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#emergency commissions

Emergency Commissions Sale!!!

Hey y'all!! So do to a stupid payment error, I’m now in debt with no way to pay it off (I have no job)
Both my Paypal and my bank acc are in debt, adding up to about $60 that I owe. Each month that my bank acc has less than $25, I’m charged a $30 fee.

SO all of my commissions are half off!! I will literally draw anything, humans, hell I’ll even try my best with anthros and such. Any help is GREATLY appreciated
Please boost if you can’t buy anything!
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g’day! my name is felix, and i’m a trans dude who’s currently living with my boyfriend in New Zealand. i’ve opened up commissions to help me pay my rent- which is several months overdue, due to COVID-19.

prices are listed above, but i’m more than happy to negotiate! i’m down to draw most things, but do reserve the right to decline any offers.

if you’re interested, email me at or flick me a message on here!

PLEASE SIGNAL BOOST!  💚thank you! love you all! 

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Hi! My computer is broken, and I need help.

I can still technically draw on it, but it cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, hich means that I wouldn’t be able to send art to clients if I did. My laptop is not even a year old, and taking it in to be repaired has not solved the issue. I have no idea what kind of state my laptop will be in as time goes on if I can’t get it fixed somehow- it can connect to the internet for a few minutes, but there’s no discernable pattern for when it can connect and when it disconnects again.

Because of this, I’m setting up emergency traditional commissions. I’ve posted traditional doodles in the past, I believe they’re under the tag #sketchbook or #traditional, but I’ll put some more images in a reblog (I’m on mobile typing this all out.)

These commissions are going towards buying me a proper desktop computer, because my laptop is incredibly expensive and I can’t hope to replace it if it can’t be fixed.

Right now, my prices are the same as on my normal commission sheets, which will stay pinned so i don’t lose them. Building a new computer will cost about $1500, so every bit of help counts. art examples in rb

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Hey y'all serious post for once, I’m opening writing and art commissions that will help towards me getting a binder because my dysphoria is hitting hard these last few weeks.

So without further ado here’s some of my art


I was thinking like maybe 5-10 dollars for a full piece, if you need proof just DM me aiguvt :,)

And for writing commissions I mostly write for bnha but I can do OC inserts or x reader’s and that’s really all dependent on what you want. My Ao3 is here

Please like/reblog if you can and payments would be through PayPal

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Hello! Due to covid, I am a black art student who is currently unemployed and living at home. I really need to buy groceries for the week, including buying my dog some food, so I’ve decided to do ko-fi commissions.

I’m willing to draw a full colored bust for 20$ of your favorite character. 


Please reblog!

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Hi guys! I’m doing emergency commissions. The funds will be used for additional travel expenses as my family is moving to Cebu & I have 3 kids to take care of.

You may refer to the attached images for my folio & prices.

Payment method is PayPal & Gcash for local (Philippines)

Sharing this post is highly appreciated

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Eyyyyyy– so, I spilled ink on my laptop, and it was getting up there in age, so that means it’s time for emegency commissions!

Please refer to my sheet in my pinned post, I will also be reserving for the first 4 down to help out $100+ will be getting 2 full commissions with basically everything I offer!

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Alright, so due to my Covid exposure I am out of a job for a while so I am going to open up commissions for a little to help pay off my phone bill and rent for December. I won’t have this open all the time so please don’t hesitate to dm me about any questions.

Traditional Sketches: A full body, or page of sketches to your choosing. Multiple characters are allowed for the page. Oc or canon characters allowed.



Price: $5-$10, depending on the detail.

Line art: A headshot or full body of your choosing, I can do this as quick as possible. You are even allowed to color in the finished product.



Prices: $20

Full colored: A fully colored and shaded digital piece, I take up to 3 days finish a piece. You can choose the style, background complexity and poses. Can also do references



Price: $30 for a normal piece, $40 for a reference.

For the line art and colored art piece, it is $3 for two or more people in an art piece. But if you want different reference pieces, it will be $10 extra.

What I can draw: Pride pieces, furries, humans, animatronics, self ship/ship art, canon characters as well.

What I can’t draw: Politics, hate, inc*st, p*dophilia, super detailed mecha.

Payment: PayPal.

Any help is greatly appreciated, even with reblogs I greatly appreciate it. Thank you for reading!

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My agency ducked up severely and I’m short nearly 300. I cannot start until Monday evening because finishing up a few and getting those sent out this weekend, but taking on whatever comm work I can right now.

Got bills due and a family to feed, this is stressful as frick.

Message me what you want. Anything helps right now.

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Commissions are open!


Okay I’m gonna try my hand at this again after the last failed attempt cause I wanna get some money in due to not having a job at the moment.

This also meant having to make a new commission sheet because the last one was rushed.

I’ll only be accepting five slots just to avoid being overwhelmed from taking too many at once.

My payment method is Cashapp, although I’ll try other payment methods such as Paypal.

If you’re interested in getting a commission, my DMs are open.

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So sorry this post is almost a fucking week past when I said I’d post it, I wanted to make it look good but I’m barely functioning so that’s not going to happen.

- black & white penned (traditional not digital sorry) drawings
- head/torso drawings, can’t do fullbodies right now
- furries ok, mostly drawing humanoids
- base price is $4 but if you wanna throw extra money at me you’re lovely

Look at the images above to get an idea of what they might look like, and go through my blog if you wanna see more of my work.

Just saying this now because people have tried to trick me into giving them free shit before: my process is that I draw the sketch, show it to you so you can tell me if there’s anything you want changed, I line it, YOU PAY ME, and THEN I send you the drawing. I will also post the drawing, so tell me if you do not want me to do that.

I need to earn some $2,000 before mid-January, and I can’t get a regular job right now, so this is what I’m doing. If you would be so kind as to just donate to my paypal(.me/fearthrill), ko-fi(.com/fearthrill) or cashapp ($fearthrill) that would be fucking amazing. If you can’t donate or commission, reblog this PLEASE.

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I could really use some help with money right now 👉👈

i won’t draw:

  • extremely detailed backgrounds
  • nsfw for minors
  • ship art of real people
  • armor 

Extra characters are half the price of the original piece (Ex: half body would be an additional $10)

Please reblog!! If you cant afford a commission a reblog would be amazing, thank you!! 💚

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In english:

I need help!!!

Greetings, I come to ask for help. When I was 8 years old I was abused by my stepbrother. This has make a lot of damage on my family, but more importantly, a fault of a agreement between my dad and his ex wife.

This woman and my dad made the agreement that she didn’t need the money of alimony, so he didn’t pay, but the agreement was verbal, not written. Now this woman accused my father of not paying and demand that we gave her 15 millions in chilean money. She won the demand…

And now we have to pay.

I don’t know what more to do, it’s a lot of money and we can’t complain because she won by the legal system of my country. I’m taking commissions because I’m still a minor and can’t take a job, so this is my only chance to help.

Please PLEASE share this around and help me buying from me, I feel embarrassed but it’s the minimum I can do for you guys, please help.

I am also taking donations, here is my PayPal:

And here are my prices


Character sheets are 20 dollars, hope you can help.

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Here we go again - things came up irl and I’m just trying to get a crumb of extra to feed my cats and myself-

As for terms, paypal is the way to go, but I do have ko-fi as well in case you don’t have paypal!
The currency is in €, please keep that in mind. 

I’m willing to do pretty much anything, though I’m most comfortable/used to doing humanoid characters. I can 100% do animal ears, tails, horns, wings etc.

Nasties are an option only if both you AND the character are of age. 

For OCs please provide references so I can be as accurate as possible <3 


You can find more of my work on twitter(@ririnewt0)

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