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Elm: Has anyone ever told you they love you?

Harriet: Do my parents count?

Elm: Yes.

Harriet: Then no.

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The Ace-Ops as Character Foils


The Ace-Ops serve as foils for much of the main cast. They are what many members of our squad would be like if they hadn’t been taught to think about the big picture, but were taught in the Atlesian tradition , “Don’t think. Obey.”

Winter/Weiss. Winter is who Weiss would have been if Weiss had gone to Atlas Academy, which is why Weiss wanted to go to Beacon Academy. Ensconced in the heart of Atlas, Winter was safe from Jacques, but she never had the opportunity to reflect on the kind of culture that enabled and supported Jacques.

Clover/Qrow. I am extremely dubious to say that Qrow’s Semblance is"bad" luck and Clover’s Semblance was “good” luck. It’s more likely a result of their upbringing that influences how their luck manifests. But what is interesting it that we never saw Clover express concern about the results of his actions. His only comment, far too often for a Huntsman and far, far too often for a leader, was, “Don’t worry about it.” Whereas Qrow is usually extremely aware of the both the situation and the consequences of his actions.

Vine/Ren. Vine uses meditation and enlightenment techniques to insulate himself from the world, while Ren uses them to increase his ability to help others.

Elm – Nora. Elm has Nora’s brashness without Nora’s compassion.

Marrow/Jaune. Both men wear their hearts on their sleeves, but Jaune’s empathy and friendliness are valued by his friends. Marrow’s empathy and friendliness are constantly belittled.

Harriet/Ruby. Harriet is what Ruby would be like if she told Ironwood everything without thinking about the consequences. She acts like Ruby before “The Badge and the Burden”, but she’s about ten years older than Ruby was then.

Ironwood/Oscar. I posted more Ironwood/Oscar essays last year than I even want to count right now. Suffice to say that while Oscar’s self-awareness and humility is continuing to help him grow, Ironwood’s blindness and arrogance are making his problems worse.

All together, the Ace-Ops do serve as excellent wisdom tales showing our heroes, as if through a distorted mirror, the personal problems that might befall them through thoughtlessness.

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Okay, but this


The writers have been setting up for the whole volume how Harriet doesn’t like Winter. Maybe because she’s still grieving Clover and doesn’t like that Winter has replaced him, maybe because she just thinks she’s too soft or that she’s doubting, and she’ll make “soft” decisions, like letting JRY go and try to rescue Oscar. Or maybe because she knows that as much as she’s still in the military, her sister is on the opposite side and she still cares (proven in the last three screenshots). Whatever it is, she doesn’t like her and doesn’t trust her.

I’ve talked about how they’ve set up Winter, Marrow and Elm for defection. How the Ace Ops are going to have an argument about how they feel regarding this and it’ll likely end up in conflict. What I mean to say is that at some point there’s going to be a fight, and Harriet will likely go for Winter.

And I’m sure Marrow will stop her with his semblance, just as he stopped her from committing Police Brutality™ against Robyn.

That or Elm hits her with her hammer. To be honest I just like seeing Elm hitting people with her hammer. Please hit Ironwood with the hammer.

203 notes

What if Yang took a selfie of her with Oscar, Jaune, Ren and Emerald and sent it to the Ace Ops saying “We lived, bitch”.

Marrow, Elm and Winter are happy or relieved, Harriet is still pissed and Vine just has his poker face wondering who the fuck the new girl is.

306 notes

My favorite RWBY Fights Cause why not.

1. Adam vs Yang and Blake

2. Pyrrha vs Cinder

3. Raven vs Cinder

4.Tyrain vs Qrow

5. RWBY vs AceOps

8 notes

One of the reasons why I want Elm to defect (besides the fact that she is pretty much as uncomfortable with this bullshit as Marrow and Winter are and that she truly cares about the kids) is so her and Nora can have the Thunder Thighs team attack.

154 notes

People have mentioned that Elm looked upset at JOYR possibly dying, but they’re totally ignoring how she shrugs off Vine’s show of concern. Vine trying to show concern for a teammate and being rejected is a big thing, and I’m actually inclined to think he’s more likely to defect than Elm. Or at least an easier turn.

Also, the green was totally jealousy over the closeness he saw in JOYR. He wants that, too.

11 notes

If the Ace Ops ever decide to defect from Ironwood, I hope Nora and Elm do actually team up briefly and Elm’s like “GET READY FOR THUNDER THIGHS!”

