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lesbian-toddhoward · a day ago
just learned about roe v wade. not good!
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ebdaydreamer · 10 months ago
people were worried that they’d address the problems with the NYPD maybe once then gloss over it, or that they needed to all quit the force, but I think what they’re doing is even better. they’re supporting police reforms and showing these characters see the negative impact they have. they’re putting our favourite characters through it, it’s been addressed in some way in every episode but one so far. I honestly think this is braver and more impactful than them all just quitting the wake of George Floyd. Jake seeing how he fucked up and impacted another persons life is impactful, the characters discussing ideas for police reform is important. It’s still a comedy, it’s still gonna end with a joke and everyone will be ok, but they’re going for it as much as a comedy can.
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arcadiadaydreamer · 7 months ago
Adrien, upon telling Ladybug his identity:
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chloebeale · a month ago
Tumblr media
A year ago today we went on our first date. Today I came home to string lights, polaroids, our dogs wearing these bandanas and my girlfriend getting down on one knee. Easiest yes I’ve ever said 🥰💍
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love-toxin · 15 days ago
so im only about halfway through the game so i can't make any concrete judgements yet but....damn....the quarry is not turning out to be as good as i hoped💀💀 im gonna finish it anyways but one of the ONLY things keeping me alive rn is Jacob in those tight little jeans and exactly 5 chest hairs 🥵🥵❤️💕
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theemeraldjewel · 4 months ago
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First of all this blog is 18 plus only. Do not interact with me if you're underage. I will block you. This is why I have my annon's turned off.
I do not allow any of my work to be copied or translated onto other sites. Credit or not.
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About me
Hi I'm Ellie, I'm 22 female based in the UK. I love all things Harry Potter based, especially the marauders. That being said I don't in anyway support JKR, this is a trans safe blog. I want this blog to be a safe space for everyone, transphobia, homophobia, racism & bully will not be tolerated.
I like to think of myself as the 'mom friend' so feel free to message me if you want to talk.
I have anxiety and autism so if you send me a request please bare with me it may take me a while! I also have a pretty stressful job that does require my attention a lot more than typical "office hours" so again requests could take longer based on that.
I love making mutuals so feel free to interact with me, but please don't ask to be mutuals cause I feel that never ends well so as sated before interact with me about my work, my blog etc! (Again please only do so if you're over 18)
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Rules of Requesting
As stated before I will not take requests from anyone under the age of 18.
I will write NSFW or SFW; though SFW is probably my stronger suit.
I will write dialogue requests, or I feel your request is not long enough I will make it into a dialogue.
I will write for the following characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Regulus Black, Lily Evans, Marlene McKinnon, Dorcas Meadows and Mary Mcdoland.
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Requests are currently OPEN
W.I.P: N/A
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Master List
And click here to access my master list. Please like, reblog & comment. I really value everyone's opinion on my work. I try to update this as soon as I've posted my work
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These are the tags that I use to post various different topics.
#Ellie's Followers- usually me answering your asks.
#Ellie's Rants- pretty self explaining really.
#Ellie's WIP- any updates/ ideas on my work. Or work I want to do
#Ellie's asks- accepting your requests
#Ellie's Dialogue requests - your dialogue requests answered (these will also be on my master list)
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sebyeok · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
uhm.... yours???
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powerfulkicks · a year ago
Hey y’all remember that episode of adventure time where finn had to keep his eyes closed or he would go back to the moment he went through some secret magic door thing and he spent like months or years doing this over and over again until he figured out he had to go back through again with his eyes closed? That was fucked up why did they write that. Could literally be the plot of a horror show with a little tweaking
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sunshine-lover · a month ago
apropos of nothing i am thinking about tlat james and i just want to remind everyone:
that in the prologue he is staring down the wand of someone we can only presume is a death eater and in response to “you’ll be dead soon” he says “go ahead, i’ve made peace” because he knows who he is and what he stands for and he’s happy to DIE for it
that our first official introduction to james is him punching nicolai mulciber in the jaw. rather iconic of him, methinks.
that on pure blood supremacy thinking and policies james says
“this affects every witch and wizard. it’s an-an awful affront to the entire magical community-on top of all the ethical issues of denying the right to carry a wand, it’s extremely dangerous to limit magic society like this. and, second of all, even if it didn’t directly affect me… even if some of my best mates weren’t half-blooded and muggleborn… it’s just a matter of right and wrong. i would never feel comfortable with myself or the wizarding community knowing that this kind of thing went on.”
