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#emily prentiss

thinking about how it’d be cool if the reboot had an episode called “emily” to show character development and what not from “lauren”

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Hotch and JJ whenever someone asks about Emily’s death

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Emily: Have I ever told you that you cook well?

Derek: No, you haven’t.

Emily: So why do you keep cooking?

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hi if anyone has any cm writing prompts feel free to send them in my asks. please no smut though :). that is all have a nice night

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Emily (about Hotch): “He doesn’t have the time.”

Derek: “What is he doing?”

Emily: “Meeting with Satan.”

Derek: “More specific please?”

Spencer: “Strauss just went into his office.”

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Wasn’t he with his wife less than an hour ago? Once again, WHY is Hotch always looking and smiling at her like that. I can start a debate right now, sure, Hotch also smiles at JJ and Garcia too, but if you look closely, it’s NOT the same smile.

I don’t know if he was acting, or if it was purely TG. But that smile he gives her in this episode and the ones in s7, there’s definitely a spark showing there. It’s all in the eyes✨

Requested by @cmhotchniss-blog​  Hope you like it haha, didn’t know what else to do with the scene

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Emily: Hey, I’m lesbian.

Derek: I thought you were american.

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Prentiss doing her job while Hotch and Morgan casually check her out.

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