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annieyuki-arts · a day ago
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That moment when Elliott makes this face aaaaaAAAAA-
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consequently-cryptic · a day ago
a random hc of mine
Elliotts pretty good with kids. like when hes at the library reading, jas and Vincent will often come up to him and ask him to tell them a story (after the 8 heart event).
If he's not in any big hurry to get back into the book he's currently on and the children want him to read to them he's more than happy to oblige.
They'll have a children's picture book picked out, shaking the book a little up at him and both ask if mister Elliott could read to them and he'll more often than not oblige.
Jas and Vincent get comfortable on the pillows at the table and Elliott would take his place on one of the empty pillows before he opens the book up and begins to read the story to them.
Oh and this is why they like it when he reads to them! Elliott is already good at doing public readings, he has a very clear voice and although not yelling his voice is loud enough for everyone to hear him. When reading children's story books (although not as loud when he does a public reading as he's in a library reading to 2 children) he has this knack for doing all of these fun voices for characters in the book ! He'll do all of these silly little gestures with his hands when the book calls for it, he'll stop here and then to let them get a good look at the pictures, etc.
Jas and Vincent love when mister Elliott readers to them, he's so fun!
And if anyone were to walk over to them, he grins and without faltering, continues reading. He has no reason to feel embarrassed so he reads in his silly way without any shame.
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littlebluebarista · a month ago
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Beware of angry Doctor, Writer, and Chicken Bum on the loose.
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sh5 · 2 months ago
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aman-duuh · 3 months ago
if you chose the female farmer in stardew valley and married a male character, you are automatically a girlboss and your husband a malewife sorry i don't make the rules
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arteryweb · 3 months ago
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Harvey, Elliott, and Sebastian
me and my friends favorite romantic interests from stardew :3 everytime harvey calls me a sweet name i start flying btw
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misochee · 5 months ago
I just think they are neat :]
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my favourite trio, i just like to think about some silly hc about them if they actually interact with eachother.
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meii-jasmine · 10 months ago
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[COMIC] Alex’s Horror Movie Training
Sam looks like he’s having a wonderful time!
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qushiboe · 2 months ago
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a bit of Nicole and Elliott 💐
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lizardfootman · a month ago
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boy's night out 🍻
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anaklysm0s · 3 months ago
Did I go through all of Elliott’s quotes and heart events to find canon info about him? Possibly.
Friends with: Leah & Willy
Loves: Crab cake, duck feather, lobster, pomegranate, squid ink, and Tom Kha soup.
tendency to go off onto flowery, poetic tangents.
enjoys a strong beverage at the Stardrop Saloon
loves “Mysterium” at the movies
he came to Pelican Town to become a writer but “no one from his hometown believed he could make it.”
writes for eight hours at a time???? baby go to sleep
plays the piano and says he doesn’t do it very well
the majority of the bachelors express uncertainty and surprise if you’re playing as a male farmer and you romance them, saying stuff like “I didn’t think i could feel like this, I tried to deny it, etc” while Elliott is hesitant about whether or not YOU would feel that way for a man
which- Elliott, love, I gave you the goddamn bouquet.
it takes him several hours each morning to do his hair
his cabin is full of spiders
speaking of spiders he asks you not to kill any if you get married to him
doubts his writing skills
likes to be complimented
wishes there was more certainty about the future bc he doesn’t want to be lonely on the beach
has delicate skin (sunburns)
a tiny crab lives in his pocket 🦀
waters his plants with sea water
unusually self aware and apologetic
the sea reminds him of his childhood
forgets about the luau each year and gets surprised by everyone outside his cabin
cares about the jellyfish and polluting the ocean
takes much better care of himself when married
has recurring nightmares about you forcefully shaving his head- which is kinda sad
keeps a journal
has a secret book of love poems dedicated to you
he’s writing another novel when you two move in
misses the ocean when on the farm
he’s always trying to get you to relax and gives massages and such
feels burnt out when you’re not there
was lonely on the beach
literally so excited to be a dad
casually suggests having another kid over breakfast
caring for babies isn’t his thing but he wants to be a good father
cries when you pass out in the mines
takes care of the household needs when you work
really loves pumpkin ale for some reason
“why do you torment me? can’t you see you’ve shattered all my hopes and dreams?” 😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ baby nooooo
Anyway Elliott is best husband and doesn’t deserve all the hate he gets
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doglesshamster · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Ellioty my dearest 💕
I imagine my player sleeping something like this to save and love every night 💕
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duckie-saurus-valley · a month ago
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Summer 28, Year 3. Dance of the Moonlight Jellies.
