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#emerie acosf
dustjacketmusings · 10 hours ago
Can someone pull the physical descriptions of emerie for me? I need references but can't pull it from my book
Or headcannon references! Send em over
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hellogoodbye14 · 16 hours ago
Kay now it’s been a while since ACOSF was released and my goggles are finally off so I can write an honest review - and by goggled eyes I mean that when we anticipate a book coming out for so long, we don’t acknowledge how good it actually really was because we’re just happy to be reunited with our loved characters. So I ALWAYS give my books a read again after a couple of months with fresh eyes and a sane mind (not inhaling the book to know what happens).
Okay so here goes and before I start, please dont hate. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love the ACOTAR universe and I absolutely adore ALL characters (except for the bad guys duh)
ACOSF was not good *gasp*. I KNOW! How could I?! But hear me out.
ACOSF was a beautiful journey about Nesta and her mental health to be specific. I loved that she was able to address it and finally achieve a place where she is happy and content. I however noticed that there was a severe LACK of reasoning behind her actions (whether of the past or the new ones). A reasoning we were all waiting for. The problem with that is that we did not really get to understand her, it all seemed a bit lazy in terms of SJM not giving an explanation. That explanation was A VITAL part of Nesta’s journey.
Cassian. SJM did Cassian dirty, I’m sorry but there was SO much that could have been done with the plot and his involvement but he turned out to be a secondary character in his own book. SJM tried to pack everything in this one book and couldn’t do it justice at all. There was so much potential, potential with his dealing with the illyrian rebellion, more details about his dealing with the courts etc.
To progress the plot (or to even make one), getting feysand pregnant?! I mean what even was that? Im sorry but that was lazy as hell. I ADORE FEYSAND as parents and I could literally inhale a whole novella about feysand with their kid but the way it was done was HORRIBLE. Feysand was made pregnant so that “they dont solve the problem in a jiffy” and nesta actually does. Okay fair. But I KNOW for a fact that the whole Rhys not telling feyre plot line was made for the sole purpose of getting Nesta to realize she crossed a line and finally let all her demons out to Cass. Im sorry but smearing other beloved characters (who would have never done what they did) to progress the story line for another was downright not okay. Again it was lazy.
The only good thing that I do appreciate about the book was the introduction of new characters. I love the way Gwyn and Emerie are written. But I also dont like the fact that the ONE new poc character there was took a backside (as is the case in all SJM novels, we cant deny it)
Lastly, sex is great. SEX IS HOT. But we or I personally enjoyed it with the intimacy that came apart from all that. SJM is usually so good at it, Feysand, Rowaelin, Elide and Lorcan, etc. It was always the perfect combination of sex and emotional connection. ngl the emotional connection took a backseat in ACOSF. I mean it was there but not completely… you get me?
There was so much potential and it was just sad seeing that being lost reading this another time.
I do however love the little bits. Love that we got to see our bat boys and their stories, loved to see Nesta with her girls and being happy, loved to see Az being amused with Gwyn, loved Lucien being a badass and forcing Cass to calm down, loved seeing more of Eris, loved seeing Elain show some backbone. The little bits were beautiful and I am ever grateful for getting them.
So yeap. That is all. As you were 😘
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silvernesta · a day ago
I would commit a crime for a book centered on the valkyries & their journey.
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readiajin · a day ago
To Love Herself - Chapter 3: Hello
Synopsis: Following ACOSF until Nesta’s confrontation with Amren. Rather than going to hike and soul search with Cassian in the wild, Nesta uses her powers to disappear.
Tumblr media
Chapter 3: Hello
Nesta - After Disappear
“Who the hell are you?”
Nesta jumped to her feet and whirled around. 
A woman stood a couple yards away. No, not a woman, a High Fae. The female had dark skin and her tightly braided hair was pulled back, revealing her pointed ears. Despite her ears marking her as High Fae, Nesta couldn’t help comparing her to the Illyarians. She wore fighting leathers somewhat similar to theirs, and they were form fitting around the muscles of her torso and arms. A bow and quiver were slung over her back, with a sword sheathed at her side. 
Nesta froze as she silently cursed herself for not having any weapons of her own. She had no idea how she had used her magic before and had very little faith in it if the female decided to attack. She however, had her arms crossed and one eyebrow raised at Nesta as she slowly looked her over. 
“Do you speak? I asked who you are and what you are doing here.”
The arrogance in the female’s voice made Nesta grind her teeth but also stand straight and lift her chin. 
“You didn’t actually.” 
