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so i started playing stardew
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Tumblr media
POV you're the new farmer and the sun is rising at the beach.
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boy's night out 🍻
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The bachelors (and Krobus) 🌱💗
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Typical artsy
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glittersandsourcherries · 4 months ago
Cheatercheaterbestfriend (part 2) | Elliot x Reader
Summary: Jules faces the consequences of her act and Elliot needs the comfort of his girlfriend after a difficult talk with Rue
Pairing: Elliot x Reader
Word count: 1k
Warnings: mention of cheating, violence, swearing
part 1
Tumblr media
It all happened so fast. No one could've really stopped it. Kat was too scared of getting in between and Maddy could've held you back, but she loved a fight. Especially when it was about revenge.
You wasted no time skating to the edge of the rink and jumping over the board like a hockey player during a player switch.
Fear mixed with panic in Jules' blue eyes as she saw you coming for her. She looked left and right for an escape, but she would never be fast enough. She was trapped.
''Y/N, I-''
You didn't let her finish.
The slap was sharp and loud, the sound of skin against skin echoing around and making some heads turn. A ribbon of gasps from onlookers followed, shocked at what just happened.
She was lucky you were in a public place because you wouldn't have settled for a slap.
''You're such a backstabbing two-faced bitch, Jules Vaughn,'' you spat with fury, pointing an accusing finger at her. The blonde flinched before you as you spoke, her eyes watering, fearing you'd slap her again - or worse. ''What made you think you could kiss my boyfriend behind my back and come out unscathed?''
Jules opened her mouth to speak, but only stammered.
''You didn't think I'd find out, did you?'' You laughed dryly, stepping closer to her, your faces now a couples inches from each other. ''Count yourself lucky I didn't catch you in the act. I would've dragged your cheating skank ass-''
''I think that's enough. People are looking and they'll get us kicked out,'' Kat warned, watching out for security. It was only a matter of time before someone alerted them.
''You're fucking dead to me, Jules,'' you said through gritted teeth. ''Dead.''
''I'm sorry, Y/N-''
You scoffed. Her apologies didn't mean anything to you. You didn't want to hear them. She probably didn't even mean them and was only sorry she got caught.
''Stay away from my man, Jules,'' you advised with threatening eyes. ''If I catch you even looking at him, I'll fucking come for you.''
Jules stepped closer, but Maddy grabbed her arm, stopping her from getting any closer to you. ''I think it's time for you to leave.''
A man in a dark blue uniform walked up to your group of friends, a thick strip on his chest pocket spelling 'security'. ''Is there a problem here, ladies?''
When Elliot made it to the roller rink, he came in looking for a hug from his girlfriend after a heart-shattering conversation with Rue. The tears in her eyes as she repeated variants of 'it's not true' and 'I don't believe you' and 'Jules loves me, she'd never kiss someone else' with trembling lips had caused a lump in his throat from holding back his own tears.
With glassy eyes and his hood up, Elliot searched for you. He wanted to call you after leaving Rue's, but his phone was dead so he had to come to the skating rink.
He cornered the plushie claw crane by the concession counter when someone bumped shoulders with him.
''Sorry,'' a rushed voice said.
Elliot's heartbeat faulted for a second, seeing her for the first time since the kiss. Her eyes briefly met his and she immediately tipped her head down, quickly walking past him. Elliot didn't miss the red mark on her face though. His first thought was that she had fell in the rink, but it didn't really make sense.
Seeing him approach, Maddy skated over to the edge of the rink. ''You missed the show, E,'' she informed, a proud grin on her face. ''Your girl had to remind Miss Homewrecker who you belonged to.''
It clicked. Jules had not fell: you had slapped her. And, guessing by the way she had looked down and practically ran out of the skating rink when she and Elliot crossed path, the message had been understood.
Maddy noticed his empty hands and converse clad feet. ''You're not coming to skate?''
