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yes girl you are so [if i loved you less i might be able to talk about it more] [hands are unbearably beautiful] [i'll take care of you it's rotten work not to me not if it's you] [if you are intolerable let me be the one to tolerate you] [i could recognise him by touch alone] [i love you i want us both to eat well] [on purpose i love you on purpose] [whatever our souls are made of his and mine are the same] [i am half agony half hope] [you have bewitched me body and soul and i love love love you] [he is half of my soul as the poets say] [i'm sick of people saying that love is all a woman is fit for but i'm so lonely] [i love you most ardently] [let me stay tender hearted despite despite despite] [someone has to leave first this is a very old story there is no other version of this story] [mostly i want to be kind] [tell me how all this and love too will ruin us] [you said i killed you haunt me then] [someone somewhere can you understand me a little love me a little] [i will love you as misfortune loves orphans as fire loves innocence and as justice loves to sit and watch while everything goes wrong] [sorry about the blood in your mouth i wish it was mine] [who will come into my kitchen and be hungry for me] can we kiss now
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—Emma by Jane Austen
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Sasuhina month 2022 Day 7 (Part 2)
Flâner & Forelsket Second part of my Emma redraw! Sasuke sees Hinata at a party and recognize the young woman who was on the horse.
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mikey and emma joining the cinnamonroll trend! 🎀💗
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Part 4 of ✨Mil drawing BC as Moomin characters✨
And today we have Joel as Emma the Theater rat. I chose this one because I see Emma as a little pessimistic but also very compassionate character and that fits to Joel. The work itself is definitely not my best, Emma and Joel were hard to combine stylewise, but it is what it is, thank you and sorry, there will be more XD
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(quality is better when you open the pic!)
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Truth Seekers! (The Promised Neverland)
Tumblr media
Heyo everyone! This is a bit of a spontaneous dabble, but I wanted to make a gift for the wonderful @intheticklecloset! Thank you so much for your support friend! :D I platonically love you too!
I decided to go with The Promised Neverland for this one! It's been a hot minute since I've watched the anime (Sorry for any OOCness with the trio!), but writing for these three was so much fun! I hope you like it! :D
Summary: Ray loves his friends but won't admit to it. Emma and Norman decide to make him admit it!
“Ray! Come play with us!” Emma flopped into the grass before the lounging boy, pouting. A few paces behind her, Norman stood by with a gentle smile, playing with the ends of his sleeve. “You’ve been sitting here alone all day! That seems pretty lonely, no?”
“Maybe for you, but I’m enjoying the solitude.” Ray stretched out his legs, tucking his arms behind his head with a small smirk. “It’s nice and quiet. Well, at least it was earlier.”
Emma shoved his knee, unable to hold onto her pout when Ray nudged her back. “Meanie!”
“Please, that’s all you got to say back? ‘Meanie?’” Ray grinned, making Emma grin back.
“Still- it does seem rather lonely being over here by yourself. Mind if we join you?” Norman asked, already taking a seat to Ray’s open right. Emma scooted closer, kicking her legs happily behind her as she rested her head in her arms.
“You're already here. Why bother asking?” Ray rolled his eyes, turning back to his book. Despite his words, he was rather happy his friends were here. He loved the kids in the orphanage, but they could be a bit overwhelming. With Norman and Emma, he felt at peace.
“Pfft- someone’s moody today.” Norman laughed as he reached out, gently poking Ray’s side. “It’s almost like you don’t want us here!”
“Yeah, Ray!” Emma reached out and did the same thing. “Tell us how you really feel!”
The brunette nearly jumped out of his skin at the sudden pokes, hands clutching his book tightly as he fought the urge to laugh. “I already d-did! You two are annoying, now stop it!”
“What- annoying?” Emma mock gasped, sharing a look with Norman as her poking increased in speed. “Can you believe that, Norman? He called us annoying!”
“How cruel! You were right earlier, Emma! Ray is a meanie!” He giggled in his hand as his fingers walked up Ray’s side, pressing gently into the spot below his ribs. Pressing a little firmer, he finally got a gasp and a giggle from the stubborn boy. “Say your sorry!”
“Pfft-No-Nohoho way!” Ray snickered out, dropping his book as he tried to curl his arms around himself. Squirming this way and that, he couldn’t get away from the relentless pokes and prods to his torso. “Yohoohohhu twooohohohoho neehehehheed to ahhhahahcept the truhuhuhuhuth!”
“Oh? The truth huh?” Emma sat up properly now, briefly pausing her tickle attack so she could lean over Ray. After a few short whispers to her friend, the pair were back at it with the tickles. “We’ve decided you're not telling the truth. Tell us, Ray- are we really annoying?”
“Don’t lie to us, Ray! We’ll know!” Norman grinned.
“AHehahahhahahahahhahhaha! Iiiihihiiihihihim noohohohohohoohot lihihiihihihyin-EHHEHHEHEHE!” The brunette squealed when Emma grabbed his knees, squeezing gently and making him kick his legs. Norman took this opportunity to reach out and gently tickle his belly- another spot that guaranteed a good reaction from their friend. “EHEHHEHEHEEMA, NOHOHOHOHORMAN STAHHAHAHHAHAP!”
The pair paused briefly, waiting as Ray recovered. “Are we annoying?”
“Yehehehs!” Ray giggled out. The tickling began once more- this time on lesser ticklish spots. “Ahehahahahhahahhaha!
They paused again. “Still annoying?”
“Whahahat do you thihihin-AHEHHAHAHAHHA!”
This went on for several seconds before finally- Ray broke.
“Ohoohohhoohkay! Ohohohohohkay I lihihihihiihed!” He squealed out, cheeks flushed an adorable shade of pink and hair a mess. His friends pulled back once more, waiting with expectant smiles. “Yohoohur not…ehehhee..annhoohooying.”
“You love us?” Emma giggled.
“As much as I love the rest of the kids.”
“Truly?” Norman teased.
“Truly.” Ray rolled his eyes, unable to fight down the flush touching his ears. Emma and Norman cheered above him, happy with the outcome.
Ray huffed out a laugh, stretching back out into the grass as he slowly recovered. From either side of him, he felt his friends cuddle up, Emma’s head on his shoulder and Norman’s leg crossing over his own. Together the three watched the clouds roll by until it was time to go back in.
He really did love them.
I hope this was good!
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happy new year. have some tigers i did for a client
kind reminder that commissions and requests are both open!
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Jane Austen - "Sense and Sensibility"
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jane austen was right!!!!! i AM half agony half hope!!!!! if i loved you less i COULD talk about it more!!!!!!!! i WAS in the middle before i knew i had begun!!!!!!!
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‘he must enter into all my feelings; the same books, the same music must charm us both.’ - Jane Austen 
PRIDE & PREJUDICE 2005, dir. Joe Wright  SANDITON (2019-), adp. Andrew Davies SENSE AND SENSIBILITY 1995, dir. Ang Lee EMMA 2020, dir. Autumn De Wilde 
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if i was in a jane austen novel i would be the one sent to the seaside for my health
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#overwhelmed regency boys
EMMA. (2020) / BRIDGERTON (2020–)
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Joe’s Best | Archive
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