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❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️ The best and my most favorite parallels between “Let It Go” and “Show Yourself”. ❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️

I made this gif set as a gift to myself because today is my BIRTHDAY!!! 😄🎁🎂🎉🎊

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Frozen 2 Rewrite Ideas

(Based on a video by hezuneutral)

- throughout the movie, the northern lights are shown to be getting weaker and weaker, as if they are a measure of the earth’s life force

- Elemental spirits are more background elements that fit into each category of Seasonal spirits; Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter

- the elementals run wild in the enchanted forest, where they frequently interact with the Northuldra, but when the seasonal spirits come along they become more like sidekicks/helpers/friends

- Elsa is the most recent incarnation of the Winter spirit, and her corresponding elemental is the Nokk, the water horse

- Spring has the rock giants (when they come into contact, flowers and moss start to grow on the giants)

- Summer has the salamander, the fire elemental

- Autumn has the wind spirit, Gale

- All four Seasonal spirits are called to Ahtohallan, and they first travel through the enchanted forest, where they meet their corresponding elementals, the Northuldra, and each other

- We’ll keep the “spirits terrorize the Arendellians and force them out of their kingdom” thing but change it so that Anna is tasked with staying behind to lead the people with the help of Kristoff, so at first there can be tension breakers where we cut back to Anna and Kristoff managing their displaced subjects where antics ensue, until eventually Anna gets too worried about Elsa and strikes off to find her, leaving Kristoff in charge

- We can keep the Northuldra but I’m not sure about keeping the old soldiers of Arendelle in the enchanted forest; maybe Matthias can be part of Anna and Kristoff’s subplot back in Arendelle

- They are called together because the combined effects of them using their powers on the world at large has affected the climate, not to mention human industrialization as well

- They go to Ahtohallan and try to access the spirit held within but they can’t; they need the fifth spirit

- Elsa gets on Nokk and heads back to the enchanted forest where she finds Anna, who was looking for her, and then Elsa realizes Anna is the fifth spirit of Love

- They ride as quick as possible back to Ahtohallan and are able to access the spirit, and the world begins to heal (it looks like the Northern Lights but at maximum strength)

- This rewrite gives us the chance to see Anna grow as a leader, further develop Kristoff’s and Anna’s relationship put under stress, see Elsa come into her own, and get to know and love new side characters

- we can keep Elsa’s transformed look the same as well as her taking her role as Winter spirit seriously, dubbing Anna queen of Arendelle, and we can keep Kristoff proposing, so the very end of the movie can stay largely the same

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Elsa’s arms are warm.

Anna had not been sure how they would feel.

She had put the thought of warm hugs long out of her thoughts.

Put them out of her thoughts with the hope of an open door.

Better not to knock, not to hope, not to think of the possibility of warmth.

But now she can feel that warmth – and it is better than any dream of hope.

Now she knows that Elsa always longed to embrace her.

Knows that her frigidity was not of her, but wrought into her.

Elsa’s hugs are warmer than childhood innocence.

Warmer than all the sunny days that have seemed cold in isolation.

They wrap around Anna lovingly, help her to feel all that she could not feel for years.

They let Anna know that she is loved, she is loved, she is loved.

Elsa loves her.

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Pairing: Elsa x Lea/Axel || Side Pairing: Riku x OC

Summary: Modern AU. She’s an introvert ball of nerves who works at Ice Palace, a mall food court ice cream shop. He’s the outgoing, sassy goofball who works at the Pizza Planet across the way. Hilarity, snark, and fluffy romcom hijinks ensue.

Word Count: 6,020


Credit for super friggin’ cute and super friggin’ amazing cover art goes to the super friggin’ talented ky-jane here on tumblr!


“Hey! You made it!” Lea perked up as I neared the table. He nudged out the chair beside him with his foot. “Have a seat.”

“Ah…” My hands wrung the top of the little brown sack to smithereens for a second before I stiffly sat down, bag perched in my lap. “Thanks.” Then I glanced across the table and froze.

Xion and Rox were staring at me like I’d grown a second head. Then, somehow in perfect sync, their wide, unblinking eyes drifted to Lea. Then over to me again. Finally, they looked at each other, smirks stretching across their faces as Rox said, “He asked a girl to hang out with us?”

“He never asks a girl to hang out with us!” Xion nodded back at him.

Rox’s grin turned a darker shade of wicked. “What could it mean?”

“What indeed?” Xion giggled, an impish gleam in her eye. “Maybe the boycott has been lifted at last and-” She was silenced by a fry smacking her in the face.

