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mardereads19 · 9 days ago
Thank You! 🌸🦇
I know Elriel Month was officially over yesterday, but since I did a belated post, I hadn’t considered it official until now...
Thanks to @elrielmonth for hosting this amazing month! More than simply allowing us to have fun with our favorite characters, it was great practice for writers like me. It also helped me get out there with my writing (something I hadn’t done since my Wattpad days, almost a decade ago).
Thanks to @themissyvonne who heard my breakdowns when I was confused on what to write on certain days, read my posts everyday, and who kept me motivated! ♥️ (Also, thank you for your amazing oneshots, writer bestie! 😭🌸)
And thank you to all the lovely Elriels who kept on reading my posts! Special shout out to the Rosehall 🌹 Discord fam and to the Tumblr Elriels who commented on and reblogged my posts (y’all know who you are 😭)! Your words really fueled my writing and inspired me beyond comprehension. A simple comment really gets to creators and artists, and I thank you for them. 🥺
I will be posting a Masterlist soon with all my Elriel Month oneshots in chronological order. This way if you’re ever interested in rereading them, you can see how they connect on a bigger storyline! ✨
Also, if you see me reblogging and liking old Elriel Month posts, it’s because I was busy and couldn’t keep up with all the goodness in the tag! ♥️
Thank you again, Elriels! 🌸
Tumblr media
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bookstaninthesoul · 10 days ago
Whoever You Are
SUMMARY: Elain is grateful to have her family
Okay, first of all, I want to apologize for any grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language, so I did it in Portuguese (my native language) and then I translated to English. I hope you like it!
Elriel Month Day 31: Free Choice
This is a continuation of A New Beginning. If you have not read the first part, it may not make so much sense. But if you want to read just this part, feel free.
Part 1 - A New Beginning
Tumblr media
Elain was looking out the window at Azriel running after Nyx and Violet, playing with them.
She smiled, loved to see her husband playing with the children, having fun. She still remembered the time when Azriel came crying to hug her, saying he was afraid of being a terrible father.
Elain just stroked his hair and said why he would never be a bad father. She kissed every one of his tears and everything she could do to make him feel better.
When they adopted Violet, it was a real adventure. Azriel had taught the girl many things about spying, while Elain had taught the girl how to cook and showed how gardening was important in the process of making medicine.
The little girl fell so in love with medicine that she decided she wanted to be a healer when she got older. Elain just smiled and nodded, all to her little girl.
Azriel was getting closer and closer to her, becoming a very cute father and protective of his baby. He couldn't stand to see his daughter with some bruise that was already extremely upset, as if he himself was feeling the pain.
Elain loved to see her partner's progress. Loved seeing how he went from an insecure father to a father who loves his daughter more than anything and would protect her with his own life.
She could only be grateful to have what she had, to have a family as beautiful as hers, to have met Azriel and Violet, the greatest loves of her life. Azriel looked at the window and caught her looking at him. Then he smiled and blew a kiss with his lips, turning his attention to the kids again.
She looked at a star in the sky and said, "Whoever is up there, whoever rules this world, I thank you with all my heart for making me happy, for making Azriel happy and for making Violet and all my family and my friends happy. Thank you so much. "
Then she put her hand on her heart and took out her book to read it again.
Happy with everything she had.
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mardereads19 · 10 days ago
Elriel Month 🌸🦇
Day 20:
Tumblr media
Continuation of Day 10: The Distance Between Us.
Azriel did not know what he had expected to encounter at Rhysand’s summoning, but it was not the request to train Elain to become a spy. It was not anything regarding Elain, at all.
She had just left the room, but in that moment when their eyes had met as she passed him...
She had been so close. So close to him and yet so far away.
It didn’t matter because she was off-limits.
Azriel focused on the male who had made her off-limits.
Rhysand nudged his chin towards the chair Azriel had left vacated. “Sit, Azriel.” The easy smiles and laughs he had shared with Elain had disappeared. Rhys’s face now was serious and severe.
Azriel sat down —accommodating his wings through the slits in the chair— only because he knew the conversation ahead would be heavy.
Rhysand looked down at his desk, eyes skimming over the objects there as he thought. “She startled me,” he began. Azriel frowned. “Elain. I was here in the office once, in complete silence, wondering how to best keep the dread trove locked, when Elain spoke to me from behind.” Rhys chuckled and glanced at Azriel. “How did I not see her come in? How did I not hear her steps?”
“You were distracted,” Azriel supplied.
“No.” Rhys shook his head, his eyes shining with awe. “I was calculating, yes, but my training is never lost on me. I’m always alert. Especially now that I have a son to protect.” From his enemies. Azriel saw that spark of threat in his brother’s eyes towards anyone who dared get close enough to Nyx or Feyre. “I should have heard her come into the office. I should have seen her.”
Azriel could imagine the moment in his head. Could picture Elain —misunderstood and overlooked Elain Archeron— making her way over to Rhysand on stealthy feet. Rhys being startled by her voice at his back.
And it made sense, Azriel supposed, that she’d be the one to surprise people. The sister who is never watched out for, as Rhys had so correctly put it.
Azriel almost smiled.
“That made you consider her a good spy?”
Rhys nodded. “Think about it. Wouldn’t it make sense? Elain, as a part of our Court and the High Lady’s sister, is expected to be in every gathering or Court Business reunion. She is just never considered as a threat or taken any seriously.” Azriel grinded his teeth at that last statement. “She’s overlooked and that makes for a good spy.”
Azriel blinked in his impassive expression. He didn’t like the idea. Yes, Elain had the potential to be a spy, but that did not mean she should be. Being part of the Court alone already meant her life was always in danger. She could be used as a bargaining ship —like how she would have been used if Feyre and him had not rescued her from Hybern— or killed as retribution towards Rhysand and Feyre.
To add to all of that by actually carrying out missions that placed even more danger on her life?
Azriel did not like it.
“What did Feyre had to say about it?”
Rhys, who had been looking over Azriel’s shoulders, scratched at his temple.
“She didn’t know about it.” Azriel turned in his chair to find Feyre standing at the doorway, most likely winnowed there, since his shadows had not warned him.
She scanned Rhys. “Where is Nyx?”
“With your sister, Feyre Darling,” he answered.
Her brows where furrowed as she walked towards the chair Elain had used before. Feyre was dressed in a simple black dress with short sleeves that showed off her tattoos. Her eyes looked tired —no doubt thanks to Nyx. She nodded her head at Azriel in silent greeting before slumping down on the chair. She glared at Rhys, who smiled crookedly at her. “When were you planning to tell me?” She did not mean about Nyx.
Rhysand shrugged, but Azriel saw worry in his gaze. He had been treading on thin ice with Feyre for keeping secret how her birth was high risk. The last thing Rhys needed was her thinking he did not trust her to take on difficult news or hard choices. “I was going to tell you today.”
“Before or after you told Elain you wanted her to be a spy?”
Feyre raised her hand, stopping Rhys. His face drained a little of color as Feyre guessed, “You told her already, didn’t you?”
Rhys closed his eyes and exhaled through his nose. “Feyre, I’m sorry, I did not think it was—“
“Azriel, would you mind explaining to me?” Feyre focused those seething eyes on him, and Azriel almost shifted under her gaze. He looked to Rhys, who guiltily gave a nod. Azriel relaid the information.
Feyre nodded, but the movement was slow. Azriel’s shadows whispered, Danger.
He wondered if he should leave the office and let Rhys and Feyre debate with themselves.
Don’t you dare, Rhysand whispered in his mind. I’m not finished with you.
I could wait outside, Azriel replied.
No, I’m afraid for my life right now.
Azriel reined in his laugh.
Rhys did not act scared though. He leaned his shoulders on his desk and winked at Feyre. “I presented Elain with the idea, but she could reject it and I told her as much.”
“She is my sister, Rhys. Don’t you think I should learn this things before you tell the whole world?”
“I only told Elain and Azriel, My Love. In the end, the choice is hers. The opportunity is hers. I was only offering her a position.”
Azriel kept quiet throughout their back and forth that extended a few minutes, quietly hoping Feyre would order Rhysand to pull back the offer. But a selfish part of him wanted it to happen. He wanted to train Elain. Any excuse to see her, touch her. To have her eyes focus on him. To impress her.
This was a bad idea.
When Feyre stood up, Rhysand made a comment full of innuendo, but she did not smile. Feyre just looked at Rhys and announced, “I’m going to be at my art studio,” and left the room.
Rhysand’s smile dropped and his shoulders sagged. Azriel said nothing.
“Everything I do seems to be the wrong thing.” There was confusion and sorrow in his eyes. “I don’t even do them on purpose, either. I’m just simply wrong.”
Azriel considered. “Just consult with her everything you plan. Tell her everything you learn.”
Rhysand dipped his chin. “I guess I’m still getting used to that.”
It had been five centuries of keeping plans to himself. Of sacrificing himself in silence. Of consulting knowledge only between his heart and mind. It would take time, but he had to put his effort in.
His High Lord shook his head before looking back at Azriel. His face all business once more. “Will you train Elain without an issue?” he asked. “Can I trust you to keep it in your pants? To keep things professional with Elain?”
Azriel felt anger rise in him like a tidal wave, but he held it back. Forced himself to nod calmly, if only showing his fury a little on his hazel eyes.
Rhysand studied his face for a moment before dipping his chin again. “Let’s talk schedule, then.”
Azriel listened and suggested and planned. But all the while he kept reminding himself this was a bad idea. The worst.
This was a match waiting to be lit. A ship fighting the storm waves. A butterfly flying in the rain. All it would take was one drop to bring it down. To bring him down.
Danger, his shadows repeated.
He agreed.
For this to work, he had to kill every feeling he’d ever felt for Elain. He had to let all his impulses die.
And hope she knew it was for the best.
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bookstaninthesoul · 11 days ago
I Just Need You
SUMMARY: Elain remembers the day she and Azriel discovered the mate bond
Okay, first of all, I want to apologize for any grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language, so I did it in Portuguese (my native language) and then I translated to English. I hope you like it!
Elriel Month Day 30: Discovery Of The Bond
This is the end of a fanfic with two chapters. If you have not read the first and second part, it may not make so much sense. But if you want to read just this part, feel free.
@wingedscissorsfarmpony Here it is your part 2!
Part 1 - The Seal
Tumblr media
Elain was lying on the bed waiting for Azriel to arrive. She couldn't take that situation of living in hiding anymore, but it was what they could have for now.
Elain traveled to when she discovered the mate bond with Azriel. It was magical and strange at the same time.
For a day, Azriel had gone on a mission and had come back badly injured and Elain had felt he was in bad shape. That he was badly hurt.
When she heard that he had returned, she ran to the Illyrian camp, finding the tent in which he was staying to be healed.
She went in there and when she saw Azriel, they felt the bond connecting. They felt the connection.
She saw Azriel on the bed and ran to hug him, with all the care in the world. She stayed up all night watching Azriel asleep by the painkillers. And after those days of taking care of him, they never separated.
Elain shook her head, taking her thoughts away when she heard the bedroom door open and Azriel came in with a smile wider than the world.
He ran to the bed and jumped, falling on top of her. Elain laughed. He started to deposit several kisses on her face while she laughed. Then he started tickling that spot where only he knew what she felt. Right below her belly button.
He stopped and placed a long kiss on her mouth. "What were you thinking about?" He asked with his mouth pressed to hers.
"Nothing, just remembering when we found out about the mate bond." She smiled.
He kissed her on the forehead and said, "Did you know that finding out that we were mates was the best thing that could happen in my life?"
She blinked and opened her smile even more. Then she kissed him deeply and intensely, with tongues intertwining and their scent intensifying in the room.
She broke away and patted his butt. "Now, go take a shower, you stinky."
He laughed and gave her another kiss, before getting up and heading for the bathroom.
She sighed and smiled again. It didn't matter what situation they were in, as long as they were together and had each other, everything would be perfect and resolved.
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nikethestatue · 11 days ago
Wing Sin
Elriel Month - LAST DAY (and I am sad)
Kept this baby for the last day. It’s just what the title says, wingplay.
This one is kinda weird, because it’s a little more than just wing love. This is NOT pretty, loving, or romantic. 
Inspired by the photo (included)
Okay, warnings: EXPLICIT
Do not read if: you are underage. 
If you are of sensitive disposition. 
If you do not enjoy sexually explicit writing. 
If you are not into wing play.
Tumblr media
Azriel’s wings. 
Getting her hands on his wings is a victory Elain delights in earning. It’s the way that he begs her for it, on the frequent occasions when he does. At times, he offers it outright and merely extends a wing towards her, while he fills his hands with her breasts and puts his lips on her neck, while she feels the membranes beneath her fingers. Feels her Azriel let go for her? He loses himself completely. It’s pure ecstasy. 
Sometimes, Elain manages to sneak up on Azriel when he’s not expecting it, usually in the shower, slipping into the open space where his wings can stretch wide. 
