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#ellie x reader

Comfort (Dina x Reader x Ellie) Modern AU

In which an uncomfortable family visit leaves Ellie and Dina picking up the pieces.

(Quick note, this was just suppose to be a request but it got personal really quickly and it’s… a lot like it’s a lot. But hey! I’m back writing again!)

Tw for some implied abuse and childhood trauma


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Being Ellie’s Younger Brother She’s Protective Of Would Include:


Originally posted by nekpma

  • Ellie always looking out for you
  • Ellie helping teach you how to survive
  • Her helping you warm up to Joel when you first meet him, and you’re hesitate to trust him
  • Her always being there for you
  • Promising her that you’ll never tell anyone about her immunity
  • Always having each other’s backs
  • Ellie always telling you jokes from her jokebook

Requested by: anonymous

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“what’s with the face” you asked as Ellie leaned against the bar, a scotch glass in her hand. Her looks could kill and a frown seemed permanently etched onto her lips. She’d been like that the whole night, giving you eyerolls and side eye. To the point she refused to dance with you and your friends, which in her defense , she refused often but always gave in. Not tonight though.

“it’s my face” she answered coldly and slammed back her drink, leaving the glass on the wooden bar behind you.

“sure it is” you pursed your lips into a thin line at your girlfriends sour mood. She bobbed her head slightly to the music but still refused to utter a word , much less look in your direction.

You never knew Ellie to be the jealous type, but you had been spending a lot of time with Dina and Jessie. Between patrols and bonfire nights, your friend group had taken priority over your relationship. Ellie and you seemed to not be alone together as much and it sucked. Ellie normally was quiet and kept her feelings to herself unless confronted, and although you weren’t sure what to make of her facial expression and cold demeanor, you had to take a chance.

You sighed as you relaxed against the bar, your arm touching Ellie’s and you both watched Dina and Jessie dance around.

“are you jealous?” You asked, a little bit of fear was present in your voice as you didn’t want to make your girlfriend even more pissed off than she was. The risk you took seemed to have been the right choice however. Ellie looked down at her feet and her cheeks started to take a pink tint to them. You smiled cheeky as she knitted her eyebrows together at your statement.

She finally looked up, her green eyes meeting yours. “Perhaps…” She muttered. You giggled as you took her hand in yours and pulled her towards the dance floor. She rolled her eyes but begrudgingly followed you. You put your hands around her shoulders and her hands naturally took their place around your waist as you both swayed side to side.

“I’m sorry…” You said sincerely. You know it wasn’t completely her fault that jealousy had surfaced. You knew she was insecure and afraid of being alone and you didn’t blame her for it.

She seemed surprised at your words however and knitted her eyebrows in confusion again. “Why are you saying sorry? I know I’m acting dumb and there’s no need to be jealous and-” Ellie’s words were cut off by your kiss and she melted into you.

you pulled apart , you kept your foreheads together as you kept swaying to the soft music in the background.

“I’m sorry i haven’t made extra time just for us. I’m also sorry I didn’t pay attention to your needs. I promise I’ll be better.” Ellie smiled and so did you as you both kept your eyes shut and danced. After a few moments of silence and enjoying each others company, she uttered.

“I promise I’ll also be better. I love you”

“I love you too”


I’m so so so so so sorry this took so long. BUT HEY ANON FINALLY HERE IT IS. I’m also sorry if it didn’t go in the direction you wanted but I wanted to show a healthy communicative way of showing how to deal with jealousy.

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A/N: ok hi hello since i played tlou2 when it released i’ve been thinking cONSTANTLY about ellie and the time following joel’s death to the time ellie leaves jackson for seattle, and i’ve been desperate to write a fic about it for so long now and i finally had the motivation to do it and i wrote this in an hour so its obviously top quality;))!!! this is an x reader just because i think that makes stories a lil more fun and because i struggle to write in character pov’s but here we go. i am also in the middle of writing a kylo ren multi-part fic, a part 2 to my abby fic and some mando content because <33 why not <33 i love all of you and i wish you all a very happy new year<33

warnings: mentions of death? i think that is all :))

word count: 1.6k+

description: Ellie and the reader have a heart to heart after the death of Joel.

You knocked quietly on the door of Ellie’s home in Jackson, a plate full of food in your hands and your lip between your teeth in anticipation as you waited for her to answer. Truthfully, you weren’t sure if she would answer, or if she was even home. You weren’t sure which one worried you more.