Plucking a second one from Rox’s tray, Lea was preparing to fling it as well as he narrowed his eyes at the both of them. “Any other comments from the peanut gallery? Careful now, the next words outta your mouths could be your last.”

“We’re done!” they chimed in unison.

…boycott? Huh.

Had they been… protesting something?

Shrugging it off, I placed my paper bag on the table, earning me a “Woah!” from Rox. “Bagged lunch? How retro. I thought they’d gone the way of the dinosaurs.”

Just like my own personal Ol’ Faithful, I felt a familiar blush creeping up my neck. “Heh… I guess I’m just old school that way.”

Two things.

One. I’d never, not ever, not even once in my life used the term “old school” before.

Two. I quickly turned the bag to hide the fact that it had my name scrawled on one side in flowery cursive punctuated with a little heart, hoping they hadn’t seen it already.

Courtesy of Rayne. Not just the cutesy writing, but the whole homemade lunch. Practice for when she was going to make bagged lunches for her kid one day, or so she’d said anyway.

Ugh, I really was just her parenting guinea pig in all aspects, wasn’t I?

“Aren’t you gonna eat that?” Lea asked as I attempted (and failed) to discreetly scoop the unopened bag back into my lap. 

“Turns out I’m not that hungry after all,” I mumbled. Which was partially true. I don’t think my stomach had any room left in it for food, not with all the butterflies currently crammed in there at the moment. Besides, I was suddenly having second thoughts and was now deciding I didn’t particularly want them to see what Rayne had prepared for me. Not the sandwich with the crust cut off, not the little carrot sticks, not the circus animal cookies, and definitely not the Capri Sun - now that was old school. 

As I looked up at the three of them once more, they were all just watching me with expectant smiles.

Oh dear lord, did they expect me to talk now?

…how do I words again? I can’t remember.

What do?

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A surprise visitor pt 1
Jack: Elsa
Elsa: Yes Jack
Jack: Where are the kids
Elsa: Iduna is in her room & Agnarr is taking his nap. Is there anything you want to say anything too the kids
Jack: Yes,a surprise visitor coming
Elsa: Who is the surprise visitor
Jack: Guess who
Elsa: Is it Anna right
Jack: Yes, Anna is coming to visit us
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Elsa and Jon were recently sold out of the loft as they were causing way too much drama, silly birds now have a big flock of their own with plenty of singles to choose from. They were hatched out of Yuki (white hen with a band in this pic) and Alice, I only sell birds I breed myself out of the aviary. All the rescues are permanent residents.

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13. following the kiss with a series of kisses down the neck

14. starting with a kiss meant to be gentle, ending up in passion

18. kisses where one person is sitting in the other’s lap

Make a shmexy fic to finish Trish’s “Autumn” (Or the nigh Jenny was made)? You bet your ass I will!

Alarik, of course, belongs to @patricia-von-arundel

Rating: MA

The rain makes her feel coltish and wild, her need for him burning throughout her entire body. When Alarik tries to set her down, her arms remain around his neck as she watches him wordlessly, unable to verbalize what she wants, what she needs. His eyes roam up and down, and she realizes just how her clothing clings to her form.

Alarik shivers, pulling Elsa from her reverie. 

“Are you cold?” He has to be, as soaked as he is. 

“A little.” A flash of lightning illuminates his face, and she sees how dark his eyes are, the dilation of his pupils. 

“Well then,” Elsa smiles up at him and shifts so she’s better seated on his lap. She finds the top button of his shirt and works it out of its hole, works her way down until his shirt is open, baring his chest. “I’m going to have to warm you up then, aren’t I?”

She’s certain the shiver following her words has nothing to do with the cold.

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There’s no way Hans would think that snowball was catapulted by any other than Elsa though. Who else could come up with a giant snowball in the middle of Summer? lol But I agree he doesn’t hold any anger towards Elsa regardless.

Also, that’s a very good depiction of Hans’s brothers.

P.S. Anyone who thinks Hans is a vengeful kind of man is wrong in my eyes from the start. Hans saw Arendelle as his one and only chance to be someone and to have a good and meaningful life. He knew that if he didn’t succeed he would be over.

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Okay but like… as much as i dislike Prince Hans and everything he did… i’m kind of sympathetic at the same time? Cause like thirteen siblings? all brothers?! the sibling rivalry alone doesn’t exactly justify his actions but i can definitely see where he’s coming from. I know people who’d sell their brother for a netflix password and single corn chip, so i’m not surprised he took things a step further. I still don’t condone anything he did, buttt i understand, you know?

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