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32. Favorite book you read that year?

Okay I specifically went and signed into my library account to remember what books I actually read this year (maybe I should start a Goodreads account after all??) and there is Zero history of any books checked out since February 2019 which is a blatant Lie. So at the moment the only books I can currently remember reading are The Gone Away Place, So You Want To Talk About Race, and White Rage, all of which I would recommend. 

Update: Okay I remembered the one I was trying to think of, which was The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey.

34. Favorite movie you watched this year?

…literally the only movie I can remember watching that I hadn’t already seen is The Descendants, which was exactly what you’d expect a Disney Channel Movie to be. Kristin Chenoweth as Maleficent was terrible in the most delightful way.

36. Favorite series that you watched this year?

I JUST finished season 4 of The Worst Witch last night! I take forever to watch shows but I loved what they did with the new Mildred and also all of the teacher stuff was super great in the last few episodes. The new Babysitters Club was excellent, I adored what they did with it. I also started watching Avatar, but am only into the third season with that. 

(Oh and I had a big Law and Order: SVU binge in November because Olivia Benson is my hero)

37. Favorite podcast that you listened to this year?  

The podcast I mentioned earlier that I’d listen to with my temporary roommate was Film Reroll, where the people play through famous movies like RPGs. I enjoyed pretty much all the ones we listened to, but their version of Homeward Bound was my FAVE. 

Added bonus of Brene Brown’s podcast episode on burnout was excellent, and also I spent a lot of time catching up on Time Well Spent (which I also highly recommend). 

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8. Favourite television soundtrack?
Battlestar Galactica has the best soundtrack of any show I’ve ever watched.  I said what I said and I stand by that statement.

44. Is there a movie that you could watch over and over again and not get tired?
Sister Act.

51. Your favourite book adaptation turned movie?
The 1995 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility.  It is a perfect movie in my eyes.

90. Tell us about a movie that made you feel all the feels?
I’m going to go with Sense and Sensibility again because now that I’m thinking about it, I’m just right back in my Elinor Dashwood feels [which means I’m gonna ramble and I apologize in advance].  If you like stories about characters who are forced into positions of responsibility due to unforeseen life circumstances, then this one’s for you.  After the death of her father, Elinor and her mother and sisters are left destitute because entails [and her sister-in-law] are the literal worst.  Elinor falls in love with her sister-in-law’s brother, but then he has to leave.  They’re forced to move to a new county to live on the charity of relatives who get really super involved in their lives - not maliciously but because honestly everyone’s just kinda bored and matchmaking is something to do.  Elinor and her sister Marianne are close but they are diametrically opposed in temperament.  Elinor keeps her thoughts and feelings close to her vest while Marianne just kinda lays everything out there for the entire world to see.  Everything kinda hinges on this difference, which provides some pretty interesting reactions to similar situations [i.e. heartbreak].  In the end, everything works out and everyone ends up happy.

There’s one moment that really sticks with me, and just lives inside my head all the time, and it’s not one of the bigger moments like the “What do you know of my heart?” speech from Elinor or that time Marianne almost dies.  It’s the moment when Marianne basically accuses Elinor of being incapable of deep feelings.  That one just hits me right in the heart every time because been there.

91. Pick a movie, any movie. Now tell us your favourite scene?
Beetlejuice.  The possession scene at Delia’s dinner party is one of the greatest things ever.

99. Best movie soundtrack?
The Lord of the Rings trilogy has the best original music of any movies ever and no one will ever convince me otherwise.  

The Forrest Gump soundtrack does a great job of using contemporary music to establish time and place within the movie.  It gets a mention just for its use of “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield.

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2. Did you reread anything? What?

I did!  News of the World by Paulette Jiles.  I read this once in March and then again in December (refresher for book club).

3. What were your top five books of the year?

- The Overstory by Richard Powers

- News of the World by Paulette Jiles

- Marilla of Green Gables by Sarah McCoy

- The Fables graphic novel series by Bill Willingham (I read like 10 volumes of it this year.)