No one had seen Ellie in at least a week, not even Dina. You had left food outside of her home, which you knew she had been accepting, as each time you returned an empty plate would greet you. Other than that, no one had had any interaction with Ellie. This was the first time you had stayed, waiting to see her whilst you delivered her food.

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dating ellie would include…


character/fandom: ellie williams, the last of us

note: i wrote these headcanons awhile back, so they’ve been in my drafts for quite some time. i hope you enjoy!! (this is also one of my first times writing hc’s so pls bare w/ me😓)


☾ alrighty, to start things off, let’s just say that dating her is a BLAST

☾ if you two are together around ages of 14-16 y'all are going to get in so much trouble💀

☾ don’t get me wrong, you’ll still get in a lot of trouble if you’re together around 17-20, but the chaos is definitely always there when you guys are younger

☾ whenever you get nervous, you trace her tattoo with your finger - it helps calm you :)

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An Ellie x Female Reader.  You take Ellie out for a snow outing on a winter night where unexpected feelings are discovered.

I didn’t proof read this so sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. I hope you enjoy this cringfest and Merry Christmas!

My boot clad feet crunched in the snow as I shivered from the biting cold that winter evening. Ellie followed close behind me, arms crossed over her chest as she struggled to keep up. I turned to face her for a moment, giving her a chance to catch up. 

    “So, why exactly are we out here again?” Ellie asked, holding her hands up to her face to blow some air over them in an attempt to keep them warm. 

    “I just wanted to go for a walk with you, that’s all. When’s the last time just the two of us did something together?” She rolled her eyes at this, clearly not amused.

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A muffled yell caused her to look at Ellie who seemed to be mouthing something, it wasn’t long before the ringing in her ears stopped allowing her to hear her name being screamed out. Ellie… There was something about this woman that made her feel strange but it was a good feeling, one she wanted to chase to figure out what it was.  Without a second thought, she yanked the bow off her body and hooked an arrow on the string, wasting no time to stand up and release the sharp stick on the first person she locked eyes with.

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Sing Me A Lullaby • Ellie Williams Imagine

Summary: While on the revenge hunt Y/N asks Ellie to sing something to ease the high tensions and frustration which leads to much more than expected

TW: None! Just fluff

Originally Posted On My Wattpad: -starrdxst


“Oh, fuck off!” Ellie snorts, laughing along with the joke her best friend had made. Often times they liked to roast and tease each other, but it was always out of love. They weren’t dating. Or just friends. The thought of labeling something made Ellie nervous but thankfully Y/N didn’t seem to mind keeping it to themselves.

Soft sighs took over after the fit of laughter, the rain hitting the roof of the abandoned building. “What if we don’t find her?” Y/N suddenly asked, looking at Ellie.

The girl chucked to herself in a sarcastic manner. “Oh, I’ll find her.”

Maybe mentioning Abby was a bad idea. The anger started to rise again within Ellie, her hands shaking lightly and her teeth gnawing at her bottom lip anxiously. Y/N frowns and scoots closer, her hand grabbing onto Ellie’s arm.

“Hey,” she whispers, tilting her head to the guitar that was left behind. “Sing me a lullaby.”

Ellie felt a cool sensation take over instead of the heat, her heart slowing down. Music was their way of communicating when words couldn’t help. Ellie nods and grabs it, strands of her wet hair dangling yet shaping her face, making her prettier if that was even possible. She was absolutely gorgeous no matter what to Y/N. The sound of Ellie’s voice, the gentle picks of the old strings and nature combined was like heaven.

“Deep in the meadow, under the willow.. a bed of grass, a soft green pillow.. lay down your head and close your eyes.. and when they open, the sun will rise. Here its safe, here its warm.. here the Daisy’s guard you from every harm. Here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow brings them true.. here is the place where I.. I love you..”

Her voice was a little hoarse but still beautiful in its own way. The words she had sung came from her heart, making Y/n’s heart swell with pure love and joy. Gently, Y/n reaches over and puts the guitar down and soon presses her lips onto Ellie’s. To her surprise, Ellie kisses back. The kiss was full of need - but not a sexual need. It was magical, pure, and real. The two shared moments together where they clicked and could feel that connection but this? It was much more powerful.

