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greenmanalishi · 2 days ago
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I only meme the truth
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ramen-flavored · a day ago
Tell me the difference. I’ll wait.
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reikayr · a month ago
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Just a sketch of Ellie that turned out really good
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zededge · 2 months ago
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The Suckernaughtiacs
I drew these In lieu of Sony's presence at E3 2019. And in honor of the numerous fulfilling lives we've gotten to live through Sucker Punch, Naughty Dog and Insomniac's creations. Thank you all so much.
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claradanjoux · 2 months ago
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The last of us 2, Ellie 
Just fall in love with this masterpiece 
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nimfeemos · 5 months ago
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Ellie and Abby, two older drawings which I never finished... until now!
I loved the game (it made me sad but like in a good and artsy way) and I love these characters so much! (Dina is also amazing, I should draw her too someday)
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losthiqhway · 3 months ago
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something i never finished-- tlou2 gang (dina ellie & maira) as rdr style gunslingers 
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mast3r-rainb0w · 3 months ago
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Kirby Meets Joel and Ellie (Kirby x TLOU) by Mast3r-Rainb0w
I’ve seen a lot of comparisons of the new 3D Kirby title Kirby and the Forgotten Land’s post apocalyptic setting to “The Last of Us”, so I wanted to bring that idea to life through my art!
Could Kirby prove to be an ally to Joel and Ellie, or will they mistake him for just another zombie? It's all part of the fun of using your imagination! Enjoy the fanart!
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millsheat · 19 days ago
gorgeous gorgeous girls understand the message of the last of us 2.
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tlouflicksvp · 25 days ago
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ellie day 3 + abby day 1
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quibbs · 7 months ago
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i hope ellie last of us is out there having a fantastic day
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oredcchi · a year ago
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“Parenting is easy, they said.”
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thelastkestis · 2 months ago
ellie x fem!reader fluff no.8 from prompt list 3 PLEASE
and u don't understand i am OBSESSED with ur writing omg help- i hope u r having a great day 😩❣️
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y'all are so nice wtf ?? thank you so much! I thought this was suited to a bit of hurt/comfort and I can never get enough of that <3
only you, my girl
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(ellie williams x f! reader fluff)
prompt: “they're not you”
summary: despite dating Ellie for months, worry starts to set in as you notice her closeness with Dina and realise how desperately you don't want to lose her.
warnings: some angst & jealousy
word count: 1.6k
The weight of your love for that girl seemed to crush you sometimes. Just the simplest glance set your lungs on fire, breath stuttering and skin set ablaze by the slightest touch. You'd briefly considered whether or not it was healthy.
But one of the downsides to infatuation, you quickly discovered, was the unavoidable protectiveness. You could protect her physically, sure, and had done before from the snarling grasp of infected, but emotions were another matter. The radar lay dormant most of the time, content with her reassurance that you and only you held her heart, but it did occasionally spark with a warning blare.
This was one such occasion: Ellie had become friends with Dina and her on-and-off partner Jesse shortly after her arrival, before she was even aware of your existence, and you usually had no problem at all with the arrangement. You both had your separate groups, and there was nothing to be concerned about. But, despite the wish not to become jealous of every girl Ellie interacted with, you thought you spotted her and Dina exchanging some... cozy glances at each-other, especially when the nights settled in and the alcohol mellowed the warm string-lights in the bar. You'd originally blamed it on the drink and your anxious mind, but the stolen glances soon turned to tender caresses or arms curling around each other's sides and the alarm bells began to ring. Then one night, it became too much: they'd both had a little too much whisky, and they took to the dance-floor.
You'd made your excuses, suddenly feeing nauseous, slipping outside without them noticing, gasping at the gust of freezing air and resting against the wall beside the back entrance. Aiming to shut the world out for a few moments, you'd leaned your head back and closed your eyes, rubbing the bridge of your nose, but the peace was suddenly interrupted by a crash.
'Ah shit, sorry,' Jesse cried, putting his hands out too late to catch the slammed metal door, scaring you half-senseless.
'Jesus, Jesse! You'll wake up the whole town.'
He laughed for a moment, but rested his hands on his hips as he moved to stand in front of you. 'What's going on?'
'Nothing, honest.'
'Yeah, I'm not convinced. You even left your drink in there, and that crap is expensive.'
You sighed, averting your eyes. 'You're annoying when you see right through me, y'know.'
'What can I say? Everyone knows I'm telepathic. That's why I know you're mad at Ellie.'
You frowned. 'Not mad, Jesse. I guess... shit, it sounds stupid.'
He crossed his arms. 'Try me.'
