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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#elodie draws things

I’m opening commissions for the holidays!! These make a great gift, people LOVE custom art of themselves, their pets, OCs, etc.

I can also do icons, headers, and pretty much anything else you might want

Message me here if you’re interested!!

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This is Morganite!! 

Morganite is a homeworld gem whose job is to do the “detailing” on pearls. Sometimes, the diamonds and elite gems would want a pearl with certain capabilities, like dancing and singing, or certain appearances, like a long ponytail or short hair. Morganite would be given a newly “born” pearl and she would program in her capabilities and aesthetics. She’s partly an engineer and partly an artist. 

Morganite loved her job for most of her life and loved seeing the pearls she detailed going to “good”, elite homes. Her art was in incredibly high demand. After a while however, she started to wonder if it was morally questionable to build another gem to have certain attributes. After all, no one had “programmed” her. 

Long after the war, she defected and flew to Earth, hoping against hope that the Crystal Gems were still there… 

Morganite has a very laid back personality, she is quite unshakeable and not a lot gets on her nerves or disturbs her. She LOVES doing work and loves the satisfaction of a job well done. She has a very warm demeanor. She can be stubborn and uncompromising, but she usually doesn’t mind doing what others want to do either. 

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day 13 // scared
These birds, SPOOKS, have a very interesting defense mechanism that involves them poofing up, growing sharp appendages and viciously attacking anything that scares them. The problem is, nearly everything scares them. Their transformation is akin to a werewolf, completely shifting their appearance and disposition.

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day 11 // transport

These tiny, rodentlike creatures are called TAKES. A Takes body is pitch black, making it almost invisible in the dark. A Take will sneak into a persons room at night and bite their hand. A Take has venom which paralyzes the hand. After the hand has lost feeling, the Take gnaws off the thumb. Then the Take places the thumb in its tiny pack and runs off. No one knows how the Takes make their packs, or even why they steal thumbs. But a Take is never seen without its pack, and expertly transports the stolen thumbs back to its nest.

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day 10 // jump

Among most monsters, hunting the weak and easy to kill is a staple. This means attacking people who live alone, isolated, and especially those who live on the first floor of buildings. But not the FROGHOPPER. The froghopper can jump up to 10 stories, due to the strength of the muscles in its front legs. A typical froghopper is about six feet long. It’s similar to a flea in that it lives off of blood. The froghopper can jump, break into any window it wishes, and suck the blood of those inside. One body usually isn’t enough to satiate this beast.

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day 7 // lost

This monster, called the TOYBOX, has a particularly interesting and gruesome feeding mechanism. A Toybox is a dark, massive, shifting mass that positions itself behind doors. It finds children who have lost their favorite toys. The Toybox throws out a lure, shaped like the child’s favorite toy, and reels children in only to be eaten in the blink of an eye.

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