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HI !!! some of you may probably know from twitter, but long story short

my cat was literally dying on friday morning (23.10.2020) and I was told I will have to pay an equivalent of 620 USD. At the time I had as little as 50 USD on my account and I knew I would have no money to pay for the treatment

I asked people on twitter to help me save my cat through ko-fi donations, because even one dollar is making a literal change for me. At the same time I had to borrow 760 USD from a friend (who was so generous to send me an instant transfer right away), to pay for the surgery, and I didn’t even know if it would help my cat… my kitty was literally dying

but right now my cat is alive !!  and getting his treatment, I’m still unsure when he’ll get healthy, and while this is amazing, the cost rose up to 820 USD so far... I know it will be more as we go on, and as I’m super poor right now and having only started my new job, I don’t really have any savings, and my family wasn’t very supportive about this case either (I’d prefer to spare you the details on what they told me)…  :(

so! please, if you can spare even one dollar, please consider donating to my ko-fi. I promise to send a cute cat drawing for every donation made through ko-fi !!! I am really thankful to all my donators as we have raised 218 USD through ko-fi so far!

thank you for helping me save my cat and get my ass out of the loan

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I know this is a long shot but my bf is in jail and it’s been two days since he’s had contact with his friends or family. I need at least $20 to be able to call him. My cashapp is $mdgaara. Please help. I beg of you. I will take this post down as soon as I reach $20.

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I am going to die lol

I have recently had an overdose, seizures as a result and head injury and my insurance wont give me an MRI because it could be depression after explaining that I overdosed and my doctor desperately wants me to get one.

My financial aid decided not to come through after accepting me and making me go to school for 3 weeks with no books and wait just to say I cant go. I am at my fucking wits end. I am trying to get a job AND help my epileptic wife with school but I can no longer even afford groceries food my animals anything. Getting a job could put her life in danger. Lately I can’t even afford rent because her card keeps getting overdrawn and someone stole 200 from me the other day in an apple credit scam. I literally just want my MRI so I can figure out what’s wrong with me.

If someone could provide even 40 for a lyft so I can get downtown for ANOTHER appointment and try to get this MRI or a payment plan it would be so helpful. I cant stand having to beg for help anymore. Please let me know who else I can reach out to because I really dont know how to make it. My cats are out of food, my dog, my hamster needs bedding soon, I’m living off 783 a month when my rent is 710 and with my health problems I just need them to get better so I can work. I’m trying to get a car and license because my ID is expired and its winter here which is super dangerous for my wife but the ID alone cost 78 dollars and driving school costs 500. I have no idea what to do without my school money.

If I could afford to pay my school the 300 I owe them I could get back into classes as well, and then use school money for my MRI. What happened is one semester I failed because I had COVID, accepted me, then denied me and kicked me out last minute. Anything helps. I’m on my knees. Please boost.


Cashapp : $micahsage

Venmo : @sicknng

I follow back and will reblog and boost posts several times in return. I know I’m not the only one struggling. Just please help, boost, share, ask me for anything commissions writing promos anything. I’ve given up all luxury already. I need a miracle. I can provide any and all proof.

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1. Create an ideology

To justify your actions, use or invent an idea and make it a brand

2. Extend executive power

Dissolve the system of checks and balances by occupying and weakening federal institutions

3. Repress citizen efforts to hold government accountable

Limit public protests, obstruct information of public interest, avoid clear answers

4. Rise your own oligarchs

Make a deal with the elite, reduce their taxes, make the underclass pay instead

5. Undermine public education

People will be less able to think critically for themselves

6. Control the flow of Information

Seize control over media, broadcast propaganda at home, misinform abroad

7. Divide society by creating enemies

Appeal to nationalism, dehumanize migrants, LMBTQ, ethnic and religious groups

8. Cripple the opposition

Infiltrate their ranks, use smear campaigns, detain and prosecute them if necessary, make them loathed by the public

9. (Covertly) Manipulate elections

Change voter districts, election and voter eligibility rules, place allies in electoral commissions

10. Play the emergency card

Declare a state of emergency, keep it ongoing at any cost while tightening public control

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What if I hadn’t held on tighter

When you said it was time to get up?

What if I’d let you get out of bed

Instead of begging for a few more minutes of closeness?

What if I’d let you stay on the couch where you passed out instead of dragging you to my room?

What if I hadn’t kept us up so late decorating the apartment?

What if I hadn’t gotten so drunk the night before?

What if we’d gotten here

An hour earlier

Or an hour later?

What if we had left earlier in the month?

What if you didn’t come all the way to Chicago

And had turned around in Louisville like you had talked about it?

What if I had told you,

“It’s okay,

Don’t come,

I’ll be fine without you”?

What if I had told you,

“It’s safer not to come”?

What if I lived in a different neighborhood?

What if I never moved in the first place?

What if we never started talking again after we had that fight in March?

What if you never went to Virginia?

What if we never got so close?

What if I had made all the choices

To change the order of events

And I saved you from getting hit by that car?

How much better would your life end up being without me?

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My roommate is kicking me out in 30 days.

I have no savings what so ever and I need a lot of funds to get anywhere substantial. I feel so mentally bad but I need to post about this because it’s got my head in bad places.

Today is my friend’s funeral and I just feel generally horrible.

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Ven es otro de los tema del Single #mundo que he lanzado en @carapaparecords y que esta disponible en @bandcamp Link en bio para descargar. @alejandra_toledano_music @carapaparecords @bandcamp #music #newrelease #nuevolanzamiento #new #ven #todo #savetheworld #world #emergency #newsingle #single #ep #sello #level #life #style #art #artist #musica #malaga #spain #happy #cute #picoftheday #photooftheday #funny #love #loveit #daily (en Alejandra Toledano Clases de Canto)

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