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sexovampiro · 22 days ago
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The most awful lineup of bachelors I’ve ever seen…
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reallyghostlydinosaur · 6 days ago
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We NEED more content of them. Sorry if the first frame looks weird lmao, had a hard time trying to fit these to just 10 images :)
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aramanna · 2 months ago
Go kiss your spouse and maybe you'll regain some energy 🙄
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consequently-cryptic · 6 months ago
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lizardfootman · 3 months ago
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"You who swallowed a falling star, o' heartless man, your heart shall soon be mine." (a little bonus under the cut ❤️)
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shelhopper · 4 months ago
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It is not halloweentime but it is in my game
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ellrie · 8 months ago
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a chart ive conducted of the stardew bachelors
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lord-ozymandias · 10 days ago
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elliot my bestie elliot
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eat-my-shampoo · a month ago
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When people wonder why you’re in love with the guy who lives in a shed, has a crab in his pocket, but has the most luxurious hair despite using Suave Mens 3-in-1 in Citrus Rush scent to wash his hair
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duckie-saurus-valley · a month ago
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Summer 28, Year 3. Dance of the Moonlight Jellies.
Come closer, my darling..
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slugbuggy · 10 months ago
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we havin a babey
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unluckyprime · 12 days ago
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elliot ✨✏️
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definitlynotnico · 5 months ago
Can we all agree, Harvey may have the tallest sprite but Elliott is still the tallest
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nessietessimal · 7 months ago
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I’ve been playing a lot of Stardew Valley recently and whilst I love every single one of these delightful villagers the local beach-hut living author is definitely a favourite <3 
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swagdewvalley · 3 months ago
the ‘elliott being your favourite marriage option’ to ‘lesbian’ pipeline needs to be explored more
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lizardfootman · 2 months ago
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this man is the personification of sunshine
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glowingbadger · 3 months ago
Y'know what, I finished my 'spicy text' prompt requests so I'm rewarding myself with something that literally no one asked for but that I have to get out of my system
Especially since I got to 10 hearts with Elliot RIGHT as winter started and the bastard who gives out marriage amulets doesn't appear during winter so I'm stuck here pining for this man as he bemoans the uncertainty of the future and I'm like IT'S TOO COLD TO GET MARRIED I'M SORRY
((edit: to those telling me to use a rain totem- I didn't have the recipe at the time of this post, so I couldn't))
Elliot (Stardew Valley) x GN Reader
General Spicy Headcanons - NSFW 18+
- Okay so first of all, yes, the man will absolutely write you erotic letters- or even a bit of smut, if you make it clear you'd be interested. The first time it happens, it's almost an accident; he's been trying to work on his writing, but his mind keeps straying back to you no matter how hard he tries to stay on-task. Eventually, he finds himself absently scribbling across a loose page about every inch of your body he's been studying in his mind, every moan and sigh from your lips that he can replay in his memory. After this, it becomes a habit. When his need for you begins to interrupt his creative process, sometimes the only way for him to refocus is to express those desires in writing.
- Power play doesn't really come naturally to Elliot- he'd rather explore your mutual pleasure together free from power dynamics, unless it's something you really want. His preferred kinks are things like delicate sensory play- things he can get deeply invested in with you and watch your beautiful reactions to a thousand different sensations. Teasing with feathers, ice cubes, etc., whether he's on the giving or receiving end, the slow, sensual pleasure of exploring each other's bodies in a new way is always enthralling to him.
- Elliot adores cock warming. To be able to just hold you against his body and touch you, run his hands up your thighs, along your sides, all while whispering in your ear how perfect and right you feel wrapped around his cock- it's absolute heaven. In fact, he can get very eloquent about expressing his pleasure and his adoration when you're filled with him and resting in his arms.
- Related, he almost intuitively tends toward body worship. It's not something he consciously thinks about often, but he just can't help himself with you- he needs you to know that every inch of you arouses and entrances him. It can actually make him a bit of an unintentional tease; Elliot can get so invested in dirty talk and foreplay that he can take a long time to realize when you're at your limit and need him inside of you. Fortunately, he doesn't mind at all if you're forward about what you want. In fact, looking him in the eye and demanding that he fuck you can make his knees weak and his heart flutter.
- He doesn't generally prefer things super rough, but feeling your nails up his neck or along his scalp, or your fingers curling or even tugging on his hair makes him positively feral. The first time you subconsciously pull at his hair while he's fucking you firm and steady, he lets out a deep groan like you've never heard from him before, and his cock throbs almost uncomfortably hard. If you encourage this from him and get really good at timing things, a good pull at his hair can get him to cum almost on-command, panting and gasping out your name.
- His sex drive is sort of inconsistent. Elliot spends hours and days at a time doing almost nothing but writing, and that's not going to change when there's a lover in the picture. But when he's reached an acceptable temporary stopping point in his work, he may decide to reward you both for your patience with a long, romantic and pleasurable night together. He's more than happy to dedicate himself as whole-heartedly to your body and your pleasure as he does to his work, and his stamina won't falter until you've both been satisfied several times over.
- Overall, Elliot is fairly open to whatever experiments or kinks you may suggest. It's valuable for a creative of any kind to pull from a variety of experiences, after all. And listen, I know he said he's not incredible with the piano or anything... but the man knows how to use his hands, that's all I'm saying.
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megandrawsathing · 3 months ago
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I married Elliot in my latest play through. I have to admit: as sweet as he is, I miss Harvey. 😋 Anywho, pomegranate + junimo blanket snuggles.
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lord-ozymandias · 3 days ago
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more elliot’s
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cl0wn---cat · 13 days ago
My opinion on stardew valley bachelor's
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Not that attractive tbh (don’t hurt me Alex simps)
He feels just like a average jock and nothing else
I’ve literally never taken the time to know him
Hes ok ig
Tumblr media
He is so pretty on god
His comments about having to brush his hair are relatable 
Cheesy poet man
He probably smells really good and if you were to ask him how he'd say it's the ocean breeze. No, he actually used perfume but wants to feel special.
Will marry him. Is marrying him
Tumblr media
I always forget he exists
He is running on coffee
Probably doesn't follow his own medical advice
Average but still nice
Tumblr media
Loveable dumbass
The idiot we all got but don't deserve
Probably gonna go for him next
Sadly he plays mobile games
His hair looks like it was really windy and he was too lazy to fix it
Probably doesn’t know a single thing about how farming works until you become his friend
Tumblr media
I love this man
My first husband in the game
Also his mom is hot
Emo freak 
Please sir get some sunlight
100% had a phase when he posted cringy sad whispers
Touch starved man # 1
Tumblr media
Touch starved man # 2 
Deserves all the love and affection in the world
Relate to him a bit to much
Please sir stop working at jojo, i'll just give you money each week
Spent all my gold on beer for him, look I needed to get close
Getting married to him in another playthrough
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