Elliot shifted on his feet. ''Eh, no. I'm not really in the mood to be honest.'' He scanned the rink, trying to find you, but failed. There was too many people and the colorful strobe lights were not helping. ''Could you fetch Y/N for me?''
''Sure.'' Maddy skated away.
You left the girls and skated over to the edge, this time using the door of the rink boards to get out.
''How did it go with Rue?'' you asked. It couldn't have been easy, but Rue deserved to know. Keeping her in the dark was unfair.
Elliot shook his head and you pulled him against you. His arms snaked around your middle, hugging you tight as he pressed his face in your shoulder and neck.
You knew the meeting with Rue wouldn't be easy, but you didn't think it would take him down this much emotionally.
''She hates me,'' he said after a moment, breaking from your embrace.  
You shook your head and moved the both of you to one of the seats. ''No. She doesn't. She's probably going through a lot of different emotions right now and processing what you told her.''
''I hate being the bearer of bad news. She was crying and shit and I just sat there- I'm a shitty person...''
''No, you're not,'' you protested. ''If you were in Rue's shoes, would you rather someone tells you or let you keep kissing your cheating girlfriend?'' You tilted his chin and looked right into his sad eyes. ''You're a good person, Elliot. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.''
He didn't believe you, but he still nodded.
You let go of his face and began undoing your laces, calling it a night. You had a lot of fun with the girls, but it was time to go home and cuddle with your boyfriend. He needed you more right now.
taglist: @bjrmaybank
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˗ˏˋ ´ˎ˗ kiss the bachelors and ... !
→ kiss alex on the inside of his wrist and … that confident charm he holds will start to falter. the intoxicating intimacy of a kiss pressed to an unloved, unthought of spot— the feeling of warmth against his pulse— can only unravel the tight coil he has spun for himself over the years. after so long, it seems now is the moment to tell someone that he hopes they’ll never leave his side.
→ kiss sam on the forehead and… his partner will feel the weight of his forehead pressed against theirs. his movements would be slow, calculated and anchored, as he treasures the warmth of his partner radiating through their skin. even such a simple kiss, small yet significant, shows sam exactly how his partner feels. he’s never been one to not appreciate the little things.
→ kiss elliott on the neck and … his shoulders will tense in sudden shock, roused from his studies of prose and literature, jostled from the languid daydreams only a writer can hold. with the hair of his neck standing straight at this sudden... proclamation, a sudden surge of adoration will wash over the curves of his cheeks. if his muse should unearth him once more, surely, something wonderful would manifest out of it. 
→ kiss shane on the hand and… he’ll retract it like a shock of electricity had pulsed through his fingers. give him a moment to recollect himself, the reminders of learned self-love and reminders that yes, shane, you deserve this sound off like bells in his skull. he’ll place his hand back into his partner’s, silently hoping for one more.  
→ kiss harvey on the shoulder and… the dials of his radio will move one notch further than he intended, jumping in his seat as he looks over his shoulder to the gift-giver. his heart flutters when he asks what had brought on such intimacy, so out of the blue, so spontaneous. the reason for their impulse holds no weight to him, but just to see the mischief in his partner’s eyes is enough to ask once more. 
→ kiss sebastian on the cheek and ... watch as his hands stall in their movement, held in open air at the sudden show of affection. it seems to be much harder to focus on work after moving into the farmhouse. maybe, for a moment, he’ll roll his eyes with a lazy smile, smitten with the spring air and the weight it holds when someone you love is near. 
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perri-berry · 5 months ago
Fun thought: Elliott is stuck on writing his next novel. Farmer moves to town. He goes to say hello but catches them doing something strange. He follows them and watches their odd behaviors: eating seaweed straight from the sea, out Infront of the unopened shops staring, unmoving, disappearing in a flash of light. He writes a new horror cryptid novel called "the arrival"
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fuerrziah · 7 days ago
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cottonvomiit · 4 months ago
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hellooooo elliott fans I'm back w a sequel to my last elliott :D tending to farm animals 2: this time with 20% more background!
