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Ellie and Clementine
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hey i was wondering if you could write me ellie comforting a depressed reader shit sucks for me right now and she鈥檚 a judge comfort, plus i love your writing :)
饾樉饾櫈饾櫍饾櫍饾櫀饾櫌饾櫎饾櫍 饾檸饾櫖饾櫈饾櫑饾櫋 - 饾檧饾櫋饾櫋饾櫈饾櫄 饾檼饾櫈饾櫋饾櫋饾櫈饾櫀饾櫌饾櫒
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饾櫏饾櫀饾櫈饾櫑饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆(饾櫒) - Ellie Williams x G/N!Reader 饾櫖饾櫀饾櫑饾櫍饾櫈饾櫍饾櫆饾櫒 - depression room, depression symptoms, talk of being sad, angst and fluff all intertwined, cussing?, please take care of yourselves
饾櫀饾櫔饾櫓饾櫇饾櫎饾櫑'饾櫒 饾櫍饾櫎饾櫓饾櫄 - I love you <3
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You hadn't moved in hours. Staring at your bedroom wall littered with random writing from your friends. Your eyes drooped and burned yet you couldn't sleep, staring at the empty wall wondering when the sun would set. The light flickering on the wall as tree branches blew in the wind creating funny looking shadows. But the shadows weren't so funny anymore, staring at them with a permanent frown on your face.
The dumb dad jokes in hot pink writing and the smell of the sweatshirt that wasn't yours did nothing. It didn't bring any comfort to you at all, not the smell or the feel of the fabric of your girlfriends hoodie. No longer did the smell of the Cinnamon Swirl candle make you feel any better than a worm laying dried up on the sidewalk.
The candle made you want to burn this house down, but you couldn't bring yourself to get up and snuff it out.
You heard a knock come from the door, the same knock you've heard nearly everyday since you were fifteen. The same patterned taps on the wood, but for the first time you didn't turn to the noise. Instead, you closed your eyes and shoved your face deeper into your pillow praying the girl on the other side would go away. But she didn't, you shouldn't known better, she never did.
"Hey, c'mon, you never sleep this late in the day. You said you'd teach me how to-" She paused when she seen the way your room looked. The usually tidy room looked like hers. Clothes scattered along the floor, empty cans on your nightstand along with other things like plates and a cup. Your favorite cup, the one you always made sure was clean to you could use it at any time.
"Y/n/n?" You didn't move, going to speak but nothing came out. "Hey, you okay?" You shoved yourself deeper into the pillow, wishing you had magic powers so she'd just disappear. Burst into a million little pieces and float away into the wind.
She didn't say anything as she shut the door behind her, walking across the room to your bed. "Hey, hey what's wrong?" You couldn't even bring yourself to look at her, too ashamed in your appearance along with how your room had began to look.
She stared at you with sad eyes, knowing you were awake by the way your breath hitched when her hand made contact with your neck. Pushing away your hair she couldn't quite see your face, noticing how disheveled it was, running her fingers through from root to the end.
"I figured out how to make an origami crane. You gotta teach me how to do the giraffe now." She said with a brighter tone, smiling slightly when you moved half of your face from the pillow, staring at the wall. "I don't think today's a good day." You spoke in barely a whisper, voice cracking as a few tears escaped your eyes. "Y/n/n." Ellie muttered, moving to sit right beside you, feeling you move away from her body made her heart drop.
"Can you tell me what's wrong?" Her fingers ran along the base of your neck, goosebumps rising on your skin. "I don't know." You whispered again, looking over your shoulder when Ellie began moving. "Sorry." She smiled as she climbed over your body, falling beside your head nearly crushing you as she swapped sides so you could now see her and she could see you.
"Just sad?" You nodded, watching her every move, the girl laying beside you so your faces were inches apart. "Okay, that's okay. You wanna talk about it?" You shrugged, not looking into her eyes when her hand came up, her thumb creating circles on your cheek. You instead looked at her cheek, counting each individual freckle to distract yourself for a moment. Her eyes examining you as you did so watching you look away after a moment.
"How many?" "Hm?" You looked into her eyes again, a slight smile on her face. "How many have you counted this time?" You stared at her for a moment. "Twenty-seven." "Hm, that's like a hundred less than last time. Step up your game. This is serious stuff." She joked running her thumb along the line of where your lips met feeling the twitch of a smile. "When's the last time you ate?" You shrugged again, looking away from her, avoiding her gaze for fear you'd see disappointment.
"You know what we should do?" "What?" She smiled softly and sat up, leaning her head on her arm. "While you shower, I'll make us those spicy noodle things Joel got. Then we can watch your favorite movie." You shrugged again and looked away, rolling onto your back and look at the ceiling. A frown finding its way onto Ellie's face. "Maybe later." You mumbled, Ellie's hand dropping from your face lightly laying on your neck.
"Wanna just lay here?" She then asked quietly, scooting closer to you. She turned your head, holding your jaw in her hand. "Yeah." "Okay. But I still want those noodles." Ellie spoke in a convincing tone, a small nod making her smile. "Okay. Just give me a minute." She knew it wouldn't be just a minute, it would be more than a minute. A few, a lot, she didn't know. But she didn't care, turning into you she pulled you close, letting you shove your head in the crook of her neck. Her nails running along the spine of your back, up and down.
"I love you." She heard you whisper, your lips tickling her neck. "I love you more." And she meant it. You knew she meant it. And finally, for a moment, the candle didn't seem so bad. And the hoodie wasn't so restricting. And maybe it rained, so now you didn't feel so dried up on the cement that you had began to call home.
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A/n: I love you anon <3 please take care of yourself. I might not know you but I care about you. I promise. I don't break my promises. And everyone else that reads this, I love you even when no one else does.
