hipstafootprint · 2 days ago
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Escape in Style · Zurich · Switzerland
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adancergirl · 2 days ago
Please Don’t Scroll!! Emergency!!
My name is Allison and I work FT as a librarian. I have been suffering from severe bacterial infections for four years. This is an invisible illness and limits my daily life. I have worked three jobs for the last three years and need help. My insurance refuses to cover life-saving treatment. If I don’t get treatment, these infections will end my life.  Retweeting this post saves my life.
Thank you!! 
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thurisazsalail · 11 months ago
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UPDATE! Thank you to everyone who reblogged! As of 3/19, the Tuluksak community has had a few “regular” washer/dryers donated and as soon as the pipes unfreeze, they can be connected to a water source. Many thanks for everyone’s donations. They have potentially saved lives! Any donations deemed “excess” have been gifted to surrounding nations also in dire need. 
The #OperationTogo project is ending. CeeJay needs to get back to another project that was disrupted by this. Please message them on Twitter or see KooteenCreations on IG for a wealth of people and groups to follow regarding Indigenous rights, culture, and news!
--------- A rural Alaskan Native community has lost its’ only potable water source as of January in freezing weather. The laundromat was the ONE community location to get clean water. They rely on river water and donations right now.
There is an Amazon wishlist with cleaning products, formula, small electric-free washers for elderly + disabled people, washing buckets and water-carrying buckets, and hand tools to cut through the ice in the river to access water, amongst other things.
The Tuluksak Native Community is a Yup'ik Tribal Government in Tuluksak, Alaska. They have a 30%+ positive COVID rate. 
Please ignore the GoFundMe link right now. There is no way to access the funding as far as I know. Message CeeJay on Twitter ahead of time or direct funds to the Amazon Wish List, which can be sorted from lowest price to highest.
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nocturan · 8 months ago
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After an accident that has left me with a hairline fracture in my vertebrae, I am now in desperate need of additional funds in order to get an increasingly critical surgery to prevent paralysis or death. This is in addition to the already established itinerary of surgeries needed to remove the multiple growths in my spine that are expanding and growing everyday. I am terrified of what feels inevitable, and I am in so much pain. I truly need help. I am sorry to continue bombarding your dashboards with my pleas for help, but I wouldn't be doing it if this were not a life or death situation. Please share this, and if you are able, I sincerely need donations. All of my expenses are piling up on me all at once, and I can't number the amount of panic attacks this catastrophe has caused me to have. I am so terrified, and I honestly feel so much shame in having to ask for help to keep me alive, but if there is anyone that can spare anything out of the kindness of their hearts, I cannot tell you how much it would mean to me. You would quite literally be saving my life.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I only have so long before irreparable damage is done to my spine, so I humbly plead with you all to share this and donate, if possible. I love you all, and wish the best for you. I sincerely hope that this is one of the last posts of this kind that I will ever have to make.
@posts-from-a-brighter-timeline @pancakeke @anime-penis @my-gender-is @that-twink-over-there @jacobgalapagos @bastiaan-deactivated20190305 @hathagay @thetrashchronicles @wereralph @incorrectstevebucky @misterghostfrog @arsarcane @hotelmaintenance @plantsplacesthings @gofundmereach-blog
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800-dick-pics · 15 days ago
Help 2 Trans Lesbians of Color Move Urgently!!!
My partner and I have been trying for a while to get safe and secure housing, we have hope for a place BUT in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS we will be FORCED to go from where we are at. We have only gotten $630 out of our 6,500 goal, because of this we are going to have to leave behind most of my things, which is genuinely traumatizing for me. We NEED suitcases so we dont have to leave everything both of us own behind. We need funds to help us get PPE, suitcases, food until we leave, transportation and so much more. We NEED about $1,500 URGENTLY so we can move without any hiccups BECAUSE any delay in our moving plans will put us out on the streets. This is very much a PHYSICAL DANGE for my partner and I as they are trans fem and im Black and chronically ill. If you can share and donate please do so!, even if its a small amount those 2, 5 and 10 bucks really add up, we really need any and all support. thank you!
Cashapp: $sleepyhen OR $grumblybear
Venmo: wildwotko OR XochiRose
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heartofmotherearth · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is very important, please do not ignore this.
Watch the video till the very end please (the end is when the explosion goes off.)