Azriel tucks his wings in tight when Elain gets them wet… that’s how they begin. A gentle caress at first. It makes him shiver, but she knows the wings well now, each scar and dent of the iridescent membrane, the silky texture, the intricate structure. He spins her around and grabs her in a way that has her laughing. Elain digs her fingers into his hair, elated because it’s one of the few times she sees him smile like this - for her, only for her and for once, entirely carefree. He loves to see her happy. He’ll do anything for this, this laughter, this grin, this joy he’s never been able to resist. 
They lounge on the roof of their house, overlooking Valaris’ incredible skyline.
She meets him, sometimes naked, sometimes wrapped in something that she is sure he will enjoy removing promptly. He lands on the roof, and there are days when she is in his arms at once, loving him and tearing at his clothes, sloppy kisses everywhere, ready, needy and impatient. Other times, she taunts--waits for him to stalk towards her, unhurried, eyes ablaze at the sight of her sprawled in front of him, ready for the taking.
He built a pool for her, on the roof, though he enjoys watching her swim naked in it probably more than she enjoys swimming in it. 
Today is a hot day, the sun is blazing and when Azriel lands on the roof, he is tearing his shirt off immediately, followed by his boots and then his trousers. Elain observes him from her lounge, under the pergola. She is drinking lemonade, and wants to offer him a glass. He dives into the cool water naked, only a cuff with his siphon on his wrist, before she could even get up. And then stays underwater for too long. Too long. And she always worries. She knows that he is perfectly fine, but her heart worries. He is her beloved and as he doesn’t emerge quickly, she tiptoes to the edge of the pool, just to check. And then the wings splay, violent and beautiful, dripping water like thick oil, and like a great and terrifying beast he emerges, laughing at her shrieking. 
He does it again today. And when she offers a sharp smack on his shoulder for making her so nervous and worrying her, he kisses her hands.
But he is ‘sorry’. Sorry for scaring her. Sorry for worrying her. So he does his penance. 
He sinks back into the pool and sets her on the edge, pulling her closer, spreading her slowly.
“I am sorry,” he whispers, and kisses the inside of her thigh.
“I am sorry,” he whispers, and kisses her knee. 
The wings flare out. 
It’s a game. Elain is not angry at all, but she likes it when he is ‘sorry’. 
Because then, his lips are on her wet folds, his tongue parting them languidly, his eyes watching her from between her legs, winking at her. He will toy with her deliberately, slowly, agonizingly. He suckles on the folds, until she is shuddering and her toes grip the edge of the pool, her fingers digging into his wet hair. And that tongue of his, strong and eager, slides in and out of her, finding its way inside, making her moan in that special way that he likes so much. 
Blindly, she reaches for the wing, her head thrown back, her long, thick hair brushing the tiled floor beneath her, eyes shut. He knows what she wants and guides the claw towards her parted lips, brushing its ivory smoothness over her tongue, readying himself, readying her. But she can’t wait any longer and her wet lips wrap around the claw, pulling it inside, gently working her tongue over it. The claw is porous and he feels everything with it. It’s where the claw meets the cartilage that he is most sensitive, so she licks there slowly at first, loving the firmness against her lips. But Azriel is impatient, and as his saliva mingles with her juices, his hard, scarred hand reaches up, giving her nipple a painful squeeze on its way, making her whimper. 
“Suck it, baby,” he orders, the tip of his tongue swirling over her swollen clit. He doesn’t stop the measured lapping, but watches her settle around the claw, his wing wrapping around her, keeping her in place. Her slim fingers tighten around him, gently brushing the membrane, and then he thrusts into her mouth. That scarred hand of his finds its destination and wraps around her slender, long neck, squeezing lightly. “Watch me,” he says, and her eyes fall on his face, half hidden in her pink, leaking slit. 
She sucks in earnest, messy and dripping saliva onto her breasts, the claw hot in her mouth, warming up even further as she latches onto it. He pumps it in and out of her lips, as he sucks on her clit, pulling it deep between his lips, the tongue working tirelessly inside of her, the teeth pressing on her bud in warning, when she moves too much.
They watch each other with gleeful, obsessive interest, marking every move and every pant, and he smiles indulgently when she chokes and gasps for air. But she will never stop without his permission, will never even pause, especially when he encourages her with a light squeeze of her neck.
“There is no better taste in my mouth,” he murmured against her folds, amazingly, still licking, “than your pleasure on my lips.”
“Mmm,” is all she could manage, smiling around him, wanting approval. He nods, and rises from the pool, his thumb now rubbing her, pressed almost painfully against her aching clit, and that’s what she wants, as she spasms against his hand, moaning over the claw, as his fingers smear the pooled wetness over and over her pulsating nub. 
“Is that nice, my girl?” he asks, and she nods desperately, wanting him to continue. 
He crowds her, as he eases out of the pool, sitting beside her and she scoots on her knees between his legs, already guessing what he wants from her. The wing folds and the claw is now next to his massive erect member, which he strokes absently, as she watches him with her innocent, chocolate-brown eyes, before he moves his hand from her neck to the back of her head and nudges her forth. 
She licks both, just like he likes it. Her eager, loving tongue drags up, from his balls, which she kisses first, and up that never-ending length of his, sliding over the thick head, before making her way back to the claw, gliding wetly from the tip to the base. He watches her watch him, his hazel eyes dark with desire, but he maintains his unique self-control, hardly reacting, other than a quickening of his breath.
He’ll tell her what he wants sucked, so she catches her breath and continues her licking, which he enjoys, judging by how he cups her breasts in his palms and fingers her nipples. 
She is so wet it’s embarrassing. She is leaking onto her thighs, pressing her legs together, wanting anything, just anything inside of her, but she also wants to pleasure him. The other wing shifts, but she is so busy, her mouth completely overfilled with his tight ball that she doesn’t even notice, until the other claw lightly scrapes along her spine. She gags and gasps with enjoyment and surprise, but he keeps her head firmly planted at his shaft, making her suck on the other ball without pause. 
That glorious claw roams freely around her body, the talon not at all sharp, but rounded at the tip and pleasantly firm. He grips his cock in his hand and then feeds it to her, while she grips the other claw and works her hand over it. 
Sometimes, he jokes that Illyrians have three cocks. It’s not untrue. 
“Look at me, love,” he asks, as he fills her mouth slowly, with a steady slide. It is always slow. Delicious and gargantuan, he is careful and deliberate in how he pushes forth, letting her adjust, breathe, relax her throat. But she swallows steadily, her eyes watering, as his thumbs brush her cheeks lovingly. Gods, he loves watching her! She succumbs, her fist firmly running over the claw, pumping, while her cheeks hollow over the shaft. “Do you want something inside of you?” he teases and she nodded desperately over the member, pulling it tighter and deeper inside her wet mouth.
The brazen talon stops its exploration of her body, and Azriel mutters, “Bum up,” so she arches her back deeper, raising her bottom, shaking with anticipation. She is not disappointed, as he urges the talon between her legs, spreading her lips far apart with a wet, obscene sound, before slowly filling her tight, dripping opening. She cries out, almost in tears from the tension and the pleasure that the claw finally offers her. 
“Do you like all your holes filled, my sweet?” he smiles indulgently, leaning back on his elbows and pumping in and out of her, filling her mouth and her sex with deep, unhurried strokes. She wants to scream “yes…” she wants to beg and thank him, because she can barely hold herself up on her knees, she wants to chant “Azriel, Az, Az, Az…” but she can’t, because he keeps her mouth busy. So she just takes everything that he gives her. It would never be enough. 
Sometimes, he penetrates all of her, two claws and his member, one for each opening, all at once, working her until she screams and screams, and everything crashes around her. 
He never did this before. Never used his wings with a woman. Never greedily thrust his claws into welcoming holes, which opened and yielded only to him. But Elain was his and he was hers, and they had each other wholly. They used each other’s bodies to the fullest, never embarrassed by their need, never afraid. The claws offer her a different kind of pleasure, and for him, it’s mind-blowing, it’s soul-destroying. It’s not just her kissing or stroking his wings, which is wild pleasure to begin with. It’s possessing her with such utter completion, where he doesn’t know where he begins and where she ends. Where all of him crawls into her and she accepts the entirety of him in her body.
“Suck, baby, suck, suck, suck,” he garbles his words roughly, his voice hoarse and so deep, he is barely understandable. His cock is bathed in her, and now he pumps hard, his hips unstoppable, his hand on her head, keeping her in place as he reaches deep into her throat. His hand shoots to her neck, laying firmly over the thin skin, feeling with obscene delight the girth of his member in her throat. His claw burrows deeper into her, the wet, tight heat of her gripping at it tightly, as he thrusts nice and deep. The claw isn’t as thick or as long as his member, but it’s slightly curved and hits her right in that firm, ridged spot, making her gag constantly on his cock, from the enjoyment that she is feeling inside of her. Her eyes are rolling back with such pleasure, that he doesn’t even make her watch him. She snakes her free hand up his torso and pushes her fingers in his mouth, and he pulls all four inside, sucking on them ravenously.
Azriel is in the throes of such sublime pleasure, his member so adored by that sweet mouth that he can't wrap his mind around how good she feels. He pushes harder and deeper into her sopping sex, and probably should be a little more thoughtful, but he can’t stop. His wings twitch and tremble, shivers running down the cartilage and the connective tissue, the pleasure building up and up within him. At last, Elain climaxes so hard around his claw, she actually slips off it, but he jams it back inside of her, to rock her through her spasms, as she cries and cries her joy over his swollen shaft. The tight walls of her passage squeeze and contract violently over him, but he presses the tip of the claw to her clit and she rubs herself violently against it, climaxing yet again within moments. 
He cups her cheek, watching her as she pulls on his member, slurping and choking, while he sucks and bites her fingers, in a desperate attempt to stave off his own climax, but it sweeps over him like a wave, smothering his body in rapturous ecstasy. She drinks greedily, as she always does, swallowing and licking him off, her lips finally unlatching from his shaft with a loud, explicit pop. A bit splatters on her face, because she is licking the claw now, prolonging his pleasure, watching the wings fly open in vulnerable surrender. 
“Baby, I love you so much,” he moans at last, body splayed on the slate tiles, his wings drooping around him. He doesn't care. 
Elain still can’t let go, doesn’t want to, so she slides over his limp body and starts to kiss him, from his feet, up to his legs, over his thighs. “I love you,” she whispers. She cups his balls in her greedy little hands and lavishes them with kisses, if they are the greatest gift to her. His cock is beautiful and delicious and she kisses it in gratitude, while he strokes her head lazily, watching her. 
“Baby, you haven’t even kissed my lips today,” he complains.
She smiles and reminds him, “I’ve kissed many other parts of you today.”
“True,” he agrees reluctantly. “Am I forgiven for my thoughtless dive today?” he grins at her.
She pretends to consider it, and then shakes her head.
“I do believe that there is still plenty of me that hasn’t been loved or filled today,” she whines. 
“Really?” He lifts his brow, a wicked smirk on his lips.
One of the claws scrapes over her thigh, an innocent touch. That is until it boldly probes between her buttocks and presses into her tight, tiny opening in silent proposition. It rubs and rubs and rubs against the sensitive rim.
She shrugs prettily, and continues licking his wings, whispering “I want another part of you in there.” And so that he is completely clear, she palms his member lightly. 
When she touches his wings, it is the only time he really loses himself completely, surrenders every last piece of himself to her. Every part that he’d been too scared to let go of for centuries before. The groans that escape his lips… the shaking of his arms as he fists his hands… His body starts to curl inward as she kisses his wings, strokes his wings, caresses and adores his wings. She licks the claws. She licks and kisses every bone and ridge. It becomes the greatest sight she’s ever seen. Her Azriel is undone in every conceivable way in her arms, at her touch, at her command, and all just for her… for his Elain alone.
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mardereads19 · 11 days ago
Elriel Month 🌸🦇
Day 31: Free Choice
Tumblr media
Continuation of Day 25: “Azriel”
Elain twisted towards the death god, heartbeat speeding at the sight of him. Azriel’s shadows moved behind her, some peaking over her shoulders as if readying to strike, others caressing her lower back, tapping her fingers until she unfurled them.
Koschei tutted. “Enough of that.” He glanced to the shadowsinger as he said, “Come over here.”
Elain stilled, waiting for Azriel to start moving, but he remained chained and immobile. Cassian, who had blades on both of his hands and whose Siphons flared bright, also frowned in confusion when nothing happened, however his eyes remained full of hate.
Koschei blinked and raised an eyebrow. His gaze shifted between the shadows gathering behind Elain’s back, Azriel, and Elain. “Interesting.”
“What is?” Cassian challenged, voice quaking in fury.
Koschei tilted his head, examining her. “You’re a shadowsinger.”
Elain said nothing, revealed nothing with her face, putting on the mask Azriel usually donned. But her mind spun at the realization.
Could it be? She’d become a shadowsinger? That would explain why she could suddenly understand Azriel’s shadows.
A shadowsinger.
Koschei glanced between Azriel and her. “What an interesting turn of events.”
“You already said that,” Cassian spat.