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I do a big RP with a group of friends called 鈥淕ollyville鈥! We鈥檝e been at it for almost a year now and I鈥檓 really enjoying it :鈥橾
Here are some of the notable duos of the group! Jay鈥檚 Liam and my (AU) Alynne @knoggart鈥榮 (AU) Eda and my (AU) Victor Jay鈥檚 Vi and Rain鈥檚 Ellie! Indigoed鈥檚 Nat and Nick鈥檚 Simon!
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Immunity to cordyceps is great, but Ellie's true power is the ability to eat 25 year old vending machine food.
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Local clingy ghost-child won't let go. "He denies my affection, but deep, deep, deep, deep down I know he enjoys it."-she says.
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Just a sketch of Ellie that turned out really good
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Christopher Robin (2018) dir. Marc Forster
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鈥楾he Last of Us鈥 HBO Series Casts Pedro Pascal as Joel, 鈥楪ame of Thrones鈥 Bella Ramsey as Ellie
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endure and survive.
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Batman #664
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AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. | 4.07,聽鈥淒eal with Our Devils鈥
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Ashley鈥檚 truck treasures
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ellie :)
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i love her so much
here's the not shaded version, i think she looks sassy here
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There鈥檚 love in the air tonight
(A/n: this is very filthy馃榾 i struggled to write this, trying to figure out what direction I was heading in. I hope you enjoy ya nasties, this ones for you <3)
If you鈥檙e a minor, do not interact.
Tw: oral, fingering, sexual language, sexual themes, tinnnyyy bit of angst and fluff <3
Tumblr media
Things were starting to heat up. The red room you were currently in felt hotter than normal, with the colorful LED lights flashing while drunk bodies danced all over one another. The bass from the music controlling their aching bodies, each and every one of them searching for release from some type of pain. Some were running from something, others were trying to fit in. Couples in the corners of the room making out passionately, and others were simply huddled around the bar.
And there she stood.
As your eyes made their way over her body, you couldn鈥檛 help but bite your lip in frustration. Why did she have to look so good? Her auburn hair was in a half bun with her tiny hairs framing her face perfectly. Her green eyes stood stale, as if she was bored already. She wore a sage green t-shirt, slightly tucked into some dark ripped jeans, and her black converse. The green t-shirt brought out the green in her eyes, making you swoon even more for her.
Ellie Williams. The girl who stole your heart and ripped it apart when she told you she wanted nothing serious with you. You had drunkenly admitted your feelings to her while you two sat in her tiny cabin, and upon instant you regretted it. The way she narrowed her eyes at you and gave you a displeased look made an imprint on your mind and you swore you couldn鈥檛 get it out of your head. 鈥淲e agreed to not involve feelings into this鈥︹ you remembered her saying that. You replayed those stupid words in your head over and over. You tried not to fall for her, but after a smoke session with her and Dina, the both of you flirted and made little quips that ended with the both of you making out at your place, her gentle touches and soft, plump lips making you fall for her.
You knew the answer right when she gave you that look, telling you that you were simply a distraction to her. How could someone forget that? You certainly couldn鈥檛. You sighed as you played with the hem of your black tee. You stood there with some friends of yours, laughing and drinking until you saw her come in. You ended up zoning out and watching her as she lazily lulled her head to the side. You followed her gaze and saw Jesse and Dina dancing pressed up against each other lovingly, their drunken bodies slightly staggering, making you chuckle. You snapped out of your trance when your friend Olivia tapped your shoulder before whispering in your ear 鈥渟he鈥檚 staring at you.鈥
Your throat dried up when you heard that, but you immediately turned to gaze at Ellie just to see her eyes directly on you. You scoffed as you downed the rest of your drink, getting up to go grab another one. 鈥淚鈥檒l be right back.鈥 You swiftly spoke before making your way towards the bar where Ellie stood. You never saw her flinch or look away, never saw her make a disgusted look at you, yet you still thought about her words. Eventually she turned around before looking at you once more, with another glass in her hands. You shook your head, leaning against the counter as you ordered two more cups of liquor from Carson. You rested your head against your palm, closing your eyes as you tried not to focus on Ellie shamelessly staring at you.
Eventually you got your drinks, and spared Ellie one last annoyed glance before you headed back to where your friends were. You all drank and laughed at some jokes, and eventually you forgot about Ellie. Olivia slurred about how she wanted to dance as the music picked up, and you couldn鈥檛 help but oblige, seeing as you were now drunk yourself.
As you all made your way to the dance floor, you felt the alcohol settle in your chest, the warmth of it comforting you and controlling your every move. At first your movements were fast and sloppy, trying to adjust yourself to the rhythm of the beat and trying to feel the bass resonate in your body. Once you found your own rhythm, a huge smile made its way to your face as you and your friends danced. This carried on for a while, and eventually most of your friends went to sit back down or order more drinks. You, however stood on the dance floor, swaying to the sensual music by yourself.
This feeling was euphoric. You felt at ease with yourself for once and you didn鈥檛 care who was watching. You swayed your hips and ran your hands along your body with gusto. You twirled and laughed as you heard whistles from others watching you.
Among that crowd was Ellie.
She was lost in her thoughts when she arrived at the party, hearing that you would be there. She took her chances of talking to you about what was said, wanting to tell you that she didn鈥檛 mean any of it. She was so appalled at your confession, not because she didn鈥檛 feel the same, but she felt like never deserved you. You were too pure for her and too pretty and Ellie just didn鈥檛 think herself as worthy as others to be near you. She knew now how stupid she was for thinking that.
She knew she hurt you and she wanted to make amends with you and more. So she found herself going to a stupid party. But if you were there she didn鈥檛 care. She just wanted to see you. As soon as she walked into the home the party was being thrown in, she booked it to the makeshift bar to calm her anxious nerves. She felt uneasy, like someone was watching her. After she ordered her drink, she looked over at Jesse and Dina to see them lost in each other. Dina鈥檚 hands roamed Jesse鈥檚 torso, as his rested on her waist, tugging her closer to him causing them to share a sweet kiss. Ellie smiled at her friends before lazily lulling her head across the dance floor, only to finally see you.
