these in your camera roll😩
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bipolareffigy · 20 days ago
I must be aromantic. Or at least demi. Because my bestie is falling hard for a girl he barely knows and I’m over here just—“Don’t get your hopes up.”
Am I a terrible friend? I feel like a terrible friend. But at the same time…dude you gotta chill with the crush like what if it turns out bad? Better to not get hurt I say. 😬
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greenwoodresort1 · a month ago
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panomoly · 5 months ago
i was talking to my darling younger sister and we were joking and running around and shit and i said *:(* "but i want another hug"
" 'i want' won't get you anywhere"
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we-have-no-bananas-today · 11 months ago
Yall I'm CRYING my stepbrother just finished KOA (in the TOG series) and I was telling him that he could read the other books but they may be less "to his liking" bc of how he reacted to the manon/dorian... exchange... and HE WASNT GETTING IT SO I TOOK A SCREENSHOT OF THIS WEIRD WEBSITE THAT BASICALLY LETS PARENTS SPY ON WHAT THEIR KIDS READ/THE CONTENT AND
Tumblr media
i said "it has positive messages why else"
and I just--
Tumblr media
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ellagoodhair · 2 years ago
I’m so happy rn bc the weather is so nice and it’s finally not boiling hot and it’s just fun to be outside. I’m waiting for the bus and the wind is blowing and... I love fall 🍂
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asoftslytherin · 3 years ago
tomione is disgusting good night
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babo0shka · 13 days ago
holy shit y’all
my drag show virginity has been taken
i am in shock
drag queens are fucking magical
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stars-and-darkness · a month ago
i must say, i am extremely befuddled by this fandom’s apparent aversion towards mortal/immortal (or immortal/baby!immortal, i suppose) relationships, considering that dynamic is one of the cornerstones of the ya genre.
out of all the things to be uncomfortable about with darklina--which is totally valid!--this is the hill you’re willing to die on???
in no other fandom have i seen people whine about a centuries-worth age gap before, which really just goes on to show how common this trope is in the ya genre. i can name a dozen such couples in ya off the top of my head, both those that i ship and those that i don’t, but in no other fandom have i seen people actively complain about those age gaps. why would they?
even if you do ship as a form of activism--which, my condolences if you do, your life must be so boring, and also please get a better hobby--90% of ya literally requires you to put on your suspense of disbelief hat and accept that--yeah, this one person is immortal and has been around for a very long time. in fact, this immortal who has seen and lived through so much being soft for this one personTM is literally the appeal of ya to me.
if you have such an issue with the most common trope in the genre, what on earth are you even doing in a fandom of a young adult book series/tv show???
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tracyschmosby · 3 years ago
okay i know i kinda stopped talking about a lot of stuff i used to like cloak and dagger, the good doctor, i even stopped talking about darvey(it has been months i think) but don't even think for one second that i'm over all that bc i just really don't know how to manage a blog and i have even less of an idea on how to manage my time obsessing over shows/books/ fiction in general
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famfamella · 3 years ago
Hi I'm literally about to start a Shoma Uno fan page :)))))
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lovelytaes-blog · 2 months ago
like...??? i don't need a new phone?? but if I could buy anything, I'd get that new Samsung z flip 3. like 🥴🥴🥴
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bipolareffigy · a month ago
Why people gotta hijack ur posts
Bitch we weren’t talking about YOUR problems. I am allowed to have problems even if you have it WORSE. Go yell on your own status. 😫😫😫
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buffysummerslay · 23 days ago
I have watched Lucifer series finale yesterday and I am still reeling from feelings, feelings I need to work through to be able to move on.
Unfortunately, I am late to the party and I have started watching Lucifer (despite the show being on my radar for a few years already) when season 6 came out, and this turned avoiding spoilers about the ending as well as the show itself into an extremely hard task. I have, of course, seen some reactions to the ending and it was obvious that the viewers were divided between "the ending was amazing, they really did the story and the characters justice" and "what the fuck was that". I always take these reactions, especially when they come instantly after the episode has ended, with a grain of salt because, realistically, I haven't been fully satisfied with the way a tv show has ended - any tv show - since, like, 2010. However, I also know that there is a difference between "okay, the ending was anticlimactic/disappointing/etc, however, it is the journey that matters and I am still pretty happy with the show" and HIMYM type of ending where you are like "I want this show wiped from my memory because the final hour has ruined the entire experience for me". So, I took some time to reflect on the events that took place, gather my thoughts, and make my peace with the ending. After doing that, I can comfortably say that I am not fully satisfied with the ending because of one very simple reason - I can make sense of the choices taken by the character at the very end of the show only if I use "Lucifer gave Rory his word" rationale, and not because I believe in the theory they provided or the choices they make. So here are some of my thoughts about the ending of this beloved show, including both the things I liked and disliked. Be warned, there are spoilers ahead so if you haven't seen the show, the final season or the series finale, please stop reading because you don't want to manifest spoilery energy into your life!
