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fiercelittlenobody · an hour ago
I know people think the 3 sisters and 3 brothers is kind of trite, but isn’t it going to be weird if it’s just 2/3 sisters/brothers? Like if it happens the brothers will be “real” brothers now, I kind of like the cliche.
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courtofjurdan · an hour ago
Visions creeping In
Elriel Month Day 13 - Just Breathe
A/N: I hope you all enjoy!!
Elain POV
I was in the kitchen, helping Nuala and Cerridwen with breakfast. We were talking (well, more like gossiping, but it’s the same thing, right?) about what’s been going on. I suddenly started to feel dizzy, uneasy on my feet. I grabbed onto the countertop, feeling the vision trying to break through the barrier I put up in my mind. I tried to fight it, but I was unsuccessful.
I was in a place built from stone, chains of blue around my wrist. I had cuts and bruises all over my body. Then someone suddenly came right in front me. He pushed me to the ground, hitting the stone hard. He was laughing at my obvious struggle to get myself together.
I looked at him in the face and he said, “I’ve been waiting for you, dear. Your family sure did put up a fight for me to get you.”
My family. They had to be okay. They have sacrificed too much already. Please be okay.
I yelled at him, “Who are you?”
He smiled that wicked smile, “I’m no other than Koschei.”
“Don’t you dare mess with my family.” I was mad. And hurt.
“Oh don’t worry, dear, I won’t mess with them as long as you listen to me.”
I would do anything to keep them safe. “What do you need me to do?”
The wicked smile grew. “Have visions.” Pain made me have visions, well triggered them. He was going to use me for his own evil desires.
He pulled out a knife. I tried to get away, but the chains only let me get so far. He laughed, grabbed my arm, and cut up my arm. I screamed. The pain was overwhelming. All I could think was, I’m going to die, to die, die.
All of a sudden, I could feel hands on my shoulders shaking me, telling me to come back. When the vision left, I was breathing hard, my heart beating so fast I thought it would explode. I could feel tears roll down my cheeks.
I looked at my surroundings and saw that I was now laying on the kitchen floor, Azriel above me trying to get me to breathe in the right rhythm.
“Elain, breathe with me. It’s okay, everything’s okay.” His eyes were filled with worry.
I gasped, “I can’t, I can’t… breathe.”
He grabbed my shaking hand and put it on his chest, letting me feel his chest rise and fall with his every breath. “Yes, you can. Just breathe with me.” He spoke so softly, gentle. He always has.
The twins must have notified Azriel, and had him come when they saw I was having a rather hard vision. Sometimes they could take a toll on my body.
As the shaking stopped and my breath slowed down, he picked me up and sat me on the couch. He sat beside me, not leaving my side, waiting till I was ready to tell him what I saw.
So somehow Koschei gets free, kidnaps me, and then uses pain to get me to have visions for his own personal use. Well crap.
“Can I get you anything?” His voice brought me out of my thoughts.
“Um no, thank you.” I paused, grabbed his hand and started to play with his scarred fingers. “I had a vision about Koschei. He had me, like Hybern did.” Tears came to me from the memories. “He had me in chains in a wet, damp place made of stone. Then he appeared in front of me, and was hurting me. He told me he wouldn’t hurt my family as long as I did what he told me to do. Then he pulled out a knife and started to cut my arm open so that I would have visions. He used pain to make me have visions.” I paused, then in a little voice said, “I’m scared.” A small sob came out of me.
He put his hands on my face, wiping my tears with his thumbs, “Remember, your visions don’t always happen. It might not happen. We will try everything to keep that from happening. I will. I’m going to protect you. I promise.” He kissed my forehead.
Our relationship is a little… peculiar. Since that solstice night, he’s been a little distant, not showing much affection in public or when the family is here anymore. When they are here, he acts like I don’t exist. But I enjoy the little moments I get with him now, when no one but me and the twins are here.
But those thoughts washed away as he wrapped me in his arms, setting his cheek on the top of my head. I could stay in these arms forever, smell that scent for eternity. So right now, I’m just going to enjoy his company now, breathing in his comfort.