Her heartbeat picked up as she saw you also looking at Jesse and Dina with a huge adorable smile on your face. She smiled sweetly at seeing you, before taking a sip of her whiskey. She watched as one of your closest friends whispered in your ear before you turned your head her way and made eye contact with her. She felt her throat go dry at the sight of your fiery gaze her way. You looked so pretty in the red light of the room. Your (h/t) hair was out, framing your face perfectly. You wore a black tee that you found yourself, with a pair of shorts, and converse. You sat there with one leg crossed over the other and Ellie couldn鈥檛 help but stare at them. Your shorts rose a little towards your upper thighs, squishing against your thick thighs. She bit her lip as she watched you get up and make your way to her.
Normally she would鈥檝e been nervous to see you, but after downing her first cup of whiskey, she felt a little more relaxed. She briefly turned to order another glass before she turned to see you getting closer and closer. When you made it, you ordered two full glasses of liquor, causing both Carson and Ellie to spare you an amused glance before he walked off to fetch your drinks. You were nervous and she knew that. She was too, but she found it cute that you were still so nervous around her. She wondered if you would become flustered if she pushed you against the wall and kissed you. She slightly smirked when she saw you leaning against the bar with an annoyed expression; she knew she was getting to you.
When Carson came back with your drinks, you shot Ellie one last glance before sauntering your way back to your friends. Ellie couldn鈥檛 help but stare at your hips. The way they swayed as you walked made her mouth water. She couldn鈥檛 take it. Luckily Dina and Jesse came by and dragged Ellie to go sit with them elsewhere. Ellie kept her eye on you, not wanting to forget what she came here for. As the music picked up and Ellie eased into her seat, she glanced at the dance floor to suddenly see you by yourself, dancing along with the music. Her eyes widened as she choked on her drink, causing Dina to chuckle and pat her back. Jesse wiggled his eyebrows at Ellie causing her to blush even more before she groaned and walked back to the bar to order more drinks before they could start teasing her. As she made her way there, she noticed a lot of people were staring you down. Hungry eyes hovered over your skin as a thin sheet of sweat graced it.
Your hands ran over your curves as you gently swayed your hips. Your eyes were shut and Ellie heard a cute laugh leave your lips as people started cheering you on. Her blood started to boil but it stopped when you looked over at her. She swallowed thickly as your eyes softened and a small shy smile tugged at your lips.
You smiled at her sweetly, causing her to smile back at you as she took another sip of her drink. She leaned back against the bar, and you decided to put on a little show for her. You didn鈥檛 know why you wanted to impress her, not when she told you that you were nothing but a distraction to her. But the alcohol made it hard to deny the obvious; you wanted her, and the more you tried pushing away the more you found yourself being pulled in. She was like a drug to you. You couldn鈥檛 get enough of her. So you decided to take her words to heart and show her how much of a distraction you could be.
Slowly, you made your way over to the green eyed girl. Her eyes were sparkling in your direction making your heart race. When you made it to her side, you chuckled at her slightly shocked expression. 鈥淚- I didn鈥檛 know you could dance like that鈥︹ Ellie mumbled, shyly looking away. You chuckled before asking Carson for another drink, but Ellie beat you to it. She handed you her whiskey which you happily took. You drank a little bit, and as you did you held eye contact with the flustered girl before handing her the drink back. 鈥淚 can show you a few moves if you鈥檇 like?鈥 You slurred a little, concealing your facade of newfound confidence with a laugh at Ellie鈥檚 suggestive smile. 鈥淎re you asking me as in dancing here orrr鈥?鈥 Ellie asked smugly. You shook your head as you held your hand out shyly, hoping that she would take the hint and not leave you hanging. 鈥淐ome dance with me you doofus.鈥
Without any questioning, Ellie took your hand as you dragged her out onto the dance floor where other couples and friends were starting to take their own place to dance as well. The music dripped of sex, the vocals of the guy singing it were deep and husky, and the melody had you feeling all types of things. It didn鈥檛 help that Ellie was slightly smirking down at your flushed form, watching as you bit your lip to concentrate on the music. Ellie was so ready for this moment, hyping herself up to talk to you and feeling so ready to have you in her arms again, but now that she did, she wasn鈥檛 sure if she鈥檇 be able to behave or not. You gently grabbed her wrists and made her wrap her arms around your neck as yours gently rested on her waist.
Ellie blushed profusely as she looked down at you. 鈥淲hat? You wanted me to teach you, no?鈥 You teased. She scoffed before grabbing your wrists and making you wrap your arms around her neck as hers made their way onto your hips. Now it was your turn to blush, as you looked up at her to see her smirking at you. 鈥淚鈥檓 a fast learner.鈥 She mumbled as she pulled you closer to her, looking at your lips then into your eyes, before she moved closer to your ear. 鈥淣ow show me how you move those hips.鈥 She husked, making your breath hitch before you obliged and started to gently rock your hips from side to side, feeling Ellie鈥檚 grip on your waist tighten.
Her eyes dilated with a dark gaze. You pouted as she held you by your waist, watching your hips move without moving too much herself. You fully wrapped your arms around her neck as you pressed your bodies together. You started dancing again before you rasped into Ellie鈥檚 ear. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 see you dancing, Williams. I wanna see you move too.鈥 You gently pressed your lips against the shell of her ear before a smirk made its way to your face. She stiffened up as her breath hitched. Hearing you whisper in her ear with a slight rasp made her think of many unholy things. Instead, she decided to shift her focus on the way your hips moved, starting to sway her own hips against yours, relaxing into your touch and pressing you closer to her.