'I can't. I'm not gonna rant about my girlfriend and your ex in front of you.'
But you could tell that he genuinely cared, and seemed remarkably sober. He was probably the best pair of ears in the immediate vicinity, and you also knew he'd give it to you straight.
You grit your teeth. 'Dina and Ellie are just friends, right? I swear I'm not being obsessive, but I just gotta know, 'cause it's driving me crazy, y'know? I really like her, and I don't wanna mess this up, so just tell me the truth and I'll leave it.'
Jesse blinked a few times with a bemused smile, shaking his head.
'Oh, what?'
'Yeah, I remember this part... fuck,' he said, slipping over to stand by the wall next to you. 'They had a thing a little while back. But it was ages ago, and me and Dina have been on and off since then, so...'
'Right... but get off your high horse. What's "this part"?'
He adopted a sing-song voice, plastering on a goofy smile; 'The beauty of young love...'
You punched his arm and he yelped, laughing. 'You're head over heels for that girl, man.'
'And how do you know?'
'Telepathy, remember?' He began to walk back inside. 'Chill out. I've seen the way she looks at you when your back's turned. I could vomit.'
'I'll make sure to stare at her extra long next time then, yeah?'
Jesse grinned, and you felt some of the pressure lift slightly. Though you couldn't feel totally secure, knowing that they were still in that bar - presumably in each other's arms - you felt confident enough to go to sleep and deal with it in the morning. Going back inside would only stoke the fire.
But, early the next morning, you were shaken out of your sleep by a visitor at the door - four knocks. Ellie.
Your stomach churned as you slipped on a hoodie and headed through the hall to answer. Had Jesse let slip? You weren't sure how long he'd stayed at the party after you left.
'You wanna bake cookies?'
You stood at the door, taking in the faint eye-bags and messy hair before you. 'I thought you hated baking.'
'It's not my favourite,' Ellie shrugged, small smile playing at the corners of her lips. 'I just thought ya' looked kinda down last night, so...'
You rolled your eyes and let her inside, accepting her smile as you attempted to force down the bubbling emotion that threatened to surface. Together, you unpacked the box she'd brought with her, sieving the flour into a bowl and cracking the eggs.
But the tension hung in the air like lead. Your hands began to shake as the guilt began to set in; she'd only been having fun with a friend, and you'd made her worried enough to turn up at your house with a hangover to do something you enjoyed. It wasn't any sooner than you'd slid the tray into the oven that the tears started to fall, and you cursed under your breath, wiping them hurriedly with your sleeve before Ellie could see.
But, of course, she'd been especially observant since her arrival, scanning for any signs of upset and ready to spring into action to remedy it. 'Hey... talk to me. What's wrong?'
'I-' you began to speak as she moved to stand in front of you, but the words stuck in your throat. 'It's nothing. Promise.'
'It doesn't seem like nothing, baby.'
You refused to meet her eyes. 'Did Jesse say something, then?'
'I mean... I asked him where you were, but he said you got sick and went home,' she confessed, searching your face. 'But I know you. You would've told me.'
It was becoming apparent that the truth just had to be confronted head-on. Ripping off the band-aid, so to speak. 'He came outside when I left, and... I made him tell me, so don't get mad at him, but he said you and Dina had a thing before I met you, and I'm not upset about that at all, I mean- what you did before is none of my business... but then I saw you dancing and, I don't know-'
As you rambled, tears streaming and lip quivering, Ellie lifted a hand to your face and wiped your cheek with a gentle caress of her thumb. You stilled, melting into her touch. 'Are you mad? I know I'm being stupid and jealous and-'
'Baby, y'know how much you love me?'
You shook your head in despair. 'So much, Ellie... you have no idea how much.'
'No, I do know. Multiply that by however much you want and that's how I feel about you. It's here,' she whispered, grasping your hand and pressing it to her chest, 'And I promise you, it ain't going anywhere.'
Your eyes finally lifted to meet hers. 'You're not mad?'
She shook her head and smiled softly. 'Not at all, baby. You know how many times I've done what you did? Got jealous for no reason? It doesn't make you a bad person, not at all.'
'But you were just dancing, and I made you feel like you were doing something wrong-'
'What did they say in the old world about a woman's intuition? There was something there, sure, but it was years ago. Besides, Dina's got eyes for Jesse, and they do a pretty bad job of hiding it,' Ellie chuckled, taking your face in her hands. 'Baby, I go half-crazy with how much I love ya' sometimes. We're bound to get worried.'
'You're not lying to me?'