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thron3ofbooks · an hour ago
TIKTOK ELRIELS MAKE ME SO MADDDD. I saw this gal saying gwynriels steal elriel aesthetics of them baking and being in the garden. Ok first off why would we want to read about gwyn and az baking or planting flowers when we can imagine them training, stargazing, bantering and singing. Why would we ever steal the most boring aesthetic ever 😂
Also them calling us gleeriels in the comments, Um didn’t you want elain and az to sing a second ago? So why are you making fun of them singing? Also they’re making fun of az singing and hating it, but az is half of the elriel ship so supposedly they should love him, not make fun of him right?
And when they be so mean?! I’m thinking they have no faith in their ship, if they had confidence they were endgame why fight us?
Ok rant over 😂
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rhyssescups · an hour ago
During Sarah’s Australian ACOSF Tour, Sarah was asked:
“what is the most significant change for you since that kind of initial lunch time pitch with the editor, what has changed the most in how you imagined the story”
She responded with:
“Not much with the initial, like the overarching, bigger, plot. If anything more...characters have emerged since then, and even old characters from the first three books y’know I got to know them a little better and realized that they had stories I wanted to tell. So, I wouldn’t say that things have changed as much as they’ve just...expanded. In expanding, they opened up the world and the possibilities even more. I love that my drunken lunch story has been drunken meal with my editor...I think I pitched the next several books to her and most of it remains the same there might be one story where I’m now kind of debating like do I go this way or this way, but the next few books in the series I know this is gonna happen, these are the characters that are gonna be in it, and it’s pretty much the same from my drunken ramblings a few years ago.”
So, sounds to me like the ships that she set up in ACOWAR + ACOFAS are here to stay. 😌
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izzyhavilliard · 2 hours ago
A friendly reminder that
•Azriel would beg on his knees for a chance to taste Elain
•Elain called his scars beautiful
•Azriel was the first person who noticed Elain was missing and the first to volunteer to get her back, before either of her sisters
•Azriel was willing to die to assure her safery
•Azriel needed Elain coming on his tongue
•Feyre is the biggest elriel shipper out there
•Elain made Azriel laugh in a way no one had ever seen him do
•Azriel gave Elain Truth-Teller, a blade he had never lent to anyone in 500 years
•Azriel got over Mor, whom he loved for 500 years (even though he had other lovers) for Elain
•Azriel was more concerned with getting the chains of Elain then the fact that he was heavily injured
•It’s canon that Azriel is in love with Elain
•It’s canon that Elain (at the very least) has a crush on Azriel, is very attracted to him and cares about him deeply
•Azriel’s shadows protect Elain
•Azriel’s shadows played wingman when he was giving his gift to Elain
•Azriel looked at the headache powder every night before bed
•Even though Azriel was in love with Mor and he didn’t think he had a chance with her he could still be around her and the IC. But with Elain he had to move to another house and stop spending time with them because it hurt too much
•Azriel and Elain had an instant connection the first time they met
•Azriel always found a reason to be around Elain
•Elain was wearing cobalt the first time they met, a color no one has worn sense
•Azriel noticed Elain’s laugh and had to see it, similar to how Rhys noticed Feyre’s laugh in acofas
•Mor, who’s power is truth, definitely knows something is going on between them
•The first time they met, Elain asked ”can you truly fly” and Azriel basically answered with poetry
•The first time they met, Elain only relaxed once she saw that Azriel was at ease, even though they didn’t even know eachother
•Azriel was nervous about getting Elain a gift in acofas
•Madja said that a mate would know what was wrong with Elain and Azriel was the one who figured it out
•Azriel never thought Elain was crazy, even though everyone else, including her sisters and her mate
•Azriel was so mad after solstice that he put rocks in his snowballs
•Cassian and Azriel had the same reaction to seeing Nesta and Elain
•Elain devoured the sight of him
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alwayssara · 4 hours ago
Elriel Month
Day 13: Just Breath
Two Elriel Moments that make me think of Just Breath but in different ways.
