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mateo-of-avalor · a day ago
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this is probably ooc but whatever it’s a funny lil situation. i stopped doing likes because i hate them.
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milodotpng · a day ago
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donkdonkwawa · a day ago
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emas a cringe loser
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queergodot · 2 days ago
Do These Autistic Ace Attorney Characters Know They Are Autistic?
Phoenix Wright: Yes. He was diagnosed with ADHD and autism when he was about 13/14. It's not a very big deal to him but he does take meds for the ADHD and went to hilariously bad social skills training for the autism.
Miles Edgeworth: Yes. Gregory recognized the signs early on and he was diagnosed at age six. Von Karma tried very hard to instill internalized ableism but failed miserably due to the unshakable autism logic of 'ok but that doesn't make sense'.
Maya Fey: No. Morgan wasn't exactly going to get her to a psychiatrist. Probably doesn't even know what autism is.
Pearl Fey: No. See Maya.
Franziska von Karma: Yes. Miles told her about autism at age eight, and she researched everything about it and self diagnosed within the week. Von Karma was pretty pissed about it but that was mostly due to getting out-debated on the subject.
Dick Gumshoe: No. I'd be surprised if he knew what autism is beyond 'yeah that's the thing Mr. Edgeworth has!'
Diego Armando/Godot: No. He has average knowledge on autism, he just presents atypically enough he never connected it to himself.
Ema Skye: No. Could recite the DSM criteria for autism from memory verbatim she just never did an ounce of self reflection on it.
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kaetor · a day ago
hi hi hi for the characters and pride flags how about ema and aromantic? [email protected]
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[ID: a drawing of Ema Skye in front of the Aromantic flag. She is drawn in the colors of the flag: gray, blac, white, forest green, and lime green. She's standing with one hand on her hip and the other playing with her hair. She's shown as she appears in Apollo Justice. /End ID]
Tried out a new brush w this one! dunno how much i like it but hey :D
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yuktuts · 5 months ago
ace attorney lawyers be like hold on judge before you give the verdict ive got to consult my weird little girl
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theartistformerlyknownaspsu · 2 months ago
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I think she's disappointed.
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ministarfruit · a month ago
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ace attorney + older siblings
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7clubs · 5 months ago
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December 24, 11:50 PM.
[ leave a tip / commissions / other sites i’m at ]
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twinkle-art · 8 months ago
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vintage romance comic books for lovestruck attorneys
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thefrogwild · 12 days ago
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hello AA4 community (original)
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laquilasse · 5 months ago
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this is what aai is all about
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coralsaville · 4 months ago
Big Stabbing Energy ★ Ace Attorney Animatic (MBMBAM)
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rinamata05 · 17 days ago
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Go, Mr.Edgeworth, Go! (2021)
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mateo-of-avalor · 29 days ago
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more of these bc fuck u. also i think klavier is actually german.
id under cut
a collection of images, screenshots of popular tumblr posts with images of ace attorney characters overlayed to suggest it’s the characters who made the posts
in the first image, ema skye is saying “you people can’t be crying about blonde blue eyed men” with a low-opacity image of klavier gavin suggesting that she’s talking about him as he is blonde and blue-eyed. trucy wright replies with “naruto means everything to us” to which ema responds “ok sorry carry on”
in the second image, klavier, clearly in distress says “oh gods my boyfriend isn't home and I forget the english word for this thing and it's bAD he usually helps but i CANT”. athena replies “I WILL ASSIST?”. klavier says “you know that little sea bug with the stupid hands and it hasa home but it changes homes sometimes because it gets too big for it?? what is it???” athena suggests “Hermit crab??” and klavier triumphantly exclaims “THAT'S THE BITCH” in bold and italics
in the third image, it reads “someone: oh god. how are you coping with that. me: i’m not. i’m not coping.” with a distraught picture of klavier
in the fourth image, klavier says “die girlies reading this” with an emoji of a blushing face surrounded by love hearts. he replies to himself “oh my god I meant in a german accent I did not mean to wish death upon girlies”. franziska von karma replies “The girlies reading this post” with a picture of a skeleton exploding
in the fifth image, godot posts a picture of a coffee machine fastened to the dashboard of a car. the caption is “Hertella Auto Kaffeemachine. This Dash-Mounted Coffee Maker Is Likely the Rarest Volkswagen Accessory.” franziska replies “Getting into a KarAkciddent and splashing 3 cups of FükkenScälden all over myself”
in the sixth image, maya fey says “if she's your girl why is she infiltrating area 51 with me”. kay faraday responds “Because our relationship is good like that. Because l love her, but don't need to be by her side every minute. Because she's a healthy, well rounded, person with her own separate interests, that I fully support but don't need to take part in.” to which maya says “thanks for respecting women bro”
in the seventh image, klavier gavin says “vagueposting about people but in approval”. he replies to himself with “some of yall are so0o big brained and articulate and always correct and sexy. not saying who tho”. a picture of a blushing apollo justice indicates that klavier is talking about him.
in the eighth image, ema posts a picture of a white robotic lobster, captioned simply “robot lobster”. a confused trucy asks “why” and pearl fey responds “robster”
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cyandemise · a month ago
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sister, sister
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sunnysidemage · 3 months ago
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“Our kids, Miles” (the trick was marrying a man with a bunch of kids of his own)
Not pictured are Klavier, Rayfa, and any other kid Phoenix (or Miles) has unofficially adopted for even a minute of screen time or behind the scenes. And though I imagine Maya as more of a sister, she’s still part of the “100 friends.”
[Also please imagine everyone in the back are standing on something or wearing a nice heel, because their faces had to be seen somehow lol]
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homosexualanarchy · 2 months ago
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god i love ema skye
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ministarfruit · 13 days ago
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bestie is playing ace attorney and I'm obsessed with her commentary. I drew this so fast
transcript under cut
Comic featuring Phoenix with dialogue lifted from a playthrough:
P - [GASP] I THNK I’VE FIGURED IT OUT. the PD will ONLY let total dipshits in!  That’s the criteria!!! They get away with it because they have people like Edgeworth who is clearly not a dipshit until you learn that his favorite color is B00B69 and he's fully cognizant of it.
A thought bubble with Edgeworth in it appears with the following text:
Edgeworth taking time out of his busy lawyering schedule to learn how to drift just so he can make an entrance. Edgeworth in his flamboyant motherfucking fastboy racer bullshit car.
Phoenix continues, saying, “We should make Edgeworth chauffer us around in his fastboy racer. He doesn’t have anything better to do.”
Ema Skye responds by asking, “Mr. Wright, what exactly have you been investigating?”
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cantsleepanything · 2 months ago
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maybe next time he’ll think twice before asking a bunch of lesbians for boy advice lol
based on that one text post
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