- The Lady’s Guide to Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

4. Did you discover any new authors that you love this year?

Olivia Waite, Alix E. Harrow, and Paulette Jiles are all people I’m going to be reading more books by in the future.

9. Did you get into any new genres?

I’m not usually much of a romance reader, but I read a few this year and most of them were *chef’s kiss*.

End of year reading asks.

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10. Is there a fandom you read fic in but not write? Recently it was Dinah Lance/Helena in Birds of Prey but I wouldn’t completely rule out me writing it. I definitely dip in and out of fandoms all the time just to enjoy some of the fic. The one I read the most in and haven’t felt the urge to write is Brenda/Sharon from The Closer/Major Crimes.

14. Go on, who are your brotps. I live for Hecate and Dimity as the most reluctant best friends. I really enjoy Lucille and Sister Monica Joan on Call the Midwife. Iris and Hailey in The Bletchley Circle make my heart warm (though they fall in the mothership category more but still delightful platonic bonds).

15. Is there an obscure ship which you love? I’m sure there are a few. I’m hoping one day someone will write me the Julie Hubble/Jennifer Honey fic of my dreams. I loved CJ Cregg/Kate Harper on The West Wing. I have an unfinished WIP somewhere of Penelope Garcia/Emily Prentiss from Criminal Minds.

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*cracks knuckles* Well, here are some:


I adore the duality of Hecate’s insecurity around being too much and Ada’s in not being enough. Hecate the secret cuddler is always a treat. Ada loving trashy romance novels is golden. Although I’ve written it differently, I tend toward the idea that Ada is the first to confess romantic feelings and Hecate is the first to act physically on them. I really really love and believe that they give one another the space to be who they are and it’s a glorious thing to explore. I like to have Hecate tease Ada about her height and Ada tease Hecate about her stuffiness. I don’t think it’s something that truly bothers either one and it’s amusing. I love using “Miss Cackle” and “Miss Hardbroom” as a teasing/flirting address between the two of them.


ALL THE BANTER! I love exploring how Millie pulls Jean out of her shell a bit and how Jean grounds Millie. I appreciate the height difference. I love love love how they’re the last two standing out of their friend group and what that makes them to one another.


I love how soft Val is around Lucille. I love that Lucille can pierce through Val’s stubbornness. I love their unwavering support for one another. I love how fiercely protective Val is of Lucille while also believing Lucille can take care of herself.

Those are all my heavy hitters atm. I hope that makes sense?

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Yes! The first I don’t tend to plan much unless it’s my first time writing in a fandom. If there is planning, it probably involves five to ten minutes of vaguely sketching out a plot or idea. I might fact check something I want to add. Chapter fic involves character sheets, arc charts, themes, sketches of scenes, number of chapters and a timeline of completion and research. That can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month.

Send me an ask about my fic and/or writing.

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12. What was your favorite movie of the year? I literally only saw one film in theatres this year, and it was the Downton Abbey movie. Which honestly, loved. And the netflix movie Klaus definitely made me ugly cry like…real ugly, and I didn’t even watch the whole thing.

14. Answered here. (but spoilers: It’s Good Omens and I cannot, will not shut up about it)

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What food did you try for the first time? I don’t think I ate anything new but I did try to make a few new things including:

Vegan and Gluten Free Apple pie-it took two tries but I got it.

Dairy Free and Gluten Free Sweet Potato Pie-it was delish.

I altered my gluten free/dairy free pumpkin cookie recipe to make sweet potato cookies (bc I had leftover purée from the pies) and I like them better with sweet potato.

Vegan buttercream frosting-with some cinnamon and nutmeg. It was perfect with the cookies.

Vegan cheese dip-it was expensive but very successful.

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I love it though I wouldn’t say I have a green thumb. I find the process interesting and people who have a gift for it fascinate me.