The main thing I have a problem with is the time loop. I will begin by saying that I really dislike time travel in general - I think that it is an overly used plot divice that more than often creates holes in the story instead of driving the narrative where it needs to go, unless the concept of time travel is integral to the show, like for example in Timeless and Fringe. However, in this case, I dislike that the major characters have made a major decision (a serious, impactful, life-altering decision) based on a flimsy theory. And since they have told us exactly what will happen in the end, we simply didn't know why and how, I have expected a more bulletproof reasoning instead of a rushed conversation wrapped up in five minutes and sealed by a promise. Lucifer leaves Chloe and Rory and goes back to hell, Rory grows up resenting him and she becomes so angry she travels through time to confront him only to end up being the reason for his departure, therefore creating an unbreakable time loop. She makes her parents give her their word that they won't change a thing in order to make sure that Lucifer discovers his true calling, which is helping souls in Hell break their hell loops and ascend to Heaven. And the reason I am so hesitant to accept this is because of two reasons:
1. Lucifer has made amazing progress through the show when it comes to his character development, finding his worth and making peace with his identity, and yet you are trying to tell me that this is the only way he would discover his true calling, especially now when he has a higher level of understanding himself than ever before? And especially since these thoughts and doubts have already been in his mind aka him postponing to become God long before Rory's arrival into their timeline!
2. The consequences of our actions are the results of the choices we make, not the other way around. And sometimes, different choices can lead to different outcomes and sometimes the array of choices we make lead to the same outcome. It is absolutely possible that if they broke the time loop and made different choices, that their actions would lead them to the same outcome aka Lucifer finding his calling while remaining in their lives. I think that it is fully possible for them to make a timeline B (the timeline that would have been created if they broke the time loop) based on the discoveries from the timeline A (their current timeline). There's no reason for me to believe otherwise.
Apart from the discovery of Lucifer's calling, the only thing that came out of the time loop was pain, suffering and probably a lot of loneliness. Even the good things that came out of the time loop (like Lucifer and Rory bonding) are a consequence of the pain that it caused. Of course, if they broke a time loop and created a completely new timeline, choices they would make there could theoretically end up having worse consequences on their lives. They could also be better, or they could be completely the same. The thing is, we don't know, we can only speculate and that is exactly what bothers me. The main characters made a major decision based on a speculation. I don't necessarily have a problem with the things that have happened, but rather with how they happened and how they were explained. Or better to say, how they weren't. I think that they should have completely dedicated the season to exploring this and reassuring us that this is the right choice to make and the right way to go.
Also, the concept of free will and making one's own choices has been pretty integral to the show. We have watched Lucifer struggle with the concept since the beginning of the show because he was convinced he is only a puppet in his father's grand plans. There were many events in the show reinforcing that belief, like Chloe being the gift from God. It took him seasons to accept that he chose to stay in her life, to be close to her, to be her partner in work as well as in life and in that acceptance he finally found the strength to tell her that he loves her. He chose her and she chose him. And while one can argue that leaving them and going back to hell was Lucifer's choice (since, technically, he could have chosen to break his word to his daughter and change things), it is one he didn't want to make. In the final episode he says that he desires to watch his daughter grow up and before he leaves for Hell he tells Chloe he doesn't want to leave her (she even responds that she doesn't want him to leave either, but that this is the choice that they are making for Rory's sake), making me feel like he is making this choice out of duty, out of fear and not because he wants to. He finally accepted that the choices he makes are his and his only, and the final choice in the show was made for him instead by him - I really don't think that the character deserved this. Lucifer gave Rory his word and we know he always goes by his word - they have turned one of the most essential qualities of his character into a plot device and an instrument that caused pain. Additionally, since Rory asked him not to change anything, it was implied that Lucifer can't come back to Earth in order not to risk changing anything even though it is completely possible for him to balance his work hours in Hell and his family time on Earth, like Amenadiel did. I also found this completely unfair and it felt like Lucifer was "banished" to Hell, not only missing out on being with Chloe and watching Rory grow up, but also staying away from his friends and the life he had built for himself. However, on the brighter side, Lucifer doing this - something he doesn't completely understand, something he doesn't want to do - is incredibly selfless of him and only shows how much he has grown. A character who has been described as selfish and self-serving from the very beginning does something so ultimately selfless, something that doesn't serve him in any way - quite the opposite, it pains him. As I said, I don't necessarily mind how things played out, I mind the lack of guarantee that they had to be this way. The only thing we don't know is if Lucifer and Chloe were in contact over the years since Chloe could have kept in touch with him behind Rory's back - maybe she sent him pictures of Rory, and maybe they exchanged letters. I am very doubtful because this would probably make the whole situation harder on them nor do I think that they would risk it because they wouldn't be able to know if their actions are breaking the time loop or if they are a part of the original timeline but hey, this is the stuff that fan fictions are made of!