Tumblr media
Add a little spice
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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A lot of people make the argument for Elucien bc SJM loves to put mates together BUT this is years of SJM writing that maybe Elain should be with someone else. SJM is not going to drop years of foreshadowing just to do the whole mate thing like bro it’s tiring already. I want to see two people who aren’t mates but CHOOSE to be together despite bonds
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elrielonlyfans · 6 hours ago
hate how everyone in azriel’s pov only focuses on azriel’s feelings but not elain’s. can we talk about how cute she was in that pov.. her secretly wanting to put azriel’s gift amongst the others, her getting azriel another silly but thoughtful gift, her calling azriel’s gift beautiful and immediately asking azriel to put the necklace on, her biting her lip and getting closer to azriel, her reading his face and wanting to kiss azriel 😭
won’t talk about her being hurt afterwards but she got it bad..
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nikethestatue · 7 hours ago
Just Breathe
Elriel Month Day 13 - Just Breathe
A tiny (not entirely) NSFW drabble
Tumblr media
It’s a study in breaths and names. In how many ways can they whisper and moan each other’s names? Sometimes that’s all they say - all they have to say to communicate how much they’re burning for each other or loving one another.
They always, always begin with their full names when they love. Elain. Azriel. Elain. Azriel. He delights in breaking her ability to say his name fully, working her into such a frenzy that his name becomes one continuous moan, nothing more than clipped syllables in her throat, and all that’s left are the breathy pants of Ah-Ah-Ah-z, but she’ll still finish with a full A-z-r-i-e-l.
She breaks around him with ‘Azriel’ on her lips as many times as she can, while he indulges her mercilessly. When she loses control, over and over again (because she is always defeated), as she can’t help how he makes her feel, she gives in and unleashes.
Now it’s Azriel’s turn. For she loves seeing him undone. Because Azriel’s greatest secret is that he loves losing to her. Adores it. Only with her. Adores singing her name for her as he tumbles, diving straight off that cliff with her until it’s a chorus of Elle, Ellie, Elain, El, E… singing in her ear, while she tightens around him, draws him closer and closer to that edge he so desperately wants to reach.
Mine. Beloved. Love. Yours. But nothing ever quite compares to… Elain, Azriel.
Just breathe, he whispers to her when it’s over.
Tumblr media
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unbotheredtbh · 7 hours ago
Alright, as a long time elriel shipper I’m going to speak my truth no one asked for:
I don’t think elriel will be endgame.
Yeah as much as I wish I don’t think they will, that Azriel chapter just convinced me of it. Asides fron that possessive ass behavior Azriel displayed (wich made me like him a lot less), I do think he is kinda biased from that “three sisters with three brothers” shit, but I do think that Elain really likes him (idk if he loves him though).
Wich is kinda sad because Azriel is just lonely and he wants to be loved and Elain displays that affection for him, but he doesn’t love her, he is just lonely and wants to have what his brothers do (and that’s why, my folks, you shouldn’t love someone without loving yourself).
So yeah... I’m all for gwynriel cause i love my girl gwyn she’s a sweetheart, but Azriel really needs to get his shit together.
And as for Elain I think she’ll probably end up with Lucien (we know how much sjm loves that mating bond shit), wich is also fine by me Lucien is and underrated king.
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daisybrekker · 8 hours ago
Feyre Foreshadowing Elriel
And I think Elain - Elain would like it, too. Though she'd probably cling to Azriel, just to have some peace and quiet.
I smiled at the thought - at how handsome they would be together. If the warrior ever stopped quietly loving Mor.
2-3 Years Later in ACOSF:
"It doesn’t matter what I want." Distant words—ones that prevented Cassian from prying further. He was still happy to be Mor’s buffer with Azriel, but there’d been a change lately. In both of them. Mor no longer sat beside Cassian, draped herself over him, and Azriel… those longing glances toward her had become few and far between. As if he’d given up. After five hundred years, he’d somehow given up. Cassian couldn’t think why.
In other words, Feyre literally saying how Elriel would be beautiful ONLY if Azriel stopped loving Mor, and what does he do in ACOSF? Stops loving Mor...😏
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themissyvonne · 9 hours ago
Elriel Month | Day 10: The Distance Between Us
Tumblr media
She looked up at the sky, tears rolling down her cheeks as she wondered where he was and wished that she could be there too, no matter where it was.