With a light gasp after pulling away, Y/N rests her head on Ellie’s and looks into her green eyes. “I love you, Ellie.”

It was barely even a whisper, but Ellie knew what she said. Y/n knew that the lullaby was telling her something.

Ellie runs her hand through her lovers hair, scared to admit it out loud that she loved her back so instead she kissed y/n again, pinning her down gently. She struggles with words these days but actions?

She’ll make sure Y/N knows how much she is loved and cared for tonight.

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pleaser [Ellie Williams Imagine]

Prompt: Ellie and reader are friends with benefits, and reader doesn’t appreciate Ellie kissing another woman.

Warnings: sexual themes.

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Promt: She made you talk

(She/her pronouns) 

(S,c)= Skin color 

(H,c)= Hair color

Warnings: cursing, torture,mentions of death, and sexual themes.

Words: 4184


“You know that you could always come back to Jackson.” Ellie reminded her, pulling their body closer to her own bare one. She met (Y,n) at the age of sixteen, out on patrol with Jesse and Kyle when they stumbled upon the girl’s apartment building. (Y,n) had claimed an entire apartment building to herself making it to where there was only two exits, the front door, and the basement window, the kids were lucky she didn’t try and kill them that day. Now they laid in each other’s arms, slightly covered in sweat after a night of sexual acts, three years later.

“I could… But Isaac would send out a search party for me,” Ellie knew that (Y,n) didn’t live the building, just used it as a rendezvous point in her long travels with people from her community. Instead, she lived somewhere in Seattle with tons of people, and the man who ran everything there just happened to be her father so even though she had the freedom to go wherever, whenever, the eighteen-year-old couldn’t stay out for long. Not with the war going on between the Scars and WLF.

“You can run away, we can run away,” This made the (S,c) girl lift her head from Ellie’s chest with a raised eyebrow. “I mean it, we can run off to California or Ohio. Somewhere far away… Wouldn’t that be nice?” She asked, using her free hand to hold the younger woman’s face.

“It would be nice.”


Joel and Tommy never made it to the check-in point where Jesse was waiting. She and Dina had decided to hold up in one of Eugene’s hidden safe houses but didn’t realize how much time they spent in the basement smoking weed and talking, Ellie felt stupid for not going up and checking if the snowstorm had passed.

“Joel!? Tommy!?” She yelled out to the men, ridding Shimmer through the thick snow. Once she noticed the pile of dead infected in front of the old skiing lodge she knew they had to be there. “How do get down there?” Ellie hopped off Shimmer and tied her reigns to a tree branch, telling her to stay put. She jumped down a ledge and ran through the woods having to raise her legs up with each step as the fresh snow made her sink down,

“Joel? Tommy?” Ellie called out for them as the lodges fence came into view. She squeezed through the hole and pulled out her pistol, it was too quiet and the missing men weren’t replying to her worried yells, making a bad feeling settle deep into her stomach.


“Are you fucking kidding me?” (Y,n) threw her Uno cards on the table once her secret lover placed two draw fours and two Uno reverse cards to the pile, completely emptying her hands with that single dreaded word to be followed.

“Twenty seven to five now. Are you sure you know how to play this game? ‘Cause I doubt that you do” Ellie laughed, flipping open her butterfly knife to add another tally to the wooden table underneath her initials. During their time together, the women would either stay in (Y,n)’s building, check out shops that caught their eye or sit at the park playing board and card games that always ended with the oldest winning.

Every twenty days they would leave their community and travel to her building to see one another, even if it was a longer trip for (Y,n) she’d be there no matter what. They were madly in love. “How about we go hop on some Call of duty then we’ll see who doesn’t know how to play a game,” (Y,n) challenged.

“Uh, no. We’re not going all the back there just for me to kick your ass in another game them make bets with our food,” Ellie told her, slinging her bag onto the table and pulled out her journal. It was time to add another entry, a simple one.

“Oh ho! You really think you can beat at that game?” Ellie gave her a nod, scribbling something down in her journal with a smile on her face.

“Don’t feel bad, it’s okay to not be good at games,” she was doing this on purpose, teasing her. Loving the irritated growl that came from their soft lips, she definitely wrote about that in her journal.

“Fine… Let’s make a bet,” This had Ellie lookup. “If you win three rounds on call of duty I’ll bring you three breakfast burritos next time we meet up.”