“Excuse me?” 
“You didn’t ask what I was doing here before. You only asked who I was.”
The female tilted her head and narrowed her eyes at Nesta. “You know I don’t think you are in a position to have so much attitude.”
Despite Nesta’s rapidly beating heart, she forced her face to be impassive as she gave a dry smile. “Funny, I was about to tell you the same thing.”
Nesta wasn’t sure how she expected the female to react, but to burst out laughing wasn’t it. Her laugh was high pitched and infectiously jovial. At least it would have been if it wasn’t at Nesta’s expense. Nesta felt heat rush to her face but retained her still exterior as the female leaned over her knees while attempting to catch her breath. 
When she finally calmed down enough to wipe tears from her eyes she took in Nesta again, her face softer than before. 
“I don’t know what I was expecting, but you’ve surprised me.” 
Nesta had no idea what that meant, but she bit back, “You haven’t surprised me.” 
The female snorted. “Nevertheless, if you want to live you should probably come with me.”
Taken aback, it took Nesta a moment to respond, “I don’t need your help nor will I go anywhere with you. Turn around and go back to wherever you came from.” 
The female rolled her eyes. “Mother, you are a piece of work, aren’t you? We both know that you didn’t intend to come here or even know where here is. If you want food and shelter and help you will come with me, Nesta.” 
Nesta stepped back at her name, trying to call to magic for help but it was silent. “How do you know my name?”
The female’s lips curved it into a tight smile, but she simply shrugged and turned away. “Welcome to the Forest of the Lost,” she said over her shoulder before heading to disappear between the trees. 
Part of Nesta told her to let the female go, but another part screamed at her to get answers. 
“Wait!” The female stopped. “Tell me your name if you want me to follow.”
The female turned back slowly, a mischievous look in her eyes.
“I’m Thalia. Now keep up.”
Cassian - After Appear
The Obsidian Isles were named so for the smooth rocks that made up the beaches instead of sand. Flying towards them from above, they looked like dark slashes dividing the rough sea and dense evergreen forests of the Isles. 
Cassian glanced at Feyre flying to his right, trying to be calm as he flew towards his heaven and his hell. It had been decided that only Cassian, Feyre, Rhys, and Azriel would go to meet Nesta. Elain had made her feelings clear, and no one explicitly had said it, but it was understood that it is probably better to keep Mor and Amren far away from Nesta. 
They had sent Azriel to scout ahead as usual, but the Northern Island and the rest of the Isles were all free of Fae. Azriel could find no evidence that anyone had even visited recently, or where exactly they were expected to meet Nesta. 
So now they flew towards the dark beaches, all four of them on high alert. 
They landed in the center and examined the tree line. “Anything?” Rhys asked Azriel. 
Az shook his head. “Place seems as abandoned and cursed as usual.”
Besides from their location in the cold and gray north, the soil of the Isles were fertile, and the surrounding waters prime fishing. Despite that, no Fae settlement had ever lasted. Stories of tragedies befalling any settlement were plentiful, from lighting burning down a half built cabin to an entire colony disappearing. This fact had been pointed out repeatedly by Mor as she argued with him and Feyre to not be stupid by coming here. 
Cassian wasn’t worried, as there had never been any tragedy for someone visiting the islands. Even if there was a curse, Cassian would settle down to stay here if Nesta asked him too. 
Stupid. Cassian’s logical voice chided him. He couldn’t let his emotions influence him right now. He was still angry with his family for their mistrust of Nesta, but he also needed to think as the General he was. Nesta had managed to get into Velaris without anyone knowing, at least twice. How many times had she gone there besides the two times they knew about? Cassian didn’t want to consider she had been so close without him knowing while he worried about her, but he knew now not to make assumptions. 
“Should we go into the trees and look for her?” Feyre asked as the beach remained empty. 
“No,” Rhys replied. “We shouldn’t risk an ambush hidden among the trees.” 
Feyre shot her Mate a dark look. “Nesta is not going to ambush us.”
Rhys and Feyre fell silent, speaking mind to mind. Knowing better than to get involved, Cassian turned to the trees again. 
Cold winds swept off the sea, making Cassian shiver. As he looked at the trees, his gaze snagged on a boulder about 60 yards away, just slightly beyond the tree line. There was nothing special about it, besides it’s massive size probably being a foot higher than Cassian’s height, and just as wide. But as he stared at it, Cassian suddenly felt a tug in his gut. 
“There.” He said, before moving toward it without waiting for a response. 