Koschei smiled. “You’ll learn, Lord of Bastards, that the person with the most power can do and say whatever they want.”
And Elain watched Cassian go as still as a statue. As still as Azriel was beside her. Cassian’s arms lowered beside his body, still gripping those blades.
Attack! Attack! Attack! the shadows whispered in her ear.
Not yet, she ordered.
Koschei’s attention came back to her, his eyes glancing at the shadows, as if he had heard her exchange with them. Elain held his gaze when he focused on her.
“I had not planned on taking you, too.” Koschei shifted on his feet, as if preparing to leave. “But fate works in ways that even I can’t understand.” He laughed, a raspy sound that Elain hated. “And if it works in my favor, then who am I to question it?”
He turned around.
“You will let us go,” Elain called. “The three of us.”
Koschei’s back went ramrod straight. In the dim lighting, she could have sworn his skin went a little bit paler. He glanced over his shoulder at her, and the anger gleaming in his dark eyes made her take a step back. He marked that step with his eyes.
“How are you moving, trembling fawn?”
How am I moving? It took Elain a second to understand. When he had frozen Cassian, he had also tried to control Elain. She was supposed to be as still as the two Illyrian warriors, yet here she was still acting of her own will.
“Perhaps I’m a god, too.”
Koschei turned back to her. His eyes roamed her body, her face. They shifted towards the shadows that took up movement once more.
“What’s your business with me?”
“You know why I’m here. I already told you.” Elain forced herself to keep her chin up. Act as arrogant as he did. Like she was the person with the most power in this tent.
The noises from around the camp kept their normal rhythm. No one had been notified of their presence. Only Koschei. Elain guessed he could see through Azriel’s eyes —hear through his ears. Now was the perfect time to escape. It was now or never. Once the rest of the death god’s males found out of their presence... There were too many to fight at once. Especially with Cassian and Azriel unavailable.
But she couldn’t leave with them under Koschei’s grasp like that.
Koschei glanced at Azriel and Cassian. “If you must go, then I can let the general go with you. I have no need of him, though it would have been fun. The other I—”
“I said the three of us leave.” Elain tilted her head in bored contemplation. “Should I also point out who I mean by the three of us? Since you’re too dense to understand me.”
Koschei bared his teeth. “Do you think you can come to my dwelling and demand things of me?” He raised his hand towards Cassian. “You should have taken the general and left when I was feeling generous. Now I don’t so much.” He twisted his hand.
Cassian’s brow began to furrow and relax, furrow and relax, furrow and relax. A noise full of pain came out of him. He dropped his blades. Elain’s breath caught as his legs gave out and he fell to his knees. Blood began to pour out of his nose. Her heartbeat was a drum beating out of her chest when Cassian began to cough blood.
Her mind went to Nesta. How her sister would break down if Elain had to tell her Cassian was killed. Her sister would never forgive her for allowing this to happen, for provoking the death lord to do this. Her sister would go back to her self-destruction.
Elain startled at Cassian’s full gasps of air.
Azriel’s body began to tremble beside her, like he was fighting Koschei’s control on him. To help his brother.
Azriel and Rhys? They would hate Elain, too, for this. Feyre and Morrigan and Amren. They would all hate her.
Elain would hate herself.
Cassian with his easy smiles and winking and bating and teasing. Cassian with his playful arrogance and kindness and bravery.
Sister. He’d called her a sister.
And this was how she would pay him?
Elain did not cry as she lifted her fist that she had kept hidden in the shadows and said, “Stop.”
Koschei looked at her, at the female who had commanded him with so much authority. “You will learn, Lord of Death, that the person with the most power can make others do as they please.”
Koschei’s face blanched at what she held in her hand.
His soul. That’s what Elain held in her hand. That’s why he couldn’t control her.
Elain had seen that onyx box in her vision. She had gone after it to that tent, the shadows distracting the males guarding it enough time to let her slip inside on silent feet. She had followed her instinct, some voice in her head whispering the way. The box had been locked by wards, but her magic had nudged here and there and it had opened for her. There were a couple of items inside the box, but the one that called to her was a golden egg.
What’s with this guy and birds? she had thought, recalling how he imprisoned women and females in bird forms. But it made sense, she supposed, that he placed his soul in the prettiest and sturdiest egg one of his prisoners laid. A cruel joke.
She had wanted to keep it a secret, that she had his soul. If she could have saved Azriel and left without Koschei knowing, Rhys and Feyre would have come up with a plan to beat him without Koschei preparing in whatever way he could.
But she had to use this card. To save Cassian. To save Azriel.
She’d show her hand.
Koschei fixed his expression to one of triumph again, but it had been too late. She had seen his fear. “That won’t do anything.”
Cassian began to double over.
“Then nothing will happen if I drop this?” Elain extended her arm and made to throw the egg at her feet.
“No!” His arm lowered and Cassian clutched at his chest, breathing deeply, face contorted in pain and full of blood.
Elain held the egg tighter and lifted it again.
Her shoulders relaxed slightly when Cassian glared at the death god and spat blood at his feet. He reached for his fallen blades. His Siphons flared red once more and his wings twitched as the warrior stood on shaking knees. His breath remained labored, and there was a small glimmer of fear in his eyes, but the fury had all but diminish from his gaze.
Elain glanced to her side to find tears in Azriel’s cheeks. His heart was thundering. She placed her other hand on his back.
I’m here. We’re getting out.
Koschei did not avert his hateful eyes from Elain.
“Here’s what I want you to do, Koschei,” she began. “You’re going to let Azriel go, both from his shackles and from the grasp you have on his mind. You’re going to let us winnow out of this place, so undo your wards.” She threw him a pointed glance. “Silently. No one needs to know.”
“I can kill your shadowsinger within seconds,” he seethed.
“Granted, but then I’ll kill you.” She smiled, squeezing the egg until Koschei trembled. “And something tells me you value your life more than you do anyone else’s.”
A silence extended for a moment. Or at least, silence inside the tent. Outside she heard the snores and pacing of the others.
“I want that egg back,” he added.
Now Elain tutted. “You’re in no position to demand anything, Koschei. Remember who holds the power here. I’m being generous enough in letting you live.”
Koschei bared his teeth again. “Who are you?”
Elain smirked. “I am Elain Archeron. Cauldron blessed. Seer. Kingslayer,” she tilted her head. “And if you keep talking instead of doing what I told you to, soon I’ll add Godslayer to that list.”
Koschei lifted his chin. “If you kill me now, all the people I’ve imprisoned will stay cursed. He,” he nudged his chin towards Azriel, “will stay locked up for eternity.”
Azriel locked up again? Not an option.
Elain nodded. “Then we’ll meet again.”
Azriel fell forward, his shackles magically undone, and Cassian reached for him as Koschei answered, “We’ll meet again, brave fawn. And then,” he stood straighter, “I’ll make you pay.”
Elain glanced into Azriel’s eyes, no longer glassy but clear, his arm circled her waist. She held back the need to kiss him and touch him and cry in the crook of his neck, where she could take in his scent and reassure herself that he was alive and well.
She glanced back at Koschei as she willed the shadows to winnow the three of them outside this camp, back to the Night Court —where her family had agreed to return.
“If you ever go after one of my friends or family again, I won’t hesitate to end you.” She threw Koschei a last smirk before being swept away.
No one would harm those she loved without facing her might ever again.
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Tumblr media
elriel month, day 31: free choice “in a world filled with thorns and poisonous flowers, i was lucky enough to find you.”
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Elriel Month | Day 31: You Are Cordially Invited
Tumblr media
NOTE: See Day 21: Dreamland if you’d like to see how Azriel saw his wedding to Elain before it happened.
Azriel pulled away, kissing her once and twice more before linking his pinky with hers. “Until the end of forever.”
Elain nodded, sealing it with another kiss. “Until the end of forever.”
“You ready for this?” Rhys asked, smiling from ear to ear as he straightened the collar of Azriel’s jacket.
“Of COURSE he’s ready, look at him! He looks like a fairytale prince!” Cass said, pinching Az’s cheek.
Azriel laughed. “Ready for the wedding? Yes, thanks to Nesta. Ready to spend the rest of my life with Elain? Absolutely.” He said his voice thick with emotion, looking down as tears filled his eyes. "Been waiting 500 years for her."
“Az…dammit…” Cassian said, wiping at his own eyes and hugging his brother, Rhysand hugging them both.
“This never has to leave this room.” Cassian said, sniffling.
Rhysand laughed. “Are you kidding? Crying wasn’t even a question, the bet was on which of us would cry first.” Rhysand said, wiping his own eyes.
Nesta straightened Elain’s sparkling veil with tears in her eyes. “You look so beautiful, El.”
“Oh Nesta, if you start, we all will.” Feyre warned, grabbing a handkerchief and handing it to her sister.
“You really do look beautiful, Elain.” Feyre agree, hugging her sister, and dabbing at her own eyes. “You’re so perfect together, perfect for one another.”
Elain hugged Feyre, beaming and holding her own tears in. “Thank you for helping me find him, for helping me find myself.” She said, taking both her sisters hands.
Nesta sniffled, pulling both of her sisters into her arms, letting her tears fall. The three sisters staying in each others arms until there was a soft knock at the door. “Is it time?” Elain asked.
“No, not yet, calm down.” Feyre laughed as she opened the door to reveal Lucien.
“I’m here to see the Bride if she has a moment.” Lucien said, looking every bit the heir of a High Lord.
Elain nodded. “Of course, come in.”
“We’ll see you again before its time.” Nesta assured Elain as she followed Feyre out.
Lucien walked in and Elain smiled up at him. Their relationship-their friendship had changed so much in such a short time. After avoiding each other for months over their own ill-fated bond, they bonded helping each other find and save the people they were truly meant to be with.
“Day suits you.” She said, smiling. Lucien nodded in appreciation.
“Thank you, Dusk suits you.” He said, adding. “It goes without saying, but, you deserve to be happy with someone of your choosing, Elain. I’m glad you found that happiness.”
“Thank you, Lucien. You deserve the same, and Vassa is very lucky to have you.” She said, not needing her Seer ability to notice how comfortable and happy Lucien and the mortal Queen were around one another.
“Thank you, Elain." He said, blushing slightly and not bothering to deny his coupling with Vassa. “Well, I’d better get to it, before Nesta comes back and drags me out of here. I didn't just come to pass on my congratulations, I came to give you something.” He said, pulling a small compass from his pocket and holding it out for her to take.
Elain felt the tears prick at her eyes almost immediately as she recognized it and took it into her shaking hand.
“Your father gave this to me when we started our journey back to Prythian, he asked me to give it to you today-on your wedding day, something old?” He added, slightly confused.
Elain smiled sadly, as she ran her thumb over the cracked glass. Today, the pain of his loss was especially strong, she'd been feeling his absence all day, had spent the last few weeks wishing that he could have met Azriel and the rest of their family. She hoped that wherever he was, that he knew that she was safe, happy and with someone who loved her. “It doesn’t work, hasn’t for ages, I tried to use it once and from then on it would only point North. Papa just kept it for good luck."
Lucien watched her. “Maybe it was never meant to work for him. Y’know you can’t get much farther North than the Night court, or the Illyrian Mountains.”
“That’s a lovely thought, Lucien.” She said softly, tears filling her eyes. “Thank you, for helping him be here in some way today.” She cried, pressing the compass to her heart as she threw her arm around him, hugging him tightly. Lucien hugged her back, not letting go until she did. Another knock at the door brought Rhysand sauntering in, shutting the door behind him.
“Making the bride cry, Luc?” he teased.
“Happy tears, only happy tears.” Elain said, dabbing her tears away. “Is it time?”
“Just about.” He nodded, clapping Lucien on the back in greeting.
“I’d better get back to Vassa.” Lucien said, hugging Elain one last time as she whispered her thanks again before he walked out and headed back to the hall.
Elain smiled up at Rhysand. “How is he?”
“Feeling like the luckiest man alive.” He said, grinning. “He’s not wrong. You’re absolutely stunning.”
Elain blushed, tears in her eyes. “Thank you, but I’m the lucky one.”
“You’re perfect for him, you know, perfect together.” he said, getting choked up.
Elain watched him, she rarely saw him this emotional and she couldn’t help but wrap her arms around him as he choked out. “Thank you for loving him, El, the way he deserves.”
“I promise to take care of him, Rhys, to love him and protect him like you have Feyre. He means everything to me.” She promised.
“I know you will, El, of that, I have no doubt. Now, if I take any longer, Az is gonna gonna come in here to get you himself, but I have one last task to complete before we go, per human tradition and Nesta’s orders. I’m told you require something old-“
Elain nodded, tapping the compass that now dangled from her bouquet.
“Something new?” He watched as she motioned to her dress. “Something borrowed?” Elain showed off the jeweled hairpins that Feyre had let her borrow, a solstice gift from Rhysand. “Something borrowed usually comes from family who are happily married, in hopes that their happiness will transfer over to the new couple.” Elain added.