And finally, I very much disliked the parallel between Lucifer and God - Lucifer abandoning his child for the sake of doing his job and that child growing up resenting him - if it was their intention to draw such a parallel. I think that God somewhat "redeemed" himself in Lucifer's eyes and that through accepting himself Lucifer also learned how to stop resenting his father for the things that transpired between them, and I don't necessarily believe that Lucifer had to walk in his father's shoes to understand him. So, in my opinion, this was completely unnecessary. Something I did like was Lucifer's calling - I think that it shows nicely the full circle he has made and that the souls he thought he is supposed to torture he is now helping heal. In a way, Hell is also the reflection of who Lucifer is - when he saw himself as broken, as evil, as unworthy and undeserving, Hell was also a place of torture - it was a reflection of him. And now that he accepted himself and that others have accepted him for who he is as well, it is a place of healing. In the end, Hell is his kingdom and he can choose to rule it the way he wants to. He broke his own hell loop and he truly became a lightbringer.
And, of course, Lucifer and Chloe (they are so soft and I am so soft for them). Taking into consideration my very bad OTP track reckord, I kinda expected a much, much worse ending for them - I mean, the Devil falling in love with a human, what could possibly go wrong, right? I knew from the very beginning that they aren't getting a pure, wholeseome, family-like ending. In order for that to happen, she would either have to become immortal (leaving Trixie, losing her detective identity), or he would have to become mortal - both of these scenarios feel cheap and I never would have wanted this for them or the show. Another option was to give them their happy life on Earth but then they would either have to leave a somewhat open ending or deal with the fact that ultimately, as a mortal, Chloe will die. And if they were given their happy ending on Earth, who knows if they would end up together in afterlife. Even if they did, it definitely wouldn't feel as emotional and as gratifying as it does now. The thing is, it is easy to give in to the pain of their separation when we measure it by the pivotal moments of happiness and loss that drive the lives of humans - him not being there when Rory was born or when she grew wings or when she started school - and it is even harder when you know how much she needed him and how much he wanted to be there for her. It is even more painful when you think about Chloe spending her entire lifetime without him, carrying all that pain inside of her, and him spending what had to be centuries alone in Hell. However, this is a fantasy show and many of our characters are immortal, celestial beings who have a different understanding of time, so maybe the idea of what a happy ending is and the rules for measuring happiness aren't the same as they would have been under other circumstances. Chloe became lieutenant and tried to make a difference, and she got to raise her daughters and see them grow up, and Lucifer helped so many souls heal, doing so much good. And now they get to spend the eternity together, solving crimes and kicking ass in the afterlife! Many of their friends and family are immortal, celestial beings too and (I am pretty sure) they can pay a visit to their human friends in Heaven... or see them in Hell, but let's hope not! In the end, what is one lifetime compared to eternity? Of course, none of this makes for the time they have lost, the momories they didn't get to make and the moments he wasn't there for, but now there are so many new memories they will get to make and so many moments to catch up on. It is bittersweet, but I think that's how it was supposed to be - in the end, pain is part of life.
I also have a few (dis)honourable mentions:
1. I am really sad and disappointed Lucifer didn't get to say goodbye to Trixie. She was gone for the majority of the season, but she was also a very important person in his life and he loved her. And we know how much she loved him.
2. I can't get over Rory travelling through time to kill her father because she is angry at him... sis, you kill him before he makes you, you wipe yourself out of existence.
3. I can't believe that they were surprised that Chloe got pregnant after having loads of superhuman sex (without any protection, apparently) after another human already got pregnant with an angel not that long ago.
4. Lucifer saying goodbye to Maze will forever remain one of the most beautiful scenes in the show.
5. The final major scene between Chloe and Lucifer, where they say goodbye before he leaves for hell, lives in my head rent free. I was choking on tears watching that scene, I literally had to pause and rewind three times. Such a beautiful(ly painful) scene. Also, when you have a ship and a person A says to the person B "close your eyes", pain is coming. I swear I travelled back to 1999 when Buffy said the same thing to Angel before sending him to a hell dimension.
6. When Chloe dies and goes to Heaven and Amenadiel greets her and asks her if she's ready to go home and then takes her to Lucifer was so pure. Her Heaven is being in Hell with Lucifer and there's something deeply poetic about that.
7. Hearing hello detective for the last time cleared my skin.
I have really and truly enjoyed the show, and the minor inconsistencies I see in its ending can't change that. I loved the show because it told stories about people and it allowed them to drive the narrative, and I can't say many shows these days do that.
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we-have-no-bananas-today · 9 months ago
i cannot make this shit up. I am lying in bed and my girlfriend and i are having the literal sweetest texting conversation ever. and i turn my phone off for a second because im crying because she said i was beautiful. like almost sobbing. i have forgotten i have my airpods in at this point, as the last time they had been playing sound was almost an hour ago, to listen to a beagle blow air through a squeaky toy so that it made a squeak. oh, how naive was i. how utterly and wholeheartedly naive, to think that for once, someone might spare me the pain of being confused and distressed. how innocent i was.
through my tears, i hear:
*ding!* [gf] said: thirty-three.
and for a second, i am so confused that i immediately stop crying. i cannot imagine what might have prompted this number, and why it might inturrupt our absolutely wonderful conversation. so, of course, i open my phone to see if there is something i’m missing, because clearly there is. when i open my phone, i am greeted with a wonderful and relieving new text from my girlfriend:
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ellagoodhair · a year ago
Tumblr media
Back homeeee
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