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genderfeel · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
my piece for the traces of beauty zine! loved getting to draw them after so long :’)
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borkkybarnes · a year ago
Chris Evans characters as daddy types. 🥵🥺
Tumblr media
The (get on your knees now) daddy. 🥵
Tumblr media
The (sweet smug) daddy. 😀
Tumblr media
The (jealous/I'm gonna destroy you tonight) daddy. 😳
Tumblr media
The (degrading) daddy. 🥵
Tumblr media
The (wait till we get home) daddy. 😵
Tumblr media
The (I'm gonna eat you out until you pass out) daddy. 😶
Tumblr media
The (playful soft dom) daddy. 🥺
Tumblr media
The (sweet, bubba cuddly) daddy. +sweet cuddly dodger. 🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
The (long nights, bad boy, trouble) daddy. 🥵
For Sebastian Stan.
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hummels-turn · 9 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
something is special because you are a part of it
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dear-galileo · a month ago
blushing all the way home
happy first day of buddie week! thanks to @dailybuddie for setting up this awesome week :) 
these fics will also be posted on my ao3, which is deargalileo
Day 1: Did I make you blush? | Rivals
Buck is very pleased when he discovers how easily he can make Eddie blush. Eddie is not as pleased. 
2.5k words
read it here on ao3
Considering the long shifts that the 118 team pulls, and the amount of time outside of work that they spend together, it is incredible to think that they have never run out of things to talk about. 
It’s incredible until you meet Evan Buckley, and then you realize that it is more impossible to reach the end of random facts that he stores, rather than running out of things to say. 
The team is used to this, and most of the time allow themselves to get pulled into a random conversation about the history of a chef’s hat (technically called a toque, and the pleats in the hat represents the chef’s level of experience), or discussing how the odds of getting a royal flush in poker are exactly 1 in 649,740, which led to a station-wide, multi-day poker championship.
So when Hen and Chimney entered the locker room and found Buck furiously reading something off of his phone, they weren’t surprised when he showed them a website that boasted “39 Fun Flirting Facts”. 
“Do I even want to know what instigated this?” Hen asks, settling on one of the benches.
“Studies show that flirtatious people have whiter blood cell counts, which improves health and immunity,” Buck recites in lieu of a real answer. 
“Oh good, so you’ll live forever,” Eddie came out from the showers, pulling a t-shirt over his head. 
“So the good ol’ Buckley charm made it through up to Buck point one-oh- what version are you on?”
“Hey, Hen! Did you know the word lesbian comes from the Greek island Lesbos, where the poet Sappho wrote her poetry about her female lovers?” Hen rolls her eyes, but nods obligingly. 
“Yes, I did know that, Buckaroo. Literally every lesbian on Earth knows that. Thank you for bestowing your wisdom onto me.” 
Eddie comes to sit down next to Buck, trying to read his phone over his shoulder. 
“Some of these has to be bullshit. Women are more likely to give out their phone numbers on sunny days as opposed to cloudy days?” Hen nods in agreement while Chimney sticks his finger up. 
“No, I’m pretty sure that one is correct! Something about hormo-“
“Finish that sentence and I’ll have Maddie kick you in the crotch,” Hen interrupts, leveling Chim with a stern look. He smiles sheepishly and goes back to reorganizing his locker.  
“Since ancient Greece, the apple has been a symbol of love. They believed that apples represented love because it lasted so long after being picked.” 
“That one’s kind of sweet,” Chim says. “Think Maddie would want an apple for Valentine’s Day?” 
Buck went over to his locker, riffling through while the others chatted amongst each other. 
“Karen and I both tried to get Valentine’s Day off for next year, you know, ask in advance, but she can’t, so we might do a weekend trip sometime in February to make up for it.”
“Ugh, that’s two months away,” Eddie groans. “Let us get through Christmas first, please.” They all chuckle.
“Got any Christmas facts for us, Buck?” Chim asks, before Buck slams his locker shut and plops down right next to Eddie. 
“Here.” Out of nowhere, Buck is holding a red apple out towards Eddie. “I think we could live apple-ly ever after.” 
Eddie immediately felt his face go up in flames as Hen and Chim dissolved into a mess of laughter. Buck was clearly trying to hold back a smile as well, but he was looking so deeply into Eddie’s eyes that Eddie couldn’t look away.   