I live in Lebanon and the fiercest explosion went off in the midst of Beirut today, killing off an ungodly amount of human beings (more and more people are dying as I write this) and injuring up to 5000 people whose cases are immensely critical. Today,, at approximately 6 pm, hospitals were completely torn to shreds, people have been buried underneath fallen buildings, fires have been ignited almost everywhere, blood staining the streets in an excruciating manner, in addition to people that flew and fell to the sea due to the impact of the explosion. And it is certainly worth mentioning the millions upon millions' worth of damages what with buildings and cars and stores. Plenty of people are missing, it's an overall mess that is quite frankly very traumatizing.
What Lebanese people have been undergoing in recent times:
Lebanon has been going through a major economical decline that grows worse and worse by the day. The prices have heightened and the salaries remain the same, scarcely anyone has the capacity of affording basic needs anymore. There has been an unfolding revolution the past year, and the lebanese society has been protesting against the humiliation thrust upon our lives due to our miserable excuse for a government, and though the streets bled with thrashing, screaming citizens fighting for their utmost basic human rights, that caused mere to no change in the way things go around here, in fact, it only made it worse. We're being provided with, metaphorically, a droplet's worth of water and nearly no electricity, a pregnant woman has even passed away recently due to a heat stroke (as there were no means of cooling off)
What caused the setting off of this explosion?
The ignorance, heartlessness, and overall brutality of the government and the people in control.
A critical amount of chemicals (2700 tons of ammonium and other nitrates) were left inside a ship along the port of Beirut, and though the people in charge of this transaction were warned that heat and perspiration have the capability of destroying the whole of Lebanon in ode to a massive explosion, they refused to do anything about it and left the chemicals in there for years on end.
Up until, surprise surprise, the explosion went off and devestated Lebanon almost entirely.
I don't have much followers, and I know that this post isn't going to magically heal what is unfolding in this, priorly gorgeous, magnificent country, but I truly hope with all my heart that you find it within yours to spread awareness on this topic so that it would be more widespread,, so that Lebanon gets the aiding it deserves and the people from outer places slap the 'big bosses' awake, or at least pressure them into resigning, whatever it takes to make this place sufferable, tolerable, somewhere you can picture yourself residing in.
Lebanon is a place of infinite traditions, diversity, creativity, joy, and love. Most of the people here are open-hearted and wholesome. We all deserve far better.
My heart aches for the people that have passed away today, and I shall pray for the ones stuck in hellish suffering.
This is important.
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helphelphelphelppls · 7 months ago
Hey, my names ash and I'm pregnant with an unwanted baby. I cannot afford abortion but if i decide to raise money and go get one my entire support system (friends, family) will disown me. I need help getting out of this hole and getting this baby out of me. I've estimated $4,000 dollars will help with my medical bills, moving, and general life expenses coming up. I'm sorry to reach out like this but i have no options anymore.
paypal- bravomask@yahoo.com
cashapp - $toothpull
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nan0-r0t · a month ago
Ok Hello im michael and im a 15 y/o queer autistic chicano artist. I am starting commissions to help me and my mom escape from my dads abuse.
Both me and her have been severely emotionally/mentally/verbally abused by my dad for years, and me being a target for physical abuse which has caused a decline in both of our mental health and suicidal ideation for both of us. On top of this we face consistent threats of homelessness from my dad. If we are forced out of our current home, we do not have the funds to support ourselves.
all of the money i recieve be it from donations or commissions will be going directly into getting me and my mom into a safe environment. My mom is currently working every single day but a large portion of her money is taken by my dad and so it's difficult to save for a new home while providing us food.
If you can't order a commission or donate, PLEASE reblog. I just want me and her to be somewhere safe. Thank you for reading 🙏🙏
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
paypal: paypal.me/nan0r0t
(cashapp in the works ill add it later)
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nvoembers · 8 months ago
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hi i don’t usually post much on my own but if you can please take a moment to listen.
my best friend amrita (they/them) was recently kicked out of their house for a minor argument and has no money to support themself. please donate if you can, and reblogs are appreciated! thank you very much
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arondn · 4 months ago
God I hate having to make this post for what's basically a third time but HEY everyone, I need some urgent help.
I have a broken molar, and I need a root canal and filling. I have until October 12th, 2021 to get the full amount of money needed. I have 1k in savings (previously $1700, but life has thrown bills at me and it's been dropped down again to only 1k. I'm not happy about this either).
The full bill is $2837.00 CAD. No I cannot travel to go get this done. No I will not "just get it pulled". Do not offer me advice on this post, please and thank you.
I've been in a lot of pain because of this tooth and I FINALLY have found a place to get it done that does full sedation (yes, I need it. Yes, I've tried moderate sedation. No, it did not work) that isn't going to cost me nearly 7k.