You couldn鈥檛 help but melt into her touch. Your selfish needs were being met and you didn鈥檛 want anything else but her hands on you. You would鈥檝e lied if you said you didn鈥檛 stare at her hands when she was playing video games or when you two were on patrol together. The way her veins would pop out made your mouth water. Every time you two messed around, you would either be sucking on her fingers or admiring how her hands worked you closer to your release. Snapping out of your head, you became overwhelmed with the simplicity of Ellie鈥檚 lingering touches. You two slightly pulled away to make eye contact, and as you did, Ellie spoke up. 鈥淎m I doing okay?鈥 She asked.
You nodded as your eyes traveled to her lips and back into her eyes. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e doing great, Ellie. I wouldn鈥檛 be surprised if there were girls out here dying to take my place. Well done.鈥 Ellie thanked you with a small smile of pride before responding 鈥渢hey can be jealous all they want. At the end of the day, they鈥檙e not you.鈥 She licked her lips before continuing. 鈥淭hey never will be.鈥
You sent Ellie a look, confused as to why she would say something like this to you when she knew of your feelings. You scoffed. You never broke eye contact with her, trying to figure her out. Eventually the tension started to settle. But you were starting to become annoyed. Were you being played with? Ellie didn鈥檛 have feelings for you, right? So why is she saying this? You pushed her away, causing her to frown. 鈥淗ey, what鈥檚 wrong?鈥 She quietly asked. You angrily shoved her off of you, suddenly remembering all she said. Your ego was long forgotten as you met her eyes. You gave her a hurt glance. 鈥淪top fucking playing with my emotions.鈥 You tried shoving past her after removing yourself from her completely. You had gotten at least two steps away before your wrist was grabbed.
Feeling yourself being pulled back into Ellie鈥檚 chest with her arms around you, you looked up at her again. 鈥淲hat is your problem? Do you like playing with peoples feelings? Do you have any idea wh-鈥 before you could continue, Ellie smashed her lips onto yours with a hungry growl. She had enough of the games you two were playing. The tension was so thick in between your drunk bodies, a knife couldn鈥檛 even cut through it. You struggled against her grip before feeling her slightly nibble at your bottom lip. Her hands securely held your waist again, wrapping an arm around your frame. She moved her other hand to hold your cheek and pull you even closer. Your mind blanked as your lips started to slowly move with hers.
Ellie was all you wanted. Having her this close was heaven on its own. Your hands ran over her arms, taking time to adjust yourself to the new sensations. You and Ellie have kissed before, but this kiss was more than passionate. It was lustful yet slower, her tongue swiping against your bottom lip asking you for entrance made every nerve in your body melt, and you felt it鈥檚 effects. Your skin was on fire. Her hunger for you was something that always made you cave in and crawl back to her. The way she handled you while also letting you handle her made your insides wet and made you whimper against her lips.
As if your bodies had a mind of their own, you two parted and continued to sway in tandem with each other. You looked at Ellie with need, while her gaze on yours was straight out of one of those cheesy romance movies you and Ellie watched. Her eyes sparkled in the light of the party, and you noticed the same need for you.
Both you and Ellie lost yourselves in each other鈥檚 touch and gaze, feeling utterly safe with one another. Ellie pulled you as close to her as possible. She didn鈥檛 want anyone to intrude on this intimate moment with you and her. The music and the dancing made everything more sensual. Ellie never thought you would be able to drag her out to dance. She鈥檚 only ever danced with one other girl when she was 14. But now that she holds you close she doesn鈥檛 want to let you go.
Ellie never knew why people practically fucked on the dance floor but now that she has you in her arms, twirling and smiling up at her, swaying your hips along hers, your hands softly running along her arms and into her hair, she remembered why. Dancing closely with someone you loved was something similar to a drug. She felt these same exact feelings when she danced with Riley, and now she鈥檚 feeling them with you. Ellie felt high of your scent; you smelled of firewood and rosemary, mixed with a bit of sweat. Ellie鈥檚 thoughts were interrupted with a sharp gasp from you. 鈥淓-Ellie, seriously?鈥 You asked, looking up at her with a huge blush on your adorable features. Ellie was confused as to what you meant until she felt the soft skin of your hips. She looked down to see her hands softly caressing your hips under your shirt, making you squirm in her arms.
She couldn鈥檛 ever get over the way her name sounded off your lips, whether you were screaming it in anger, or whimpering it while she ate you out. Hearing you stutter nervously only reinforced her hunger.
With one shared glance, you and Ellie came to a silent agreement.
The next few minutes were a blur. You and Ellie clumsily stumbled out of the party hand in hand, with excited giggles and quiet longing glances between each other. At one point Ellie stopped you to get a good look at you under the moonlight. Your eyes were a little red from the alcohol, but nevertheless they shone bright. Ellie softly pecked your entire face before she dragged you back to her cabin. She ended up struggling to open her door, finding it hard to focus when you slotted yourself in between her and the door, pressing yourself against her front. Your lips were softly pressing themselves along her neck and jawline, with your hand roaming along her stomach under her green shirt before you whispered the lewdest things in her ear. You bit her earlobe causing her to sharply moan before you cut her off with another kiss. With shaking hands, Ellie opened the door just to slam you against it again once you two were inside.
Your lips met again in a battle for dominance, and while you put up a good fight, Ellie pinned your wrist against the door, making your mind go blank. Ellie took that as a chance to overpower you, with her tongue exploring your mouth, loving the sound of your pretty little moans and sighs. Ellie took her hands off your wrists to grab you by your waist, causing you to push her hair away from face as you two slowed the kiss down. Feeling Ellie be this soft with you while being capable of turning you into a mindless pet for her was heart warming. Her hands gently ran along your thighs and hips before she parted away for a second. Her hands went to the back of your thighs before she muttered 鈥淛ump鈥, to which you obliged. You jumped a little before Ellie made you wrap your legs around her waist. Her lips attached themselves to your neck as she walked you two towards her bed.
