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chapeldean · 2 months ago
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au where sam winchester forces his family to bullet journal. part 2, sam and dean. click for better image II part 1 x / x full transcription below
Sam page 1
[Eileen] I found your bullet journal
Habit tracker lore study hair care duolingo exorcise drink water
To do - gift for Dean + decorations - get back to Garth re: shifter case - Lebanon library [Eileen] - kiss gf
Things I’m grateful for: - Family - Friends - Girlfriend
Important!  - get everyone to clean [crossed out] deep clean the bunker - demon activity??? 
Sam page 2
- Check armory (mom & Jack?)  - Stock up on beer pie or cake [Eileen] of course
Monday Mom back from her case 
(Sticky note) Juliette’s Walnut St. 
Tuesday Clean the entire place... Movie night
Wednesday Birthday dinner for Dean 17:00  [Eileen] happy birthday!! 
Thursday Eileen visits      lazy day
Friday Digitalizing archives cont’d. Date night [Eileen] <3 
Saturday Check out demon case in Kearney, NE  with Eileen
Sunday [Eileen] kick some demon ass  Meal plan ask Dean
print pages for Eileen
Pay phone bills! 
Notes Deastiel [crossed out] Dean & Cas [Eileen] Destiel [Sam] on shapeshifter case with Garth Sat- ?
[Eileen] Hi Sam you’re pretty
“Is that a racoon” 
The good place 
Dean page 1
Habit tracker car maint. drink u know talk to mom no accidents 
To do Show Jack how to make mixtapes
yeast sugar eggs butter salt cardamom flour cinnamon
Things I’m grateful for Mom is back [crossed out] a year older [crossed out] Castiel alive  living in the bunker [crossed out]  Everyone alive [crossed out] safe and sound Pie Music you can drive to 
Dean page 2:
Sam and Cas: library war room  Jack: entrance Me: kitchen, bathrooms Mom: hallway
been working from seven to eleven  Monday Pick up parcel          Mom back Get Baby up and running   7h in the garage
Tuesday Movie night! Jack review: 5/5  Star Trek I                  Cas review: 2/5    okay Spock
Wednesday Dinner with the family
Thursday Go for a drive Eileen’s staying till Sunday
Friday Catch up on Dr Sexy       baking episode --> bake?
Saturday Drive to Duluth. She’s guzzling oil 
Sunday Meet up with Garth. Work the case etc.  Since when do shifters hunt in packs? Seriously? 
Notes  Sam and Eileen are working a demon case in Nebraska Mom stayed back with Jack (Cas happy) We need to make new badges at some point Hey look who survived another year. [crossed out] I’m getting the hang of getting old [crossed out]
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lokihiddleston · 2 months ago
-screams-that is all, that is my reaction to ep 5
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sunshinesquash · 3 months ago
What if parallel world Sam and Dean replaced the real ones in the finale so the originals could save Cas from the empty without worrying about Chuck?
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supernatural-jaeger · 2 months ago
*knock knock* tin I'm hereeee bestie!! - baby, fish, plain, panic (not scared to talk tho lol), cursed, eeby deeby, pretty ❤️❤️❤️
p. s you are so cool and kind and yes I could gush all day but basically you are wonderful!
Aaah thank you meeeeeeellll😭💕 I’ll be hydrating with tea thank you 😌 haha yeah, no we are definitely not scared of talking. Our unhinged chat messages are proof of that! I do have a messy apartment 🌚 animal crossing is my type video game!<3 also lethal league blaze, cuz it’s so chaotic and with funky ass music to the madness! 😂 Picnic proposal!! 💖 You bring a sweet cake and I bring the smörgåstårta! ❤️🎂🥪
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spnbestiesanonymous · a month ago
@emeraldcas radiates comfort and warmth, and her blog is wonderful
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spnblrcrushes · a month ago
@emeraldcas Melissa!! <33333
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Take Your Human Charge To Work Day
Chapter 5: “If You Could Hear Me Now”
Relationship: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Rating: Explicit
Never hook up after a crap night. It was his one fucking rule.
Dean had walked the last block to the museum. He sure as shit wasn’t gonna be seen in no Tesla. He’d met Karla-with-a-K at the back of the line; tall, blonde, and gorgeous enough to be here sniffing around for a date with expensive taste. One look at Dean, and he knew the lady was barking up the wrong tree. But what’s a guy to do when a chick like that offers to show him the back room?
He wasn’t an idiot. He’d done the usual checks; offered her a drink of holy water from his hip flask. No choking, no burning. She’d held his hand that wore iron and silver rings. No stink of sulphur, no black eyes. Karla-with-a-K was good to go.
The plan was good. Skip the lines, because of course a chick this hot didn’t need a ticket, even for some musty ass museum. Check the back room for any sign of the pendant. And if Karla was as into him as Dean hoped she was…
But then he’d seen Cas at the bar. With that smokin' hot guy. That asshole with the expensive suit and high cheekbones. And just like that, the mood was soured.
Keep Reading
Reblog/message if you want to be added to the tag list.