'I have more important things to worry about than what you did last night, and first on my list is making sure you're ok. Dina's great, but you listen here: she's not you. I love her to pieces, but... god, babe, I don't know what happens to me when I'm around you, but I've never had it this bad before. Sometimes I've just gotta stand back and take a breath.'
You sighed with relief as she kissed your forehead, wrapping your arms around her back as she pulled you into her chest. 'You're my girl. You and only you.'
The smell of her hoodie filled your head with cotton wool, gentle and safe and warm in the arms that held you. You couldn't believe you'd ever doubted her.
But the moment was interrupted by the ding of the oven behind you. 'But will your girl share her cookies with you? I don't know...'
She pulled away with a smirk. 'Oh, they're yours, huh? Who brought the ingredients?'
'Who put her blood, sweat and tears into the baking?'
Ellie held both of your shoulders and moved you playfully from side to side. 'And whose idea was it in the first place?'
You giggled. 'You don't even like baking! And I could eat them quicker than you, anyway, so you'd better hurry.'
'Oh, the game is on, baby, and I'm gonna win.'
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reikayr · 22 days ago
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Merry christmas again!!! Now it's Ellie, Dina and JJ enjoying the holyday.
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dark-delphine · 7 months ago
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Some of my Ellie & Dina photomode shots.
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joelmillersgirlfriend · 2 months ago
Summary: After having yet another rough day due to your depression, you found yourself in Seth's bar once again. This time though, Joel Miller tries to cheer you up. After talking for a while, he invites you to come over to his place in hopes of both of you feeling better.
Warnings: Shameless smut, mentions of depression
Word Count: 5700ish
Notes: Hello everyone, I know that it has been quite some time since I last posted an actual story but college is hard. I got some particularly bad news today that really ruined my mood so what better way to cope than writing a story about Joel Miller cheering me up?
Tumblr media
“Rough day?” questioned a voice from beside you, the vocalization deep and gravely. Your wet eyes moved up from the wooden bar beneath your hands, and didn’t stop moving until you made eye contact with the man who had decided to sit next to you. You recognized him, Joel Miller. You had seen him before too, even shared a few words around town about meaningless shit, but this was the first time you had actually had somewhat of a conversation.
Nodding with an ironic laugh, you wiped at the tears staining your face, slightly embarrassed that he had caught you crying in the first place. It was a Tuesday night, and it wasn’t particularly busy in Seth’s bar, so you didn’t anticipate on bumping into anyone that you knew. All you knew though, was that you needed a drink, something stronger than the shit you had at home, in order to distract your thoughts.
“Yeah, I get that. I guess that’s why I’m here too,” Joel said quietly, his eyes shifting away from yours, instead, looking down at his hands. It felt wrong to admit, but it almost made you feel better to know that you weren’t the only miserable person within Jackson. Obviously life was hard within the post-apocalyptic world that you lived in, but some days were exceptionally difficult for you, to the point where you couldn’t even bring yourself to climb out of bed. While you wished that you could get a fucking shrink and complain about all of your problems, life just wasn’t that simple anymore. You had to cope in easier, unhealthy ways, such as drinking.
“At least we can be miserable together,” you tried to joke, tears still shining in your eyes as Joel looked back up at you, a small relieved laugh slipping past his lips. You both sat silently, sipping from the drinks in your hands occasionally as you tried to subdue your thoughts. While you usually felt numb, your head almost foggy to an extent, sitting in Joel’s presence made you feel a bit more content.
“This might be a little out of the blue but,” Joel began suddenly, your eyes once again snapping over to him. Your heart began to pound a bit, almost as if you knew the exact proposition that he was about to make.
“Would you want to go back to my place? Sittin’ around in a bar won’t help either of us,” Joel joked, a small smile drawn on his dark face. Typically, you would’ve said no. This was way out of character for you, and quite frankly, it was out of character for Joel too. While you guys didn’t talk often, you knew a lot about him since he was such a big part of Jackson. You knew that he didn’t go to bars and try to pick up women, mostly because you were usually the one at the bars. Honestly, this was the first time that you had even seen him there after dark.
You needed this. You needed a chance to forget your problems, to finally just enjoy yourself. Regardless, it wasn’t like he was asking to fuck you. He was just inviting you over, as simple as that. What was the worst that could happen?
“Yeah. Okay, yeah, I would love to,” you replied, almost a bit too eagerly. You didn’t want to come off desperate, because you weren’t. It just had been such a long time since you had something this random and exciting happen to you. Undeniably you had many men come on to you, even quite a few were still trying to pursue you, but you never felt any attraction. You never felt like you could relate to them, that you were in a completely different universe than them. With Joel, that was different. For the first time in quite some time, you felt relatable.