“Fuck yeah!” Ellie cheered, she loved those meaty breakfast burritos. “What do you get if you win?” (Y,n) smiled and bit her bottom lip, making the woman in front of her swallow harshly.

“I’ll overstim you,” Ellie let out a choked laugh staring at her with wide eyes. Noticing that (Y,n) wasn’t lying she squeezed her legs together just at the thought. The (H,c) woman knew Ellie would let her purposely let her win if both prizes were benefiting her,

“Wait, that means you don’t get anything.” She pointed out, stuffing her journal back into her bag.

“Oh yes I do, you think eating you out until you’re quivering with pleasure isn’t a prize for me?”

Fuck’, Ellie was heads over heels for this woman. 

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Imagine being in love with your best friend Ellie

Summery: you are in love with your best friend but she loves someone else

Word count: 223

As (Y/N) looked down at her phone she cried, she had been in love with her best friend Ellie for years noe but she knew that Ellie was going to ask Dina out and it pained her to know that they would never be together. I mean yeah Dina is a great person and she is good friends with both if them but (Y/N) couldn’t help but ti be jealous of Dina, i mean she was so pretty, nice and smart but most important she made Ellie happy anf that was all thatcmattered. Ellie and (Y/N) were such good friends and of course (Y/N) didn’t want to ruin thstcso she listened to Ellie as she talked about Dina and how nervous she was of Dina rejectinf her. But deep doen she knew she came in too late with liking Ellie and that Dina would say yes to her no matter what and all (Y/N) could do was be there for her friend and support her while she rambled on about the love of her lufe. Needless to say she missed her chance with this awesome girl and was only going to fuck up thier friendship if she tried to do anything.

9 notes

hi. i haven’t written anything on tumblr in a long ass time (4 years, give or take). very out of the loop i am indeed, however, i love the last of us. i’m not over the second game. and i love ellie williams with my entire fuckin’ heart.

for the time being, i’m hoping to limit requests to ellie x reader fics since there’s a mild shortage of those. i am willing to write smut (boundaries: cnc, incestuous content, anything feet related, watersports) and fluff/angst! 

send in some requests of your ellie fantasies and i will try and make them come true. we’re just gonna see what happens.

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Originally posted by drained-of-light

character/fandom: ellie williams, the last of us

note: HAPPY THANKSGIVING (if you celebrate)!! sorry this was kind of short & cut off, i wrote this right after i finished eating thanksgiving dinner so i’m a bit tired hehe. and even if you don’t celebrate thanksgiving, i hope you have an AMAZING and SPECTACULAR day!!


The cool air smelled of leaves and pumpkins as you rocked on an old rocking chair, the autumn breeze ruffling your hair as it swayed past. You could hear soft chatter in the house behind you, the voices trailing through the screen door.

You sighed as you pulled the flannel you wore tighter against you, hating and loving the chill at the same time. Nobody was out on the streets today, you noticed. Everyone’s probably with their families getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner.

Your thoughts were broken when you heard the padding of feet and the door creak open.

“Hey, why are you outside all alone?”

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carving pumpkins with them (tlou 2 preferences)

happy halloween!!! <3 <3 <3 this is my first attempt at preferences so i hope it doesn’t suck too bad!! <3 also sorry for not adding joel

warnings: -

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Aerith Gainsborough


Originally posted by pacoc-a

  • You fall through the church and meet Aerith
  • Aerith rewards you with a kiss
  • You and Aerith pick flowers
  • Aerith tells you she’s a Cetra
  • You become Aeriths bodyguard
  • You and Aerith cuddle in a field of flowers
  • Childhood friends

Ellie Williams


Originally posted by yyh

  • Ellie tells you she’s immune
  • You spend the night with Ellie
  • You comfort Ellie after a PTSD episode
  • You and Ellie trade bad jokes
  • Ellie plays the guitar for you
  • First kiss
  • Cuddling under the stars on Ellies rooftop
14 notes