Cassian walked around it, examining the smooth surface for any signs. He met Azriel at the back, as he had gone around the other side. 
“Do you see something in this bolder we don’t, Cass?” Feyre asked as she and Rhy joined them. 
“I…” Cassian frowned. “No, I thought something was telling me this was it.”
“This was what?” Rhys asked. 
“A giant boulder of obsidian, of course.”
The voice that spoke those words did not belong to any of them. 
In an instant Rhys had thrown Feyre behind him, his dark power surrounding them. Cassian and Azriel both drew their swords and siphoned up shields around them, jumping back. 
However, they all froze upon seeing the figure now perched atop the rock.
Emerie sat there cross legged, an amused look on her face as she looked down on them. 
“It really is just a rock,” Emerie said as she hopped down to stand in front of them.
Emerie turned to Rhys and Feyre to bow. “Good to see you again my Lord and Lady.” She straightened to look at Cassian and Azriel, smiling. “You two as well.” 
Cassian thought back to the last time he had seen Emerie. After Nesta had disappeared, Cassian had stopped training the priestesses and Emerie. Had stopped doing a lot of things. His last conversation with Emerie had been a couple days after Nesta had gone, when it had become clear to him that neither Emerie or Gwyn had any idea how or where Nesta went. 
Azriel had tried to continue to train them all for a while, but between looking for Nesta, Feyre’s pregnancy, the threat of the human queens, Koschei, and the talks with Vallahan, Cassian later learned training had been put on hold. That was another thing for Cassian to feel guilty about after they were also gone. 
“Emerie,” Rhys said, looking her up and down. She wore leathers like the ones Feyre had described Nesta wearing, her wavy hair braided with feathers down her back. And the missing sword was hanging from her belt. “What are you doing here?”
She opened her mouth to respond, but before she could Cassian felt the world shift. Every molecule of his being was suddenly pulled to the right as time seemed to slow down and he turned. 
“She is helping me show you all what I told Feyre was the truth.”
Nesta said this from 10 feet away, standing between two trees where she had certainly not been a moment before. She looked as Feyre had described. Wearing well worn fighting leathers, molded to show off the sleek muscles of her arms, stomach, and thighs. Her golden streaked hair shone in the sunlight, with a silver feather braided into it. Her smooth skin now had a warm tan, making her glow. Cassian had never been able to take his eyes off her, but now there was no denying how devastatingly beautiful she was.
She stood straight, her arms crossed with the Great Sword at her belt. Her stormy grey eyes were bright like a thunderstorm as dusk as she surveyed them all. Except for Cassian. She seemed to be dutifully ignoring his stare. 
“The reason I asked you all here is because this is the meeting point of those within the Night Court who are working with the Rising to steal the Night Court's power.” 
“Hello Nesta,” Rhys said, his voice cold. “It’s been a while.”
Nesta took in Rhys with an equal level of disdain as he gave her. After a moment she simply said “Yes,” before turning to Azriel and continuing.
“The fact that your shadows have not picked up this group's activities tells me that they are probably already well established in Prythian.”
“Nesta,” Feyre said, stepping forward. “If you want us to believe you, why not start with how you left eight years ago and what you have been doing since them.”
Nesta sighed. “I ended up on the continent and met some people who… helped me. They also were interested in helping the priestess. Something I understand you lost interest in once I was gone.” Nesta still didn’t look at Cassian but he felt as if she punched him in the gut. “The group consists primarily of lesser Fae who want to upset the hierarchy of power between them and High Fae. Actually they really just want to flip it, and subject the High Fae to the same treatment they revived. They call themselves The Rising,” Nesta rolled her eyes. “So to answer your inevitable question as to how we know this, the former priestesses have been tracking this group's movement on the continent. We intercepted one of their correspondences to a contact here.” 
“How do you know they have a source within the Illyrians?” Azreil asked, the only one of them not completely taken aback by Nesta’s explanation.
Nesta nodded to Emerie, who removed a parchment from her pocket. “This is the last message we intercepted,” She explained as she handed it over to Azreil. 
Az brow furrowed slightly as he read the paper before handing it to Rhys.
“What is it?” Cassian asked as Rhys got the same look.
“The top part is Illyrian but the bottom part is in a language I don’t recognize,” Rhys explained as Cassian took a look for himself.
The part in Illyrian read: PEAK SUNRISE DROUGHT CEILING
“What is that supposed to mean?” Feyre asked after they translated the Illyrian for her. 
“We aren’t sure either,” Nesta said. “We think it refers to another meeting place. And we were hoping one of you knew what the other language was.”