“Well, I know you and Az will be every bit as happy as Feyre and I are, and that just leaves something blue.” Elain nodded and tapped the blue ribbon wrapped around her bouquet, it was the same ribbon Azriel had tied around the first bouquet of flowers he’d ever given her.
"Shall we then?” Rhysand smiled and offered his hand and she took it, laughing as he lifted his hand to twirl her before tucking her hand into the crook of his arm and giving her a nod. Elain returned it, a dazzling smile already on her face, she was ready and they both headed out.
Azriel took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves as he stood waiting.
“Keep breathing like that and you’ll faint before she gets out here.” Cassian teased, smiling over at him. Azriel chuckled and smiled, Cassian had never seen his brother so happy before and he wished more than anything that he and his brothers would enjoy this kind of happiness for the rest of their long, long lives.
Elain and Rhysand stood just on the other side of the closed doors, Feyre and Nesta adjusting Elain’s veil and flowers until it really was time and they both filed through the open doors as soft orchestral music filled the great hall. Cassian winked at Nesta as she made her way to stand at the opposite side of the altar.
“Our turn, El.” Rhysand said, patting her hand and waiting for her to nod before leading her down the aisle. His smile broadened as he felt Elain’s grip tighten slightly as Azriel came in to view, her smile bright enough to light up the entire room.
Elain couldn’t tear her eyes away from him, he was the most handsome male she had ever seen, a fairytale prince ready for their happily ever after.
Azriel’s breath caught and he stilled as Elain entered the hall, stunned by her ethereal beauty and grace. Rhysand walked arm in arm with her, bringing her closer to him, closer to their future together with each step, her eyes never leaving his.
In the first row of seats, his mother dabbed the tears from her eyes. Mor held back tears of her own, Emerie giving her hand a gentle squeeze. Nuala and Cerridwen held each other's hands, dabbing their tears and reveling in the union of their Spymaster and best friend. Amren watched, nodding to Azriel, her way of saying he’d done well for himself…and not to screw it up. Never before in his life had Azriel ever thought that this kind of happiness would ever be a part of his life, but here he was-again, he realized. He’d been here before, in a dream, a dream that was finally coming true. Every bad thing that had ever happened to him, every bad thing that he’d ever done, felt washed away by this newfound happiness, this blissful existence he had finally found with Elain.
Rhysand and Elain finally reached the end of the aisle, Rhys carefully lifting her veil and kissing her cheek before handing her off to Azriel and joining Cassian at his side, Feyre and Nesta at Elain’s side. The smile that Elain leveled up at Azriel was so full of love it made his heart feel as if it were bursting at the seams. It warmed his heart and made his soul sing, he lowered his head and Elain reached up to brush his tears away, her eyes glossy now too. Azriel turned, pressing a kiss to her palm before Gwyn cleared her throat and began, thrilling at the chance to officiate this unique ceremony for her mentor and her new friend.
“Honored and cherished guests, we are gathered here today on this joyous occasion to celebrate the marriage and union between Azriel and Elain Archeron. A union honoring not only the human traditions of Elain’s former mortal life, but celebrating the loving bond that the mother and cauldron have seen fit to bless them with in her new fae life.
This union is a promise, a vow to love, cherish and honor one another for the rest of their lives. It is a symbol of the love and bond that exists between them, a symbol of how far they have come and a vow to face any new challenges together as one. Now, as is tradition, the Bride and Groom will exchange vows.
Gwyn’s smile glowed as she watched, completely enthralled as Azriel turned to Elain, taking her shaking hand in his, his eyes of warm honey meeting her amber pools as he recited his vows.
“Elain, I pledge to you my everlasting devotion, loyalty and respect. I vow to honor you everyday, to protect you and cherish your dreams as if they were my own. My heart, my soul, my life, all of me is yours and has been from the moment I met you. Thank you for dreaming with me, building a future with me, for choosing me, for loving me.” Azriel’s voice was thick with emotion, Elain squeezed his hand gently, her eyes never leaving his, even as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“I can’t promise that things will always be perfect but I can promise that I will always be there to face any challenge with you, be your light in any darkness, I will always come for you. I will spend eternity loving you and showing you everyday that I hold you higher than the stars. I swear to love you in this life and every lifetime hereafter.
Azriel took a shuddering breath, relief washing over him that he hadn’t stumbled over his words, his charming smile returning as he looked down at Elain as she began to recite her vows.
Elain smiled up at him, love shining in her eyes like he had never seen before as she gently took his hand in her own and recited the vows she had written for him.
“Azriel, You are the most incredible person I have ever known. I am so lucky to be standing beside you today. I vow to protect, honor, respect and cherish you forever. To be your sunshine when darkness falls, your comfort when you feel pain and the kiss that wakes you every day. I promise to grow alongside you to become the people that we’re meant to be together. Thank you for showing me what true love really is, you are the love of my life, my best friend, my everything.” Azriel reached up to gently thumb her tears away before wiping his own. “You are my dream come true, the song in my soul and my light in the darkness. You will forever have my heart, my soul and my hand. If I lived a thousand lives, I would choose you every time. I swear to love you in this life and every lifetime hereafter.
Gwyn dabbed at her eyes, sniffling as she continued. “Azriel, do you take Elain to be your wedded wife, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, forsaking all others as long as you both shall live?”
Azriel nodded. “I do. Let this ring be a symbol of my vows to you, my best friend, my wife, of our unending love.” He slipped the ring onto Elain’s finger, a band of diamonds and sapphires, 7 sapphires to match his 7 siphons. Azriel’s heart felt whole and full as he placed a gentle kiss on her rings.
Gwyn beamed. “Elain, do you take Azriel to be your wedded husband, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, forsaking all others as long as you both shall live?”
Elain nodded, “I do. Let this ring be a symbol of my vows to you, my best friend, my husband, of our unending love.” Elain beamed as she slid the band onto Azriel’s finger, engraved with Illyrian runes for “love”, “respect” and “eternity”. Elain placed her own kiss over his ring, lacing their fingers together as they turned to face Gwyn.
“May the mother and the cauldron continue to bless your bond, your love, your future and this marriage. May the sun rise and set in your bonded hearts, and may there be no storm your love cannot weather. With all the power and authority that I possess, I now pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the Bride.”
At last Azriel cradled Elain’s face in his hands and their lips met, a kiss of unyielding, undying and everlasting love, those golden threads of their bond dancing and winding around them, their souls more bound to one another than ever before. Elain’s heart soared, it was more wonderful than any wedding she could have imagined before, because she was surrounded by family and friends that she loved and she was standing beside her one true soulmate, the man she would happily spend the rest of her life with. Azriel pulled away, kissing her once and twice more before linking his pinky with hers. “Until the end of forever.”
Elain nodded, sealing it with another kiss. “Until the end of forever.”
Swirls of ink seemed to twist and wind around their wedding rings, complimenting them perfectly, symbols of their everlasting love and their promise to honor and cherish one another until the end of their days and beyond, honoring both their traditions in this unbreakable bargain and bond.
Azriel smiled and led Elain back down the aisle, through their cheering friends and family as the music played again.
"That was lovely..." Gwyn said, watching as she dabbed the tears from her eyes. "but what happens next?" she whispered to Cassian.
Cassian smirked, offering his arm to Nesta. "Now, we revel! Drink and dance!"
"And singing? I heard there might be singing..." Gwyn said, following the pair where they would all dance, drink, sing and celebrate the happiness that they had all finally found.
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Elriel Month | Day 30: Discovery Of The Bond
Tumblr media
“It doesn’t make sense.” Elain said quietly, shaking her head. “It has to be wrong, it has to be wrong.” She said, looking to Nesta, the desperation clear in her voice now. “Why? Why would it make Lucien feel me when all I can feel is HIM?”
Elain curled up with her cup of tea, listening to Feyre and Nesta talk about their bonds. Normally, talk about their mates and the bond was something that Elain avoided at all costs. Not that she wasn’t happy for her sisters, she was thrilled that they had both found happiness, that their mates had been chosen perfectly, but usually this talk made her think of Lucien, of their complicated situation and Elain didn’t like thinking about that. Today, however, had been different. They were all together, Cassian having arrived with Azriel and bringing Nesta to visit as they met with Rhysand to discuss Illyrian business. Today, with both of her sisters there and their mates upstairs, Elain found that she was curious about their happy bonds so she’d asked them.
“It was just this feeling, this connection that drew me to him. It’s hard to explain, just every fiber of my being pulling toward him.” Nesta said. “No matter how much I tried to fight it, to ignore it, it was always there.”
Feyre smiled, her eyes glossy as she listened to Nesta talk about Cassian, about the love they shared.
Nesta smiled to herself as she thought of Cassian. “It was like a light, this…”
“Glow in your heart.” Elain said softly.
Nesta nodded. “Something like that.” She sipped her tea, unsure if she should go on, she didn’t want to risk upsetting Elain and she knew that this was a sensitive subject for her. Elain usually hated talk of mates and the bond, but today she had asked them about it and Nesta wondered if perhaps she had begun to reconsider her feelings toward Lucien and their own bond.
“Is it the same for you, Feyre?” Elain asked, sipping her tea and watching her with a thoughtful expression.
Feyre nodded. “In a way, yes. Though, when I fell in love with Rhys, I had no idea about the mating bond. I just knew that I loved him, I loved how he made me feel and I loved being with him and I never wanted that to end. Rhys knew before I did, but never wanted that knowledge to influence what I decided.”
“Even when you knew it could be dangerous? With the Spring court, I mean.” Elain asked.
“I had doubts, of course I thought about it, but in the end we deserved happiness, no matter who tried to stand in the way. Rhys made his choice and I made mine and I’ve never regretted choosing him, but the bond, the bond was separate from that. It didn’t make me love him, it just-“
“Strengthened the bond you’d already built together? The bond you chose.” Elain asked.
“Yes.” Feyre said with a warm smile. “Our most important bond was made before I knew anything about being mated. He was my best friend before he was anything else, he still is.”
“Nesta mentioned threads. Do you have those between you and Rhys as well?” Elain asked, thinking back on the single thread that Lucien had once tugged on.
“At first, yes. Even when I returned to the Spring court, those threads bound us, I could always feel him on the other end. Though now its more like a chain, all of those golden threads woven together after so long, it feels-it IS unbreakable.” Feyre said, her eyes softening at Elain. “Are you thinking about exploring your bond with Lucien?”
Dismissing Feyre’s question about Lucien, Elain turned back to Nesta. “And your threads are golden too?”
Nesta nodded. “Yes…Elain, has something happened with your bond? Is that why you’re suddenly so curious?”
“What do they feel like? Do they feel like anything to you? Can you hear them?” Elain asked, setting her tea down, her voice becoming almost desperate as if she were searching for a specific answer from them, some sort of confirmation.
Nesta looked to Feyre, not sure if she should continue as it was clearly upsetting Elain now.
“Maybe we should take a break, El, if you’re upset-” Feyre said softly.
“No! No, I’m not upset, I just…I need to know, please. I’ve spent so much time avoiding it, I just want to know what it feels like for you, when…when its happy, when you want it.” She looked between her sisters and they both nodded, sitting back and trying to relax again, though neither could as something was clearly bothering Elain.
Elain clenched her fist, her thumb rubbing over her palm. “The golden threads, do they sing? Can you hear them hum, like a secret song between your souls that no one else can hear?”
Feyre nodded, searching Elain’s face for answers of her own. “Yes, Elain, you feel it in your soul, its…deeper than anything else.”
“And you always feel connected? No matter how far away you are, or how long you’re separated?” Elain asked, eyes wide and sparkling, as if she’d found a thread of her own and was following it for more answers. Feyre wondered if she had finally found something in that bond with Lucien.
“Yes.” Feyre said, getting up to sit next to Elain now. “I feel him always, like he’s a part of me. We feel each other, sense one another all the time.”
“And when he’s happy, you feel it? And when he’s sad, when he’s in pain even when he tries to hide it…” Tears were filling her eyes now and Nesta moved to sit by her side. “I think Feyre’s right, maybe we should talk about this another time.”
“Elain, I can ask Lucien to come if you’re unsure, if you just want to see him again.” Feyre said, rubbing a comforting hand over her sisters back.
“Can you have it with someone else? Can you have threads with someone else?” Elain asked, a few tears now rolling down her cheeks.
“Elain, you can love anyone you want, that will always be your choice, the threads can’t change that, the bond, the cauldron, nothing can change that. Who you give your heart to is all up to you.” Feyre said, gently wiping Elain’s tears.
“But CAN you?” Elain was practically begging now.
“No, I have never heard of someone having more than one mate. But love without a bond will still be love, Elain, if you choose it.” Feyre looked to Nesta who was rubbing her hand comfortingly over Elain’s back.
“It doesn’t make sense.” Elain said quietly, shaking her head. “It has to be wrong, it has to be wrong.” She said, looking to Nesta, the desperation clear in her voice now. “Why? Why would it make Lucien feel me when all I can feel is him?”
Feyre shook her head. “Elain, you’re not making sense. Of course you and Lucien feel one another.”