Joel didn’t speak in return, only smiled in content as he got up from his seat, sitting down his half drunk beer bottle on the counter as you followed in return. Pulling on your jacket that was hanging on the back of your seat, you turned to him, waiting to follow him out of the bar.
The air was thick and cold as you both stepped out of the bar, your breath fanning out in front of your face as you smiled at Joel, following him back to his place. The walk was comforting, quiet and relaxed, but your thoughts were everything but. Your mind was racing as you thought about what might happen when you got back to his place. Would he try to come onto you, as many other guys did before? Or would perhaps nothing come out of it. What if he was looking at you as more of a friend, someone to talk to about his problems and you were completely misreading the conversation?
Regardless, you were overthinking the situation entirely.
Breathing deeply in order to calm your chaotic thoughts, you looked up at Joel, taking in his appearance. It was dark enough to where you could see his features, but where he wouldn’t notice that you were looking at him. His nose was red from the sharp cold, his hair blowing gently from the wind as he sniffed in order to keep his nose from running. His large stature next to yours made you feel oddly reassured as the two of you continued to walk to his house.
“This is me,” Joel said, walking a little bit in front of you to walk up to his front porch steps. You had walked past his house probably every day since yours was just a bit further up the street, but you had never really noticed that he lived there. It was probably due to the fact that you didn’t notice much anyways, instead, you just tried to get through everyday in one piece. A part of you felt a bit oblivious at times, because you really should have noticed not only that Joel lived right near you, but Joel in general. Walking behind him, you couldn’t really help yourself from eyeing him. He really was a handsome guy, a good guy too from what you heard about him around town. You wondered what brought him to sit next to you tonight, and what brought him to the bar in general.
The both of you walked up onto his porch, the wood creaking beneath your shoes, the porch light being the only source of light to help Joel find the correct key in his chain. Unlocking the door, he opened it and stepped back, letting you walk in first. If you were nervous ten minutes ago, you were practically on edge after actually stepping into his house. It was dark as you stood there, waiting for Joel to shut the front door and turn on the lights, the smell of wood strong throughout the cold house.
“Let me get the heater turned on. You can hang your coat up right here,” Joel said as he flicked on the light next to you, his arms brushing past your shoulder as he moved away from you, the feeling making a chill run through your already freezing body. You removed your coat and hung it on the nearby coat rack, praying that the house would be warm soon, then stood silently in the foyer as he walked to the back of the house, most likely going to warm up the chilly home.
“You can go sit down if you’d like, I’m going to make us some coffee,” Joel shouted from the back of the house, the sound of the heater coming on loud throughout the house. Coffee sounded nice after walking through the cold, and you really did appreciate his generosity.
Walking out of the long entrance to the house, you stepped into the living room after turning the light on, the room neat and tidy. For a man, Joel really did seem to take pride in his home being well-kept. You would take that as a good sign.
You wiped at your slightly runny nose with the back of your hand as you sat down on the old couch he had in the middle of the living room, gazing around the space as you waited for Joel to come back. A clutter of noises could be heard from the kitchen, along with running water, so you knew that it wouldn’t take much longer for him to come back. While you waited, you looked down at the coffee table that was placed near the couch, glancing at the book sitting at the top. The Catcher in the Rye, hm, what an interesting choice. You couldn't really imagine Joel reading a story like that for whatever reason, even though you didn’t know Joel very well.
Grabbing the book, you sifted through the practically ancient pages, the sound of the paper beneath your fingers relaxing as the smell of coffee began to come from the kitchen. Getting lost in the reading, you didn’t hear his footsteps behind you as he walked into the living room with two mugs, the soft sound of glass against wood bringing you out of the reading as he placed the cups on the coffee table. He sat next to you and looked over at the book in your hands before smiling gently.
“That’s Ellie’s. She was tryin’ to get me to read more often,” Joel said fondly, his face full of a lot of expression before falling slightly at his words. Ah yes, Ellie, his daughter. You didn’t really see her very often, but you also heard a lot of fond things about her from the town of Jackson. You assumed from Joel’s reaction to his words that maybe she was the reason he went out to drink tonight.
“Everything alright with her?” you questioned, almost instantly regretting it with the way he nervously glanced away. It felt invasive to see Joel this way, anxious and uncomfortable as he tried to find a way to respond to your words.
“You don’t have to tell me you know? No pressure,” you reassured, to which he looked at you with his dark eyes and nodded with a gruff sound of yes. Trying to move past the awkwardness, you reached past him and grabbed your mug before taking a sip, the warm liquid shaking off the coldness that you had previously felt. Joel mimicked your actions, drinking his coffee with you as you both sat in silence. Maybe you did read too far into his invitation, and that he just wanted to enjoy the comfort of another human being since he and Ellie weren’t getting along very well.
