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#emerson barrett

Literally no one would complain about Palaye Royale and their conduct if they looked at all the other bands in the industry and saw all of the literally terrible things they’ve done.

Oh you want to cancel Palaye Royale because their merch is too expensive? (it’s not have you ever bought merch before all that shit’s expensive)

Why don’t you go cancel Mike Fuentes, he sent his dick pics to people he knew were children.

“Palaye Royale is awful because they’re nice to their fans and people mistook it for flirting!”

Dahvie Vanity has r*ped possibly hundreds of children and he’s still active in this industry. Go harass him. His Instagram handle is darkartsofficial.

“I don’t like Palaye Royale because they destroyed a rented drum kit once!”

Avenged Sevenfold shit in a sandwich and gave it to an executive that they were mad at. Motionless in White beat a guy up with brass knuckles and stole a microwave. Someone (can’t remember who atm) blew up an outhouse with fireworks at Warped Tour.

Bands do shitty things in their early years, and yeah it sucks and we can be mad at them for it but holy shit there’s so much worse things to be mad at in the world. Put your passion into something worth while and ya’ll might make the world a better place. Fuck off about trying to cancel people who, yeah have done some shitty things (haven’t we all), but are in general good people who are just trying to survive in a dying industry.

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