She plopped you down on the bed carefully. After pulling both of your shoes off, her lips went back to your neck, finally deciding to leave hickeys and bite marks all over. At the knowledge of Ellie marking you up, a quiet whimper left your lips, making Ellie respond with a soft moan of her own. Her fingers found the hem of your shirt, slightly tugging at it before looking at you. 鈥淎re you sure you want to continue?鈥 She asked.
Her fingers danced along the top of your shorts, making you tremble. 鈥淚-I鈥檓 sure, Ellie. As long as you are...鈥 you assured. Ellie softly smiled before stating the obvious. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure.鈥 She softly kissed you again. As soon as she heard your soft sigh, she pulled away and started to pull your shirt up. With a lift of her arms, the shirt was off, leaving you in nothing but a black bra. Ellie鈥檚 lips found your collarbones before she left more hickeys. She wanted people to know who you belonged to.
You started to pull Ellie鈥檚 T-shirt off of her, both of you pausing to aid you. Once Ellie鈥檚 shirt was off, your lips attacked Ellie鈥檚 neck. Ellie pulled you onto her lap, as moans left her lips. You felt love drunk, intoxicated by the sound of Ellie鈥檚 husky voice letting out melodic tunes. You left love bites and hickeys of your own, drinking in Ellie鈥檚 muscles flexing and her taught abs. Ellie shuddered as your fingers danced up her stomach and up to her neck. Your fingers gripped around it, causing a small gasp to erupt from the girl.
You laughed before pressing your lips against Ellie鈥檚. 鈥淵ou like that?~鈥 you husked. Ellie moaned before your lips trailed down her neck again, onto her breast. Your hand fell from Ellie鈥檚 neck and wrapped around her body as you pulled Ellie鈥檚 sports bra off and let it fall. You quickly sat up and took yours off as well, before resuming your position against Ellie鈥檚 chest. Ellie鈥檚 fingers buried themselves into your hair as she felt your soft lips leave a trail of kisses along her breast. She pulled you closer to where she wanted your mouth the most, causing you to look up at her mischievously. Ellie glared at you as you giggled again and latched your mouth on her needy bud. She sighed and threw her head back as she felt your tongue dancing around it.
Ellie looked back down at you as you left her another hickey and switched to her other breast. Your hands held Ellie as she shook. 鈥淵ou sound so cute~鈥 you teased, earning a huff from Ellie. She blushed as she pushed you away from her chest. 鈥淪hut up.鈥 She mumbled ;embarrassed; before her lips attached to your breast. You giggled before letting out a sweet moan. Your hands held Ellie by her shoulders. One of Ellie鈥檚 hands tweaked your nipple on one side, while her tongue lapped over the other.
Your moans were as sweet and adorable as she always remembered. She loved the way you became so needy. 鈥淢mm your mouth is amazing.鈥 You praised. Ellie got a rush of heat from your sultry voice. After a while of Ellie marking more skin and teasing touches, you became impatient. You started to lightly grind your hips against Ellie鈥檚, earning a moan from her. 鈥淵eah baby, keep doing that.鈥 Ellie husked. At that, you caved in with a whine as your hips bucked faster and you ground down harder against Ellie. Ellie鈥檚 hands were gripping your thighs, grasping onto the skin there. She moaned as her lips found yours, making her dominance known once more.
Too caught up in her movements, Ellie flipped you under her and pulled your shorts off. Her lips trailed along your trembling legs, making sure she licked and bit wherever she went. As she kissed downwards, she left a hickey on your inner thigh, feeling you shake. 鈥淓xcited are we?鈥 She asked you softly, a smug expression across her face. 鈥淓llie, stop teasing~鈥 you whined. Ellie chuckled before smacking your thigh. You squealed as so, making Ellie come up towards you. 鈥淵ou don鈥檛 make the rules.鈥 Her fingers danced along the hem of your underwear, focusing on your shuddered breaths, hearing the excitement from them. You lifted your hips for her as she pulled your underwear off and bunching it up in her hands for a moment.
Ellie looked at you again, waiting for the consent. With a nervous breath, you looked into Ellie鈥檚 loving stare and you smiled as you nodded. Ellie鈥檚 fingers trailed across your cheek before they landed on your lips. You licked her finger before popping it in your mouth. All whilst keeping eye contact, Ellie moved her clothed knee against your heat, causing you to blush and moan. You sucked on Ellie鈥檚 finger as you writhed against her knee. 鈥淟ook at you... so needy for me hm? Who鈥檚 the cute one now?鈥 She asked. 鈥渕mmphh鈥 you moaned against Ellie鈥檚 finger.
鈥渨hat? I鈥檓 sorry I couldn鈥檛 get that, could you say it again?~鈥 Ellie teased. You let out a frustrated sob as Ellie鈥檚 finger popped out your mouth, and her hand wrapped around your neck, just as yours did earlier. 鈥淧lease fuck me, Ellie.鈥 You finally begged the words Ellie was itching to hear. Ellie smiled before kissing you. 鈥淕ood girl.鈥 She whispered against your lips. She leaned over you, telling you to 鈥渙pen up.鈥 Your mouth instantly opened and she shoved your underwear into your mouth causing you to turn red. Ellie grabbed your chin and made you look up at her. She smirked at your submission before leaning down again.
Her lips trailed down your body, leaving open mouthed kissed before stopping at your heat. Her hands gripped onto your thighs as she pushed them apart. 鈥淵ou let me know if it鈥檚 too much to handle, got it?鈥 She asked. Her gaze was firm and you swore you鈥檝e never felt more head over heels. With a shy nod from your end, Ellie smiled and softly kissed around your sex. You let out soft muffled moans, making Ellie鈥檚 heart skip a beat. Her head lowered itself down onto you before her tongue swiped over your clit. A muffled whine left you, your hips bucking up and gently rocking back down. Your hands found comfort against your breast, now molding the mounds into your hand. Your eyes closed as your head fell back.
