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i see a lot of people hating on emma for she has vastly different perceptions on things and how she remains positive. i totally get that. at first, i was skeptical about her plan because of course, after going through that much trouble and trauma, you’d immediately think that all demons should be killed. but because of that, i’ve come to a conclusion that; that’s just how emma usually is. if you chose to understand emma right from the very start, you’d know that her positivity isn’t just some facade and some selfish volition. emma is the one who cares the most about her family and those around her. and because she has grown quite a bond with sonju and mujika, having to kill them would deeply affect emma. and because of her own family orientedness, it wouldn’t make sense if she’d choose to kill multiple families of demons just for her own family to survive.

emma’s character is quite easy to grasp and understand. but for some reason, people fail to look onto that and judge her for it. she cares about everyone and i think she should be appreciated more for that.


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i posted this on episode 7 of the promised neverland, and i thought i’d also share this here.

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~🌸I tried something different with a bunch or random drawings anddddd ngl I love it 🌸~

(Press to make it better quality by the way:))

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Also I miss Gillian who wants to destroy demons but she finally agrees with Emma because she trusts her and Emma wouldn’t endanger her family for stupid reasons. What an amazing girlpower moment it was

Even Gilda’s crying wasn’t explained as well as in anime and anime uses ‘tell, don’t show’ tactic and it’s really poor after amazing foreshadowing in the backgrounds and all that Posuka did

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different to me (love you just the same)

A big thank you to @anabielvriskamars for beta reading! Set post-canon.

“Emma,” the girl beside him on the park bench, said aloud. “Emma,” she repeated.

He stilled, thumb and index finger fretting over a page before he gave her a quizzical look.

“It’s still a little strange being called Emma after having a different name define me for so long.” She answered, feeling his gaze upon her. She still wasn’t looking at him, her eyes glued to the ever-changing clouds.

Ray shrugged at her. “Do you want us to stop calling you ‘Emma’?”

She shook her orange mane. “It’s nice to know so many people used to care for me. I used to feel so alone, even with Gramps caring for me, he was in mourning for his own family. But now it’s like I’ve always had a place where I belong. And calling me Emma makes everyone else happy!”

She smiled at him widely, a glimpse of her pearly white teeth showing through.

Ray nodded at her before looking away. They sat together in silence. He idly turned a page of his book while Emma swung her legs back and forth.

“You’re angry,” she commented quietly. He side-eyed her before scoffing.

“I’m not angry,” he refuted immediately. “There’s nothing to be angry about.”

Emma simply hummed. “Nope, you’re definitely mad at me. Or at who I used to be, anyways,” she said quietly, making him look up at her sharply. His eyes narrowed even as Emma stared at him with sad contentment.

Finally, he sighed. “You’re wrong. I’m not angry with you or the you in my memories.” He held up a hand to prevent her from speaking as he struggled to get the words out. “Honestly? The only person I’m angry at is myself.”

That made even Emma blink at him in surprise and confusion as she tilted her head, boring her gaze into him. “Yourself?” she echoed. “Why?”

Read the rest on AO3 or FFN!

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“let us have enough wine to elevate our spirits but never enough to confuse our intellects”

- a toast I have created/adapted from that line in Emma about Mr Elton that I think it feels very dark academic.

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By Matthias Vriens-McGrath for Elle UK Magazine - 2009

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1 – 10 scale:

How disappointed are you with The Promised Neverland? Why? I mean anime version second season.

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bakdjajd this sis sending me smth during class like “omg bro u look like emma from tpn” if only she knew…….

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Ray’s right, though.

You got a lot of nerve saying that, after all the grief he and Emma felt after you chose to ship yourself out, Norman.

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I officially have left (just for some time) the enemies to lover trope to be part of the friends to lovers.

And that’s because of Emma. You’ve done it again, Jane Austen.

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Emma: Hey Nora, can you grab something from the top shelf for me?

Nora: So you admit to needing me in your life.

Emma: I can and will replace you with a step stool.

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emma. (2020, dir. autumn de wilde)

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“I’ll go and find Sonju and Mujika. You’re looking for them, right? I’ll find them for you. In return, don’t annihilate the demons.”

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