“Oh my god, did I make you blush?” Buck finally broke, eyes flickering all around his face. 
Eddie rubs at his neck, as if he could wipe away the pink tint rapidly rising. “You are!” Buck crows, practically vibrating on the bench next to him. “See? I’ve got game!” 
“Buck, you once stole a firetruck to have sex with someone, no one here doubted that you have game,” Hen says, but Buck ignores her. Eddie bats Buck’s finger from where he was trying to poke his cheek away. The apple sat long forgotten on the bench between them.
“Shut up,” Eddie wiped at his face before standing up. “I think I hear Cap calling me,” and he is out of the locker room before anyone can point out that Bobby is in his office completing paperwork. 
“Not that watching that wasn’t incredibly interesting,” Hen says, standing up herself. “But I am going to go do literally anything else.” 
“Hey, that sounds like a great idea, I’ll go do that too with you,” Chimney pipes in, and before he knows it, Buck is alone in the locker room, but even that doesn’t take the smile off of his face. After a few more moments pass, he scoops up the apple and takes a big bite out of it. “Tastes like love to me.”
The rest of the day is like a game to Buck- and Eddie knows that even if he tried he couldn’t resist. The two are usually always tied up together, shoulders or knees knocking as they sit at the dinner table, opting to sit next to each other on the couch in between calls rather than taking their own loveseats, and always, always, having each others backs. 
But now, Buck is doing it with intent. When he hovers behind Eddie while Eddie is restocking the ambulance, he knows that Buck is fully aware of what he’s doing to him. Buck’s hot breath on the back of Eddie’s neck would be enough to get a rise out of him, but the gentle caress of Buck’s hand on the back of Eddie’s elbow is nearly enough to make him go weak in the knees. 
Buck takes every sign of any color in Eddie’s cheeks as a win, with frequent reports back to the team. Eddie is pretty sure Hen knows what’s going on in Eddie’s mind, if the sympathetic looks she sends him from across the room mean anything.
“Eddie, Eddie, come here,” Buck chants, dragging him away from the truck after Eddie spent ten minutes cleaning just one tire. “I have to show you something.” 
“What?” Even though he’s a bit annoyed by the game, Eddie can’t deny the thrill that goes up his spine every time Buck lingers this close, or when their eyes lock in the intense way that they do. “Bobby, Bobby, Bobby!” Buck changes his chant as Bobby walks out onto the main floor. Eddie dutifully allows himself to be dragged along in Buck’s grasp. 
“Are you still torturing Eddie?” Bobby asks without looking up from his clipboard. 
“Maybe.” Buck answers completely seriously before charging ahead. “But I want to show you this cool trick. Look, look, look.” 
Eddie liked these types of days. When the calls didn’t burden them, follow them back to the station and then to their homes. And Buck helps with that, even if he doesn’t realize it. His energy was so infectious, that he couldn’t even fathom someone being around him and not immediately enamored. 
His mind briefly flickers to the times where Buck wasn’t in the station, couldn’t be, and how foreign laughter became during those times. 
Eddie physically shakes his head, banishing those thoughts from his head as Buck pulls him to stand in front of Bobby. 
Bobby looks at them, trying to act like he isn’t amused already. “So?” 
“I learned this in middle school.” Buck starts, which Eddie privately thinks that is a terribly ominous prelude, before turning to Eddie. “Want to play a game?” 
“Uh- what game?” 
“It’s easy!” Buck is so bright- sometimes it is simply too painful to look at him directly, but Eddie lets himself bask in the warmth. “It’s called Counting Shoulders.” He turns back to face Bobby, so his shoulder is pressed right against Eddie’s. Buck is on Eddie’s left side, an unspoken agreement about their arrangement since they became partners. 
First he brings his right arm up to his own shoulder, pressing down on it in an exaggerated way. “One,” he moves onto his right shoulder, repeating the motion. “Two,” Buck then seamlessly transitions to Eddie’s left shoulder. “Three,” and before Eddie can process it, Buck’s arm is hanging around his shoulder in a familial, affectionate way. “Four! Good job!”
Buck doesn’t move his arm from Eddie’s shoulder, and a beat passes with him smiling, obviously very pleased with himself.