“I lied to her about some messed up shit. She found out and hasn’t spoken to me since,” Joel said suddenly in between sips of his coffee, his words catching you off guard. You honestly didn’t expect him to open up to you so quickly, and you don’t know why exactly he did. The two of you were practically complete strangers, but a part of you had to admit that you liked that he felt that he could trust you.
“I’m sure you did it to protect her. Sometimes all you need is time in order to grow past lies. She’ll eventually come around, I’m sure,” you reassured, his dark eyes looking down at yours again. They held so much emotion behind them, and you only wished you could know what he was thinking. Joel was certainly an interesting character, a quiet and timid guy.
“I hope so,” he said simply, leaving it at that. Regardless, he seemed a little bit more at ease from just talking that little bit about Ellie. You were glad that you could help him, even if it wasn’t much. You didn’t want to pressure him into talking even more seeing how uncomfortable he seemed when you did previously, so you decided to try to change the topic.
“This coffee is really good. Thank you for sharing it with me,” you said genuinely, drawing a grin out of Joel. He nodded gently as he finished drinking his, sitting it back on the coffee table before turning to you. The action caused your heart to pound in your chest, not expecting for the man to give you his full attention. You copied his actions, holding the warm mug in your now warm hands before turning to look at him fully.
“So why did you invite me over here?” you questioned, wanting to get straight to the point, your words taking him by surprise. He looked thoughtful for a second, before answering simply.
“Why did you accept the invitation?” he questioned back, his teasing response causing your face to heat up in nervousness. It was a given that you weren’t going to tell him why you took the invitation, so you quickly came up with an excuse that would seem valid.
“It seemed like both of us needed someone to talk to I guess,” you replied anxiously, curious as to what he was trying to get you to admit. That you found him insanely attractive and admired how attentive he was? Yeah, you didn’t think so. Regardless, it was probably obvious due to how you cut your eyes away from his prodding gaze. It had been quite a long time since you had felt anxious around a man, the feeling almost euphoric in a weird way.
“I've tried to talk to you before tonight you know. You just always seemed preoccupied,” Joel admitted, his words shocking you. You hated that you never really picked up on it before, but preoccupied was the perfect word to describe how you felt usually. Sometimes you were completely lost in thought, whether it was due to your depression or whatever else was going on.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come off like I was ignoring you or something. I just seem to always have a lot on my mind,” you muttered back, hating that you might have been perceived in a negative manner by the man.
“No, it wasn’t anything like that. Do you want to talk about it? The reason why I saw you cryin’ today?” Joel questioned sympathetically, his face drawn into a tight frown as he waited to see how you were going to respond. Should you talk to him about how bad your depression gets? How some days all you want to do is sit silently in your house, or how sometimes you don’t feel real? Part of you felt guilty, because Joel was upset over actual valid reasons, while the only reason you were crying at the bar was because you woke up a bit sadder than usual.
“There isn’t really much to say. Some day's are just harder than others I guess.” Instead of replying, Joel nodded in agreement, the room silent once again, but not in a way where it was uncomfortable.
“What made you want to talk to me tonight?” you asked suddenly, surprising not only Joel, but yourself too. Joel looked thoughtful once again, pondering his thoughts before he sighed and looked across your face.
“Cause I think that you're cute. And it was my first chance to actually say somethin’ meaningful to you,” his eyes hopeful as he spoke, his words making your hands twitch in uneasiness. You opened your mouth to speak, not really sure what you wanted to say before you shut your lips in confusion. He thinks you are cute? God, you were so clueless sometimes, this entire time you had been so infatuated in your sadness that you didn’t even realize Joel had been trying to get to know you.
Joel noticed your hesitation, his face falling at your delay. It took a lot of him to admit his feelings to you, you could tell, so you knew that your reaction was certainly not what he was looking for. “Jesus, I’m sorry. I haven’t done anythin’ like this in quite some time. You could say that I’m a little bit rusty-”
Before the man could even finish, you quickly placed the glass mug on the coffee table before moving across the couch on your knees and grabbing Joel’s rough face with your warm hands, pulling him into you and kissing him. For the first time in weeks, months even, you felt alive as the man's lips sent tremors throughout your body. Your heart was pounding as he wrapped his strong arms around your hips, pulling you into him and kissing you deeply in return, low strangled whines slipping through your mouth.