Come closer, my darling..
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glowingbadger · 2 months ago
Me when
Me when I, when, uh
His dialogue can actually be a challenge sometimes, because frequently, he does that "eloquent writer" thing, but we also see him speak very casually at times, so.... eh? Guess we'll see how I do my on my first full Elliott outing lol
Also I just like wrote this in one sitting in a near fugue state so cue me a week from now going in to fix repeat words and type-os lmao awesome
Elliott (Stardew) x AFAB Reader
NSFW 18+ v
Elliott lets out a heavy sigh beside you on the bed and closes his notebook, a finger stuck between the pages to keep his place. You know that specific sound- it's the sigh of the ever-dreaded writer's block. Putting your own book aside, you shift closer to him and raise a hand to comb his hair behind his ear.
"How's it going, Hemingway?"
He gives a short laugh, then places his notes on the bedside table. Slumping back against the headboard, he takes a moment to enjoy your fingers in his hair, then says,
"It's... nothing to worry yourself about," he sighs once more, "Just a particular scene that I'm, uh, not quite sure how to approach."
"Oh? What kind of scene?"
You rest your head on his shoulder and close your eyes, smiling idly.
"Well, it's..." he trails off. When you glance up at his face, there's a notable blush across his high cheekbones, "It's an... erotic scene, actually. But I've never written anything of the sort- well, not to any measure of standard, anyway."
Your smile curls, and you give a short hum. Surprised, but certainly not displeased, your mind is filling with deliciously lurid ideas. Perhaps your lover requires a bit of inspiration.
"Alright," you nod, your voice flippant and casual, "So, what kind of tone are you going for? What's the mood?"
His eyebrows rise the slightest bit, as though surprised that you'd indulge him. Then, he replies,
"I would say... not quite animalistic, but certainly frantic. Passionate. The lovers have just escaped a dangerous and harrowing event together, and the relief of survival draws them to one another. The two have... desired one another for some time, so this is like the breaking of a dam."
You nod. Thinking aloud, you say,
"So probably plenty of kissing, and if there's any foreplay, it's probably not gonna last long."
"Do you think so?" Elliott says with genuine interest. He's watching you steadily, his initial hesitation toward the subject rapidly diminishing.
"Well yeah," you lean against him, raising a hand to twirl the ends of a lock of his hair around your fingers, "Its their first time, so they're probably insanely excited to finally kiss one another. But they're also in that intense, post-survival headspace, so they probably can't wait to have one another."
"That does follow..."
"Think of it this way," you go on as you meet his gaze more directly, "How would you kiss me if you had just thought you might lose me?"
Elliott's eyes widen, his posture suddenly rigid.
"If I..."
"Hypothetically," you say with a reassuring smile, "Just to get you into the headspace."
The expression he wears makes your heart ache. He leans close and brings a hand to your cheek, cradling you as he murmurs,
"Darling, to even think of such a thing-"
The moment words fail him, his lips are on yours. Elliott rarely kisses you quite like this; stripped of his usual decorum, he tangles his long fingers in your hair and presses his lips to you like he couldn't possibly let you go. Heat rises at your cheeks and plunges through your center as his tongue runs firm along yours, as skillful as ever, but unrestrained. It's as he himself had said- frantic, passionate. With a single whimpered sigh, you pull him to you by the front of his shirt, his intensity spreading to you like a fire catching on your skin. By the time you both have to part to breathe, he's on all fours above you, though you can't recall for the life of you when you moved.
"See?" you say with a half-dazed smile as you pant softly beneath him, "You just... need a bit of inspiration."
"You have always been my greatest inspiration," he says, brushing your hair from your face, "Will you continue to assist me?"
By the time you whisper, "Of course," his lips are already at your neck. Your head tilts back as he presses against you, kissing and biting tender skin, his tongue and teeth sending ripples of pleasure through you. Without realizing, you smile at the familiar scent of pomegranate in his hair, and you run adoring hands along his shoulders and down his arms. Elliott nips at the crook of your neck, and your gasp prompts him to moan against your skin, as though your pleasure were his own.
Still decorating your throat with heated love-bites, Elliott wraps an arm around you to pull you against him as his free hand tugs your clothes up over your chest. Unwilling to wait for you to undress fully, he kisses the soft swell of your breast while his hand cups the other.