“Amren might know,” Azreil said.
Nesta stiffened at the female's name. “That would be helpful,” She said. 
Cassian blinked in surprise. Nesta wasn’t one to appreciate someone else helping, especially Amren. 
“And how exactly does the Rising think they can steal Prythian’s High Lords’ powers?” Rhys asked. 
“Like I told Feyre before, by finding the physical manifestation of it in Prythian.” Nesta leveled Rhys a glare. “If you know, you might want to check it, and the Illyarians. And look out for Riding members infiltrating  the courts.”
Rhys examined Neata with the High Lord stare that regularly brought Fae to their knees. “And what will you be doing, Nesta?”
Nesta held her chin high, weathering the power rolling of Rhys. “My friends and I will be handling them on the Continent.” 
Cassian couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh, that’s all?” He growled.
Nesta finally looked to Cassian, her face impassive. That look made his blood boil, in conjunction with how it felt like she was ripping out his heart. 
“We have been trying to stop this group from spreading on the Continent for years now. I have no interest in seeing Prythian become subject to their misguided revolution.”
“You sure you and your friends can handle it?” Cassian spit out. “Sounds like you have been failing for years.”
Out of the corner of his eye Cassian sensed Emerie step back. Silver flames danced in Nesta’s eyes. 
“We’ve done a lot in the past eight years.” She said in a deadly quiet. “I’ve done a lot of things. I’m doing this to save the lives of innocents. I’m not interested in another war or anything else.”
Cassian fell silent. 
In all the times he had imagined seeing her again, it wasn’t like this. He knew she was the queen of pushing people away, but even at her worst he knew what to expect from her. He could take her yelling and cursing at him. He hadn’t really believed Feyre before about Nesta looking good. Hadn’t truly believed she could be happy without him when not a day had gone by where he hadn’t missed her. But Cassian didn’t know how to handle her standing tall, strong, confident, and beautiful, telling him what to do. All without him. 
Probably sensing Cassian’s coming breakdown, Feyre stepped forward. 
“I’m sorry Nesta, I’m still very confused. How did you get into Velaris, and who are your friends besides the priestesses?”
“You are the one who wanted me to master my powers Feyre. I did.” 
Feyre blinked. “Okay but who—“
Feyre was cut off by an ash arrow flying out of the trees to lodge in the middle of her chest. 
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Thanks for being here :)
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lightitup-1989 · a day ago
*Nesta with a glass of wine in her hand, looking at gwynriel*
Nesta: Do you both practice those googly eyes in the mirror or just... natural talent
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adelindschade · 2 days ago
In the AU I’m writing, I have Gwyn, Nesta, and Emerie all under the same roof and all of them find out neither can reallly cook.
“We are thirty something professionals - two of which are lawyers and the other a nurse - and not a single one can make a homemade meal” - Gwyn
“In my defense, I intended to be the breadwinner sooo....” - Emerie
“No one taught me to cook. I was expected to kind of get rich and hire a chef; or marry rich.” - Nesta
“How’d you survive for ten years on your own?!?” - Gwyn
“How’d did you?” - Nesta & Emerie
“.... lefts over from the neighbors....”
“... same....”
“We’re literally peak failures as millennials”
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throneofyabooks · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
“I am the rock against which the surf crashes. Nothing can break me.”
Gwyn Berdara - character by Sarah J Maas
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courtelphame · 3 days ago
ok I tried! did I like the result? no, but I wanted to post it anyway.
I need emorie (or morie) please sjm!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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silvernesta · 3 days ago
Gwyn, Emerie & Nesta brought each other out of the darkness
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the-bookish-deer · 3 days ago
Emorie first date HC:
I have this headcanon that Emerie and Morrigan start flirting for the first time during one of the solstice night, when the valkyries are invited. It's the first time Nesta drinks since she moved to the House and she's comfortable enough that she decides to give it a try, Gwyn and Emerie drinking along with her. Gwyn ends up hammered after a few drinks only and Emerie finally gets the courage to approach Mor. She's been practicing her best flirt jokes on the way -which made her sisters cringe because they're that bad- but she knows she will freeze when the time comes so when Mor takes her for a romantic walk in the garden, Nes and Gwyn hide on the balcony and raise signs above the railing with what she has to say. Except they're both drunk and the basic "put a strand of hair behind her ear" becomes "get that p*ssy" or detailled drawing of Mor and Emerie getting it, causing Emerie to stutter and blush furiously. They even go as far as grabbing an old volume about the secret valkyrie language that they have been studying and write stuff in it, which panics Emerie even more, all for their drunken delight as they hide behind the railings, shaking with laughter.