Elain sat back and sighed, smiling softly. “Now, we wait.”
Azriel raised a brow, peeking at her over his reports. “What are we waiting for?”
“I’ve planted some seeds, I’m hoping they’ll take.”
“Aah.” He nodded. “Something special?”
Elain nodded. “Mhm, if they grow I’ll tell you, otherwise they might die and then I’ll feel like I jinxed it.”
Azriel shook his head, smiling. “Alright, I can wait, I’m a patient man.”
“I heard you’re going away again on an assignment.” She looked over at him and he nodded.
“I won’t be gone for long, longer than I’d like though.”
“I miss you already. When you’re gone, Cassian gets restless and and…imbalanced.”
Azriel couldn’t stop the joyful laugh that followed. “THAT is possibly the best description of Cassian I have ever heard. Thank you for that.”
“Thank you for the flowers.” She said, picking up the bundle of flowers that he’d brought her from Mother’s meadow, a beautiful bouquet tied with a lovely silk ribbon of cobalt, it matched his Siphons perfectly, she’d noticed as she let the ribbon slip through her fingers.
“I knew you regretted not taking more than a handful of seeds the other night, and it was on the way,’re welcome.” He said, stumbling slightly over his words as he nervously rubbed the back of his neck.
Elain sat back and sighed, eyes filled with tears. “Now, we wait.”
She glanced over at the chaise lounge, his seat, in a blink he was there and in the next, he had faded away, just a memory. In truth, Azriel hadn’t been there in weeks, not for time in the garden or for family dinners, he avoided the River House at all costs now. She knew why and she knew they’d agreed to this -agreed to play along as they met in secret, but they still had to be careful and their meetings were few and far between lately. These days Rhysand had assignments keeping Azriel busy all the time and it wasn’t hard to play the part of a sad and lonely girl when that was what she truly was.
She looked up at the sky, tears rolling down her cheeks as she wondered where he was and wished that she could be there too, no matter where it was.
“I love you, Az.” She whispered, on the chance that any shadows around her might hear and deliver the message even if he hadn’t left any behind this time.
Rhysand looked out at the garden from his window, arms crossed and lost in thought when the sound of the front door snapped him out of his daze. He glanced over, seeing Cassian and Nesta leaving for the night. Cassian’s arm slung across Nesta’s shoulders as she slid her arm around his back, cuddling in close.
“Do you ever regret how we handled the situation with Nesta?” Rhysand asked, turning to Feyre as she got ready for bed.
“What do you mean?” she asked, sitting on the bed and watching him.
“You know, sending her away, tough love…” he asked, his gaze shifting back to Elain who remained kneeling in the garden.
“Sometimes, when it felt as if she wouldn’t find her way back, or as if I’d made it more difficult for her to find her way back.” She admitted. “But there was a part of me that always knew that she wanted to be happy and if I had to feel awful for a while to help her get there, I would do it. Look how happy she is now, how happy they both are.”
Rhysand nodded, but stayed quiet, his spirits lifting for just a moment.
“Thank the Mother they had such a strong bond to help them...” she added, that good feeling immediately disappearing as Rhys’ heart clenched. He watched Elain who still sat in the garden, eyes on the sky as tears glittered on her cheeks.
“Do you think they could have made it without the bond?” he asked.
Feyre considered for a moment before nodding. “Yes. I know the bond is special, but I believe more importantly, that Nesta’s heart chose Cassian.”
“The love of a human heart is a powerful thing. I hear Archeron hearts are particularly willful.” Rhys said, smirking.
Feyre laughed, sliding her arms around him and resting her head on his chest. “My father used to say, there was no creature more stubborn or willful than an Archeron woman.”
Rhysand slid his arms around her and pressed a kiss to her head before Nyx woke from his nap and Feyre broke away to see to him, leaving Rhys to look out the window once more, his heart heavy. He watched as Elain stood and dusted her hands off, the light rain that now fell clearly not bothering her. “I’m betting on it, Feyre, darling. For both of them.”
He couldn’t help smiling to himself as the sun disappeared behind the hills and he saw the faint glow of the night blooming flowers down below, hidden in amongst all the other flowers in Elain’s garden, flowers that could only come from Mother’s meadow and proof that beauty could still bloom and flourish, even on the darkest of nights.