“But I DON’T, not really, its faint, dull and lifeless from both ends. Its nothing like…”. Elain closed her eyes, trembling, her heart clenching as she realized she couldn’t tell them, couldn’t say who she felt so connected to.
“Nothing like our bonds…”. Feyre said softly, stroking her hand over Elain’s hair.
“I have threads…” she whispered, thumb rubbing over her palm again, she always saw them here even though she felt them lead all the way to her soul. “Sometimes I can see them, sometimes they reach into the sky…it can’t be for nothing, it can’t MEAN nothing!” She cried.
“I think you need to lay down, Elain, to calm down.” Nesta said, moving to help her up, but Elain pulled away, feeling as if her heart were being crushed by the weight of her sorrow.
“I don’t need rest! I don’t need Lucien or more time! I need-"
“Azriel!” Rhysand shouted, but he was already in the doorway, eyes scanning Elain. He’d felt so much pain, so much sadness and distress from her that he hadn’t been able to stop himself from going to her even as Cassian watched, confused and Rhysand called out to him.
Nesta slowly held a hand out to Feyre, silently begging her not to say a single word as Elain made her way to him, their eyes locked on one another. She heard Cassian and Rhys stop at the bottom of the stairs, watching quietly, likely on Feyre’s order.
The words flew from Elain’s lips before she could stop them, she had to know, she couldn’t stop now and continue to wonder, not when she felt so close to the answer she’d been searching for. “That night, in Hybern’s camp. I used it, I was scared but I had nothing else, no other way to reach out so I pulled and tugged on the bond, I screamed down it for help, I…I begged him to hear me, to help me. But it was you, you came for me.” She whispered. “He’s never mentioned it or asked me why, because it wasn’t meant for him, because he didn’t feel it, because he reaches for me but when I reach out I only reach for you.” Elain said, her rich brown eyes scanning his face, searching for any sign that he knew what she was talking about.
Feyre watched the Shadowsinger, feeling her own heart clench as she watched his normally neutral expression melt away in front of her sister. He looked at her with such longing, she wondered how many times she’d missed that look between them before.
“I heard you.” He finally said, his hand reaching up to thumb Elain’s tears away. “I felt you, felt your absence before I felt your fear. Nothing could have kept me from trying to get to you, not after they chained you and everything went so still and quiet. I didn’t want to let you go, not until I could truly feel you again.”
Nesta wiped her tears away, remembering. She was there when he’d carried her all the way back into camp, trailing blood from his shredded wings as he cradled Elain to his chest. In the end, it had been Rhys who had taken Elain, Azriel ordering those chains removed-so he could feel her again-through their bond.
Feyre closed her eyes, tears spilling over her cheeks as she recalled how she’d felt that day, when Rhys had been chained and their bond went silent. How empty and unnatural it had felt not to feel him there no matter how hard she tried to reach him. Azriel had been the one to ask after Elain that night and he hadn’t hesitated to go into the heart of Hybern’s camp to get her back. He’d shredded his wings getting her out of there, the power of those cobalt siphons keeping her shielded, protected even when he was not.
Elain released a small sob. “I just…love you. I just want to be allowed to love you.”
Azriel truly had tried to explain away the connection he felt with Elain. Maybe, some part of him hoped that if she changed her mind that it would hurt less if he told himself there was no real bond there to be broken. It was a lie, of course, a lie that it would hurt any less and a lie that no bond existed. He had been able to convince himself that it was his own wishful thinking that pushed him to believe that the almighty cauldron had been wrong, but Elain felt it too. Elain had seen those golden threads, the ones he couldn’t see but felt and heard humming the song of her soul, of their twin souls. She felt their connection, felt him through their connection and now that she’d said it, he wouldn’t-couldn’t keep it to himself. Neither of them had imagined it, for whatever its own reasons the cauldron had blessed them with a bond, one that she wanted, one that had remained hidden at first only to strengthen over time. It was real, it was theirs and he would do anything to protect it.
Azriel wrapped his arms around her and she slid hers around him, both of them feeling so sure of what they wanted, but so helpless in this situation. “I love you, El.” He said softly, his voice breaking, not caring who heard anymore. This had gone on long enough and it was torturing her as much as it tortured him. “More than I’ve ever loved anyone.”
“Everything they told me, everything they feel through their bond, I feel it for you.” She looked up at him, tears rolling down her cheeks. “How can it be? How can that happen if we’re not meant to be together? I am done being told the rules, what CAN and CAN’T be for me, I know what I feel, I know what the cauldron took from me and I know what it gave me and I AM DONE with pretending that it isn’t possible just because it hasn’t happened before.”
Azriel watched her, feeling his own resolve strengthen with every word she spoke. “My heart, my soul, all of me is yours. I will never let another come between us. Not while you burn for me as I do for you. I would risk everything for a future with you, Elain. I do feel our bond, I feel it and I hear your soul singing to mine, and I know you can hear mine answer.”
“Then we belong to one another, bound by what we know is there that no one can tear apart.”
Azriel nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to her lips, to seal their bargain or to satisfy the need that had been eating them both alive, he couldn’t be sure, but he was sure that now that they’d taken this step, with everyone watching, there was no going back and he was glad of it. Whatever came next, he would be ready and whoever thought they could get between he and Elain now would be very, very sorry if they tried.
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Explaining Everything
SUMMARY: Elain finds out everything Azriel feels for her
Okay, first of all, I want to apologize for any grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language, so I did it in Portuguese (my native language) and then I translated to English. I hope you like it!
Elriel Month Day 29: Hold Your Hand While Dancing
This is the end of a fanfic with three chapters. If you have not read the first and second part, it may not make so much sense. But if you want to read just this part, feel free.
Part 1 - In The Same Seat As You
Part 2 - Singing For Me
Tumblr media
Elain had gone after Azriel as soon as the fire was extinguished.
What the hell had happened there?
She ran and reached him near a rock, they were well away from the area where the tents were located.
She took his arm and said, "Azriel… I… what was that about?"
He turned to her and smiled. "That what?"
"You know what. You sang looking at me like that. I… I didn't understand anything." She scratched her head.
He took one of her hands and then placed her other hand on his shoulder. He then put his other hand on her waist and so they started to swing. Dancing to the sound of nothing more than the wind itself. Just hearing the noise away from them, from the camp staff.
"What didn't you understand, Elain? That I have a crush on you?" He looked deeply into her eyes. "I… wanted to talk to you so long ago, but I never took the courage." He continued.
She was shocked, couldn't say a word, just stood there looking at him.
Realizing this, he continued: "I am a very shy person, no matter how much everyone doesn't thinks that. People think that because I play basketball and consequently became popular, I am sociable, but I am not. The only friends who I have are my own brothers. " He started by telling his story. "My brother started dating your sister and… it was meeting her that I saw you for the first time. From a distance, without taking the initiative or having an opportunity to introduce myself to you."
They continued to swing from side to side.
"I was attracted to you and well, you didn't have the opportunity to meet me because I ran away and left before you even approached the table. After that, I decided it was bullshit to start liking someone I never talked to." He smiled and touched his forehead to hers, staying two inches away from her mouth. "Until I saw you again. You helping a girl who was being bullied in the halls of the school. You were so brave, so confident and I… I couldn't help it. I couldn't help falling in love. Falling in love with you."
With every word that came out of his mouth, she was even more surprised. She remembered that day, the basketball players just got out of practice and came across the confusion in the hallway, of Elain defending a freshman from an older staff.
She never imagined that Azriel would be there. She didn't even know who he was. By heavens.
"For a long time, I tried to ask you out, but I always gave you before I got close to you. Until I got on that bus and found you there. Sitting alone. That was the only time that a flame of courage lit from me. It was the only time that I took a complete initiative. "
Her breath was heavy. How come she never noticed any of that?
"Today at the campfire, it was an even more confident act, the strongest I could have when it comes to you, since I fell in love with you." He went on, finally explaining what had really happened. "It was the most precious thing that ever happened to me, to see you be surprised, to see you blush with shame and smile because you were enjoying my presentation."
He released her hand and placed his hand on her face, caressing her cheek with his thumb.
"So… I want you to give me a chance. A chance to take you to dinner, to get to know you better, to you get to know me better." He concluded.
She had her mouth open in surprise, but after a while, she smiled.
"Of course, Azriel. Of course I agree to go on a date with you."
He laughed with happiness and hugged her tightly. Still dancing against each other with silence.
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feyredarlinq · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
elriel month, day 30: discovery of the bond “the mating bond. it is a bridge between souls.”
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Elriel Month 🌸🦇
Day 30:
Tumblr media
I suggest having read Day 4: Forbidden and Day 8: Invisible String before reading this one. ♥️
No one had warned her how rejecting a mating bond would feel like, but Elain didn’t feel anything as her magic nudged at that thread around her rib. It was a slow work of detangling it from her bones and reducing it to cinders from one tip to the other.
No one had ever explained how a mating bond was supposed to feel like either. Was it supposed to feel like something wrapped around you or something from within you extending outwards? This thread felt more like a lasso holding her than a glimmer of love radiating from her soul.
She’d seen Feyre and Nesta with their mates. Their happiness was overwhelming but warm. It had made Elain wonder why she couldn’t have that sort of mating bond. The one that promotes good feelings, not this one that always felt like a burden. Was it possible that there were different kinds? That Elain had been given the worst kind with a male she had no interest in? Does that mean she could’ve had the best kind with the male she was in love with?
Elain pushed her thoughts away as she remembered what day it was and that after her undoing of this mating bond, her life would begin. After her bond with Lucien was no more, she’d finish marrying Azriel.
Marrying. A wife, she’d be a wife.
Azriel had proposed to her with a ring twin to the rose necklace around her neck. A diamond in the center of a rose of stained glass. He’d asked her to marry him in the human tradition. To be his the way she had always wanted to be somebody’s. And he’d be hers the way she had expected somebody to be hers.
Elain had cried so much that her sisters had thought Azriel had done something to hurt her. But when she’d told them between sobs, they had also cried. Nesta had hugged Azriel the longest, whispering something to him that only he’d hear. But Nesta had told her later, that she’d told him she was glad it was him for Elain. That she knew how loyal he was. That she knew there wouldn’t be anything he would not do to protect and cherish Elain. That she gave her blessing happily and proudly.
Feyre simply said she’d always hoped it would end like this. That she had known.
And apologized again for what Rhys had done to keep Azriel and Elain separated.
Elain always laughed remembering the hard time Feyre gave Rhysand when she found out he had forbidden Azriel from pursuing Elain. But there was no hard feeling in her heart towards her brother and friend. Not when Rhysand had done so much for her and her family. Not when he’d apologized with tears in his eyes and hugged Azriel, who also cried telling him not to worry.
Now here she was. Just a moment away from saying “I do,” and marrying her forever love.
A tear slipped down her cheek as she finished undoing the thread. Lucien’s hand in hers went slack as that connection broke. But he didn’t scream in pain or sob with suffering. Instead, when she opened her eyes and met his gaze, a sense of freedom had enveloped both of them. Lucien frowned slightly at the lack of that thread, but he brought her hand to his lips and planted a soft kiss over her fingers.
“Be happy, Elain Archeron.” Elain gave him a smile. He returned it. “And also, thank you.”
Elain did her best not to glance towards a chair to her right where a certain red-haired Queen sat watching. The wedding was taking place at night specifically so that she could attend. Elain nodded her head and watched Lucien stroll his way to his chair on the first row before turning around to her beloved.
And just as their eyes met, everything went dark.
Nothing surrounded her except darkness and shadows. She felt them swirling around her. Then a light appeared at the end of the way.
Her never ending vision. The one that had made her understand the shadows and showed her the way to Azriel when Koschei had taken him.
The one that replayed Rhysand’s command to her shadowsinger that solstice night.
That string of gold she had once grasped before the vision had finished, made its way back to her. She reached for it and when her hand made contact with it, her heart sang in joy.
The vision did not end. She did not fall forward the way she had the last time she had touched the string.
So she took a step forward. Another. Another.
She gathered the string round her palm as she walked towards the light, shadows trailing her step and swirling before that door.
More threads of gold began to spill out of the light. She gathered those, too. Her soul purring in elated ecstasy as one by one those strings wove together. Her heartbeat turned thunderous as her mind wondered...
She stopped in front of that opening, squinting her eyes against the brightness.
Open, open, open, the shadows told her.
She saw a handle and put her hand on it. Something in her warned her that there was no going back from what lay beyond this dark hall. That once this truth was revealed, it would stay forever.
Azriel. Him. Home.
Friend. Lover. Husband.
Elain took a deep breath in.
And opened the door.
Azriel gaped at her from the altar. Tears streaming down his cheeks.
There was a heavy silence in the garden of the river house, where their ceremony was taking place. The people watched them as Azriel and Elain looked at each other.
Azriel. Him. Home.
Friend. Lover. Husband.
Elain felt it, then. That sense of joy and pride and comfort. That sense of belonging and owning. Golden threads flowing from within her towards him. No lasso of strings around her.