11 notes

I feel like in the next episodes, the Ace Ops are going to have an argument about their feelings regarding all this bullshit similar to JRY in Fault. But instead of calming down and working on their issues later, it’s gonna end up with Harriet fighting and trying to kill someone (Winter maybe, they’ve been hinting it), Elm hitting someone with her hammer and two or three defections while the second half of War plays in the background.

164 notes

Love how all of them look worried or scared and flinched when Ironwood smashed his table, and then Marrow is like


“Dude, that was a really expensive table”

(Most likely he’s like “okay he’s fucking lost it”. Seriously, I think that conversation was the last straw for him).

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Aesops in the Ace-Ops as of “Ultimatum”


About two dozen episodes after their introduction, the wisdom fables behind the Ace-Ops are glaringly apparent.

The Lucky Fisherman relied on his luck instead of relying on hard work and good sense. His luck ran out.

The Hare’s hot head and tendency to run her mouth is causing trouble.

The Elm and the Vine are not speaking to each other to the detriment of both.

The Dog with the Bone can’t decide what to do. Should he risk everything and risk losing everything?

But right now the most important fable is probably “Belling the Cat”. The Atlas military is acting as if they are afraid of Ironwood, who is shooting people with minimal provocation. The best thing to do for the good of all would be for some brave soul to stand up to him, but who is brave enough to try, and would their death be in vain?

Fortunately, the Robin always tries her best in spite of criticism and no matter what the odds are against her.

And it’s worth remembering that the most clever of Aesop’s animals is the Crow.

85 notes

Okay, but does that mean something? Is that a hint? These two have been awfully quiet recently (especially Vine). Obviously Winter, Marrow and Harriet are the stars here. We immediately knew how they’re gonna act throughout this volume, but them? They both have their own way of handling the situation, they are two different types of characters. I personally see it as Elm repressing her feelings which results in her being aggressive on the outside. She knows she doesn’t really want to do that, but she has to. She’s not in denial. Elm has always been true to herself, saying exactly what she thinks, especially - feels. Vine is calm, but that’s the only thing he can do too. Accept it and follow orders. He doesn’t like conflict, so he’s doing what’s easy. I also believe it doesn’t really mean he accepts all that’s happening, maybe he’s just really good at repressing his real emotions? Maybe it’s something he’s used to? A way of thinking that makes sense to him… But again, I might be wrong and there might be more to it too. Ren showed us how Elm and Vine feel. That meeting definitely affected them, but when the final confrontation comes, which side will they choose?

42 notes

Elm: *blush*

Jaune: *blush*

39 notes

I just find it funny that Vine, the usual calm and more “emotionless” one of the Ace-Ops is now trying to reach out to Elm, the usually louder and open Ace-Op who now seems to be trying to shut people out 👀👀

It’s almost as if a certain chat with a certain Huntsman has led them to face termoil with their own emotions and now they’re acting the opposite of what they usually do 🤨🤨

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I don’t know why I find this funny


“Shut up, don’t touch me”

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I’m not saying anything but I’m saying it.


One side, people who haven’t questioned Ironwood for even a second and keep following him without doubt.

Other side, we have the guy who’s been doubting for the whole volume, the woman who tried to convince JYR not to go inside the whale not because of orders, but because she cared (after all, quoting Vine, she was trying to convince herself they were traitors but didn’t really believe it) and the one who just like Marrow, is doubting him and is completely terrified of him. All of them looking worried.

Yeah, I have a pretty good idea about who’s defecting.

1K notes

Y’all realize that the Ace Ops would probably hate themselves immensely after this? There are soldiers who commit suicide because they followed orders to do something they normally would not have done. I think if they fully committed to following Ironwood to the end of this volume, the trauma of constantly having to do things they normally wouldn’t have agreed with will catch up with them and well, let’s just say all the Ace Ops would need a replacement eventually… either because of early retirement… or an early grave. None of them really wanted to fight team rwby, none of them really want to abandon Mantle, and I’m pretty sure they’re all vaguely aware Ironwood might need to be shot but just won’t because they’re so wired to following orders at the moment… Which is why I hope all of them defect because I don’t think anyone deserves to feel regret over something like that, much less get so depressed over it that it kills them. I know Robyn will probably prove Qrow’s innocence but how that will happen is the real question because I don’t think Harriet will sit and listen unless beaten into submission. But maybe Marrow might get between them? That’s the only thing I can think of is if Marrow stands up to her.

21 notes

Trying not to look into the grouping of Vine with Harriet opposite Elm and Marrow with Winter but

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