Ellie closed her eyes as she indulged herself more into you. She lost herself in your sweet salty taste, wanting nothing more than to make you feel good. Her tongue was swift against your clit, making sure you knew that she knew how to please you. She looked up to see you looking down at her with an ecstatic face, and once your eyes met, you mewled and threw your head back. Ellie smacked your thigh again with a groan as your eyes met again, while you bit down on your garment with a wail.
Soon, Ellie鈥檚 fingers found their way to your entrance. She gently prodded before slowly sinking her middle finger inside you. You pulled out your underwear from your mouth, with a gasp. Your legs began shaking as you begged her not to stop. 鈥淥h Ellie- that- yeah don鈥檛 stop doing that鈥 you stuttered. Your hand went into Ellie鈥檚 hair again, gripping the short soft locks. Ellie groaned and licked your clit faster as her finger found its pace. She curled her finger before completely pulling out. Before you could protest, she then inserted her index finger. She began ramming into you while her tongue eagerly lapped up your wetness. You began to moan uncontrollably, so you slapped your hands over your mouth. You didn鈥檛 want Joel or anyone else to hear you.
Ellie chuckled against your clit before reaching up and removing your hands. 鈥淟emme hear you, baby. You sound so pretty.鈥 You wanted to protest so bad, but the way Ellie鈥檚 fingers felt inside of you, and the way she spoke to you, who could resist? You whined as you tightened around Ellie鈥檚 fingers, the knot forming in your stomach aching for release. 鈥淢mmm Ellie, I鈥檓 so close!鈥 You moaned. Your eyes glossed over as you looked down at Ellie once more. Ellie was met with nothing but pure adoration in your irises. She lost herself in them.
You pulled Ellie up for a heated kiss, the feeling of Ellie fucking you senseless driving you closer to your orgasm. Ellie hummed against your lips as she bit your bottom one and pulled away. 鈥淵ou wanna cum baby?鈥 She asked. You were losing your mind. Being finger fucked by Ellie wasn鈥檛 how you expected your night to go. Watching as her tattooed arm flexed while ramming into you made you lightheaded. It looked so good, you practically writhed all over Ellie鈥檚 fingers. 鈥淥h please Ellie, please! Please let me cum baby pleasepleaseplease-鈥 Ellie鈥檚 other hand gripped your throat again, cutting you off just as her thumb pressed against your clit. Your eyes rolled back as Ellie pressed you two closer together while applying pressure to her grip. 鈥淣ot yet鈥 she ordered. You felt your body convulse as your right to cum was being dangled in front of you by Ellie. 鈥淵ou think you can wait, angel?鈥 Ellie cooed, her eyes soft and teasing. Her thumb started to circle on your clit as she slowed her paced. You thought of all the sinful ways to get Ellie back for all the teasing, but right now you couldn鈥檛 even see straight. You nodded, your mind going hazy. Ellie huffed. 鈥淯se your words.鈥
She brought you closer to her face by your throat before asking again 鈥淐an you wait?鈥 Her eyes were now dark, drinking in the sight of you. She loved it. 鈥淵-yes! Yes I can Ellie just- please-鈥 your sentence was cut off by your own moans. Your vision was becoming foggy by the time Ellie let you go and went back to her original spot between your legs.
鈥淧rove it.鈥 Was all you heard before Ellie鈥檚 tongue was back on your clit again. Your moans were erratic, quiet enough for others not to hear, but loud enough for Ellie鈥檚 ears to drink up. Ellie鈥檚 head bobbed up and down as she pressed her tongue flat on your clit. Her fingers were coated with your juices as they rammed into her beautiful girl. She curled her fingers and slowed down the pace. Using long sensual strokes, Ellie looked up and took in the sight she had you in. Your hair was messy but beautiful. Tiny hairs were sticking to your forehead. Your eyes were watery, giving Ellie puppy eyes, as if that would make her cave into your sweet pleas. One of your hands were in Ellie鈥檚 hair, tugging her closer to you. Your other hand was gripping onto the bed sheets bellow you. Ellie鈥檚 unoccupied hand traveled up to your breast before she pinched your nub, causing you to arch your back.
鈥淥hmygodelliedontyoufuckingstop-鈥 you ended up bucking your hips wildly to the pace of Ellie鈥檚 fingers. You choked on your own moans, loving the slurping sound Ellie made and the sound of her fingers going in and out of you.
鈥淓llie!鈥 You whined, not being able to hold it in much longer. Tears fell from your eyes as your head started to spin. Ellie grabbed your hand and intertwined your fingers. 鈥淐um for me baby, give me everything you have鈥 she growled. You whimpered as your head was pulled out of the clouds. With one more quip from Ellie, 鈥淚 wanna taste you~鈥, you cried out in ecstasy. The knot in your stomach exploded as you shook around Ellie. Your legs wrapped around Ellie鈥檚 head before Ellie slipped her fingers out of you and forced your thighs open. She pushed your knees up to your chest to get a deeper angle, loving the taste of your dripping essence. Her tongue kept swiping against your clit before it went inside you. You yelped as she tongue fucked you, replacing her tongue with her fingers on your clit. You writhed mindlessly as you felt your second orgasm creeping up before your first one could finish. Ellie wrapped her arms around your thighs as she held you down by your hips. She continued before you cried out again. You bucked uncontrollably against Ellie鈥檚 muscular arms. Ellie began to slow her pace after feeling your walls squeeze against her tongue. She darkly chuckled against you, making your eyes roll back again. She continued licking up every last drop of cum you had to give her. She sat up carefully, watching as you struggled to catch your breath.
Ellie smiled at you as you collapsed on the bed. Your face was red and your chest was rising and falling with each shallow breath you took. Ellie climbed over you again, softly kissing up your body as she did. This earned breathless laughs from you. Ellie kissed your nose as both of you were adjusting. Ellie looked into your eyes before her smile faltered. Looking at you this close, feeling your curves mold around her hands, feeling your soft skin in her hands was something she cherished for so long. She just didn鈥檛 know if she deserved that after hurting you the way she did.