The moment is broken by Bobby snorting loudly, and dropping his head into his hand. “And that worked for you, in middle school? he asked.
“It’s working for me now!” Buck cried, gesturing to what Eddie knew had to be the furious blush that was across his face. “Look!”
Eddie could only face palm just as Bobby had, hoping his hands could hide his face from everyone in the station.  “You are insufferable,” he says just loud enough for Buck to hear him, but that only makes Buck laugh.
Eddie’s saving grace was the alarm ringing, but even then Buck’s arm lingered just a moment longer before it was gone and they were heading into the trucks.
Eddie was thankful that it was only a 10 hour shift- after today, going home would feel like a small mercy. His skin might feel like it was burned for it’s state of constant heat, thanks to a certain blond who’s name rhymes with Fuck.
Speaking of Fuck- he means Buck- he was following Eddie into the locker room. Hen and Chim were on the shift for a couple more hours, so they bid their goodbyes after the last call.
Even though he had gone through the constant teasing all day, he still felt nothing but relaxed when they walked into the locker room.
“Picking up Chris from school today?” Buck asks, opening up his locker and pulling out his change of clothes. “He will be excited to see you.”
“More like he will be excited to see his Buck,” Eddie corrected. “Movie night, remember?” Buck beamed in the way that he always did when he was referred to as Christopher’s Buck.
“As if I could forget!”
There was a lull in the conversation as they stripped out of their clothes. Eddie had his clean t-shirt over his head when he heard a low whistle coming from about three feet away.
Eddie rips his head through the shirt, glaring at Buck. “Did you just wolf whistle at me?”
“How could I not! Those abs, dude!”
“Can you really call me dude while flirting with me?”
“Clearly I can.” As if to prove his point, Buck let his eyes stare down Eddie from head to toe.
Eddie couldn’t miss a minute of it, the way that Buck looks at his eyes, the way his eyes lingered over his chest, and by the time that Buck’s eyes dropped lower, Eddie twists up his dirty shirt and snapped it out at Buck.
Buck shrieked and jumped out of the way, but he was already laughing.
“You are making dinner tonight,” Eddie tried to say in a menacing voice, but it clearly didn’t work when Buck just smiled fondly and rolled his eyes.
“Wasn’t I going to do that already?” Eddie snapped his shirt out one last time, for good measure.
“Shut up.”
Chris was, as predicted, very excited to be picked up by Buck. Technically, Eddie was there too, but he sat in the truck while Buck leaned on the outside.
Chris had excitedly explained to all of his teachers that “his Buck” was there to pick him up, which Eddie thought was going to make Buck cry.
It didn’t, and once Christopher was buckled into the truck, they launched into a rambunctious conversation about Christopher’s day at school.
At home, Eddie got Christopher started on homework while Buck puttered around.
At some point over the years that they had known each other Buck and Eddie have built a domestic routine in Eddie’s home.
Eddie didn’t mind. He liked it a lot, in fact. He liked Buck fitting into his home, Eddie’s home becoming Buck’s home, too.
Buck handled most of dinner, as he did most nights that he spent at the Diaz’s. Chris helped him mix the meatloaf mixture, and watched it slowly cook in the oven.
After Chris helped set the table, Eddie had him sit down.
“Are you sure there’s nothing else I could help with?” Eddie tries, not for the last time. Buck hip checks him, bumping him out of the way of the oven.
“No. I’m worried you will blow up the oven by looking at it too hard.” Christopher giggles, but Eddie lets himself be pushed out of the way with little fight.
“Hot stuff, hot stuff!” Buck crows, pulling the meatloaf out of the oven. “Move out of the way, hot stuff!” He hipped checked Eddie again, before safely putting the meatloaf down on the table.
That sent Chris into hysterics again, and Eddie vaguely had the notion of putting his head into his hands and screaming.
Instead he looked at Buck. Buck was looking like a kid who had just gotten away with stealing cookies from the cookie jar, just pleased as punch.
“You are so stupid,” he tries to say quietly, but Chris oooh’ed softly, so it wasn’t quiet enough. “Christopher, please turn around.”
“Aw, dad!”
Eddie moves to Chris’s chair, and moved it so he was facing the wall, sending Christopher into another fit of giggles.