"Mmh- Elliott!" you arc up to him from the bed, your body seeking his as the warmth of his mouth surrounds one of your stiffened nipples. He offers no response to your cry, transfixed by his need to feel you, to please you. His hands run down your sides, holding you close as his lips worship your breasts. Just once, you hear him groan your name, his voice low and needy and his breath hot on your skin. Elliott's hand wanders mindlessly as he continues to suck and kiss your dearly sensitive nipples, his touch savoring every inch of you as you squirm and shift beneath him.
"Tell me," his voice is a hoarse whisper, "tell me how it feels- describe it for me."
At first, you can only pant and sigh at the unbearably wonderful sensations. But, you had agreed to help him write- so you force your thoughts to align themselves, and, your voice high and breathless, you say,
"Its... dizzy. Warm. When you kiss me like that..." your fists flex tight around the sheets, "It's like... every nerve and pathway in my body is leading towards your lips."
"Nngh, darling," Elliott moans and runs both hands down your sides, "How am I meant to endure such bliss..."
For a moment, he fumbles with the button and zipper of your pants, but he makes short enough work of them and tugs them down your legs with your panties. Your clothes are discarded beside the bed without a thought, and with a direct and forceful passion you've rarely seen in him, Elliott parts your thighs beneath him and lowers his head.
"Oh-!! Fuh- Fuck, Elliott!" you gasp as his lips press around your clit and his tongue flicks against it, his movements firm and steady. You think of how he usually makes love- how he prefers to take his time with you, guide you slowly to your climax with gentle, loving touches and gradually increasing pressure. It couldn't be further from how he is now; now, it's as though he wants your climax desperately. Already, your thighs are trembling around him, but he pauses for just a moment.
"Tell me..." he repeats his earlier request, kissing your inner thigh. His brow is deeply furrowed, his hair tickling your skin and hands caressing you as he returns to his task. You arch from the bed once more as the tip of his tongue circles your swollen clit, the slick warmth wracking your entire body with pleasure- yet you manage to force out the words,
"God, Elliott, it's incredible-!" you whine softly, biting your lip before continuing, "It's... it's hot, my head is fuzzy- my... my legs feel weak- it's... a jolt through my body, every time you- your tongue... ohh!!"
He seals his lips around your throbbing clit and the surrounding sensitive flesh. He sucks and massages you, his tongue thrumming steadily against you and his nails digging along your thighs as he leans against you. Without a word, it seems as though he's demanding that you cum- or perhaps begging- and your trembling body is more than happy to comply. With a final cry of his name, you cling to the sheets, your legs tensing in around him as a rush of heat explodes at your core, and his dexterous tongue urges you through all the while.
Letting out a long-held breath, you slump onto the mattress, your thighs still shaking slightly from the aftershocks of your climax. Yet the fire in Elliott's eyes is evident even in your blissful haze. He prowls up over you, his hand brushing your cheek, and you mumble,
"I should... do something for-"
"Darling," he says, his scorching gaze silencing you in an instant, "I don't think I can wait a moment longer."
With wide eyes and flushed cheeks, you nod, and he quickly strips off his wrinkled dress shirt and works open the front of his pants. At a glance, you can tell he's in an agonizing state of arousal. His cock is long and rock-hard, swollen and twitching eagerly as he positions himself between your legs and presses to your entrance. Perhaps it's no surprise he can't bring himself to care about your shirt still bunched up over your breasts, nor his own remaining clothing.
Your lower lips are still soaked from your previous orgasm, and your slick easily coats the head of his cock as Elliott begins to push into you. Your eyes meet as he drives deeper into your clinging pussy. He's oddly beautiful in the throes of passion; his hair is tossed in every direction, cascading romantically down his shoulders, his chest rises and falls heavily, his lips are full and kissed to a lovely pink. You give a short whimper as he hits your deepest point- yet when you see him watching your expressions intently, you know what he wants before he thinks to ask.
"Full," you say softly, "I... I feel so full, Elliott. So... right. Like my body is stretching to fit perfectly around your cock. The- the pressure is incredible..!"
He whispers your name with absolute adoration. Then, his hips begin to move. His pace is firm and steady from the start, a far cry from how he typically eases you both into the sensation. Elliott draws close, one hand behind your knee urging your legs further apart while the other supports him on the bed. Your own unsteady hand comes to rest at his jawline, urging him close to kiss you once more, and with that, any remnant of restraint between the two of you evaporates. His hips buck against you, barely maintaining a consistent rhythm as the thick length of his cock thrusts and grinds into you. He's hitting some incredible spot- some impossibly sensitive place deep inside of you that has you gasping out for him with every sway of his hips.