“everyone here today hates the death eater movement-i mean, no question”
that the entire ministry protest chapter exists
and last but definitely not least of this tlat!jily conversation
"This—this thing—war, or whatever you want to call it..." (Nothing in her icy voice indicated that she was crying, but James discovered that she was) "...It's about me." She found the rest of the sentence, there. She found that part that was missing when she'd been forming the words in her mind in the dark of Donna's room. "It's about muggleborns. Sam... Sarah, all of them, died for something that didn't have anything to do with them. For us—for the muggleborns and half-bloods and muggles and me. I don't—I can't say that the—the death eaters aren't going to kill anyone else for our sake, but I'm—I'm going to do something about it. I'm not going to watch people die without—without doing something... I have to fight. I don't know how, but I have to, and I'm going to."
She dropped the end of the cigarette to the pavement beneath her feet and trampled it with the toe of her boot. Then she glanced up at James. He watched the withered paper on the ground. At first, she had no idea if she had helped or not, but then he looked up at her and sort of smiled.
"Mind if I join you?"
Lily matched his expression. She reached over and took one of his hands, interlacing her fingers with his and holding on very tightly. It was funny, how being so inexpressibly sad and angry worked like intoxication... you could sort of do or say anything, and you didn't really think about how it might turn out the next day. For now, Lily wanted to hold James's hand, and it didn't seem strange at all. "I'm counting on it," she said roughly.
It was so cold, but for some time, they didn't move from their spot on the edge of the pavement. James's bare hand shook but felt strangely warm.
anyway that’s all, ellie out
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a-menagerie · a month ago
Hello! I've been a lurker of your blog but only recently made a tumblr account (I'm so late to the party, ik 😂). Are there any blogs like yours you can recommend? I'm still trying to figure out how tags and re blogs etc work but I just love your stuff and critical role, and I'd love to give some more support to writers!! Tyty if you reply, feel free not to! Have a nice end of week uwu
This has sat in my inbox for far too long and for that I’m deeply sorry! 🥲 I hope you’ve learned a bit more about how tumblr operates!
And thank you very much for your kind words❤️
Here are some of the blogs I really enjoy:
They are all incredibly talented writers and they all seem so sweet 🌼 definitely check them out if you haven’t already!
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lesbian-toddhoward · a day ago
instead of buying a lesbian pride flag from spencers or target or whatever support the creator of the lesbian pride flag emily gwen!
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ebdaydreamer · 9 months ago
In the end Lucifer was all about self growth and the relationships you build with others and how anyone can learn and grow and no one touch me I love this show so fucking much.
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arcadiadaydreamer · 11 days ago
Nathalie literally has all the brain power, you know any decent plan Hawkmoth ever had came from her, Gabriel is actually so dumb it’s painful.
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chloebeale · 2 months ago
Pleased to announce to anyone who remembers (and likes) Lilacs For Lucy that the recent comment I received on it, coupled with my girlfriend just finishing reading it aloud to me, has now put it at the very forefront of my writing mind and I intend to work on the next chapter asap (while also working slowly through my new fic) 💐
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love-toxin · 3 days ago
ngl this is exactly how i feel when i talk about the quarry
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theemeraldjewel · a month ago
I need to start writing more so please send me in some requests!
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sebyeok · 2 months ago
here i thought they skipped the car accident scene because young seo and sunghoon already made up but they just gave it to taemu instead asdfdafsdgdrfh
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houseofwm · 11 days ago
Would anyone like to be mutuals? I’m all game
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sunshine-lover · 9 days ago
two days until the semester is over and then i’ll be UNSTOPPABLE
i’m going to finally finish my feb jily challenge (let’s not talk about the fact that it’s june) and since i’m going to be working on it again soon, i’ll throw out the fact that it’s called “The Opposite of Simple”
i’m a sucker for a deep dive into lily evans’s head early fifth year, so that’s what i’ll be doing!
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white-lily-oc · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Ahhh finally got a chance to go out! The exam period was a headache *sigh*
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