Post-Epilouge Ellie Headcannons


Originally posted by bladesrunner

Lol this is so hella random and kinda short, but you’re so very true anon


  • Flipping out whenever Ellie comes back missing half of her hand
  • But you’re somehow not surprised whenever she comes back to tell you that she didn’t kill Abby
  • “No, I-I couldn’t do it..” Ellie looking down at the floor as you pulled her into a bone-crushing hug
  • Waking her up by pressing kisses all over her face
  • Or blowing raspberries into her neck if you know she’s awake lol
  • She only needs the three fingers tho 😏😏
  • But that doesn’t apply to the guitar at all
  • Listening to her trying to play the guitar is heartbreaking
  • She gets so frustrated if she can’t play a song for you
  • It’s her way of telling her that she loves you, without actually having to say it
  • Most def whips out her guitar and sings you wonderwall or creep if she could lol
  • Motivates you to learn the guitar from Ellie so you can help her play 🥺🥺
  • Whenever you told her that, her heart popped out of her chest
  • Oml she thought it was so sweet
  • Her trying her best to point out the different clefs with her fingers
  • But the dots on Joel’s guitar help make it easier to get the notes right
  • Sitting next to Ellie/in her lap and playing the fretboard while she’s strumming the pickups
  • And wrapping your arms around each other’s waist
  • Getting her a guitar clip for her birthday, so she can go through a song without any trouble
  • It was her favorite gift that you’ve gotten her
  • But she loves it whenever you ask her to play guitar with you tho
  • “Oh my god, Ellie, for the love of god would you stop with the finger guns?”
  • Throwing her other hand up into a finger gun and smirking, “You can’t ever stop me.”
  • Even makes the little ‘pew’ noises to piss you off lol
  • Running your hands through her hair whenever she’s going through a panic attack
  • Or humming the tunes to songs that she’s sung to you
  • But her favorite is whenever you draw with her, to help clear her mind
  • You’d spend all day drawing with Ellie, it’s so soothing and relaxing
  • Especially when there’s music in the background
  • Grabbing both her hands and squeezing gently bc you can still technically properly hold her hand
  • Because your Spotify is literally Ellie lmao
  • Giving Ellie extra love after everything happened with Joel & Santa Barbara, and to be extra patient with her if she’s going through episodes
  • Ellie surprising you with doodles every now and then
  • She’s just thankful that Abby didn’t fuckin’ bite off the other half of her hand lol
  • She’d go crazy if she wasn’t able to create art
  • “You like it? How about you hang it up?”
  • Putting you into a hug while she watches you admire her art
  • But purposely acting like you hate it to fuck with her often lol
  • “Ew, what the hell is this?”
  • Ellie’s brows raising up in concern bc she actually thinks that you don’t like it
  • Shooting up from laying across the couch, and grabbing it out of her hands
  • “You know, I hate it so much that I’m gonna hang it up,” Walking down the hallway while talking shit lol, “Gonna wake up everyday and see how ugly it is.”
  • Ellie following behind you and rolling her eyes
  • Lol you now have Ellie’s sketches in a little corner in the room you share with her
  • Putting them in picture frames all over the house if you have them
  • And Ellie thinking it’s the cutest
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C♡me here。˚•*:・゚


。˚ ♡. ཾ •。˚ . ཾ. ・゚✧*: 。˚ ♡. ཾ •。˚ . ཾ. ・゚✧*: 。˚ ♡. ཾ • 。˚ . ཾ. 。˚ ♡

Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long for Ellie to come back but Unluckily she caught me snooping. What can I say? I was bored.

As I lazily flipped through her journal and admired how skilled she was I paid no mind to my surroundings. Suddenly hearing a “What are you doing?” from behind me made me freeze knowing I’d been caught red handed.

Deciding to spin around and give her my best ‘please don’t be mad’ face only to see her raising her brows with her arms crossed I knew it was futile.

I sheepishly smiled at her feeling guilty. “I know I’m not suppose to look but come on El!” Giving her puppy dog eyes and a pout I walked towards her and came to a stop less then a foot away. I then copied her stance and continued. “Actually I think this was a set up! I mean you just left it lying there. Wide open! and you know how easily i give in to temptation El.” Rolling her eyes and trying not to smile she broke her stance and walked over to her desk to see exactly what I’d seen. After pressing her palms on the flat surface on either side of the journal Ellie leaned over and started looking back over the pages I’d read. She turned her head to the side and spoke back in my direction. “Too bad you didn’t even get to the good stuff and still got caught.” She taunted me with a side smirk. I can only see the side of her face doused in shadows due to the light coming from the opposite direction and I can still see that smug ass expression. Pouting again i shifted on my feet for a moment. Suddenly i really wanted to wipe that look off her face. Now usually Ellie’s the one that makes me loose my cool. Not the other way around unless it’s unintentional. But I’ve decided not this time. Two can be a tease. Walking up behind her i used my body to press her front into the desk while brushing my lips against the crane of her neck. She let out a light gasp and immediately straightened up. Now towering over me at her full height. Only her finger tips touched the desk. Dragging mine up her sides and back down then moving them to rest on her abdomen i continued my affections on the back of her neck and started rubbing my thumb across her hip. I smirked as I heard her let out a hum. “I thought you’d at least pout a little.” She said letting out a breathy laugh.

