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Monday, 26th October 2020

EPQ Writing - Superfluid Helium

Here’s a kinda minimalist (aesthetic?) picture of my workspace atm. It’s the October half term so I revised my physics flashcards this morning and I’m now onto EPQ stuff. Kinda daunted by it but slow progress is still progress so 🤷‍♀️

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10.26.2020- working on a biology project. see also: my neurodivergent ass ranting about ableism.

daily question: reblog/comment with your favorite type of candy! my taste ranges from kit kars/100 grand bars, to the real G of candy: candy corn. yes, i am weird, and no, i do not care. drop those controversial candy opinions.

day 4 of @myhoneststudyblr’s community studying challenge: how long have you had tour studyblr?

cw: discussions of abuse below.

i used to run a studyblr called “smiley studies” a year ago, but then i developed ptsd and i could no longer run my studyblr😀 i came back to studyblr after i was able to leave an abusive relationship- despite my abuser’s deep hatred of anything academia, he would stalk my blog fairly often, but stopped upon realizing there was nothing about me on there that he could use to gaslight me, which is also why i deleted the first blog. he was also cheating on me the entire time. irony at it’s finest. thankfully, i left safely(thanks, covid!), and am thriving. i then reopened my blog earlier this year? not sure when. then i restarted it in july to have a fresh start. and here we are now!

also, for my fellow hufflepuffs, check out the playlist hufflepuff studies on spotify! it’s 9 hours of pure joy.

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october 26, 2020 ♡

Happy Monday! Some good things happened over the weekend like me finishing The Notebook (yes, I cried but it was a good cry) and writing a journal entry abt it, but like most of my journal entries, I ended up pouring all my thoughts and emotions about life on there. After writing, I also spent six hours learning Italian tenses and completely surprised myself. I didn’t know if I could do it, but I just dived right in and started bcs that’s all you can really do. My brain was so fried, ma come sempre, my love for Italian transcended everything. Also, yesterday, I had a chill day, ate lots of chocolate and pasta, and watched some Filipino videos with my family and laughed a lot! They were in our dialect and my mom and I were vibing while my confused brother wanted me to translate everything for him! I also finished setting up Notion and it’s all good now, yay! I’ve got lots of plans for this week and I’m gonna get through all of them; it’s already manifested. I still can’t believe November (aka my bday month) is coming up soon. È assurdo! I hope y’all have a lovely week! Also, start that thing you need to start bcs your future self will thank you a lot!! 🤍✨

🎧: you broke me first - tate mcrae 

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10.25.20 | day 56/100 of productivity | day 25 of the studyblr community challenge

i don’t have any notes pictures today since i spent a lot of time trying to complete my inorganic notes done (i’m taking a real video of those because they took so damn long) but here’s some pics from a walk i went on yesterday on the trail near my neighborhood! it’s definitely autumn now :)))

Tag someone who gives good advice

this goes to @cancerbiophd! in my first conversation with her i think i learned more about mtt assays than in three months in my chem lab dsfjksdf so glad to call her my friend :))
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studyblr community challenge | saturday, october 24, 2020;

tag someone who posts the best text posts

hm… i would have to say @blacklinguist because posts on linguistics are just so interesting?? and they always make me think. also just a funny person all around and doesn’t take sh!t from no one… i admire so much!

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October 24, 2020

Tasks for today:

-Finish this project

-Write a research statement

-Reading on the Cuban Revolution

-Notes and a short discussion post about the Flavian dynasty

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October 24, 2020

Still working on that project on medieval dress and status based on sumptuary laws. It’s snowing on and off here, but is supposed to warm up again next week.

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24.10.2020 // day 23 - tag someone who’s blog you always check

@elleandhermione - i recommend absolutely everyone to follow this gorgeoussss blog if they want high quality posts. i love every one of their posts, they are always on point

day 24 - tag someone who posts the best text posts

@eintsein - so many great and aesthetically pleasing text posts and amazing study advice!! a must-follow for any studyblr, in my opinion

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10.23.20- my math notes from yesterday- very glad to be done with midterms!

daily question: what are you guys doing for halloween? i’m dressing up as the original queen of the goths, wednesday addams, and inviting my best friend over to watch the ohio state-penn state game.

day 3 of @myhoneststudyblr’s community studying challenge!

i started my studyblr because i wanted to hold myself accountable for my schoolwork, and because i wanted to meet new friends.

