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TOH Character’s Greek Godly Parents

Eda & Lilith~

I’m honestly torn between Zeus or Athena, either would make sense. Both women are smart and strategic, maybe in different ways, but they definitely are. Lilith being more obviously so; studious, hard working, and clever. Eda is also very hard working, more stubborn then studious, and she is cunning. All those traits would fit children of Athena. But they’re both incredibly powerful and hot headed, fitting children of Zeus. Plus the way they battled in AOAW with all the lightning around then I’d tell tale Zeus.


Another one where I could see two different ones, Hecate or Zeus. With Luz’s desperation to learn magic (and the references in the Azura books) the goddess of sorcery seems like a good choice. There are two major issues with that though: 1.) Hecate’s magic has been notoriously learned by Circe (the one who turned men into pigs) and Medea (the one who tried to poison Theseus), so generally they were considered not the best people. 2.) Camila is already known as Luz’s mother. So then Zeus would also be a pretty decent option. Luz has shown to be a magnet for trouble, she has shown to be a quick learner even if she was behind, and she’s shown she’s incredibly powerful. She’s heroic and brave, she’s has her morals but is incredibly loyal to her friends and family.

Amity, Edric, & Emira~

This one depends on a few things, if you think they all have the same godly parent I would say Nike. They all want to be/are the best, they want to win at everything they do. For Ed & Em it comes more naturally, while Amity has to work way harder for her victories. But I do think there are other, more accurate, godly parents, but that would make them half siblings (Odalia being their biological mother). Ed & Em would easily be children of Hermes, I don’t think I have to say more (TROUBLEMAKERS). Amity was a little harder but I settled on Hades. Since Amity can raise abominations the equivalent might be raising the dead. She’s also broody and sometimes hostile which is trademark Hades.


Ares… it just makes sense. Boscha is competitive, in more than occasionally a violent way.


I settled on her being the daughter of Asclepius (god of healing). I didn’t really want her to be the daughter of Apollo because I think she would be in the Hunters of Artemis. Also Apollo is the god of medicine, prophecies, poetry/music, where as Asclepius is focused on healing. And the Hunters of Artemis are the closest thing to beast keeping


She’s the daughter of Demeter, no arguing. I could see Demeter befriending her fathers and listening to them saying they wanted a child. So she kinda just made one out of both of their DNA (Hera and Athena did it so idk).


I think his mother would be Athena. It makes sense since he is smart enough to be moved up to grades and has a passion for learning. Also since we have met his dad, Perry seems like the type of person Athena would be drawn to, he’s a reporter/journalist so he seeks out knowledge and the truth


I’m going to say Apollo solely because he is the god of prophecy. Barcus is definitely the quiet kid in the Apollo cabin though. He get prophetic dreams, a lot of times about his half siblings and friends, he stopped telling them after something tragic happened to someone he was close to.


Another Apollo kid, just for a different reason. Hermes may have created the lyre but it since he stole Apollo’s scared cows in the process. Apollo was hella mad until he heard the music, they traded some stuff and Apollo got the lyre, becoming his musical instrument of choice. Long story short, Skara is musically gifted therefore Apollo would make sense as her godly parent


At first I was thinking either Demeter or Hades but ended up deciding on Demeter, just because I could see him making a plant golem instead of raising the undead.

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Here Luz Noceda’s soul gets merged with an ancient demon hounds, after activating a glyph she found in a cave. She experiences a painful first transformation and sees Fenris for the first time, she gains new abilities and notices a change in appearances after figuring out how to turn back into her ‘human’ form. Now she has to adjust to the new normal, and her new abilities.

|Name sucks I know, but hey I don’t know if there’s an AU like this and I already have a book about it so I just went ‘Ehhhhhhhhh’ and just shoot my shot with this|

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There is nothing objectively wrong with this ship, but I don’t like it for two reasons. One, well, it isn’t Lumity, meaning I’d have to break Amity’s heart, which I don’t want to do. Two, I don’t like the way Emira has treated Luz so far. I think she’s been manipulative and honestly pretty cruel. I elaborate on this here. Actually, I think there’s a pretty good chance that Emira is aware that Luz has a slight crush on her and used that information to manipulate Luz. For that reason, I would need to see some character development for Emira in order for my opinion of this ship to improve. Thanks for the ask!