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chapeldean · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
au where sam winchester convinces his family to bullet journal. part 2, cas and jack. click for better image  part 1 x / x  // part 2 sam and dean  
tag list and full transcript below
@maxguevra​ @emeraldcas​ @madronasky​ @prev-tags​ @caskarass​ @clownshitgoeshere​ @twilightcastiel​ 
Castiel page 1:
Habit tracker prayers used grace human food caffeine water plants
To do - get something for Dean - get some plants - local farmer’s market - buy more coffee Things I’m grateful for - Jack, Dean, Sam, Mary - Roadtrips - Houseplants Important!  secure curse boxes before moving them is Riverdale suitable for one-year-olds? 
Castiel page 2:
Peperomia Obtusifolia, Ficus Lyrata, Tradescantia Zebrina Zamioculcas Zamifolia Monday Research plants. “Game” with Jack 
Tuesday We all helped to clean the bunker.  we should probably do this more often.     Movie night
Wednesday We’re celebrating Dean’s 38th birthday today
Thursday Dean wanted to go for a drive. It took all day. I believe the gift went over well. 
Friday Purchased plants. I asked Mary for assistance. Jack came along too and chose 2 plants.
Saturday Suspected shifter case in Duluth.  Two victims so far but leads are going in too Sunday many directions. Jack home with Mary. 
1. I should ask someone to help me search Google for some information.
2. Jack showed me a game called “Roblox”. I did not understand it. 
Jack page 1
Habit tracker use my powers work a case play video games water plants make Tiktoks 
To do: Clean the bunker with my family Learn how to take care of my houseplants Learn how to make a mixtape
Things I’m grateful for: Mom, Castiel, Dean, Sam, Mary, Star Wars, movie night, cinnamon rolls,  Claire, Roblox, Kaia, nougat, Fortnite, plants, Eileen, Tiktok, stickers, Cookie Crunch, my computer, birthdays 
Important! Do NOT tell Dean about the TikToks Cinnamon rolls!!!! Very Important
Jack page 2: 
Monday Look for cases Show Castiel how to play Roblox
Tuesday Cleaning (boring) Movie night!!  We saw Star Trek. I still prefer Star Wars
Friday Castiel and Mary and I bought some plants.  They need sunshine and water. And love.  Then Dean and I baked cinnamon rolls! 
Saturday I’m going to show Mary how to make Tiktoks. 
Sunday Do NOTHING. BORED :( 
I haven’t used my powers this week. I’m a little angry they won’t let me come with them on their cases. I know I can help out. There’s nothing to do in the Bunker and it’s so boring. 
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undeadcas · 2 months ago
Happiest of birthdays jd! My spicy hot take is that when dean was carrying the trenchcoat around in s7 and sam wasn't there he'd pull over to the side of the road on late night drives, crawl into the backseat, and fall asleep using the trenchcoat as a blanket so he could imagine cas was still alive and his arms were wrapped around him to keep him safe.
it’s my birthday! send me your hot takes or favorite/least favorite characters and see if you get an invite to the party!
thank you so much!! ✨
i should ban you from the party for making me cry like this ,, you know how some people have like comfort smells ?? yeah. the trenchcoat smells like cas it smells like HOME and for a moment he can pretend that he’s here :(((
0/10 i can’t see the ask through my tears but ily and your blog
Tumblr media
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casenergies · 2 months ago
🍓 hey hey heyyy
MELISSA!!! BUDDY!!!! yours was one of the first blogs i followed when i got thrust headlong back into spn in the year of twenty twenty-one and i have ZERO regrets my friend. simply pure good vibes everywhere, GREAT amvs, CUTE ficlets, A+ takes and just a gosh darn lovely personality!! all-round good times!!!!
Tumblr media
@mutuals send me a 🍓 and ill compliment u!
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hocuspocusdean · 13 days ago
your new icon? help? so true <3 altho I also miss bucket boi
me 🤝 you 🤝 jensen: HELP
i miss him too he’s coming back at some point <3
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supernatural-jaeger · 2 months ago
💕 get to know your mutuals!! when you get this, it means someone wants to know more about you, so list 5 things about yourself you want your followers to know. they can be as simple as your age or as complex as your deepest fear, as long as it’s something you’re comfortable with sharing. when you’re done, send this to 10 people you want to get to know better!! 🥺🌼💕
1. I’m left handed. Lead pencils are my nemesis. The best scissor I own is a tiny one from middle school, it’s still the best lefty-scissor i ever had the pleasure of trying.
2. I know too many quotes from “John tucker must die” by heart from watching it a million times. It’s a comfort movie.
3. I have a tortoise named Olga. I’ve had her since I was twelve. We will hopefully grow middle aged together🐢💗
4. I told a work therapist I went to for a while recently that I write poems online about a show and she said that I could dedicate one to her someday if I wanted. The next spicy 🌶💦 deancas poem goes out to you Britta!
5. I used to fall asleep to heavy metal when I was a baby. We used to listen to speed metal in car rides when I was a child. Dad still blasts his rock cds when he works outside. My parents live in the suburbs. One of the next door neighbours is also a metal fan family so they take turns blasting lmao<3
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