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The thought of Mercury being in the villains™ shot while Emerald isn’t scares me, however i would like to offer an alternative explaination.

Mercury and Emerald’s arcs have always revolved around them as a unit, much like Ren and Nora. However, V6C9 made it clear that, at least for now, they aren’t on the same level when it comes to what to do about their situation (interestigly enough that’s the same thing that is happening with Ren and Nora right now)

The theme of this season is “division”. The point is, their redemption doesn’t have to happen “together”.

• It is entirely possible, in my opinion, that Emerald realizes her condition of subjection to Cinder and decides to stray away on her own.

• Mercury’s redemption comes through him seeing Hazel beat up Oscar the way he used to be hit by his father. Maybe it will happen later in the show, but still.

The idea that a volume themed as “division” wouldn’t also include Mercury and Emerald is a little bold, though i fully believe that once this arc happens, the two of them might find their way back to each other. As “redeemed” as they can get, but surely out of Salem’s influence.

I think i like the idea of character arcs not having to revolve necessarely on each other, and if Ren and Nora can do their own thing before coming back together i don’t see why Emerald and Mercury wouldn’t either.

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i don’t understand how anyone can look at emercury & think they hate each other, with all the moments they’ve shown that most of the time their banter is just that. banter. & the times they protect each other like???

emerald needed to hear in that moment, now that cinder was finally gone, that cinder was shit for her. cinder was abusing her & who better to tell her than another abuse victim who recognizes these types of people.

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send a ship for a small kiss drabble.

“emerald!? emerald !!

mercury’s voice returned to him in the wasteland that was mantle in a mocking echo, the strangled edge to a voice laced in desperation would’ve sounded weak to him at any other time. right now … he didn’t care. he had to find her.

moving down from the remaining rubble that was once a building, the mercenary hissed at the fresh howl of bitterly cold wind, nipping at the bare skin of his fingers & face with a savage abandon. ignoring it, he carried on, running through the abandoned streets with the stomp of his feet against cracked gravel the only sound greeting his ears. it was so silent, there weren’t even any grimm. they had all descended on their true target, the crater, but in the onslaught …

he’d lost her. all he remembered were fearful red eyes in the chaos, how cinder abandoned them both, emerald crying out his name as she reached out amongst the chaos; then darkness. mercury didn’t know what had happened to cause him to lose consciousness, only that when he woke the streets were deserted & he was alone. emerald was gone.

the thought made his heart seize painfully. she couldn’t be gone. he wouldn’t accept that. turning down another street, he practically screamed into the icy, uncaring wind.

emerald !!

“m — mercury !

it felt like his entire body froze at the weak cry, only to jolt back into life when another followed. heart thundering in his ears as he ran, mercury almost ran past the alcove of a shop entrance, covered in rubble, until he heard her whimper. peering in closer, he saw the ruined remains of one of her bracelets, beads scattered upon the dark ground. without thinking, the silver haired boy launched forward, ignoring the stinging pain in his frozen hands as he clawed at the rubble, tossing it away with abandon until finally, finally, the familiar sight of green hair greeted him. red eyes, one framed with the blossoming purple of bruises, were full of tears as they met his violet ones.

“mercury, o - oh gods, you’re here,” emerald’s voice was a trembling mess, hiccups between words as fat tears rolled down her dirt stained, bruised cheeks. resting back on his haunches, mercury recognized that she’d probably darted into the shop alcove to try & find some safety, like she had when she was on the streets. when the whole complex fell, emerald was trapped. bruised & a little bloody but mostly unharmed. the relief was almost palpable, it felt like he couldn’t breathe with the sheer depth of it.

emerald tried her best to remain calm as he carefully but quickly pushed aside the last of the rubble that imprisoned her, but once she was out, cradled gently in his strong arms, the poor thief broke. shuddering sobs wracked her slight frame as she clung to the boy, face pressed against his neck; mercury doing nothing but rocking her back and forth ever so slightly as he hushed her, reassured emerald that she was safe. i got you.

when she pulled back, he expected everything but the sensation of her lips against his, fervent & desperate; almost afraid to let go of him lest he fade away like everyone else had. he was here. she was here. for the moment, this moment, they were safe. they had each other. mercury didn’t push her away as he might’ve in the beginning of their acidic friendship, now … now he only pulled her closer as his hand cradled the back of her head, lips gentle but insistent, needy against hers. in this moment, he could do nothing else but surrender to this beautiful hurricane of a survivor completely.

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