“A spell,” she whispered, understanding now.
Because she knew Azriel would not dare move, she took a step towards him. Another. Making her way to him like she had towards the light. He had always been at the end of that dark hall. He had always been hers, the way she had always been his.
A spell. That had been what had kept her from stepping forward, what had made her fall away from her vision that one time she touched the string. What had kept them from being together.
A spell. One she had not simply undone...
She glanced back at Lucien with the question in her eyes. He smiled softly and gave her a nod.
The son of Day, with the power to undo spells and wards. He had helped. Had understood at some point, that their connection had been fabricated, and had helped.
Elain mouthed her appreciation, and turned back to her real soul-bounded.
Azriel’s lips trembled and his eyes overflowed. She allowed her love to shine through her own eyes and closed the distance between them. She reached a hand to his face, cupped his cheek. Azriel closed his eyes.
“It’s always been you,” she said, unafraid.
Azriel sobbed.
“What is going on?” Cassian asked from his chair.
“Mates,” Rhysand said from the front row. Tears glistening his own cheeks, regret and sorrow shining in his eyes. “They’re mates.”
Feyre’s eyes widened, but she reached out for Rhysand’s hand with one arm while she held Nyx with the other. “Is that possible?”
“There were signs,” said Amren from her place besides Varian and Nesta. Her face contemplative, as if pondering how this was possible. “Plenty of signs.”
“A spell,” said Helion from a few chais behind Rhys. He glanced towards Lucien —his son. Lucien still kept his distance from the High Lord of Day after learning the truth, but Helion’s eyes took on a new glow as he regarded his son. No doubt piecing together that he had acquired his powers. That Elain could not have undone such a spell on her own. There was pride in the twist of his lips. The Lady of Autumn Court sat beside him, looking healthy and comfortable.
But Elain focused back on Azriel. His eyes had opened and gleamed with love and awe and wonder. He rested his forehead against hers.
“Wife,” he said.
Elain smiled.
“Mate,” she called him.
And that light within her heart pulsed with happiness.
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Elriel Month | Day 29: Hold Your Hand While Dancing
Tumblr media
PLAYING ON ELAIN’S SYMPHONIA : “SO CLOSE” - JON MCLAUGHLIN (Don’t play with me, there can be only one song today. @stars-who-gaze , you know what’s up. 💙)
NOTE: I know Spring Solstice isn’t a real thing, Vernal Equinox just didn’t have the same ring to it. Don't come for me, pls.
We're so close to reaching that famous happy ending,
Almost believing this was not pretend, let's go on dreaming for we know we are,
So close, so close, and still so far...
Azriel entered the room where his family and others had gathered, opting to keep to the nearest corner where he could observe everyone. Coincidentally, Elain had already taken her seat at the large table at the center of the room, directly in his line of sight. Thankfully, her back faced him, she probably hadn’t even realized that he was there. His eyes moved over her golden brown hair and his hand clenched slightly as he recalled how soft it had felt as it slid between his fingers. He hadn’t been back in weeks, they hadn’t spoken in weeks, not since the evening of their own Solstice celebration when he’d ruined everything. Cassian’s booming voice snapped him out of his daze.
“Spring Solstice?” Cassian didn’t bother trying to contain his laughter at that. “You’ve got to be kidding, last time we saw Tamlin he wasn’t exactly the perfect picture of a High Lord.”
“Evidently, the Autumn Court has been offering assistance.” Rhysand offered.
“Certainly not out of the goodness of their hearts.” Lucien interjected, arms crossed as he stood by the window. “Fixing the Spring Court means that Beron is tired of accepting its fleeing residents. Plus, allowing the land to die completely wouldn’t serve him if he ever moved to displace Tamlin and expand the Autumn borders.”
“So, who is attending this shit show?” Cassian asked, dreading the answer already.
“We all are.” Rhysand said.
Cassian sat up. “You and Feyre are planning to attend?”
Feyre sighed, looking over the invitation in her hands. She had wanted to burn it as soon as she saw his seal on it. “Whats good for the Spring Court is good for Prythian. This invitation is a sign of good will, if we ignore it…it won’t look good for us.”
“Then send your emissary and be done with it.” Azriel offered from where he stood-as close to the door and as far from Lucien as possible. His heart sank slightly, noticing that Elain had no reaction to his voice, but he hadn’t been there to see the light return to her eyes as soon as she felt him arrive and brighten when he walked into the room. Though, it hadn’t gone unnoticed by everyone.
Lucien shrugged, looking to Feyre and Rhysand. “I have no reason to believe that Tamlin would have any issue with me attending. If that’s what you want.”
Rhysand shook his head. “It isn’t enough just to send Lucien, we need members of our family there.”
“And I would prefer not to send either of my sisters there without me.” Feyre added. She had been pregnant when Nesta made her trip to Spring, and though she knew her sister was safe with Cassian, it still unsettled her until they were safely back home.
“Have any of the other courts agreed to attend yet?” Nesta asked.
“All but ours.” Rhysand said with a sigh. He had thought that at least if his closest allies declined that it wouldn’t look so bad if he did as well, but there was no easy way to decline now. Not one that didn’t make them all look bad anyway.
Feyre chuckled. “At least we’ll all be miserable together, as a family.”
Rhysand nodded. “Cassian, you’ll escort Nesta and Lucien, you’ll escort Elain if you have no objection.”
Lucien stiffened, eyes moving to Elain. “Do you have any objections?”
Elain shook her head. “No, I understand. Rhysand and I have already discussed it.”
Rhys nodded. “There will be many eyes on our court and not all friendly. Its best to keep up certain appearances, avoid too many questions.”
Lucien paused before turning back to Rhys. “Have you considered that pairing Elain with me might just put a target on her? Particularly where Beron is concerned?”
“The two of you being mates is no secret, Lucien.” Rhysand said and Lucien’s jaw ticked as he recalled that it was his fault that it was no secret. He had blurted it out in a room full of their enemies.
“If the two of you spend the entire evening apart, there will be talk, speculation and that could be dangerous for all of us.”
Lucien nodded to Rhys and to Elain, his expression softening when he looked at her. “Alright then, I have no objection.”
“Well, this sounds amazing, can’t wait.” Cassian said as everyone was dismissed from their meeting.
Elain rose, but turned just in time to see the last of Azriel’s shadows disappear after him. Only Nesta noticed her chin trembling as she turned and swept out of the room.
Feyre held Elain’s hand. “Don’t be nervous, Lucien will be a perfect gentleman, just stay with him and don’t stray too far. We’ll all try to stick together and Azriel will be…around.”
Elain nodded. “I know, don’t worry so much, I’ll be alright.” She said, giving Feyre her best reassuring smile. The truth was that she was nervous, extremely nervous, not only about the ball but about being in such close proximity to Lucien all night-the male she had avoided at all costs for months.
The sisters made their way down, Feyre as always a vision in a gown that looked as if it were made from the night sky, Nesta in a daring red creation, her hair braided and pinned up and lips blood red to match her dress. Elain followed last, looking like a daughter of Spring in a gown of the lightest blush pink, flowers cascading down the bodice, some trailing down to where the skirts flared. Jeweled hairpins held her hair half up, the rest cascading down her back in thick golden brown waves.
Lucien watched her, thinking she was beautiful and wondering what things might have been like if their meeting had gone differently, if she didn’t see him as a traitor and a spineless coward. He tried not to notice how her gaze easily drifted to the Illyrian who was suddenly doing his best to pretend he hadn’t noticed her. This night couldn’t be over soon enough.
Azriel watched as Elain came down the stairs. His heart hammered in his chest, it ached and it would only get worse as the night went on. “Stay close to Elain”, Feyre had asked, having no idea that he’d already planned to. They would be in a room full of people who couldn’t be trusted and he wouldn’t leave her side for anything, even if he had to hide in the shadows all night.
“Everyone ready? Best behavior, kids.” Rhysand joked before winnowing them all to the Spring Court.
The group stuck together, Feyre feeling Tamlin’s eyes on her as soon as they walked in. She avoided looking in his direction for now. Truly, this night couldn’t be over soon enough.
Nesta glanced over at Cassian. “You alright?”
He chuckled. “This isn’t the first time I’ve been forced in a room full of people I hate. Oh look there’s Eris now…”
Nesta gave his arm a gentle squeeze as she tried not to laugh, her red lips curling into a smile. “Why don’t you ask Elain to dance, she may be the only person having a worse night than you.”
Cassian glanced over to where Elain stood with Lucien. They appeared to be having a casual conversation, but Cassian knew Elain well enough now to know that she was anything but happy at the moment. He didn’t know which of them he felt worse for, the bond hadn’t been kind to either of them and as difficult as things had been with Nesta, it hadn’t been anything like this. “Alright, Cass to the rescue, as usual.” He grinned. “I’d better not come back and find you dancing with that ginger prick.” He warned, jokingly.
“If I am, just cut in, you know how he loves that.” Nesta said with a grin, giving him a wink before he set off to rescue Elain.
“Elain, will you dance with me? I asked Nesta, but she told me to piss off.” Cassian said, smiling down at her and giving a nod to Lucien.
Elain laughed a little and Lucien gave Cassian a look of thanks. The night, it seemed, wasn’t going any better for him. Cassian offered his hand to Elain and she took it, her skirts brushing the floor as he led her in the next dance.
“Lucien giving you any trouble?” He asked, noticing how she relaxed the further they were from Lucien.
“No, he’s been fine. It’s just…the situation. Its always there, hanging over our heads.” She said, quietly. “It will be fine.” She said, offering a smile that didn’t meet her eyes.
“Well, if you need rescuing, you give me the signal and I’ll sweep you away again.” He offered with a smile. Elain nodded, returning a genuine smile this time. “Thank you, Cassian, I’ll keep that in mind.” Cassian twirled Elain and she began to feel lighter, her mind wandering from Lucien and the Court games of the night.
Lucien had been talking with Rhysand when he felt panic surge through the bond. “Shit.” He said, turning Rhysand’s attention to where Eris now stood with Elain and Cassian. Elain’s hand on Cassian’s arm in a placating manner. She gave Cassian a reassuring nod before smiling up at Eris and taking his offered hand for the next dance.
Eris smirked at Cassian as he twirled Elain and lead her into the next dance. If nothing else came of this night, Eris could at least have fun irritating the Illyrian, he might even ask Nesta to dance next.
“The Archeron ladies certainly do have a way with Illyrian brutes. They are so quick to fall in line when you ladies snap your fingers.” Eris said with a charming grin.
“They don’t seek to control us, if that’s what you mean.” Elain offered. “Only a terribly small man would seek to keep a woman under his thumb.”
Eris chuckled as he twirled her. “Careful, we ARE in the Spring court.”
Elain offered a sweet smile. “I’m well aware of where we are, and why this court requires assistance now. Its so kind of the Autumn Court to lend its aid to Spring.”
“I think we both know kindness is not a trait found in the Autumn Court, Lady.” Eris said, looking down at her. “Though, I think one with a smile as sweet and a mind as sharp as yours could positively thrive in the Autumn Court. Is that why they tried to hide you away at the ball in the Hewn City?” He teased, arching a brow.
“You would not have noticed if the building were on fire the way you looked at my sister that night.” Elain countered, lifting her chin. “A Lord of fire is naturally too drawn to flames to concern himself with simple flowers.”
“I find that the loveliest flowers often have the sharpest thorns, Lady, and you are anything but simple.” He said, his expression hardening as he turned to Azriel, who stood beside them now.
“Do NONE of you dogs know your place?” Eris snarled, glaring at Azriel.
“My place is right here, and your dance is over.” Azriel said, his voice low and calm.
“There are plenty of dances to be had yet.” Elain said, nodding to Eris who bowed.
“Thank you for the dance, Lady.” Eris turned to leave, a small smirk on his lips. Irritating both Illyrian’s with one dance was even better than expected. Now to find Nesta, he thought.
Elain looked up at Azriel, but didn’t meet his gaze, she hadn’t really seen him, been this close to him since that night. She felt frozen to the spot until the music started again, a familiar song though she couldn’t quite place it. Azriel offered his hand and Elain placed her hand in his without hesitation. A charge surged through them as he led her to the center of the ballroom, the two of them facing one another as Azriel lifted his hand and Elain gently placed hers in it. Her heart fluttering as his warm fingers closed over her hand, holding it in his.
Elain’s breath caught as she finally dared a glance up at him, her amber eyes meeting his of gold and green, her hand coming to rest at his shoulder as he swept them into a waltz. Elain couldn’t hear anything but the music or see anything but him as he led her turn after turn. He was always handsome, but tonight he was absolutely breathtaking.
Azriel rested his hand gently on her back, blocking Rhysand from his mind just this once. Cassian had already danced with her, would it not seem strange if he didn’t? Rhysand didn’t know, couldn’t feel her discomfort like he could. She was relieved to be rid of Eris and he was glad to be the one to send him on his way. Azriel had thought to tell her so, that he was just trying to help, but when their eyes met, the lie died on his lips and he swept her away.