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I have seen some really cute Vinera content. I’ve certainly had fun looking an Vinera fanart/fanfiction before. But I can’t help but feel like some shippers like Emira and like Viney and don’t have any reason to put the two of them together besides that. Most of the time, when I see the way people describe the dynamic between the two or the way each of them would act around the other, I can’t think of anything canon to support it, it’s just what the fans imagine for the two fo them. There’s nothing wrong with having a ship made of just fanon content, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I’m the kind of person who likes to have at least some evidence behind a ship. That being said, I’m also the kind of person to pause on a single frame and explain why this one frame proves all my theories are true. So if Emira and Viney interact in season 2 or 3, there is absolutely a chance I will do a backflip onto the Vinera shipping train.

Thanks for the ask!

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I’m of the opinion that while Alador will likely be ‘better,’ he will still be a terrible parent. Yes, Odalia is worse, but that still doesn’t excuse he was right there during his shadow’s debut telling his 6 year old daughter to abandon her only friend on her birthday and to forcibly become friends with girls she didn’t like. 
Small tangent, but I don’t really like that people are making canon Alador a good person?? He’s not??? I don’t care if he’s ‘werewolf daddy’ or whatever, you can thirst without ignoring the fact he’s a shit dad. AU’s where he’s a good dad are fine, I don’t care about those. But people making him a canon good dad just….doesn’t sit right with me. Feels like some white favortism idk.

But back on topic. Odalia gives me mother gothel vibes, ngl. Dying her daughters hair so that her kids are color-coordinated?? Yeah, she has quite the ego. And probably doesn’t care about her husband all that much. She gives me the idea of a mother who emotionally manipulates and gaslights her children. Makes it feel like any minor mistake is somehow always their fault and making them believe that if they aren’t perfect, what good are they?
Bet she picks favorites, too. Likely with the twins. I wouldn’t put it past her to force the twins into the ‘hey look, they’re both the same!’ thing some parents do. She might have actually made them go into the illusion coven and supports their mischief behavior because “that’s just twins for you!” and instead sees her children as one half of a whole, instead of two whole different people. And she definitely puts a lot of pressure on her daughter. Lowkey I’m wondering if Dana is gonna do what She-Ra did with Shadow Weaver and slide in that ~very casual and minor homophobia~ into her character. I don’t think they will, but ya know what, it wouldn’t surprise me.

Alador gives off the vibes of a doormat, but somehow still aggressive. Like if a simp got power, you know? He lets his wife do whatever she wants and is somehow always exasperated and annoyed with his children, like they’ve should’ve known what the correct answer was the first time and they’re idiots for thinking it was something else. I doubt he would ever strike his kids, but he definitely acts like he would threaten to. Like when he’s annoyed he just gets Louder like that will make his point More Right. He’s like the guy who starts the conversation and lets his wife finish it without batting an eye. He also gives me the vibes of a guy who like. Makes sure Edric stays ‘manly’ since he’s the only other guy in the house. Course Edric is a babey boy who will dress how he wants and you Cannot Stop Him until he does.

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Saturday morning Luz runs out of the house towards town. She’s meeting Willow and Gus to hang out for the day and shop for some clothes. She’d tried on her clothes from the masquerade and realized with horror that her growth spurt over the last six months had grown her out of them, leaving the pants hanging a good almost two inches up her ankle, the same for her shirt, which now sat an inch above her wrist bone. There was no way she could go to dinner at Blight Manor like this; at least the vest and shoes still fit.  

She needs to talk to her friends about tomorrow night’s dinner, maybe they can offer her some kind of pointers and help her shop.

The market is busy as it always is on Saturday, filled with the varied denizens of the Isles doing their shopping. Gus and Willow are waiting for her at the fountain at the center of the market. They see her coming and wave.

“Hey, guys!” She grins brightly at them and the two smile back, they can already tell that she is in a much better mood than the last few days.

“You look chipper, did something happen?” Willow asks.

“Amity’s parents found out last night,” she says and shocked looks replace her friend’s smiles.

“What?!” Gus yelps.

“And you're… happy?” Willow questions.

“Yeah, they didn’t forbid her from seeing me! Her dad wants to meet me, I’m having dinner there tomorrow night,” she explains.

“That’s great, Luz!” She smiles.

“Hopefully, Lilith is gonna start giving me etiquette lessons when I get home, also I need to get some new clothes. I’ve grown out of the only nice ones I had, maybe you guys could help me pick out some new pants and a shirt?” she asks.

“Oh, shopping!” Gus grins. Willow laughs.

“Sure we can.” She nods.

“Great, let’s go!” She grins, taking off with the two witches hot on her heels.

They spend the morning poking their heads into different shops and suggesting clothes to Luz.

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