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top 5 Emma/Michelle fashion moments
  1. Michelle in glasses at Band of Gold. It was like this fleeting moment you could barely see–I’m not talking about the better pic she posted later–and people LOST THEIR FUCKING MINDS. So much so that I posted about how gay that was, and the post got way too many notes for how silly it was. The fandom moment/acceptance for me is maybe more important than how Michelle looked, but she also looked very hot.
  2. Emma in the mustard yellow pants/fannypack/rolling stones tshirt. Somehow she can pull off looking like that? And I feel that she kind of dresses like a lesbian, more than Michelle. This is a great example.
  3. Exhibit B: Emma in the black suit and denim vest (I guess waistcoat for the Brits) and white button-down underneath. As a wise woman once told me: she might well be straight, but her wardrobe disagrees.
  4. Michelle’s leopard-print wedding outfit. WHO LOVES ANIMAL PRINTS THAT MUCH? Michelle, that’s who.
  5. This is a cheat because it’s Charity (though technically Emma is wearing it, so I’m counting it), but every time I see her in the brown sadness cardigan from Vanessa, I’m reminded of how whipped she is and it makes my heart sing.
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