As quickly as he could, Eddie moves back to Buck, stepping into his space and crowding him back against the counter.
“I seriously can’t take this anymore,” Eddie whispers before pulling Buck into a kiss.
It wasn’t tender, or heated, and was cut into by Christopher’s nonstop giggles from ten feet away, but Eddie couldn’t bring himself to care.
Buck was smiling into the kiss, Eddie could practically taste the laughter on his lips, but he was so giving, so warm, and Eddie knew that he could lose himself in those lips easily.
He forces himself to pull away, even when Buck tries to follow his lips.
“Ew! You guys kissed!” Christopher- who had managed to wiggle his chair back around- yells, breaking them out of their moment.
Buck laughs and presses one more kiss to Eddie’s lips before stepping it away. “I had it coming, Superman. I was basically asking for it all day.”
As Eddie sat down across Buck at the dinner table, watching him serve up Christopher with food before himself, Eddie let himself smile. Buck caught his eye and smiled back, and gently tangled their feet together underneath the table.
“He was,” Eddie finally muses. “Your Buck is a pretty bad flirt.”
“Hey! It worked, didn’t it?” Buck retorts. Eddie rolls his eyes, but he had to nod.
“I guess it did.”
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black-magic-osha-employee · 3 months ago
Why do we have 2 capitalists now. Unless the short one isn't a capitalist somehow.
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babyocon · 4 months ago
American F1 fans need to unionize
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buddietruther69 · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
I just needed to come on here and share this amazing art work I made
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influenzabella · a year ago
When Bella hits us with that “if this is about my soul, take it, I don’t want it without you” I nut
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genshingals · a year ago
Starting my fun facts series with something I just learned!
Did you know? Draff is Diona’s father!
Tumblr media
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mundanepersona · 4 months ago
a piece of my clothes gets stuck with the table
Me: what are we?
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genderfeel · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
down feathers
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borkkybarnes · a year ago
Sebastian Stan characters as types of Daddies. 🥺🥵
Tumblr media
The (super rough, you won't be able to walk straight for a week) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (it's sergeant for you, my pathetic little whore) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (shameless, can rail you against the wall from behind anywhere anytime) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (sweetest, fluffiest, cuddly, softie) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (I would rather eat you for hours) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (are you fucking challenging me, my love! / will make you beg all night) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (absolute daddiest, dom daddy who will wreck your all holes, but will also caress and massage you after sex) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (don't you dare fucking cum, until I tell you / will edge you on all night / rough roleplay) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (absolute bad boy, yet sweetest, get on your knees) daddy.
Tumblr media
The (sweetest, adorable, will be at your mercy whenever you want) baby daddy.
Couldn't leave out my Sweet Seb.
For Chris Evans.
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hummels-turn · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
♫ emily's countdown to christmas - day 2
​​​ ⠀ ⤿​​​ ⠀baby it's cold outside
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dear-galileo · a month ago
sparks fly
buddie week 2021
day 3: stop waking me up in the middle of the night!” | magic
yeah so i saw the prompt ‘magic’ and... ran with it. tumblr wont let me post the full thing, so read it on my ao3! thank you to @dailybuddie for putting this week together, and for letting me spend three days locked in my room writing this story
12k words, content warnings for non graphic violence, cursing, and implications of past child abuse (neglect)
my buddie week 2021 masterpost
prince evan 'buck' buckley doesn't want a bodyguard. he doesn't need a bodyguard let alone the ridiculously attractive new recruit, eddie diaz. he has magic- even if he's forbidden from using it, he can protect himself.
unfortunately for him, someone is trying to hurt the royal family.
eddie diaz, newly anointed knight, is just trying to keep buck in one place so they can both get through this assignment in one piece.
unfortunately for him, buck plans on making that very difficult.
(fantasy au)
Maddie was going to be annoyed at him, but not so much that he couldn’t get back on her good side with a few sweet rolls. That was the reason he snuck out of the castle, through unused servants tunnels and a creepy underground hallway that led out past the castle walls, right into an alleyway in the village.
It may or may not have been his original intention when he woke up in the morning- so he had a drink or two last night, leading to a treacherous headache and a nausea that he just couldn’t shake, no, Mads, the healers can’t do anything, it will pass before too long, and with Maddie going in his place to visit some dull Nobles who wanted to talk dull politics and other dull politics, Buck was set.