She was brought out of her thoughts when a soft kiss was pressed to her cheek. Then her nose. Then her chin. She chuckled as you softly ran your hands along her sides. 鈥淵ou seem worried... don鈥檛 worry, we鈥檙e definitely not done yet..鈥 you husked against Ellie鈥檚 lips, causing her to blush and laugh. 鈥淣o I鈥檓 not worried about that, I just..... I- I don鈥檛 know how to say it...鈥 Ellie mumbled. You softly ran your fingers along Ellie鈥檚 scalp as Ellie鈥檚 fingers softly trailed up your sides, tickling you lightly. You smiled up at her before making her look at you. 鈥淟ook Ellie, what you said hurt me a lot. I know you don鈥檛 feel the same way but I can鈥檛 help myself around you. You鈥檙e not only fucking amazing in bed, 鈥 you bluntly started, causing Ellie to laugh. 鈥淏ut you鈥檙e one of the sweetest, bravest and strong willed people I鈥檝e ever met. Your charm does wonders on me. I just know this won鈥檛 last.鈥 Ellie鈥檚 shocked face dropped into a sly one as she watched you nervously avoiding her gaze. 鈥淔uck, Ellie, I fucking love you. I hate that I can鈥檛 just be upfront sometimes but I really do like you. I think about you so much and I- I might鈥檝e ruined things between us or made it awkward but I-鈥
As you rambled, Ellie鈥檚 heart combusted and she blushed. 鈥楽he actually loves me back?? Holy fuck鈥
鈥渉ey hey hey鈥 Ellie cooed. 鈥淪top talking. Do you know how long I鈥檝e been in love with you, (Y/N)? It鈥檚 been so long that I鈥檓 pretty sure I can say when I got back here, I鈥檝e had feelings for you. I mean, I just ate you out like it was some thanksgiving feast~鈥 Ellie wiggled her eyebrows at you, causing you to blush madly and laugh. 鈥淲hy did you tell me I was a distraction then? That was a low blow Ellie, even for you.鈥 You pouted as she flipped you two over and sat you on her lap. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 think I deserved you. I still don鈥檛. Most of me wants to be with you and love you as much as I do, but that other part is scared that you won鈥檛 think it鈥檚 enough..鈥 she sighed as she played with your messy hair, her other hand rubbing over your thigh to soothe you. You smiled before pecking her lips repeatedly, causing Ellie to snap out of her intrusive thoughts. You continued as she started to crack a smile against your lips before you two ended up making out. 鈥淵ou deserve the world and more, Ellie, for you give the world more than it needs.鈥 You smiled at her genuinely making her smile at you before your smile turned into a sinister smirk.
Ellie knew this look. She was in for it now. 鈥淒on鈥檛 think I won鈥檛 return the favor miss Williams. I am mad at you so you have to be punished~鈥 you stated, grabbing her by her chin. Ellie smiled before pulling you close to her. Both of you pressed your foreheads together and stood there for a moment before Ellie spoke up again. 鈥淵ou punish me?鈥 I thought you just confessed your鈥︹ f-feelings鈥or me, now you wan-鈥 Ellie was cut off by you as you teasingly kissed the corner of her lips before starting to kiss down her body. 鈥淚 meant every single thing I said, Ellie. You drive me insane but in the best way possible.鈥
Ellie smiled like an idiot and watched the girl she loved with adoring eyes. 鈥淚. Love. You. Ellie. Williams.鈥 You spoke in between kisses on Ellie鈥檚 stomach. Your fingers undid the button on Ellie鈥檚 jeans before you made eye contact with the gorgeous green eyed girl before you. 鈥淎nd I鈥檒l show you how much I do.鈥 Ellie smiled tenderly at you before she nodded shyly and let her head fall back as you kissed her hip bones. 鈥淐an鈥檛 wait, babe.鈥 She sighed out. You but her hipbones causing her to yelp out. You pulled her black underwear off her body and buried your head into her neck, before pressing your fingers against her clit and rubbing.
Watching Ellie grind down on your fingers, moaning as your lips connected to her. You spoke condescendingly to her as you fucked her, hearing her swear under her breath just to moan. Her moans were so cute and you drank them all up by kissing her as you sped up the pace, curling your fingers inside of her and harshly pulling them out to add pressure. Your palm pressed against her clit adding more pleasure to her grinding on your fingers.
After mumbling incoherent praises, Ellies eyes squeezed shut as she moaned loudly, and came around your fingers. Her legs were shaking as one of your hands held her thighs apart. You rubbed your fingers against the upper walls inside her causing her head to fall back as she repeatedly cursed. She ground her hips up into your fingers, until she physically couldn鈥檛.
鈥淗oly fuck, (y/n), I missed you鈥 Ellie sighed against your lips making you huff out a laugh as you kissed her back. 鈥淚 missed you too, baby鈥 Ellie鈥檚 heart fluttered at the sight of you licking your fingers, before you moaned with your eyes shut. 鈥淵ou taste so fucking good, Ellie.鈥 You pulled her up into a sitting position. 鈥淕et on your knees, I want you to ride my face鈥
Ellie became nervous but she felt the excitement pool inside her again at the thought of getting to watch your pretty face in between her legs. A devilish smirk played at her lips before she pushed you down and climbed over your face. Ellie knew that you were the one pleasing her, but the feeling of control once more made her grab at your hair before making you look into her eyes. 鈥淕et ready baby鈥 she teased. 鈥淚 think you need to get ready, my love鈥 you responded. Ellie lowered herself down on your face as her clit pressed against your welcoming lips.
She moaned at the contact of you pressing a kiss against it before you swiped your tongue along it causing her to yelp. You focused on her clit, sucking on it and softly nibbling on it as Ellie moaned and ground her hips down on your face. You wrapped your arms around her thighs and pressed her down onto your mouth more. 鈥淪hit- just like that, suck my clit like a good girl~鈥 she hissed. You moaned against her pussy sending vibrations throughout her. She cried as she pulled your hair more and sped up her pace. You flattened your tongue against her clit and violently shook your head causing Ellie to cry out and sit back.