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october 23, 2020 ♡

Happy Friday! Can y’all believe it’s almost November like wow that’s super crazy? Anyways, a lovely thing happened these past two days and that’s the fact that I’ve recently discovered Anki and I’m now using it for Italian! I have a whole lot of decks to make and that’s what I’ll be doing today. One of my favorite parts of this gap year is discovering these new resources and experimenting with them bcs they’ll definitely be useful for uni! It started with Notion and now it’s time for Anki! They do require some learning and trials, but it’s worth it. Also, tbh, yesterday wasn’t very fun; a lot of concealed thoughts and feelings resurfaced, but I’m so proud of myself bcs, unlike before where I’d just take on the victim mentality, I looked inwards instead and realized that I’m the only one who can solve my problems and now I’m gonna work hard to fix all of them little by little. Just remember that, at the end of this, regardless of what happens, we’ll always find ourselves where we’re meant to be. I hope y’all have a relaxing weekend and remember that, at its core, life is inherently good!! 🤍✨

🎧: arrogante - irama

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Well hello there, long time no see hahah. I just wanted to start with saying a massive thank you to all my 1011 followers!!! That’s a fuck ton of people hahah! Honestly, when I made this blog I didn’t think I would even get 100 followers so THANK YOU!! I love all of you with my entire heart 🥺

Anyway! Life for the past month has been quite hectic, with school being stressful, miss Rona going to town here in Denmark and the winter depression slowly creeping up on me… but we’re powering through! I had an extra French midterm today, and I think that it went okay! And what more can you ask for 🤷🏼‍♀️

An exciting thing!! I’ve been accepted into my school’s masterclass in English movies and literature, so I’m really pumped about that! We had our first session yesterday where we watched and discussed The Shining (pls don’t kill me,,, but the book is so superior to the movie in my opinion omg). Now we’re reading To Kill a Mockingbird and are going to discuss that in November! And I’m really excited.

We had autumn break last week, and it was very much needed hahah. I did nothing except knit, read and watch movies. A perfect week! I have found that the only problem with knitting is that you can’t read while doing it :( (at least I can’t). I hope October is (trick!) and treating all of you well! We deserve it :)

🎧 - Free of Charge (The Band CAMINO)

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21 oct 2020 ; days 20–21: studyblr community challenge

not going to lie I haven’t finished all of these thanks to being too extra with my english paper, so I’ll be continuing to do them after posting this bc it really is grind time

day 20: tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

@apricitystudies !! I love seeing your original content, it’s so very soft and pleasing to the eye

day 21: tag someone who works very hard

@myhoneststudyblr !!! thank you so much for making this challenge (and I heard you made others as well like the summer study one), and just for making the community a brighter place overall <3

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october 21, 2020 ♡

Some excerpts of my journal where I just write down some random thoughts throughout the day!! I’m someone who has so many thoughts in her head and, sometimes, I’d spend like four hours just writing them down so I can feel less overwhelmed and lighter. I also tend to think of philosophical and profound thoughts in the most random times and I’m so grateful that I have the ability and convenience to write them down and discuss them; otherwise, I wouldn’t know what to do. I’m currently still trying to set up all my stuff with Notion (it’s a lot, but we’re getting there), doing lots of Italian work, watching lots of videos about Italy and learning a lot, and I’m almost finished with The Notebook! I already cried yesterday oop bcs the book is just so beautiful and it activates yearning hours for me; honestly, love (all kinds of love) is inherently beautiful and I stand by that. Love is what makes the world go around. I hope y’all have a lovely Wednesday and taking it easy!! 🤍✨

🎧: una volta ancora - fred de palma & ana mena 

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october 20th, 2020

not gonna lie, this weekend was tough! but i’m slowly starting to get everything organized, i’ve been using notion and journaling has also helped a lot!

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// studyblr community challenge 

day seventeen - tag someone who you think is really kind

@strongstudy i know we haven’t really interacted much but you left such a sweet comment and seem really kind 💕

day eighteen - tag someone who makes you think more deeply about things

ooh these prompts are getting deep. i’ve been reading @coffeeandpies recent posts about what’s going on in thailand and they’ve really got me thinking about how sheltered i am to be living where i do, and about what i can do to help others around the world.

day nineteen - tag someone you’re glad to have met

@studyaurore​ i know we don’t talk that much but you were my first real tumblr friend/mutual and i’m so glad we got talking 💗

[edit: so i thought i posted this yesterday but i’m an idiot so here it is a day late]

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studyblr community challenge | tuesday, october 20, 2020;

tag someone who has a lovely aesthetic

first off, i have been AWAY from posting studyblr og posts for so long, but fall semester senior has been kicking my butt. we are surviving and doing well, but online school sucks. inspirational posts and lovely aesthetics that keep me going is def by the one and only @stillstudies. so grateful for you mya!!

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