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31.05.2020 | (temporary) bullet journal setup :D

this is a notebook i normally use for daily journaling aka pages after pages of stream of consciousness. but i’m… bored and just wanna occupy myself with bullet journaling – something i haven’t done in a long while. this ‘bujo’ is only for the summer vacation though, so i don’t stress myself out with keeping it up throughout the year.

my summer semester starts tomorrow but everything is online so… another 6 weeks of staring at the screen(s) – the laptop and the iPad. D:

talking about daily journaling, i’ve been consistently doing so for almost half a year. i’m surprised that i can keep up with it. i only had to catch up once during the finals week so heck yea.

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30 May 2020 | Make no mistake, the Author of Life despises racism and the disregard shown to those created in His very Image and so do I. In the words of the Prophet Amos, “let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream.” May we repent of our complicity in injustice, our indifference to suffering that does not strike close to home, our willingness to remain comfortable or hide our faces from oppression, and our failure to consistently seek justice. Lord, have mercy

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29.05.20 / tgif! i was working on my art history revisions when i got distracted by these taschen art series books. i try to read one/month but i’ve just gotten so busy lately. i hope someday i get to collect all of them! what were you up to today? hope your week has been fruitful ♡

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Something I haven’t talked much on here is that during the quarantine I actually enrolled in an online chinese beginners lesson. So far it’s going better than I expected, though, I’ve to admit I was expecting pronounciation to be easier bc I thought it would be similar to Turkish… Here is also the breakfast my friend prepared to make me jealous.

🎧gfriend, eclipse

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25.5.2020 — 29 / 100 days of productivity

today the view is slightly different in that I chose a different mug and upped the exposure to the point where it’s near excessive

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75 - 77 / 100 days of productivity

After a week of total chaos, I caved and started a physical bullet journal. Being able to write down and see my tasks all organized on actual paper makes me feel so much calmer. The minimalist layout helps a lot too.

Also, quick announcement: I will be posting some minimalist June calendar phone wallpapers soon. And since pride month is only a few days away, I will also post some pride-themed phone wallpapers as well. So if you’re interested, make sure to be on the look out for that ✨
 - thank you :)

Tunes: YOU TOO - Chase Atlantic

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Week 9 of My 2020 Quarantine Challenge!

✨ Sun Is there anything you wished would come back into fashion?

i absolutely love 50s style dresses because they are the most flattering clothes on me so i kinda wish they came back into fashion so i could wear them and actually find them in shops

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