"Right there!" you breathe out between kisses. Your fingers tangle in his hair, pulling him to you, dragging your nails along his scalp. Uttering and deep groan, Elliott lowers his head onto the pillow beside yours and nuzzles into the crook of your neck. He kisses the marks he'd given you earlier. He stammers out something about how wonderful you feel, how he loves you, adores you, a long-remembered line of poetry that you half-hear between moans and strained sighs.
His member throbs hard, swelling thick against your clenching inner walls. You feel his body tense, his abdomen flexing tight, and you know he's close. At the realization, you suddenly bring your hands to cradle his face, and kiss him hard. Elliott groans- a deep, primal sound that's so unlike his usual gentle tone. Then, he holds inside of you, every inch of his cock buried in you as his release takes him and pushes you towards your own. For a few glowing moments, your lover kisses you against the mattress as his cum fills you, each pulse causing his cock to twitch in a way that stimulates your over-sensitive nerves. By the end, he's forced to part from your lips, gasping out your name as the final wave of his climax works through him.
Then at last, he slumps forward, barely holding himself up as he struggles to catch his breath. He pulls out from you, and you watch him with warm eyes, brushing a lock of his now wild and tangled hair behind an ear.
"That... wow," Elliott chuckles softly, "Well, I certainly do feel inspired."
"Glad to help," you say with a grin- though in truth, you still feel winded and shaky, yourself. He settles beside you on the bed once more, then takes your hand in his and draws it to his lips. The gentlemanly gesture makes it hard to believe this is the same man who just fucked you into the mattress with all of his strength.
Briefly, Elliott appears contemplative, and you decide not to interrupt his thoughts until he says at last,
"It was... different from usual, wasn't it? Fiercer, somehow. The state of heightened emotion, the novelty of hearing you describe what you felt... yes, I- I think I'm beginning to understand!"
His eyes light up, and you know this expression well. Something's sparked in his mind- a clear direction, the words already assembling themselves in his mind. Your smile broadens. You can't help it, seeing him fired up like this always fills your chest with fluttery warmth. Curling up at his side, you nuzzle against his chest and mutter,
"Well, if that's what it takes to fix writer's block, then consider me a willing assistant."
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eat-my-shampoo · a month ago
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When people wonder why you’re in love with the guy who lives in a shed, has a crab in his pocket, but has the most luxurious hair despite using Suave Mens 3-in-1 in Citrus Rush scent to wash his hair
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carpsurprise · 6 days ago
˗ˏˋ ´ˎ˗ kiss the bachelors and ... !
→ kiss alex on the inside of his wrist and … that confident charm he holds will start to falter. the intoxicating intimacy of a kiss pressed to an unloved, unthought of spot— the feeling of warmth against his pulse— can only unravel the tight coil he has spun for himself over the years. after so long, it seems now is the moment to tell someone that he hopes they’ll never leave his side.
→ kiss sam on the forehead and… his partner will feel the weight of his forehead pressed against theirs. his movements would be slow, calculated and anchored, as he treasures the warmth of his partner radiating through their skin. even such a simple kiss, small yet significant, shows sam exactly how his partner feels. he’s never been one to not appreciate the little things.
→ kiss elliott on the neck and … his shoulders will tense in sudden shock, roused from his studies of prose and literature, jostled from the languid daydreams only a writer can hold. with the hair of his neck standing straight at this sudden... proclamation, a sudden surge of adoration will wash over the curves of his cheeks. if his muse should unearth him once more, surely, something wonderful would manifest out of it. 
→ kiss shane on the hand and… he’ll retract it like a shock of electricity had pulsed through his fingers. give him a moment to recollect himself, the reminders of learned self-love and reminders that yes, shane, you deserve this sound off like bells in his skull. he’ll place his hand back into his partner’s, silently hoping for one more.  
→ kiss harvey on the shoulder and… the dials of his radio will move one notch further than he intended, jumping in his seat as he looks over his shoulder to the gift-giver. his heart flutters when he asks what had brought on such intimacy, so out of the blue, so spontaneous. the reason for their impulse holds no weight to him, but just to see the mischief in his partner’s eyes is enough to ask once more. 
→ kiss sebastian on the cheek and ... watch as his hands stall in their movement, held in open air at the sudden show of affection. it seems to be much harder to focus on work after moving into the farmhouse. maybe, for a moment, he’ll roll his eyes with a lazy smile, smitten with the spring air and the weight it holds when someone you love is near. 
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farmerace · a month ago
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Merman Elliott for MerMay 🧜‍♂️
Careful now, those barbs are venomous. ☠
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I just got into Stardew Valley. My oc married Elliott.
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