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I’m sat here with sunglasses and a cup of tea watching the fandom carefully. 

Which I know sounds weird but I swear to god no one clown about ships please just be respectful, be respectful no matter what happens please I’m begging you quietly. 

Also Shippers who do go into fandom spaces to bully people who don’t ship what you ship, get off my blog, get off my blog right now because I’ll still ship my ship even if they aren’t canon. 

I survived Space Lion Robots with not one, but two m/f ships, y’all can’t do anything to me. 


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yes emeriel but also Gwynriel would be so 🥵

my feelings are so confused

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So Azriel went to go check on Elain to see what warranted her laughter. If he was her destined lover, he would of been behind that laughter. ✨ just saying ✨

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Okay this is mostly for my Emeriel shippers who are far too invested in this crackship. I wrote this long theory (and I mean long) in order to argue the viability of the ship still happening. Warning: do not get your hopes up, this is all a massive reach, but I might not get to write this post-ACOSF so please imagine, for a moment, with me, at your own risk. 

This was written five days before the release of ACOSF for future notes.

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idt anyone realises how desperate i am for that azriel pov once aocsf comes out

like from there we could see if elriel or emeriel is canon

im rooting for emeriel though

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Thoughts on A Court of Frost and Starlight, Chapter 8: Cassian — Emerie and Emerie (with a generous dollop of sweepmeoffmyfeet Cassian)

(I’m recording my thoughts on each chapter of ACOFAS ahead of ACOSF. This is my third time reading ACOFAS. The rest can be found here.)

Author’s Note: I have not read any of ACOSF as of this posting, so please keep comments, reblogs, and replies 🛑 spoiler free 🛑 (including references and reactions to what is in the first 3-6 chapters of the book). 

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Yea I said I was gonna be on hiatus, but I have things to say:


I know this is Cassian and Emerie speaking, but I hope this is foreshadowing that she’ll finally, completely smile with another Illyrian male and you all know exactly who I mean.

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Not an Elriel stan saying we can’t ship Emeriel because Emerie has only appeared for a few pages and we don’t know her character yet 💀

“sHe CoUlD bE LeSbIaN” wtf, Elain could be Bi so your point is???

If Emeriel shipers are starting to bother then we are doing something right and there’s hope of it being canon

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watch us clowning when emerie won’t show up in acosf and instead will be part of lucien’s (or elain’s) book

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1. Is Nesta a witch ? 

(Remember the first meeting between Devlon and Nesta, he said that she was a witch, and in the world of acotar, a witch is someone who has more power than she can own…and obviously Nesta stole almost all the power of the cauldron.)

2. Has Nesta more power than Rhys ? 

(I hope so. Feysand thinks themselves too much above everyone else. I wish Nesta was more powerful than Rhys)

3. Nesta and Emery friendship.

4. A sister Archeron moment where they spill everything.

(I’ll prepare the best tea for that)

5. A discussion between Nesta and Cassian. What they really feel about each other.

6. The identity of Cassian’s father. 

(Is it Devlon ? LMAO that would be awesome !)

7. I don’t want that Nesta change.

(She’s perfect)


(Did I really put this in the eighth position ? Well, actually it’s the FIRST question that I really want to know)

9. What happened with Tomas ? What did he do to my Nesta ?

10. Nesta’s past with her mother and her POV when Feyre was hunting.

11. A scene where Nesta talks about the difference of age with Cassian. 

(That would be ICONIC…Cause I feel like they don’t really care about the age. Remember Mor sleeping with Helion…Does she really don’t care about his age ?)

12. Nesta who questions how the world works.

13. Nesta independent !

14. Nesta who let her hair down.

(And Cassian’s reaction !!)

15. I don’t want that Feyre get pregnant. 

(It’s difficult for a fae to get pregnant, so Feysand have at least between 5 and 10 years to try…if we are logical)

16. What Nesta wanted to tell Cassian when he was injured.

17. Nesta’s answer when Feyre asked her for explanations. 

(Why does she prefer Elain to her ?)

18. A confrontation between Cassian and Nesta (yes again) about Mor and the IC.

19. I want Nesta to be happy.

(She deserves it !)

20. Again…WHAT WAS IN THE BOX ??? 

(A wooden figurine ? We all know now that it isn’t a siphon.)

21. I want to know more about Azriel.

(I liked him more thanks to TikTok or fanfiction than in the book LMAO)

22. Emeriel and Elucien endgame ?

(I’m pretty sure about Elucien (I’m so sad for Elriel) but why not Azriel x Emery ?)

23. Next volume: Azriel ? Lucien ? Or Elain ?

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If Emeriel not be real why ship name so cute

If Emeriel not be real why both have scars and same trauma

If Emeriel not be real why both no flying at some point

If Emeriel not be real why both hate being Illyrian and Illyrian hate them

If Emeriel not be real why Emeriel like other enemies to lovers setup in ACOTAR

If Emeriel not be real why make sense so much

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If Feyre is the stars, then… Feysand.

If Nesta is the moon, then… Nessian

If Elain is the sun, then… Elucien

Azriel is a literal fucking shadow, Im unable to understand how he would match all the Elucien foreshadowing in Acotar.

If Emerie is the darkness, then… Emeriel

Also I love that all the ships begin with the women’s name. I just noticed.

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If Azriel defends Nesta in front of the inner circle first. And Cassian doesn’t do anything- 

All I’m saying is that I’m going to start shipping the wrong people. 

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I’m caught between “get my head back to normal before ACOSF” and “write Emeriel smut”

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Dusk and Shadows

A/N: This is the last Chapter of Part 1. I’m not sure when Part 2 will come out exactly, but definitely nothing until ACOSF is out and read (by me). There will, however, be an Emeriel smut scene (not part of this fic) released later on in the week. Anyway, THANK YOU ALL FOR READING AND GETTING ME BACK INTO WRITING!! <3 (also if anyone knows a synonym for “shadows” or “darkness” please let me know because the number of times I’ve managed to use them in this chapter is just astounding)

Warning: violence, blood, discussions of trauma and abuse

***P.S. If you want to be on the tag list, pls message to let me know!!***

Summary:  Emerie, shopkeeper and spy for the Illyrian rebellion, had a simple task when she befriended the High Lady’s sister, Nesta Archeron: get info on the High Lord. However, when things turn south after a disastrous encounter with the Inner Circle, Emerie may risk both the rebellion and her own safety when she is approached mysteriously by the Shadowsinger who has motives of his own.


Part 1 - Chapter 5

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If Emeriel happens:

Imagine Azriel bringing Emerie to Rosehall to meet his mother and she just sees the scars and the tough exterior and goes,“Mine.”

And Emerie has a mother after not having one for so long and not really ever forgiving her parents for clipping her. And she’s loved and cherished and she gets someone who asks her if she’s sleeping when she does too many long hours at the clothier shop and makes all her favorite foods for her. And I just 😥Emerie and Az’ mom

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