He only felt marginally bad for asking Maddie to trade places with him- she was the Crown Princess after all, heir to the throne, so it made more sense for her to go instead of him. Also, Buck had told Maddie as she stood beside his bed that morning with her eyes rolled back so far he wondered if they will get stuck that way, Maddie couldn’t go alone. And since Maddie couldn’t go alone, and Buck couldn’t come, that meant that a knight had to accompany her in the carriage. A specific knight, Buck had told Maddie. Chimney.
Just his name was enough to make Maddie’s face burst into flames, a fact that Buck never let Maddie forget. They had been best friends since childhood, ever since Chim’s family got a job in the castle, though Buck always reminded them that technically, Chim was Buck’s friend first- they had gotten into play fights in the courtyard, scrabbling with wooden swords.
But still. Maddie and Chim were completely in love with each other, and both refused to face the obvious. Instead, they focused on irrelevant facts, like how Chim would never be allowed to marry, let alone court Maddie, as she was the heir to the throne, and Chim was a knight who owed his entire livelihood to the king. Who was their dad. Whatever.
So Buck had pushed Maddie to go instead of him, get some good old quality time with Chimney, and what could go wrong?
As long as their dad didn’t find out, they would be okay.
The king had a mean streak, especially when it came to his son.
Just thinking about the last time he crossed his father made Buck grimace, and pull his cap lower on his head- just enough to cover his Mark.
Any hope or love his father might have held for him was thrown away the moment Buck was born, a Mark plain as day above his eyebrow. He heard that his mother cried, and refused to hold him. According to the conversation between some servants that he was eavesdropping on, newborn Buck was about to be deposited into a nurse’s hands, probably passed from nanny and tutor, but Maddie stepped up and took her newborn brother into her arms. In a sense, she hadn’t let go since, and Buck thanked her every day for it.
Still, that didn’t stop rumors about Buck’s Mark following him every day of his life. Those who were Marked were blessed. Or cursed, depending on who you asked. They held talents unexplainable, powers at the snap of a finger.
Those who bore the Mark were magic.
The scandal of the crown family birthing a Marked child was horrific, and Buck spends every day of his life paying for something he didn’t ask for. There was no way of hiding his Mark either, unless he wore a hat so low it reached his eyebrows.
That’s what he did now, tugging it low one last time before stepping into the market place. He tried not to spend time thinking about his magic. Before he knew most of his manners, he knew to never, ever, use his magic, especially around others. The consequences for that were swift and cruel.
Buck was practiced enough at escaping from the castle to know where he was going, how to act, what to wear. It still didn’t stop the thrill that went up his back when he moved into the market, brushing by people who were hurrying on their way.
Everyone was preparing for the grand ball that would be happening in the castle a few weeks from now- some type of historical celebration, though Buck secretly thought it was just another attempt at finding Maddie a suitable partner as quickly as possible. Still, he enjoyed looking at the lanterns and paper decorations that the townspeople had spread around the market. Plus, the ball couldn’t be too bad. Worst case scenario, he has to dance with fucking Greg Lamont, the biggest creep in the nation, but gets to drown his woes in plentiful drink, and look damn good while doing it.
Buck checked out his favorite stalls, bought a few sweet rolls for Maddie later, charmed a few of the old ladies who sat around town square and gossiped all day.
Here, he could be totally anonymous. No one saw him as the prince, no one saw him as one with the Mark, the one who brought shame upon the crown family.
read the rest here, on my ao3!
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black-magic-osha-employee · 4 months ago
I think I would like more cats around here. They can liven up the place. As long as they do not eat any osha employees who are rats or mice.
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babyocon · 3 months ago
If Jamie wins the championship she’ll have enough super license points to drive F1 free practice next year. I need this so bad.
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buddietruther69 · a month ago
pov: you have the flirting “style” of a 12 year old boy
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influenzabella · 8 months ago
Twilight (2008) and Shrek (2001) both have the best soundtracks of all time and absolutely opposite vibes
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genshingals · a year ago
Tumblr media
Sucrose really just out here supporting Klee’s chaos
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gazeteur · a year ago
Tumblr media
...I’m stuck in the middle of writing some other fic so have some crumbs of darkolai
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