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Tomorrow on @theellenshow 📺

The hilarious #THOMASMIDDLEDITCH , to tell Ellen all about his new CBS sitcom “B Positive,” and he’s here it!

Get your “jush” on, because early voter Belinda Varnado is on the show! The Texas resident recently went viral after posting a video of her showing how prepared she was to get in line to vote. You won’t want to miss this conversation!

#ellen #ellendegeneres #theellenshow #chelseahandler

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[advertisement for Barbarossa Beer]
unposted - c. 1909
NOTE: This was illustrated by Ellen Clapsaddle who was known for her hauntingly beautiful Halloween postcard illustrations - she also illustrated postcards for other holidays/occasions and had a fascinating and tragic life that is definitely worth reading about.

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Tomorrow on @theellenshow 📺

The “This Is Us” star #JUSTINHARTLEY joins Ellen in the studio to talk about the upcoming fifth season of the Emmy-nominated series, how he’s been spending his time during quarantine, and he’ll get in the hot seat to answer Ellen’s “Burning Questions”! 

Get ready to have your mind blown, as mentalist #KeithBarry will do some jaw-dropping tricks for Ellen, all the way from Kildare, Ireland!

#ellen #ellendegeneres #theellenshow #thisisus

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ELLEN!! how are you doing?

50. What was the colour of the last hoodie you wore? blue 112. Who was the last person you cried in front of? nobody. I cried alone in the dark, at night 120. are you afraid of the dark? akksksk yes :|

honesty hour asks

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