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  1. Find a corset that fits. Sewed the front clasp closed. Added on about an inch of fabric to the top since I didn’t like how low cut it was.
  2. (Not pictured here because I forgot to take a photo). Painted the corset with watered down acrylics. Mostly a light blue base, that way anything not covered with sequins would look okay. (You can use watered down acrylics and it wont crack. )
  3. Get mylar sheets and cut into desired rectangles. Super glue for plastic is a must but needs to be used IN A WELL VENTILATED AREA. Im serious, some of them use toluene. Get a mask, work outside. Dont do this indoors!
  4. Layer to your hearts content.
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Happy birthday to meeee! 👑
When turning old for your birthday, upload stuff with baby audios to make yourself seem cute 😂😘
Ok keep an eye on my story cause there’s a lotttt of Elsa drafts I have saved from before soo plenty of new Elsa! But first have this one of me vibing! 💪🏻
I love you all, stay safe and enjoy all the Disney content and bnha content I have in the next few days for y’all 😈👑😈 #elsacosplay #elsa #showyourself #frozen2 #frozen2cosplay #elsafrozen #elsahairdown #cosplaygirl #cosplay #cosplaysidebyside #cosplaytiktok #tiktok #popsicle

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I made a fanart based on ff “Falling Together” by Northuldran. That’s the scene when Elsa and Anna came back from Ahtohallan and something happened (I don’t wanna give the spoilers)

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This wig is still not styled because I’m a dumbass and I lost what I needed to style it LOLOLOL I also have not yet made her dress, also if you follow me you know that I ship elsamaren so much it’s slightly concerning lmao hi this is my face 🙃

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I am pretty happy with the fullness of the skirt of my #Frozen2 #ElsaCosplay Coat, but I want to direct that front fold closer to the waist. It is barely 1cm vertically, and mostly about ease, yet makes a world of difference. This is why I do so much basting so I can make these very small changes- and these changes will also… change with switching to the final fabrics.

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One guy on Reddit send me this and told me that he took one part of the song when Elsa finally finds the secret syren😭😭😭😭😭💞💞💞 I know that he probably could be lying, but I really think it’s real. Should we believe him?

Please let me knou

Photo by Frostharmonic

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