“Maybe even beg for me to show you the rest but-“ a failed attempt at suppressing the moan that left her as I sucked on her neck cut off her sentence. Once she took a moment to suck in some air she finished her previous statement. “definitely not this.”

Using her hips I pulled Ellie around to face me as her hands now gripped the edges of the desk behind her. I could see a bit of her tattoo poking out from under her jacket leading up her wrist. Wanting to see the whole tat in all its glory i continued my assault on her neck allowing my hands to start pulling her jacket off her shoulders. Giving the top of my head a kiss she released her tight grip on the wood to help me rid her of her thick clothing. In nothing but her sports bra now she sat on the object behind her, spreading her legs and grabbing my hips while bringing me closer. Remembering her words from earlier I smirked and trailed my finger tips from her hands on my hips until I rested them on her cheeks. After sharing a slow passionate kiss with Ellie trying to deepen it i slowly pulled away and smirked. “Now maybe you’ll be the one begging for me.” I whispered as seductively as I could. Ellie’s eyes locked onto my lips, hanging onto my every word. Smirking I went on to say “That is if your stubborn ass will even let me tease you?” I finished raising my brows. She pinched the fabric of my shirt in between her calloused fingers. Playing with it as she rested her head against mine and pouted at me she spoke. “I’m not stubborn.”

“Oh really? Do you recall that the reason we’re in this position is because you won’t let me see your journal? All I wanna see are those sketches of me you keep hiding!” Now with the bottom half of my shirt rolled up she roamed her hands across my stomach. Her touch was warm as she continued stopping just below my breast and caressing the skin over my ribs. “It’s embarrassing. And I don’t know…I don’t want you to hate them.” She said no longer looking at me and watching her hands caress me with furrowed brows and parted lips. Grabbing her wrist I halted her movements and grasped her hands in mine. Bringing them up to my face and kissing her knuckles before returning them to my waist. She watched me do this, it bringing a pretty smile to her face. “You have no reason to be embarrassed now El. I mean first off your an amazing artist so i could never hate them but it’s ok if you don’t want me to see them. I should have respected that and I’m sorry for peaking at your journal. My curiosity got the best of me!” I confessed with a chuckle. “And for the record I could never hate anything about you so don’t worry your pretty little head about that.” I finished off softly gripping her chin and giving her a sweet kiss. Beaming at me she then looked to side making me notice the pink hue in her cheek. You would think she would of been blushing earlier at our more..handsy actions but not El. As much as she tries to hide it the sweeter, softer stuff is what really gets her. Who’s the sap now huh!? Instead of teasing her about it (out loud) like I usually would I brought my hand to her face bringing her back to me. Facing her I could tell she just couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. This sent jolts of joy throughout my body. I felt like I was floating. Giving her forehead a peck I pulled her up and to the bed across the room. “Are you staying?” she asked and took off her shoes and bottoms.

“Dunno Williams do you want me to stay?” I replied while unlacing my boots. That familiar smirk reclaimed her face. “Hmm well it’s pretty cold out and it’d be rude to kick you out so late..” she trailed off as she helped me undress for bed. “So I guess you can stay.” She winked. Rolling my eyes at her I pushed her onto the pillows and hovered over her waist with my hands on her shoulders. “On one condition” Letting her hands find their place on my sides she continued to humor me.

“Lot of demands for a guest.” She joked.

To think that yesterday I would of only been able to fantasize about being in this position with the girl of my dreams and now it’s real.

You better believe I’m gonna take advantage of all this has to offer. “Cuddle me till we’re asleep?”

Watching her expression change to that stupid smirk only made me think ‘ah theirs that smug face I love.’ This only made my smile widen and I knew I’d never grow tired of the ache in my cheeks being with her brought me as she opened her arms to me.

“Come here.”

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