You were pressed so closely to his chest that you could feel his heartbeat, and God knows that yours was pounding just as fast as you pulled back and looked down at the man below you, Joel’s eyes heavy and eager as he looked up at you. His fingertips trailed across your hips lightly, causing your body to shake over his. Instead of thinking too much about the situation at hand, you leaned back down to kiss his red lips once again, your hands now gripping his shirt tightly in anticipation. The kiss was rough, almost as if your lives both depended on it, a low groan audible from his end. This wasn’t how you expected your night to go, but you did know that nothing had ever felt so right in your life.
Getting a bit too ahead of yourself, you climbed up off of your knees, instead straddling over him as you continued to kiss him passionately, your hands moving from his shirt to his face. He felt warm, safe, and it was as if all of your worries melted away as long as you were in his arms. Unintentionally, you moved your hips slightly into his, subconsciously dry humping the man as you kept kissing him, not thinking about the consequences of your actions. You finally didn’t feel numb, you finally felt something with Joel, and you didn’t want to let this moment slip away from you.
“Hold on now,” Joel suddenly mumbled gently, pushing you back lightly before looking up at you. You were both breathing heavily, and you could feel the growing hardness underneath you as you waited to see what Joel had to say.
“Maybe we should slow down,” Joel suggested, slipping his hand away from your hips and bringing it up to your face, slipping a strand of hair behind your ear. He wanted to stop? You couldn’t help the frustration that flooded your face, mostly because it felt good to feel wanted in a way. Until you weren’t.
“It’s not like I don’t want to do this, it’s just that I don’t want to rush into anythin’,” Joel reassured you after noticing your disappointment. While his words made you feel better, you couldn’t bring yourself to pull away from the man.
“Are you sure that’s what you want?” you questioned lowly, unable to keep your horny mind in check as his eyelids lowered again at your question, his dick becoming even harder underneath your hips. It was sickeningly erotic to feel his erection grow with just your words, and by this point, you were almost too far gone.
“What exactly are you suggestin’?” asked Joel, both of your eyes locked onto the others. He knew exactly what you were suggesting, so there was no point in entertaining the silly question. Instead, you grabbed his hand that was resting lazily on your hip, dragging it up your stomach until it reached your chest. You didn’t stop looking at him as you placed his large palm on one of your breasts, the feeling sending shockwaves throughout your body.
Joel breathed in deeply, closing his eyes quickly as you pulled your hand away from his, letting his own palm squeeze and grope your breast through your shirt. While he continued to do that, you felt yourself moving on his dick once again, the contact making you tip your head back, mouth wide open as you groaned loudly from the feeling. It had been so long since you had sex, even from the last time you had played with yourself. The contact that you had been craving for, well, finally receiving it from such an attractive man was more than you could ever imagine.
You continued to breathe heavily as you ground your hips into Joel’s, the contact of denim on denim addicting as his dick continued to grow against your aching clit. Impatient, you reached down, pulling your shirt off, glancing down to see Joel’s strained face, jaw slack as he watched you undress your top half. Undoing your bra quickly, Joel’s expression as he took in your appearance caused a wave of wetness to rush into your already wet underwear, his jaw clenched tight at the sight of you before him.
“Goddamn,” Joel groaned under his breath as you moved down, kissing down his neck and jaw, giving wet, sticky kisses as you continued to grind into him. The friction wasn’t enough though, and it took everything in you to not drop your pants and ride him on the couch.
“God I need more,” you hissed through clenched teeth, pulling back away from his neck and looking down at him, practically asking if it was okay for you to move even further. Joel nodded tightly, seemingly on the same page as you, and you didn’t waste any time. Sitting up and sliding back away from the breathless man, you urgently unbuttoned your jeans as you both kept watching each other, his eyes scanning your entire body as you undressed yourself.
Moving back over to him, you helped him unbutton his own pants, slipping your hand into his boxers to help pull his dick out, the feeling of your hand around his cock causing him to give out a breathless gasp. The sound was basically music to your impatient little ears, a smirk crossing your lips as you watched the man squeeze his eyes shut, his chest heaving as you played with his dick in your hands. You yanked playfully as you gave him a handjob, an array of cuss words slipping past his lips while you kept squeezing and playing with him.
“Look at me,” you said suddenly, his eyes opening quickly as you smiled down at him, unable to contain yourself. You hadn’t felt like this in so long, energetic, horny, impatient. Joel was bringing out emotions that you thought didn’t exist anymore. You had to thank him somehow, now didn't you?