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crotovane · 5 months ago
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Elliott (c. 1650)
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thevioletscout · 11 months ago
*Everyone in Stardew Valley dealing with some sort of trauma*
The farmer trying to befriend them:
Tumblr media
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kazuyukikasuke · 25 days ago
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I started playing stardew valley recently and I’ve learned that Elliott isn’t a very popular bachelor bc his gifts are hard and some people don’t find him interesting
but listen. I’m a first time player and I saw his gifts were harder for me to get but let me tell you that THAT IS MY MAN. DO YOU SEE HIM??? LOOK AT HIM GO YEAAA I love books and reading AND HE WROTE A WHOLE BOOK FOR ME???? maybe it’s because I’m aroace and my only relationship experience went bad but THATS SO ROMANTIC OF HIM I want to kiss him so bad. he’s simple and I love him THATS MY MAN LOOK AT HIM
Tumblr media
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lizardfootman · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Ah, the new farmer we've all been expecting... and whose arrival has sparked many a conversation!
I'm Elliott... I live in the little cabin by the beach. It's a pleasure to meet you.”✨
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antivanbrandy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Elliott: waxing poetic about the idyllic valley they both call home
Poppy: 'if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what'
🌈✨ friendship ✨🌈
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glittersandsourcherries · 4 months ago
Bad idea (part 3) | Elliot x Reader
Summary: You and Elliot have a friends with benefits arrangement, but someone ends up catching feelings
Pairing: Elliot x Reader
Word count: 1.2k
Prompt: Hi! Can I request a elliot x reader where they have an FWB set up, but one of them catches feelings for the other.
Part 1 | Part 2 
Keep sending requests!!
Tumblr media
You spent your night tossing and turning in your bed, unable to sleep. Elliot's confession in the laundry room was playing over and over in your head.
I'm in love with you.
The selfish part of you wished he had kept his mouth shut. It was not his fault that he caught feelings, but still. Why? It's going to change everything.
Although the issue was between you and Elliot, it's gonna put an inevitable strain in your friend group - and perhaps, someone will part. You were really scared of that scenario, but you couldn't see things going back to how they were.
Seeing Elliot's heart breaking through his eyes when you got up and left him in the laundry room will haunt you forever. Your heart broke too at that moment. You had wanted to give him a hug, but had refrained, knowing that would've only hurt him more.
Rue and Jules came over in the afternoon. Elliot told them he was sick and had to cancel, but it was a lie - he was not sick. He didn't want to see you. You couldn't blame him. If the situation was reversed, you wouldn't want to see him either.
''Elliot told me he's in love with me.''
Jules cooed. ''That's cute.''
''It would be if we were dating. But we're not.''
''You're not?!'' Rue asked with a frown, stopping playing with the remote of your color-changing lava lamp. She was such a child.
''Oh. Shit. Sorry, I just assumed...'' Jules apologized, sharing a quick glance with her girlfriend who was just as surprised.
If you had given them the impression that you were dating, other people might have thought so too. Oh no... This will make it so much more messy and difficult.
''We're not,'' you confirmed. ''We're just messing around. No feelings.''
''Why not? I think you'd be cute together,'' Jules said.
''You two act like a couple. There would be no difference,'' Rue added.
Jules nodded, which sent you into deep thinking: were you and Elliot acting like a couple?
You spent a lot of time together, but so does friends. You wore his clothes a lot, but that's because they're soft and comfortable. You made flirtatious or sexually suggestive jokes at each other, but it was just your flirty personality. Had a lot of sleepovers - and naps. You slept great when he was there.
You must've been thinking for too long because Rue spoke again.
''He has that look in his eyes when he looks at you,'' she pointed out. ''The same I had the first time I looked at Jules.'' Rue smiled, looking up at Jules.
''You mean you saw me slicing my arm with a kitchen knife at Nate Jacobs' party and immediately fell in love with me? Rue, that's sick.''
''No! I meant outside his house.''