Elain wanted to say something to him, to ask him about Solstice, this was her chance, but she was afraid to ruin it, to break whatever spell had pushed him to come to her after weeks of avoiding her. Instead, she let herself get lost in his eyes, turn after turn, everyone around them fading away.
Azriel stepped back, taking all of her in before they glided back together and he lifted his hand, Elain daintily twirling under his arm to the delicate music that seemed to be playing for just the two of them. Elain’s twirl came to a stop, her left hand resting in his, his warmth at her back as he led her in another series of turns around the ballroom the music swelling and keeping them under its spell.
Elain’s smile glowed as Azriel released her to spin on her own, her blush skirts flaring out. She looked every bit the fairytale princess as she and Azriel glided back together effortlessly as if they’d been practicing. Then, a soft hum tickled in Elain’s ear and it took her a moment to realize that it was Azriel, his deep, velvety voice singing the words softly to her. Her eyes moved up to meet his again and she felt it, his regret for what had happened, his sadness and longing-it matched her own for him. The look on her face told him that she understood and when she let him pull her closer, and he felt her hug tighter to his shoulder, eyes closed, their connection thrumming and glowing, he knew he hadn’t lost her. It took every ounce of control he had not to sweep her into his arms then and there and take to the sky, consequences be damned.
He looked into Elain’s eyes and she gave a subtle nod of her head as if she’d heard him, her eyes practically begging him to run with her and leave these games behind, but he couldn’t, all he could do was give her this dance for now.
The music swelled again and another series of turns and spins had Elain’s smile glowing again, only now, Azriel’s smile matched it. One more twirl and then another, Elain’s skirts flowing and flaring around them as they spun together and then Elain was in his arms, lifted as he spun with her once more before setting her back on her feet and letting her twirl under his arm one last time. Their eyes met in that instant, both of them moving toward one another hearts in sync when Lucien stepped between them, facing Elain.
“Mind if I cut in?” He asked, his expression regretful. Azriel looked slightly pained as he nodded to her and stepped back, his jaw clenched, finally daring a glance at Rhysand who appeared less than pleased.
“No, of course.” Elain said, offering another smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes. She placed her hand in Lucien’s and allowed him to lead her away, sparing a glance back at Azriel who was already making his way back to Rhysand and the rest of the family.
“I’m sorry.” Lucien offered, leading her. “It wasn’t my choice…”
Elain looked up at him and nodded. “I know. I’m sorry you’re made to be in the middle, so much fuss over one dance.” She said, trying but failing to downplay what they both knew was obvious.
Azriel sighed and returned to the group, moving to stand between Feyre and Nesta, not making eye contact with Rhys again. Cassian seemed thrilled about the dance, but that wasn’t terribly comforting at the moment. Now Azriel watched as Elain danced with him, her mate, she didn’t come alive with him, in fact being around Lucien seemed to dim her light until it was nearly out. It drove him mad though he wouldn’t show it now, now his mask was back on, that mask of cold rage that kept everyone away.
Unfortunately for Azriel, he had let that mask slip for one dance and the whispers had already started that there was clearly something going on between the Spymaster and the High Lady’s sister. It didn’t matter how many turns Elain took around the ballroom with Lucien now, the glow she had when she danced with Azriel wouldn’t been seen when she was dancing with her mate and it didn’t go unnoticed.
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bookstaninthesoul · 13 days ago
In Bed With You
SUMMARY: Elain and Azriel would like to stay in bed instead of going to work
Okay, first of all, I want to apologize for any grammatical mistakes. English is not my native language, so I did it in Portuguese (my native language) and then I translated to English. I hope you like it!
Elriel Month Day 28: Against Your Morning Skin
Tumblr media
Elain and Azriel were curled up together, sleeping lightly and snugly.
Elain opened her eyes and looked at his face, running his hand over his bare chest. She had to get up soon to go to work, but she didn't want to wake him up.
She then snuggled into his chest again waiting for him to wake up to be parted from him.
After a while, Azriel opens his eyes and turns to Elain, tightening his arms around her waist.
"Good morning, angel." He smiled.
"Good morning, honey." She ran a hand over his face and pulled out a sleep that was in his right eye. "Sleep well?"
He smiled and nodded. He'd slept spectacularly well after the hot night they'd had. After holding her in his arms all through sleep.
He returned the question and she simply placed a light kiss on his lips. Very light because she had not brushed her teeth yet and her breath was certainly not the best.
She then threatened to get up, but Azriel took one of her arms.
"Why are you getting up?" He pouted.
"Because I have to go to work, you fool. And so do you, so get your ass out of bed and go take a shower." She got up, heading towards the closet to get her clothes.
He grunted, wanted to stay all morning against his bare skin, just enjoying the moment.
He followed her into the closet and wrapped his arms around her waist again.
"Since I have to take a shower, how about you accompany me?" He smirked at her.
She laughed and turned away, leaving her clothes on a counter, wrapping her arms around his neck and pushing her legs to wrap them around his waist.
He laughed and kissed her, guiding them to the bathroom and closing the door with his foot.
Maybe they had a hot morning before going to work, too.
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feyredarlinq · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
elriel month, day 29: hold your hand while dancing
elain broke azriel’s heart. the thing is, he doesn’t know that she had to. but there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to keep him safe. even if she has to lose him.
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nikethestatue · 13 days ago
Hold Your Hand While Dancing
Elriel Month - Day 29
You know the drill--slightly NSFW
*Also, any of these dances--waltzes, the tango, or anything else make no sense in the Fae world, but hey, I didn’t make the rules and incomprehensible cultural references (yes, I am pedantic like that)*
Tumblr media
Azriel is watching her spin at Rita’s. Her dress hugs her hips tightly before flowing out around her legs. It is more daring than what she usually wears, but sometimes, they sneak out to Rita’s, just the two of them and she pulls out all the stops. The dress reminds him how much he loves running his lips up her bare legs and to her thighs, the sheer panels of fabric a wicked temptation to his eyes.  She saunters and writhes to the beat, begging him to come just a little closer. Azriel takes his time getting to her, not because he is bashful--he is an elegant, capable dancer--but because he is enjoying the view. Even if Elain shakes her hips invitingly in his direction. Even if her hair whips and swooshes around her bare skin.
The first thing Elain feels is the way his shadows slip over her skin in the wickedest, most spine-tingling ways--a preview of what’s to come later--moments before his hands do, pulling her roughly into the steps of the dance. He always waits for the tango, before joining her. The tango--arms and legs intertwined, breaths shared, every part of her touched and moulded within the grasp of his rough palms, her body bent and twisted just the way he likes it. The tango is his favourite. He taught her. She knew the waltz, the polka, the mazurka and the bolero--all taught to her when she was a little girl, just as a proper lady was expected to know. But not the tango. That was scandalous. That was for lovers, tittering on the brink of a kiss, yearning and heated. It demanded submission. It wanted equality. It allowed domination. 
Each step lights a fire. Each beat pulls out a rhythm they can’t ignore. They chase it, with their bodies and their burning glances. He allows the shadows to slip inside her dress, caressing her body beneath, keeping her needy and wanting. Her dress shifts and opens with every turn, every dip he guides her into, and when she’s spun out and back into his arms, her lips are on him and when they’re finally home, it’s teasing, teasing, teasing until she can’t stand it anymore. 
Azriel rewards her for wearing such a dress. She knew it would drive him wild, and now he is proving it with how slowly he is taking it off her. His lips are on her calves, his teeth on her thighs, as he draws the shimmering hem up and up and up her bare legs. He kisses and bites, and then his breath hitches, when he finds another gift that she’d hidden. Or rather, revealed. His tongue slides between her folds, for she’s been naughty and forgot her undergarments. A perfectly acceptable and expected omission. So her fingers glide over his scalp, threading through his hair,  and she chants coming, coming, coming, love. Azriel. My love!  And Azriel is grinning like a demon, as he watches her release for him, her body dancing within his arms, her hips undulating, the flesh of their bodies blending again, in a dance only the two of them know the steps to.
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mardereads19 · 14 days ago
Elriel Month 🌸🦇
Day 29:
Tumblr media
“I see you adapted to Fae life pretty quickly.” Elain stiffened.
She would recognize that voice anywhere. She had seen him throwing glances at her throughout this stupid party, but she did not think he’d gather up any courage to approach her. At least his tone was cruel and did not fake any kindness.
Elain looked over her shoulder at her ex-fiancé, deciding he wasn’t worth her full attention. “Here I was thinking you’d never want to see me again, Graysen.” Her gaze returned to the ballroom, but more specifically, to the winged male dancing with her youngest sister.
Either Azriel was good at pretending not to notice who had approached Elain, or he really didn’t care. The last option hurt her more than it was wise to allow.
“Here I was remembering when you said that your mating bond to that male did not mean anything to you, but—”
Elain almost laughed, but she reeled it in. “You know his name, Graysen. There is no need to be rude.” Graysen bristled.
What he didn’t known was that her mating bond to Lucien did mean nothing. The fact that he had extended the invitation of this celebration to her, just proved further how little Lucien actually knew her. Elain had said no at the beginning, but relented at the last second. Not showing up might have been interpreted as a sense of hurt from her part that no longer existed. Elain showing up represented how much she had moved on from Graysen. She did this to prove something to herself, but also, to let it be clear to Graysen.
And to Azriel —not that he ever accused her of anything.
Her Illyrian warrior spun Feyre in the dance floor. His moves were precise and flawless, and Elain wondered if he and Nesta ever bonded over dancing. He had not once stumbled or missed a beat. It made her heart skip and she had half a mind of stalking to him and kissing him in front of everyone regardless the repercussions.
It also did not help that he looked so handsome in that dark blue suit.
“Why did you come, Elain?” Graysen asked from behind her.
“You know I have always loved balls.”
“I didn’t want you here.”
Elain twisted towards him, stared into his blue eyes and handsome face. “I no longer care about what you do or don’t want. That was a privilege you lost the second you broke things off with me.” It might not have been at that very second, but he did not have to know how long her grieve had lasted.
Graysen’s brow furrowed even further and his jaw tightened.
This ball had been his idea, Lucien had told her family in a meeting. Graysen had become more flexible with the Fae than his father. Lucien and him were polite with each other and they had talked about the holidays that the Fae celebrate and how humans do not have such celebrations. Graysen decided to create one and have a ball to commemorate it. But it had been Lucien who suggested to have some Fae invited —his friends, he had said— as a purpose to show humans the Fae are on their side. That they’re their allies. It had taken a while for Graysen to agree, but he had relented.
“Now, if you excuse me, I’d like to go dance,” Elain added, turning once more to the ballroom.
“I would never even touch you again,” Graysen spat.
Elain allowed herself a snort. “Don’t worry. I didn’t mean dance with you.”
And with that, she made her way towards Azriel and Feyre, sidestepping other dancing couples and hoping with all her heart that Azriel had not misinterpreted the sight of her talking to her ex-love. Praying that he believed her when she told him Graysen no longer mattered to her.
“May I interrupt?”
Feyre glanced at her sister and smiled prettily. Even a couple of months after giving birth and almost dying, Feyre still had that maternal glow to her. “Of course.” She dropped Azriel’s hand and gave a dramatic curtsy. “Thanks for the dance, Sir Azriel.”
He chuckled and Feyre winked before turning away. She didn’t make it very far before Rhys, smiling with love and pride and excitement, elegantly swept her into the dance again. Feyre’s laugh was full of joy.
Elain finally turned to Azriel. He smiled and offered his hand. It was as if he hadn’t even noticed— But there! His jaw clenched, one of his most common tells around her.
Was he jealous?
She took his hand and laid her other on his shoulder. His hand on her waist pulled her close —closer than was necessary— and he began to move them.
For the first two dances they were quiet. They stared into each other’s eyes and swayed with the music. The world disappeared around her. In this ballroom, there was only him and her.
Only him.
“I don’t care about Graysen anymore,” she dared say. Azriel’s fingers tightened on her, but his gaze kept steady. “I wanted you to know that. That I don’t care anymore. That it’s only you I think about.”
Azriel’s jaw softened along with his eyes. He pulled her tighter in, their bodies almost flushed with each other’s.
“I told him as much, tonight. That I didn’t care about what he did or did not want.”
“I know,” he answered.
Elain tilted his head. “Did you spy on me?” There was no shadow in sight tonight, but Elain knew they were outside somewhere.
Azriel shook his head. “I don’t have to spy you, Elain. I know you’ve moved on. I know you wouldn’t go back to... Graysen,” the name was said like a curse, quick and angry. He studied her eyes. “You were always too good for him anyways.” The he added, “You’re too good for anyone.”
She got closer still, until there was no space between their bodies left. “Not anyone. You. You’re the only one I want.” Azriel smiled, but it was sad. She shook her head. “You really don’t know your worth, don’t you?”
He stayed quiet, but his throat bobbed.
And the thought that he considered himself not worth anything good was unbearable to her. So, while they danced, she told him everything he was and everything he had never been. Everything that he meant to her and everything she’d give to be with him.