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Planner: I like detailed outlines by chapter including a timeline of events and character sheets of my otp using these questions.

Not even a last name: something I never planned for a character? Nothing really comes to mind because I tend to plan most big things. Oh, wait, I never planned until I got a message from someone to include my character Gertrude (much less a wife based on aunt Jo from Anne with an E) in a story with actual dialogue but I couldn’t resist once the idea took root.

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The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. I know a lot of people find it overly sentimental but the ending is one of my favorites in a novel ever.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness. Which honestly I wonder how much is him and how much is the author he was asked to finish the book for. Either way, it’s well crafted.

Realm of Possibility by David Levithan. A multi POV book written in poetry verse? Genius.

Far From You by Tess Sharpe. Going back and forth from present to flashback is hard to make work and Sharpe is great at it.

I feel like I’m only starting to understand how to truly appreciate writing styles so I think those are the best I can do for right now.

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First impression: A person who writes good Worst Witch fanfic and also ships Adama/Roslin, and seems pretty nice. Now: (All these things are still true), but now I know that you are/have been involved in other fandoms and also have interesting headcanons about things and you really like AUs.

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6, 22, 30?

6. Which shows are underrated and you think deserve more love? LIVING SINGLE! Honestly if you’ve seen and loved friends please know that the concept was taken from Living single which I argue is a truly superior show. Also the ladies outnumber the men and honestly? The best. Queen Sugar. It’s shot beautifully and the storylines are that beautiful family drama life stuff that I adore. Charmed (2018). Its cheesy but also has such depth and more brown folks so please just love it! Joan of Arcadia. It was sadly cancelled in its prime and is just a truly lovely show. Single Parents is hilarious and I hope it gets renewed. Also Speechless!

22. If you could write your own TV Show what would it be like? Everyone is queer. Literally every single person (the behind the scenes folks included). The straights are only allowed guest spots once a season and they’re all in the same ep. 90% brown folks. Honestly it would probably be about social workers because I’ve seen a lot on TV and the only one I connected to and loved was Maxine Gray from Judging Amy and I’m like but imagine a whole show and everyone is brown. They’d probably also be magic social workers because why not stick all my favorite things into one show. That being said, someone is married to/dating a cop and occasionally it turns into a procedural. It’s like half comedy and half drama. The soundtrack is the best you’ve ever heard and Sandra Oh is definitely somewhere.

30. What’s one show you could write a 2,000 word essay on and what would be your topic? Lol just one? I think I’d pick Queen Sugar and it would be about the brilliance of shooting a people who are used to side stories/one scene acting in all their glory and brilliance and the impact that has on an audience that not only feels reflected but respected. Also please give Nova a gf again 2kforever.

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Do you have a favorite herbal tea?

I’m a fan of fruity blends (usually of a citrus variety) and/or green teas, chamomile and lavender. There is an apple tea from Trader Joe’s that I get every year that tastes like liquid apple pie. Also my wife gifted me with one that tastes that a ginger snap.

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12 and 14 on the end of year fanfic asks?

12. Favorite character to write about this year. How can I pick just one? Ada Cackle if you’re going to twist my arm. (Hecate is a VERY close second)

14. A fic you didn’t expect to write. Woo Me Until the Sun Comes Up but since I started writing it the year prior, that’s technically not true. So perhaps A person’s a person no matter how small.

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9. Hecate grief story? I am intrigued.

So my doc is full of half written dialogue and partial scenes but the gist is this: Hecate and Ada have entered into a tentative friendship when Hecate’s Aunt (who raised her) dies. Hecate doesn’t actually tell Ada but Ada ends up at the wake bc Hecate’s Aunt and Ada’s mother were colleagues. It involves Ada helping Hecate slip away when the crowd of people overwhelms her and the two of them growing closer over a game of chess. Probably just a sweet emotional hurt/comfort pre-relationship friendship fic.

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