Moving down closer to his dick, Joel knew exactly what you were about to do, opening his mouth to object, but you didn’t give him a chance to. All at once you swallowed up his cock into your warm mouth, the feeling of the warm object making you roll your eyes into your head. A few whimpers slipped out as you began to bob your head back and forth, the sound of Joel quickly gripping the couch next to him loud. Your eyes flicked up to the arm clenching the fabric, his veins popping out and strained as you moved your sights to Joel’s face.
His eyes were practically closed as he struggled to keep them open, the sight of you sucking him off being too much. Reaching up, you started to gently jerk off the rest of his dick that you couldn’t swallow down, running your tongue along the soft skin under his shaft. You could tell that was too much for him because his hand that was gripping the couch went limp, his body loose as you continued to taste him.
He lazily rolled his hips into your mouth, wanting even more from you, and while you tried to keep up with what he wanted, you soon found out that it wasn’t enough. Lifting his arm, he reached across and grabbed a handful of your hair, holding you in place as he thrust his hips in order to slam his cock further down your throat. You couldn’t help the gag that slipped past your lips as he continued his assault, his pace unrelenting as he finally pulled you off of his dick. You gasped for air, his hand still tangled in your hair as he quickly grabbed you, pulling you into him.
You climbed on top of him once again, this time his dick was sitting in between your folds as you situated yourself, your wetness coating the spit that was soaking his dick already. Before you had a chance to pull yourself together, Joel roughly pulled you in for another kiss, his hand moving from your hair to the back on your neck, cupping it as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, the taste of his salty cum still lingering in your mouth.
Your moans were loud and obscene, but you were thankful for Joel’s mouth on yours to help prevent the entire town from hearing your desperate whimpers. Your pussy folds practically swallowed Joel’s dick as you rubbed up against him, because while you wanted him buried deep inside of you, you knew the longer that you waited, the greater it would feel once he finally did enter you.
Joel pulled away from you, moving down to your breasts, sucking on one roughly as you continued to grind against his hard dick. You were so turned on, and everything about the situation felt fucking primal. It took everything within you not to slip his dick inside of your already aching pussy. You could sense that it was the same for the man below you with how hard one of his hands were gripping your hips as you continued to slide your cunt around his dick, the crescents of his nails digging into your soft skin.
“Is this what you wanted?” Joel interrogated, pulling away from your breasts as he looked up at you, his beard rough against the sensitive skin on your chest.
You shook your head, getting a small frown from Joel at your disagreement towards his question. He slowed his actions as he waited for you to elaborate, but you quickly grabbed his dick underneath you in the meantime before leaning down and pressing your forehead against his.
“This is what I wanted,” you growled back, sheering yourself onto the man’s dick, the large organ stretching you before you finally dropped all your weight on it. You couldn’t help the loud moan that left your mouth, all you could do was pray that nobody asked any questions around town the next day.
You could feel yourself clenching around his dick already as you tried to bounce on it with the balls of your feet, but it was just so big that you couldn’t find the correct pace that you needed. He was twitching inside of you desperately as you slid your hands up under his shirt, his skin hot and sweaty against your palms as you finally found the rapid pace that gave you the perfect amount of pleasure you were searching for.
The old couch was squeaking beneath the two of you, not quite sure if it could handle the abuse that you were both putting it through.
“Fuck, you feel amazin’” Joel praised, his voice strained and raspy as he tried to meet the pace of your bounce on his dick, thrusting his hips up quickly, the tip hitting something deep inside of you. The feeling made you shut your eyes quickly, your breathing becoming fast and broken as you gasped for air, your nails scratching Joel’s chest beneath you. You quickly ripped a hand out from under his shirt and began to play with your clit seeing as how you were getting incredibly close. Joel noticed your actions, sitting up a little bit so he could wrap his lips around one of your nipples and grab your ass with both of his hands, a tight grip around it as he used his own hands to go the pace that he wanted.
He helped you bounce on his dick as he quickly flicked his tongue across your nipple, the sensation taking you by surprise as you arched onto him, his dick continuing to slam into your g spot. Jesus fucking Christ, it was beyond intense to the point where your legs began to tremble as you felt your orgasm approaching quickly, your fingers rubbing erratically against your clit as you prayed for release.
You shut your eyes, squeezing them close as your orgasm finally hit, a loud squeal spilling out of your mouth as your pussy clenched and squeezed around Joel’s dick that was still buried deep inside of you. The feeling must have been too much for Joel as well, because soon after you came, you heard a loud squelch from Joel's dick coming deep inside of you. While it was completely reckless and ridiculous for you to let Joel come in you, the feeling of his hot, wet, sticky semen splashing all over your insides made up for the recklessness.