Elain slid into bed, her heart aching after another day with no word from Azriel, but as she closed her eyes and began to drift off to sleep, she heard him, his rich, warm voice like a kiss goodnight as through the shadow, he anwered. “I love you too, El. I’m counting the days til I can be where you are again.”
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moripetal · 10 hours ago
Lyrics from songs on my phone that remind me of ACOTAR characters
It’s a long one! Not all the characters are here!
Tamlin   Atlas - Fanfarlo “Next spring will bring you back again, You’ll sigh and crack the whip for us, And maybe you will be the one, Who’ll draw the line in the sand for us to cross.
It’s all packed box now, All painting portraits time, And maybe when the night comes, You’ll open up the cage.”
Nesta   Boreas - The Oh Hellos “I’d be lying if I told you I’m keeping tidy anymore, Yeah I swing from believing that maybe my working will all pay off, To considering drinking with Molotov, I’m halfway out the door.
Maybe then my breath could embody, A wildfire starting. I’d sweep up the forest floor, And my body breathe life into the corners, Be a darker soil.”
Lucien   To Be Loved - Askjell feat. AURORA “You touched my skin so warm, And time is cold, And trust me I would know. In my heart, I’m the half of a whole, And it’s making me feel so alone. Waking up thinking of what it is to be loved.”
Rhysand   ‘O Sleeper - The Oh Hellos “While the weary nations weep, Awakening me from a dream, I see the moonlight steal across my sheets. My love is lying fast asleep, Chasing its beams. She stirs and then she turns her back to me.
The clouds overhead open up, For the wicked and just, All the same."
Feyre   Passerine - The Oh Hellos “My palms and fingers still reek of gasoline, From fuelling the fire of that Greco-Roman dream. Purifying the holy rock to melt the gilded seams, It don’t bring me relief, no, It don’t bring me nothing.”
Azriel   Honor For All - Jon Licht and Daniel Licht “Love is a distant aroma at best, A withering smile that’s stuck deep in your vest, The night air it wraps it’s fingers around, Your body it shakes from the now distant sound.
Oh the sound of her voice, A sweet symphony, Played over and over until you are free.”
Morrigan   New River - The Oh Hellos “I know the winds from the south, Have the waves riled up like a hungry mouth. And your stomach goes hollow, At the thought that it could swallow you whole.
Well it’ll rain for fourty days and nights, And nothing you do can slow the rising tide. But the river takes her shape from every tempest she abides, And like her, you’ll be made new again.”
Amren   Soulless Creatures - AURORA “Come my wonders after dawn restores, Waiting for the world to turn once more, Listening to the deep magnetic sounds, Hunting for a victim lying down.
Come back to me, After peace restores, Soulless Creatures.”
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azrielshands · 11 hours ago
Am I the only one who doesn’t favour a ship? I mean l like the idea of elucien, elriel, gwynriel or even Lucien x Vassa. I just want them to be happy idc who they end up with at this point
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lyaren · 12 hours ago
Elriel Solstice Gifts Complement Each Other
This is another lovely hidden detail we uncover as a reader, that demonstrates Azriel and Elain share a connection. In both Solstice scenes where presents are opened, we find out that Azriel and Elain bought a gift that complements the other one’s gift. This happens every time where it’s mentioned that they both give the same person a present. It’s another gentle little hint of how in sync they have become with each other. In Elain’s book, will we find out how this works? Did they discuss it, go shopping together, or shoot a silent message down the bond they share?
Azriel was told not to buy gifts for the sisters, so he only bought one for Feyre. Azriel’s gift was rare, vibrant paints from the continent, and Elain’s gift was fine paint brushes.
Elain gets Nesta books and Azriel gets her a reading night light that attaches to the book while she reads. Azriel gets Cassian beef jerky, and Elain gets him a ceramic travel mug with lid. (Cass needs something to wash down that jerky!)
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queenringer · 12 hours ago
Elriel Month - Day 13 (Just Breathe)
Thank you @elrielmonth for putting this together! Here is the post if you would like to participate
Tumblr media
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