She told him who he truly was and hoped he’d believe it.
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themissyvonne · 14 days ago
Elriel Month | Day 28: Against Your Morning Skin
Tumblr media
“Did I get that right?” He whispered to her with a charming smile.
“Perfect.” She whispered through her happy tears.
Azriel landed, it had been months since they’d been here together, their meadow. He set Elain down and he knew that her heart glowed the same way his did when they were here. They had spent so much time here together, first as the Seer and Spymaster, then as friends, building trust and affection until they had become lovers stealing time away for their trysts.
Elain held his hand, head tilting as she pulled him along to something new in their meadow, a cottage, it was so lovely that it seemed lifted straight from the pages of a fairytale, sitting atop the small hill that overlooked their favorite spot. “Do you think we’ll have to stop coming now?” She asked, looking up at him.
“Why would we do that?” Azriel asked, watching her as she neared the cottage, clearly enchanted by it.
“Well, I’m sure whomever built it isn’t interested in seeing us here in their meadow.” She said, smiling sadly, her fingers dancing over the freshly planted flowers. “Aww, they’ve planted Hydrangeas, those are-“
“Good luck and represent gratitude and happiness.” Azriel said.
“Yes, that’s right.” Elain said, smiling though there was a touch of sadness in it. “And peonies”
“For love.” Azriel added. “Chrysanthemums for longevity and harmony, and Marigolds for protection.”
Elain’s heart skipped as he took her hand, lacing their fingers together and placing a kiss atop hers.
“I thought you should pick the rest, it is our place after all.” He said, smiling down at her.
“Azriel…is-is this really yours? Ours?” She asked, eyes glistening with unshed tears. He nodded, silver lining his own eyes. “It is, if you want it to be.”
“Of course I do!” She said, throwing her arms around him. “Oh Az, I love it! Its perfect, its just, its so beautiful.” She hugged him tightly, crying into his chest, her heart overflowing with love for him. Azriel wrapped his arms around her, pressing a kiss to her temple.
“Lets go inside.” He said, smiling and opening the door for them, effortlessly lifting her into his arms and carrying her over the threshold. “Did I get that right?” He asked with a charming grin, knowing that he had when she laughed tearfully and kissed him. “Perfect.” She said.
Elain gasped in wonder as she took the cottage in, it was beautiful, like a dream-her dream. Tears pricked at her eyes again as she recalled stepping around the meadow and planning the perfect cottage for it, Azriel, patient as ever, sunning his wings as he listened to her ramble on.
“And I would put the bedroom here, so one could wake with the sunrise, wouldn’t that be lovely? Aaand the dining area just here and the kitchen there.” Azriel sat back, watching and listening as he always did as she described the cottage that she thought belonged here. She would apologize and get back to describing her latest vision shortly after, not realizing that he had tucked this information away for later.
Azriel set her down and she laced their fingers again, not wanting to let go of him. She pulled him along, to the bedroom, just where she said it should go.
“So we can rise with the sun.” He said, his rich voice full of emotion.
“Together? One day?” She asked, tears slipping down her cheeks.
“Soon, I promise.” He vowed, thumbing her tears away as he cradled her face in his hands. “Even if I have to shield this entire cottage to keep them all out.”
She covered his hand with her own, turning to place a kiss on his palm. “I love it, I love YOU, Azriel.”
“I love you too, Elain. With all that I am, my scarred heart beats only for you.” He said, kissing her softly. “And mine for you, always.” She answered.
Azriel leaned in, kissing along her neck before whispering something that made Elain’s core heat. She nodded and yelped as Azriel slung her over his shoulder and gave her an intimate tour of their new bedroom. Cottage christened.
The sun streamed in through the window, bathing everything that it touched in its golden light. Elain stretched and looked over to where Azriel lay, he looked so at peace and it warmed her heart that more and more he’d been sleeping peacefully through the night. For too long, his sleep had been plagued with dark thoughts and nightmares, now he could finally rest, finally be happy. Now he lay completely vulnerable with her, face half buried in his pillow, wings splayed, one draped over her, the other draped over the opposite end of their bed. Their bed. Elain couldn’t help herself as she moved to place a featherlight kiss on his bronze, tattooed shoulder. A smile curled at his lips and he groaned sleepily, pulling her closer until she was close enough for him to return the kiss to her sun-kissed shoulder, his thumb lazily stroking over her stomach.
“Good Morning.” She said, her voice near a whisper.
“Morning, petal.” He said, face in his pillow again.
Elain laughed and slid her fingers through his hair, her fierce Illyrian warrior with spikes of hair sticking this way and that. A low rumble came from his chest and she smirked.
“I didn’t mean to wake the beast…” she teased.
“Your touch always wakes the beast in me, love.” He said, turning to face her, a sleepy and contented smile making him look more handsome than she’d ever seen him.
“Its been a year, you know?” She asked, not sure if he would remember, she had gathered that most fae didn’t track many things, some not even birthdays, but Azriel wasn’t most fae.
He smiled. “I know. One year in our little paradise.”
“But not a secret anymore.” She said, smiling.
“No, not a secret anymore.” He said, bringing her hand to his lips, their fingers laced together.
“We should get up, we have lunch with the family today, remember?” She said.
Azriel grinned. “Shower time?”
Elain laughed. “If you get up now, then yes.”
Azriel’s wings slid tightly to his back as he groaned and stretched. He lay on his side, a lopsided grin on his face as he watched Elain slip out of bed. She paused in the door way, smiling back at him. “Are you joining me or not?” Azriel lept out of bed and followed after her.
Elain turned the water on, pretending not to notice Azriel leaning in the doorway, watching her. He was deathly still and quiet, but his arousal filled the room, his desire unmistakable. Elain stepped into the water, glancing back at him with a smirk. “If I have to get started without you, then I rescind my invitation.” She teased, gasping as he was instantly behind her, his hand splayed over her stomach, pulling her into him. She could feel his length pressing into her backside, the beast certainly was awake now. Elain slid her hand over his, smiling. “We’ll be late…”
“Mmmwe can multitask, I believe in us.” He said with a chuckle, moving her hair aside and soaping his hands up as he kissed along her shoulder.
Elain smiled, her lip clenched between her teeth as his hands moved to soap her breasts up, kneading them slowly, his calloused thumbs rubbing over her peaked nipples. Azriel captured her mouth in a kiss as she lay her head back on his shoulder, a dainty moan escaping as his tongue slipped passed her lips. His hands moved from her breasts, one sliding up to her neck, keeping her head tipped back and kissing him as his other hand slid down over her soft stomach. Elain trembled as he lightly brushed his fingers over her slick folds, gasping as he slipped a finger in, pressing and teasing that little bud that sent shockwaves through her entire body and made stars dance before her eyes. She clutched his arm, panting, but he kept going, pushing her further in delirium as he circled that bud again, pressing to elicit another gasp against his lips. He played with her for a bit before nipping her neck and turning her around, leaning her back against the shower wall as he dropped to his knees before her.
Soft panting breaths left her as she watched him, sliding her own hands over her breasts, knowing how much he loved to watch her touch herself for him. Azriel slid his hands up her thighs, cupping her bottom as he pressed his lips to her stomach, his kisses making her throb as heat pooled between her legs. He trailed his kisses lower and lower until he was running his tongue over her slit, the taste of her exploding on his tongue and shooting straight to his throbbing cock-they were definitely going to be late. He slid one scarred hand down her creamy thigh, guiding her leg up and over his shoulder.
“Azriel…” she moaned, arching against the wall, her fingers threaded through his hair now as he worked her with his tongue. He savored her sweetness and thrilled at how her body trembled as he brought her closer to the edge and then she was screaming his name as she peaked, dissolving into pleasure. Her panting mouth met his, hands in his hair, tugging his head back so she could claim him this time, her tongue begging for entry and caressing his as he rose, his arms wrapping around her, his length pressing against her. He could feel her smiling against his mouth, knowing they weren’t done just yet. Elain forgot everything in that moment, nothing existed but Azriel now, his body, his soul, that commanding presence even when he was on his knees for her. She melted into him, her hands running over his muscled back, her nails pressing just enough to elicit at low rumble from his chest.
His thigh slid between her legs and she wanted to protest, to tell him that it was his turn now and she wanted to please him too, but she couldn’t stop herself from tilting her hips and pressing her aching sex against his muscular thigh. She lost herself in it, in the pressure between her legs, his hot breath on her neck, teeth nipping and scraping and those beautiful hands of his sliding over her back.
“Az. Az I want you, I want all of you.” she pleaded, panting.
“So bossy.” He teased, his eyes like molten gold as he slid his hands over her ass, picking her up and guiding her down onto his throbbing length. Elain wrapped her legs around him, hands gripping his shoulders tightly as she whimpered and finally took all of him in. That molten gaze of his set her soul on fire and threatened to consume them both as he pressed her against the wall, his thrusts rough and demanding. One of his hands tangled in her hair, guiding her head back so that he could bury his face in her neck, kissing, nipping and sucking.
Elain gasped and released a moan as his grip on her hair tightened. He grinned, covering her mouth with his, his tongue sweeping past her lips, she moaned against his kiss, nipping his bottom lip as he came up for air. He could barely breathe as she ran her petite hands over his back, her delicate fingertips playing a dangerous game as they danced closer and closer to his wings. He moved his hands to her hips, his fingers digging into her soft flesh as he quickened his pace. He growled, his voice so rough and commanding that it sent a thrill through her. “Come for me…fucking come for me, El.” And she did, all of his kisses and caresses building the pressure within her until only his command would allow it to be released, shattering her completely, his own guttural roar echoing against the walls as she fluttered and tightened around him and he emptied himself inside of her.
Elain pressed a kiss to his jaw, both of them still in a daze, eyes heavy lidded as their panting eventually slowed. “Like the first time, every time.” She said, a blush painting her cheeks.
He tipped her chin up, kissing her softly, no matter what they did, always ending it with sweet tenderness. “I don’t need to be your first, I’d much rather be your last.”
“Last, best, my forever.” Elain nodded, glowing.
Reluctantly and slowly the pair showered and changed and finally made their way to the River House.
“Finally!” Feyre called. “We were ready to start without you!”
“I’m so sorry, we lost track of time!” Elain called, rushing to the dining room, trying to keep the blush from her cheeks as Azriel followed close behind. Elain slowed as she made her way in, Azriel guiding her the rest of the way into the room.
“Oh my-what is all of this? Its so beautiful, are we celebrating?” Elain asked, looking around the room that was filled with roses of every color, more than they could have clipped from their entire garden. “This must be every rose in Velaris, Az-“ Elain froze as she turned to find Azriel down on one knee.
From the corner of his eye, Azriel could see his family scattered around the room. Feyre and Nesta watching with tears in their eyes, both having given their permission in absence of their father.
Azriel pressed a kiss to Elain's knuckles, his hazel eyes gazing up to meet her tear filled amber pools. “Elain Archeron, I want nothing more than to love you until the end of forever. Will you marry me?”
“Oh Azriel…” Elain breathed, fighting tears as she nodded and tearfully exclaimed, “Yes!” throwing her arms around him and kissing him. Azriel returned the kiss, his heart pounding as he stood and wrapped his arms around her tightly before they slowly parted, gazing into each others eyes.
“Did I get that right?” He whispered to her with a charming smile.
“Perfect.” She whispered through her happy tears as he slid the dainty diamond ring onto her finger, two smaller sapphires standing guard on either side of it.
Azriel pulled her close, pressing one more kiss to her lips before they were pulled back into the excitement and happiness of their family. She may be fae now, but Elain’s heart would always be human and Azriel swore to himself that he would give her all of the things she’d wished for as a human and more until the end of forever.
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nikethestatue · 14 days ago
Against Your Morning Skin
Elriel Month - Day 28
You know the drill--light NSFW
Tumblr media
It’s them waking up to early, early in the morning and it’s lazy and unhurried. Simple, tender touches mean just as much and feel just as good as climaxing.
It’s Azriel’s hard, calloused fingers sliding underneath the thin fabric of her nightgown to say, good morning, my love. It’s Elain, tucked against his chest, eyes closed and still half asleep, but reaching up towards him, her head tilting up to press hot, affectionate kisses along his jaw. They are slow. They are exquisite. They are wanton. Sleepy kisses of love.
The two of them roll between the sheets casually, unhurried, enjoying the warmth from where they’ve slept all night. The sheets smell of jasmine and cedar. They make deep, careless thrusts. They make warm, sloppy kisses. They draw the pleasure out and wake up slowly. If it weren’t for the desire to watch each other come, they wouldn’t even open their eyes. They would just feel and enjoy the pleasure that they bring each other. These lazy mornings are the only time they don’t say anything. Not even the names they adore to moan and whisper and cry. Just breathless pants. A tight grip here and there. A squeeze over their flushed morning skin. And a release that heals and fills the holes in their souls, until the two of them are renewed and repaired again. 
When it’s over, they go right back to sleep.
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