She let go of your hair and opted to rub your clit while you ate her out. At the feel of her slender fingers pressing against your clit, you moaned more before violently sucking on her clit. You slurped her juices up and shoved your tongue inside her dripping hole. You grabbed her hips and started to rock them back and fourth while she tried to focus on pleasing you. She was failing, realizing she was about to cum all over your mouth. 鈥(Y-y/n)鈥. Baby鈥 I-I鈥檓 so close! Please don鈥檛 stop!鈥 Ellie leaned forward to stare right into your eyes, making sure she saw your pretty face when she came.
You hungrily moaned against her clit in response to her plea, before speeding up the pace on her hips and squeezing them tighter. Your hold was certain to leave a bruise where they stood. You scratched up her hips and onto her waist, letting your palms cup her breasts. One of her hands covered yours, intertwining her fingers with yours. You went back to sucking on her clit, harshly sucking it into your mouth just to release it with a gentle pop. Ellie鈥檚 mind went blank when she felt the vibrations of your sudden loud moans against her clit. Your head vigorously shook from side to side again, holding her down strongly.
Ellie gasped loudly and whined as you held her down against your mouth. She leaned foreword as she stared into your eyes with a look of euphoria. She felt her threads snap, squealing as she came all over your mouth. You moaned in tandem with her, dragging out her orgasm for a little more. You held her there, cleaning her up as she violently shook on top of you. Your hands softly scratched down her body before they landed on her thighs. You gently kissed her inner thighs, causing her breath to hitch and causing her to let out breathy moans. 鈥淔uck, I think that鈥檚 the hardest I鈥檝e ever came before.鈥 You spared Ellie an amused glance. 鈥淵ou said that every time I made you cum.鈥 She breathlessly laughed before getting off your face.
鈥淵eah because you鈥檙e so fucking good at it鈥 she kissed you hungrily as if to support her claim. You sighed sweetly as she slotted herself in between your legs and pressed herself against your chest. You wrapped your arms around her neck, feeling her hands grab under your knee to press your leg against her waist. You sighed as she went back to kissing your neck, smirking when she noticed how distracted you were. She wasn鈥檛 gonna let this opportunity pass.
Ellie sat up and spread your legs open, slotting her leg over yours before pressing her clit against yours. Feeling her warmth mix with yours made your mouth fly open. You looked up at her, and before you knew it, her hand was back around your neck. She squeezed as she started grinding her clit against yours, moaning as she did. You felt your voice go away as you mindlessly spread your legs wider, allowing more access for Ellie to speed up. Your ground back up into her, trying to match her tempo and when you did, you both sped up.
Your hand wrapped around her wrist as she held you down against the bed, while the other reached to hold her free hand. Her arm wrapped around your leg, hoisting it up at the bend, giving her access to grind against your harder. Ellie did so, causing your boobs to bounce. Ellie growled as she watched your pleading eyes roll back. You moaned her name, looking into her eyes, before pulling her up to kiss you. You two passionately made out as you scissored on her bed.
Your body was aching but the fire in the pit of your stomach could never die down around Ellie. You shoved your tongue in her mouth, causing her to moan as you explored her mouth. Your tongue danced with hers sensually, causing her to choke you harder with a groan. Both of your arms wrapped around her body and clasped around her shoulders. You separated only to stay pressed against her lips. Your eyelids were half lidded and in a daze as you looked up at her. You looked so love drunk that Ellie smirked at your gaze.
鈥淟ook at you letting me use you as my fuck toy, princess. You like when I fuck you like this don鈥檛 you? You love when I control you and tell you when you can cum, don鈥檛 you?鈥 Ellie breathlessly spoke, feeling her nerves burn as her release neared. She didn鈥檛 expect anything more than a moan, surprised when you answered. 鈥渕mmm yes, i love being used by you baby! Please let me cum, I promise I鈥檒l be a good girl!鈥 You writhed against her clit, trying not to cum for Ellie just yet. Her hips violently rammed against yours, making you twitch. 鈥淓llie please!鈥 You gasped. Ellie鈥檚 grip on your neck tightened more before she let a loud cry out, grinding her clit faster against yours causing you to cum on instant. Your body spasmed as the both of you ground your frustrations out on each other. Ellie came not to long after you, grinding her orgasm out until her hips stuttered. She fell in top of you, breathing heavily as she kissed your chest up onto your lips. She grabbed the nearest blanket and wrapped it around the both of you. 鈥淎re you okay?鈥 She asked. She gently kissed your collarbone as if to apologize for the roughness. You sighed as you relaxed into her bed, feeling sleep overwhelm you. 鈥淚鈥檓 okay Ellie. Are you?鈥 She chuckled before looking up at you and pressing a small kiss onto your chin. 鈥淚鈥檓 fucking fantastic.鈥
By the crack of dawn, you had pulled Ellie close to your chest as your fingers played with her short hair. Ellie sleepily smiled before nuzzling into the crook of your neck. There were hickeys and bite marks all over her shoulders, neck and collarbones, and even in places the sun won鈥檛 reach. Ellie caressed your curves as you lulled her to sleep, softly kissing her forehead. You looked down at her lovingly before stating the obvious. 鈥淚 love you, Ellie. Thanks for allowing me to do so.鈥 She hummed out a reply before pulling you closer to her. 鈥淚 love you too (y/n).鈥
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In case you missed it, Pedro Pascal has been cast as Joel Miller in the upcoming The Last of Us HBO series! (art by聽mizuriau on IG)
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pascalispunk: 鈥淚 got you, baby girl.鈥 The @hbo adaptation of #TheLastofUs is in production. @playstation @naughty_dog_inc #TLOUDay #HappyBirthdayJoel
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