Tumblr media
Here's my estimate for proof that this isn't a scam.
Please please please help if you can. I do digital art commissions if you want, and I'll reblog this with my p*ypal for donations. I'm really tired of this pain in my mouth, and I absolutely need to get it fixed soon.
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bideogaymes · 5 months ago
my baby brother’s father suddenly passed away alone a week ago ,unbeknownst to us until as of couple days ago during a welfare check to his home by his oldest son. please share and donate on the behalf of his kids to help give him a proper home going as there was no insurance or assets left behind to ensure an easy transition for his kids. thank you.
venmo: @ traevstheworld
cash app: @ $wsiv
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smeller-b · 23 days ago
Please help a homeless trans woman with cancer on New Year's
12/31/21 Making a new post since traction has been very slow! My friend is homeless and trans with a ton of important expenses she is behind on. Not to mention she has cancer and is in pain all the time. She doesn't even have money for a winter coat right now. If a bunch of people can send like $5 or $10, that would really add up. Please share and donate if you can. Anything helps!
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blondebrainpower · a year ago
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800-dick-pics · 5 days ago
Ive made many posts about us trying to move from my abusers and long story short today is Jan the 18th and we have FIVE DAYS until were put out with nothing!!! We NEED to at least hit our short term goal of $1,500 to survive this and travel to a place we can live and be safe!
We have only been able to raise just short of $210 out of $1,500 and we cant afford to keep our things or even get to where we need to be SAFELY without this money. My partner and I are both disabled and I already have homelessness trauma, IM DESPERATE FOR HELP!
C*shapp: $sleepyhen OR $grumblybear
V*nmo: wildwotko OR XochiRose $210/$1,500 needed by 1/22/22
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nocturan · 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@my-gender-is @ot3 @bastiaan-deactivated20190305 @finndeservesbetter @posts-from-a-brighter-timeline @wereralph @that-twink-over-there @gucciboooty @arsnof @dyormyne @jacobgalapagos @incorrectstevebucky @arodudejude @regicide1997 @misangremellama @bvrgundybxtch
Hi everyone. I still desperately need donations. I was able to have a minor operation, but I still have several more ahead of me. With each operation, my risk of paralyzation and death go down by a lot. Which is wonderful news! However, I am on borrowed time right now and I need to act quickly. So I am humbly asking you all to please consider sharing this and donating if you can
My next operation is scheduled for May 10th. I desperately need donations to be able to afford these medical bills. Thank you all 🤍
Cash App: $acorvelle
Venmo: acorvelle
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cuntwarior · a month ago
my glasses broke can yall help me get a new pair please wile im inbetween jobs? i cant (legally) drive without some and need 150 for the new ones please.
c*shapp/v*nmo: Smokeyquartz
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woodcrawlers-archived · 4 months ago
hi everyone. i’m a disabled trans poc and my family and i just lost everything in the new york floods. all of our clothes, belongings and the apartment itself were destroyed by sewage and lake water. with no insurance from our landlord, we and our pets are essentially homeless.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
i don’t know what else to say… i’m going to try and set up a gofundme when things settle down. for now, if you can, please consider donating to help us find somewhere to stay and keep ourselves safe.
cashapp: $blackwooding
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arondn · 5 months ago
I need fucking help. Asap.
I have a broken tooth, none of the cost of the procedure is covered, and I only have 700 in my savings account. I need 6500 bucks ASAP so I can get this thing fixed. I need full anaesthesia as well as a root canal and crown. Thats how much that costs. No i cannot travel to get it done internationally for multiple reasons. No i cannot forgo the anaesthesia.
Please boost, and donate if you can. I'm officially panicking over this, because the nerve is now exposed and im in a Lot of pain.
Dm for e-transfer information (Canadian, email)
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grumblybutch · a month ago
Help us not be homeless
I'm making this to supplement my partners (@800-dick-pics) post which can be found here
TLDR update
We're being forced out by my partners abuser and we have until JANUARY 19th 2022 to come up with our target goal of $6500 so we can cover so we can buy things needed for the move ship belongings and cover travel costs
We made this post a week ago and as of 11/30/2021 we've raised $175
If we don't make this goal we will be forced to leave underfunded unprepared and in massive debt please help with anything you can homelessness is NOT an option
Weve got other posts circulating for our immediate needs, so leave "osa" or the 🐻 emoji in the payment note so we know to put it in our savings for the move
Our Paylinks
Mine: $grumblybear
My partner: $sleepyhen
Mine: XochiRose
My partner: wildwotko
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