When you got to Elliot's the following day, you didn't realize how early it was. You spent the whole night awake - again -, and in very deep thoughts. Now that morning had risen, you needed to see him. There was a high chance that he might not be awake, but you were already there so you pressed the doorbell.
You heard the rustle of the door unlocking. Dani, Elliot's cousin, opened with sleepy eyes and wearing a very small pajamas. ''Look what the cat dragged in.'' Dani smiled, happy to see you. ''Haven't seen you in a couple of days.''
''Yeah...I had a lot going on.'' You played with the sleeve of your shirt, not feeling like giving her any details.
''Elliot's in his room,'' she said. ''I don't know if he's awake though.''
''He is,'' you lied. ''He texted me.''
''Oh. Well, try to keep it down. Imma go back to bed.''
She let you in and you casted your eyes down, feeling your face flush. Dani knew that you and Elliot weren't platonic. She had caught you and Elliot coming out of the bathroom after a shower and seen you walking around in his shirts, but you didn't think she heard you. That was a whole other level of embarrassing.
You closed the door behind you and took off your shoes before heading down the hallway where Elliot's room was.
You gently knocked on his door, not trying to startle him, and twisted the knob, letting yourself in. The room was dimly lit, the golden glow of the sun coming in through the half drawn curtain above Elliot's bed.
A smile curled on your lips as you watched Elliot sleep peacefully. He was laying on his stomach, his yellow blanket only covering half of his body, and cuddling one of his pillow.
''Elliot,'' you whispered.
No answer.
You crossed his messy floor and crawled on the bed, careful to not step on him. That would be a very unpleasing way to wake up.
The sun was glowing on the smooth skin of his back, making you want to kiss his shoulder. You gave in to the temptation, letting your lips linger for a bit, missing the physical contact. Missing him.
You felt Elliot stir, but he didn't open his eyes. Instead, he leaned into your touch, as if asking for more.
''Elliot,'' you said again, your hand slipping through his hair and gently waking him.
He hummed in pleasure. ''Y/N?'' he mumbled sleepily. You confirmed your presence and he forced his eyes to open, rubbing at them with one hand. ''What are you doing here?'' Elliot asked, his voice hoarse, rolling onto his back.
''I came to talk to you.''
''What time is it?''
He groaned in painful annoyance, cursing you for waking him that early. ''Fuck.''
''I thought about what you said to me the other night at the party. About being in love with me.''
''I said all I had to say.''
''But not me.'' You bit your lip, about to take the jump like he did. The only difference was, you had a larger percentage of having someone to catch you when you'll get to the end. ''I like listening to you play guitar and how fucking amazing you make me feel when you go down on me. I like sleeping next to you and waking with you. I like wearing your clothes and that's not just because they are comfy - they're yours.''
His eyes were glued on you as you, listening. He did not expect that kind of speech from you. Especially not at seven in the fucking morning.
''Elliot, I-'' You paused, trying to find the right words to say. ''I can't say I'm in love, but I think I want to give us a chance.''
''Am I dreaming?'' he asked, sounding dazed. ''Because this is what happens in my dreams. The girl I'm in love with likes me too.''
A laugh left your lips. ''You're not dreaming.'' You took his hand in yours and kissed his knuckles. ''I'm real.''
''Prove it.''
You kissed him.
His reaction was immediate, responding to your kiss with ease and passion.  Elliot guided you down on the bed, closer to him. 
A yawn rudely interrupted your moment, making you giggle. 
Elliot tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear, looking at you with hearts in his tired eyes. Was this what Rue was talking about? ''Can we go back to sleep, now? I'll kiss you in a few hours.''
You nodded and stole a quick kiss, smiling against his lips. ''Deal.'' 
taglist: @garfieldsladybird @kxllanxtdoor​
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i am TIRED of this ELLIOTT SLANDER!!!!!!!! let me enjoy my hot sexy writer fantasy IN PEACE!!!!!
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Day 29 of Otometober - Elliott from Stardew Valley
i can't draw buff dudes but that has yet to stop me
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