You laid up against Joel limply, his cock still inside of you, softening as you both breathed heavily, your mind foggy and overworked. Your breaths were erratic and heavy as you tried to calm yourself down, your body heavy as Joel held you close into his chest, your head buried into the crook of his neck.
You weren’t sure how long you laid up with the man still buried within you, but the moment you felt his hands rubbing up your back gently, you realized that you didn’t really want to leave.
As if Satan heard your thoughts himself, you heard the front door opening, you and Joel’s eyes meeting in surprise as he continued to hold you into his chest, flicking his eyes over to the living room entrance. Luckily the couch was facing away from the front door, and with the way you were laying, you wouldn’t be seen over the couch. On top of that, Joel still had the majority of his clothes on, so as long as nobody actually walked deep into the room, they wouldn’t know that the two of you just finished having sex.
“Ellie?” Joel questioned, to which the two of you heard a small ‘yeah?’ in return. Fuck, you couldn’t believe that his daughter got home right when the two of you finished fucking the hell out of each other.
“I ain’t expect you to be home so early,” Joel said in response, his hands still holding your back, but now they were nervously burying themselves into the soft flesh there.
“Don’t worry, I won’t be here long. Just getting something that I left in the bathroom upstairs. I’m staying the night at Dina’s if you need anything,” Ellie replied from the doorway, almost coldly to an extent. It was clear that she didn’t want Joel to ‘need anything,’ she was practically saying that she didn’t want to be bothered.
You felt Joel nod in response, and heard Ellie’s footsteps trail away from the living room. The both of you sat in nervous silence as Joel held you tightly, a small sigh coming from his lips. Man, you really hated that for him. Part of you wondered what he lied about in the first place to piss Ellie off so much.
Ellie came back down the stairs, not even saying a goodbye as she left, the door slamming loudly. Damn, he wasn’t lying when he said she was mad at him.
“Sorry you had to see all of that. She usually doesn’t even come into the house,” Joel said quietly, adjusting uncomfortably below you. You could tell that he was ready to pull out, so you reached down and grabbed your panties to clean the two of you up. Sitting up so he could slip out, you used your panties to catch the remaining seed that was within you, looking over at Joel. You noticed that his thoughts were lost, his mind most likely wondering about everything that had just happened.
“I should probably get going,” you said gently, seeing as how you didn’t want to make the situation any more difficult for him. He looked over at you as you began to dress yourself, a small frown on his face at your actions as he pulled up his own pants, tucking himself back into his boxers.
“Are you sure?” Joel asked, wanting to make sure that you felt comfortable leaving after the evening that the two of you just shared.
“Yeah, I can tell that you need a little bit of time to yourself,” you reassured gently as you finished dressing yourself, slipping your dirty underwear into your pants pocket as you looked down at the man, softly placing your hand on his shoulder.
He looked a bit taken aback at your words, opening his mouth to speak before you once again leaned down, kissing him tenderly for the first time all night. You could feel his lips turn into a smile as he kissed you back, his hands timidly cradling your face as the two of you pulled away from each other.
“I’ll make sure that I say hey to you the next time you talk to me,” you teased, a large grin on your face as he shook his head in amusement.
“You better say more than that,” Joel lectured, standing up with you in order to walk you out. As you reached the front door, he grabbed your jacket from the coat hanger next to you, watching you fondly as you pulled it on. You smiled at him as you were finally ready to leave, your eyes shifting anxiously as you began to ponder what would happen after tonight.
“I have afternoon patrol tomorrow, but if you’re free, I would like to see you when I get back,” Joel suggested, his words immediately reassuring you. God, you hadn’t felt this excited in so long, you could hardly emit the words that you would love to see him tomorrow. Whenever you did however, a large smile filled his face as he nodded at you in understanding.
“I’ll see you tomorrow then,” he said softly, leaning in to give you yet another gentle kiss that immediately made you want to suck him off once more. However, you knew that you couldn’t spend the entire night under the sheets with him, so it would just have to wait until the upcoming day.
After pulling away from the sweet kiss, he reached around to open the front door for you, his eyes watching you as you said goodbye quietly to him before walking down the steps. You were glad that your back was to him, because the sheepish smile that was practically frozen on your face would have been beyond embarrassing for him to see. As you walked closer to your house in the freezing cold, your thoughts were finally calm and quiet.
All you knew now was that you had something to finally look forward to.
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Seattle, Day 3 🏙
I’ve had so much fun working on this illustration of Ellie from The Last of Us! Ellie has gunslinger cowgirl energy, I don’t make the rules
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The Last Of Us - Ellie icons 1/?
"Man… I shot the hell out of that guy, huh?"
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art from: @roseflarea on twitter.
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