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sirendeepity · 3 days ago
Everyone @ Nesta: the cruelest sister, cold bitch without emotions, High Lords shift under her gaze, stole from the Cauldron itself, Kingslayer, Goddess of Death, Princess of Decay, Queen of Queens, Death herself, Mother and Cauldron Blessed...
Meanwhile Gwyn & Emerie (and Cassian):
Tumblr media
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helion-ism · 3 days ago
my best girls ❤️
Nesta gazed at her friends. And saw pain and sorrow in their tear-streaked faces, but also the openness of letting each other see the broken places deep inside. The understanding that they would not turn away.
"I wish for us to have the courage to go out into the world when we are ready, but to always be able to find our way back to each other. No matter what."
"Of course we did [come looking for you]," Emerie said, interlacing her hands with Gwyn‘s, then Nesta‘s, and squeezing tightly. "It‘s what sisters do."
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rowanbartonart · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Emorie fan art
So we don’t know the exact sexuality of either of these characters but as Mor says she likes women and she has been with men in the past (even tho that doesn’t mean she is attracted to them) I have put the bi flag for now.
Emerie on the other hand thinks mor is pretty and she has talked about men aswell so her sexuality isn’t confirmed either so I thought the bisexual flag would be good fit aswell.
Obviously it might be that neither of them are bi but here we are.
Personally I’m bisexual and the amount of hate we get in the lgbtq+ community is damn right shameful so I wanted to start with my flag.
Anyway sorry for my little rant. I hope you guys like the piece and thanks for reading
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heyovivi · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
♥ 𝓔𝓶𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓮, 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝓒𝓪𝓻𝔂𝓷𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓪𝓷
♥ 𝓔𝓿𝓮𝓻𝔂𝓸𝓷𝓮 𝓷𝓮𝓮𝓭𝓼 𝓪 𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭 𝓵𝓲𝓴𝓮 𝓔𝓶𝓮𝓻𝓲𝓮. Despite playing a secondary role in ACOSF, Emerie stood out to me as the friend who would always have your back. When Nesta needed somewhere to stay she opened her doors to her. When it came climbing up the mountain and Gwyn was too injured to walk by herself, Emerie helped her up.
Although I had trouble coming up with a title I decided to go with Carynthian (I plan on doing a Valkyrie drawing later so that title has been reserved in my mind for a while already 😊). I think Emerie making it up the mountain and becoming a Carynthian is somewhat symbolic to her story. Despite living in a male-dominated society, Emerie was able to break through the chains holding her back and proved that she wasn’t going to yield to the likes of her oppressors. I think she is a strong and beautiful character to look up too and cannot wait for her story to unfold 💚💛❤️
♥ 𝓒𝓻𝓮𝓭𝓲𝓽𝓼: @therealsjmaas
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valkyrie-shadow · 4 days ago
After rereading both ACOSF and FBAA I have come to the conclusion that
Poppy Balfour would so fit in with the Valkyrie Trio
⚠️ FBAA and ACOSF Spoilers⚠️
Assuming she just showed up one day in the House of Wind for a visit
- they train together
- she’ll at least attempt to cut the ribbon if not succeed
- they bond over smutty books
- Miss Willa Colyn’s diary is passed around if poppy has it
- have mutual respect over past and present traumas
- they swap stories about the bat boys and Casteel and Kieran (nsfw ones included obv)
- “And he was like ‘we go home to marry, my princess’ and I was like ‘what makes you think I would ever want to do that’”
- she roasts Cassian and Nesta dies laughing
- she really wants to ask questions about Azriels shadows but vibe checks him and decides against it
- she is fascinated by Emerie’s wings and asks the most random questions about like sleeping with wings or how their clothing works around them
- she obv has a thousand questions about Illyria and Prythian in general
- Cassian thinks her dagger is cool and asks questions about it
- The House does its magic hospitality thing and she is amazed
- if they take her down to the library she kinda stiffens seeing the priestesses and their veils and Gywn explains how it’s their choice to be there and totally optional to wear the veils
- they probably don’t spend a lot of time down there because poppy’s power gets kinda overwhelmed
- if Casteel is with her the girls definitely make suggestive jokes about him
- “Hey Cas!” *Cassian and Casteel both respond*
Tumblr media
Wow there are a lot of potential headcannons abt this crossover I might do a part 2,,,, y’all should reblog w ones you think of <33
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